The Maid-bot in Me 5: The New Mistress

by Gromet

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Part 5: The New Mistress

The days seemed to blur into one for Jackie, her husband and Mistress Jackie, her replacement had moved overseas leaving her behind under the control of the maid-bot system. She cleaned the house as instructed, but did little else as everything was put away or covered over. The only visitor she ever saw was her friendly technician who called in to check up on her, run some tests and then leave her again at her request running as a maid-bot.

Then the other maid-bots were woken by the system, the whole house seemed busy again and Jackie thought for one moment that her Master & Mistress were returning. The maid-bots made short work of cleaning the house, the covers removed and the beds made in expectation of someone sleeping in them. The food supply was reordered, for a while now it had just her liquid supplement, now they had to stock food for human guests, the supplies arrived and were stored away by Jackie-bot, she seemingly assigned to kitchen duties.

The next day a removal man and several robots came and moved some furniture out and other stuff back in its place, several deliveries were made and everything was made ready for the arrival later that evening. Jackie was excited, it had been boring during their long absence and she looked forward to some company and commands from them when they returned. Everything was now ready, the maid-bots lined up near the door to welcome them home.

The maid-bot nearest the door opened it when she heard the vehicle pull up outside the house, Jackie was eager to see them, but couldn’t move until the system allowed it, so could only look out of the corner of her eyes. But there was only one person who entered the house, she was female and it appeared to be the new Mistress of the house. Jackie wondered where Robert was, but that thought was overridden when she received the command to fetch the luggage.

Jackie and the other maid-bots headed outside to bring in the new Mistress’s luggage, the car trunk full, and each maid-bot grabbing several bags and moving them into the house. There seemed to be an awful lot of baggage for just one person, but it was not her place to complain just to follow instructions.

The maid-bots were directed by the new Mistress where to take the bags, some up into the main bedroom, no longer called the Master bedroom by the system. ‘I wonder when that changed?’ Jackie thought. Unaware of the changes made to the system remotely by the new Mistress, who was taking over the home whilst Robert was overseas. There seemed to be a flurry of activity, something that hadn’t happened in a while, much to Jackie’s delight.

“Maid-bots report to the main area.” Was the command received by them all, they each stopped what they were doing and walked down to the lounge area, there sat their new Mistress eyeing each one of them as they entered.

“Okay Maid-bots, as you can see I’m your new Mistress here, I will be taking control of the running of the house and there will be some changes made, not that you’ll need to know as you’re only a bucket of bolts and wiring.” She said looking directly at Jackie. “Now that I’m here I expect you all to behave and respond to my every whim, whatever I ask of you I will expect you to follow no questions asked, am I clear.”

“Yes ma’am,” came the collective response along with them all curtseying to her.

“Now return to your duties maids, Jackie-bot I want you in the kitchen preparing dinner, now go!” she commanded.

Jackie headed into the kitchen and began preparing the food that she been ordered to cook, it seemed that the new Mistress had a set menu already planned out and Jackie could easily prepare and plan for knowing what was required for each day. The other maid-bots headed back to their other duties, mostly unpacking the clothing that the new Mistress had brought with her.

The day ended as normal with Jackie and the other maid-bots returning to their charging stations, plugging themselves in and switching themselves off. Jackie was the only one that needed to remove her uniform so that she could attach her feeding tube and waste disposal tubes. Standing there connected to the pod, switched off and in deep sleep she was unaware of her new Mistress walking into the maid’s room to look at her.

Samantha, the new Mistress had been told by Robert about the Jackie maid-bot, that she was in fact human but under the control of the system. He hadn’t told her that it was his wife; the fact that the woman who was now pretending or replacing Jackie, was spending her days overseas beside him was only a sex-bot wasn’t something he wanted the company to know about. He explained that it was his sister, who was now jackie-bot; she had always been submissive and wanted to experience being a maid-bot. He’d indulged her and she had grown to love it more and more, she had implored him to leave her behind as just another maid-bot for the new owner to use.

‘So’, Samantha thought, ‘you’re a little submissive maid-bot for me to play with and use, I think I know exactly how I’ll use you!’ Admiring the naked body in front of her.

The next day the maid-bots awoke, they served their new Mistress and began their chores around the house, Samantha left them to it but watched Jackie whenever she could, she was intrigued by her and wondered what was going through her mind to want to be a maid-bot. Samantha had been in several relationships where she was the dominant partner, the other females were submissive to her, she only went with other women and was repulsed by men and their needs.

Samantha left for her office leaving the maid-bots to clean, wash and do the other 999 other things that didn’t slightly interest her, she was not the domestic type and had grown used to having servants or submissives to do her bidding, leaving her to concentrate on her career, hence her rapid rise through the executive level. Being dominant also helped when dealing with the weak and feeble minds of the men above her, they more concerned with their own desires and lost to their fantasies of being tied and used by Samantha.

The week slipped by, the maid-bots performing all of the tasks required by her, Samantha was now feeling settled in her new home. ‘Time to make some changes’, she thought. The furniture that had replaced the ones that Robert & Jackie used to have were covered in a shiny material, something that Jackie hadn’t seen before, but the maid-bots polished it every day to maintain the shine. There were other things that were covered in the same material, bedding, curtains and items of clothing that were stored away in the main room. There was a peculiar smell to it too, she thought it smelt of rubber.

The next day a couple of technicians from Maid-Bot, Inc. arrived and brought in two crates with them, they began unpacking the contents and soon standing there were two new maid-bots, these looked sleeker and more modern than the old maid-bots in the house, they also seemed to resemble Jackie, in fact Samantha had used the scan that Jackie had used to create her first Mistress sex-bot to have these two new maid-bots made. The only difference is that they were bald, they had no hair.

‘Unusual’, Jackie thought, Maid-bots normally look like their human counterparts. ‘And naked too, I haven’t seen one naked in a long while.’

One of the technicians began switching on the new maid-bots and getting them ready, whilst the other began to switch off the old maid-bots, they were going back to the factory to be recycled and sent to new owners. Jackie felt sad for the maid-bots, she had grown to think of them as her family, she was going to miss them. ‘But that was the life of a maid-bot’, she thought, ‘maybe one day I’ll be recycled’. And a small thrill went through her body.

The old maid-bots were packaged away in the crates; Jackie wondered to herself what it would be like for her to be put away inside one of the crates. Her body felt the first flush of arousal at the thought. The new maid-bots were now working, they were under-going testing by the technician, and he seemed happy that they were working okay.

“Do you want us to dress them in their maid attire?” the tech asked.

“No I have some special uniforms for them to wear; I’ll take care of it.” Samantha said.

“Okay then, we’re done here, unless you want to replace the old maid-bot over there as well?” he asked, looking over at Jackie standing there passively watching events unfold.

“The offer sounds tempting, but no I’ll be keeping that one for now.” Sam replied.

With the work over the technicians took the crates and left, loading them into their vehicle and departing, leaving Samantha and her two new maid-bots and Jackie alone. Samantha looked over the two new maid-bots admiring their bodies, knowing that they were an exact replica of the Jackie-bot still standing there looking at them, awaiting instructions.

“Jackie-bot, please prepare dinner, you other two follow me upstairs.” Samantha said.

Jackie worked in the kitchen, she enjoyed cooking and her new Mistress seemed to be pleased with what she prepared, Jackie was happy, she hadn’t felt this way in a long time, she felt content and was enjoying herself as a maid-bot even more.

Upstairs Samantha was getting the two new maid-bots dressed in their new uniform; this was something that Samantha had wanted all along, to have three subservient beings under her command, to follow her orders without question or hesitation. Something that a sub would always disappoint her with, they always wanting something from her, the maid-bots were not like that, she could indulge her fantasies with them with regard to their needs.

Jackie had prepared the food as required, and now began to move it to the dining room, there her new mistress sat waiting, but either side of her were the new maid-bots in their new uniforms. Jackie was initially shocked, she’d never seen anything like it before, she was used to seeing maid-bots in maid attire. These new uniforms covered them from head to toe in the same shiny black material that covered the furniture, their curves shown in exquisite detail, the shine bringing out the natural female features that each maid-bot was made to look like. She served her Mistress her food, whilst trying to look at the new maid-bots.

“You like them?” Samantha asked.

“Yes Ma’am,” Jackie responded automatically.

“It’s latex,” she answered, “A latex catsuit that covers the entire body, I think they look very sexy don’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am, they do.” Jackie said, feeling a little uncomfortable with the way they were dressed, they seem to be more powerful and commanding dressed like that.

“They are covered from head to toe, no one can tell if they are any different from each other, not that they are as I had them modelled on you Jackie. They are copies of you.” Samantha said.

“Oh, I’m flattered Ma’am,” Jackie responded, feeling a bit easier now knowing that her new Mistress knew about her secret.

“Yes I know all about your little desires, I plan to help you fulfil them even more, my little sub.” Her Mistress beamed. “Now strip off that old uniform, and put on your new one hanging over the chair.”

Jackie did as commanded, her maid uniform soon on the floor, she stood there briefly naked in front of her new Mistress, who drank in the sight of her naked body and savoured the sight before her. Jackie picked up her new uniform, she followed instructions that she received from her Mistress and the system. She poured a clear coloured liquid over her body, covering every inch of her flesh, then she eased the suit over her feet, up her legs until it reached her hips, she worked out any creases and then continued to submerge herself in her new latex covering.

Once she had placed her head inside the hood, she adjusted the eye, nose and mouth openings and then reached behind her to close the opening.

“Stop maid, I’ll do that, it requires a special tools.” Samantha said. “Once I close the rear opening you’ll remain sealed inside the suit until I require otherwise, which I doubt will ever happen.”

Jackie could feel her Mistress closing the suit, sealing her inside; she now looked just like the other two maid-bots. Samantha had them stand together in a row. They looked amazing; you couldn’t tell them apart they all looked identical. Covered from head to toe in the same latex catsuits. Samantha directed Jackie to put the required boots on as well, these came up to her knees and matched perfectly the look Samantha wanted for her submissive servants. Samantha ate her meal and looked over her new maid-bots, she was delighted with herself for her idea.

The maid-bots continued their duties until one by one they returned to their recharging pods, there they connected themselves and turned off, waiting there until required again by their Mistress. Jackie also returned to her pod, now some changes had been made that she was unaware of initially until her programming took over. Now there was a gasmask for her face to feed her and her tubes down below replaced with a two piece device that encased her hips and sealed against her new suit, her wastes transported through openings in her suit down below. She slipped into deep sleep, turned off like the others until the morning, Samantha checking up on her as she slept, admiring her body in the new suit.

During the night the maid-bots received new instructions and programming, they all received the same commands and the system reprogrammed them all to perform as the Mistress latex slaves. Jackie only knew of the changes when she awoke the next day, she knew that things were different, that each maid-bot now remained dressed in the new standard attire of latex catsuit, indeed they couldn’t remove it even if they wanted to as the liquid used to ease the suits on had now cured and the adhesive had stuck the latex to their bodies.

The first thing that all the maid-bots were required to do was line-up for inspection by their Mistress, all of their latex must be polished to a deep shine, each maid-bot cleaning the other, everything had to be spotless, they feared their Mistress’s wrath if they failed in any way, not that any of them knew what that would be, they had no experience of that, it was just something in their reprogrammed minds.

All of the maid-bots stood there at attention, all looking exactly as the maid-bot next to them, you could not tell them apart. Samantha was pleased. “Now maids go about your duties, Jackie-bot to the kitchen.” All the maid-bots peeled off and walked in unison to their assigned tasks, Jackie heading to the kitchen, she donned the latex apron she found there, it seemed normal for her to wear latex now, she couldn’t remember not wearing it.

The day continued, Samantha left for the office and the maid-bots carried on with the tasks at hand, each under the control of the system. Jackie was loving this, she felt the latex suit clinging to her body, supporting it and also gently massaging her as she moved, she felt herself more turned on than she normally did, but didn’t know if it was the latex or her new Mistress.

That evening after serving her Mistress her dinner, she was directed by the system to report to her Mistress’s bedroom, the cleaning to be done by one of the other maid-bots. Once there she waited for her Mistress to command her. She felt her submissive side come out more in her; here she was waiting in the bedroom, dressed in a sexy latex catsuit and wondering what her Mistress required of her.

Her Mistress emerged from the ensuite bathroom where she had been getting changed, she now wore a red latex catsuit that covered every inch of her body, she looked magnificent to Jackie, she also had boots up to her knees and it looked like she was wearing the red equivalent of her own black catsuit.

“Here Jackie, zip me up.” She commanded and turned.

Jackie-bot complied with her order and soon had the rear of the latex catsuit closed.

“Now buff me to a brilliant shine, and take your time.” Samantha ordered.

Jackie grabbed the cloth set aside and started to apply the liquid shine to the suit, she polished every inch of Samantha’s body, taking her time as instructed, especially it seems at the breasts and between her legs, Jackie worked to bring out the best shine she could. Samantha meanwhile moaned with pleasure at the touch of Jackie, her rubbing of her own body was sending delightful waves of pleasure through her. She knew that she was close and stopped Jackie before she managed to orgasm, Jackie didn’t know why she’d been ordered to stop, but followed her commands; she had been loving cleaning her Mistress’s body.

Samantha lay back down on the bed, her legs spread and she ordered her little submissive plaything to edge herself closer. To get on her knees between her legs, Jackie complied with her commands. “Now unzip me.” Samantha ordered, Jackie complied. “Now use your mouth in between my legs, I want to feel your tongue on my sex, tease my little nub with your tongue and bring me to a long, slow climax.”

Jackie again followed instruction, the system showed her what to do to pleasure her Mistress, Jackie set to applying her tongue as requested, she could taste her Mistress’s sex on her tongue, it wasn’t unpleasant as she first though it would be, though there was nothing she could have done to stop what was happening, not that she really wanted to either.

She worked her tongue up and down the outer folds of Samantha’s sex, then pushing in a little deeper she explored the inner folds, and then after a while she felt the little nub her Mistress had called it, the system told her it was her Mistress’s clitoris, but then computers are more clinical and direct than humans.

Soon her Mistress was panting and gyrating on the bed, Jackie kept up with her instructions and continued to use her tongue to give pleasure to her Mistress. Samantha grabbed hold of Jackie’s head as she approached her climax, pulling Jackie’s face closer into her crotch, then she released a loud cry as the orgasm washed over her, flooding Jackie with her juices as they squirted out of her.

Jackie could only continue as ordered until told to by Samantha, who pushed her away now too sensitive to be touched down there. Samantha laid there gasping for breath as she came down from her overwhelming orgasm, Jackie just sat there unsure of what to do, her orders were still to use her tongue on her Mistress, but she had been pushed away and now just sat there waiting further instructions.

Samantha now content dismissed Jackie, who stood up and returned downstairs to her Recharging pod, plugged in she soon switched herself off and fell in to a deep sleep dreaming of giving her Mistress pleasure. Samantha too was soon in dreamland, she remained in her suit and slept as she was, more content now than she’d ever experienced.

The days continued, the maid-bots awoke, then cleaned each other and stood for inspection. Then went about their everyday duties. Jackie was kept mainly in the kitchen, except at night when she had to pleasure her Mistress, she seemed to be the only maid-bot assigned this task, not that Jackie minded, she loved to pleasure her, each night was slightly different, even one night they took turns with what her Mistress called a strapon.

Jackie hadn’t experienced an orgasm in many months, and was overjoyed when her Mistress fucked her with the strapon, they both dressed in their catsuits, it felt wonderful and she felt herself falling for her new Mistress, could this be love she thought, no don’t be silly you’re a maid-bot and maid-bots don’t fall in love. But still she couldn’t shake the feeling she was experiencing.

* * * *

Then one day whilst she was working as normal around the house she felt the summons to report to the front entrance, an important visitor was arriving. They all lined up as per normal routine, like they did for every morning inspection. The suits glistening in the morning light through the glass. Then the door opened and there stood Robert, her old Master and husband, he’d come back she thought. He’ll take my new Mistress away she feared. Then she saw her Mistress Samantha behind Robert and felt relieved.

Robert stood there looking at the maids, his eyes wide and his mouth open as he took in the sight of their rubbery magnificence, each looked exactly like the other, and he could not tell them apart.

“Wow, they look..” he was stunned.

“They look great don’t you think?” Samantha asked.

“Yes, they certainly are pleasing to the eye in that, that… uniform.” He replied, admiring the curves shown off to perfection with the shine of the suits.

“Latex, its latex.” Samantha said proudly, “I love the look and feel of the material.”

“And they all look the same, how do you tell them apart?” he asked.

“Why would I tell them apart, they’re just maid-bots after all?” Samantha replied, knowing he was fishing with his question.

“Yes but which one is…?” Robert asked, unsure which one was his wife, if indeed she was still his wife and not a maid-bot permanently.

“Your ‘Sister’ is number three.” Samantha said, knowing now that it was his wife that was a maid-bot, not as he said his sister.

“Which one is that?” he asked.

“Number 3 step forward,” Samantha commanded, this was another one of her changes, the maid-bots no longer had a name as their designation just a number. Reprogrammed to remember that she was now number 3, Jackie stepped forward.

“Oh I wouldn’t have known that it was her.” Robert said, “She just looks the same as the others.”

“That’s the idea,” Samantha said, “I want them to look identical. They look wonderful when presented like this, don’t you think? I’ve even modified their bodies to look the same, even had their breasts enlarged, I prefer a fuller rack.”

“Oh my”, Robert said, looking at their breast, they certainly stood out now that she had pointed them out. “Even my sister too.”

“She’s no longer your ‘sister’ Robert, she belongs to me, I sold the original maid-bots and bought new ones, and then I bought the maid-bot you know as Jackie from the company, she was after all company property as she came with the house, which you sold to the Corporation including all interior fittings.” Samantha said. “That includes the maid-bots that were part of the property.”

“That was my wife’s doing”, he said, “I would never have sold the house and especially my sister, but she did it all without my knowledge.”

”Is that why she’s now higher up in the company than you are?” Knowing the history of Robert and his wife, it was the talk around the company of how she had outwitted him, taken over and demoted him with her becoming his boss, which he seemed to like, some wags had commented.

“Yes, you seem to know the story,” he said, “but that’s in the past, I was only here on a flying visit to check up on things, but it seems that I need not have worried.”

“She is perfectly happy; her submissive side now commands her, something that she wanted all along.” Samantha said, “She loves being a maid-bot and being commanded and told what to do, she’s in her element. She is fulfilling her deepest desires. And I find her pleasurable company too in the evenings.” Smiling as she said this.

“Oh, I didn’t realise,” Robert shocked at hearing his wife was used as a pleasure-bot in the evenings.

“What that I preferred women or that your wife loves the taste of pussy?” Samantha chided.

“Oh, so you know then,” Robert looked downcast.

“Of course, what sort of executive would I be if I didn’t know the histories and perverse desires of the higher ups.” Samantha replied, “The fact that you replaced your own wife with a sex-bot, shows true courage and commitment, and then abandoning her here whilst you head off overseas shows the ruthless spirit that you used to have. Though your sex-bot wife now seems to wear the pants in your household.”

“Seems like I lost on all counts then,“ Robert said, looking at his former wife/maid-bot.

“Yes, she’s now my property, I own her and have the right to use her as I please, I hope that you’re satisfied with the results.” Samantha said.

“I’ll leave her in your care then, please look after her, she only wanted to enjoy herself.” Robert said.

“That’s no longer an issue for you, but if it’ll please that male mind of yours, yes I do take care of her, she loves being looked after by me and wants and desires to be my maid-bot, she told me so herself when I give her some ‘me’ time away from her maid-bot self.” Sam said, “That’s how I knew all about you and the sex-bot.”

Robert took one last look at his wife standing there clad head to toe in latex, looking like the other maid-bots, still standing at attention and marvelling at her body.

Jackie was happy inside, she thought that he’d come to take her back, she had grown to love her new Mistress and didn’t want to leave her, especially to go back to that mean bitch that took her place. She was also happy that her Mistress had announced that she had purchased her from the company, and that she now truly belonged to her in every sense and she looked forward to pleasing her Mistress later that night…

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