Married to the Maid

by PoseMe

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Gromet says: Would love to be Sierra/maid...

"I want the maids in the house," I remember telling my husband. Sean had again been flirting with them, and even though he knew I would throw a fit, he still asked if we should get rid of them. "They keep this giant mansion clean, because I know I don't want to do it." He agreed, apologized for groping the android maid, and then made me sing 3 times in bed that night as an "I'm sorry, Sierra." I was still kind of mad, but not really.

Not long after that, I wanted to see what it would be like to be an android maid. I mean, reasoning to myself, if my husband wanted a piece of them, maybe there was something sexy about a programmed piece of machinery. So, I downloaded some files from the web, and installed them on a flash drive. Of the three maids, only one has the USB connector in the base of the neck. The others have some type of encrypted anti-install programs. Using the flashdrive, it will make the maid think she is me, while telling the house maintenance system the same thing. While that is going on, I will be wearing a control collar so that I can be manipulated like a real android. Once the maid is me, then I will become the maid by the help of the house system. Simple.

On my first test, it did not work as I had not charged the control collar (had to order a special cable for it). The next time was interrupted by a power outage (rolling summer brown outs). The third time was tanked by me not being dressed before trying to run the program (the house system freaked and rejected the software). But finally, I got it right (who knew computers were so touchy?).

The maid's name is Espa. She is somewhat Latino, like me. We have similar features, but we are not that close in looks. She is a few inches taller than me. Despite my surgery, her chest is still larger than mine, but I'm sure mine are still as perky as her's. My hips are not quite as wide, but our figures are close to hourglass. We have long black hair down past our shoulders, dark eyes, and smooth skin. Yes, I tell myself while looking in the mirror, I can pass for an android.

Putting on a maid's outfit, I send Espa to put on some casual clothes that I bought for her. She complies and leaves my presence. I pull out the flash drive and follow her to the bedroom. As she strips her plain uniform off, I notice that I picked a more sexy one. I went all french maid with the black dress, low cut top, white lace on the edges, and too short to cover much past my butt. My fishnet stockings and high-heel pumps were in stark contrast to her black, knee length cotton dress and flats (no leggings or panty hose). Hmmm, I think to myself, I guess I never paid that much attention before.

As she finishes up, I put on the control collar from my night stand. It snaps around my neck, looking like a black choker with a glowing blue gem in the front. The cold collar feels alien around my neck, as I am still not used to it. With flash drive in hand, I move behind Espa. The program will cause the house system to switch our positions, making me the maid and her the owner. After an hour, Espa will order me to remove the flash drive, undoing what was done. Sounds simple, and should work... I hope.

Reaching up, I insert the thin flash drive into her neck. The smaller version barely leaves a bump on her neck, matching her skin perfectly. At first, nothing happens... then I freeze in place. I can feel my body being controlled, as images and commands flood into my head. I did not know what to expect, but this was not it. I now have a complete floor plan of the house, down to the inch. Espa turns around, with a stern look on her face and says, "State designation." I snap to attention and reply, "This unit is designated Espa, maid to Sierra, the owner." Yikes, I squeal to myself, did I say that? It felt good and creepy all at the same time.

"Good, you fat bucket of parts," she says nastily, "Now, get out of my bedroom and finish cleaning the stairs." I bow my head slightly and reply, "Yes, mistress." And with more grace than usual, I walk out of the room to the stairs. Woah, I think to myself, I should have downloaded a better personality... I'm, uh I mean, she's mean.

At the bottom of the stairs, I find the carpet cleaning tool that Espa left behind. Picking it up, I kneel down on the stairs and begin brushing each piece of the carpet by hand. I have never done this before, but my newly controlled body seems to know what to do. The house system continues to feed me information on what to do. This is kinda cool, I giggle to myself, I'm a robot maid.

In a few moments, Espa comes down the stairs. She looks mad as she ignores me completely and walks past me. I can hear her yelling at the other maids to do a better job of cleaning. Huh, I ponder, is all this part of that new personality? I ponder that as I spend the next hour cleaning each step of the stairs. I am nearly done when I hear Espa yell, "Espa, get that wide load for a butt down here now!" Internally, I jump, but on the outside, I slowly set down the carpet tool and stand. With less speed than I would like, I walk down the stairs to Espa. As I approach her, she turns around in a huff saying, "Pull this flash drive out of me." I reply, "Yes, mistress," then I pull it out.

Looking at the security camera footage later, I saw that both of us deactivated when I pulled out the flash drive. In about 5 minutes, Espa restarted and went to change clothes. I continued to stand there deactivated while she finished the stairs in her old uniform. The timestamp on the camera said it took 14 minutes before I woke up. It was weird being completely blank, but afterwards, I was back in control of myself, with no side effects that I could tell. I was me again, and the house system recognized that. "Wow," I said out loud, "What a rush!"

Over the course of the next few weeks, I would play robot for about an hour each week. I would find a quiet time around the house and then insert the flash drive. I am sad to say that I am hooked. This has been so much fun, that I want to do it more, but I have other things to do in town and with friends. But, Sean has contracted a new pool cleaning crew, so I am thinking of answering the door as Espa, and let them be introduced to the new Sierra instead. Because I wanted to make a good impression, I downloaded a nicer personality for her. Hopefully, this will go better than the last few weeks.

It is Thursday afternoon, and the pool crew should be here anytime. Since I am not sure how long they will be staying, I reset the timer for 3 hours. "Surely," I say out loud as I change into my maid costume, "they can be done by then." I order Espa to change as well, having ordered her some new clothes over the past weeks. She is dressed in leggings and a loose top. Her flip flops are cheap, but her toenails are not. "Kinda want to show them off, right?" Espa replies in her usual monotone, "Just as you have ordered, Mrs Sierra." Double checking my hair and outfit and collar, I grab the flash drive. "Well, I guess we are ready."

At that moment, I could hear a van pull into the driveway. "Uh oh, we better hurry." Reaching around her, I insert the flash drive. Immediately, I can feel myself freeze up and receive the daily updates from the house system. Espa turns to me and says, "How many times have I told you to stay out of the bedroom?" Without warning, she slaps me across the face. It did not hurt too much, but the sting of her reaction did. What happened? I thought I installed the nicer personality.

"I can hear the pool crew now, Espa," she growls, "Answer the *@% door and show them to the &$@ pool area." With tears in my eyes that my programming would not let me shed, I reply, "Yes, Mrs Sierra." She turns back around, "What did you call me?" Before I can answer she yells, "I am owner. You call me: Mistress. Espa, delete all files with the Sierra name. You only know me as Mistress." Just as she asked, my programming deleted all my files on owner being called Sierra. In my mind, she is Mistress only... nothing more. I was trying to recall her name, my old name, but I kept getting error messages from the house system. Eventually, I gave up and went to answer the door.

Opening the front door, I see three young men with matching polos and khaki shorts. "Good afternoon," I say, "Please state your business at my Mistress' home." The man in the front says, "Pool cleaning by Chlorine & More." I nod my head and reply, "Yes, sir, the Mistress was expecting you. Please come in and Espa will show you to the pool area." As we walk through the house, I can hear them talking about the decor, which I did myself. I can also hear one of them commenting on my outfit and butt. I am not sure which made me more happy and excited. 

At the pool, Mistress is already waiting for us. "Mistress, these are the men from..." She cuts me off, "I can see who they are, maid. Now get back inside and clean the tiles. Go!" I nod my head and reply, "Yes, Mistress." Woah, she is just mean to me. I have got to change that. The guys snicker a little as I walk by, embarrassing me, then they start paying attention to Mistress.

I want to know what is going on outside, but all I can do is clean the tiles by hand. After nearly an hour of cleaning each tile with a cleaner and rag, I hear the door open from outside. The sound of shoes means it is one of the pool workers. Walking up to me, he asks, "Where is the bathroom?" I stop working to reply, "Yes, sir, go down this hall and it is the third door on the left." He looks down the hall, "Third? Wow, this place is big. Can you show me?" I stand up as I reply, "Yes, sir." He follows me down the hall. I stop just past the bathroom and turn to point into the darkened bathroom. He looks in then comes back out, "Uh, the lights are off." Stepping inside the bathroom, I turn them on. "There you are, sir." He comes in and says, "Good, but my zipper is stuck. I need you to open it."

Oh no, I scream inside, this guy is going to make me help him with this? I bend over and start unzipping his shorts. I can see polka dotted boxers underneath. "Uh, there is flap that needs to be opened," he states. Pushing my fingers inside, I separate the flap and out he comes. Woah, I say to myself, that thing is big. He then says, "It's not facing the toilet; I would hate to make a mess for you to clean up." Without question, I put my hands on his unit and direct it to the toilet. He must have drank an entire 6 pack, because he took forever to go. I calmly held him until he was done. "Ok, sweetheart," he says lovingly, "Put him back up gently." And so, I carefully put him back in, closed the flap, and zipped up his shorts. "Ah, thank you," he says giving me a peck on the cheek. "It was Espa's pleasure to serve you, sir." Well, not really, I complain to myself, but I had to say that.

We both head back out into the house. I return to cleaning the tiles and he returns outside. The tiles may be clean, but I feel dirty. That had to be the most disgusting thing I have ever done. Hmmm, the house system just sent me an error when I thought that was disgusting. I was not being disobedient... oh, there goes another error message. Hmmm, the house system must monitor what I am thinking, so I guess thoughts that are anything but obedient are flagged. Hope that does not get me in trouble...

The pool crew finished up and owner saw them out. She waved to them and was clearly being overly sarcastic in the nicest way possible. I guess that was part of her programming. She walks back upstairs, not even looking at any of the maids. Why does that excite me? However, she comes back down immediately and addresses me. "Hey, maid, take out my flash drive." Standing up, I reply, "Yes, Mistress." Finally, I think. I have had plenty of being a maid today. Pulling it out, we both deactivate. I did not bother to check the security cameras, but Espa was already redressed and working by the time I woke up. The first thing I did was say, "My name is Sierra. Whew," I smile, "I did not really forget my own name."

Once I am back to being me, I plug in the flash drive to my computer. Checking the personality settings, the range is set to the highest on aggressiveness and lowest for android care. Adjusting that, I also add a little more humor to her as well as a touch more sultry. I think that will tone her down some, I reason. I want to see if it works better, but I am too tired to do it today. I think I will take a nap.

My husband is home all this week, not having to travel for work, so I will not be able to play maid. But, this week should be fun, as we have several things planned for just the two of us. I am looking forward to spending time with just him, so I can wait on my fetish. However, the week had really just begun when he got a call from a high-paying customer that needed his help. He apologized (like he usually does) and then he promised to make it up to me (which he usually doesn't). As mad as I am, I know I have an out for my frustration. After he is packed, I wave goodbye to him for the rest of the week.

"Well, Espa," I say, "I guess we can switch places after all. Better get dressed." As she gets dressed, I alter the program again. Since I have all week with no plans (I cancelled them all thinking I was going to be busy with Sean), I am thinking I might try a whole day and night as a maid. There won't be anyone here but me, so I should be able to do it. The program says '1 hour' but I now make it '1 day.' As I click save, I say softly, "I hope the new personality is better."

I go to put on my maid costume, then I change my mind. "Hmm," I ponder, "Maybe I should try this with Espa's outfit instead." Grabbing her uniform from the cabinet she hung it in, I put on the cotton maid dress. It is a little big, but it feels soft against my skin. I cannot wear her shoes, but I have some that will work. I already have the choker in place and ready to go. Looking around the house, I try to think if there is anything else that I need to do. I run to the bathroom one more time, and I take an extra vitamin pill. Ok, I think to myself, I'm ready.

To be on the safe side, I will insert the flash drive in her neck downstairs. Even though her personality should be nicer, I am not taking any chances. Inserting the flash drive in her, I can feel the rush of excitement and data. Floorplan... schedule... mannerisms... updates... wow, this is taking longer than usual. I guess maybe a whole day takes a while.

"Espa, get me a glass of water, I'm thirsty." Sierra says kindly. Well, I think, that is better. "Yes, Mrs Sierra." Uh oh, did I just goof it up? The long pause hangs there, as I turn to walk into the kitchen. Whew, I guess that was right. Finding the water was easy, but hunting her down was not. She must have walked off, but where? I walk around the house, trying to find her. Finally, the house system takes over. It freezes me in place and pirates my body, forcing me to where Sierra is. It seems like the maids always know where I am, but I cannot seem to access that information.

At the pool, Sierra is laying by the pool in a small bikini that covers very little. My sunglasses look good on her with hair pulled behind her. "Your water, Mrs Sierra." She holds out her hand to take it, "Ah, yes, thank you." As she sips it, she says, "Some sunscreen, Espa." I nod my head and pick up the sunscreen from the table. Starting at her feet, I work my way up her. I should have felt dirty putting my hands all over another woman, but somehow, it felt fine, normal. The programming kept telling me that this was good and right. If it keeps error messages from popping into my head, then I am all for obedience.

She eventually sends me inside to check on dinner that one of the other maids is cooking. I notice a message on my phone as I walk in. I move to check it, when the house system gives me a warning message. I try to check it, but it will not me. Frozen in place, fighting the house, I can just make out the text when it buzzes again. It was from Sean, but I could not read it. Finally, the house system pirates me again and sends me into the kitchen to check dinner. Once there, all three of us maids go to work to complete dinner for one. I do not know what it is, but it smells really good.

When Sierra comes in for dinner, she notices her phone had a message. Putting it on speaker phone, she listens to Sean, "Hey, babe, they shortened my trip, so I will be home tomorrow afternoon. Let's make-up, ok?" Sierra hums softly, "Make-up? mmmmm." Tomorrow, I scream to myself, but I might not be myself tomorrow. I gotta change back, tonight. But how?

At this point, Angela, one of the other maids, walks up to Sierra and says, "Mrs Sierra, it appears Espa is having a malfunction. The house system suggests a full rundown and recharge this evening." A what?! Sierra replies, "Oh, well, I guess we don't need her." Yes, you do! "Espa, go to your charging pod and do a system reboot." No, I can't...I gotta turn back to me. "Yes, Mrs Sierra," I reply instead.

Like before, the house system walks me without my control. I enter the maid's room on the other side of the house, leaving the noises of Sierra eating dinner and being served by the other maids. The room is quite small, and built like a locker room. There are three pods for charging, as well as small closets for clothes and accessories for each maid. I strip completely and place all of my clothes into Espa's locker. Without wasting time, I step into the pod and close the lid. I am tilted back slightly as it turns on. I can feel probes entering my ears and nose and mouth and both my holes below my belt. Oh my, I grimace, that was a little painful down there. 

Each probe sends electricity and other things into me. I feel fluids flushing through me and out of me. Small shocks cause my skin to tingle. I did not think about having to recharge, I think sadly. Eventually, my thoughts are again invaded with obedience programs and protocols. Error messages are stored on the main computer. Those memories are replaced with thoughts of what I should have done. Did I really do those things? Huh, I'm a good little robot, I giggle.

I have no idea how long I was in there, as the evening went by so quickly and the Sun came up just as quickly. The pod door opens and all of the probes remove themselves. I am not sure I have ever felt more refreshed and lubricated, I think, wow that feels weird. The house system orders me out and to get dressed. I step to my locker to find a new uniform. Wait, I recall, that is not the uniform I put in there. Unable to stop myself, I put on the latex stockings that come above my knees, and the latex gloves that go beyond my elbows, and the hard corset that laces itself by magnets and a microskirt to cover next to nothing. I am sent to the make-up station where I get a new look to match. I have never been fond of beige, but that is what I am now. All of the latex items are beige, with a bright blue strip at the edge of each. The shoes are ultra high heels with platforms of the same blue color, form fitted to my feet.

I walk out of the maid's room into the rest of the house, unsure of what happened. This has to be a mistake, right? But then I see Angela wearing the exact same uniform as me, except hers is dark grey with red highlights, I realize that this was on purpose. Where did these uniforms come from? As if to answer my question, Sierra walks up to me, "Oh, Espa, you look adorable in that uniform I ordered you last week." Wait, you ordered this? I question her mentally, but how? You are not me?! As I try to figure it out, I see my phone in her hand. Oh yeah, I recall, all of my passwords are saved in there, so if she ordered anything, no one would question the online purchase. I should have thought of that earlier, kicking myself mentally.

"Espa, I have a special job for you today," Sierra begins, "I need you to go up to my bedroom and wait for me to arrive." I nod my head and reply, "Yes, Mrs Sierra." Like all the other times, I walk gracefully up the stairs, even though I am wearing incredibly high heels with platforms. Once I am in the bedroom, I stand in a neutral pose, waiting as instructed. Before I could wonder too much, she comes in the room. "Ok," she starts, "Sean is coming back tonight, so I want to make it special. I need you to replace the sheets on the bed with these new, red satin ones I bought. Then, put the rose petals on the floor and bed in a scattered pattern. And finally, fill the bedroom fridge with some of the fresh cut fruit from the fridge and two bottles of the champagne. Understood?" 

Wow, I think to myself, she is going all out. New sheets... fruit and champagne... this is impressive. I had thought of doing something like this before, but I never actually acted on it. "Yes, Mrs Sierra. It will be completed at you command." She nods her head and leaves the bedroom. As she does, I start to work on the room. To properly prepare the room, it takes me a couple of hours. The sheets had to be opened and pressed, then placed on the bed and pressed again in place (no creases). The floor had to be cleaned by hand again, then rose petals had to be scattered in a random looking pattern. Finally, the fridge had to be stocked, which took multiple trips (my safety protocols would not allow me to carry more than one item at a time).

By late afternoon, the room was set, as was the rest of the house. I had tried all day to break free or get out, but it kept deleting those thoughts and replacing them. At one point, I had counted the number of error logs I had built up, but then it got deleted. I know I have been trying to go back to being me before Sean comes home, but nothing seems to work. As I stand by the door with the other two maids, we hold our neutral poses, awaiting further orders. 

Sierra comes up to us, dressed in some tasteful lingerie. Her red bra and panties look brand new and fit her perfectly. Her smooth, light olive skin is partially covered by a see-through teddy. Her shoes look fluffy yet heeled for an added sex appeal. Her make-up and hair look immaculate. I would nod my agreement, if I wasn't trying to stop my maid from doing my husband. I figure he will figure it out when he sees her, but then what will he think when he finds me standing here? I hope he doesn't panic, or worse, yell.

"Tonight will be special, but I do not need you all. So, Angela will open the door and direct Sean upstairs to the bedroom. Once he is out of sight, you are to go straight to the maid's room and join the others in their pods." Oh crap, I swear, she is gonna have me in my pod when he gets home. This is good in that he won't see me, but then will he find me in the charging pod? We all nod our compliance, then she says to the room, not really to anyone in particular, "He comes home, gets directed upstairs to a darkened room, where we make love all night. Perfection!" Well, double crap, I swear again, she will have the lights out, so unless he is paying close attention, he will never know he is with the wrong woman. I would be impressed with her plan, if I wasn’t equally disgusted. Oops, there goes that error message again.

I have no idea what happened that night, other than at 3 in the morning, Sierra activates me in the pod. She orders me out and to remove her flash drive. I do as commanded and we reset. When I awaken, I am naked standing in the maid room and Espa is back in her pod, wearing her old maid uniform. I guess I better order her a new one to match the others, I think to myself, as I stagger upstairs. I am not sure what to do, but I figure I should try to explain to Sean what happened.

I can hear him snoring as I walk in the dark room. I can feel the flower petals that I placed on the floor under my feet. As I near the bed, I can see the shimmering red from the sheets in the dim light. Crawling carefully into bed, I try to not disturb him, as he must be sleeping off his hangover from his horrible night. I accidentally bump him as I try to cover up, which causes him to roll over on me. His big arms wrap me up, pulling me tightly to his chest. I can smell his cologne and feel his strength covering me.

He whispers softly, "That was amazing, babe. Just amazing..." I smile weakly, unsure of what to say. I don't even know what Espa did, but judging by his reaction, it must have been good. "But," he continues, "I would like to ask one more thing." Trying to act like I have been here all night, I reply coyly, "And what would that be?" I can feel pressure below, as a single extension of him starts to run up the inside of my thigh. "Round 5... the final round." In my head, I think, 5? Oh my we never did it that, oh my, he's already coming in... "mmm, well, if that is all you, mmm, need..." and the rest of the early morning is a bit of a blur to me. 

Later that weekend, I tried to find out what happened that night, but I couldn't. There are no cameras in the bedroom (seemed kinda creepy to me then, but would sure be helpful now) and when I tried to play back the recorded video of the maids, it switched to me when I was Espa (there is a camera in the control collar) then back to her when I wasn't. I asked her, but there must be a partition (yeah, looked that word up) in her memory when she is her and when she isn't. Hopefully, he will not bring up any specifics and I can just play it off.

With Sean home between work travel trips, my days are pretty busy with social events and shopping. We have a couple of parties and do some traveling around the area. We even go to a football game, which he almost never invites me to. I do not know if I should be thanking Espa for these lovely two weeks, or if I should be upset with myself for having not tried harder, or if I should be yelling at him for not knowing it wasn't me. Not wanting to ruin this wonderful time, I just let it go... for now.

During Sean's next trip, I decide to go back as a maid again. We have kept the new uniforms that Espa ordered, and I bought one for her that matches mine perfectly. Just before I put the flash drive in her, we are both dressed and look almost like twins. The pool crew is coming back to work on the pool before it starts turning cool for the fall, and Sean said another maintenance group was coming the same day, so I figured I would let Espa handle it. She seems to run the house better than me; in fact, Sean even commented on that. "You know, babe," he said the other night, "the last couple of months, you have done a better job than usual at running the house and maids."

I make a face like I have been hurt (even though I know he's trying to be complimentary), which prompts him to speak up again, "No no, not what I meant. I just mean that lately you have really been on the top of your game." I smiled to him, mentally thanking Espa for doing it for me, then replied, "Thank you, dear... anything for you."

I really didn't want to spend the whole night as a maid again, so I set it up for 8 hours this time. The pool crew will be here sometime between 10 and 2, while the other group (not sure who they are) will be coming between 1 and 5. So, 8 hours should allow Espa to take care of business. Hopefully, it will go better this time.

After breakfast and a shower, I decide to just get dressed in my maid costume. It is a little early to do that, but I don't want to change and then change again. I can't walk very fast, as I am not practiced in wearing the high heeled platforms without the program to help me. As the maids do their daily cleaning, I decide to change some of my passwords to prevent any more unauthorized purchases. Sitting in the lounge room, I hear the doorbell. Huh, I think, that is weird. I wonder who it could be.

As I try to stand up, I realize I am in a maid uniform. Oh no, I can't be seen like this. I start to call out to the maids to not answer the door, when I hear it open and Angela say, "Good morning, gentlemen. I can show you to the pool area." The pool crew early? I think to myself, they are never early... except today... when I am not ready. Putting my hand on my neck, I whisper, "I don't even have my choker on yet."

I am too slow to get away in time, and they will be coming right through this part of the house. Figuring I could play this off if they don't pay much attention, I set my phone on the mantle and step a little bit to the right and take a neutral, paused pose behind the couch. Unless they are looking for me, I should blend in with the furniture. As I have that thought, the three men from the Chlorine & More company walk by the room. They are glancing around as they walk by, so each takes a quick look at me, but continues walking out back. "Whew," I whisper, "That was close."

As Angela shows them out back, I make my way to the bedroom. I am not sure where Espa is, but she can be there quick when I call for her from the remote (which I left in the bedroom). Taking one step at a time, I slowly walk up the steps, making my way to the bedroom. Once there, I put on my choker and call for Espa on the remote. Within a minute, she is there. "Ok, Espa," I tell her, "Time to change... maybe put on the..." Ding dong! My conversation is cut off by the doorbell. "Well, who could that be?"

Having left the pool crew to do their work, Angela gets the door again. One really short man and a rather tall woman walk in the house, before I could even get to the top of the stairs. The couple are wearing matching black polos with khaki pants. The logo on their outfits is too small for me to make out. Espa and I stand at the top of the stairs, wondering what I should do? And who are they?

Angela replies to them, "Mrs Sierra is here, so this unit will find her." The man holds up his hand to stop her. "There is no need. It looks like she has company with the pool guys, and we can take care of this without much trouble." Angela stops and returns to face him. The woman asks, "Are any of the maids in active service at this time that cannot be interrupted?" Angela processes this, and with the help of the house system, she replies, "No, madam." The lady nods her head and takes a device out of her bag. "Perfect," he says, grabbing a similar device from his bag, "This won't take but 20 minutes."

Ok, I have seen enough, Sierra thinks; time to hide in the bedroom while they do whatever it is they are going to do. As she backs up, she freezes in place and stands at attention, as if the program had been activated. Wait, she protests, what's going on? Without control, she and Espa begin walking to the stairs. With her programming controlling her and the other maids, the other three arrive in the large foyer area and join Angela. The lady checks her list, "Hmmm, I only have three maids to update today." The man does not even look at his device, staring at the four latex maids in front of him. Sierra can see her roll her eyes at him, as she steps behind them.

"I'll get the newer two, no cables." The lady says matter-of-factly. The guy, snapped back to reality, replies, "Oh sure, take the easy ones." The lady replies teasingly, "I figured you would want to 'plug in' to the others." They both laugh at her joke, as they actually get to work. Sierra stands at attention, trying to think of how she will explain this to them when they figure out she is real. As it would have it, he gets to Espa before her. He plugs into her USB and starts the updates. "Huh," he says, "She has a wife program on here. I guess the guy is single." Eyeing each of the maid's latex covered butts, he adds, "Can't go wrong with any of them." The lady asks, "Well, why put them all in maid clothes?" The guy shrugs his shoulders, "Maybe she is maid in the day and wife at night, I mean, look how hers and this other one are the same." Yes, same, Sierra says to herself, because I am the wife not her.

After a few minutes, he unplugs from Espa, who immediately starts walking towards the bedroom. "What did you do?" the lady asks. The man replies with another shrug, "I went ahead and activated her wife program. It sends her to get dressed before starting her personality." As he steps behind Sierra, he curses under his breath. "A control collar? Talk about a dinosaur." The lady adds, "Well, just plug in and let’s get going, I am almost done." Sierra can hear him rummaging through his bag for the right wire. "I could just do a quick connector install in her neck or belly button. Shouldn't take long..." What? Sierra screams. No, I'm not a robot.

The lady replies quickly, "Yeah, but we have not seen the owner yet, and if we hurry up, we can get out of here without the small talk." The guy nods as he finally finds the right connection. "You're right," he says as he plugs into the back of Sierra's control collar. Like a door, she can feel her mind opening up to him. He has access to everything she has ever known and seen. He runs a cleaning protocol which starts filing away old data and streamlines her thoughts. She finds her wife program being separated from her maid program, making sure one cannot run while the other is running. "Huh," the man says, "She has a wife protocol, too. It is obviously older, so must have been his first attempt." The lady nods as she activates the other two maids and sends them back to their duties. "Leave it so we can go."

He nods, to Sierra's delight. "I'll just set the maid program as the default so it does not interfere with the other maid." Wait, Sierra protests, don't touch---

"Oh, thank you for coming early today," Sierra says as she comes down the stairs in her swim suit, "That will let me talk to the pool crew while they are still here." The tech couple look up to see the "maid" acting like a human. "No problem," the man says, "That is part of our award winning service." She walks up to them and asks, "Do I pay now? I admit, my husband called you." The tech guy cannot help but look at how beautiful she looks; even though he knows she is a robot. The tech lady speaks up now, "Nope, he took care of it, so once we are done with this one; we will be out of your hair." As if being told to do so, Sierra runs her hand through her perfect hair. "Actually, I don't think I need her today, or even tomorrow, so just send her to storage for now. Thanks!" 

The tech guy watches Sierra walk away, hip swaying and all. The tech lady starts loading up her bag, as the updates finish loading. "You ready?" The guy backs up and checks his device. "Yep, this old one is about ready. Gonna archive all its databases so it can reboot clean whenever it gets turned back on." Pulling the plug on Espa, the maid walks robotically to the charging pod, all of its higher order functions suspended. The tech couple let themselves out the door and go onto their next job.

About three days later, Espa awakens in her pod. She is fed some type of paste and then flushed in her lower holes. Hmmm, she thinks, that felt good and strange at the same time. Stepping out, she heads to the kitchen as ordered. As she walks up, she sees her owners talking. Mrs Sierra is wearing a formal dress and Mr Sean has a tux on. "Sierra, I need to give Espa some instructions before we go." She nods, "Sure, dear, I'll be waiting." He turns his attention from her retreating form to address Espa.

"Run wife limited." Espa feels something change then she says, "What just happened?" Sean smiles as he says, "Well, it appears my human wife likes playing robot." She blushes at his words, "Uh, yeah, about that..." He holds up his hand, "No explanation needed, I know everything I need to know." He pauses then continues, "As it turns out, Espa does a really good job running the house, but is lousy in bed and as a companion. You, on the other hand, great in bed and love me, but not so good with the house." Sierra, now in control of her thoughts even though her body is frozen, replies, "Honey, listen, you gotta realize I never meant for it to go this far." Sean stops smiling and kisses her on the cheek. "I know, but I can't pass up this perfect opportunity." Sierra starts to reply, but he puts his finger on her lips.

"Here's how it will work, Espa will be you during the days and nights where the house and finances are to be managed. You will be Espa during those times. The charger pod has been modified to take care of your 'personal' needs. On those nights and days where I need companionship and sex, you will be Sierra. Despite her software, Espa is lousy in bed but great at putting the mood together." Sierra remembers the night that he is referring to and now knows when he figured it out: even in the dark, he could compare his satisfaction from tasting both of us.

"So," he adds, "Sierra and I are headed to dinner at the Penthouse. I have to ease her into society as she shows off your new 'face lift.' You will be here starting your newest program: cooking. The maids are fine, but they are not you. You will become the maid over the kitchen. Your innate talent with your new programming should make my stomach very happy." Sierra starts to protest, "b-b-but I'm not a..." Sean walks back around, "Robot? Oh, I think you are, and you know, deep down, I think you are going to like it. And me? I'm gonna love it." Sierra wants to protest, but then she catches herself: would this be a bad thing? All of the things she hates to do are being taken care of by someone else, and replaced with all the things she enjoys. And, Sean has already said he will continue being intimate with me only. "Hmmm, well..."

"That's a yes," Sean replies. "Run maid complete." Sierra feels a switch in her head, as she becomes Espa again.

"What would you like for breakfast, Mr Sean?" Espa asks. "Hmmm, let's go with pancakes tomorrow, blueberry syrup, and freshly squeezed orange juice." Espa nods slightly, "Excellent choice, sir. I will begin preparing it for tomorrow morning's breakfast."

As Espa begins her work, Sean says with a chuckle as he heads to the car, "I'm married to the maid."


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