Mix Up

by Bernd

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© Copyright 2010 - Bernd - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; Machine/f; transform; latex; insert; doll; bond; boxed; transported; oral; anal; sex; stuck; cons/nc; X

The idea for this story I got after reading "New Doll" by Fetishbabe, "Kiras Manga Makeover" by Gromet and "The factory" by TR_veller. The story contains graphic sex, please don't read it, when you are under 18 years old. The story is translated from German, so please excuse any poor language.


My husband and I have been doing bondage for years now. I like it to be pampered by him while I'm tied up.

One day he came up with the idea to turn me for a short time into a mannequin. I was thrilled by the idea, but curious after all. My husband works as a designer in a mannequin factory and he'd had a few ideas. I thought he wanted to tie me at home in a standing position, but he had something else in mind and wanted to surprise me in the factory.

We went on a Saturday morning to the empty factory, and he showed me on his computer some simulations of the production of the high-quality models. Contrary to earlier models, he had a patent on an adjustable mannequin with a thick layer of latex to coat the joints. This allowed the wearing of bikinis and lingerie to present high quality finish and without the joints being seen.

The body could be set in positions the same as a human body, it was then repeatedly dipped in liquid latex, hot dried, then coloured according to the customer requirements in the airbrush method and finally dried. In the last process the latex rubber solution will become a very strong vulcanized rubber. Over a hundred thousand Mannequins are produced in a year and the entire system was fully automated. There was still a very closed area in the factory, but also he did not report on that because it was all about special and unique pieces. We created a mannequin on the screen together and talked about painting, matching to the apartment. Finally we decided on a classic standing form, with subtle colouring and on a pole.

"Hm, well, yes, if it is safe then I'll do it." were my comments to his ideas!

The plan was to pull a hood over me, bring me in to the correct positon, cover me with latex and paint me in the normal fabrication process, and then to make a weekend of it with me standing as a mannequin in our apartment. I always found the idea appealing and agreed with him about trying it. He also talked about some surprises I might like.

As we entered the production area it was dark and quiet. He wanted to turn the tide, but noticed the system was fully operational. He thought the last engineer forgot to take the system down. The porduction area was lit up and I saw lots of Mannequin in rank and file in the dark hall. He said that most Mannequins arrived to be reset as each new pose could only be set in the factory after removing the latex rubber cover. Soon I'll look this way and I was a little anxious.

He asked me to undress completely. Then I was washed and chemically cleaned, so my skin could easily take the latex well. He then came with the hood, which he had specially designed for me. I combed my hair up and pulled the hood over my head, it was surprisingly resilient. He fixed on the mask and respected the fact that I could breathe. A small mouthpiece was pulled over my lips and ended behind my teeth covering them. He then pressed the extra built-in lenses in my eyes. It shook me a little and I couldn`t close my eyes anymore, but he said with a laugh, the eyes are automatically moistened every so often and a mannequin may not yet wink. This was the first surprise. When I saw myself in the mirror, I looked very unreal.

Then when I should go on to the conveyor belt to complete the process, but I saw none, only an overhead running track. He came up to me with a steel structure that could suspended me above and into which I should be fixed. I looked at him angrily, but it was not visible through my rubber hood. I said aloud: "Stop it". He just laughed again and said that it would be a good preparation for the final frame of the weekend. Since I became aware of how the stand was fixed. He told me that for each pose of the mannequin another steel beam is in store.

While I was still wondering whether I should cancel the whole thing, he pushed the hook into my anus and I was hooked up. As I began to curse, he pushed my head back and closed a steel ring around my neck. I was now fixed to the rod hanging on the running track. With all my own strength I could not get out of the construction. I wanted to stop what was happening, but my husband just said, it was now too late, and afterwards I would enjoy it all.

My thighs and ankles were then also attached to the rod and he worked two tubes for the arms forward. In the rings, my elbows and wrists were also fixed. He said then that I will get the final positioning after I'm painted, but that happens automatically. Since I was still anxious. He then put something into my ear to seal it. He gave me the hint not to breathe, while I was dipped into latex. So far, there has never been problems, as I was not the first person in the system. That started to calm me.

There was suddenly opened a floor trap door below me and I fell further onto the hook. The new position was pretty uncomfortable, especially because I could barely turn my head because my body had fallen further down into the neck holder. He laughed some more and said he will pick me up in six hours from the drying room as a beautiful latex mannequin in classical pose. Then he pressed a button and put the machine in slow motion. The process takes six hours? Again one of these unpleasant surprises.

As I drove into the factory I saw many other rooms branch off. Behind a wall a few other designer sat silently in the laboratory on screen designing special "mannequins" for a private party. The men noticed that the plant was in operation. One of their mannequins should be made according to the new program. They looked into a camera in the fabric on the new upcoming model and were a bit annoyed. The new mannequin hanging in the running track had an otherwise basic frame similar to their mannequins. An older colleague said after looking at the screen, that is no problem and both models could be brought into the right shape in the final drying room.

I wondered why in front of me four mannequins hung in the machine and why now one was put in motion. I stopped behind the last one. The first mannequin then disappeared 20m further to the right by a door and it immediately began to smell of latex. That was probably the liquid latex. I paused on the spot hanging for a long time and I was getting more anxious. Then the other three models moved further step by step, but they all went into a room on the left not the right and I wondered what was going on.

Then I was put in motion and went as well into the left room following after the other three dolls. In the middle of the room stood a small robot. On the shelf around it were many different looking objects such as rubber tubes and more. When I was close to the robot, it gripped out off the shelf one of the tubes on a phallus-like gripping instrument and shoved it quickly into my mouth. The tube penetrating into me and ended deep in my throat. I had to open my mouth very far, because at the end came a very thick area. I wanted to scream in fear, but I did not produce any sound.

As the robot moved its robotic arm to the front, I only noticed that the rubber tube was stuck behind my teeth. The robot then grabbed a piercing device. He shot me a piercing through the rubber and into my tongue. I almost died with pain. The rubber grommet end of the tube finished flush with the front of my mouth, I could not close my mouth and it retained an O-shape form. The gripper arm went back out of my mouth. In my throat it left a rubber hose and I had a constant feeling of choking. Then a plug was placed on the lips, anchored behind my teeth. Certainly because of the upcoming latex bath, I thought.

While I cursed my husband, I wondered what this device in my mouth should be for. Then the robot once again went on the shelf and pushed a similar tube in my vagina. Again, this was fixed with a piercing, this time probably a ring, in my own clitoris. I almost fainted with the pain. Then, the robot removed the lower part of my hook, which went into my anus and pushed into it a third tube, and then went on to install a new hook with two spines that entered both holes down there.

Have the other model also those stakes? Why had my husband had not asked or told me about this? I'm going to kill him after this weekend. Then ears were glued to the hood and on my breasts the machine stuck larger latex breasts, giving me much larger breasts. I was now anxious and did not know what was happening with me in this area. But I couldn‘t change anything in my situation.

Then I was put in motion and was guided to the latex bath. The immersion was as described and I went in and out in a constant rhythm and the latex layers became thicker and firmer. Now and again I was shaken so that the latex could also flow between the clamps and my skin. With the butt and vaginal plug it was very exciting. But I did not come to orgasm. The time was too short.

Then I went into the drying room and I slept a little, dreaming of the weekend as a mannequin. I was awoken when I was again put in motion and this time it was for painting. Another robot was in the middle and sprayed with various Airbrush devices different colours on me. I wondered why the robot worked in the face area for so long and with so many colours. On screen, I had looked almost dull gray. Also I was surprised why the skin was sprayed in a light brown. Something was really wrong, I thought. Then came a radiant heater and the colour seemed to recover quickly in the latex and dried.

After that I got a wig glued on. Finally, single long hair was put into the eyelids. Did the other mannequin also get eyelashes and hair? I saw how the robot then got a box with red fingernails. They had on the bottom 5mm long nails. 'Help, I'm not a real mannequin. I'm feeling! Noooooooo, stoooop!' I thought. My hands were supported by a second robotic arm and the artificial nails were then shot down into my own. The pain was so incredible that I fainted. I did not notice that I was being taken back to the drying area.

There I must have been placed in a different position into a new frame. When I woke up later, I noticed a rather unpleasant positioning. I was no longer hung on the hook, but was kneeling on a rotating disc and was being dried by the hot fans all around. I was kneeling on a soft cushion with shoes on my feet, my head was fixed about 10cm above the ground on a pipe and my neck was held by a clamp. My hands were tied behind my back in the same frame. Also, my waist was terribly constricted, which felt like I was wearing a corset.

I could not move, both because of the thick latex and because I was attached to the frame. Through my mask I could only look forward, but every turn I passed a mirror and I could see something. What I saw I did not believe. Noooooo! I looked like a Real Doll! Cheap, artificial, and in a destinct pose. What had my husband made with me? The idea of being a doll was at first very warm, but then I thought back to some of the treatments that I'd recieved and thought that my husband couldn‘t be responsible for this. What will happened with me now? Above all I now saw in the mirror three other dolls on the turntable. All on racks in uncomfortable sexual positions. My anxiety grew.

Meanwhile, my husband was just at the end of the conveyor belt and looked happy to see his perfect mannequin come out of the machine. He only wondered why four packages for Love Dolls were also in the room and thought who'd have to buy dolls when the factory was closed. He just wanted to ask his wife about her condition, when four men entered through a door. They were just as shocked themselves to see each other. He said briefly that he had tried out a new design and took the mannequin off the rack quickly and took the mannequin out to his car. The four men said they were here for the repair of the system and went back just as quickly.

The turntable stopped and I waited. Soon after, I heard faint sounds. I saw four men come into the room and I almost died. Now I knew what was going on and reminded me about the other mannequins in front of me on the conveyor belt. No, I was not for that, I was here for my husband, but how could I make myself noticeable. The first man opened his pants and even wanted to use the doll next to me. But someone said it's better to disappear quickly, there is enough time for the dolls. I was then loaded onto a transportation carriage and driven from the room. There I saw the four boxes with a clear lid to the front. I wanted to cry.

All the dolls were screwed into positions down to their frames. I was lucky because I was sitting on my legs and the head support held me with relative ease. Another was kneeling upright sitting in the stand on a mounting pin. The second had V-shaped legs and sat in a frame on a pin with fixed legs and stuff. The third doll was tied to a frame such as the Sphinx. She was pushed against a vertical rod in a horizontal anal plug, and had her mouth wide open.

Our frames were pushed into the four boxes and bolted to the floor. Then the front Plexiglas lids were screwed as well. There I was, trapped as a love doll in a doll box. I was hungry and thirsty and I did not know what will happen to me, I was anxious about what was going to happen next. I hope I could soon talk with the men. Speak? With the hose in my mouth? A nod would have to do!

We were then all (now I see myself as one of the four dolls) loaded on a pickup truck and we drove away. Would I see my husband ever again? Where do are we going? At the next gas station we stopped, the men bought a lot of beer, they opened four cans and went to the truck bed. There stood my tormentors, with the beer in his hand, telling stories, laughing, as they looked at us through the Plexiglas.

The trip went on and we came to a farm with large barn. The pickup drove in and we were unloaded. The whole thing turned out to be a BDSM Studio. I waited in hope that I will finally be unscrewed. I wanted to become noticeable and let them know I was a real woman. But instead we were only placed in the room in our boxes and the men went to drink the next beer. I was always nervous when I thought of drunken men.

Then they began to unpack the other dolls first. Very gently, almost tenderly, they kissed the doll. The first doll was removed from the frame and laid on a bed. She remained in position with open legs and open mouth and waited for her "lover". The kneeling doll was next unscrewed from the frame, but moved around a little more and much harder. Thereupon the men cursed about a wrong latex and drying process and screwed the doll back on to the frame. The "Sphinx" was unscrewed then and was so compact that it held its shape and with her head looked up waiting for penetration.

Then finally I was unscrewed and was just glad to be out of the box. When the collar was removed, I tried to sit up. I was very inflexible and I moved very slowly. All my joints were stiff and the latex was incredibly strong. I just listened quietly, when the man said, "this doll also moves" and before I could move on, my head was pushed down again and the collar was tightened . No, no, no, that can not be true. What will happen to me now?

The men met with the next can of beer and slowly started getting undressed. No, this could not be happening. Then I saw the first one went to bed and penetrated the doll laying there after using a little lube. The other two men took advantage of other two dolls for oral sex, while the fourth man got behind me and took me from behind. What an experience. I was becoming a Love Doll. But then again, I felt hungry and thirsty and I got into a panic!

Equally surprising was that I first felt very little because of the rubber tube, but from a certain depth, the tube began to vibrate. This tube was integrated with a vibrator and stimulated me, too. I lay there, completely helpless with the strange man, was being abused as a lovedoll and began to start to have fun. But I did not come to orgasm and was always frustrated with the situation.

Then I noticed that the man was very quickly finished. He walked away with the others and they opened another can of beer. Damn, how could it end? I was fastened to the frame and had no chance to make myself noticeable. I was getting stiff, it hurt everywhere and the corset was awfully tight, stuck and waiting for their next session. I was like the other dolls wearing only stockings and high heels and it was getting cold in the barn.

The men seemed ready for on the second round. I felt sick. We were taken in a bathroom, then a tube was pushed into all my openings. Fortunately, the water tube was also inserted into my mouth. Unfortunately, he pushed the tube deeper and deeper. I was afraid I'd burst, until he finally took out the water hose and I had to throw up the water. I heard the man say that his puppet needed to be really clean and so he again introduced the water tube deep into me. I almost died in pain, but at least there was enough water. I noticed only that my mouth vibrated somehow. Oh my god, a vibrator too!

When the cleaning was finished, I was placed on a pedestal and bolted to it. Now my head was at middle level and I knew what followed. I immediately had one of the four men before me and saw nothing but a big belly while I gave him a blowjob. I could not close my eyes and had to watch as I was raped in my mouth. With the immobile eyes, I looked like a normal doll to him.

I do not want to be misunderstood here. I love blow jobs, but only with my partner and only if I am in control. But now I've got a penis shoved down my throat and I could not move an inch. I could not breathe. And the man had all the pleasure. The vibration of my mouth tube was the worst. When he came he remained long after in my throat and I almost died without air, but at least I had something to eat with his sperm. Whether that would be enough for a few days?

Later in the night I was used several times by all the men. I always felt nothing more than a pure love doll without any control and without any hope. My only thoughts were all about when the next man put his penis into me. The men were always drunk and finally someone put me on the bottle. I drank every drop of beer in order to purge the nasty taste out of my throat.

Then the men started sleeping, and I remained in my position bolted to the frame and impossible to move or get free, just like the other dolls. The next morning I felt at first a penis in my mouth and I was abused like in a hardcore film. At least I had a "breakfast". Then we were all cleaned again and then returned to our boxes and bolted down. That was my world now. A lovedoll, without possibility of movement in her one doll box..

To be continued


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