My Job Interview

by Lady Jane

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© Copyright 2014 - Lady Jane - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; FM+/f; display; mannequins; captive; gag; bond; rope; bdsm; hogtie; force; toys; insert; oral; sex; climax; reluct/cons; X


The story begins when I was on my way to a job interview. I had parked my car in a city lot and had a 10 minute walk to get to my destination. I was dressed in a new business suit and my hair was done up in a tight little bun. I wanted to look as professional as possible.

I glanced at my watch…… 8:47…... I was early. I didn’t want to be late, but I didn’t want to arrive too early either. I saw a clean bench and decided to sit for a couple of minutes and compose myself. I was very nervous and I was starting to perspire. I sure didn’t want that!

I sat down and took a deep breath, trying to relax. I realized I was seated in front of a clothing store with a large display window. There were three mannequins in the window, two women and a man. One of the women was a spitting image of me! She was wearing skin tight latex pants and 4 inch heels. She had on a white blouse and a leather choke collar.

I checked my watch again….. 8:48.

I looked at the lady mannequin again and marveled at our resemblance.

I closed my eyes for just a second when I felt someone grabbing me from behind. I hand was clamped over my mouth and my arms were pulled behind me. In a flash my wrists were tied together behind my back. I was picked up and forced back on the bench face down. My elbows were pulled together and roughly tied with hemp rope. I was then gagged with a large red ball gag.

Suddenly I looked around and saw that I was now in the window display! The other “people” in the window display were tying my legs together! I looked out the window and saw myself, still sitting on the bench. What the hell is happening to me??

I felt another rope being tied to my wrists and I was quickly forced to stand when the rope was pulled high above my head. The woman then started using a whip on my butt. I realized I was now wearing the skin tight latex pants and heels and the white blouse.

The man was fondling my tits while the women kept whipping me. I finally passed out.

When I woke up I was naked and tied spread eagle to a bed. I was no longer gagged but my jaw still hurt. The woman was playing with my pussy and the man was now playing with her tits. She pushed him aside and climbed on the bed on top of me. She squatted over my head and I could taste her pussy juice dripping into my mouth. She lowered herself down onto my mouth. “EAT BITCH” she ordered.

I really had no choice in the matter. I licked her pussy like a woman processed. Her hands were behind her, roughly squeezing my tits and twisting my tender nipples.

Eventually she had a massive orgasm, pouring her love juice all over my face. She dismounted me but that was short lived. The man then mounted me and fucked me hard. He was very rough with me, almost brutal. He came inside me within a couple of minutes.

He got off me and I saw the woman, slouched in a chair, playing with a large dildo, working it in and out of her pussy. Another man entered the room and grabbed the dildo from her and threw it across the room. He then forced her to the floor and fucked her, very hard and rough.

After the man orgasmed he made the woman suck his cock until it was hard. He then climbed on top of me and fucked me just as roughly as he had with the other woman.

I was the untied from the bed but was immediately hogtied in the tightest possible hogtie ever. My arms were pulled up to a reverse prayer position so my fingers could touch my neck. One man held my arms that way while the other man tied them in that position. More rope was tied around my torso, welding my arms to my body. A large butt was then stuffed in my sore asshole. Next my ankles were crossed and my legs were pulled up to my butt and tied to my arms. More rope was tied around my legs denying any movement at all.

I was then picked up and placed on a table with my head over hanging the table edge. The woman then pushed her pussy into my face and demanded to be serviced. She whipped my backside while I licked her to several orgasms. When she finally got tired of my licking her she stepped aside, revealing about a dozen more female mannequins, waiting to be serviced also. For hours I licked pussys and sucked cocks.

I was then tied to a rope hanging from the ceiling, upside down! I was crying, my makeup was ruined, and my mascara was running all over my face. I was then stuck with a riding crop. All the mannequins took turns with the crop, seeing which could strike me the hardest.

Suddenly, I opened me eyes and looked at my watch…. 8:51….. I better get moving or I’ll be late.

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