My Silicone Love

by Johnsan

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Storycodes: M/f; asian; dollsuit; wear; majick; transform; sexdoll; silicone; stored; cupboard; stand; stuck; tease; oral; sex; climax; cons; X


I looked at her as she glumly lay on the couch. Fujiko was depressed and nothing I seemed to say would lift her spirits again. “Is there nothing I can say to make you smile?” I asked her.

She just shook her head and stared into space. “You know what I need and you don’t want to give it to me!” she told me accusingly.

I stared at her, unsure of what she was talking about, till it hit me like a brick wall! “Not that again! I told you I can’t do it again without some severe consequences for you! I’m not prepared to do that right now even if you are!!” I announced to her in a manner that was part anger and part shame. It was my fault that she was like this I’d told myself. I should never have even exposed her to the thing in the first place.

It’d all started with a costume party earlier and my finding a doll costume for Fujiko. It was a little out of the way shop that had this amazing doll costume. The thing was it was a costume unlike any I’ve ever seen before or since. It was like one of those real dolls but with the internal skeleton removed . It hung limply on the rack when I’d first seen it. Another strange thing was how it was an Asian doll, like a Four Woods doll from Japan.

When I saw it I had to have it! I knew Fujiko would love it as well. I paid for it and brought it home. When Fujiko saw it she gave a yelp of surprise and pleasure as she held it. Like a shot she began to slip herself into the suit.

“How do I look?” Fujiko asked as she walked around the room looking like a naked silicone sex doll.

“Like a real doll!” I told her with a grin. She came closer and smiled at me with her doll face. “It fits you like a glove! I can’t even see a zipper or anything!” I told her. It was true when she’d gotten in it just seemed to seal itself up somehow. There was no bagginess or anything to let one know that someone was inside the doll or that it was a suit. To any outside observer Fujiko was a living walking silicone doll. I grabbed her and hugged her and felt her silicone body give to my touch like a real artificial doll. Fujiko moaned as I held her. I then pressed my lips against hers and kissed her.

Again it was just like kissing a real silicone doll. My tongue slipped into her and felt the doll tongue she now had. It was a softer form of rubber but rubber nonetheless. Fujiko moaned louder as I deeply kissed my new doll. When we finished kissing I heard her speak “Oh I love my new body!” she smiled at me with her doll lips. “I can see you and hear you without any trouble either!” she added.

Fujiko then got a look of lascivious mischief on her doll visage. “Since I’m now a love doll you need to start treating me like a doll!” she told me as a matter of fact.

Fujiko then laid down on the bed and just stared up at the ceiling. I climbed next to her naked silicone form and began to run my hand over her soft rubber breasts. Remarkably she didn’t move or utter a sound. Fujiko just lay there not moving staring up at the ceiling as I touched her.

I grinned, thinking it was going to be like a game to see if I could touch her and make her squirm or make an utterance of pleasure.

I began to kiss my love doll. I started by kissing her rubber mounds with their erect nipples. I licked her naked silicone body as well as my fingers made their way to her artificial vagina. I slipped them into her doll like pussy and felt how tight she was. “I think we have time for me to use my new love doll!” I whispered to her as she lay there just as if I’d bought her from that Japanese company.

I’d bought inserts just like they use on actual love dolls so I grabbed one and slid it into her. I then stripped off my clothing . I then began to kiss and lick my four woods love doll. All over her silicone facsimile of a body I touched and caressed.

Soon I was sliding myself into my Fujiko doll.

Oh how good it felt! I thrust in and out of her silicone form pushing her up as I tried to make her moan. To my surprise Fujiko never let one single sound escape her lips. She just lay limp and lifeless truly like a silicone sex toy. She seemed to be winning this contest! It was just incredible how she was doing this normally she was a very active lover.

Finally I finished and exploded in my new dolls pussy; luckily the insert kept it from getting all over her, making clean up so much easier.


After cleaning up Fujiko doll I posed her on the bed wearing some lingerie I’d dressed her in. I climbed into bed with her and held my love doll that night. Fujiko never moved till the next morning when I felt her stir.

I looked up to see the silicone doll walking over to the bathroom. I watched as a seam opened at the back of the doll and slowly out came Fujiko. It was funny there was no zipper or Velcro the suit just seemed to part and open. I shook my head as I never saw that seam when she was wearing it.

Fujiko shimmied out of the rubber of that suit despite how it hugged her body. Soon it lay pooled on the floor around her feet. Fujiko stepped out and into the bathroom. I got up and made my way to get something for breakfast.

In a little while a grinning happy Fujiko came out and grabbed a cup of coffee. She then hugged me and sat on my lap. “Oh I’m so happy my owner made love to me last night. I want my owner to do that to me every night!” she told me in a sexy honey sweet voice as she kissed me and licked my earlobes.

“So now I’m your owner?” I asked with a smile.

“Yes now I’m a love doll! You spent so much money to buy me I know!” she winked.

“Oh I did! I still have the receipt for one Four Woods silicone love toy by the name of Fujiko.” I grinned and waved a sheet of paper I had.

Fujiko laughed and smiled “Oh you kept my receipt my owner?!”

“Yes I did! Just in case I needed to send a defective doll back to the factory!” I told her with a stern look.

A mock look of horror shown on her oh so pretty face “You’d send me back my owner!!?” her lips pursed in a pout “I thought you loved me!” her fingers began tracing a pattern on my chest.

“Oh I do love you! I love you so much my Fujiko doll! You’re my one and only silicone love doll!” I pulled her close and kissed her deeply as I stroked her more sensitive areas.

Fujiko moaned loudly as I strummed her like an instrument. Maybe even louder than normal. It seemed as if she was even more sensitive than she used to be. “Oh yes owner Fujiko doll loves you too! But this doll wants to know where she is to be stored owner?!” she told me as she hugged me tight.

“Well I was thinking on the bed!” I told her with another deep kiss.

After we broke that kiss Fujiko spoke “Oh I like that owner but when you’re not home I should be kept like any other doll!” she got up and got my laptop and showed me some pictures of some silicone dolls being stored in a large wooden wardrobe. The dolls hung on hooks resting on the small loop of metal they had on the back of their necks. “When you take me on a trip. I can be put into a suitcase like this as well!” she announced showing me a picture of a doll folded into a suitcase.

“Are you sure about that Fujiko?!” I asked a bit dubious about her request.

“Oh yes owner, look!” she bounded over and grabbed the suit and showed me the little hook on the back just like any other doll “ See I can be stored just like a doll should owner!!” she said proudly!

“But Fujiko you’re not…!” I looked at her as she seemed to look confused as if anticipating my statement.

“Yes owner, what am I not?” she asked innocently.

“I mean Fujiko you won’t be able to be hanging like that without hurting yourself!” I insisted.

“I’m a doll ! These are dolls so I can be stored like them owner!!” Fujiko stated adamantly.

“Well we’ll see. I just don’t want to see anything happen to my doll!” I told her a bit puzzled about how she seemed to be so into this doll persona she’d adopted.

“Oh nothing will happen to me owner! I’m a doll like those in the pictures and I can be stored without any worries!” Fujiko smiled as she told me “I’m happy you worry about me though!” she kissed me passionately.

Fujiko then ran over and slipped herself back into the doll suit. “I’ll show you owner! I’m just like those other dolls!!” the suit then sealed up like before and with a smile she walked back into the bedroom. I walked into the bedroom and found her laying on the bed.

“Fujiko?!” I shook her. She didn’t respond at all. She just stared like an inanimate sex toy, immobile and beautiful.

I was worried but still so attracted to her as a doll. Lust again began to make itself known as I felt it stir in my loins. I leaned down and kissed my love doll. Again I took off what little I had on and slipped my erection into her silicone doll vagina.

I made love to my Fujiko doll the rest of that morning. Again afterwards I cleaned her up and then dressed her.

I left her on the bed as I went about the rest of my day.


It was later that night when I came home and found Fujiko as I’d left her in a bikini on the bed in the same pose. I tried to rouse her but again she remained frozen and unresponsive. I decided to try massaging her breasts and took off her bikini top.

I began to kiss my Fujiko doll’s body. I used her as a sex doll even slipping my manhood past those soft silicone lips and feeling how her mouth seemed to grab onto me. Again I had to clean up a sticky doll afterwards.

I came back into the room with the new stand I’d gotten. I began to assemble it in a nearby corner. It had a chain that would hook onto the little metal D-ring that was indeed on the back of the doll suit that Fujiko was wearing. The funny thing was I don’t remember seeing that ring till Fujiko had started wearing the suit. Be that as it may I was gong to give her a new bit of fun. I just hoped my treating her as a doll wasn’t going to end up harming her.

I lifted my topless Fujiko doll and brought her over to the stand. I carefully hooked the D-ring onto a hook on a chain that took up her weight with another supporting pad to hold up her behind. I took her picture and she looked just like the dolls on that website I’d found the earlier photos.

I then went to a nearby walk-in closet and put some strong hooks on the wall that would support her weight. Again I felt a bit foolish doing this but I’d hoped it would make Fujiko happy and maybe she’d decide after awhile to let go of this fantasy before it got too serious.

I left her on the stand that night after kissing her good night.

I’d slept that night in bed with Fujiko on her stand. She didn’t move or make a sound. I awoke that morning and saw my semi nude love doll on her stand. I walked over and cupped her soft rubber breasts. “Morning my love doll! I hope you slept well !” and then kissed my doll. I let my tongue slip deep into her artificial mouth and felt her silicone tongue. Fujiko didn’t stir at all. I was surprised by how doll like she was being in all this.

I decided to change her clothing and began by stripping the clothing off Fujiko doll. Having my Fujiko so naked and so near was too tempting though. I began to kiss her and let my fingers feel her lifelike silicone flesh. It was difficult not to take her again as I’d done before but I resisted and dressed Fujiko.

I dressed my doll in a silver catsuit that was of some kind of lycra material. It hugged her body tight. Fujiko was a sexy looking love doll in that cat suit. I’d noticed before that the hair of the doll suit was removable just like on a real silicone doll. I removed the brunette wig and replaced it with a straight shoulder length platinum wig. I then put a pair of black sunglasses on her to complete her outfit. I picked her up and felt how seemingly light she seemed now.

I carried my silicone doll into the closet and put her on one of the hooks on the wall I’d placed. Fujiko hung there like the dolls in those photos. I then grabbed a camera and took her picture to add to all the others of my Asian love doll.

I left her for the day in that closet hanging on a hook. It was the second day of Fujiko in that doll suit and I couldn’t believe how doll like she was. When I returned she was as I left her she hadn’t moved an inch. I couldn’t even detect her breathing anymore. I picked her up and she didn’t feel like a girl in a doll suit anymore. It was like I was holding an actual silicone doll.

I carried her over to the bed and I removed her clothing and wig. I looked for the seam so I could open the suit. I shook her and called to her to come out of the suit. It was then I noticed a faint seam near her neck. It was like the one on the actual dolls that allow one to remove the head from one body and replace it with another. My desperation made me try this seam to open the suit and get Fujiko out.

I pushed my fingers against the seam and pulled. It didn’t move at first and then with a wet pop her head came off in my hands!!

I looked on appalled at what had happened! It was only a costume I’d thought but here I was holding a silicone doll’s head in my hand! At first I thought maybe she’d just substituted a real silicone doll for herself. But I dismissed it, where would she have gotten one? I mean that’s over seven grand! Where could she have come up with that and where would she have kept it? They come in large crates carefully packed! But if this wasn’t a real silicone doll that meant that Fujiko had somehow changed into a sex doll!!! It was fantastic!!

So in shock I stared at the artificial head of my lover. In a moment I decided I needed to put things back where I’d found them. Was I hurting her?! I didn’t know but I didn’t want to take any chances. I put her head back on her doll body and prayed! I put her wig back on her head and laid her back on the bed.

She didn’t budge an inch for awhile. I called to her and shook her but she didn’t speak or move. It had been almost twenty minutes before she began to move. A long moan came from her lips and that seam down her back reappeared.

Fujiko began to shift and she began to move the suit off her shoulders and pulled her head from it. She looked at me with a puzzled look. “Did something happen honey? I dreamed my head came off and you were scared. It made me scared to see you frightened and I woke up!” Fujiko told me.

I helped her remove the suit and held her. “I tried to remove the suit and your head came off Fujiko!! You were a real doll not just a girl wearing a fancy suit but an actual silicone doll!!!” I told her both relieved and concerned.

Fujiko’s reaction was different than what I expected. She grinned and laughed “Oh that’s wonderful owner!!! Now I can be a doll all the time owner and you can buy other bodies and heads then mix and match with me!!!” Fujiko smiled and hugged me ecstatic over the news.

“Fujiko it’s not normal what that suit does! Don’t you realize that?!” I tried to explain to her.

She just stared at me with a look of confusion and sadness as if I’d hurt her with my concerns “Oh owner don’t worry about me! I’m a doll and the suit just helps me be the best doll for you owner!!” she kissed me hard. “You own me now and you can keep me forever or if you want you can sell me but I hope you never do owner!!” she said after pulling away and hugging me.

“I’ll never sell you Fujiko but I think we should put that suit away for awhile!” I told her sternly I then grabbed the suit and carried it away.

“No owner don’t take it away!!” Fujiko protested. “It helps me be your perfect doll owner!!” she cried.

I wasn’t listening and I grabbed the suit and walked out of the apartment. I got into the car and drove around looking for that store to give the suit back. But I could find nothing it was like it evaporated into nothingness. I ended up driving back to the apartment and hid the suit where I hoped Fujiko wouldn’t find it.

I’d hoped things would go back to normal as before but it wasn’t to be. Fujiko was surprised and then angry that I’d taken it away. She begged and seduced me to give it back to her. When I didn’t comply she then pouted and would just stare off into space.

So there I was looking at Fujiko staring off into space depressed blaming me for taking away the doll suit. It was then I had a revelation when I looked closely at Fujiko. I could see a seam around her neck like I’d seen on her when she’d worn the doll suit.

I then noticed other things that seemed different about Fujiko. Her skin tone seemed very different more shiny and artificial than normal. Her movements seemed slower and more mechanical like she was a wind up automaton. She was sitting more still than anyone ever could her breathing so slow and so shallow it was becoming imperceptible.

Fujiko was looking more and more like she did when she was wearing the doll suit. I went and looked for the suit that I’d hidden. I found it and to my shock it looked as different as Fujiko looked. It seemed more like Fujiko and was gradually becoming more like her as I watched. I took the suit inside and looked as Fujiko was even closer to becoming nothing but a silicone doll. It was apparent her features were changing into ones that looked more like the suit originally had.

It was then the phone rang I stared at the suit and Fujiko unsure of what to do. I wondered was Fujiko still Fujiko or was she becoming the doll suit? The phone continued to insistently ring. I finally picked it up determined to tell them off and slam the phone down.

Instead I heard a voice tell me that the transaction was complete and they hoped I’d enjoy my new doll. They then said someone would be there in a few moments to retrieve the suit.

I then heard a knock on the door.

I answered the door and an attractive blonde haired woman stood there. She announced that she was here to pick up the suit. Before I could protest she walked in and picked up the Fujiko looking doll suit. She held the suit up and examined it closely with a smile. “What a lovely suit! I’ll look so good in it!” she said and began to undress. She was standing nude holding onto this strange suit and it then opened like it had for Fujiko.

She then slipped it on as I’d seen Fujiko do and soon this stranger was looking just like Fujiko. She pirouetted around the room feeling up her new breasts and stroking her nude body. “Aren’t I just the sexiest girl you’ve ever seen?” she smiled at me. She then sauntered up to me swaying Fujiko’s hips and pushing Fujiko’s breasts against me. She pressed her lips against mine and kissed me deeply. “Don’t worry honey just go with it!” she whispered as she unzipped me and pulled my manhood free. This faux Fujiko then got down and pulled her lips into that O shape Fujiko often did. She then wrapped her oval lips over me and began to expertly bring me to climax.

After I’d finished and she licked me clean she smiled at me. “Who are you and where is Fujiko?” I asked.

“I’m the owner of this wonderful doll suit and for now I’m Fujiko! But if you mean the girl who was your girlfriend ? Well she’s the new silicone doll she always wanted to be! You see the suit takes on some of the characteristics of the last owner. I originally had this suit and it was my fantasy to be a silicone doll and it worked. But unlike your girlfriend my transformation took months and months. It was also not as permanent as your girlfriend’s. A shame really this doll suit is capable of so much more than just a silicone doll transformation.” she then stood up and still nude began to stretch her limbs.

She bent over and pressed her body close to her legs. With a slight movement her legs separated and she went through them. She smiled as she stood in a contorted position. Again she moved and retraced her movements till she faced me again. This replacement Fujiko then bent herself backwards and then again through her legs. Her arms were on her thighs when she smiled and spoke again “I’m now as flexible as Fujiko always dreamed she’d like to be! The suit remembers all her fantasies and now allows me to bring them to life! What’s more she can feel everything I experience when I’m wearing the suit! Not to mention it also allows me to feel everything she feels as a silicone love doll!” she winked from her contorted position.

“The suit also remembers some of my other fantasies” she giggled. “Like this!” she quickly added and stretched back to a normal pose. This other Fujiko then began to change before my eyes. Her lips began to contort again into that O shape. This time though her skin began to change in hue. It began to take on an artificial glossy look like an inflatable dolls. Seams like on a love doll began to appear as her Fujiko sized breasts expanded into large sex doll boobs. This replacement Fujiko’s pussy morphed into a latex sack oval as her sex doll mouth. Her arms and legs shifted into a typical sex toy pose. This newly created inflatable Fujiko looking sex toy slowly flopped to the ground and bounced.

I then saw her oval sex doll mouth contort and she spoke “Oh Fujiko loved this too!” and her lips returned to their normal shape. She remained a doll for a few moments before she spoke again “Oh come on give your doll a quick feel!” before returning to inanimate stillness.

I walked over and gave her inflated breasts a squeeze and despite myself smiled. It was like the doll was watching me when I saw her oval mouth twitch like she wanted to smile as well. The Fujiko doll then began to change back to human form. In moments she was back to normal. “Oh that was so goooood!!! There’s more though now watch this!” she said excitedly.

This new Fujiko then laid down with a sexy smile on her face. Again her body began to change. This time her head began to shrivel and disappear as her body began to flatten. It also began to change color into a glossy latex. She was changing into a latex cat suit before my eyes. The living cat suit then folded itself up. A voice then sprang from it “So you see there’s a lot of ways to enjoy oneself when you’re wearing this suit!” a giggle wafted from it.

The suit then expanded and transformed back into Fujiko again.

This replacement Fujiko smiled again “ The suit is capable of so much more than your girlfriend got to experience!” she got up and began to dress. “Your girlfriend though wanted to be a doll so bad she never got the chance to explore everything else.” she winked “But this way she will!

So I’ll be dropping by now and again ‘owner’ “she giggled “I’ll be Fujiko and you’ll have Fujiko doll as well!” with that she finished dressing gathered up her belongings and left.

I looked at the door still in a daze over what had just happened.

I looked at the doll that Fujiko had become. She was beautiful and sexy! I had to smile and I walked over and grabbed the doll and hugged her “I don’t know if you can hear me but I love you my doll my Fujiko!” then kissed her long and hard.

The door opened and the twin Fujiko grinned “She can and she loves her owner too!!!” she giggled and disappeared.

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