New Life

by Robotunit8

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Its kind of funny to say this, but 10 years ago today I died! But this isn't a ghost sat here writing this, it's me, but a different version of me!

I suppose I’d better explain.............

I suppose in my memories there have always been sex toys of some kind for both men and women, and indeed sex dolls for both sexes have been around well.... seemingly forever. But until about 2010 these were just literally dolls, something you inflated, fucked, or in the case of us women were fucked by, and then when finished with, you cleaned them off and deflated them. No activity on the dolls part whatsoever, it just lay there and the human carried out all the ‘actions’ necessary. People, men especially were seemingly satisfied with this, sex without the need for a relationship suited some, especially those who couldn't find a willing sexual partner for whatever reason. I don't know, in 2010 I was still a young girl more interested in playing with my teddy bear and dolls, hey I didn't even know sex was how my baby sister was produced!

Anyway around that time scientists discovered methods of making these sex dolls ‘more real’, ie instead of just laying there and the human initiating all the action with an unmoving latex doll, technology made it possible to give these dolls what were termed ‘active vaginas’. Basically meaning that the dolls vaginal walls would move in line with the cocks pumping inside them. And the male versions had a cock that flexed as the woman rode it, more like a man's cock would. But anyway I’m a woman explaining what's happened to me, so its more natural for me to concentrate on the female sex dolls, so if you will forgive me that..........

The other big development at that time was a new sort of skin for these dolls, basically something that allowed the dolls to have ‘internal organs’, though in fact these were nothing more than CPU’s and the like. But it allowed the dolls to speak a small number of words, probably no more than a couple of hundred or so, and naturally all sex related. But of course a doll who would give pleasurable moans while the man fucked her, and tell him what a wonderful lover he was, did wonders for the male ego, so despite the much higher price they sold well.

And of course as the years moved by things moved on and developments in these dolls became more and more amazing. Greater vocabularies (though still mainly sexual), more realistic genital areas etc, but basically the one big letdown for buyers was.... they still couldn't move, well other than natural movement during sex that is!

Then Android Nanotech (or AN for short) came onto the market about 2017, and incredible improvements were made in this field. It wasn't long before dolls were no longer blown up, or indeed deflated afterwards, this new development in sex dolls had incredibly realistic bodies, and indeed were plugged into chargers when not in use, rather than stored as a deflated latex shape. They were amazing, about a 5000 word vocabulary, actual physical movement, and so I was told by the advertising, just like making love to a real person, without the risk of pregnancy. And they were right. I even lost my virginity to one! But that's another story!

How did this happen you may be asking when these dolls cost a small fortune at that stage? Well both my parents were eminent scientists, and were paid large sums of money for their work. The fact that they worked on Android Development made them interested in these dolls, even if by then sexual matters weren't a driving force for either of them. But as both worked away from home often, and humans have needs, then a doll was purchased for both of them to use. And one weekend when both parents were away my kid sister and I got out the male doll, and had a wonderful time with him! We both lost our virginity that wonderful afternoon, OK, it wasn't the best way of doing so, but we had a lot of fun.

So off I went to university, took and passed my Science degree with flying colours, and got offered a lab assistant position at AN. OK, I got the seventh best result in the Country on the Cybernetics section, that might have had something to do with it! It certainly wasn't for my looks that was for sure. So at 22 I was seemingly set up for life working for one of the leading companies in a fast developing field, things looked bright in that sense, my parents were thrilled.

Oh, you want to know about my looks, OK, I’m all wrong to be a stunner. I’m far too tall for starters, nearly 6ft with mousy brown hair, dull blue eyes, and so shortsighted it looks like I’m wearing bottle tops in my glasses! ‘Fried Eggs’ for breasts so I can't even attract the guys that way. The sort that wasn't going to get a date in years, and was only going to get laid if a boy was truly desperate. To see me now though.... more on that later.

Anyway, enough about me and the history of things, lets get on with the bit you want to read,

* * *

Its now 2025, and seemingly these AN sex-dolls have been taken as far as is possible in their current form. They walk, talk, and naturally have sex on command, but they seemingly lack one thing that people are starting to call for, sentient awareness. They do most things fine, but if things are left on the floor, or a cup is in the wrong place they don't have any awareness to react to it. And absolutely no emotion beyond a few preprogrammed moans and cries of pleasure.

So fine, my group has been given the task of developing the AI to make the dolls capable of this, if you like almost human. There are other options with this of course, medical staff could be developed to work round the clock with the right programming, the perfect dancer may even be possible, who knows. But could we get this AI to work efficiently and sucessfully, nope. Don't get me wrong, we developed it, and it worked, but stability of the AI was the big problem. And even then when it did work, well they didn't quite seem human.

But then another company, Neural Networks came up with a system that allowed for replication of the human mind. It was designed as such for ‘suitable candidates’ to have their minds replicated into the new Android bodies being developed so that these people's incredible ideas wouldn't be lost if anything happened to them. The theory was that the mind would be replicated into an Android Body over a period of 12 hours or so, and they would be just like your twin! Only they wouldn't age, or face mental degeneration at all. But convincing someone to try it out was giving NN big headaches, no one wanted to try it out just in case it didn't work.

So for some reason they offered it to us to try out!

Fine, if we can find some reasonably intelligent woman working in the sex industry field prepared to have her mind replicated in an Android Sex Machine then we are in business. And no guarantees given to the safety of the person concerned. We were going to have a queue a mile long... not! And on that front at least we were right.

Now whether it was the lack of anonymity this would create (after all the doll would have your thoughts, and indeed know your name), the actual admittance to working in the sex industry (even though it was no longer illegal to do so), or simply having the ‘Mind Replicator’ wired into their brain for 12 hours or so that put volunteers off, but anyway all our ads met with silence. The thing was, we'd also developed a new design of Android body that looked so real it was amazing to look at. And putting the old CPU into this seemed dull when it could have a ‘human mind’ active within it. So we hadn't done so... yet! But our bosses at AN were now getting anxious to put her on the market so... a meeting was called within our department.

Frank, the head of our operation sat down in front of us and spoke, “Well folks, I’ve been asked to give you the news. The Mk17 AN sex doll is being shown to the world 4 weeks from now. And now for the news you don't want to hear, she's being advertised as so real you'd think she was human. So basically we get that AI working perfectly within 2 weeks, or we have to find someone who is willing to have her mind replicated within her. So we’ve readvertised the role, taken away the sex industry comment, after all the CPU can provide her replicated mind with all the sex training she really needs, and increased the fee. Hopefully we'll get someone come forward, because lets face it the AI option is pretty much no-go at present. But if we don't,” and he looked at the group of us sat there, “then someone from here is going to have to undergo it, like it or not!”

At that comment I cast a glance round the room, lets face it, this was a female role. And to my dismay there were only three women in the room, and one of those was Frank's second in command. The other was in her early forties... and a lesbian! I didn't fancy my chances if it came down to us. Not that I minded helping out you understand, but there had ‘supposedly’ been one or two glitches with the Mind Replicator, and I didn't fancy that happening to me. Nothing serious you understand, a little short term memory loss that was soon recovered according to rumours, but I didn't fancy finding out the truth.

Anyway, you’ve guessed it, two weeks further on and the AI module is still full of bugs, and no outside volunteers so... I get called into Frank's office, he looked up at me with a nervous smile as I entered, “Hi Stephanie, there's a little matter that I need to talk over with you.”

Lets face it, I knew what he was going to ask, but lets act curious for now.

“Yes?” I replied, knowing what the answer was going to be.

“As you know, two weeks from now the Mk17 model is being shown to the world as the most perfect Android Sex Doll ever, the AI module still isn't perfect, and all our adverts for a volunteer for mind replication have come to nothing. So I looked over the staff list for this section, and there are just three females listed. That's you, Rachel, my personal assistant and Christine, who lets be honest is a little older than we would like anyway, besides the fact that she prefers women to men anyway! I could use Rachel, but she’s my right hand girl, and even temporary short term memory loss could be a problem with our projects. We don't know that is the case, but lets face it we’ve all heard the rumours. So though technically I'm asking you to be the mind replicant, its a case of if you want to keep your job you'll do it. So whats your answer Steph?”

Real case of Hobson’s choice as I saw it! I guessed I'd find another job with my qualifications, but if they found out I'd declined a fairly safe research volunteer role it wouldn't improve my chances. So..........

“OK, I'll do it, as long as I get a job guarantee if I do suffer any short term memory loss through it. No dropping me if I'm off work for a few weeks because of it, alright?”

I guess he had already had that fact agreed by the bosses as he just smiled back, and nodded. He was sort of banking on that being my choice, because he knew he would have one hell of a problem replacing me if I'd left!

He sighed with relief, “Thanks, I appreciate this.” he said to me, “Don't worry, something extra will be in your next wage packet for this.”

“It had better be!” I thought to myself.

“We will get everything ready and do it tomorrow then.” he said, probably to get it done before I changed my mind.

I smiled as best I could.

* * *

Anyway, I arrived for work the next day with mixed emotions. I can't deny the technologically fascinated side of me was quite looking forward to getting in ‘close contact’ with this Mind Replicant machine, the concept was intriguing, and if it worked I was going to be the star at work for having gone through the process. The worst we'd heard of with previous volunteers was this short term memory loss thing, two or three weeks when your past was a bit of a blur before things settled down to normal again. Still, with my job guaranteed, I felt safe in that sense, even though I still hoped it wouldn't happen.

But on the other hand... this machine literally linked into your mind, not just electro-pulsations sent through the skull. A dozen or so razor sharp needles piercing your skull and attaching themselves firmly into your brain cortexes. And from there electrically sending a downloaded replica of your mind to a computer, or in my case directly into the android. It wasn't a nice idea, though I was told the pain level was absolutely minimal, “You'll barely notice its happened until you feel the electro pulses.” I was told as we were getting ready, I remained unconvinced, and just gave a weak smile at the time. As it happens they were right, but more on that at the right time....

I'd barely got to work and poured myself a coffee when it was clear everyone wanted to get started, I don't blame them, the whole process was going to take about 12 hours after all, and they needed to be around when it was finished to check me over etc.,

I smiled to myself when I saw the ‘recipient’ of my replicated mind, opposite image wasn't the word for it! She was about 5ft 6 tall, stunning red hair, and the most amazing emerald green eyes. And she had breasts! D cups I was told (and later found out!), but perky, and so natural looking it was amazing. Apart from that the standard access panels, plug entry points etc, all would be neatly hidden away once the work was over. But of course, currently she was ready to receive a mind, mine! Various cables were plugged into sockets, and either linked to the computer, or to sensor pads to be placed on my body as the donor. And of course she was wearing the download headset, didn't look as bad as mine, but then again she didn't need direct linkage to her brain, most of her CPU’s and AI’s were to be linked via the access panels.

Swiftly, maybe a little too swiftly for my liking I found myself being sat in the Mind Replicant unit and the sensor pads attached to all my ‘sensitive bits’, presumably to give her some idea of human arousal levels, not realising mine needed to be stimulated to give her that data! They didn't tell me that! They injected some anaesthetic into my scalp to ‘take away the pain’ when the needles punctured me before tightly attaching the Replicant helmet to my head. It was a tight fit, but not uncomfortable, but by now I just wanted to get it over with. One or two checks being carried out only made me more impatient to get on with it.

“Can we get this started ASAP?” I asked, “I know safety checks are vital, but the sooner we get started, the sooner I can get back to normal... I hope!”

Frank smiled at me, “Not much longer now Steph, and we will get started I promise you. But we need to check everything is going to work, you don't want to have to do this for a second time after all!” and I nodded as best I could in agreement at that, “Twelve hours is going to be a long time sat there, so we are going to drop a darkened visor over your eyes to cut out the light, and play relaxing music into headphones for you, maybe you can even get some sleep in there!”

I laughed at that idea. A few moments later though everything was ready, he lowered a visor over my eyes, slipped a pair of headphones over my ears, and I heard him tell me they were about to start. They were right about the needles though, there was a little tingle as they pierced my skull, but beyond that no pain whatsoever. A short while, I guess about 15 minutes or so, I felt a pulsing sensation within my head, and sleep inducing music start playing in my ears. It was funny, for about two hours or so I stayed awake, enjoying all the sensations, but eventually a combination of the boredom and the music caused me to doze off. So I didnt know that about half an hour earlier everyone else had left the room. It was all running perfectly, I was fine, the transfer signals were good so.. they went off to get something to eat.

So what happened next? Thing is, no one is quite sure. There was a thunderstorm in the area, and a lightning spark or 2 in the air, but the building should have conducted that away, and besides it didn't actually strike our site. But what it did cause was a power surge which did affect us... some more than others. Anyway, apparently they checked on me afterwards and everything seemed fine, and as the data was still replicating (or so it seemed) they left it at that. Even when they checked on me when the process was nearly over no one cottoned on to the problem, yes my brain signals were weak, but I'd been through an exhausting process, must have been shattered, but all my other vital signs seemed OK. It was only when they switched everything off and all my vital signs stopped that they began to panic... wildly! The thing is... if they'd checked on the Redhead!

Medics were called, I was pronounced dead and the like, and the room was like a graveyard full of mourners. Frank was inconsolable, even when told it wasn't the machine that had killed me, it was the power surge which had ‘fried’ my brain, and that's what had killed me.

It was then that Rachel pointed out to him to check how the mind replication had gone, as she said to him, “We may still have a Stephanie of sorts you know?”

So finally someone switched the Android unit on...

“Is it finally over?” I asked as realisation flooded back into my head and I opened my eyes, “Can someone get me a cold drink then?". It was only when I tried to stand up and walk that something didn't feel quite right. My chest felt like a heavy weight had been put on it, and the ground seemed nearer............

“Stephanie?” I heard Frank’s voice ask me.

“Yes.” I replied, wondering what game he was playing, "I feel fine, though my chest feels a bit tight. And walking is a bit strange. But beyond that I feel great, and no memory loss I’ve spotted.”

It was only then I spotted the body sat in the chair... and it wasn't the Android one! I squealed loudly and fainted.

A few minutes or so later I begin to come round and look myself over. At least I now knew what the heavy weight on my chest was, it was those D cup breasts greeting me. Someone provided a mirror, and yes, I’m a stunningly pretty redhead.

“So is this really me.... or just my replicated mind? And am I... err dead?” I ask.

Frank was the one to reply, “As far as we can tell at this stage Stephanie, its the real you, but I'll get the medical experts to confirm that. But its not just you according to the readings, you seem to have gained all the ‘sexual knowledge’ that had been previously downloaded into the Android as well. So try a few ‘sexy thoughts’ and see what happens.”

Sounded a strange request, but I did so, and to my amazement I had details and thoughts that the innocent near virgin human me would never have had! I gasped loudly, so Frank didn't need to be told the answer to that one.

Having seen the results he continued, “There was a major power surge while the replication was being carried out, and seemingly it switched something over in the Replicator meaning it downloaded your mind rather than just replicating it. It does have that capacity, and seemingly thats what may have happened. But yes sadly, your human body is definitely dead. Once brain transfer was completed, and the link to the Android body was removed there was simply no sign of brain life and everything shut down. So for better or worse you now have to live in an Android body. I’m sorry.”

The funny thing was, once I got over the initial shock of it all, it didn't look too bad an option. Suddenly this gawky, lanky short sighted ‘Plain Jane’ had the body of a Sex Kitten! And perfect vision! And thanks to the Android processors the knowledge of what to do with it.... have some fun! But on the other hand I was no longer a human being which meant... a lack of human rights maybe? And presumably if desired I could be controlled totally! Better to know now I guess!

“So does all this mean my mind is free inside an Android body, or can I be controlled as much as all the other Androids we make here can be?” I asked him.

“Not sure until we run checks Steph, but initial data suggests that yes, you could be turned into a controlled machine if we wanted to. But we don't want to of course.” he told me.

I thought of the ‘presentation’ of the new model of sex-android and giggled, “I can think of one occasion when I might want you to!”

Frank realised what I was referring to and laughed back, “Think we can arrange something for that!”

* * *

So yes, the checks more or less confirmed everything we already knew, the advantage of everyone, including the new female Android being scientific experts. Unit AN17-001 was the first, and thankfully 10 years on is still the only human downloaded Android, as opposed to the replicated mind models of which there are now..... rather a lot. For the official records Stephanie Bell died that day, official cause of death being attributed to a lightning strike, which though technically true was far from the true cause. But ‘death’ gave me an amazing body! They managed to ‘hush up’ the official inquest, just in case the media got the wrong idea, and once I got used to it life wasn't as bad as it might have been. And as the mind wasn't changed too much I was able to carry on with my work much as before. They managed to design me a whole new identity, some wit wanted to make my new name Anne Droid, but that was just too obvious! I settled for Anne Hurst, which was as close a surname to first I could think of.

She was officially employed as Stephanie’s replacement from the following Monday at Android Nanotech, which gave the experts a few days to check me over, and run a few tests (including the mind control ones) on me, and for me to get used to my new body. They also fitted me with something internally so I could eat and drink like a normal human would so that I didn't stand out from the crowd in the outside world.

Oh, and as to my social life... well it livened up a bit. Well a lot actually! Rachel convinced me that I should test out these new ‘feeder units’ on a fun night out with her and a couple of friends, she’d just explain to them that I was a new girl in town who needed showing around. And she convinced me to dress to my new image, she even helped me to buy the outfits. But it was only when we entered the bar on the Friday night and dozens of men started eyeing me up that I realised how good I now looked, and of course the boobs helped as well! Don't think I had to buy a drink all night, and that was a record! There was one guy especially, his name was Joe if I remember rightly who was really nice to me though. And at the end of the evening he invited me home for coffee. Well I sort of guessed his motive, but to be honest I didn't mind, I now had an incredibly good, sexy body so why not try it out. And there were worse guys to lose your ‘android body’ virginity to. So I did, and I did.

To my pleasant surprise and delight he was an absolute gentleman, and I always wondered if I hadn't ‘come on strong’ if he would actually have made love to me that night. But the ‘sex kitten’ in my programming just led me on to that wonderful result. I'll never know how much of it was down to dull old me, or how much (most of it I suspect) was down to the sex-doll programming but I seduced him tremendously. And loved every minute of it. Once I knew where it was I sort of guided him towards his bedroom, and from there the new sex kitten in me just took over. I ‘eased’ my clothing a little, and as I could already see a bulge forming in his trousers I knew it was working, from there, well I guess to some extent the Mk17 instincts took over. I soon got round to lowering his trousers and pants and testing out his hardening cock with my tongue. His reaction was just what I was looking for! And mine was pretty good too, I could feel some wetness between my legs, and knew what my body was preparing for..... sex!

And we did. I continued the blow job and tongue work until he was as hard as a rock before pulling him down on top of me on the bed. It was fantastic. He was gentle with me, though Anne didn't look (or indeed act) inexperienced, maybe he just knew. Anyway he slid that big cock inside me and made mad, passionate love to me. And not only did I lose my virginity, I had my first orgasm. OK, it might simply have been a pre programmed reaction, but it happened. What a night!

We dated a few more months before going our seperate ways, my fault really, I was so worried about him finding out I wasn't human that in the end I guess I just put him off. Might have been the best way, and most of my social life back then was ‘brief flings’, primarily because that way men, and indeed one or two women (apparantly sex-models are bisexual) didn't find out the whole truth about me.

So advertising day arrived, and I told Frank I didn't want to know anything about it. Alright, I was no longer the sexually innocent thing I was before, but even so this was going to be the ‘full works’ in front of several hundred people, and I didn't want to be involved, even if my new body was. So I went under full control settings that morning before leaving, and until I returned to base in the evening I didn't remember a thing, but apparantly I was amazing, stunning and the reason for several orders even then. A few years later I saw the film of that day and giggled loudly, what I did with those vibes and things... well I'll leave it to your imagination! But it wasn't something to show anyone under the age of 18!

Most of my new life has been ‘free minded’, well other than in the sense that I’m far more sexually driven than I ever was before, and that's definitely the Android side of my mind. So in that sense my whole life is definitely controlled to some extent. But every so often I have ‘some real fun’ and let myself be totally controlled by my programming for a while, and love it. Rachel talked me into it the first time, we saw an advert for an ‘erotic dancer’ competition, and she talked me into entering but putting the sex doll mode in total control. Prize money was £1,000 and not to be turned down lightly, but I guessed that meant the opposition would be red hot. Not that I knew much about it until Rachel showed me the winners cheque. For some reason I kissed her, never sure why, but... that night we ended up in bed together, and attacked each others body like we hadn't had sex for years, which in neither case was true. But, but... it was good... it was different... because she knew. Till then I didn't even know she was bisexual herself.

Two years later, after a few more brief flings for both of us (mainly men, but a few women) she asked if I fancied moving in with her as her partner, and I didn't hesistate to say yes. We liked each other, she knew all about my ‘secret’ so I wouldn't have to hide anything from her. And somehow I suspected men would not disappear from our love lives completely. And boy was I right! We’ve had an interesting sex life ever since, great lovers and friends for each other, wonderful companionship, and two girls who enjoy sex with men from time to time, and have the bodies to get it. We’ve been together ever since, and no plans to seperate.

* * *

So 10 years ago today I died, but oh wow, didn't it change my life so much for the better, in more ways than one. Forgive me if I stop now, but I can smell Rachel's arousal from here, and it needs the attention of my eager tongue. So if it seems something may have gone wrong in your life don't immediately panic and despair, it might just be the best thing that happens to you. It did for me!

* * *

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