Night of the Living Dolls Chapter 11: Games and Action and Dolls, oh my!

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2011 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Doll+/fff; captives; cage; display; transform; lovedolls; horror; nc; X

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Author's note: This is a serial that is a mixture of humor and horror that revolves around the "end of the world " idea. There are scenes of sexuality, profanity and mild violence so if this bothers you, please move onto the nearest G rated story. Otherwise, enjoy!

Chapter 11: Games and Action and Dolls, oh my!

" I, I don't understand! I don't fucking understand!! First, the whole world gets turned upside down and there's fucking love dolls all over the god damn place. I manage to get home, grab some food and head off for my place in the country to wait things out. Before I knew it, these, these fucking dolls came in and now.... " a dark haired woman cried as she tried to free herself from the chains binding her to the pedestal under her to no avail.

" I don't want to god damn well hear it!! We're fucked and there is nothing we can do about it! " an African American woman shouted as she knelt on her pedestal with a look of defeat in her face.

" Somebody will rescue us... somebody will rescue us... somebody will rescue us.... " a buxom blonde moaned over and over as her head drooped forward and drool spilled out of the right corner of her mouth. Before things changed for the world on a bright night, she was known as Donna Delicious, one of the most popular strippers on the East Coast of North America. However, with the dawn of dolls as the dominant form of life, Donna's mindset had gradually descended into paranoia and delusions and when she was captured by a patrol of dolls, she thought she was being rescued by some of the National Guard members that frequented her club.

" Now, my doll citizens, it is time to begin tonight's entertainment. For the first act, we have captured three fleshies some distance away and brought them here to see the society we have built before they are judged by us. I have been told that they deflated several dolls permanently when the dolls first arrived in the area unaware of the fleshie presence. One of the first rules that was established when we first came together was a simple one..." Fleshies shall never harm a doll again". The punishment is clearly stated and told to all of you on a daily basis. With this in mind, we bring the fleshies into the arena for the punishment and to show all of you that we have nothing to fear from them ever again!! " Dollica intoned over the stadium speakers to the squeaky cheers of the dolls assembled.

A minute or two later, the three women were slowly wheeled out to an area near what was known to football fans in the time of humanity as the center line. Once there, a number of dolls unchained the women and led them out into a area with a large cage containing what looked to be a wrestling ring from the days of man. The women struggled to get free with various degrees of resistance but the number of dolls surrounding them increased quite a bit with every passing moment. Finally, the trio gradually stopped struggling and the dolls, after shoving the women inside the cage, faded back though they formed a rectangular perimeter around the women to prevent any escape attempts.

" Ordinarily, the fleshies would be sentenced to become one of us and be permanently deflated with little ceremony. However, the dolls are a society that can offer a measure of mercy even to those who do not deserve it. With this in mind, I, Dollica, will allow these three fleshies the opportunity to escape if they can manage to escape the cage through the trap door in the ceiling! Now, in case any of you think I am being too generous, I will add that along with the three fleshies in the cage, there are three special flying pumps that were captured a short while ago in a remote area some distance from here. Unlike the pumps that aid us in protecting dolls such as all of you, these pumps seem to have a mind of their own and attack dolls and fleshies alike with no focus. These pumps have been restrained inside the cage so they can not escape and bring harm to all dolls here at this place that fleshies built during their time. Now, let this event begin! " Dollica announced over the stadium public address system.

" That's not true! I, we never hurt any of you! Let us go and I promise none of you will ever see us again! I swear, please, let us just walk away!! " the dark haired woman screamed out as she eyed the bag that was writhing in one corner of the ring.

" God damn it, these mother fucking dolls are gonna try and turn me into one of them and they're too chicken shit to do it themselves! C'mon, you plastic bitches, get in here and see what a woman can do to you up close!!! " the African American woman shouted and threw herself at one of the cage walls with such force that the dolls nearest to her shrank back slightly.

" The army is coming to save us... they'll save us and everything will go back to what it used to be. I'll be happy, we'll all be happy. Happy, happy, happy, " Donna babbled as she stood in the ring center and partly covered her face with her hands.

Moments later, and without warning, the first of the "wild" pumps managed to wriggle free of their restraints and started to slowly rise up with the nozzle snaking back and forth like a snake tongue. Seeing this, two of the women flung themselves at the sides of the cage they were closest to and started climbing towards the trap door and possible freedom. Donna, though, sat down and hugged herself as she babbled the same words she had been repeating earlier.

" I'm getting the hell out of here and away from this god damn nuthouse!! " the African American woman cried out as she ascended the cage wall as fast as she could move. However, before she reached the cage roof, the nude woman let out a loud gasp as the pump came in contact with her lower leg. Slowly, the woman lowered herself back down and as she did, the assembled crowd could see that her skin was starting to change to shiny latex. The angry and defiant motions in her arms started to slow down considerably even as the woman set foot in the ring. With each passing second, the woman's appearance took on more of a glossy appearance and her breasts swelled ever so slightly as they formed into twin globes of perfection. The woman's mouth and pussy took on artificial appearances and in a matter of moments, a living love doll was in the ring and the woman she was seemingly gone forever.

" One down, two to go!! Ooohh, the dark haired fleshie is getting to the top of the cage and is starting to work on the combination lock there. I wonder if she'll be able to get it open before our friends can catch up with her, " Dollica intoned over the PA system with an ironic sounding laugh mixed in at the end.

" Fuck you, you inflated bitch!!! " the brunette cried out as she held onto the sides of the cage and started to work on the combination for the lock securing the latch. The woman figured that her previous work as a locksmith and part time cat burglar would help her get the lock open in no time.

" Rescue is coming, rescue is coming... no need to fear.... the force of freedom will be here to save the day, " Donna murmured as she slumped into a sitting position and babbled non stop with a vacant look in her eyes.

" I'm just about done. Just two more numbers, just two more numbers, FUCK! Get away from me! Get away from me!!! " the brunette muttered as she worked frantically at deciphering the combination for the lock before noticing that the flying inflation pumps were drawing closer to her by the moment. With no weapon to keep the pumps away from her, the woman knew the time she had to escape was growing smaller and smaller.

" The fleshie seems ever closer to getting out but don't worry, she won't be getting free! I have confidence that our protectors will close in and change things quickly, " Dollica called out to the crowd who seemed to be shrinking back from the cage theatrics.

As if taking a cue from the doll leader, the two pumps struck at the brunette moments later and successfully made contact with her back and lower left thigh. In a pattern that would seem familiar to any doll in the audience if they recalled how they came to be, flesh and blood quickly changed to shiny artificial skin. A brief shriek of protest and anger could be heard coming from the brunette before it faded to a squeaking sound that was like the thousands of other dolls in the audience.

" I know all of you would like to see the last fleshie get what she deserves but I've been told that we're running a little late in the proceedings tonight so this part will draw to a close now, " Dollica announced even as a dozen dolls threw a fairly large black tarp over the cage and pushed the cage into a tunnel leading to an exit and out of sight for the assembled dolls.

As the large video screens in the stadium started to show advertisements for custom made air pumps and helium supplements to make a doll have a curvier figure, Dollica stepped back from the mike and surveyed the audience gathered with a satisfied look on her face.

" I don't mean to question your vision for the dolls and the world we live in, Dollica, but was it necessary to give the fleshies an opportunity to escape and wreak havoc in the world we have built? " a red haired doll asked as she looked out a window and saw the preparations for the next event were underway.

Dollica let out a loud, squeaky laugh even as she breathed deeply from a mask connected to a nearby tank that was marked as containing pure oxygen. " You must have more faith in your leader, Lena. The fleshies were told they had a chance to escape their freedom and fate but they neve rhad a chance to get out of the cage. You see, the hatch at the top of the cage that has a combination that no doll or fleshie knew or make open!!! So, there was never a chance that any fleshies could escape! " the leader of the dolls intoned as she set down the mask and gazed out the window.

" I, I don't understand. If there was no way for the fleshies to escape, why have them in the cage at all? " Lena asked with a tone in her dolly voice indicating she didn't quite understand or believe what Dollica was saying.

" In order to gain the confidence and faith of my dolls, they have to believe they are safe from the fleshies under my protection and leadership. I think the scene in the cage should help in that matter. Don't you? " Dollica intoned as she watched a number of security dolls prepare for the final event in the night's entertainment.

" I agree with that reasoning but I wonder if it's something that can be done too often, " Lena responded as she tried to figure out what else Dollica had in mind.

" I'll do whatever needs to be done to make sure fleshies are never seen as a threat in our world again. Now, make sure security releases the two 'newest' members of our society from the cage and take the fleshie in it to that building on the outskirts of the area after everyone has left. I don't want any rumors starting that may be unfavorable to my benevolent rule. Oh, and tell Delisha to join me in here during this break. I think I need a little private pleasure time, " Dollica responded as she motioned for the other dolls to leave the private box and carry out her orders.

'Stay confident, Dollica. From what I understand of the fleshie history, an arrogant leader can sometimes experience a sudden and hard fall from power. If I wait and bide my time, I might be the doll that deflates you for good!!' one of the dolls thought to itself as it stepped out of the room with the others and allowed Delisha to join the doll ruler for a brief pleasure period.


" So, are we going to sit around on our asses and wait for those inflated bitches to come back and try to overwhelm us or are we going to do something? " Debbie snarled as she paced back and forth with the others chatting among themselves or, in the case of Juanita and Francesca, indulging their sexual needs and desires.

" I would recommend leaving the island and finding a location that we can make secure from attack and possibly launch counter attacks against the nearest doll encampments, " Lucy said as her military training started to reassert itself.

" Yeah, I gotta agree with G.I. Lucy here. For now, it wouldn't be a bad idea if we gather up our things and move to another location here on the island where we can better defend ourselves while we plan where to go next, " Jill chimed in and nodded towards the outside for emphasis.

" We no leave. We will stay here, " Juanita and Francesca both intoned even as the two dolls continued to caress each other's body.

" What? Wait a second, we're not going to leave you here with all these dolls roaming around, " Debbie declared as images of the women they had already lost in their journey flashed in her mind.

Lola started to talk rapidly in her native language and gesturing towards the two living dolls with Juanita and Francesca nodding in agreement before turning to the group around them. " Lola will stay with us and help us to understand what is going on. We will protect her when needed, " Juanita remarked even as she stroked and caressed Francesca's right leg, which caused the faint sound of squeaking to fill the room.

After a few minutes of discussion among the women there, the general consensus was to agree to leave Juanita, Francesca and Lola on the island per their wishes. However, the women also decided that they wanted to stay in touch with the three and to that end, Lucy suggested that everybody head to the nearby abandoned army base to get communication equipment and anything else they might need.

A short time later, the women were headed off with Lucy, Debbie and Colleen in the jeep that led the way with the other women piled into two ramshackle trucks they had found and managed to get running. As the vehicles neared the perimeter of the base, Lucy slowed down considerably so she could weave around the abandoned vehicles that littered the road leading inside. Passing the checkpoint area for the base, Debbie and the women saw several deflated dolls pinned to the ground by what looked like broken mop handles. Moving onwards, the women saw other signs of hand-to-doll fighting all over the base.

" I saw a lot of fellow soldiers... friends.. colleagues go down to these damned dollies!! If I didn't get behind a specially reinforced door that leads to the underground levels, I might have been one of the dolls roaming the island a few hours later, " Lucy said solemnly as she gingerly flicked aside a doll body that was blocking the door leading inside the base. Motioning for the women getting out of the vehicles to follow her, Lucy unlocked the door and entered the room cautiously followed by Debbie and Colleen with all three armed with crossbows and sharpened sticks slung at their belts.

" Since you're all here, I suppose there's no reason not to tell you about the underground levels of the base. During the base's initial construction two decades or so ago, the administration overseeing it had several levels constructed underground to serve as secret research facilities for projects that are, ummm, not advertised to the general public. Since those days, there has been other work done here but one project in particular will interest all of you. Follow me down the stairs, " Lucy said after she turned on the emergency power generators for the building and darkened hallways were now illuminated fully.

With the women talking in hushed tones, Lucy led the procession down a number of sets of stairs before stopping at a large door that had an electronic keypad located next to it. Motioning for everybody to stop, Lucy proceeded to type in a seven digit code, press her hand against a palm scanner and stated her name and rank out loud when prompted. Moments later, accompanied by a red flashing light overhead, the door slid open and the women peered inside to see what was there.

" One of the projects base technicians undertook was the study of long term cryogenics and the effects they may have on human beings after they've been frozen and unfrozen. The big difference in these trials was the test subjects involved were very much alive at the time of entering stasis, " Lucy said and gestured towards the rows of capsules that had frosted glass covering each of them/

" Alive??!! You mean, you mean that in these capsules, there, there are women and..... MEN IN THEM??!!!! " Debbie said with her eyes widening at the unexpected news.

Judging by the other women's reactions, the excitement was not limited for any of them.....

To be continued...........


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