Nightshift at the Love-a-Lot Doll Factory

by DownTheHobbittHole

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Catherine was doing her usual rounds patrolling the main factory floor of the Love-A-Lot doll factory.

The factory was a fairly expansive building, lined with many snaking conveyor belts, overhead tracks and huge mechanical machines.

Whilst the company specialised in manufacturing sex dolls and the ever more popular sex androids, shipping them world-wide, but they’re main target market being Asia.

The factory also dealt with repairs for the more complex androids, being much more cost effective than to simply send a brand new one out every time someone fucked the daylights out of one before the warranty was up.

Catharine was currently walking over one of the ramps running over the top the conveyor belt for the returned androids, which was still running, the factory needing very little human interaction being nearly entirely autonomous with only understaffed security and forklift drivers remaining.

While she would normally keep walking on by minding her own business, her eyes couldn’t help but be drawn towards the moving belt as she noticed one of the robots, coated entirely from head to toes in gold paint, something she was almost certain of the factory didn’t make.

Leaning against the handrail, she watched as the bot disappeared under a set of thick rubber strips marking the entrance of one of the machines... leaning on the rail with a bit more weight, she pondered why anyone would want to by one of these things... especially since they were so life like... why not just get a girlfriend.

Bursting into laughter and practically folding in two over the handrail in hysterical glee, the thought making her laugh far more than it should have, that was until she heard a loud ping as the top bolts holding the handrail in place sheared in two. Sending the poor woman barrelling over the edge, knocking one of the robots off the conveyor entirely as she took its place.

Landing on her back with her feet facing forwards, the conveyor ride was far too short for her too gain her senses back, being whooshed inside the machine without a moment to lose.

The still dazed Catherine was just beginning to regain her wits and was about to sit up but before she could two hook-like devices politely helped her too her feet, on the other hand though she felt them locking over the top of her shoulders and under her armpits holding her in place as a metallic robotic hand, similar to that of one in a car factory reached over from the side, armed with a set of safety scissors it effortlessly removed the struggling security guards clothes, scraping them into a disposal chute nearby before it retracted back to its original position and another arm swung in as it dropped an identity tag attach to a string around her neck, like a crude necklace.

Another arm on the other side of the belt waved a paddle-like device over the necklace scanning the RFID chip inside as a green light flashed on the paddle as she moved onwards through a set of double rubber strips the hooks under her arms keeping her stood up as the black rubber belt below her changed over to a grated metal one, her eyes nearly popping out at the sight she witnessed as she entered the next chamber of the machine.

It looked like nothing short of a shrunken down carwash made for people, although from the looks it was quite a bit longer than one.

With a set of high-pressure nozzles fast approaching and more fan like nozzles behind them, there was little she could do but shut her eyes and mouth, hoping for the best.

The first set of nozzles were mounted on two poles either side of the belt and underneath the grated flooring shooting directly up at both the soles of her feet but also her tender inner thighs and lips.

The cones of hot water drenching her from head to toe and back up to her nevers, leaving her dripping wet from her rather forceful shower as she’s brought under the fan like nozzles firmly attached to an arch that ran overhead, spitting out dollops of thick hissing antibacterial foam. The clumps clinging to her still damp body as they landed.

With the soapy foam covering her eyes she couldn’t see the other two robotic arms approaching in from the sides, both also armed with the same soapy nozzles, one was fan shaped like the others while the following on was rounded and smooth with a simple hole in its centre.

The fan-like nozzle moving down to the start of her left leg spiting thicker rich suds up her leg, over her pouting lips, panning back and forth a couple of times, knowing exactly what this part of the androids had been through, needing to make sure it was safe and sanitary before reshipping, then down the inside of the other leg it went till from the outside anyone would think she was some sort of wanna be snowman let alone a robot or furthermore a person.

Meanwhile, the other nozzle moved in towards her tightly shut mouth, pushing its way inside, Catherine having no choice but to let the intrusive nozzle in for risk of it breaking her clenched teeth.

Once inside she could taste the horrible foam gushing from the nozzles as it began to fill her oral hole with the same white foam, before pulling out just before she felt like she would choke on the stuff, sharply spitting it out as best she could as the nozzle moved down to her virginal hole, entering that with the same speed and efficiency, filling her up like a cream bun in a cake shop, not stopping till the foam began to leak back out of her hole.

She hardly felt it leave as it slipped back out of her froth filled vagina, however what she did feel was the sharp prodding as it slipped into her anal hole, pumping that too with the antibacterial soap, the machine seeing her as nothing more than a dirty sex toy needing to be cleaned and tested for defects.

With her now fully covered in disinfectant inside and out she was tugged further down the wash tunnel as a set of prickly bristled vertical brushes swung into place, bouncing against her DD breasts and perky nipples, scouring them pink along with the rest of her front section slowly moving around to her sides and back tugging at her curly red hair in the process. And slapping her ample rear with the stiff brush bristles. Before swinging onto the next bot behind her.

The belt is moving onwards as a set of horizontal drum brushes move in, one behind her and one in front, spinning up to speed before sandwiching her legs between the two, scrubbing up her soapy legs before reaching her nevers.

Pausing for a moment on the spot before, sweeping up and down about a foot, either way, the brushes also changing rotation as her front and rear dribbled soap onto the brushes.

As it was swept straight back over her holes, before the brush ascended upwards over her plump bosom, sweeping up under them before they slipped back through the barrage of needle thin strands of nylon.

The brushes moving up squeezing against her face, washing away any make up she may have had on and her hair now receiving the most thorough brushing of its life as her curls one by one were straightened out only to snap back to their original shape, with the machine seeing the poor girls face as another high traffic area it was given the same treatment as downstairs sweeping back and forth over her head before finally advancing onto the next android inline.

However the assault of brushes didn’t end there as three small cylinder shape brushes mounted on more robotic arms moved in around her they were about 15cm long but only 5cm in diameter, as they positioned themselves in front of each of your three holes.

Thrusting inside her without any warning, as they began to spin, changing directions every 10 seconds scouring her insides like dirty pots and pans. Before finally with a flick of their bristles, they yanked out of her.

As the torment of the brushes was finally over a set of arches blasted away what little remained of the antibacterial soap. With more steamy hot water as several over armature controlled nozzles flushed any residual soap out of her holes, before she was finally pulled out of the cleaning chamber through another set of double rubber curtains.

The poor woman was finally given a small reprieve from the drying chamber she was now inside as her body was blown dry by heat fans from all angles even robot controlled blowers help to dry out her hair and holes of any excessive dampness.

Just as she was beginning to relax a little from the warmth of the dryers, she heard a whoosh of hissing steam just in front of her, a set of robotic arms armed with steam cleaners with wide cup like heads moved and had just finished steaming the air on the hair of the android in front of her before moving onto hers, one of the nozzles steaming the hair on her head whilst the other choose a far more obscene path cupping over her lower lips and pubes before proceeding to steam clean them, yelping a little from the heat as her carpet received the same treatment as the matching curtains.

With the arms satisfied at another job well done, they moved onto the next bot on the conveyor belt. Marking the end of the drying chamber, Catherine was pulled through one more set of black rubber strips into the inspection and packaging area.

Inside she could see two of the sex bots in front of her as she heard some sort of tannoy system speak to the first android “Android:26842210 please begin functionality test sequences”

She watched carefully as what appeared to be a faux cock was brought before the androids mouth as it began to suck hungrily on the fake manhood before the machine pulled it away and down to the sex bots other two holes, where the fake manhood was met with the same treatment, getting the green light from the base of the dick, causing it to be shuffled forwards under some cameras and eventually down one of two tunnels, labelled packaging, the other tunnel was labelled repairs.

With the first android on its way, the next one was brought forward to the faux cock “Android:48329540 please begin functionality test sequences” as the room went still the android refused to move as it made a few strange groaning noises before falling silent, receiving a red light from the dick in front of it, as it went further forwards under the cameras where it was again red lighted for a tear in the silicone on one of its arms before being sent down the repairs tunnel.

It was now Catherine’s turn at the dildo as she’s pulled forwards in front of it...

“Android:28426776 please begin functionality test sequences”

Catherine hesitated for a moment, glancing back at the two tunnels before deciding what ever was down the packaging tunnel wouldn’t be nowhere near as bad as would lay in wait for her down repairs, with this logic in mind she opened her mouth taking in the girthy penis as she began to give the most effort into any blowjob she had ever done,  sucking in the fake meat right back to her throat before the wannabe mathematical instrument was removed from her drooling mouth.

The same effort was given for both her front and rear entrances, proving she was up to the job as the light at the base of the Dick turned a bright emerald green.

Licking her the drool from her lips she now only had to prove she looked the part, sucking in her tummy and pushing her butt out to make it look bigger than it already was as the cameras clicked and flicker over her every curve before receiving another victorious green light, as she’s led down the packaging tunnel.

Nearly as soon as she entered the tunnel robotic arms were there waiting for her as she’s dropped feet first into a clear polyurethane plastic bag, the hooks around her shoulders finally releasing her, as a pair of heated metal jaws snap over the top of the bag heat sealing it shut, with a few air holes thoughtfully cut out in the plastic so she could still breathe.

The trapped woman struggled frantically to tear open the plastic bag as all it seemed to do was stretch rather than tear, her efforts were however in vain as her bagged body was lain down inside of an even tougher cardboard box, as the boxed trundled along the empty voids around her were suddenly filled with packing peanuts from an overhead shute, before finally the lid was taped shut and plastic ties were snapped around the outside of the box for extra security.

The scrubbed clean, ill-treated and encased young woman now seen as nothing more than just another sex toy as her box is stamped with the return shipping info of her new owner before being dropped onto a pallet and whisked into the back of an awaiting truck.

The end


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