Not Knowing can be Dangerous, and Fun!

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2012 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

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Part 1: First Bauble

Dear Emporium Shop Owner,

Here is account of my experience as you requested.

The marble you gave me manifested a garment for my wife and my pleasure. I lay on the bed, naked, watching my wife holding the garment to her skin. When its impossibly thin and improbably silky texture touched her chest her eyes rolled back into her head and her legs wobbled slightly threatening to make her fall again. You could tell by watching her body react that even the merest touch of the cloth on any part of her sent waves of pure pleasure coursing through her body. I wanted to jump up and help her whenever I saw her will waver but my wife had foreseen this and warned me not to come close to her while she mustered herself to put on the garment. She had said that if she knew I was close or so much as saw me in the mirror that it would probably be enough to break her concentration. She also mentioned that if I touched her to steady her she would probably instantly break down in an orgasmic heap on the floor. I didn’t see a problem with this but she scowled at me knowing what I was thinking, she was after all determined to get the garment on so we could enjoy it together. Whatever it was.

Well maybe I should back up some. Let’s start back to just before we met you and you changed our lives.

My wife and I had been married for almost 10 years when a friend of ours had enticed us to visit a certain magic shop in town and to mention the passphrase “Sex Magic, Chocolate, and Orgasms” to the owner. Once we found the store we entered it nervously. My wife kept herself busy in the store off in the distance, but within earshot. I could see her out of the corner of my eye messing with some magnetic “magic trick” trying to act normal, but obviously failing as I walked up to the owner. He was eyeing my wife suspiciously like he thought she was going to shop lift or something. Then looking at my face he seemed understand something unsaid and asked me if I had something I wanted to say to him. “Sex Magic, Chocolate, and Orgasms” I responded feeling stupid saying this to a complete stranger.

“Thought so,” the owner replied “ask your wife to come over here with us please.”

A little taken aback that he was assuming she was my wife, or wondering what powers he had to read our minds I was a little shocked when he told me, unprompted, that he knew we were married because he had seen our matching rings, and to that point our friend had told him we were coming. At this point I didn’t know if I was more disturbed by my earlier thoughts of him being a mind reader, or my current thoughts of wondering how he knew that I was wondering if he was a mind reader!

The owner took one last look at his magic shop and walked us back behind a curtain. I could have sworn that I had noticed it being a small changing room only minutes before but now it was a small office, I silently thought to myself that I need to pay better attention to my surroundings.

“Mr. & Mrs. Shelton, I would like to welcome you to my shop, I hope to be able to help in whatever matter you are here for.” The owner then pointed us politely to two chairs in front of his desk. This time it was my wife’s look of shock that spurred him to say, in a slightly exasperated way “Mr. Vesmit told me you would be coming of course.” My wife made a little sound that was somewhere between a squeak and an “ahh”, and blushed in embarrassment. “Let me just tell you that Mr. Vesmit and his wife have been long time customers with me and told me to give you my regards when you arrived. He also suggested the marbles, and I agree.”

“The marbles?” I asked confused. “I don’t even…”

The store owner continued to talk as if now reciting some prepared speech and something about it just *felt* contractually binding but I could not place my finger on it.

“Here at the Emporium we strive to serve the needs of our clients. It became apparent to me years ago that what a lot of people needed was help in the bedroom more than anything so I started a new line of products. These products are my own creation and are for sale only by me. Almost all of the products are custom designed for the user or users, hence the price tags can be a little steep. Mr. Vesmit and I agree though that, as a friend of one of my first customers we would like you to receive two marbles as a free gift. Upon receiving these marbles you agree to use them only on each other or yourselves and no one else. You also agree that you will not discuss any of my products with anyone that has not used at least one of my Venus line of products. Breach of these terms will be… dealt with.” The last part of his speech was firm but did not feel to me to be a threat per say, just a friendly warning. “Do you agree to these terms?”

My wife and I nodded without hesitation. “Please say yes or no.” the owner said simply. “Yes.” We both replied as I felt a slight breeze lifted my hair, though the room was windowless and seemed to have no place for a breeze to come from with the curtain shut.

“tdinkle, tdinkle…… tdinkle, tdinkle”. Hearing the noise outside of his office, the owner swept out of the room, letting us know he would only be a moment. From inside the small office we heard him greet someone very pleasantly and start a conversation with them in a language I had never heard before, the language felt somehow familiar…. earthy and pleasant on the ears. I looked around the office, my wife and my eyes meeting somewhere in the middle for a moment as we took in the totally normal seeming office. I looked behind my wife (to our left) and noticed the curtain looking heavy and supple but otherwise it seemed normal too. Taking my own advice from earlier seriously I decided to take in more details of my surroundings, but I could not find anything out of the ordinary here.

Soon the owner was back in the office, again sitting across from us behind his desk. After sitting down he seemed to suddenly remember what he was doing and got up and walked to my right to open a small door in the wall and my wife gasped. Turning to look I almost gasped also but held it in. I was not sure if I was more surprised about the fact that I had not remembered that door even being there or at the sheer darkness of the room and the brightly glowing multicolored objects within. The light from the office did not even seem to be able penetrate this ‘new’ doorway. The owner squeezed through the small door and walked into the darkness within becoming nothing more than a silhouetted figure against the dots of light coming from hundreds of shelves within.

The room was full of mostly non-descript items that seemed blurred due to being so bright against the darkness. I could see jewelry on displays that seemed to shine as though they were under a spot light. There were jars filled with what could only be described as jelly fish made of light. Though the jars seemed to be filled with air and not liquid, these lights floated around inside anyway. I could see clear boxes with small little shiny, glowing, or blinking things inside. Then something grabbed my attention, it was a masculine looking silver crown that seemed to grow closer to me as I watched it and I could see it in more and more detail making it contrast against the other non-descript items in the room even more. Though the crown did not move from its shelf I felt as though it was coming toward me like some kind of optical illusion. Then my revelry was broken as the door was closed and I was snapped back to my senses.

“Just out of curiosity,” The owner said without warning as he set a small black silk bag down on the desk between the three of us, “what was the last thing that you saw as you looked into that room?” I immediately responded strongly “Crown” as my wife breathily sighed “choker”. “Ahh, that’s interesting, those both seem to be somewhat common answers, but it’s a sad day when both people in a couple both say Crown or both say choker, you two on the other hand seem to be a good match for each other. There are many, many more interesting things in that room that other people notice, but you will always be drawn to the one thing that fits your personality the best, just as that object is drawn to you…. But now I’m rambling.”

“Well I don’t want to spoil the surprise too much so let’s just give you the basic instructions for these two items. Both marbles are the same regardless of their color. You will each in turn take a shower then take a long bath and relax with your mind as free of the troubles of the day as possible. After about 45 minutes or so you will get out of the bath tub and place one of the marbles into the tub. Leave the bathroom, close the door, and come back 15 minutes later. In the tub you will find that an item has replaced the marble. The bath will have absorbed your essence and the marble in turn will know what you need and give you that item. When you see the item that was created in your bath you will instinctively know how to use it since it is actually something of your own creation. Whatever is created will probably last no more than a couple of hours, but the creation’s effects may last up to 12 hours. On that note, I very much enjoy getting stories back from my patrons letting me know what was produced from each of your marbles. Well I have some work to do for that last client that came in, another custom made product, and those take a lot of my time and concentration, so I’ll leave you two to your gifts. Just remember that whatever happens, just enjoy it. It will be a creation of your own making and no matter what the lasting effects won’t be more than 12 hours give or take. Good day to you.”

As we were ushered out of his office and past the curtain and the owner walked away I poked my head back into the curtain and the thin door was still there, along with the office. Though as I held the shops door open for my wife I could have sworn I caught a glimpse of a changing room behind the slightly open curtain. Walking down the street I defiantly caught a glimpse of the owner smirking at me knowingly. I wondered if he was smirking about the marble gifts or because his office had presumably turned back into a changing room.

After getting home my wife and I discussed the experience at the store. We marveled at how we both had the feeling that there was something magical about all of it even though the idea of magic was never directly discussed. She also agreed that the choker had drawn her in as the crown had done to me and that she didn’t realize there was an office there, or that there was a door behind me (on our right). We also agreed that we both could have just been missing the little details due to the excitement of the whole thing. After all Matt had worked us up pretty good about the whole thing, even though he had told us almost nothing as far as details.

Over lunch we discussed enthusiastically about the other items of light and sparkle that had been behind the door, wondering what other treasures may have resided in there. Of course our speculations spun us down a wild path of the mystical and magical because we didn’t even know what the items we possessed were going to do yet. For all we know these marbles could be just fancy versions of those sponges ready to expand to something when placed in water. The entire thing could be an elaborate joke. We seemed to be laughing at ourselves just in case, but either way the night was enjoyable and the lunch was fantastic as usual.

Once lunch was done I went to start clearing off the table and my wife smacked my hand and pointed upstairs telling me to go get my marble done so that we could get started with the fun, she would cleared up.

I followed the instructions for my marble, getting out once the bath had become too cool to be enjoyable anymore. I closed the door on the bathroom and was surprised to find my wife already on the bed in a very sexy teddy and stockings. I went to lay with her (having set an egg timer in the bathroom to 15 minutes already). I spooned with my wife. She reached her upper arm behind my head, turned hers and kissed me deeply while pressing her ass back into my crotch with a little grinding motion. I returned the kiss and reached around to grab a breast through the silky soft material of her light pink teddy. She gasped softly and I pinched her nipple playfully hard. She squeaked quietly and grinned taking a little playful nip at my upper lip in return.

For the next few minutes I pet her body with my available hand and just as I was reaching into her panties the timer in the bathtub went off. With a groan of despair my wife let go of the back of my head (she had kept her arm there to guide my kisses to the back of her neck while I pet her). She spun off of the bed and stood there watching me expectantly. Even though she tried to look at my seriously I could tell she was having a hard time pulling off the look. She chanced a glance down at my cock and smirked with a hungry look in her eyes while she bit the corner of her lower lip, but only for a second before recomposing herself to look serious again. I knew better though, I could see that her nipples were hard and her chest was flushed with color.

I got up and went to the bathroom. What I found kind of took me by a little supprise. The bathtub was void of water or bubble bath suds and all that was left was what looked like a wet skin toned plastic bag containing 2 large and 2 smaller golden hoops. As I lifted up the “bag” I realized that it was neither wet nor plastic. It was more like a super fine shiny silk. It seemed to just roll off my fingers when I attempted to lift it. It actually took some concentration to pick it up as it just seemed to slide out of my hands like dry sand. Holding it up higher I also realized that the hoops were somewhat flexible and that they were actually attached on the outside of the fabric not contained inside.

A little more inspecting let me see that the fabric was designed to be some kind of garment. Just like my wife’s super small sexy pairs of panties it took me a while to figure out which holes went where. Then it dawned on me. It was some kind of body sock that would cover most of the torso leaving 2 of the gold hoops at the upper arms a couple inches from the armpits and 2 of the golden hoops at the upper thighs. The head and neck would come through the cloth at an opening that was seamless though I did notice the tiniest finest gold zipper I had ever seen at the base of the V-neck. The entire garment was otherwise seamless. “Honey?” my wife called from the bedroom. One last look at the fabric and it dawned on me. The skin tone of the cloth did not match my skin at all, but I had a sneaking suspicion that it would be a perfect match for my wife’s.

Meeting my wife half way (she was coming to check on me), I held the garment up to her without a word while she just looked at it slighting stunned. Wherever the garment touched her skin in almost completely disappeared. Well, you could still see that it was shinier than her real skin and it blurred the beauty marks. I pressed the garment to her chest and as the cloth stretched around her breasts and stomach she sucked in a gasp of air and her knees went wobbly and she fell to the floor panting. Now it was my turn to be stunned. I was still standing there holding the garment out where her chest had just been when I heard her say “WOW, just…. WOW” from below. “I almost came! What the hell is that thing, and help me up, my legs feel weak.”

I laid the garment down on the bed, having to readjust it because it tried to slink off the edge on its own like so much water on an umbrella. I stepped back to admire it.

“Is it for me?” my wife asked.

“I’m pretty sure it is. You know I really thought that the marble was going to create something for me, not for you, but we will see when it’s all said and done… put it on.”

The last part had come out a little like a command, a little to stern, and the memory of the silver Crown crept into my mind for a fraction of a second. Looking pleased and a little stunned she stepped up to the bed and appraised the garment.

“This thing came out of that marble huh? I wonder… ohh… I wonder… wond…” She broke off as her fingers ran over the cloth.

The illusion of the clothing being made of water was even more apparent as I could have sworn I saw waves form in the cloth spread out like ripples in a pond where she touched, but they were so fleeting you could not say if you had actually seen them or not. I wondered momentarily if this garment was made of the water in the tub that had gone missing, condensed 1000s of times into this “magic” cloth. But realizing how ridiculous that idea was I pushed it out of my mind.

I watched my wife caress the cloth with her left hand like it was a lover, she was doing more than examining it now, she seemed absorbed in it. Looking at her face I could see why, her eyes were closed and flickering while her right hand was slowly, seemingly unconsciously sliding towards her crotch. I reached out and grabbed her left arm lovingly. A lot happened at once, at my touch her eyes shot open and rolled right up into her head, both her hands clenched, her knees fell into the bed causing the garment to slink to the floor passing between her thighs on its way down. As the garment caressed her inner thighs my wife let out a wail of pleasure like I had only experienced when we were newlyweds and the sex was fresher. She stood there for a moment, her body shaking slightly, her stomach tight while she held her right hand over it and her left hand reached up to grab her right breast, pinching the nipple there.

Not having any idea what to do or what just happened I just stood there stock still in some kind of dazed shock while my wife’s breathing calmed down from staccato shots of air to more smooth rolling sighs. Once she had composed herself some she looked at me with a look in her eyes that told me a million things at once. I could not even begin to explain the understanding that passed between us at that moment, so I’ll just say this: it was mostly a mixture of surprise, excitement, thanks, and determination. After the brief look she bent down to pick up the pile of cloth on the floor and gasped slightly as she picked it up and set it back on the bed. She had to place one hand on the bed just for balance.

“Honey, don’t ask questions and don’t reply, I NEED you just trust me and just do what I say.” My wife said with a tiny bit of lustful desperation in her voice. “I want you to go over and stand by the bathroom until I pick up the raiment and move to the mirror. Then I want you to go lay on the bed being exceptionally quiet. Stay there until I come back to the bed or call for you, I fear that if you touch me while I’m putting this thing on I’ll fall into an orgasmic heap on the floor. If you see me fall down like I did earlier I don’t want you to come and help me. I don’t want to see you or hear you. If I do, I just know I’ll lose my concentration, and it’s going to take everything I have to get this thing on! Ok?”

I nodded and walked towards the bathroom door making a mental note to look up “raiment” on Google later.

* * *

My wife was just standing at the bed again looking down and the pile of cloth now resting on the comforter. I thought for a moment that her will was already faltering, but at that moment she made a grunt of determination and started rearranging the garment to lay flat again. Once she had her bearings on what was up on the thing she picked it up and walked to the mirror. I silently slipped behind her onto the bed knowing that I would be out of sight from there. Opening up the neck of the garment and carefully lowering the minute zipper I saw her body shudder, and wondered what her expression must look like right then. She lifted her left leg and almost fell over as she lowered her foot into the garment passing her tiny foot through one of the golden hoops.

As she stepped her right foot into the other hoop I could see that she was losing even more composure. She hesitated slightly and I could see her mustering herself for the next step. Then without warning she quickly pulled the garment up over her hips and gasped as I watched her fall to her hands and knees panting. She slumped down onto her elbows breathing hard. She looked so sexy, like an animal in heat bent over on the floor; her ass pointing in my general direction. Her knees were wide apart and her head was down letting her hair fall to the floor. From this angle I could see that the garment was crotchless and it was all I could do to control myself and not run over and ravish her where she knelt.

It took a little longer for her to compose herself this time. With her head down and her eyes closed, still on all fours, I could see her face. She looked like what I look like when I was trying SO hard not to cum, trying to prolong sex. Soon she was back up on her feet again, this time she kept one hand on the wall to steady herself as she started pulling the remaining cloth up her stomach towards her breasts. Predictably pulling the cloth over each breasts caused her as much pleasure and loss of composure as the hips had but she managed to stay on her feet this time. I could see from my slightly side view that her nipples were hard as rocks and probably more so than they ever had been in memory. Her nipples seemed to be trying to cut a hole in the cloth as the cloth slid over them while she worked her arms into the two arm rings. Now that the garment was on she seemed to have a lot more control over her body and pleasure than I had expected, like she was past the hardest bits.

As my wife pulled on the zipper I was a little surprised to see that it seemed to be stuck. She also seemed to be a little set back by this but being a woman she went straight to work rearranging the garment. As I watched her nipples slide seductively inside of the garment my wife and I both made noises of surprise when her left nipple popped right through a hole we had not noticed in the fabric. Then she reached over and did the same with the other nipple. I can only guess that she had found a hole in the fabric for her other nipple also. Still working on aligning the garment on her body she seemed to know what parts were not fitting just right. She worked on the crotch for about a minute situating it perfectly all the while I could see her biting her lower lip trying to control herself working so close to her sex. She dipped a finger into her soaking wet sex and bring it to her mouth breathing in her scent and licking it off her composure almost completely almost gone now.

She got down on her knees, intentionally this time, and leaned back slightly to sit on her ankles. Her left hand found her left nipple and her right hand found her clit as she started massaging and playing, lost in lust. “Ahem” I coughed for real, actually forgetting to be quiet, shocking us both. This seemed to bring her back to her senses. Taking a deep breath and removing her hands from her self-pleasure she reached up and used both hands to pull up the zipper. As it zipped slowly up click… click… click… click… I could see her stomach clench and her eyes tighten with every slow loud click that resounded like an antique father clock. When the zipper got to its last click she seemed to have a little difficulty pulling it into its final position, but with a resounding click….click…..clack….THUD.. thud the zipper disappeared.

“Oh GOD…., Fuck me! Please, now! Fuck me now!”

When I say the zipper disappeared, it was gone, along with the rest of the cloth. The Hoops were still there, well sort of. They were more like plates now. Where the hoops had been it was like the arms and legs below that point were gone! She was now a limbless stubbed torso, but she didn’t seem to mind. Or maybe she didn’t care, or possible she didn’t even know yet. She was so lustful, begging for me that she just might not have realized anything “magical” had happened. I jumped off the bed and ran to her, now as HARD as I had ever been seeing her helpless on the floor, now truly like an animal in heat.

The way she was begging you would have thought it was killing her not to be filled by me, she just kept begging for me to fuck her, to be in her, to fill her up and make her complete. I was kneeling at her hips looking down at her pleading face. I grabbed her under the arm stubs intending to pick her up and take her to the bed, but as soon as I had hugged her to me she kissed me and I was lost. The kiss was like that of a thirsty woman drinking from a fountain after a desert sun. The feeling of her breasts on my chest, her nipples piercingly hard, and her breathing sharp and quick set me on fire. I felt more connected to her than I ever had, though connected in an animal lust way that was uncommon in our bedroom. We often connected emotionally, but this was something new and I had to have her now. I had to fuck her; there was nothing in the world that would have tempted me not to at that moment.

Her body felt light and lithe squirming in my arms. I could feel her bald pussy rubbing on my chest seeking out my cock like a hungry animal. I pulled away from our kiss and pulled her face from mine to look into her eyes. Suddenly and without warning she stopped squirming and controlled her breathing somewhat. She was frozen, almost hypnotized by my gaze and I thought again about the silver crown and I bet she was thinking about that choker. While gazing unblinkingly into her eyes she looked back at me and again a million thoughts passed between us but anyone could have seen that I was going to fuck her and she knew it. Watching her closely I started to lower her body. Like the click of the zipper it was painfully slow but she did not move or blink, she just stared at me, knowing, sharing the moment of anticipation. Then we touched. My cock found her clit and her eyes rolled into the top of her head. She started breathing fast again but still she did not move. I found it amazingly erotic to be in control like this, to watch her eyes filled with pleasure. We both knew that I was going to fuck her and there was nothing she could do about it, and we both knew that she could not have resisted me even if she had wanted to. She needed me in her and she was giving herself to me completely, unreservedly.

Twitching my cock on her clit to tease her some she opened her eyes and looked at me, begging me again without words. I leaned back some to rest the weight of her chest on mine and I slackened my grip around her torso placing my arms behind me for support. Her body slid ever so slowly down my body, assisted only by gravity. The anticipation was soon over as my cock found its sheath and she sunk down onto it so slowly. I could feel her rock hard nipples dragging down my chest, catching on my skin, they seemed to be the only think keeping her from falling fully on me. About half way down she was still looking into my eyes, deeply this time, not begging, not relaying any information to me, just experiencing all of the sensations and looking deeply into my soul. Without warning I leaned forward, grabbed her hips, and pulled down hard forcing my entire length into her depths. Her eyes popped wide open momentarily in surprise and pleasure but otherwise she was quiet. I thought for sure that she was going to scream out in pleasure but knowing her knowing me she probably had seen that coming.

After just sitting there for a little while simply enjoying the pressure surrounding my cock and the feeling of her breasts caressing my chest as she breathed, I hugged her tight and stood up causing both of us a good deal of pleasure. I was going to take her over to the bed, but on the way I saw the dresser and figured I would objectify her a little more. Never pulling out a laid her down on the dresser so that I stood at its side I pressed one hand into the middle of her chest letting her know I was in control. Then I moved my hand to her stomach, pressing down just above her pubic bone to press her g-spot into my cock. I started slowly fucking her. I didn’t want to cum to fast, but I had a feeling I was not going to have much of a problem getting it up quickly when needed.

At first I just pulled out slowly taking about 5 seconds and pushed in taking another 5 seconds but I didn’t want to press in all the way, depriving her clit from any contact, wanting to give her a purely g-spot/vaginal orgasm. As time passed my pace quickened. By time I was up to one full stroke per 1 second she was already cuming. I could feel her stomach tightening and I could feel her pussy pulling on my cock trying to keep me in and take me deeper, she wanted me to slam into her clit but I controlled myself. A little bit before I was going to come I started fucking her faster and pounding all the way into her, leaning in to make damn sure I was hammering on her clit. I could feel her orgasming again. Whatever this suit had done to her it had more than made her more than just multi-orgasmic. I didn’t know how many she had had tonight but it seemed like she had had a hundred already.

I pulled out of her, causing her to look up and give me the first truly nasty look I had gotten all night. Although when I walked around to her head and shoved my cock in her mouth she took it all the way in without any complaint or resistance and I came deep in her throat. I could see her looking up into my eyes, holding her breath, swallowing on my cock and my cum. I stayed in her for what seemed like way too long to be reasonable, especially considering how out of breath she was, but it didn’t seem to bother her. Another effect of the magic I guess.

Moving back around I stuck myself back into her pussy and pulled her up into another hug and carried her over to the bed I sat down keeping myself in her. After some silent rest, my wife’s mind seemed to be returning somewhat to normal and she complained about me teasing her by leaving my cock in her. I smiled and lied and told her it was for her safety to carry her that way and we both laughed. I lay her down on her back on her side of the bed putting her head on her pillow and I nestled up against her, holding her. After cooling down for probably at least 20 minutes she spoke first.

“That, was the most amazing experience of my life. I mean the way that raiment made me feel just when I touched it. You have no idea what it was like to put it on. Imagine trying to put your legs through the holes in an orgasm, that’s about what it felt like. I know I’ve never lusted like that before and thank god for the lust or the shock of instantaneously losing my legs and arms, falling to the floor, and bumping my head might have just about gave me a heart attack. That raiment definitely did something to my libido, there is no way I could have cum that much and not have had an aneurism or something!”

The first thing I thought to blurt out was “What is a raiment?”

“Oh, uhh.. Its especially fine or decorative clothing. Anyways, you think I’m attractive like this?”

“Well not all the time, but for a couple hours it’s really fun! Knowing it’s going to wear off is really helping though.” I replied.

“I have to admit, I feel like nothing more than a fuck toy, I mean really, how useful could I possibly be for anything else like this. I know it will wear off, but right now I’m feeling like that is my only use.”

I paused… not knowing what to say, I could not tell if she was complaining or commenting or enjoying it. But I knew my silence would get her talking again (after all she had changed form not changed sexes).

“Well… anyways…” She blushed some. “I think it’s kind of sexy. I mean I want to be a good wife, but I don’t mind being your fuck toy every now and then. Sometimes, when I daydream I wonder what it would be like to be a sex toy. A blow up doll or a latex vagina. Why am I even telling you this? You must want this and the suit’s magic is providing, a loose lipped women, because I thought I would never have the guts to tell you this stuff and had I resigned myself to just daydreams. I mean imagine what it would be like to be good for only one purpose and knowing that you don’t even have to do the work. Life would be stress free, aside from always waiting ‘till you were needed again. Put away in a drawer, under the bed, or in a box, hopefully cleaned and well taken care of, but otherwise discarded between uses. Then one day someone pulls you out of your hiding place and uses you, without regard to your feelings, just uses you to meet their needs. Just a relationship of pure lust, pure sex, just fucking. Anyways.. I’ve masturbated to thoughts about that before. I never wanted to be one, I just wanted to experience being a fuck toy, and now I can, well if you will let me.”

“What do you mean if I let you… aren’t you already a gimp?”

“Well it’s different… I’m on the bed and you are caressing me, that’s not how you treat a fuck toy. I want to be objectified. I know you read stories about it online, I’ve seen what you read since you don’t mind me looking. In fact the stories you read are where I even got the idea from in the first place. Please?”

“Umm… how? How do I objectify you?”

“Why not put me back on the dresser again and go down to have a drink, I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

Now limp I could not ‘fork lift’ her over to the dresser so I did the next best thing I carried her under one arm, less lovingly that I would have normally, and walked her over to the bathroom. Looking surprised my wife did not comment or complain as I opened up the bathroom closet were we keep all the towels. I placed her on top of some towels on the second shelf from the bottom and then placed 2 neatly folded towels on top of her chest, and without saying a word I closed the closet door.

* * *

After coming upstairs from having a drink I had a plan on how I was going to objectify my wife, and still enjoy it. I went straight to the closet where we keep our locked suit case with all of our bondage gear in it. I got out a couple items and placed them on the bed. Then I went into my wife’s dresser and pulled out a sexy pair of panties and nylon sac designed to wash your delicates inside of. Lastly I placed a video camera on the dresser so that it could see the bed and the floor next to it. I know my wife would want to see this later.

I went and retrieved my sex toy (my temporarily magically quad-amputee wife) from the bathroom closet where she had been “stored” while I got a drink. Before removing the spare towels I had placed on top of her I took the pair of sexy panties and pulled them over her head effectively blindfolding her. The cloth was thin but it would be enough to make her feel enclosed until I was done with her proper preparations. I picked up my toy and carried her to the bed laying her on her back. I could see that she was still very wet and she had leaked all down her ass crack and I’m sure onto the towels in the bathroom.

I took the large purple ball gag from the pile on the bed, rubbed it all over her pussy getting as much of the excess pussy juice as I could onto the ball gag and then placed it against her lips. Noiselessly she accepted it and I bucked it around her head then buckled the strap that goes over the head effectively capturing and holding the panty blindfold in place.

Next I grabbed a pair of clothes pins that we never use and unceremoniously placed one on each nipple ensiting a small riot from my toy and she squirmed and grunted in dislike. For this bad behavior she received a swat on the ass that stung and quieted her down instantly. Last I picked up a pair of latex panties with dildo and anal plug and worked the anal plug into her pussy to lubricate it. Soon enough she found it pressing deeply into her ass along with its partnered dildo filling her pussy. I pulled the panties up, with some difficulty and arranged the latex so that it looked comfortable. I squirt a very liberal amount of Liquid V onto my fingers and pulled open her latex panties to add it to her clit allowing the latex to snap back into place making her squeal and squirm sexily.

I reached up and removed the nipple clamps to another chorus of grunts and moans. Then I lifted up her head and started working the nylon washing bag over her head and down her torso. Once the nylon encased her entire body I tied it in a knot at the bottom and placed the clothes pins back on her nipples again. I knew that they would not last long clamped onto the thick nylon but I had a bit of a private bet going. I was going to turn on the vibrator in her pussy and see which clothes pin popped off first, and if it was her right nipple than she would spend the night sleeping under the bed. If it was her left she would spend it behind the couch downstairs. A couple minutes later it was decided, she would spend the night under the bed. When I turned off the vibrator she grunted angrily into her gag, she had probably been close to another orgasm.

I swatted her on the ass again. “Good toys don’t complain about their own pleasure. The only reason you got any pleasure at all was so I could see which clothes pin would ‘cum’ off first. Since it was your right you’ll be stored under the bed tonight, which is fine with me, sex toys don’t really belong behind the couch were anyone could find them.”

I picked her up, pulled out a plastic box from under the bed, dumped out some of the clothes from within and placed her in the box. She fit almost perfectly. Her leg stubs where pressed against one side of the box while her arm stubs pressed slightly against the long sides. Her head had a little clearance which I filled with some of the clothes I had taken out. I also added some clothes around her ribs for good measure securing her in good and shoved the box under the bed. I turned both of the vibrators inside of her to random before turning off the video camera I had set up on the dresser and listened to her moan all the way out into the hall.

I figured I would watch a full length move to keep my mind off her while she was in “storage”. I knew that by morning she would have returned to her normal form so I needed to make sure to store her under the bed in such a way that she would have the room to get her limbs back. The box storage was just for fun right now.

After my movie I prepared dinner for two… well… one and a half (sorry, I had to) and brought it upstairs with me. I knew that now was not the time for a meal, though we would both be eating. I turned on the video camera again, this time pointing at the head of the bed. Pulling out her box and setting her up on the bed again I undid her nylon bag and pulled it off of her. She was panting now, probably just having had a random vibration period drive her mad. If the vibrators had been on her clit she would have cum by now, but having the vibrations muffled by her sex they would not have been strong enough to get her off.

I unstrapped her ball gag and took the panties off of her head. I had a plan and it was going to take some maneuvering. I removed the latex panties and plugs from her sex leaving her naked and sexy. I got up and stripped knowing she was watching me and got back on the bed. I sat myself at the head of the bed so I could lean on some pillows against the head board. Once in position I pulled her over to me and picked her up again in a hug. This time there was no waiting, no anticipation. I just placed her onto my cock and pressed her all the way down onto it, not looking at her the entire time. I was trying to imagine her just being a toy. She seemed to be enjoying herself and was a little disappointed when I just let her flop unceremoniously onto her back, though my cock was still buried deep into her. In this position she was on her back and my legs were bent around her with my feet were at her ears. She was trapped between my legs and impaled on me, now ignored.

I leaned back on the head board and grabbed the TV remote. I turned on the TV and started watching one of the porn flicks that I always thought she would have liked (porn with a plot), but never had gotten around to watching it with her. I fast forwarded to a threesome that I rather liked, one where the girls actually pleased each other too. This is one of those where the guy is just there to help out while the girls suck and pleasure each other. Not one where it’s a guy fucking a girl while another girl masturbates then swaps.

I grabbed the bowl of fruit off the nightstand, setting the cold metal bowl on her stomach and started eating. After getting about ½ my fill I “found” a banana (like it was some kind of surprise or something) in the bowl. I set the bowl down on the nightstand again and pulled her up to “sitting” position. I spun her around on my cock so she was facing the TV (letting her get a good eyeful of the two girls now in 69 position while the guy was banging the one on top from the rear) then let her down gently, this time on her chest, still impaled on my cock. I grabbed up some lube and pressed the banana into her ass. Up unto this point she had been completely quiet and I had almost forgotten that I had removed the gag.

“HEY!” she said, and I smacked her HARD on the ass. She made a grumpy noise then said in a quiet voice “but I’m starving”.

“You’ll have to wait, I’m eating right now. You expect me to feed a toy before myself?” I replied in character. I didn’t know if she was going to get a thrill out of it or hate it but I figure if something is worth role playing its worth role playing right.

After I was done eating I pulled out the banana and pulled her up to me again, this time I spun her around a couple of times each direction just for my own enjoyment (it’s a very unique feeling). Even with all this spinning I was surprised that she had not seen the video camera by now, or at least she had not made a comment about it. When I was done with my little “spin the toy” game I pulled my knees up so that her body was now resting almost fully upright facing me. This pressed her very comfortably deeper onto my cock. I fed dinner to her with my bare hands starting with the banana from her ass. I peeled it and she hesitated as I handed her a piece I had broken off. She was so hungry though that she didn’t hesitate long.

Soon she had eaten her fill of strawberries, orange slices, watermelon cubes, kiwi, and apple slices. I also gave her some water through a straw.  When she was done eating I resisted the urge to spin her around a few times again and just spun her to watch the TV and rested her back against my chest. While her food settled I petted her wherever I could reach, played with her breasts, pinched her nipples, and flicked her swollen clit.

After a half hour or so of her sitting impaled on me, and watching a porn flick I decided that I was ready for some more fun. I went to stand up and move her but she asked me if I would spin her around again, so I did for a little while. I tried just turning her back and forth, grinding her around, changing the angle of her body, and whatever else I could think of at the time. We both enjoyed it for a bit, but now it was time for some good-old toy fucking. I stood up and dropped her onto the bed on her back with a bit of a bounce and turned her so that the top of her head was facing the TV. I put the gag back in and pulled the nylon bag back over her head. I wanted her to feel like an object again and as far as I could tell it was working.

With the nylon bag covering her completely I got on top of her missionary style and pressed myself through the opening in the bag and into her pussy. I knew that she could see me through the bag this time and I stared intently at the porn on the TV while I fucked my toy. I wanted her to see how I would fuck a love doll, I would be watching the TV not looking at the lifeless doll. All of this must have been a huge turn on for her because I could feel her building towards an orgasm but I was determined to beat her to it. I started pounding her harder and faster, avoiding her clit. I came before she had a chance and stopped right away. I knew this would drive her mad, but that was part of the plan.

After only a few moments rest I skipped the post coital snuggling and carried her to the bathroom. I placed her on the cold countertop and pulled the nylon up to her neck. I hung her ass over into the sink and used a sponge and cold water to clean off her uncovered body. I then toweled her down, carried her back to the bed, pulled the nylon off of her head, and removed her ball gag. Then I used her mouth to clean off my half hard penis, picked her up, put her on the floor, and used my feet to push her under the bed to stay there for the rest of the night.

Within an hour of trying to sleep though I got the urge to fuck her again. I pulled her out set her on the edge of the bed face down and fucked her hard and long, this time letting her cum before me. I made her clean me off again then I took her back to the bathroom to clean her up once more before putting her back under the bed. By time I hit my pillow this time I was so tired I think I just passed out.

When I awoke in the morning it was to find my beautiful wife lying next to me looking deeply into my eyes smiling like it was Christmas morning. “Morning sunshine” she said while rolling me onto my back, taking a firm hold of my morning wood, and gliding it into her already wet pussy, coming to a rest sitting on me still smiling broadly holding two flesh colored balls of what looked just like silly puddy in one of her hands. “I took my bath this morning while you were sleeping… and I got my gift from my marble!”

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