Number 11

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; latex; dollsuit; corset; armbinder; boots; bond; dolls; display; stand; cabinet; objectify; toys; insert; voy; denial; cons; X


Part 1: Fantasy becomes Reality.

Hi my name is Michelle but currently I’m better known as number 11. Why 11, that’s because I’m currently doll number eleven in my Masters dolly collection. Sometimes he uses my name, other times my number and on other occasions Cindy. How did I become part of his collection? It all started when I wrote a story for a dolly website, the story was based on my life when I was married. Ever since I can recall I have had the desire to be a doll, when I was in my teenage years my bed was covered in dolls and at night I would lay there at night dreaming that I was one of them. Nobody thought me strange but then they didn’t know about my little fantasy world. Boys, then college distracted me for a while and the dolls took a back seat but ever so often I would place myself in my fantasy and become the dolly I so wanted to become.

My relationships didn’t seem to last long, but eventually I met my husband. We both worked for the same company and everything seem to go on from there. We married and lived in a nice apartment but there always seemed something missing, we had a sexual relationship but I couldn’t seem to reach climax, that is until I put myself back into my fantasy of being a doll. The problem was that at first my partner began to notice my lack of movement in the bed, whilst he was trying to rock my world I lay there immobile and unwilling to move lost in my fantasy. He began to think there was a problem with himself, maybe he wasn’t pressing the right buttons but unfortunately he was but I wasn’t responding as expected. I tried to soothe over things, saying that he was doing fine and that it was me, we talked about it several times and eventually this was what broke the marriage apart. If only I’d told him of my dreams and desires.

Getting back to the present day and how I came to be here. As I said I wrote a story about my experiences and dreams and had sent it to be posted on a dolly website. I had come to find out that I was not the only one who had these desires and that many people shared my thoughts. Thank goodness for the internet. I began reading stories and seeing images of people transformed into dollies and other things. That was when I decided to put my thoughts into words and wrote the story. It was shortly after it was posted that I received an email from my now Master telling how much he’d enjoyed the story, we corresponded over the net, each time writing back to the other. I began to eagerly await his email messages and was disappointed whenever I logged in to find no email from him. The conversation began to explore my dreams, desires and thoughts about dolls and what it would be like if I became one. The topic became more serious over time and then one day he popped the question if I would like to experience life as a doll.

Upon reading this email I jumped in my seat, could he be serious, surely he must be some kind of weirdo. At first I just put the thoughts out of my mind, here was someone I’d only contacted over the internet wanting me to become his dolly, maybe I’d just connected up to some kink who got off on dominating women. But over the next few days my thoughts drifted and this was something that I’d always wanted to become, a doll, someone’s property, even their sextoy to be used, played with and taken care of. I replied back to him that I wanted to do this but had deep suspicions about what I was getting into. He replied with his telephone number and asked me to call him. I called him and we spoke several times, each time we went over what it was that I wanted, what safeguards we could put in place to make this happen. But in the end I just had trust in him and myself, this was something that my heart desired and I didn’t want to throw away this opportunity. How often do you get the chance to follow your dreams.

We arranged for me to fly to his home and that he would pick me up from the airport, we had exchange photos on the net, some of which had come back to me dollified, only adding to my desire to become one, even if only for a short time. He instructed that I only bring an overnight bag as I would only be wearing the clothes that he would supply, after all a dolly was dressed by someone else not by themselves. If I was going into this I was going all the way. All too soon I was in another country arriving at my destination, the butterflies in my stomach telling me I was nervous but in my mind I was determined to carry on. I walked out into the airport to see people waiting, placards bearing peoples names but not mine. Then I spotted him, greying hair, mid to late forties wearing black jeans and a black shirt. He beckoned me over to him and took my baggage. For a moment the world seemed to stop and the people around us disappear, here was the man that held my future destiny, the man who would grant me my dreams.

The moment was quickly over and soon we were in his car heading for his home. The conversation was polite and he began breaking the ice with compliments about how I looked and that my photos didn’t do me justice. Well flattery will get you anywhere, maybe even into my knickers! As we neared his home the talk turned to my thoughts again about being a doll, he gave me time to tell him what it was that I wanted. About my fantasies and dreams of being a doll, used by someone, take care of and just becoming nothing more than a doll. We soon arrived at his house, it was a large three story home set in it’s own small grounds, one of those you’d expect to find a team of gardeners landscaping away to keep immaculate. As the car arrived at the main door it opened and out walked a woman dressed in a maids uniform. I wouldn’t be the only female in the house, this helped to allay some of the fears I’d had about coming here.

He introduced me to Maria, his maid and she took my bag into the house, followed closely by my new Master and me. After a brief tour of the downstairs part of the house followed by refreshments served in the kitchen by Maria, we began to climb the stairs to look at the upper floors. We briefly looked at a couple of rooms, some we bypassed, he said that I would find out about these rooms later. The tour ended when we walked into the main bedroom, his bedroom. The room was dominated by the large four-poster bed against one wall, but then I looked either side to see an alcove built into the wall each side of the bed.

These seemed to be set up as display cabinets with glass doors enabling you to view the contents and the contests were life-like dolls, at first glance I thought that they were other women and imagined that I walked into some horror movie where women got trapped by some sort of serial sexual predator and caged for his delight. He must have seen to look come across my face and opened the closest cabinet and asked me to feel the doll. He explained that these were ‘LifeLike Dolls’, a life sized sex doll that resembled a woman, I had seen them advertised on the internet and had explored their website and knew these were expensive dolls.

Behind the doll was a mirror that covered the back of the cabinet, I could see that behind me were two more of these cabinets set into the wall, so their were four display cabinets in the room, but only three contained dolls. From that moment on things became more serious and this was when he asked me if I still wanted to experience becoming a doll. He said that if I decided to go on with it, that from this point on I would become nothing more than a doll, like all the other dolls his property, something to use at his pleasure. I would have no more say in how I would be handled, used or stored. I would become just another doll in his collection for the two weeks I would be here.

It was now or never, could I really go through with this, my hopes and desires, my ultimate fantasy come to life I would be the dolly that I desired to be. What to me seemed like an eternity, was only brief in real time and I nodded my head that I wanted to continue. He said that he hoped I enjoyed myself but from now on I was not to speak unless given permission by him, I was to become a doll in every sense and that I shouldn’t even move unless told to.

My last action on my part was removing the clothes that I wore to get here; soon I was standing naked in front of this man I’d only just met at the airport. He had instructed me to take off my clothing and without a second thought they had quickly left, leaving my naked flesh exposed to his gaze. He was pleased that I had no hair between my legs, in fact I had no hair below my neck, I had always used cream and shaved to make myself doll like in my appearance. He walked into a cupboard and returned with a package in his hands, he bade me sit on the side of the bed and unwrapped the package. Legs soon appeared followed shortly by arms and then a head, it looked like an inflatable doll without the air inside. He explained that this was a latex suit that he’d had made to my measurements to contain me and make me look more doll like. He held it up for me to look at and then dropped to his knee to help me start getting inside the suit. It felt cold at first but soon warmed up when held against my skin, soon both feet were encased in the latex.

Standing me up he began working the latex over my legs, my thighs were soon enjoying the feel of the tight latex followed closely by my hips. He paused here to work the short plugs into my holes, without too much ceremony he probed between my legs and found my now becoming very wet pussy, pushing the short latex tube inside me I let out a small gasp. Immediately he spun me around and bent me over towards the bed and soon the other tube found my rectum and with his finger he pushed this inside me too. I am an anal virgin, I had never even let anyone touch me there before now not even my ex-husband. But here I was with this relative stranger allowing him to push his fingers into my most sensitive parts. All too soon this was over, before I could even gain the merest brief enjoyment out of it and I was turned around again to face him. He continued enclosing me with the latex doll suit and soon I would just resemble another one of his dolls, I hoped that he would use me soon.

My arms followed the narrow tubes down to the glove on each hand and my fingers found their way into the glove, each finger slipping into the individual finger of the glove. Only my head was now left to be covered in the latex doll suit. I had recently had my hair cut short, this would make it easier for the mask hood to cover me and he helped me place my head inside. He allowed me to use my hands to adjust the hood to match my eyes and soon I could see out from inside the mask. He pushed the tubes into my nostrils and adjusted the doll mouth around mine. I began to wonder how long it would be for him to use this mouth for his pleasure, I would have to wait and see.

I was now becoming more doll like, catching glimpses of myself in mirrors I was amazed at how I looked, the shine coming of the doll suit making me look just like a doll. He adjusted and fussed over my body and the suit, making sure that it fitted in all the right places, to me it began to feel like my skin, not just a second skin or an outfit, but part of me. His fingers and hands were touching me, sending shivers of pleasure through out my body. I had to refrain from letting out any more gasps and my breathing became more frequent.

I was surely turned on by what he was doing to me. If it wasn’t for his instruction holding me back I would have fell onto the bed and brought myself into a glorious climax. But then I was hoping that he would be bringing me to that wonderful stage shortly. He again turned me so my back faced him and he began closing the zipper, sealing me inside the suit, enclosing me inside my dolly persona. Making more adjustments as he worked his way up my back, the zipper was finally closed and he proceeded to lock the zipper with a small heart shaped padlock that he had shown me. I was now totally his to do with as he wished, I was now just his dolly to do with whatever he wanted. I wanted to have him inside me right away but I was to be denied this pleasure until he decided to use me.

He then walked back into the cupboard and brought out a latex outfit, red and white in colour. My legs were encased in white latex stockings with red garter tops, small red latex panties covered my doll sex and white shoulder length gloves with red tops covered my arms. I was being dressed as though I was just another one of his dollies, a sexual object to be admired and desired, looked at and enjoyed at his whim. Next came a red and white latex corset that held me just above my hips, grasping at my tummy and working it’s magic up to under my breasts, which were held in place by the top of the corset and presented them for all to see and admire. A red/white latex collar completed the outfit, I looked a picture in red and white latex, a sex toy waiting to be used, admired and enjoyed. Now more red latex was brought out from the cupboard, the first was an armbinder, this was my first experience wearing one, I had been tied up before by a couple of boyfriends but that was just scarves and belts. This was the real thing, serous bondage equipment. But I was now here as just another doll and if he wanted to have me bound then that was his desire and I would just become another plaything.

He explained as he tied the binder to my arms that he wanted to keep me bound for the first day to help me get my mind and body used to not moving, that as a doll I was not expected to move by myself and that he would move me, dress me and feed me and therefore I would not need to move during my stay. My arms now safely secured behind me, he began lacing white leather boots onto my legs, these came up to near my crotch and what I would describe as ‘fuck-me’ boots. As he continued lacing them closed, I could feel that the movement in my legs would be severely restricted by them. In fact I would not be able to bend them at all, they held my legs rigid. The red laces complimenting the outfit he’d dressed me into. The heels were high, more than I’d be attempting to wear outside but then as he said I wouldn’t be walking anywhere for a while. Last was the red ball gag, I had reservations about this but he stressed that as a doll I wasn’t to speak, this would make sure that I couldn’t.

Now dressed within the doll latex suit and dressed like some red and white sex toy, bound with the armbinder, thigh boots and gagged I was helpless and totally under his control. He could now do as he wished with me and there wasn’t a thing I could to stop him. I was really becoming what I wanted and desired to be, just an object, a mere plaything, something to be used and kept for someone else to handle, touch, caress and play with. A doll. I was a fantasy figure, dressed as I was standing there bound and helpless. A short blond wig finished off the look that he desired, the hair just reached my shoulders and looked odd to me used to wearing dark hair.

My thoughts were broken when he picked me up and carried me over to the empty display cabinet, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be put inside the thing and he felt the resistance in my body as it stiffened. He placed me down next to the cabinet and ignored my futile attempt at expressing my thoughts. To him I was now just another doll and part of his collection to be displayed, used and kept however he wished. He began moving the display stand out, this had casters below the base to make it easier to move the doll above. Looking at the chrome stand I followed the main post upwards, there was a small curved shaped flat piece and I guessed that this held the doll in the crotch.

But reaching down he pulled out a black latex plug, it looked like a vibrator and indeed it turned out that this was what it was, He said that this was specially made for his new dolly, the other dolls just get to spend their time sitting on the crotch stand. He attached the black plug to the stand, screwing it into place until it stood there firm and erect waiting. Waiting for me to join it. He picked me up and holding my legs apart he slid me onto the plug, the invader soon entering me as I was placed on the stand. I was now held there by the invading plug inside me, completing my bondage and ability to move, or so I thought.

He then brought out an extension that connected to the main pole, this went up behind my back and was fastened against the back of my neck to the latex collar that I was wearing. I could now not move my head in any direction and could only move my eyes to view anywhere in the room. A short leg spreader bar completed what last movement I had, I was now firmly affixed to the stand, just another dolly for his display. He fussed about making final adjustments here and there, satisfied that everything was how he wanted it to be, he stepped back to admire his new conquest, his latest addition to his collection. I felt strange but content that I was now just another doll, the bondage seemed right, I was overcoming any initial thoughts and doubts that I’d had I my mind, I was beginning to become the doll of my dreams. The tightness of the latex clothing, the corset and the bondage items helped to set I my mind to the fact that I was now just a helpless object, something to be used.

He brought over a floor standing mirror and held it there for me to take in what I looked like, to be honest if you walked in the room you wouldn’t see a living, breathing woman just this fetish dressed dream doll standing in it’s cabinet on display for anyone who desired to look my way. He had achieved what I had desired to become, this was my living fantasy, every dream and desire had been realised by this transformation. I looked like a doll on display, the same as the other dolls in the room, each in their own display cabinet, we were sisters in our dolly world. He then pushed the stand into the cabinet, the base fitted exactly to the interior of the cabinet, the base formed the bottom of the display cabinet. One last quick check over by him and then he closed the glass door, encasing me inside as just another object to his desire to display his collection. I was now just another doll.

He soon left the room and me to my thoughts, my body adjusting to the tightness and constriction of the bondage and the latex. The plug inside me holding me on the display stand, filling me inside and now warming to my body temperature, the initial shock of the cold latex now overcome. The mirror left in place so I could look at myself and realise that I had now become an object, a thing that men desired to use and want, a mere sextoy here on display and unable to do anything to make changes to the way I now was held. He came into the room a couple of times, but only once did he come over to check on me and then only from outside the cabinet.

It was getting dark outside now and the lights came on the four display cabinets, lighting up each dolly as it stood there on it’s display stand. I took the time to look at the other dolls and the way they were dressed. The one directly opposite me was dressed as a schoolgirl, every dirty old mans dream, the long white socks leading up to the short grey frilled skirt, the white blouse and school tie held behind the bib and braces that completed the skirt and schoolgirl outfit. On top of her head was a school hat, slightly off to one side and her hair was made up in pigtails.

The other doll that I could see was dressed totally head to toe in a black shiny catsuit, all her features were enclosed within the ebony outer skin. She too was bound with her arms held behind her and her legs encased in thigh boots. I began to wonder if she was another woman like me being held here as part of his collection, bound and immobile just like me and awaiting her masters pleasure. She was on the left hand side of the bed and the schoolgirl on the right. I couldn’t see the other doll who was encased in the display in the alcove next to mine, I could only remember seeing the doll inside dressed in a nurses uniform. This guy was seriously into fetish dressing and displaying every male fantasy in his dolls. My mind wandered off into dolly heaven, a place where all dolls desire to be used and played with, the initial unpleasant feelings of the bondage had now been replaced by the overwhelming feeling of enjoyment of my predicament.

My thoughts were interrupted by my Master entering the bedroom. ‘My Master’, had my mind changed that quickly to call him by that term of endearment, I had never been so controlled by one man before, the merest movement taken away from me, the ability to talk or express myself now unavailable. I was dependant on this man for my very life, everything that could happen to me now was in his hands and not mine. He could do whatever he desired with me until he decided to release me. He moved through the room and made his way to the bathroom, which was located behind the wall were I was now encased on display. He had totally ignored me as he walked past, or so I thought. He had indeed run a quick eye over me to make sure I was still okay. But from my point of view I had been forgotten about and was just another display that you either look at or ignore. I suppose he was used to seeing bound dollies in the cabinets and took no notice until he desired to change them.

He then walked back into the bedroom, the main light was switched off and only the display cabinets lit up the room. He moved over to the display cabinet displaying the schoolgirl, opening the door he pulled the doll and display out and began removing the restraints holding the doll on the stand. Soon he had picked the doll up in his arms and carried her to the bed, placing her down on the white sheets, her uniform contrasting against them. He undressed and climbed into bed next to the doll, the cover soon pulled up over them both. He began playing with the doll, making out with her as if she were real and soon he climbed on top and he then must have entered her as he began thrusting himself inside of the doll.

I could see from my display cabinet the movements under the covers and began imagining that it was me in there being used. The vibrator within me began to stir into life and I was pleasantly surprised when that happened. He continued for some while using the schoolgirl doll for his pleasure, all the while the vibrator bringing me closer to my climax. I seemed to be joined in their love making session in some way part of what was taking place in front of me.

I was brought back to earth by the sudden darkness as the lights in the cabinets switched off, the vibrator that had brought me so close had now ceased it’s actions. I looked towards the bed but couldn’t make out any movement on the bed, he must have finished with the doll and also with me. He had taken his pleasure of the doll and of me and now we ceased to be of any use to him. There was no noise in the room, the glass of the cabinet muffled some of the noise but I was now sure that he was asleep.

I was to be denied any further use by him tonight, he had chosen the other doll over me and had used her for his pleasure. I was even denied the orgasm that I so craved and thought that I would achieve with the vibrator working inside me. I truly was just his plaything, something that he could give or deny pleasure. My body had adjusted to being held with the bonds that contained me, somehow I managed to find some sleep in the night, my dreams of dolls and bondage keeping me near the edge.

continues in part two


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