Pantyhose Dolls

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; MM/f; pantyhose; transform; lovedoll; boxed; nc; X


The taxi slowed down as it reached a three story building to its' right and pulled into a nearby parking lot. The cab stopped next to the side entrance and a dark haired woman wearing a rain jacket and carrying a bag over her right shoulder stepped out. After paying the driver, the woman stood for a minute and looked at the building pensively.

Janice had been a model for about five years now working mostly for agencies in need of lingerie models for store ads though recently she had begun posing for several web sites that had people pay for sexy pictures of semi-nude women in pantyhose or other sexy garments. In fact, after her recent move to Canada, it seemed her services were more in demand than ever before.

However, on this particular day, she had flown back to the US to do some work for a company she had never heard of prior to receiving an email from them. They had seen her work previously and were very impressed by her look in the pictures. They said they were looking for professional models to help launch a new lingerie line they planned to sell exclusively online and they wanted her to be the feature model. The company even offered to pay her airfare to the city where they planned to start setting up the promos for the products in question.

" Geez, paid for my trip here... offered to put me up at a hotel... they must really be desperate for a model with nice tits and legs, " Janice said with a small chuckle as she entered the building and slowly walked up the stairs towards the indicated office. She was dressed in a tight fitting blue sweater with tan slacks and high heels that completed a look that emphasized her look and then some to any male onlooker.

To her surprise, when she opened the office door of the place she was asked to go to, she found a woman waiting for her instead of a man. The office itself was rather unusual in that it had a fairly small reception area with only one chair for waiting visitors and a single door leading elsewhere on the left.

"Ah, you must be Janice. My name is Kwami...... Kwami Lee. I'm the personnel and sales manager for M & D Acessories for this region. Take a seat and we'll discuss the proposal we emailed you about earlier." Kwami said gesturing towards the chair nearby.

"Thanks. I have to admit your offer caught me a little off guard. Most of the time, I get a call on the phone or someone sees me in person with a modeling offer. However, your approach was unique and refreshing and I like that, " Janice said with a sincere voice.

Kwami smiled when she heard the compliment. "Well, that wasn't all me. I think if you accept the offer I'm prepared to make you today, you'll find that M & D has that personal touch with all the people that work for it, " she said with a smile as she shuffled through some papers.

" That sounds good to me. So, tell me, does this job you have in mind for me involve much in the way of traveling around to visit clients and such ? " Janice inquired as visions of spending many hours traveling to nondescript towns and forgettable people to meet flashed before her eyes.

" No, not at all. We plan to use you as our feature model in launching our newest brand of pantyhose - Heavenly Hose. We'll be posting pictures of you in our regular site seen by the entire web as well as a series that are a bit more erotic in nature for husbands thinking of adding spark to their marriages and such. Here's a list of the financial terms of what we plan to pay you on a monthly basis. Take a look at the figures and let me know if they're acceptable to you, " Kwami said handing the brunette several typed pages that looked to be fresh off a computer monitor.

Janice leafed through the pages and nodded in approval at what she saw. " Well, it all looks good from what I see here. Is there somewhere you want me to sign ? " the model said looking at the company associate with a friendly expression with dollar signs flashing before her eyes.

Kwami nodded and got out a contract from her desk. Handing it to Janice along with a pen, she indicated to the model where she wanted her to sign. After all the t's were crossed and i's were dotted, Kwami put the contract on her desk and walked over to the door on the far right.

" Welcome to M & D, Janice. As your first part of your job, I need you step inside this room and disrobe entirely before putting on our newly designed panties and pantyhose along with a pair of high heel shoes and nothing else. Once you're ready, push the button marked ON and that will activate the video camera on the other side of the room. The camera is connected via the internet to our company HQ, who want to see how new models look modeling the merchandise in a more ' intimate' basis than still pictures. It sounds a little strange but.... " Kwami said handing the model several packages and what looked like a TV remote on top of the pile.

Janice nodded as her face took on a broad smile. " Believe me, I've been asked to a lot stranger stuff than this in my past modeling jobs. I just hope the people at the other end can stand how steamy it can get when I start posing for a camera, " she said with a sultry look in her eyes.

" Steamy will be one way of putting it by the time everything is all done, " Kwami thought to herself as she ushered Janice into the room in question and showed her where the camera was and the area she should stand in when posing for the audience on the other end. She then wished the model well before leaving the room and closing the door behind her.

Once she was alone, Janice quickly doffed her attire and set it on a nearby chair before unwrapping the lingerie she was to wear. She first slipped on a lacy black panty that were daring to say the least. A pair of shiny, tan colored pantyhose followed after which Janice slipped on a pair of white high heels with clear plastic straps. After checking her appearance in the mirror mounted on a nearby wall, the model walked over in front of an ordinary looking chest and faced towards the video camera that looked to be hooked directly into a nearby computer.

" Well, whoever you are, I hope you like the show I'm about to put on, " Janice said softly as she depressed the button Kwami indicated on the control.

As soon as the model hit the red button, she felt a surge of pleasure through her body that seemed to be emanating from her pantyhose's waist band. Janice moaned softly out loud despite trying not to in front of her invisible audience whoever they were.

After taking a second or two to gather her thoughts, Janice started to slowly sway back and forth in place while running her hands up and down her body in rhythm to music she was humming mentally to herself. As she gyrated and ran her hands through her hair and seductively over her thick red lips, she swore the feeling of pleasure she was experiencing was getting stronger by the second.

" Hmmm....I wonder if they've built some sort of tiny computer technology into the pantyhose to give every woman who puts them on this kind of pleasure.. these guys might make a fortune..... " Janice thought to herself as she bent over and ran her hands down her legs in a slow, drawn out manner. As she went to straighten up, the sandy brown haired woman felt a little light headed for a second and put her right hand to her forehead.

" Uhhh... sorry, whoever is watching, I'm a little off today... I must have ate too little for breakfast, " Janice said in the direction of the camera as she ran her right hand down her face and neck before putting it on her hip. Privately, she thought it might be a simple case of the nerves though she had done similar work in the past.

After composing herself, Janice started to sway and shimmy as she was doing before in a very alluring way. After thirty seconds or so, the feeling of weakness returned stronger than before and caused Janice to put her hands on the bed in front of her to keep from falling to the floor in a heap.

" Ummm...maybe... maybe we should postpone this audition or whatever you call it until tomorrow... I don't seem... uhhh.. to be feeling too well... " the model muttered softly as her legs wobbled slightly from her lack of strength. Janice felt a wave of dizziness go through her along with other odd sensations she couldn't figure out at all. She seemed to be sweating quite a bit more than usual as there was quite of a sheen appearing on her arms and across her chest.

Receiving no response from her ' audience', Janice stood up straight and thought briefly of stepping out to see Kwami for a minute to explain her situation. However, the weakness she was experiencing was now accompanied by a numbness in her legs and they refused to respond to her thoughts in the slightest. The model leaned over and felt her legs through the sheer hose she was wearing. Janice was puzzled to find that her legs felt somewhat odd to the touch as if her skin was as smooth as the pantyhose now on it.

" What's going on here ? Kwami ! Kwami, could you come in here right away, please ? I think I might be having an allergic reaction to the fabric in this pantyhose, " Janice said as she leaned back against the chest behind her for support while she waited for Kwami to enter the room.

As the seconds ticked by, Janice was puzzled by the fact that her host was not responding to her pleas for help. To compound her predicament, she saw that the weakness was spreading to all parts of her body and the sheen she had noticed before had spread beyond the edge of her pantyhose. It was at this point that the model noticed this glistening was in fact artificial in appearance and freckles she had always had around her waist were disappearing right before her eyes.

" Kwami ! Kwami, get in here now ! Something weird is going on here ! " Janice shouted though her voice was much lower in volume than before. With panic starting to creep into her system, she tried to stand up again but found her arms were now just as unresponsive as her legs. She whipped her head around looking for someone or something that could help her out of her predicament but no help was evident.

A moment or so later, the feelings of helplessness Janice became mixed with ones of sexual euphoria, which confused the model even more than she already was. Looking down, the woman saw that whatever was happening to her body was spreading rapidly and transforming her very being !

The model saw what looked like seams starting to become visible underneath the sheer pantyhose as well as along her arms as if her body was composed of sheets of latex or plastic sewn together in a factory. The smooth, glossy look was spreading upwards to her chest and shoulders with freckles, not to mention a small birthmark on her right breast, disappearing like stars winking out. At the same time, she felt an odd feeling building inside her as if her insides were being converted into nothing more than air or some sort of gas.

Suddenly, Janice gasped out loud in pleasure in spite of her predicament as she felt her pussy suddenly clench tight on it's own triggering what almost seemed to her like an orgasm. Moments later, her pussy opened into what felt like an ovular shape with the interior feeling like it was composed of the same material the rest of her was changing into. She sensed that her mound of finely trimmed pubic hair had disappeared just like her freckles and the area was now smooth and glossy like the rest of her was becoming. Janice moaned out loud once again as she felt her anus moving upwards by several inches before forming into the same O shape that her pussy was now in. It was then, like a lightning bolt out of the blue, that Janice realized what was happening to her. pantyD " A LOVE DOLL... I'M BECOMING AN INFLATED SEX TOY.... THIS CAN'T BE... HELP ME !.... SOMEONE, ANYONE, PLEASE HELP ME !!!!...... " Janice moaned out loud before her ability to talk vanished like her mobility.

At the same time, she felt an odd itching in the small of her back followed by the sensation of something growing out of it which she assumed was some sort of inflation plug for addition or subtraction of air to her artificial body. The model gasped a few last breaths before her breathing disappeared as the process moved swiftly into her chest and shoulders area. Her breasts swelled outwards to at least C or D cups with the same shiny appearance as the rest of her body and capped by bright pink nipples and areolas. Seams encircled the firm yet pliable boobs making them an inviting temptation to any future owner of the dolly. The process was completed with Janice's head slightly swelling as her mouth contorted into the same ovular shape that her other two openings now were and the interior becoming nothing more than a sac of latex and rubber perfect for probing by any object or man's cock. Janice's eyes, full of fear, despair and uncertainty, changed to painted features that had a permanent appearance of wanton desire and lust.

In a few seconds, the transformation was complete and a sexy love doll clad in sheer pantyhose and panties stood where a living woman was just a few minutes ago. " HOW CAN THIS BE ?..... WAS THIS ALL A TRAP ?.... WAS IT THE PANTYHOSE I PUT ON ?..... ON.... I HOPE MY OWNER PUTS ME ON THE BED AND LETS ME PLEASE HIM..... " the doll thought to itself even as the normal distress over its' state became mixed with the simplistic thinking of a sex toy.

A few minutes later, the door to the room swung open and a smug Kwami stepped inside. Looking at the love doll that stood slightly swaying next to the chest, the sales manager showed not the slightest bit of surprise in the sight before her. In fact, her face was one of a routine sameness to it as if she had seen this many times in the past which in fact she had.

" Every time I get a new applicant from the head office to be added to our ' special stock', I worry that the pantyhose used in the transformation might not work. Luckily, they haven't failed yet, have they, Janice ? " Kwami asked the doll as she picked it up by its' slender waist and depositing the doll on the bed.

" YOU BITCH !...YOU SET THIS UP !.... I HOPE... HOPE.. HOPE I CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY.... " Janice shouted mentally though her train of thought was constantly mixing with the desire to be used like a good dolly. The doll felt Kwami remove her pantyhose followed by her lacy panties and would have screamed out loud in pleasure when Kwami brushed her hands against it's open pussy.

After stripping the doll. Kwami picked up the toy and stood it in a corner near the chest. Glancing at her watch, she realized that some of the executives from M & D would be coming by in a hour or so which meant she should change her outfit. Quickly stripping off her outfit and lingerie, the nude Asian beauty retrieved the clothing she planned to wear for the meeting starting with a pair of sheer black pantyhose the company had sent her recently. There was a note with the hose saying this was just an ordinary pair and if she wasn't sure, she could get one of the applicants to try them on. Kwami trusted the company and quickly slipped on the hose before sitting down on the bed to rest for a minute or so.

Looking over at the new doll standing silently, Kwami thought in silence what would become of the sex toy once shipped to the company's warehouse. Would it sit on some anonymous adult store's shelves for months waiting to be bought by a middle aged man needing a bit of fun for the weekend ? Or would it be given to one of the company's workers as a bonus for meeting the quota in production ? Kwami imagined what would it be like to exist only for desire and sex and nothing else for the rest of its' existence. Her fingers absently dropped down to caress her pussy through her hose even going so far as to put her right leg on the bed to further enjoyment. If she hadn't been so self absorbed, Kwami might have noticed that the camera was still on from when Janice was there before.

After a few minutes of self indulgence and with her vision growing hazy from the waves of erotic tingling flowing through her body, Kwami decided to stop and resume her dressing. However, to her horror, she discovered that her arms and legs were unresponsive to her thoughts rendering her completely immobile. If that wasn't bad enough, she saw a sheen appearing on her legs and lower torso that she had seen often enough over the past several months to know what it was. " I'M BECOMING A LOVE DOLL....NOOO!!!!...HELP ME !!!!.... " Kwami screamed though she knew no one would hear it as the room was built to be soundproof to prevent any problems from unknowing listeners. She saw seams starting to appear on her arms and legs as well as encircling her ample sized breasts and knew the process was well under way. Kwami was puzzled as the transformation usually required the subject to depress the button on the controller to activate the special fibers in the pantyhose and begin the conversion. It was at that moment that she felt something against her left buttock and realized, to her dismay, that she had accidentally sat on the controller in question and triggered the change.

With her head being the only part she could still move, Kwami watched as her legs and arms rapidly changed to smooth, blemish free latex and felt her insides change to nothing more than air. She felt her pussy, still moist from her ministrations of a few minutes earlier, form into an ovular shape with a latex interior followed quickly by her anus, which assumed the usual position found on all fuck toys. The dark haired woman watched as her breathing dissipated when the change wept upwards and enveloped her chest. Her bosoms slightly swelled as they became two mounds of firm, shiny latex capped by bright pink nipples and areolas that jutted out from her artificial body.

" THIS ISN'T FAIRRRRRR...... " Kwami wailed before falling silent as the transformation claimed her ability to speak when it reached her head. The Asian woman felt her teeth and tongue dissolve as her mouth's interior formed into a smooth latex sac with her mouth itself forming a sensual O shape like her other openings. The last of Kwami's humanity faded away with her eyes becoming painted green ones that showed eternal lust and desire. The doll slowly toppled backward and laid flat on the bed with the sensation of an inflation plug now present on her back clearly evident to Kwami.

" WHY????....... " Kwami screamed over and over to herself as she sat in silence waiting for someone to find her....hopefully soon.....

90 or so minutes later.......

The front door of Kwami's office ( which Kwami had locked before checking on Janice) rattled for several seconds before opening and two men walking through. One immediately went to Kwami's desk and started accessing her computer while the other ventured into the room where the transformed women waited.

" Well, my dear dollies, let me introduce myself. My name is Jackson... Bob Jackson, West Coast procurement rep for Accessories, Inc. Sometime ago, my company was made aware of the inroads M & D Accessories were making into acquiring stock and gaining an advantage over us in sales. We decided to make this little ' raid ' to show your employers that we're not a company to be trifled with. Janice , the little show you put on was for our benefit and not M & D as we overroad the broadcast in question. Oh, and Kwami, the hose you put on were to start transforming you with or without activation via the controller. It seems Accessories is a bit ahead of your former employer when it comes to that, " the man said before grabbing hold of each of doll and opening their inflation valves.

With a noticeable hissing sound, the dolls quickly deflated into flat pieces of latex draped over Bob's right forearm. He then took any remaining articles of clothing off the deflated dolls before folding them carefully up. Retrieving some empty cardboard boxes from under the bed, he placed each doll snugly into her own box before pausing for a second.

" Well, I better check to see if Jim's done looking over the files he can access from the office computer. After that, well, I think we'll send Janice to our new rep in South America as reward for exceeding last month's quota. As for you, Kwami, I think we'll ship you anonymously to the M & D headquarters as a warning for them to stop encroaching on our sales territories. Either that or we'll ship you to Mr. Fuji in our newly opened Asian offices. So many people to reward...." Bob said with a low chuckle before closing the lids of the box.

The deflated dolls sat silently waiting for their next destination....

With the knowledge that their future work was guaranteed.....


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