Passing the Baton

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2006 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f; device; transform; lovedoll; package; inflate; bond; sold; tease; denial; cons/nc; X

Part One

Jessica Monroe was smiling as she entered her lab. Carefully, she placed a medium sized box onto her lab table, then quickly divested herself of her coat. Opening the box, she withdrew what appeared to be a rolled up wad of wrinkled rubber. Jessica knelt and unrolled the wad, revealing it to be a deflated sex doll. Attaching a pump, Jessica quickly inflated the doll, then rose. From her pocket, she withdrew an object that resembled a fountain pen. Pointing it at the doll, she thumbed a button on the object's side.

Immediately, a strange, bluish glow enveloped the doll. By it's light, Jessica could see the seams on the doll begin to disappear. Slowly, the shine of rubber faded from the doll's surface. The doll's round pussy closed, becoming a slit that rapidly became covered by golden hair. The breasts shrank slightly, though the nipples remained hard. The hair on the doll's head changed from woolen strands to a soft, luxuriant mane. The eyes deepened from painted images to liquid pools of blue. The transformed doll drew a deep breath, releasing it in a loud moan.

"Oh God, that was good."

Jessica smiled as she watched Julie Simpson, her lover and assistant, rise unsteadily from the floor.

"Did you enjoy your week as a doll, my love?"

Julie's eyes widened. "A week? You told me I'd only be a doll for an hour or so."

"I know," Jessica confessed, "but I couldn't resist the urge to play with you a bit longer."

"You total bitch." The smile that grew on Julie's face belied the harshness of her words. "Do you have any idea what that felt like? I felt everything you did to me. It felt so good, but I couldn't cum. I'm so horny right now, I could explode."

"Well, now," Jessica replied, reaching up to unbutton her blouse, "I think I can do something about that."

Later, curled together on the lab floor, the two woman discussed Julie's transformation.

"And the effect was immediate?" Jessica asked.

Julie nodded. "As soon as the beam hit me, I was paralyzed. I could feel myself changing, but I couldn't move, or even speak. I watched myself change into a doll."

"Good. I've got three clients lined up, so my little toy will get a field test."


"Yes. A rich industrialist who's mistress is threatening to go public, a politician who wants to get rid of some skeletons in his closet, and a love struck recluse who can't bear to be parted from his girlfriend. Now that I have the beam emitter perfected, I should be able to finish all three jobs rather quickly."

"And make us a bundle in the process."

Jessica simply smiled and nodded.

William Clayton looked up from his desk. "Ah, Miss Monroe. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"The pleasure is mine, I'm sure," Jessica replied with a smile as she took a seat before the desk.

William returned the smile. "The pleasure and the profit."

Jessica shrugged. "It pays the bills."

"No doubt." William glanced at a file on his desk. "Jessica Monroe, age 34. Extremely wealthy, but with no visible source of income. You're rumored to be dabbling in everything from the stock market to white slavery. Only in certain circles is it known that you've perfected a technique for transforming people into inflatable love dolls, which you do for selected clients for a hefty fee."

"You seem to have studied up on me," Jessica remarked with a frown.

"I like to know who I do business with. I also like to see what I'm paying for."

Jessica smiled. "Well, for the money you're paying, a demonstration would seem to be in order. My assistant is waiting outside. May I bring her in?"

"By all means."

Still smiling, Jessica rose and moved to the door, where she ushered Julie inside.

"Would you prefer her clothed or nude?" she asked.

"Sex dolls don't normally wear clothing," William replied.

"Very well, nude it is." Turning, Jessica nodded to Julie, who quickly stripped. As she dropped the last item of apparel, her panties, Jessica aimed the pen at her and thumbed a control.

Julie stiffened as the beam engulfed her in it's bluish glow. Her skin began to take on a rubbery shine, even as seams appeared at her shoulders, thighs, and around her breasts. Her pussy clenched, then flowered open into a perfect circle. Her mouth opened into a similar circle, teeth and tongue vanishing. Her breasts swelled, the nipples becoming hard. Jessica released the control and the glow faded.

"Quite impressive," William commented. "Is she still alive?"

"Completely," Jessica replied, turning to doll to show how the anus had moved higher and become a round opening. "She can see, hear, and, most importantly, feel, everything. Her sensitivity is greatly heightened, but she cannot achieve orgasm. Her thoughts are those of a simple love toy."

"And the transformation is reversible?"



Jessica returned to her chair. "She can even be deflated and stored, then taken out later, inflated, and changed back. And she'll have no concept of the passing of time."

"And this is what you can do to my girlfriend for me?"

"Once I'm paid, yes."

"I must say," William remarked, "your technology is impressive. There's only one thing wrong with it."

Jessica frowned. "And what might that be?"

"It's outdated." As he spoke, William extended his right arm, hand formed into a fist. From a ring on his middle finger, a golden beam emerged to strike Jessica in the center of her chest.

At the impact of the beam, Jessica lost control of her body. Unable to move or speak, she could only stare straight forward as the beam engulfed her. For long seconds, she sat in the center of a golden aura. Then the beam faded.

Jessica took stock. Other than still being paralyzed, nothing had changed. Well, almost nothing. For some reason, she became strongly aware of her clothing. It seemed she could feel every thread that touched her. It was as if her body's sense of touch had been incredibly heightened. 'What has he done to me?', she wondered.

William moved around the desk to stand before her. "As you can see," he said, "my device is much smaller and easier to use. And the changes it produces are somewhat different from your own toy." Smiling, he held a mirror before her eyes.

At first, Jessica could see no difference. Then, as she looked closer, she noticed that the skin on her face had a faint shine. Her eyes, too, had changed. They were still a luxuriant green, but now there was no spark within them, no life.

William set the mirror on his desk, then reached for her left foot. As he raised the foot, Jessica could feel her knee joint moving stiffly, like the old Barbie dolls she'd played with as a child. When her knee was straight, he repeated the process on her other leg. Then, grasping her by the arms, he lifted her and clasped her to him, reaching down to straighten each leg at the hip. Turning, he set her down facing a full length mirror on the wall.

"As you can see," he said, undressing her slowly, "you've become something a bit different from your lovely assistant. Your body is now composed of a synthetic material, varying in composition to simulate skin and muscle. And, pardon the expression, fatty areas as well." With these words, he reached up and softly cupped her breasts. The feeling that washed through her would have buckled Jessica's knees if she'd had command of her body. Never had she felt anything so intense.

"Your bones are made of a lightweight material. And, of course, you're anatomically correct." With this, William's hand slid down to the slit between her thighs. As his finger entered her, Jessica again experienced that intense rush of pleasure. She was almost disappointed when he removed his finger.

"You see, I also have a client. This client wants a doll, but not one of your run-of-the-mill inflatable kind. Inflatables can't be put into the kinds of bondage he wants his doll for. Which is not to say you can't be used for other purposes. The inside of your pussy is lined with a special material that doesn't need lubrication. So you'll always be ready for whatever he wants to put inside you."

Jessica watched helplessly as William drew her arms behind her and laced them snugly into a single sleeve. Her mind whirling with fear, anger, and, increasingly, need, she screamed denial within her mind as he opened her mouth slightly, just enough to hold the penis gag that slipped easily between her lips. After buckling the straps, William stepped back and picked up the phone.

"Jim? This is William. Very nicely, actually. Yours? Glad to hear it. Look, I've got that item you were wanting. Yes, she's standing right in front of me, bound and ready. Ten minutes? That will be fine. See you then."

Thirty minutes later, William sat once more behind his desk. Jim, his client, had come and collected the dollified Jessica, leaving in her place a very tidy sum of cash.

William glanced at the Julie doll, smiling as he thumbed the control of Jessica's transformation pen. As the blue glow engulfed the doll, William laughed.

"I hope you aren't too attached to being human, dear. Now that I've seen what kind of doll I can make, I think I want one of my own." And as Julie drew her first (and last) breath, William dropped the pen and aimed his ring.

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