Perfect Position

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2007 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

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As usual in the morning yesterday, my husband cuddled against me as he started to stir, but this morning would be a little different. I snuck off to the bathroom, freshened up, brushed my teeth and my hair, and snuck back into bed. I had decided what I wanted as soon as I woke and felt his hardness pressing innocently into my back; I wanted to have a day of fun! I told my husband exactly what I wanted; for him to make me do anything HE wanted all day long and I didn’t want to have to leave the house, that was pretty much the last thing I did yesterday, that I had not been ordered to do.

Almost as soon as I had told him what I wanted he said “ok”, and that he had a surprise for me. “Honey just stay right where you are and play with yourself some so you are nice and ready for me when I get back.” He tossed on his robe, went to our dirty secrets drawer where we keep all of our adult fun stuff hidden, pocketed something from the drawer, grabbed a standard vibrator to toss to me in bed, and then headed off to the bathroom to freshen up himself.

Already in a good mood I took my time enjoying the vibrator, thinking of him, and trying to imagine what surprise he might have in store for me today. I could hear my husband in the bathroom brushing his teeth, taking a drink of water, and what sounded like wetting and using a towel to clean something. I knew right off what that meant; he was cleaning his privates and would want a blowjob, which of course I never mind giving. My husband’s praises, that I give a world class deep throat, always make me happy to please.

I expected my husband to come into bed, lie on his back and tell me what he wanted, but instead when he came in he just stood in the middle of the room and pointed down at the floor in front of him. As I slunk out of the sheets ‘prowling’ towards him seductively on all fours, he pointed back near my pillow and told me to ‘bring my little friend.’ It was slightly harder to slink off the bed in a sexy manner holding onto a vibrator, but I managed it well I think. As I came towards him he pointed at the ground below him again and said, “Kneel in front of me, legs far apart, and sit on it” indicating my vibrator. I did as he instructed, and opened my mouth, expecting that he would give me a mouthful any moment, but it didn’t come. I knelt on the floor on my knees and the balls of my feet, with my hands on my knees in front of me, trying to use my arms to press my breasts together slightly for some better cleavage.

Instead of presenting himself  to me, he just paced around me, every time I tried to turn my head to watch him he would gently grab my head and turn it forward, if I closed my mouth he would open it. Soon enough he was down on all fours inspecting the vibrator’s position in me, adjusting it a bit, as I knelt perfectly still. Next he moved my legs some, pulling my ankles and then my knees further and further apart until they where at there limit, almost painfully. This made me a few inches shorter, and forced me much deeper on the vibrator. He inspected me once again, then he pulled on my toes so that I was forced off of the balls of my feet and my toes where made to point straight out behind me. Now I was fully impaled on the vibrator, and I could feel the bedroom rug tickling my clit lightly.

The pacing continued, he adjusted my hair, played with my nipples making them hard, and made me bend my back some so that my tits jutted straight out. When he was done he came to stand before me with the tip of his manhood hanging just inside my gaping mouth but not touching me at all. After 5 years of marriage I know when he wants me to be still so that he can direct the play, so I sat there on my widely spread legs, waiting for whatever would come next.

“Honey, if you want to be my plaything for the rest of the day you will have to swallow my cum.” This was all he said. I didn’t know at the time what he meant, or the implications of his instruction, but even if I had known then what I know now I still would have done as he asked.

He stepped forward and rested his tip on my tongue, I swirled my tongue around his head as best I could trying not to move my body, but soon enough he had grabbed the back of my head and was forcing me to take him all the way until his balls where resting on my chin. A couple times he did just that; pressing into me fully, holding himself there, sometimes intentionally throbbing his member deep in my throat, then he would pull out for me to catch my breath, and do it all over. After he had had some fun enjoying my lips pressed fully into his shaved crotch he started to pump into me, again deep, and again pulling out every time he knew I needed a breath. After some time of this he started to reach orgasm and I could sense he was getting ready to blow.

Instinctively I reached up to hold onto his ass to pull him deeper into my throat, but he pulled out quickly and explained, “Put your hands back down, I need you in the perfect position. Now, squeeze your tits together just like you had them before. Good girl, now swallow hard. When I come I want you to close your lips around me and squeeze me with everything you’ve got.”

He pressed himself back into me, deeply, and stroked a couple of times. I could see his eyes shut and I knew what was coming. I closed my lips tight like a good girl, sucked, clenched, and squeezed him with my tongue and every inch of my throat. As I felt him unload in me my mind went a bit numb. As soon as his cum hit my stomach, I was reminded of my vibrator. I could feel it humming away; it almost felt like it was getting stronger. Not expecting a building orgasm, the feelings and emotions took me by surprise. The only things that seemed to exist in the world were my body, a man deep in my throat, and this wonderful vibrator, and the sensations it was creating.

As I got closer and closer to orgasm, I could almost feel the vibrations on my clit through the rug so I tried to press my clit into the rug harder, and take the vibrator deeper. Closing my eyes hard, still not able to reach my orgasm, it felt like my mind was falling. I felt like a person would feel if they where pushed off a bridge unexpectedly, and they where groaping pointlessly in the air at a rope just out of reach in front of them that would stop there fall, that unreachable rope represented my crashing orgasm, just out of reach but, like the rope, the orgasm almost seemed necessary for survival.

As my mind fell I could feel a warm feeling spreading from my stomach. Everything seemed to slow down as the warmth slowly engulfed my body. My reality slowed, by breathing slowed, my body tingled. My building orgasm slowed, and the feeling of mentally falling also slowed. I realized my perspective had changed some, now the only things in my existence where the spreading warmth and my coming orgasm. I could not feel any part of my body, not even the vibrator or my husband, but they also didn’t seem to matter. Existence for me in that moment was like a second before the big bang, there was nothing, then WAABAMB the orgasm hit all at once and all of reality sprang back into my mind, and my eyes snapped open. I could feel my sex squeezing rhythmically on the vibrator on its own accord but this seemed unimportant at this moment.

I was in so much of a shock over what had just happened that I really, at that moment, still didn’t know what had happened. I was expecting to come down from my orgasm but instead it just cooled down some and leveled out. I could feel my sex still squeezing on the vibrator, but much slower. The first thing that I noticed which didn’t make sense was that my husband was still deep in my throat. There was no way that I could have held him in me that long (with that huge of an orgasm) and not be panting franticly for air. I would have wondered if I had died if it had not been for my body’s rhythmic, yet slowing, squeezing below. It almost felt like the squeezing was pulling the toy deeper into me, but I was not concerned with that right now. The next thing I noticed was that I could not move. Soon all kinds of odd facts came rushing into my mind that didn’t make sense.

My mind was having a difficult time processing all of this new information due to my continuing orgasm, but I tried to focus. I wondered why my orgasm had not subsided, why I could not move, why I was not breathing, and yet why did I feel so sexy. Why did I still feel horney after that amazing orgasm, but then again it wasn’t actually over with yet. I noticed that I felt different, like I was just one piece. It felt like my arms were part of my chest, and that my ankles were part of my butt cheeks. It even felt like my hair was part of my neck and back. The only part of me that did not feel like it was part of whatever it was touching was my breasts, I could distinctly feel them pressing into each other. There was no other way to describe it, I felt like I was one piece. By the end of all this ‘wondering and experiencing’ I also realized that I could no longer feel the vibrator in my pussy anymore, though I could still feel strong vibrations in that entire region.

“Interesting isn’t it honey, I’ve been waiting to try this on you for months, I just couldn’t decide when I wanted to do it. Today is the perfect day though. Today is the big game. You must have forgotten. Well I was going to invite my work buddies over, but instead I think I’ll invite over all of our swinger friends, and you will be the party toy.”

“Don’t worry hun, the effects wear off once you have your next orgasm, so by morning you’ll feel just like yourself again, well that is assuming enough people decide to play with you at the party, but for now you are just my sex toy for the day. You see I took a pill this morning that added a special something to my semen. Once you swallowed it the concoction transformed you into what you are now. A seamless high quality ‘lifelike’ latex fuck doll replica of your former self.” As he said this he pulled himself out of my mouth with a loud POP and pushed me over on my back. Sure enough my body was one solid piece and I landed (bounced really) neatly on my back with my vaginal entrance now pointing up, fully accessible. My husband bent over, picked me up like I only weighed 50 lbs and placed me on the bed.

“Watching that massive orgasm of yours, and your body transforming like that has made me horney again. Let’s just turn off your internal vibrator for the moment.” My husband reached into his pocket, pulled out a remote and flicked the small switch. The vibrations consuming my sex stopped instantly. Now I knew where the vibrator had gone… it was part of me! I took a moment to get a feeling for this new body. I felt a lot lighter, but what really wierded me out was that I could feel my mouth and vagina gaping open, and they wanted attention. Even the space between my breasts seemed to desire to have something stroked between them. My anus on the other hand seemed to be welded shut. I realized why my husband wanted me “in the perfect position” and wanted his cock and my dildo to be in me, they keep my holes open during the transformation so they would be usable later.

My husband had his way with me, cuming into a cup he had grabbed, and my constant orgasm built slightly. “I might need some of this cum for later, I want to see if it will keep in the freezer and maybe I’ll dollify a few of our swinger friend’s wife’s while they are here. Here let’s give you a head start on your orgasm.” As my husband started to walk towards the bathroom he pulled out the remote again, clicked it, and my entire crotch region sang with vibrations. This didn’t help much, but after about 10 minutes I noticed that the vibrations seemed to build my continuous orgasm ever so slightly over time.

My husband left me there for what felt like only moments, but by time he had come back my orgasm had built substantially, so I knew he must have been gone for hours. He lifted me up, turned me over and rested my stomach on the bed with my knees hanging over. I would have fallen off the bed except that he pressed himself deep into me and held the weight of my hips and legs some. Soon he was pounding me from behind and had cum again. (Probably in another cup because he didn’t cum in me.) When he was done cleaning himself up again he put on his robe then carried me downstairs, in full view of the neighborhood, knowing I would get a perverted thrill out of that. He set me down on a couch side table, facing the front foyer. Our living room can not be seen from the front doorway, but anyone coming into the living room would probably see me first, and I would defiantly see them. Before leaving the room the bastard turned off my vibrator robbing me of any additional orgasmic escalation.

Soon guests started to arrive. It would have been weird to anyone else, but everyone that was coming over for this party was used to various oddities and sex toys lying around. I just hoped that I was not going to be the door prize for this party! As each one of our swinger friends came in, stripped naked in the foyer, then moved into the privacy of our living room and saw me, they all came over to get a better look, and a fondle. None of our swinger friends had ever seen anything like me at one of our parties before so I was quickly the center of attention. Everyone assumed that we had had my body cast into a latex doll. I could not tell you if it was just sexual frustration or seeing so many penises but I just wanted to scream, “fuck me, someone, please!”

This ended soon enough as I was ignored for something much more important; the Red Socks game. There where probably 20 couples over our place this time, which even for our parties was a large turnout. Most of the women had gone off to our master bedroom to have some girl only fun, while some of the other girls had stayed behind, preferring to have the freedom to suck and fuck whatever cocks they felt like, while being almost completely ignored by the men watching the game. The rule, during a game, was so long as they didn’t get a guy off they could do whatever they liked, and the guys could not help but enjoy the attention they provided. Well, all being said, the girls where ignored as much as was possible. These girls are the strong willed type that prefer teasing men over sucking clit. I watched as these amazingly hot girls went around the room, one by one sucking guys hard then just leaving them hard to go tease another man in various ways.

During the entire game I watched each of these girls taking a little extra time working on my husband to “thank” him for hosting the party. Every once in a while my husband would reach into the pocket in his lazy boy, and the vibrator inside of me would either turn on or off, teasing me, and helping to build my never fading feeling of pleasure deep inside me. Watching this was a huge turn-on for me, but what I wanted most was to be in the room with the women! I love being in there, especially with this big of a turn-up. It’s impossible to be up there with them for the length of the game and not end up cuming on at least five separate occasions while bringing other girls off. I knew that if I was up there with them now that I could have gotten off and been released from this prison so that I could have fully enjoyed the party how I saw fit. This was not to be though. I would just have to wait and prey that enough guys wanted to fuck me when there where 20 other smoking hot living breathing girls here. I realized then that there was no way I was getting out of this tonight, up against that kind of competition.

After lots of yelling and screaming, from the game fanatics downstairs, and the pussy fanatics up stairs, the game was finally over. My husband stood up and apologized for my absence, ‘something had cum up’. “Girls you must leave the room, us guys need some guy talk time.” The girls begrudgingly gave up their cocks and headed upstairs, smacking each other on the asses, giggling the entire way.

“Gentlemen you are going to love this. That fuck toy in the corner is actually my wife, let’s just say it’s magic. But we will need a demonstration before any of you will believe me. So, have any of your wives mentioned the desire to be a sex toy or a fuck doll?”

Three guys raised there hands, but when my husband said, “REALLY wanted to be one”, two of them put their hands down.

“Good Chris… Jim, I know you have the most self control of all of us, and won't let those gypsies upstairs drag you into their midst. Please go get our volunteer, well unknowing volunteer, Chris’s wife Samantha.”

When Samantha and Jim came downstairs they were in a bit of a knot. Well at least he was carrying her while she was hugging onto his front with her legs and arms, and he was buried deep inside her while she bounced up and down on his cock as they came down the stairs. “Sorry boss, she wouldn’t come unless I would give her a ride down.”

“Samantha I have an extra pleasant surprise for you. Lie down on the floor spread eagle and play with yourself until you cum or I say stop.”

As she squirmed around the floor, obviously enjoying showing off for these 20 guys my husband grabbed a never-lit cigar and pressed it into her sex, and another into her anus. “Boy you girls leave no hole un-lubed when you play do you.” Samantha quickly retorted to my husband, “We have to be ready for when you blokes finally decide to join us don’t we? Anyways why are you shoving controlled substances up my cunt? I’m not Monica Lewinsky.”

“Jim hold these in her so she does not dislodge them, press them deep and leave them there. Samantha, can you deep throat?”

“DUH, I just did it to you a bunch of times during the game, you guys are so dense.”

“Samantha, I hear that you have a fantasy of being a fuck doll. We are going to play a little game, so I want you to lie there spread out like a limp doll. Remember dolls don’t move, don’t talk, and are just there for our pleasure. I’m going to fuck your mouth and cum deep in your throat, I want to you swallow hard when I do.” Before he was even done talking she had stopped playing with herself, let her arms drop limply to her sides, and spread her legs lewdly to look like a fuck doll would. She was enjoying this game already.

“Jim, flick her clit and try to get her off.”

My husband lowered himself onto over her head, looking like he was about to do pushups he fucked her throat deeply. Having fucked me already today more than once I thought he would take a while to cum, but the attention during the game must have sped things up because soon he was pressed deep into her for a long time and she was not gagging for air. I knew what she must have been going through, and I watched as best I could. I could see her body shake with orgasm, her skin color changing, and I could see her husband stoop over to try to pull my husband off of her so she could get a breath that she did not need. It all happened so fast. I thought that my transformation had taken many minutes but her transformation had been literally seconds. As her eyes snapped open and her body stopped moving my husband pulled himself off of her, pulled out the cigars that where being slowly drawn into her body, and sat down in his chair to rest and watch the reactions of the other men.

Gasps could be heard, in the living room, and intermittently through the screams of pleasure from upstairs.

“What have you done to her!?” Samantha’s husband yelled, panicking.

“Don’t worry, the effect wears off after a certain amount of sexual interaction. My wife over there will need all of your help tonight or she will be stuck like that for days. Your wife Samantha on the other hand will be delighted out of her mind to be trapped in that doll body for days, maybe weeks. We will carry Samantha upstairs and place her in the middle of the floor during our orgy so she can enjoy watching. We’ll let the girls do whatever they like with her, but all of us men will know not to do anything to her. My wife on the other hand will also be brought up, but she will get each of your attention in turn throughout the night, if you want to help me free her.”

We were both carried upstairs. My husband announced that Samantha was not “feeling herself at the moment” and that she would be skipping out of the party too. One of the girls commented, “good… two girls gone, more desert for us!” as she grabbed one of the guys and practically threw him into the writhing pile of girls on the floor.

At first Samantha was placed in the middle of the floor and I was placed on top of her with my face in her crotch and my knees on the floor next to her ears. We where left in the 69 position for quite some time while all of the women fluffed the men. By the end of the night though the only ‘person’ in the room that never changed position was Samantha.

When the party was over and everyone was exhausted some people cleaned up in the bathroom, some just went downstairs to get dressed and leave. Before Samantha was carried out to Chris’s car I heard Chris thank my husband, saying that he didn’t know how long he could manage to keep her like that, but he knew how much she was going to love it.

As everyone was leaving I could feel my body exploding with almost-orgasm, over and over and over again, building then crashing back down, then building again just to crash back before the orgasm came. I knew that just one more glorious fuck and I would be me again. I wondered if my husband would ‘cum’ and save me or just leave me on the floor like a discarded toy all night.

Would he do me in the morning? How many sleepless days and nights I would have to endure this pleasure. On one hand I wanted it to end so I could thank my husband properly; on the other hand, it was way too good.

FYI There will not be a sequel, if you can’t tell by my other writings here, I like to leave the story open for your private alter interpretations.


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