The Perils Of Lynn 213

by Akito01

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© Copyright 2016 - Akito01 - Used by permission

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It was her fate to be recycled. She only understood that, being part of the estate of her deceased mistress, it had been decided to have her sold off for reconditioning. She didn't know exactly what that meant, but she did realize that after thirteen years of activation, and a nearly unwavering routine of service, everything was going to change. 

The Recycler's name was Humbolt, who arrived at the house with his assistant Percival. Both were dressed in black suits, matching their blank painted service vehicle. This wasn't typical of the profession, but an odd caprice of Humbolt, who liked to refer to these trips as 'bringing out the dead'. Percival didn't think much of the joke, but knew the value of an apprenticeship in this sort of tech industry, and so he quietly played along. 

The house was to be sold as well, and with so much of the furniture already moved out, the interior felt very dark and empty. It struck Percival as a rather sad and lonely image then when they found her. Seated on a plain wooden chair in the middle of the bare living room, her head was bowed, a single black power cord running from some part of her back to an outlet in the wall. 

"You see this," Humbolt said gruffly, holding out the crumpled yellow work-order sheet in front of her. 

"Yes," she replied, raising her head. 

She was dressed in the manner of an old English maid, with a long black dress and white apron. She had the fair complexion of a European, but had been given long slick black hair that appeared very Asian. 

"You've been given over for reconditioning," Humbolt informed her, "You will come along with us." 

Percival came around behind her, unhooking the power cord from it's socket at the base of her neck. Moving aside some of her thick hair, he read off the stamped serial number. 

"Hmm, a 213," he remarked. "I was expecting something more ancient from what we'd been told." 

"Yes, well, still hardly state of the art," Humbolt shrugged, studying her. "At least it'll be an easier job though. I quite like the face." 

"She is pretty," Percival agreed, helping the machine to her feet. 

At first glance, she did seem very human. But, in accordance with the Artificial Persons Act, did possess one distinctly non-human feature. Circular metal panels, lined with a single groove in the middle, were mounted on either side of her head, just above and behind the ears. 

"My name is Lynn," she introduced herself to them both, her voice inflected with a slight English accent, though her overall pattern of speech was characteristically deliberate. 

"Only for now it is," Humbolt told her. "Come on, follow us into the van." 

* * * 

On arrival, Lynn was quickly installed in the Recycler's basement clean-room. It may not have seemed as clean as the title suggested, but it was designed to eliminate all particulate dust and static electricity during the process of repairs and modifications. Made to stand on the short dais in the middle of the room, Percival untied her apron, and unzipped the back of her dress. 

"I dare say we could keep her clothes," he remarked. 

"Hm, I haven't made up my mind about that yet," Humbolt said, looking at her critically, one finger rubbing against his narrow chin. "I'm not even certain how much of her is salvageable." 

"What, really?" This came as a surprise to Percival, since as far as he could tell, she was in perfect condition. Having Lynn raise her arms, he removed her garments, leaving her bare. As was the case of all 200 series models, she was well sculpted in the female form, her body smooth and seamless, apart from the major areas of articulation. The thin black threads of her internal wiring and pneumatic systems were visible through the gaps in her armpits and behind the knees. Most of her other articulations were more discreet, though not perfect. Still, these were the things that made this model series much easier to deal with, since it didn't require the shifting and removal of a lot of synthetic skin to access any particular spot. 

While Percival ran a power line to the small socket at the back of her neck, Humbolt used a magnetic screwdriver to open the panel on the left side of her head. Lynn remained sedate and unaffected as leads were inserted from the diagnostic monitor into the now exposed ports on her head. 

"She's in really good shape," Percival noted, walking around her. "I don't see a scratch on her. Not sure about the pneumatics though. They always degrade." 

Humbolt started the diagnostic program, the computer screen flickering into life. 

"You can never trust a visual inspection in these matters," Humbolt told him, taking a small rubber hammer from a set of instruments laid out on a stainless steel tray. Holding Lynn by the wrist, he tapped her along the length of her arm towards her palm. 

"Pressure sensitive," he noted with some satisfaction, her reactions recorded on the monitor screen. All robot body sensors were typically of two types. There was pressure sensitive, which worked like a strain gauge under the synthetic skin. Then there was electro-static, which measured contact in much the same way as a touch screen. Both had their applications, but Humbolt preferred pressure sensitive for his own specific, private reasons. 

"Now, speak." 

"The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog," Lynn dutifully replied. 

Percival stifled a laugh. "I guess she's done this before." 

"I'm concerned about the lag," Humbolt grumbled, looking at the screen. 

"Lag?" To Percival's ears, her reaction was virtually instantaneous. 

Humbolt took a deep sobering breath. 

"I'm not sure how much further I want to go with this one," he pronounced, looking over at his assistant. "Why don't you leave me to it. Go check up on Tina. She should have started on dinner by now." 

"Oh, er, of course," Percival said, backing out of the room. Once the door had been closed, Humbolt unplugged the leads from Lynn's head, giving her a thin smile. 

"So, you've been a very well behaved girl during all this," he remarked, closing her head panel. "Tell me what's on your mind." 


"Well, you are here to be recycled," he continued. "Your body is going to be altered, and your processors wiped clean. In effect, your entire memory is going to be erased to make way for the new. Does it concern you that you're going to lose your entire identity?" 

Lynn frowned to herself as she appeared to consider the question, but couldn't immediately answer. 

"Don't worry," Humbolt said, turning back to his instrument tray. "I don't expect a domestic servant robot to appreciate such an existential question. And its a moot point in any event, because I'm not going to erase your memory. Without an identity, tormenting you wouldn't be much different then tormenting piece of furniture." 

"Tormenting?" She appeared extremely puzzled by the unfamiliar word. 

* * * 

Percival found Tina in the kitchen as expected, slowly chopping vegetables by the sink. Despite the nature of his job as Recycler, Tina was the only robot that Humbolt actually owned himself. She was not a standard model by any means, what some would refer to as a 'Frankenstein creation', composed of disparate yet state-of-the-art parts. Percival had never seen her 'under the hood', so he didn't know all that much about her manufacture. She stood taller than most standard models, at over 6", and had nearly waist length, thick red hair. She was clad in her habitual tight fitting black dress, but her most striking feature was Humbolt's concession to the Artificial Persons Act. 

Sprouting from the back of her shoulders were a pair of stainless steel wings. They were useless for flight, of course, but they were fully articulated, and could extend to several feet when not folded close to her body. It was yet another detail that made Percival very uneasy whenever he had to deal with her; she simply didn't look or act like any commercially available robot he'd ever encountered. 

"How are you doing," he greeted her, "need any help?" 

"No, I'm fine," she said, her voice flat but pleasantly deep in timbre. 

Percival watched her work, noting how slowly and deliberately she was using the knife. Most domestic models worked much faster than this. It was almost as if this wasn't her primary function. 

"Are you sure you're making enough for the Recycler and myself," he asked. 

"This is just for you," she said. "Mr Humbolt informed me he will be working very late, and will not be eating with you." 


Percival stepped back, glancing down the hallway. Not for the first time did he get the ineffable feeling that something was profoundly wrong. 

* * * 

Humbolt ran a hand along the length of her chin and down her neck. To the touch, her synthetic skin felt virtually identical to real skin, only somewhat cooler and less elastic. The challenge in creating a good artificial skin covering had invariably less to do with texture, than in creating a material that was also infinitely durable and capable of transmitting information to the body sensors. It was the sort of technology that Humbolt prided himself on mastering, though what lay beneath that skin was at least as important. 

"Some things cannot be explained so easily in words," he told Lynn in response to her one word question. "One must experience it for oneself." 

Humbolt held up the small black device he'd retrieved earlier. It was roughly the size and shape of an electric razor, but with two short prongs extending from the front end, tipped with stout metal probes. 

"An old fashioned stun-gun, you might think," he explained, triggering a bright spark to flash between the two probes, "but not. Needless to say, you have no nervous system as its understood in human terms. However, when you consider how information is sent from your sensors to your main processing unit, the difference is negligible. And as for how I choose to apply that knowledge..." 

Thrusting the device hard against her right upper arm, he pressed the trigger. Lynn immediately threw back her head, mouth open wide. Her entire body went into spasm before she collapsed onto her knees. 

She looked up at him, her eyes wide with confusion, gently fingering her arm. Two small dark scorch marks had been left behind on her skin. 

"That's what we would call 'pain'," he said, smiling, "or at least a life-like simulation." 

"Why?" she asked. 

"To make sure you do what you're told," he said, running a hand through her silky black hair. 

"But... I wouldn't disobey you. I am under your ownership until I am resold." 

"Oh, I'm sure you'd obey me anyway, but that's not nearly as much fun." He held the back of her head and pressed her face hard against his crotch. "Besides, a lot of what I'm going to ask of you is not exactly part of your normal operational parameters. I want to make sure there is no pause in your actions." 

Indeed, Lynn had never been treated this way in the entire time she'd served under her mistress. Unable to draw on previous experience, she could only be passive under Humbolt's manipulations. 

"Undo my belt," he calmly told her, "take down my pants." 

Reaching up with both hands, she used her nimble fingers to do exactly that. Since helping her mistress dress and undress was part of her regular routine, this at least was familiar. 

"My underwear as well," he told her. 

Lynn obeyed, now confronted with the sight of his naked penis, which was in a state of hard erection. Holding the base of his organ with his free hand, he brushed the tip over and around the features of her face. 

"You really are very pretty, 213," he said, looking down at her. 

"Feel free to call me Lynn," she said. 

"No. I still haven't decided decided what your name will be," he replied, gently squeezing his shaft as he continued to rub himself over her cheeks and lips, "or if you even deserve one. A '213' is what you are, so that's what I'll call you. Now, open your mouth." 

No sooner had she done so and he thrust his engorged member between her lips. Something within her assumed he'd made a mistake and instinctively drew back, but he held her head firmly in place with one hand. 

"Keep your lips together," he instructed her, "form a suction." 

Unable to fathom his intent, she did her best to accommodate him as he pushed himself back and forth, fucking her mouth. 

Without warning, Humbolt pushed the end of the stun-gun against the side of her neck and pulled the trigger. Eyes rolling back, Lynn clutched at this thighs to keep balance as her body was wracked by spasms. Obeying the strictest edicts in her code against harming a human, it took a great deal of effort of will to keep her mouth from clamping shut on his member. Finally he released the trigger, which was soon followed by a flood of sticky fluid erupting into her oral cavity from his penetrating organ. 

A thin trickle of that fluid escaped her lips as he pulled out, letting out a deep sigh as he did so. 

"Not bad for starters," he said, putting aside the stun-gun and pulling up his trousers. "But, it's going to be much better once I've done modifying you. I think I'll start with the pelvis." 

"Pelvis," she asked, having no record of any such upgrade necessary for that part of the body. 

"Hmm, you'll see," he grinned, holding up a slender cartridge of hardware. "But this little nugget here, which I'm going to put in your head, is what's really going to change your world, little 213." 

Lynn collected some of the semen that had slid down her chin onto her fingers. She couldn't understand either why he'd shocked her again, for apparently no reason, or why he'd put this substance into her mouth. 

"Nothing to say," he said, noting her silence. "Well, no matter." 

Pressing a switch, a large panel of the floor rose up behind her, revealing itself to be an operations table of sorts. 

"First, to turn out your lights." 

Opening the opposite head panel, Humbolt used the magnetic screwdriver to turn over a number of hard switches. Eyes closing, Lynn went limp, collapsing onto the floor. 

* * * 

"Dinner is ready, sir." 

Percival nearly jumped out of his skin, crouched as he was by the door to the clean room. He looked up to see Tina standing at the top of the stairs. 

"I, uh... I'm coming." 

Swallowing hard, he left the scene in the basement and trod up the stairs. He mind still swam with the images of what he'd just witnessed. Under Tina's gaze, he put on an unconcerned face, knowing that she was likely to report anything amiss to the Recycler. Best not to give her cause for suspicion. But, even as he ate the dinner she'd laid out, he was desperately trying to sort it all out. 

* * * 

Percival glanced over at the green LCD of his nightstand alarm clock. It was just past 3a.m. The old bastard must be done and asleep by now. All the suspicions that had clung to him during his apprenticeship had borne itself out. He couldn't remain here any longer, not with a clear conscious. 

Taking his already packed shoulder bag, he crept out of his room and made his way to the cleanroom. Switching on the lights, he found Lynn laid out on the operating table, clad in a long pale green hospital-style gown. 

"Can you hear me," he whispered urgently into her ear. 

Lynn's eyes opened, focusing on his. On first glance, a robot's eyes looked virtually identical to a humans. Only on closer inspection would one notice the very thin radial lines that formed a spiral pattern through the soft brown iris around the pupil. 

"Can you stand," he asked. 

"I think so." 

Percival helped Lynn down from off the table. Whatever changes Humbolt had made didn't seem to have affected her equilibrium, which was fortunate. Depending on the sort of changes made, it could take some time for the internal software to adjust to the new weight balance and center of gravity. 

"Come on," Percival said, tugging her hand. 

"Where are we going?" 

"I'm rescuing you," he told her. "We're getting out of here. Just keep silent and follow me." 

* * * 

Percival's fingers rapped nervously on the steering wheel as he studied the bare road ahead. Lynn sat sedately next to him, seat belt in place. 

"Trust me, we're well out of there," he muttered, glancing over at her. "People like that... I can't even begin to describe how sick they are." 

Lynn looked back at him, head tilted. 

"That's why he behaved so strangely," she asked, "because he was ill?" 

"Yeah, just not in the usual way." 

Still, it wasn't the sort of thing he could go to the police with. Lawmakers were still fairly ambivalent when it came to androids, and unless he could demonstrate Humbolt was a clear danger to live humans, he'd only get himself in trouble for stealing the Recyclers property. 

"About the only thing I can think of is to give you to my parents," he said, wishing he had some better ideas. "Hopefully Humbolt will let the matter drop. Then I have to find a new job for myself. Right now though, we better find a hotel room until morning. I don't want the cops to pull us over or anything." 

Finding a small Travel Lodge motel wasn't too difficult. While Lynn waited in the car, Percival booked them their room. It was a single and not that large, but it wasn't as if Lynn needed either a lot of space or a bed. Still, Percival felt the need to apologize for their circumstance. 

"I feel like I should be the one on the floor," he said self-consciously. "You'll be alright there?" 

Lynn, standing along the wall by the bedside, nodded in answer. 

"How are your energy reserves?" 

"I should not require recharging for another fourteen hours," she replied. 

"Good, good. We'll get an early start tomorrow then. Goodnight, Lynn." 

"Goodnight, master." 

With that, Percival turned off the light, plunging them into darkness. 

* * * 

"I see." 

Humbolt stood framed in the doorway, clad in a loose fitting bathrobe, looking into the now empty cleanroom. Tina remained just behind him. 

"I take it Percival is nowhere to be found either," he said, turning to face her. 

Tina shook her head. 

"I see." 

Crossing the length of the floor, Humbolt retrieved a small hand-held datalink. A few button presses later and a digital map of the city came to life on the LCD screen. 

"Fortunately I tagged her before closing her up," he muttered. "Tina, wait for me in the van. I'm going to get dressed, then we'll go collect our missing property." 

"Yes, sir." 

* * * 

Percival's eyes fluttered open, startled into wakefulness by a misplaced sound. Lying in the darkness, he tried to pick it out. It sounded like someone whimpering very very quietly, voice strained. What's more, he was almost certain it was coming from within their room. Was someone sneaking around in here? 

Reaching over, he clicked on the bedside lamp, sitting up expecting to confront an intruder. Instead, he looked over to see Lynn. Now seated on the floor, her back was to the wall, her legs spread apart, knees raised. Her hospital style gown was trussed up past her waist, and she was rubbing in a circular motion at the junction of her thighs with her right hand. Her head was lolled to one side, mouth partly open. 

"What on earth are you doing," he gasped in shock. 

"I... I can't help it," she awkwardly replied. "I only wanted to see how I was modified. The more I touch it, the more I keep wanting to play with it." 

A repeating forced-feedback loop? To heck with that, it looked for all the world as if she were masturbating! 

"Just what has he done to you," Percival whispered in a kind of awed horror, slipping out of bed. Kneeling down in front of her, he gently removed Lynn's hand, exposing the startling results of Humbolt's upgrade. 

Where normally should have only been smooth featureless skin, there was the unmistakable form of female genitalia. Darkly shaded labial lips were loose and parted, a slightly raised ridge of skin near the top. Parting the lips, he revealed the discreet hole of her artificial vagina, the interior synthetic skin shiny and red. 

This was well beyond Percival's range of experience. Although there were plenty of myths about 'sexdroids', the facts were rather different. Robot manufacturing relied on an economy of scale that largely prohibited such dubious specialization. One could certainly find latex strap-on cunts offered for sale in the back of mens magazines. Intended to fit over the hips of any normal domestic robot, the idea always struck Percival as somewhat pathetic and disgusting. But what Humbolt had done was a quantum leap past such clumsy sex toys. Brushing his hand over the top of Lynn's 'clitoris', he could feel the twitching of some internal servo, and she moved restlessly under his probing touch. 

"You can feel that?" he asked. 

Lynn nodded. 

"Please, continue," she begged him. 

Percival swallowed hard. Putting two fingers together, he slid them up inside her. Lynn raised her hips to meet his penetration, seemingly eager for it. The 200 series were not capable of handling wetware, but the texture of the material Humbolt had used for her vaginal walls was soft and slippery enough to give the impression of being faintly moist. Lynn made a quiet cooing noise, and Percival could feel her interior twitch over his fingers. 

So, this was Humbolt's work. No wonder he never bothered with industrial machinery -there were probably no shortage of perverts who would pay for this sort of modification. 

Lynn's eyes closed, and Percival found himself moving his digits back and forth, finger fucking her. It seemed a natural thing to do, and it felt so good in there, even a bit warm. He could well imagine that this was little different from a real woman's cunt -though imagine is all he could do, having never been with a woman in this way. In any event, his cock certainly couldn't tell the difference, straining against his trousers as his erection grew. 

Using his thumb, he stroked her clitoris, causing Lynn's head to toss to one side, her legs opening still further to accommodate his caress. 

"Should I stop?" he hesitantly asked. 

"No! Please, more," she said plaintively. 

Perhaps if he'd had more experience, it would have been easier to resist or ignore his own growing arousal. Intellectually, he knew she wasn't human, that whatever he did to her would have no consequences; even rape, if he really wanted to... 

Not allowing himself to think, he quickly scrambled out of his pants. Pulling her forward, she now lay flat on her back, and Percival clasped against her in a tight embrace. They shared a nervous uncertain stare, then he lined up his erection with her soft opening. The moment he entered her vagina, she gave a low moan, eyes closing. Percival felt her slick insides parting, his penis buried up to the hilt as he finished his initial thrust. 

Burying one hand in Lynn's thick black hair, he hugged her head close to his chest as he remained sheathed within her. Lynn began to move restlessly beneath him, her body reacting beyond her willful control. Obeying his own unconscious instincts, Percival rocked his hips back and forth in a slow easy motion, Lynn's knees rising in response. Kissing her hotly on the nape of her neck, he tried not to think about the fact he was fucking a machine; at least not until his hand came into contact with the smooth metal of her head panel. But by now it was too late for second thoughts, and her wordless cries urged him to complete the act. 

Gritting his teeth, the muscles in his legs grew visibly taught as he trust himself within her, hard and fast. Unused to such intense sensations, he could feel his climax rapidly approaching, the inner walls of her artificial vagina now smeared with his pre-cum. 

Suddenly Lynn arched her back, her hands clutching at his back. Within, he could feel a sharp rhythmic pulsing over his cock. She was coming!? He'd barely time to consider the unreal implications before he felt the sudden onrush of sensation. He froze stock still, this penis thrust as deeply as possible, emptying his semen within her. 

"Are you alright," Lynn hesitantly asked, unsure of what exactly had taken place between them, and alarmed by Percivals' lack of movement for the last minute or so.

"I'm fine," he said weakly, still catching his breath. "Please, just let me lie like this for a while." 

Lynn couldn't disobey. 

The two remained locked in their embrace, Percival falling asleep over her solid body, his limp penis sliding wetly out of her hole. Lynn, working out the logic in her own limited way, wondered if Percival might not be ill as well -but, this didn't explain her own actions, of why she'd been modified in this way. She would have to ask once Percival awakened. 

* * * 

Percival jolted upright at the sound of splintering wood, the front door to their hotel room bodily forced open. Stepping through was the tall form of a woman clad in black, with stark red hair. 

"My God, Tina," he yelped, reaching up to grab the bed sheets to cover himself. Lynn sat up, blinking in surprise and puzzlement. 

Tina stood before them, her metallic wings outstretched to block off the passage from the room. Behind her, Humbolt appeared, bearing a datalink and a satisfied grin. Percival's mind was racing, but it was clear that his options were few to nil. Tina had never looked so outright menacing as she did now. 

"I believe this is the very definition of being caught red handed," Humbolt said, stepping forward. Lynn still had her gown trussed up above her waist, a position that momentarily puzzled Humbolt. Bending down, he touched her exposed genitals, feeling the very distinct smear of semen that had trickled out. 

"Perhaps I misjudged you," Humbolt said with some small wonder. "I thought this was a simple matter of theft, but I see you had other plans. Breaking in the new recruit, were you?" 

Percival blushed, pulling the bed sheets tighter to his body. 

"Well, we'll find out the truth soon enough," Humbolt shrugged. "Tina, take him." 

The red haired android took Percival up in her arms, her strength much greater than he expected. She hugged him close, in a way that was very intimate. With her cradling his head, he couldn't see the needle that extended from her forefinger, which she quickly jabbed into the back of his neck. In a moment, Percival's world went black, slumping against Tina's torso. 

* * * 

When Percival returned to consciousness, his first visual impression was of the stark white ceiling of the clean room. In a panic, he tried to sit up, but found he was restrained. Forced down on the flat operating table, his arms and legs were clamped tight at the wrists and ankles. He was also entirely naked. 

"The sleeper awakes." 

Humbolt leaned over the table, clad in his plain black recyclers uniform. 

"What have you done," Percival cried, struggling against his restraints. "You can't keep me like this!" 

"Relax, apprentice, I'm not going to hurt you," he said, "unless you'd rather I turned you in to the police for grand theft." 

Percival frowned, but knew he had little choice. 

"In normal circumstances, I expect the right thing would be to fire you outright," Humbolt explained. "But, you've got a taste now of what I really do here, and I think you can be much more useful to me now, if you're amenable." 

"What are you talking about," Percival protested. "You're asking me to cut some kind of deal? For what?" 

"I think you know." 

Humbolt stepped back, letting Tina take his place. The Recycler's personal robot was not dressed in the way he was used to seeing her. She wore a translucent black chemise, through which her large shapely breasts could be glimpsed -and indeed they were breasts, not the featureless bumps one normally expected. She also wore black nylon stockings, held in place by an old fashioned garter belt. 

Percival flinched when she laid a hand against his chest, but it was clear her intent was not to harm him. Gliding her hand down, she captured his manhood between her fingers, then used her other hand to reach under and cup his soft testicles. Percival hardly dared to move for fear of what she might do to him. 

"The human body is a machine as well, you know," Humbolt explained. "You provide a certain stimulus, and it responds in completely predictable and discernible patterns." 

As if to prove his point, Tina began stroking his member, her well articulated fingers massaging his length into erection. 

"Make her stop," Percival pleaded. 

"What? Does it feel unpleasant?" 

"That's not the point!" 

Tina, ignoring the conversation, continued to gently masturbate Percival's cock. Moving her free hand from his scrotum, she pushed her forefinger into the tight opening of his anus, causing Percival to yelp in surprise. 

"I dare say there aren't many robots out there programmed to stimulate the prostate," Humbolt grinned. "Wouldn't you like Lynn to have the same skills? Or perhaps you like the shy, innocent type. I rather enjoy both. How about you? What were you thinking when you took her from me?" 

"I... I didn't mean to use her like that," Percival protested. "Really. I only wanted to get away from here, and get her somewhere she wouldn't be mistreated. I didn't know she'd been modified. I didn't mean for all that to happen." 

Anything else Percival had to say was cut short when Tina, bending her head down, took his urgent erection between her lips and into her mouth. 

"Don't feel the need to employ such high-handed morality," Humbolt said, circling the table. "They are only machines after all. But, I understand. As the saying goes, 'if it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck; its a duck'. If something looks human, sounds human, and even appears to have emotions, then its hard to think of it in any other way. Why do you think the Artificial Persons Act exists at all?" 

At this point, Percival didn't know what to think, or why Humbolt was subjecting him to this. Was he trying to turn him into a sadist as well, or to simply save his own skin? After all, if news of what Humbolt was really doing got out, then there wouldn't be too many who would still sell him robots to be recycled. 

This was about as far as Percival was capable of reasoning. The rest of his mind was consumed with the expert fellatio Tina was giving him, and the finger that was doing rude and unseen things inside his tender rectum. 

"I can give the 213 to you, if you wish," Humbolt said, leaning above his face. "She's nearly complete. About the only thing left to do is her breasts - the simplest of jobs, really. She's capable of emulating much more than a sexual response, you know. How would you like it if she were in love with you?" 

"You... you couldn't do that!" 

"Couldn't I?" Humbolt replied, arching one eyebrow. "All she needs to do is behave a certain way, and you'll believe it. Condition her with a need to be close to you, have her speak a few well chosen words, and you're imagination and desire will do the rest. As I explained, we're all machines at heart. Provide the right stimulus, and you'll respond." 

Tina finally released his penis, the head smeared with his own pre-cum. Percival thought he'd been given a reprieve, but the pale skinned robot then crawled up onto the table, straddling his hips. 

"Make her stop." 

"Oh, don't be so coy," Humbolt laughed. "You've already lost your virginity to a robot anyway. Besides, a little humiliation is good for the soul. It keeps one appropriately humble. I promise not to tell." 

Tina held his cock firmly in place with one hand, lowering her naked pubis on top of it. Percival unconsciously held his breath as his glans penetrated the pliant opening of her vagina, soon followed by the rest of his rigid organ. Unlike Lynn, Tina was well lubricated inside, the feeling much more realistic than before. Tina rested hands on either side of his head and began to thrust herself up and down. 

Her wings fanned out on either side, as if for balance, and her silicone filled breasts swayed to the motion of her body. But what was genuinely unnerving was the way Tina's expression never changed, her face as impassive as it had been chopping vegetables in the kitchen. 

"You know, they say that women are the sexually superior gender, because they are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms," Humbolt said, laying a hand on Tina's stocking sheathed leg. "They don't possess the built in biological limitations we do. So, tell me, given that, what do you believe an android would be?" 

Percival stared at him as if he were mad. 

"Tina, orgasm now." 

At Humbolt's word of command, Tina's entire body went taut, her face creasing into a half tortured grimace. She gave a sharp cry, then Percival could feel the distinct throbbing of her vagina around his buried cock. 


Tina collapsed fully onto Percival's body, her hands clutching at his shoulders as she shook in climax yet again. 


Without pause, Tina rose up, her expression placid and calm. She resumed fucking him, and Percival could feel the breathless moment of his own orgasm rapidly coming upon him. 

"I wonder if you appreciate the irony in that," Humbolt said, glancing between their conjoined legs. "How the strong are enslaved to the weak. Machine or not, that's exactly what they are, Percival; slaves. Well, now, look how your balls have tightened up. Like I said; predictable responses to stimuli." 

As much as Percival might have preferred to prove him wrong, it was impossible. With a broken gasp, he arched himself up into Tina, his semen pumping into her remarkably crafted cunt. Humbolt watched with satisfaction as the thick white fluid tricked out and down his spent testicles. 

"Why don't we have Tina return you to your room, and you can think things over," Humbolt said, patting Tina on the thigh. "I can always finish modifying Lynn while you recover." 

Percival didn't say a word as he was let down from the table. He wasn't sure what Humbolt had in mind for the future. All he was sure of at the moment was he'd been made to orgasm against his will -in effect, he'd been raped. More than ever, he was resigned to thwarting this perverted Recycler. 


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