Pills & Valves

by Baubleheadz

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Pills and Valves 1

This is my account of the very weird happenings of cold November days past. This is how I remember it, fuzzy and blurred as my mind was.

I received a plain brown package in the mail; it was from my best friend Charlotte. Inside was silk covered box, just like you get cheap jewelry in. The box was taped shut with a note on it to call her before opening. When I called her she was in a big rush to get back to work from her lunch break. She explained to me that she had a complex set of instructions, not much of it was actually necessary, but she just liked the idea that I would be following them to a ‘T’. She made me promise I would do them exactly as she instructed. She quickly gave me the instructions and made me write them down:

1) Call in sick to work tomorrow morning, but let my husband Jim go to work so I could fully enjoy my day.
2) Cook my husband and I a nice breakfast, dressed in something loose fitting but sexy.
3) After breakfast, blindfold my husband at the table.
4) Pull his pants down, and ask him to leave his hands down at his sides.
5) Swallow the pill from the box then immediately start sucking off my husband.
6) While sucking him off try to deep throat as much as possible and hold his balls in my hands to keep them warm.
7) While sucking him off take the other item from the box and stick it to my skin on my back, about 1/3 the way up my spine.
8) Keep sucking him off until he comes.

Inside the box I found a red and green striped pill and a cheap looking plastic valve that you would expect to find on a pool toy, only difference was this valve had a soft plastic pad at its base with a something slightly sticky on it. Weird I thought, why go through the trouble to attach the valve when my husband is blindfolded. It would seem more useful to let him see me put on the valve so he could roll play that I was some sort of blow up toy? Well I set it all aside for tomorrow morning.

Morning rolled around and I woke minutes before the alarm. I turned off the alarm clock and got out of bed. After fiddling around in the bathroom for a bit, waking myself up and freshening up, I called work and lied to them that I would need a day of rest since I was feeling sick. I went back to the bathroom and did up my hair some and added the tiniest touch of makeup and crawled back into bed with my husband.

I know it was not in my instructions from Charlotte, but I decided to wake my husband up sensually. I used one hand to slowly stroke his body. I used my other hand to play with my clit getting myself more wet, I swirled my finger around inside of me, spreading my moisture all over my lips. I was already wet from thinking about breakfast, and what the mystery pill might do to me, but playing with myself just added to my moistness. I rolled him on his back, still asleep, and traced my fingers up and down his chest. As I played with him I could hear him starting to wake slowly. I felt lower and found his morning wood. I wanted to be a good alarm clock so in one fell swoop I mounted him. Thanks to my wet lips, I sunk all the way down his shaft. My husband woke with a start, and then smiled up at me with a blissful look. He tried to hump his hips into me, but I held him down with one firm hand in the middle of his chest. My other hand danced around my body, playing with my nipples and clit alternately. I very, very, very slowly stroked my sex up and down his, teasing him as best I could. I explained to him that he was not going to get off till later.

A few more minutes of torture and I could barely control myself. I knew that if I did not dismount my husband that I would succumb and fuck him silly and ruin the whole morning. I got off of him and lay by his side slowly stroking his shaft lightly with my fingernail. I told him to go take a shower and come downstairs fully dressed for work, that I had a surprise for him. I also added that if he jerked himself off in the shower I would know, and he would not get any for a month.

After he disappeared into the bathroom I put on a super light, loose white nightie, almost totally see through, and went downstairs to cook breakfast.

The morning sun soaked into my skin as I cooked. I was in such a state of arousal I didn’t care that if someone happened to wander through our back yard or that if the neighbor was looking just right they could see me almost naked. The thought actually excited me a little more.

By the time my husband had come downstairs I was putting the finishing touches on the table, and I bounced over like an excited school girl and escorted him to his chair. Breakfast was quite and uneventful as he chewed his food and drank his orange juice while just staring at my body and looking up at my eyes questioningly.

When we where both done, I came over to him and put my kitchen towel on his lap to protect his suit. I was so wet by now that I could feel it just about running down my legs. I sat down on his lap straddling him, facing him. I whispered in his ear that he had better be ready, and kissed him deeply. I could feel his cock tugging at the various materials that prevented me from just fucking his brains out right there on the spot.

I stood up and went behind the counter; walking behind him, I tied my makeshift blindfold over his eyes. The smell of pantyhose drifted into our noses as I tied my favorite pair of jet black stockings around his head. “Keep your hands at your sides honey, or else.” I cooed in his ear.

Walking around in front of him, I knelt on the floor on that kitchen towel and started unbuckling his pants. Soon enough I had his stiff member in my warm hands, and I stroked him some before pulling at his pants. He sat up some and let me free him.

From the table, hidden in a small inconspicuous bag, I pulled the silken box out. I found the pill, and trusting my friend swallowed it before I would chicken out. “Honey,” I began to inform my husband, “Charlotte gave me a pill to take, I don’t know what it does, but she told me that we are both in for an amazing day. I don’t know why but she told me to tell you don’t worry it wears off in 12 hours.” Then, without any warning, all at once, I wrapped my mouth around his cock as deep as I could muster, used one hand to wrap around the rest of his shaft, and the other hand to cup his balls. He let out a sigh as the warmth of my mouth and hands consumed his balls and his cock from base to tip. I have never been very good at deep throat, but I would be giving it a good go again today.

Without withdrawing him from my mouth at all, and without moving my hands, I danced my tongue around him. I could feel his pulse and I could feel him tense. I tried as hard as I could to get him deeper, but my gag reflexes kicked in as usual and I did not want to loose my breakfast. A few thrusts of him as deep in my throat as he had ever been (which was not all that deep), and I started to feel my gag reflex lessening. As I continued sucking I noticed that I was getting him deeper and deeper into me. Surprised, I started to wonder if this is what the pill did. Then I remembered the valve. Without removing my husband from my mouth I reluctantly grabbed the valve, thinking it a waste to use at this moment when my husband could not even see. I stuck the valve to my lower back as instructed. It stuck on firmly and even though it was not very sticky I could tell that this was high quality adhesive that would not fall off unless forced.

Concentrating on the valve I had totally forgotten about my husband in my mouth. I realized that my husband was now much deeper than he had ever been. I continued his blowjob with a new vigor, and soon I had him close to exploding. Not wanting this to end so soon, I slowed down and just held him deep in my throat, swallowing, only pulling him out to breath. Soon though I started realizing that I could hold him deeper and longer in my without gagging or the need of breath.

Deciding to go for an all time record (for me) I took him as deep in my throat as I could. My husband is a good 10 inches and over an inch thick. As I pressed him into me I felt absolutely no gag reflex and even more surprisingly I was not getting winded. I did realize though that I could not get him deeper in my throat, it was as if his cock was stuck on something.

With my husband an inch or so from being balls deep in me, I got up from kneeling and used my body weight to press my head down on him. With a pop I found myself impaled on him. I felt him move and I grabbed his hands and held them down at his sides, playfully biting him at the base of his cock to make my point. I put my hands back on his balls and continued on.

Deciding it was time to get a breath I tried to pull up but found I was truly impaled, stuck. Something deep in my throat, whatever it was that he had popped past was holding him tight. Panic sunk in. I started to pull my head up and down, which only managed to heighten his ecstasy and in turn my body got flush with involuntary response. I kneeled back down on the floor and pulled to no avail. As I took a moment to try to figure out what was happening to me, I started to notice a strange smell. As it got stronger I realized it was the smell of latex, like the kind sex toys are made from that are supposed to feel like real skin.

I could feel my body getting warm; I could feel myself getting wetter, but the most strange sensation of all, I could feel my body going limp. Not limp like I was drugged with a muscle relaxant, but limp like my body was becoming softer. I went to feel myself, to see if my body felt softer, but I found that my hands where firmly attached to his balls. I could not moved them at all! With no way to communicate with my husband I didn’t know what to do. If I tried to remove him from my mouth the extra movement would only get him aroused. If I tried to move my hands the tugging would just excite him more. If only he would take off his blindfold and look me in the eyes!

As I felt my strength fade I used my left foot to feel the other which just brought on another shock. My foot was like pudding in a leather sack. It felt like there where no bones! My skin felt softer too, and I thought back to that smell of latex. It only took my slowing dulling  mind a moment to realize what was happening; I was turning into a soft latex… something. At this point I could even feel my teeth getting soft and spongy.

Within the next minute I felt the tremendous changes happening in my body. I felt all my bones turn soft, and then I felt my body start to shrink into its self. The taste of fresh latex filled my mouth. By the end of 5 minutes I was nothing more than a small featureless blob of soft latex wrapped around my husband’s cock and balls leaving my white nightie just a heap on the floor. There was nothing I could do, whenever I tried to move in this new form, the only movement I could muster was to pulse and “suck” his cock. I tried to get a feel for this new form and It seemed as though I was only just enough mass to cover my husbands privates and that was about it, I probably only weighed about one pound by now.

“Wow honey, I don’t know where you learned that, but this is wonderful! Honey? Don’t you need to come up for air? Honey?” my husband questioned. (How could I hear him without ears, I thought to myself.)

Oh god, what will he think when he sees me like this! Will he be repulsed? Will he pull me off of his glorious staff and toss me on the floor like an unwanted toy? Why am I thinking this way? I feel unbelievably aroused, more than ever in my life, and all I can do is suck on his tremendous cock. Why am I so transfixed with his member? What is happening to my mind? I feel kind of hazy, almost drunk. Am I loosing my mind? Am I loosing my IQ?

My cock twitched inside of my new “body”. My cock? Where had that come from. Well it is my cock, especially with me wrapped around it. Maybe I should give it some more attention. Using my available movements I figured out how to pulse my muscles along his shaft and suck and “lick” on his head, but I was interrupted by a huge movement.

“OH MY GOD what is that!” I heard my husband yell as he stood up fast. “Honey, Honey, where the hell are you? What the hell is this thing?”….   “Honey? “ ….

My husband sat back down and I could feel him brushing his hands all over my surface. There was a distinct line between where I started and he started, but I was sealed to him like I was part of his body.

“Honey” my husband called out again. “Man this thing feels absolutely fantastic, but what the hell is it?” … “Honey?”

“Oh my god… honey, is that you down there? If it is you stop moving for a moment.”

It took all my willpower to stop sucking and massaging his cock and balls, I was enjoying my job very much. It was all I wanted in the world at this point. But I stopped and listened.

“Honey, if that is you down there, squeeze me twice.” I squeeze-squeezed. “OH MY GOD, but HOW? Now what do I do? Ok honey, when I’m addressing you one squeeze is no and two squeezes is yes. Do you understand.” Squeeze-Squeeze.

“Honey what do I do? I can't go to work like this can I?” Squeeze-Squeeze. “No way, I can’t, but I have something really important to attend to today, I can’t miss work.”

“Ok you behave down there, it’s supposed to wear off in 12 hours right?” Squeeze-Squeeze.

By now, even the concepts of yes and no was getting hard for my mind to grasp. I could feel my intelligence washing away by the minute and being replaced with thoughts like “must give pleasure” and “sucky, sucky fun”. I guess in such a small package there was not much room for mind. Soon though the only thoughts left where suck, lick, massage, suck, lick, massage. I got pleasure from giving pleasure, I was a good toy. Every once in a while I would feel a small orgasm building in me and I would milk him hard trying to get off, but I never could get over the edge.

With great mental effort and concentration I took account of what I had become. I knew deep in my mind that I was a sex toy, nothing but a pleasure giving toy. I was to be used as my owner saw fit and discarded afterwards to lay in wait just like any other toy. I could feel that my body was a soft mass of latex, convulsing happily on Owner’s groin. I vaguely remembered in the past having a body, having ears and eyes, having hands. All of that was gone now, now I was just a featureless pleasure toy, happy in the task of the moment and fearing the cold loneliness of being tossed in a drawer until Owner decided to use me again. I realized how weird it must feel to have hands and eyes and stuff distracting you constantly from the ultimate goal; giving pleasure.

My husband went to work, every time we where in private he would scold me for distracting him, but I could tell that he was enjoying it immensely. I was even learning new tricks with this mouth. I could now pulse up and down in waves and rhythms. I could tell I was doing really well when my husband would stutter in the middle of a sentence. By lunch time he was in an extreme state of arousal, he went straight for the bathroom and began petting me. I though at first that he was thanking me for being a good toy, but then I realized that he was trying to get himself off. The thought of being filled with his warm seed was overwhelming. I went to work with a fever pitch trying to help him in his mission. But to no avail, this bathroom session just seemed to make things worse for both of us, I felt even dumber and he was panting hard and his pulse was quicker for the rest of the day. It seems that I was built as part chastity belt and part ultimate pleasure tease.

After lunch my husband prepared for his big meeting. It took most of the afternoon, which he informed me was my fault. He said something about me being very distracting. By what felt like late in the afternoon he finally finished his preparations and was off to his meeting. He was full of enthusiasm and energy so I took the leave to duplicate his mood with my movements, I was, to say the least, very enthusiastic and very energetic.

Less than 5 minutes after the meeting and shaking hands with various people we were in his car. He rubbed me again cursing through his teeth about not being able to get off, and something about never in his life being this hard for this long.

Once home he went straight upstairs and stripped off. “Honey, you are absolutely fantastic but you HAVE got to stop!” I barely understood what he was saying as I continued to think “suck, lick, massage”. “GAWWWDD, I can’t stand this anymore!” He stormed into the bathroom and started the shower water. The very next thing I remember is being very, very warm and very wet. I mean my “mouth” had been wet all day but now I was wet on the outside too.

I could feel some sort of change happening in me. A renewed taste of fresh latex trickled onto my taste buds. I could feel myself loosening my grip on my husband, and I could feel his balls sliding from what used to be my hands.

“What’s happening?” my husband asked in a shocked voice. “I thought it was not supposed to wear off for another couple hours?” Squeeze-Squeeze I agreed.

Suddenly without any warning I slipped off of him and found myself lonely on the floor of the shower, with warm water running along me into the drain.

“Oh honey, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you where coming off.” He picked me up and stuck 2 fingers into my mouth. “Hey, do you mind… you know…. If I use you to finish myself off? Your tunnel is so nice and warm and so talented.” I enthusiastically Squeeze-Squeezed on his fingers.

Taking his thick hard member and forcing it inside me roughly he started humping away at my limp form. I could feel something changing in me and now I had no motor skills at all my mind was still telling me to suck, lick, massage but I could not move. I did feel great to be fucked though. Great to feel him thrusting into me, used like a proper toy, I could not wait to feel him cum in my throat.

“Honey, what’s happening? You are getting heavier! And changing shape! Damb it, why can’t I just get off!?”

I could feel him carry me out of the bathroom and place me on the bed. Then I could feel him toweling me off. As I felt the changes happening in my body it felt exactly as it had before except in backwards. I could feel bones forming, I could feel ears and limbs and breasts and my pussy and anus forming out of the nothing blob I had become. But something WAS different this time, I could not move a budge. This didn’t worry me though, new thoughts where pouring into my head.

As my body reformed into the former me, I could feel every inch of my body, and now more than ever I could taste and smell fresh latex. I could feel the hair on my head re-growing, my fingernails reforming, but I could not move. My breasts grew and grew out of my body, I wondered if they had forgotten to stop growing, it felt as though they where significantly better formed and larger than normal. I could see again now through my new formed eyes but I could not blink or focus on anything but the ceiling.

I had not even noticed my husband had left the room to go towel himself off until I heard him walk back in. He walked over to me and gasped as he squeezed my breast and brushed his hand across my stomach. I could barely see him, unfocused, out of the corner of my eyes, but he looked like he was in shock, jaw dropped and all.

“Oh my god, babe, you’ve turned into one of those ‘real-like dolls’ I’ve seen on the internet.” He experimentally stuck a finger in my mouth and prodded around. “Man that feels fantastic, just like I had imagined it would.” I could see by his expression that he was very happy with me. Which was good of course because I wanted him to fuck the shit out of me right now! I wanted to please him and be used like a toy.  I wanted to be a good toy, a fuck doll. Fuck dolls have to get fucked right?

“I’ve always wanted to try one of these! Babe, you are going to love this!” Jim, no… Owner, ran over to his dresser and grabbed a tube of lube. Owner ran back and liberally applied the stuff to my mouth. He tilted my chin up so that I was looking at the headboard and my throat was stretched out. Owner didn’t waist any time, he jumped up on the bed, straddled my face and sunk himself down my throat balls deep. “Hmm, déjà vu.” I though as his balls pressed into my nose.

As he moved his hips to fuck my face he took the time to put the cold end of the lubricant tube right into my pussy and squirted a bunch in. He fingered me, to my great pleasure, and got my pussy lips liberally coated with the stuff.

When he got off of me I thought he was going to fuck me, but instead he ran back over to his dresser and pulled out what turned out to be a huge dildo. This immediately went to the task of keeping the lubricant plugged deeply in my pussy. After the dido popped into place he turned me over on my front and started rearranging my body. It seemed that this love doll model had posable joints. I found myself in doggy style position with my shoulders and face pressed into the bed, and my ass high in the air. Another squirt of lubricant and he stuck himself into my ass. After some grunting and panting he was getting close to coming and I was close to the largest orgasm of my life, then he slowed. “I know this is where you would come normally, hopefully you are feeling this right now. You kept me from coming all day, so now it’s your turn to suffer the torment of no release.” Saying this he slapped me smartly on the ass and pulled out.

He left me there on the bed, ass in the air, all three holes filled with lubricant, and huge soft latex dildo in my soft latex pussy. I felt lewd and dirty in a good way. I was a fuck toy, ready for anyone to walk in any use me for what I was designed for. I had expected my ecstasy and approaching orgasm to calm down when he stopped fucking me but instead it stayed exactly where it was.  Here I was vulnerable, lonely, horny, fully aroused, and stuck on the verge of a huge orgasm unable to do anything about any of it.

After a few minutes of pre-orgasmic torture, Owner came back in and started rearranging me. He took me out of this completely lewd pose and posed me instead on my back with my legs pulled way up. I now had my knees pressing into my chest and my feet up in the air. This again left me exposed but instead of leaving me he pulled the dildo from my pussy and used me like a good fuck doll. On his first stroke into my pussy I came, the largest orgasm of my life, and I kept coming. On every stroke of his cock a wave of orgasm washed up my body. The orgasm racked through my body over and over in waves as he fucked me. When he filled me with his seed the orgasm burst to a new level of pleasure and, I’m not sure, but I think that is when I blacked out.

When I came to, my husband was lying next to me, sleepy eyed. I examined my body and I seemed to be back to normal, everything except my breasts, they where still a few sizes larger and much more perky than they used to be.

“Oh honey you are awake. I was wondering how long you would be. Charlotte called and explained to me what had happened to you and that you would wake up soon enough, almost back to normal. She added that some changes for the better would be permanent, like your breasts. Charlotte told me how your mind would take some time to get back to normal, how all day your thoughts all day would have been that of a sex toy.” “Get a little nap while I cook us a late dinner, I have another surprise for you, and you’ll need your rest. She explained to me exactly what to do. She even told me exactly what to say to make you truly enjoy this next experience.”

I was so tired I almost don’t remember dinner. I could not think of what my husband meant, “Next experience”. It went by in a blur. I was still having a hard time getting my mind off of sex and pleasing and sucking and licking and being a good toy. Each moment that passed I was getting more and more back to normal but it was slow, and I was getting more and more aroused just thinking about what had happened to me today. Owner, I mean Jim, didn’t say anything during dinner, he just grinned at me with an almost evil grin as he watched me eat. I thought he was just pleased with what had happened but I soon found out what that smile was all about.

After finishing food, Jim stood me up and kissed me. As he kissed me he started taking off all the clothing that I had put on for dinner. He never took his lips off mine until I was fully naked except for the pilled up pants sitting around my ankles. I felt chilly and my nipples where fully erect, almost sore.

“Did you enjoy today honey?” he asked. I took his hand in mine and jokingly Squeeze-Squeezed his hand. “Good, then you are going to love this.” I felt him feel my body up as he kissed me passionately. As his hands stopped roaming my body one hand stopped to pinch one of my hardened nipples and the other stopped in the middle of my spine about 1/3 the way up. “Love you babe.” Jim said as I felt him pull my plug from its storage position. My plug? Now I know what it feels like to be a pool float with a valve pulled back out into position to be filled or emptied. Emptied?!

POP… HISSSSSSS…  I could feel myself deflating as if my insides where shooting out of my body from my spinal valve, but my insiders where coming out as air.

“Charlotte told me about your little valve you installed this morning. She also told me that you’ll never sleep as well as you will tonight, folded up and stuck under the mattress. Don’t worry though, I’m gona use you before I put you away tonight, I’m going to use you before you change back tomorrow, and I’ve already called in sick for both of us.”

As I melted in his hands, he lowered my limp form to the floor; I was becoming an empty sack of skin. Once deflated I could feel my skin getting stronger, harder, thinner. My skin was curing into plastic. Owner straightened out my body and started folding me in half then in half again then again until I was a tight little packaged plastic blow-up doll. He carried me upstairs and stuck me under his side of the mattress. It felt good to be a good doll. Hidden from his friends and others prying eyes. A kept woman ready to be used when Owner felt the need.

As he lowered the mattress onto my folded form he said softly “Well I need a rest from today’s activities, I’m going to the bar to get a drink, and you better hope I don’t get too drunk and tell my drinking buddies about you and maybe bring them back to show them, or let them try you out.” Then darkness and I waited. Being a good fuck doll though, I would enjoy being fucked by anyone that used me, regardless; I just hoped it would be soon.


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