Pills & Valves 3

by Baubleheadz

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Storycodes: M/f; transform; object; lovedoll; stored; cons; X

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Pills and Valves 3

Well, I’m happy to be back to normal, taking a VERY LONG, VERY HOT, very much deserved bath… Thinking back to yesterday was a bit hard, but I managed to piece most of it together from my foggy mind. Meanwhile I found myself idly flicking my clit under the water without even realizing it as I concentrated on remembering as much as I could. My mind still had some adjusting to do. Supposedly the mental effects the valve had not totally worn off yet.

After Charlotte had left, my husband had left me cold and alone on the bed for a few minutes looking at something. My best bet was that whatever it was he had, it was from Charlotte. I could hear him still standing at the bedroom door, mumbling something to himself as if he was reading. After a while he came over to the bed and sat down next to me, my heart raced. All I had wanted at that time was to get fucked. To get used like a good toy should. My mind was in another place since my body was not my normal body. I had just been blown back up after being left deflated under the mattress like any other blow-up doll, not being used, would. I remember how it felt to be filled with air, being lighter than ever in my life by at least 100x fold. Speaking of folds, I was glad, at the time that Charlotte had blown me up. It was nice to be filled; in fact being filled with air was almost the same feeling as being filled with cock, just all over my body at once.

My husband sat on the edge of the bed for a few minutes, I could feel him just sitting there, but in my position I could only see the back of his head. I could not move, even my eyes, I could not blink, and I could think of nothing but getting fucked. I was truly a toy, I remember being able to feel the objectification in my own mind, and I loved it. I’m not an advocate of objectifying living women, but wow it had felt great BEING an object. No worries, well almost no worries, I did have to wonder if I would be enjoyable and please my user like a good toy. Considering that though, there where very little worries as a toy.

Laying here in the tub I can still remember that my mind at the time had a very hard time comprehending the name of anyone around me. Charlotte and Jim had just been “User” or “Owner” in my mind. It felt better to call them that, that’s what a toy would think right? After a while my husband had said something about going soft, and wanting to watch some TV and plan for tomorrow.

From memory all I can guess is that he watched about an hour of TV, and then came back upstairs. In the bedroom he popped in a DVD porno and watched one of his favorite’s scenes he had shown me one day. I felt my husband pick me up and stand me, leaning against the bed. He put a towel at my feet to hold me in that position. From this vantage point I could now see the TV, and was glad for it.

The movie was of a woman, tied to a framed bondage bed in doggy style position with her legs tied very tightly at the ankles and knees, there was no way she could move her legs even a bit. Her arms where tied out in front of her almost as far as they could go. Then there was a large, one foot wide leather belt around her waist, tied up above her to the frame of the bondage bed. There was a ring gag in her mouth and a dildo on a pole pushed through the ring gag. If she pulled back as far as she could go the dildo was still about one inch inside of her mouth and if she moved forward as far as she could go the entire 10 inches of the dildo would disappear and she could close her lips around the thin metal pole that held the dildo tight.

Attached on each breasts was a milking device used to extract baby milk, sucking away at her. You could see her nipples being sucked into the soft tube and then raising back to normal about once every 2 seconds. In the beginning of the video you can see a fucking machine being pushed forward until the tip of the dildo was resting at her pussy entrance. The dildo was shaped like an elongated pear. The first inch quickly spread out to about 3 inches thick, and the dildo just got thicker from there. The next 6 inches got larger as it went back until it was about 4 inches thick, after this the monster spread quickly to about 8 inches thick. There was no way that thing would have fit in me, not even the first inch, but this woman was about to get the brunt of it.

The woman off camera reached forward pushed the machine up until the dildo was buried in all the way to the point where it got ridiculously large, there was no way it was going any deeper. All you could see of the dildo now was just the large ball at the back of it. The off-camera woman used her hands to push on the bound woman’s ass as she pushed the machine forward in unison. The bound woman became impaled on the dildo in her mouth until you could not see it anymore. Then the machine was switched on. The machine pulled the enormous dildo backwards and the woman pulled her ass backwards with it, needing to pull the dildo out of her mouth so she could take a breath.

This torment went on for a while. The huge dildo behind her would fill her up until the huge ball pushed against her ass and forced her to deep throat the other dildo. The woman would stay impaled on the dildo in front for a couple strokes letting the monster fuck her then she would back off with the motion of the machine to catch a breath or two. Later in the video the off-camera woman pulled the machine out of the way then got behind the bound woman with a double strap-on. Entering both of her holes at once from behind the now on-camera woman pushed deep into the bound woman and forced her to deep throat the stationary dildo. As the bound woman wrapped her lips around the invader, the on-camera woman fucked her hard, only letting the bound woman pull back for air. This went on for a bit until the bound woman visibly shook with more than one orgasm.

I remembered what it felt to see this movie as a dolly. I remember thinking how much like me she was. Immobile, vulnerable, stuck in a lewd position, ready for anyone to use. I also remembered thinking how different I was from her. I even caught my dolly mind wondering what it would feel like to be a real woman, to be warm flesh and blood, to be self lubricating.

Soon after the video was done my husband had propped me up against the bed leaning at a 45 degree angle. He had poured some foul tasting lubricant into me and was using my blow up doll mouth for his pleasure. How great it felt to be finally pleasing someone again. I just wished I could have tasted his fantastic tool through the foul lubricant. I did note though that it was kind of weird watching his pubic mound slamming into my face and not blinking. After a little of this he tossed me on the bed face down and savaged my dolly ass. It did not take him long to finish himself off and he came inside me. Withdrawing right away and leaving me on the bed feeling wonderfully used he went to wash himself off and take a wiz.

Another thing I had not been expecting as a doll that felt great was the cleaning. My husband took what seemed like a lot of time washing me. He took me in the shower with him and washed all my holes out with soap. Even though this didn’t taste good, it tasted better than that lubricant. I loved the feeling of being cared for. The feeling of being washed and cleaned, and the weird sound the water made on my body as he used the shower head jets to “douche” each of my holes. After he carefully dried me off, folded me up and stuck me back under the bed. I had the best sleep of my life, although I was kind of awake for the entire night. It’s a doll thing I guess.

This morning he had taken me out from the mattress and blown me up, doing as Charlotte had said and making sure I was nice and firm. When I came too I was back to myself again but I was on the verge or a small orgasm with a dildo sticking out of my pussy vibrating away. Groggy I fingered my clit and plunged the dildo all the way in and rode the bliss before even really realizing what was going on.

Now here I am, in the bath, sleepy, tired, and amazingly enough, not sore. My skin feels great; I’ve never had such silky smooth skin, nice toned firm body, younger looking beautiful breasts, almost all of my skin blemishes are gone except my freckles, and I have this sneaking suspicion that my throat will be… more accommodating. Forget a thank you card; Charlotte is going to get a REAL thank you, when I figure out how!

“Honey, you’re gonna be late for work!” my husband Jim yelled from downstairs. “You’re going, I don’t care what you say!”

“But I have another hour to get ready!” I yelled back.

Too soon for my taste Jim walked in and pulled the plug on the tub, draining my lovely bubble bath. “Get ready.”

I toweled myself off and started doing my makeup. Jim had laid out some clothes for me, which I had to say was a sexy thing to do, but his choice of cloths was a little sexier I wanted, not revealing per say, just sexy. With my makeup done my husband came in picked me up, setting me down on the sink. He pressed the tip of his dick against my clit and rubbed in up and down.

“But I’m getting ready.” I playfully protested and pushed him back. As I walked out of the bathroom I gave his dick a little tug and giggled.

Jim had chosen for me a soft black skirt that came to just above my knees, and a red Cardigan turtle neck sweater. “You forgot the bra and panties, Jim pick some out for me.”

“Alright” he called back. When he came out of the bathroom he went straight for my dresser, but on the way he made a fake and pushed me down on the bed. I faked resistance and struggled (slightly) to keep him from kissing me. As his body bore down on mine I could feel the tip of his penis on my sex again. His lips made contact with mine and my resistance faded quickly, distracted by the passion of how he kissed me. HE stopped kissing me to get a breath and as he bit down on my shoulder I felt him slide into me fully.

“Love you babe.” Jim said. Then his eyes got a little bigger for a moment. “Oh, wow that’s different. Quick grab me the phone above your head babe.” I grabbed the phone, a little upset that he would be calling someone at a moment like this. Ignoring me totally he dialed. Before I could say anything he put his finger on my lips and shushed me.

“Hello, Janet? Hey, this is Jim, My wife is feeling a little weird today, but she’s alright to work. I just wanted to call and tell you: don’t let her call in sick today, I need her out of the house, I have a surprise planned for her. She will be a little late though if that’s alright.” Than Jim hung up.

“What the hell was that all about!” I said to him, a little upset now. But all Jim did was put his finger back on my mouth and shush me.

“Hey, Tony! Hey this is Jim, I have a feeling today is going to be a wild day with my wife, so I’m not coming in. Put me down as sick alright? Alright dude, see you next Sunday for game day.” Jim hung up again.

“Wild day! We’ll see how just wild you get!” I yelled at him angrily. “See if you get any for a week talking about me like that to him!”

“Don’t worry babe, I’m gonna get more than both of us can handle today.”

“Not if I can help it!”. I pounded him on the chest with my fists. Jim ignored this and just slowly, very, very slowly started pumping in and out of me. This distracted me, but I was determined to make a stand, which was difficult since my body was trying to get more of him in me. I pushed on his chest trying to get him off of me, even while my legs wrapped around him trying to keep him in me. I didn’t really want him out of me, but I wanted to make sure he knew I was angry. Jim just ignored me. He seemed pre-occupied, staring off into space with a weird look in his eyes.

I didn’t like being ignored right now. “Alright, that’s enough. Off” I shouted. I let go with my legs and pushed. But as I felt him pull away from me, I felt something inside of me pulling with him. For a moment I thought that it was just my emotions, but I soon realized that it was me. Something was pulling on the inside of me.

“What the!?” said as Jim just stared off into space with a wicked smile, seeming to enjoy something I could not see.

Then I realized… Charlotte had given him something. What would it do? I stopped fighting, now intrigued.

With me not resisting him anymore, Jim renewed his motions and began fucking me again. I could feel that his dick was much larger than before, and something deep inside me was even larger. I don’t think I could have pulled him out of me if I had wanted too. Jim was locked inside of me. I closed my eyes, not wanting to watch this. Instead I raised my hips to his and pressed into his thrusts.

Jim lay down on top of me, and put one arm behind my back and one arm around the back of my neck. Jim held me tight and sucked on my right earlobe. He moved his way down, sucking on my neck, then on my collar bone, then on one of my nipples. This of course was impossible because he was still buried deep in my pussy, with one arm around my neck and the other around my waist. I tried to imagine what he must look like, contorted like that.

The next surprise was that Jim continued to suck on one of my nipples, but he was also kissing my chest. Soon enough the second mouth had found my other nipple and was joyfully sucking and nibbling away. Then the next surprise, I felt something press against my pucker, but there was no way I could stop it in my position. It entered me, expanding and throbbing until I was filled with cock in both holes.

Amongst all these other amazing, yet impossible sensations I could feel Jim getting lighter. I could feel his arms getting thinner, and spreading out. Now I could feel him kissing my stomach. Just as I had suspected this third mouth found its way down to my clit and just sat there. I didn’t move, but I could feel its lips, now vertical, parallel to my pussy lips, resting on each side of my clit.

With the sensations of my nipples getting licked, nibbled and sucked, my ass getting filled, the cocks in my pussy and ass throbbing in unison, and the mouth just waiting to strike on my clit I had missed a lot of what else was going on. Jim had now become very flat, he covered my entire chest and back. He was now one living piece of latex.

I stood up and reveled at how light he felt attached to my skin. I walked to the full length mirror and kept my eyes shut, afraid to look. Jim seemed to want me to look cause he gave my entire body a huge squeeze/hug that seemed to say “Open your eyes, babe”.

There in the mirror was me, I was almost expecting to see a giant black latex bathing suit but instead he was still skin colored. He was, though, shaped like a one piece bathing suit. He covered my privates all the way up to the strap going around the back of my neck. I turned around and I could see that he covered my entire back also. As I looked at his back I could feel him doing something that felt like a finger tracing up my spine. Looking at the front again, I cupped my breasts. Jim was lifting my breasts nicely. I could not have found a better fitting bathing suit if I had tried. Too bad he’s skin colored or I could have taken him swimming I thought. I felt myself up and found that wherever Jim was, I could barely feel myself touching my body. As I suspected, Jim was sealed tightly to my skin, no way to get him off of me. Get off?

Realizing suddenly what this meant, a kind of sexual fear percolated up in my body. I slipped one hand down his surface and poked a finger to at my clit. I could not feel ANYTHING. I could feel the pressure of my finger spread out across my entire crotch but I could feel no more than light pressure on my clit!

I silently cursed Jim, I wanted to come, I was still horny from when he was fucking me this morning, but I knew that if he wanted to make me come he probably could. It also didn’t help that some of my “dolly” thoughts where still lingering from yesterday, keeping me more aroused than I suspected I would have been. Then another fear set in… Jim could make me come anytime, and he probably knew that. And I had to go to work! How was I supposed to make it through my day like this!?

I called up Charlotte and left a message “I’m gonna get you back for this!” I purred into the phone, trying to think of something fun to do to her. “You know I’m gonna get you back…” I dropped the phone in surprise and squeeled as Jim made an all out assault on my body. He had been behaving so well, not moving that the contrast was amazing. At once he sucked on the entirety of both breasts while somehow still managing to nibble on my nipples with what felt like soft teeth. He played with my belly button and did something that felt like hands touching my body all over at once. Jim expanded both of his cocks until I was full to capacity in both holes and started fucking them in and out in opposing rhythms. He was so large inside of me that I could not stand erect but he was not painful. The mouth on my clit sprang to life feeling as though he was sucking and licking me at the same time. As he fucked me, he tightened up his outer “panty” part around my pussy lips, forcing them tightly around his shaft. Within a moment I was kneeling on the floor with my hands on my body coming loudly, screaming at the top of my lungs as 3 distinctly different types of orgasms washed through my body all at once.

As the next orgasm began to build I picked up the phone and yelled into it “I’m gonna get you Charlotte, you hear me. Be here tonight when I get home, use your emergency key, just be here!!!” I hung up the phone panting. At this Jim lessened up on his assault. The cocks in me shrank a little bit leaving me full but not stretched. All of his movement ceased and be began slowly kneading my breasts. Every once in a while he would do something that felt like a hand roaming my body, stopping now and then to play with something interesting or just squeeze my butt cheeks.

“I can’t believe you’re gonna make me go to work like this you prick!” Jim Squeeze-squeezed. “Crap” I replied. “Well now, you didn’t leave any surprises for me after that show now did you?” Squeeze-Squeeze. I prayed silently that that squeeze-squeeze had meant there where no more surprises.

I found it difficult to walk normally at first, and I had to ask Jim to lessen the size of both cocks even more, but soon enough I was wearing my work clothes, with my new “bra and panties” I had asked Jim to get for me.

As I sat down in my car the cocks in me pressed deeper and I found it difficult to concentrate on driving. Jim had totally stopped every movement now, but the vibrations of the car where being transmitted directly into my sex. I could almost truly feel the car itself.

The day was long and hard (mmm… long and hard, that would be nice). It was almost like I was a walking talking sex doll. I remember what it felt to be a sex doll and it didn’t seem much different from how I felt. Constantly horny, wanting to get fucked. Feeling like I could not control myself, always on the edge of an orgasm or building towards one. Thoughts always on sex.

I caught myself checking out the package on every guy that walked into the store, some of them even caught me and gave me a wry smile. More guys than normal hit on me, or at least hung around me at the store asking me stupid questions just to have an excuse to stand there talking and gawking at me, trying to get up the nerve to ask me on a date. God, how many men can’t read “MARRIED” between the lines of my middle and pinky fingers? To my excited shame it also seemed ALL the men could read “horny, ready to fuck almost anything” though! Jim was not making it any easier on me. I was only half way to work when he had me worked back up to the edge of my next orgasm, and he had not even done anything special!

Earlier in the morning when I parked the car at the mall he showed me a new trick of his. I heard my pussy say “Love you babe!” in a muffled strange tone. As I heard this, I FELT the words reverberating through my entire body. The voice came from somewhere in Jim right above my clit. For the next hour or so Jim poked me, massaged me, licked me, among other things. What really drove me wild though was when the store was loud and no one could hear, Jim would start humming whatever song was on the store speakers on my clit and I would just about fall over, weak in the knees. It was not until the store was empty and I snuck into a changing stall and begged Jim to fuck me that I got my first release since the morning. I moaned and felt up under my skirt and sweater. I tried to finger myself and pinch my nipples, purely out of habit, but Jim did the work since I could not.

Ding-Dong. Only seconds after my Orgasm the lunchtime traffic in the mall had picked up and someone was in the store again. Another guy catching me looking at his package, but this guy actually had the nerve to ask me to try some lingerie on for him (one of the hazards of working at an expensive underwear store). “Sorry sir we don’t do that here.” I replied and ushered him out of the store.

The thought had turned me on though. Only seconds after the last orgasm and I was already giving myself reason to get worked up again. A bit of an exhibitionist, the thought of showing myself off for him would normally not have excited me at work, but in my current state anything sexual got my mind going.

The rest of the day went pretty much the same, whenever the store was empty I would sit down in the chair behind the counter and push myself down into it trying to get Jim deeper into me, helping him fuck me, but only getting off when he allowed it. By the end of the day, and time to switch shifts, thoughts of how to get Charlotte back began to immerge. I really could not come up with anything that I would actually want to do to her in real life, but a myriad of interesting scenarios passed through my weary mind. A lot of them sexual in nature.


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