Pills & Valves 5

by Baubleheadz

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Storycodes: F/fm; transform; object; other; cons; X

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Pills and Valves 5

“Charlotte, I’ll give a short rest from all this, time enough for you to think about what is going to happen to you tonight, and time enough for you to get excited again. I hope Jim returns to normal soon, ‘cause that’s how long you have to rest. In the meantime enjoy this.” I said as I applied a little more “Liquid V” to her already swollen and probably now very sensitive clit. “In the meantime I’ll make us some food.”

I waited for Jim to start his transformation back into himself, which I hoped would be really soon so I could take a hot bath and have some reprieve from his constant attention to every sensitive area on my body. While I waited, I started making dinner, something simple that could sit around and not have to be heated to eat; cold macaroni salad. The entire time of course Jim was petting, poking, and prodding me, but he seemed to know what I was thinking and he refrained from anything more than just calmly stimulating me. I was done with sex and fucking and orgasms… for now, but I enjoyed the light attention, every once in a while I would hug myself (hugging him in the process) and thank him, telling him how much I loved him and he would “hug” me back, inside AND out.

I was sitting on the couch with the TV on, casually stroking the penis that was sticking out of my pubic area. I could not feel it of course because it was not really part of me, but I had a sneaking suspicion that Jim could feel it, and that he was enjoying getting some attention back. Soon enough I could feel Jim starting to change. The changes happened faster than I had expected, he started to gain weight very quickly as the invader in my ass shrunk, his arms began re-forming around my neck and back, and the penis in front shrank into nothing. Soon I could feel his ribs forming and his legs growing from stubs. I scooted myself carefully onto the floor, lying down to facilitate his growth. I closed my eyes, and laid still trying to enjoy the odd sensations of Jim re-forming, and my freedom coming to fruition.  Within in only a few minutes, Jim was on top of me again, with the bulb on the end of his cock holding himself in me.

“Finish yourself off, I know you’ve been dying to do this all day, and I want to feel you come inside me!” I whispered sexily into Jim’s ear. It was an interesting feeling getting screwed by him with a penis that would not come out of me due to the size of the bulb at the end of it. I could feel my body pressing forward when he pressed into me and my body dragged downward when he stroked out. It was as if he was fucking my entire body at once, and we where one person. I was not really in a sex mood, so I could focus completely on the interesting feelings as Jim finished himself off quickly. Still stuck inside of me for a few minutes after, we kissed and I purred in his ears. We didn’t say anything the entire time; we just looked at each other knowingly.

After we had a chance to eat, I explained to him what I had planned for the evening and asked him if he would play in my little game, I knew he must be tired. He of course being a guy agreed saying that ‘what red blooded man would not go for such a plan, tired or not’.

Charlotte was happy to see me back in the room, I figured she would regain struggling, but it seemed she had worked herself into a sexual appetite again. “It’s feeding time at the zoo dear.” I called downstairs to Jim. He came upstairs to meet us with Charlotte’s locked box. I set the box on Charlotte’s chest and opened it, taking out two pills concealed in my hand but making it look like I had only taken one. With this I locked the box, handed the box to Jim and he took it downstairs.

“Well Charlotte, there will be no rest for you tonight.” I told her as I pulled the plug out of her penis gag. Being careful to give her the correct pill, and only that pill, I slipped it down inside her gag then leaned over to “kiss” her on the gag. I knew that the pill was probably stuck to the sides of the channel in the gag leading into her throat so I took the back of a writing pen and stuffed the pill down into her waiting gullet. Plugging her gag back up I rubbed her throat, pretending to coax the pill down.

“Well this should be interesting. I’ll come back to check on you, and when you are ready I’ll release you from your bonds. After that I’m to feed you then I’m going to bed, you’ll have to work out what to do on your own in the spare bedroom.” As I said this Charlotte got a puzzled look on her face as she probably tried to guess what pill I had given her.

I came back to the room with Jim about 15 minutes later to find Charlotte still tied to the bed, but she looked slightly different. She was now a platinum blond and a look of terrible lust in her eyes at the sight of us. I could tell that the pill had worked; she was now an insatiable moron bimbo blond.

I walked over to the bed and started taking off the penis gag which I noticed she was sucking on greedily. If she had not been tied down I might not have been able to get the gag away from her.

“Awwww, I want my toy back, meany…” Charlotte grumped.

“You will do what I tell you, and then maybe you’ll get a toy. Behave yourself and you’ll get more than you could hope for as a toy.”

“Better than that cock in my mouth?” Charlotte asked.

“WAYYYY better.” I promised.

Jim and I untied Charlotte, the entire time she was trying, uncontrollably to grab at Jim and my bodies. It was as if she was transfixed. We told Charlotte to go sit on the couch downstairs and not move from it till we told her different. Jim and I got dressed in the most concealing, unisexual clothes we could find in our drawers in the hopes of distracting Charlotte less. I handed Jim the second pill I had taken out of the locked box and he took it. We nodded to each other and went downstairs to feed the bimbo. We found Charlotte downstairs rubbing the TV remote control up and down her slit and we caught her just in time to stop her from using it as a dildo.

With our bodies not distracting Charlotte the blond bimbo as much, we convinced her to eat some of the cold macaroni salad I had made before taking her upstairs to the guest bedroom.

“Charlotte I’m going to lock you in this room tonight, you are not to try to leave it. Do you understand?”

“But, but, but I wanna play with you guys tonight.” She stammered in response.

“Don’t worry you’ll have plenty to play with, you’ve been a good girl, so you are going to get that toy I promised you tonight.”

“Oh goody a toy! What is it?!?”

I looked over at Jim and saw that his skin was already showing the effects of the pill. Jim was getting darker and darker by the moment, and he also seemed to be getting shinier. The smell of latex began wafting through the room. As Jim transformed he grew at least one and a half feet, and his body changed to that more like an American football linebacker. I could see his clothes straining under the growth even though we where both wearing baggy cloths.

“Golem take off your clothes.”

Jim, Golem, did as he was told and as he pulled off his pants a huge cock dropped out, hanging down half way to his knees, Soft! The cock had ripples and bumps all over it from what looked like black latex blood vessels throbbing below the surface but as his skin grew darker; you could not see the contents of the underlying veins for long.

“Oh goody, is that for me?” Charlotte asked.

“Have fun, tell him to do anything and he will do it, but remember neither of you are to leave this room tonight.”

“Golem, get hard for me.” She squealed excitedly, totally ignoring my presence in the room now.

“Have fun honey, hope she’s not to much for you!” I said as I walked out of the room, locking the door from the outside, and even sliding the heavy marble table in the hallway in front of the door.

“Golem, grow dicks instead of hands!” I heard Charlotte command as I took the last step into my room and closed the door. I wondered if it had worked. I tried to image what was going on in there, but I was so tired. I set laid down in bed and set my alarm for 8 hours from now and I was asleep before the real fun started in the other room.

A couple times during the night I was awoken by Charlotte’s orgasmic screams, but mostly I was so tired I didn’t mind and fell back to sleep instantly.

When my alarm woke me the next morning, I freshened up while listening to the bangs and screams coming from the other room. I was still too tired to wonder what had happened all night, but I had more plans for the day and they would have to be done in the right order and timing.

When I figured Charlotte had about 30 more minutes as an insatiable moron bimbo blond I moved the table out of the way, unlocked the door and entered to find the room in a mess, holes in the wall, and the stark amount of furniture that was in the room now piles of splinters. More amazingly though was that Jim was now, assumably by her commands, in the form of a large blob of penises. There was no discerning feature left on him except penises. Charlotte on the other hand was lying on the blob; face down on top of the blob being literally poked by penises everywhere, whether there was an orifice or not.

“Golem, I command you to listen only to my commands from now on. Golem reform into a humanoid form.”

Charlotte held on for dear life as the mass of penises shrank back into a more human form. She held on dearly even as the last penis popped itself unwillingly from her mouth and flattened into a forehead.

“Golem stand up.”

As the Golem stood up, Charlotte held on strong, she was not going to give up the one cock she had left in her, which was the original huge one, still buried in her pussy as the golem stood. To my shock and amazement the cock was about 6 inches wide and 15 inches long, way larger than any normal woman could take but Charlotte had at least 6 inches of it inside her and she was trying to force more. “Golem, hold onto that woman and follow me.” Charlotte looked like a toy doll in comparison to the Golem, she was only about half its height, and her skin looked ghost white against the black latex.

Golem hugged Charlotte as she used her legs to fuck her entire body up and down his shaft. I went into the master bedroom and moved to the bed.

“Golem, lay her down on the bed and hold here there spread eagle.”

“Golem, don’t listen to that mean lady, fuck me instead.” Charlotte protested, but it had no effect on Golem as he held her as instructed.

I noticed that she was getting calmer, and that her hair was getting darker so I hurried to get her bonds tied, spread eagle to the bed just like yesterday. I told Golem to get off of her. As he slid out of her, I swear the neighbors could have heard the POP sound when they separated. I flicked her clit with my right hand and dangled the penis gag in front of her mouth. I teased her and watched her stretch her body trying to get at the gag until her insatiable desire to have something in her mouth started to wane along with the pills other effects. As she rested her head back on the pillow, I pressed the penis gag into her mouth and she took it in greedily. I locked it behind her head and waited for all the effects to wear off.

I took a moment to touch and admire the unrealistically large dick on the Golem before telling it to ‘go lay down in the middle of the floor in the guest room and don’t move’.

Knowing that everyone would be changing back to normal soon (for now), I went to have breakfast by myself. Today would be light and easy but I was not fully sure what I wanted to do. I did know though that no one would get a rest today. Thinking to myself I savored my breakfast and tried to decide on today’s adventure.

I knew I would be giving Charlotte the hypnosis pill, and I knew that I was going to leave some very devious, yet very secret post-hypnotic suggestions. I figured I would probably use a sex change pill on myself right after lunch, but what about my husband. I thought about how fun it would be for both my husband and I to double penetrate Charlotte, but maybe Jim could use a sex change pill later on, I bet that would be fun too. Oh, what possibilities.


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