Plans Doll Apart

by SparkyMira

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Woman to Doll TF

“What has you so worked up Emmy? You seem super stressed out.”

It was only natural for me to comfort my best friend during our scheduled weekly brunch. We were best friends from college, myself being an accounting major and her being more on the business management side of things, we became fast friends. 

We roomed together for the last three years of college and now a few years removed, I was a personal accountant and consultant for several businesses both large and small, including Emily’s rather nice toy and collectable store she ran down the street. 

Emily had always been a fan of toys, more specifically dolls and other similar products. Our shared room in college had several of her favorite toys in it and she often wore shirts with the logos of the companies who made said toys on them. 

In fact, one year as a Christmas present for her, I had a few friends box me up like one of her favorite dolls – Marvelous Morgan – and put me under the tree in our commons area for her. She was ecstatic, and I let her dress me up and other various things for a few days. 

“Ugh… I swear Abby, the stupid teens at my store think I don’t notice the way they act all nice and proper when I or their manager is around, but as soon as we are gone they slack off and mess with the merchandise.”

She sipped her adult beverage and twirled a long lock of her red hair between her fingers. This was something she had actually complained about to me last week when we spent the night together catching up on several shows we both liked. 

Some of the teenagers she hired to stock the shelves and work the front registers were apparently not working to her expectations, but we both knew she was too nice to believe it or fire them outright. 

“Okay then. What are you going to do about it? This is like the third or fourth time you have complained to me about this sweetie. You can’t just let it slide, especially if your other, more trusted employees are telling you what is happening.”

“That’s just it. Olivia hasn’t said anything! I think she is either too nice to say anything or maybe she is getting bribed…”

Likely the former, but I couldn’t just not help my bestie out with her problem. 

“Fine… so you don’t have any proof. Is there any way you could think to catch them in the act?”

I started sipping my own drink, leaving her to ponder my question for several moments. 

My reward was seeing a megawatt smile breakout across her face as she reached into her purse. 

“Abby, you are the smartest most beautiful woman I know!”

“Thanks? What is the compliment for though?”

After fishing around in her purse, she retracted with her phone and began skimming through the device. 

“You just gave me an idea. They will act completely normal while I am around, but not if it is you watching them!”

I’ll give her some credit, she wasn’t going in the wrong direction. 

“Some of them have seen us talk before Em. They might not know we are close, but they might get a little suspicious if I just hung around all day, and before you suggest it, the same could be said of me just showing up to work out of the blue.”

Her grin never faded despite my hole-poking.

“Wasn’t even going to suggest it darling. In fact, I just needed to find the evidence that this plan is absolutely foolproof!” 

One of my finely plucked eyebrows rose at her confidence as she pushed the screen towards me. 

After gazing upon the device, my face fell. 

“No way.”

“Come on!”


“It is perfect! They won’t even know!”

My insistence against this plan spawned from her phone. There on the small screen was a picture from all those years ago when I was her present. It clearly showed me tied up in a box labeled Marvelous Morgan Doll with all of the fixings. 

Taking my silence as her chance, she continued. 

“Look. We have several lines of full-sized dolls at the store. I can take you in the back after closing tonight, we get you into the repacking machine we use for returned items, you get packaged up and placed on a shelf where you watch those twerps, and should you see them slacking or doing something inappropriate… BAM! You tell me when I let you out after closing the next night and I nail them.”

For something that she came up with completely on the fly, I had to admit, this was brilliant. I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone who made one of the most successful toy companies in the state just four years after college. 

I also didn’t really have any ground to stand against her here… seeing that not only was the plan good, but I also was scheduled to work for her on her latest bulk purchase the next few days. 

Seeing my hesitance, she struck again. 

“If you do this, not only will I owe you big time, I will buy the wine for next movie night and double your pay for this money planning session.”


“… fine. But you better not make me into one of those newer Barbie dolls. I swear she gets sluttier by the year.”

* * *

It was now well past closing time and Emily had just led me into the back of her store, Time to Shine – Toys and More. 

The building was about as large as a standard Toys R Us or the equivalent, but unlike those stores, Time to Shine had a separate back area to store their unreleased or extra inventory. 

Along with storage, it also had several different machines, one of which was the one I now stood before with Emily. 

“This is our repacker! A lot of times people will buy products and open them without actually seeing if they bought the right thing and as a result, normal stores don’t give full refunds or sometimes take the item back at all. But thanks to this machine, we are able to one-up our competition by not only giving full refunds, but also by being able to repackage something and sell it as if it were brand new!”

The machine was huge and seemed to have several places that could be used as entry points to me. Emily said she had something perfect in mind for me before I came over, so I was about as ready to get this finished as ever. 

“Okay. Money making aside, you are about to put your best friend into this thing. Details please!”

Poking my cheek to the side, she directed my view to a push cart full of partially opened boxes. Each of them were larger than my body and seemed to be colored differently. 

“I had a family come by and purchase several of the new Marvelous Morgan full-size line over the holidays. They found out they bought the wrong ones and returned them, but their daughters had already been playing with them. Since you look exactly like Morgan, I figured you would be fine with playing her part again.”

I walked over and in fact did smile slightly down at the familiar face of Morgan. We did look alike in many ways, including our medium length brown hair and curvy figure. 

“So what we are going to do is strip this doll and get you into her clothes so you look the part. Then place you into the return port of the machine and let the machine do the rest.”

“Sounds… simple enough. You sure you don’t just want me to be boxed up so you can have some fun with an old toy of yours?” 

Teasing was in my nature, and I knew how turned on the thought of me being her toy made her. She had even told me on several occasions. 
A wink and sly smile answered my question as she shoved the doll’s clothing into my arms. 

“Maybe afterwards I can take home the newest model and have a little fun, but for now we need to get dolly into her box and ready for display!”

It only took me a few minutes to change into the tight-fitting tank top and white capris. A pair of plastic shoes were fitted uncomfortably onto my feet as I headed back over to the machine.  

“Wow. Look at you Morgan.”

Emily whistled with an impressed face as she led me to one of the openings. 

Laying me down vertically on what I assumed to be a short conveyor belt, she looked me in the eyes. 

“Okay Abby, here comes your mission directive!”

I roll my eyes at her overenthusiasm for the situation. 

“Once you go through here and get boxed up you are to remain still, motionless and only look ahead with the same smile that Morgan doll always has. I need to make sure you are perfectly passable as her counterpart so we don’t run into any issues while you are alone watching those idiots. Okay?”

I nod. 

“Act like a lifeless hunk of plastic with big tits, got it Em.”

We shared a laugh before she poked my breast. 

“Good thing no one will actually be opening you up, otherwise they would be real shocked to feel this instead of plastic!”

Another set of giggles and she was gone. Leaving me to admire the machine I was about to enter. 

It was as I heard the machine start to fire up I noticed I was not alone at this entrance. Several of the other dolls that had been in that pile of opened boxes were lined up on either side of me.

I didn’t pay them much heed, obviously it made more sense for Emily to run all of the returned dolls together.

… I got an oddly tingly feeling in my nether regions as I realized in this scenario I was nothing but a toy, returned to the store I was purchased from and being prepared to be sold again. 

I felt the vibrations from the machine this time and glanced over towards the opening that would soon welcome me inside of it. 

As I did so, my eyes widened.

There, three dolls closer to the entrance of the machine was the naked form of the original Marvelous Morgan doll who we had just discussed me replacing. Emily must have placed her onto the line out of habit. 

“Em! We have a problem!”

I called out into the darkened room. Seriously! If there were two of the same dolls headed into the machine, what would it do to the second one? Namely me!

The loud sounds now coming from the machine must have drowned out my voice, not just the first time, but also the following times as I tried to get her attention. 

My pleas fell on nothing but the plastic ears of the dolls around me as the belt beneath us slowly started dumping us into the beast. 

I tried to sit up and hop from my position on the belt, but the tight clothing meant for a plastic doll constricted my movements quite a bit, resulting in nothing more than me clumsily rolling to one side and dislodging the doll behind me from the belt. 

I watched as the doll that felt like something other than plastic when I hit her rolled off and became lodged just inside the entrance of the machine as I was pulled inside. 

I knew the inside of the machine would be dark, but honestly, I couldn’t even see a few inches in front of me. I felt myself drop down lower than where I started, but I still couldn’t see anything. 

It took several moments, but the first event did happen in the form of several metallic somethings attaching to my body and a green light extending from each of those that I assumed took shape of my body. 

“Error. Model has already been added and scanned into return system. Rescanning.”

“Damnit Emmy!”

I curse as the machine once again scans me. I knew something like this would happen since the original doll was ahead of me in line. 

“Error solved. Order being filled.”

“Oh thank god…”

I really thought I would end up in a storage box or something if Em didn’t save me, but I guess there was another Morgan that needed a box. 

I felt something shift beneath me and cried out in shock as the clothing I had been wearing before was stripped off my body, leaving me dangling above whatever just did that completely naked. 

I shivered as the cold metal and colder wind touched my exposed skin. It didn’t last long however as something very light found its way over my breasts and settled against my shoulders. 
I could already tell that this new top was much frillier than the last one, I could practically feel the ribbons against my back. 

I was assaulted by another soft feeling as a piece of thick cloth moved itself up my legs and wrapped around my behind entirely. 

“Is this a diaper?!” 

I had never worn one as an adult, but the texture and thickness gave the item away. Why was I being put into a diaper?!

More soft feelings, this time coming from each of my legs as some kind of stocking was rolled up each of them. Plastic shoes of some kind followed them shortly and then my head was forced ramrod straight. 

I could feel lace tickle my neck as something fastened itself above my head, a hat or bow perhaps, followed by something metal getting close enough for me to actually see something other than myself. 

It held something in its appendage and kept probing at my mouth as if it wanted to place it inside. Knowing that I was only getting out of here via a competed return, I allowed the intruder to place itself between my teeth. 

I was relieved to find it wasn’t something terrible, but my fears were confirmed as I discovered the offending item in my mouth was indeed a pacifier. 

“Mmph mmmmph MMPH!” 

I scream into my muting gag as the machine once more scans me over. 

I was being made into some strange woman, baby doll hybrid. 

“Return process has reached 75% completion. Continuing onto final phase.”

The accursed voice returned and gave the machine permission to move me further along into the metal prison. 

I was thankful at least I could see in this newer portion as apparently lights were needed for the machine to accurately work on the boxes housing each returned item, again of which I was now one of. 

I seethed in my restraints. Having confirmed for myself that I was now not only wearing a frilly and ridiculous looking pink top that barely held my cleavage in it, I was also fastened with a bonnet and large diaper.

My discomfort and anger aside, I was actually quite jealous of the Morgan doll I could see being boxed. Apparently, the machine had given her the clothing Emily and I had taken from it back and she was now being fastened to the plastic backing wearing clothes I wish I still wore. 

Instead I was whisked away to one of the other waiting boxes… wanting to scream out in frustration as I read the front of the box. It read, ‘Sissy Doll Abby!’ Because of course with my luck I would find the one doll that shared my name and it would be a weird hybrid doll!

The box had a strange opening near middle of the plastic cover, I squinted to get a better look and blushed madly when I saw the other text written out next to the opening. 

‘Press down on her to check if Abby wet herself!’ ‘Fully active and realistic wetting and pooping features!’ ‘Play dress up with six different clothing sets all included!’ ‘She can even speak!’ ‘Take home your new best friend today!’

… All of those functions made sense for a baby doll, but not for a human that was about to be shoved inside of that box!

I had actually seen several commercials for this brand of doll, made by the same company who made Em’s precious Marvelous Morgan. Back in college, Em and I actually did a project on this model when we were in Sales Management. 

I knew the ins and out of the model, but I didn’t ever think it would come to this!

My panicking was halted as I felt a long piece of cardboard settle flush against my back and I renewed my struggling as I saw several heavy duty plastic ties begin to push through the holes near my appendages. 

It wasn’t enough to deter my eventual cuffs as around my wrists, elbows, torso, knees, ankles and even my neck, ties looped around and back through the cardboard. Securing me very tightly to the base and making sure I was ready for display. 

I could do nothing as the impromptu plan’s finale drew closer, just with a slight change. 

Instead of being sealed into a familiar Marvelous Morgan box, I was lowered and placed into this new Sissy Doll Abby box. I felt the top seal as I was locked within my marketing riddled prison. One of the metal helpers even poked through the embarrassing hole in the box and gave me a firm pat on the diaper to ensure I was properly placed. 

I once more tried to make a loud enough noise for Em to hear me, but to my shock, I found the combined tightness of the tie around my neck and pacifier completely muffled any noise I wanted to make. 

I was stuck in this box until Em or the stupid machine let me out, and I knew that. 

Grumbling unhappily to myself as I was moved outside of the machine, I perked up when I hear my bestie talking. 

“Wow. The machine did an even better job than I expected! You look even more like a doll then when I put you in there! No one would be able to tell you apart and I haven’t seen you blink once!”

My happiness wilted when I saw that she was talking to a completely boxed and NORMAL Morgan doll. She clearly was unaware of the minor miscalculation that had led me to now be in this situation. 

“Let me get these other dolls taken care of and then and I will personally find a good shelf position for you to watch those idiots from. Just gotta put the scan codes on and the machine can take care of the actual toys.”

I had a chance! All she had to do was walk over and look at me and I would be free!

“Lets see… Beach Party Barbie… shelfed for sale. Jasmine and Jane from the Disney collection… sold to a collector… set to be shipped in the morning…”

This was it, my turn! I grinned behind the pacifier in my mouth as she walked in front of me while looking down at her tablet. 

“Sissy Doll Abby…” as she trailed off her eyes roamed up from my feet. Inspecting every inch of her would be product, even going so far as to read the text and give my diaper a feel through the hole. 

Her eyes went back to tablet after feeling me up. 

“Oh wow! Someone bought out the whole set of you girls. Sissy Doll Abbie… Lady Robin… Rosie Posie… one of each! That makes me a pretty penny. Set to be shipped tonight all the way to Toronto!”

My eyes could not have been any wider once those words left her mouth. I was already sold… my whole collection was bought and to be shipped out now!?

I was so shocked that I didn’t notice her eyes travel across my face and cause her to giggle. 

“You even look like my friend Abby. Maybe I should put her in one of your boxes next hmm? Anyways, have fun in Canada with your sister dolls eh?”

I tried to scream something at her, but as soon as she slapped the stamp paper onto my box she was gone. I felt the claw attach itself to my box and lift me from the ground. 

I sobbed silently to myself as the automated machine took me further away from salvation, all the way to an open crate that already housed another two boxes that matched mine in design barring a few slight differences.

The one to my right was the Lady Robin model, a woman with a much more modest blue top compared to my pink one. She had green eyes and a tight smile that was held firm due to her actually being a doll. 

The other wore a similar outfit to my own, only hers was strapless, and her hair was red and extremely wavy. Her thick lips were pulled into a much wider smile and shined as did her blue eyes. 

I didn’t get to admire them for long however, seeing as the same claw that dropped me into the crate had returned. Spraying thousands of packing peanuts into the container, causing my sight to become obscured. 

It wasn’t long after that when I saw the lid begin to lower down from above. 

I whimpered as I was sealed into the darkness. I had always wanted to travel the world… but I never thought it would be as merchandise being shipped to a buyer. 

… Toronto here I come I suppose.


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