Plastique Surgery

by Darqside

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© Copyright 2007 - Darqside - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; bodymod; surgery; mc; rubberdoll; reluct/nc; X


Her blindfold was removed and she could see before her a laboratory with several computer panels and monitoring devices.


“Miss Williams…” a voice from behind her crooned.


“Roger Vaincroft!” Her eyes were now filled with hatred and anger at the sing-song man standing behind her.


“Ah…so you remember me, my dear…that’s good!  I was hoping the very reason my career as a plastic surgeon ended would at least remember my voice, if not my face.”


The man appeared in front of her, his eyes appeared haggard as if he hadn’t slept in months, his hair a mess, and most notably he wore a surgeon’s mask.  His voice was dripping with malice and hatred for her.


“Roger… you know as well as I it was nothing personal.  You weren’t good enough for the position at the facility, they just chose me.”


“They chose you because you’re a sight better looking than me…” he peeled away the mask to reveal a scar crossing the side of one lip.


Alicia Williams and Roger Vaincroft were, for the most part, the best of the best when it came to plastic surgery, where Roger was deft with his hands at precise incisions, Alicia was good at lifting and shaping.


“That was an accident… the patient resisted and didn’t react to the morphine like I had expected.”


“Lies, Alicia… I’m bloody sick of your lies…” his voice was hollow and hoarse as thought he’d been screaming out his lungs for days.


“I told you… it had nothing to do with your physical appearance, even the employment record for the interview says it had to do with pure skill!”


“How would you know about that?” His question was dripping with rhetoric.  “Unless of course you orchestrated it!”


Roger produced a small tape recorder, pressing play, it played back a recording of Alicia having a conversation with a Hospital supervisor.


“I don’t think you want Roger for the position.  He doesn’t handle the pressure very well.”


“You know as well as I do that I don’t take recommendations from other potential employees here at the facility.  Why are you telling me all this anyway?”


“I’ve known him for years and even though he’s my biggest rival in the field, I honestly don’t think he’ll make a good impression with the other aides here, let alone the patients.”


“He certainly has a good track record.  And he showed me several references that all seem to check out.  It sounds to me like you just don’t like him.”


“How could a plastic surgeon patient trust a doctor who has a scar on his face?  That just doesn’t seem right…the patients need to feel like their in good hands.”


Roger clicked stop on the tape.


“You spied on me!  How can you even call yourself a trustworthy doctor when you spy on other people!?”


“You should ask yourself the same question, my dear.  But I’m willing to let bygones be bygones… you see… I’ve had several years to think over that decision of yours to meddle in my career.”


While speaking, Roger flipped a switch that lit up the center of the room, where Alicia sat in a metal chair, her hands and feet clamped into place.  But striking of all… she was wearing some kind of heavy black rubber suit… it apparently was the only thing she was wearing, as it felt a bit drafty, and she could tell her cleavage was showing.  She struggled a bit against the bonds, but she was unable to move anything except her head.


“I’ve decided that even though you were a heartless, callous woman in the past, that I still like you… in fact I find myself… attracted to your charms.


“What sort of twisted gears are turning in that insane head of yours, Roger!” With that she spit on his face, which he deftly wiped off with a gloved hand.


“I see you loathe me for treating you this way… don’t worry… I’m the doctor here, and I’ll take good care of you.  If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have tenure to build that suit you’re wearing.”


Her eyes widened, what sort of thing was this suit she was wearing… it felt very heavy in nature, but at the same time it seemed to fit the contours of her body rather nicely, although a bit on the loose side, it was also obvious she wore nothing underneath the suit.  Her red hair hung loosely behind her, as thought it was meant to be kept clear of some mechanism.


Alicia squirmed in her seat, but still it wouldn’t budge.  She felt strange ridges and contours around her legs and feet inside the suit, and her body felt especially sensitive to it for some reason, not to mention she felt a little cold in the lab.


“I believe a complete makeover is in order!  What do you say, Alicia?  Oh, and since this is the first time I’m doing this… free of charge!”


“Go to hell, Roger!” her green eyes scowled at him.


“I’ll take that as a yes.  But first… we’ll need to stop that tongue of yours from wagging otherwise you might bite it off!” He produced a strange black ball that seemed to be as big as a baseball.


As a reaction to prevent him from shoving the ball in her mouth, she clamped her jaw down.


“Oh don’t worry, Alicia, I don’t need your mouth to open for this to function.  It’s already been tested.”


He merely brought the ball close to her lips and pressed it up against them, forcing her to fake-kiss the ball.  Then he let go of the ball to let it do its work.


“This ball is a special amorphic fluid that conforms to the contours of your mouth, it functions not only as a mouth gag, but also a means to keep your mouth free for anything I may decide to do with it later.” He winked.


As he let go of the ball, it affixed itself to her lips, like some sort of sticky tape, but then it proceeded to melt and seep into her lips along her jaw line, tongue, and even to the back of her throat.  She was on the verge of a gag reflex, but the fluid seemed to suppress that.  The ball was now a layer of black goop around her lips and inside every inch of her mouth and throat.


A few seconds later, the substance conformed to the shape of her mouth and hardened to a thick rubbery substance.


“Orrrph…mmmph.” The strange stuff pinned her tongue to the bottom of her mouth, while keeping her lips smooth and flexible, yet at the same time, immobile.  She couldn’t open or close her mouth without some help as she had a case of stretchy lock-jaw.


“Much better…” he smiled.


Her hands clenched and unclenched in fury as she was unable to even so much as spit on him anymore.


“You have such fire in those green eyes.  I’m definitely letting you keep those.” He grinned.


He casually strolled up to her, “I’m so excited to finally have you here to help me test out my new invention!” he eagerly cried.  “Don’t be alarmed though... I’ve tested it enough times to make sure the pain is kept to a minimum.  It’ll feel like a little prick every once in a while, and some strange sensations here and there… but otherwise you’ll be just fine.  You won’t believe the results!”


“Grrrr…” she growled at him through her encased rubber mouth.


“Since I’m here… I’ve always wanted to do THIS!” he placed his hand between her exposed cleavage and felt her up, not so much because he enjoyed it, but because he knew it humiliated her.  She winced as his hand squeezed her sensitive breast, which appeared to have gotten a little more soft in the cold lab air.  His hand was cold and clammy to the touch, which made it even more unbearable.


“Oh I’m just kidding…” he grinned sarcastically and withdrew his hand.  “When I’m done, you won’t believe your beautiful green eyes!  So… without further ado… let’s begin!”


Gloving his hand once again, he took the zipper that closed the suit and zipped her up past her cleavage up to her neck.  The suit was tight around her neck, but still felt rather loose around her body, albeit a bit heavy.  It was like wearing a high-tech cat suit, only she wasn’t in the mood.


“This may pinch for a second…” he said as he pressed a button on a nearby panel.




The suit seemed to have some sort of hydraulics in it because the minute it was activated, it began to slowly tighten itself around her body.  She felt a sharp pain press itself like a sharp needle into the nipples of each breast.  The pain made her shudder for a moment, but after a while subsided.  The strange needles that had punctured her breasts seemed to have been pressed deep inside her.




Another sharp pain exploded in the tips of her breasts as what felt like a series of needles that separated from the main needle spread out below the surface of the flesh in her nipple.  It felt incredibly sore… but for some reason… once again the pain subsided.


“Its sad to say, but… your breasts are a size A… not very impressive were they?” He grinned. “Let’s make them… say… a nice 36 C Cup… that’d be perfect!”


Pressing another switch, a strange swishing sound was made.  The pain from before was gone, but now it felt as though her breasts were being filled with a strange fluid.  She leaned back in the chair as the sensation pressed hard against her back.  Her breasts were turning into a pair of water balloons!  The needle-like sensation left and she was now watching a pair of breasts slosh up and down.


After the liquid filling sensation subsided, the now full breasts were jutting out farther than she’d ever imagined possible.  After a few minutes, they felt about as normal as if she were born with them.  As a test, he jiggled them with his hands.  They bounced naturally enough but still remained as firm as ever underneath the black rubber suit.  If he were a bit handsomer, she’d thank him for the lift.  But of course she hated him regardless.


“I take it you like what I’ve done so far… but I’m hardly finished!  We’ve scarcely begun!  Now the real fun begins!”


“This may feel a bit strange at first, but you’ll get used to it, I know you will.” He pressed another switch and yet another hydraulic system came to life.  This time the suit appeared to tighten itself around her body, so tight in fact it felt like it was sticking to her.  She couldn’t move, and the sensation of cold metal plating touched her vagina which made her body tingle somewhat.  The rubber now had a much more liquid-like appearance to it, and very glossy.


“Don’t be too shocked with what I’m about to do next, but its all part of how the suit works.” He casually strolled up to her seat and grasped the zipper on the suit.  With a quick snap of the wrist…he peeled the zipper off as though it were some kind of foreign decal off a suitcase.


“Omm mm gddd…!!!” With the sudden shock setting in, she now had to contemplate that she was now stuck in a strange liquid rubber suit with no means of release.  Besides being unable to move her limbs now… her body didn’t seem to want to cooperate with her now more than ever.


“You see, Alicia… this suit allows surgeons to perform live surgery on living subjects without having to deal with such things as bleeding or pain of any sort, even things like cardiac arrest can be easily maintained and prevented within the suit.  As we speak the black cellular structure of the suit has been inserted into every single cell of your body save your face on a molecular level.  And we’ll deal with that soon enough.”


He pressed yet another switch, and the strange chair that had bound her hand and foot now transformed into some sort of suspended metal chamber that held her arms and legs in floating suspended animation.  A thin metal loop appeared around her neck and soon she was unable to even do things like turn her head.


The strange device seemed to be anti-gravitational in nature, as it applied no pressure to her legs or wrists or even neck, it simply forced her to float without moving.  It was indeed a strange sensation… but not as strange as what he planned next.


“This may hurt a little…. well, maybe not… who knows?” he grinned as he pressed yet another switch.


Three strange tubes appeared beneath her, two of which proceeded to jut themselves into her hips.  There was a brief piercing sensation, but this left almost immediately.


The third tube was smaller in nature, but forced its way directly up her vulva.


A little servo whined and twisted with a feint popping noise and the tube was now, somehow, attached to the lips of her vulva.


“I gave you a nice set of 36 C breasts… let’s compliment them.” Roger smirked with glee and pressed another panel.


Alicia began to moan wildly as the pressure from the tubes affixed to her waist and vulva locked her in place.  Not only was the central tube teasing her vulva, but it had begun to produce a strange heat sensation in her inner uterus.  She felt her hips begin to expand into a tight round shape, forcing her back to arch forward, as her hips were much wider now than ever, but not so wide as to make her appear fat.  The strange gripping sensation on her vulva, although pinching somewhat, was beginning to excite her… much to her frustration.


It felt like a pair of mechanical hands were gripping her by the lips of her vaginal parts and try as she might, there was no release of them.  Her wide hips sloshed with the strange fluid inside as her waist shook to free herself.  Soon enough, the fluid in her hips hardened and it felt as though she’d developed a layer of cellulite in her tight round buttocks almost instantly.  The weight from her hips forced her body to sway from side to side as she struggled, making her appear sexier than she’d ever intended.  As if that wasn’t enough her breasts were swaying in rhythm to her hips, which made her even more humiliated, not to mention turned on.


“Ooh, you’re looking great, Alicia!  I didn’t know if the hip insertion would have a good effect on you, but it suits you well.  You always did have small breasts and hips, and now that they’re modified, you’ll be the talk of the town!” He grinned.


“Mrrgph… ghmph…!” she struggled to speak but the rubber fastened her tongue deep in her mouth, not to mention she could barely move her lips as they were also wrapped in the rubbery stuff.


“You want MORE you say?” he smiled wryly.  “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this, I mean, I actually considered the thought of having kids with you someday… but you seem so excited about the prospect of having sex more often… well, I most assuredly can’t turn down a lady’s request.”


“Mrrrph!  Mrrrph!” She screamed into her rubber gag, her protests went unheard as he once again pressed the diabolical panel.


The two tubes that had invaded her hips withdrew from the side with a wet plop as the liquid rubber epidermis that allowed them in now released them, and now the central tube that gripped her vulva produced a strange bulb-like protrudence that inserted itself inside her vaginal area, just far enough that it was inside the very tip of her uterus.


With a flush of what felt like a strange warm liquid, her insides were coated with what felt like the same stuff her breasts and hips were just injected with.  The sensation was making her wet and with all the forced swaying of her breasts and hips, not to mention the pinching grip on the lips of her vulva, she felt like she was going to go crazy!


The strange device that had inserted itself into her was injecting what felt like at least a gallon of the stuff deep inside her innards, but why wasn’t it dripping out of her vulva?  Apparently it had plugged up her lowermost orifices when she’d not realized and was holding her abdomen in place… transfixed in a strange combination of pleasure and pinching pain.


The fluid inside her uterus caused her stomach to swell, but this stopped shortly as excess fluid was drained while the rest hardened.  The result was a solid mold that perfectly fit the shape of her insides now stuck inside of her, her abs felt solid and hard, despite the swaying hips… as if that wasn’t enough, the strange injector as it left her vulva (but did not release her from the pinching sensation) began to grip and stretch the lips of her vagina.


“This may hurt a little bit, but that’ll pass soon enough.”


She winced as the strange machine stretched and pulled at her vagina for what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes.  The stretching pain felt like it would rip her in half, but as it felt, it was only exiting her all the more, she realized.  She felt like she was turning into a masochist over night!


When she felt the lips of her vagina stretch taut, yet dripping wet, she realized a sort of liquid coating was being applied over the surface of it.  Soon this hardened, and when it was all over she felt like her vagina was now open wide in a state of being fisted (but without a fist) for all the world to see.  The machine then released her from the pinching sensation, but the stretched sensation never left.  Her body instantly jerked forward in a wave of orgasm as her clitoris had been stretched into a permanently open state, open, exposed, and extremely sensitive.


“I hope you like what I’ve done.  It’ll make having sex so much easier for you… no longer will you have to get yourself into a state of arousal in order for the release to come.” He smiled and gently rubbed her exposed clit.  Strangely enough, the rubbery layer of whatever it was that had forced her vagina open kept her from feeling any sort of sore pain when he touched her clitoris, even with a dry hand it was now simply a wave of wet pleasure, as it appeared as though some sort of watery encasing now enveloped her clit like a safety bubble of sorts, keeping it constantly wet, excited, and no longer in pain.


“Mgghhhh…” she produced a series of muffled gasps as the sensation rocked her core.  She was losing herself, she could feel it.  No longer was it a matter of revenge on his part… it was a matter of getting pleasure and more of it!  She didn’t care that at one point she thought dear Roger was insane.  She didn’t care that he thought she was disgusted with him for turning her into a Rubber Slut of plastic surgery… no… she was all too eager now!  Her hungry clit bounced up and down in rhythm with her breasts and hips as she lithely slid her vagina across his waiting hand.


Roger whispered gently in her ear, “But I’m far from finished, Alicia… you’re going to be my Rubber Slut.”


At the prospect of more of what he had in store she yelped and despite the suspended animation, her breasts and hips bounced at the thought.


“What more does he have in mind!?” she thought.


“It took me a while, but I discovered a way to alter the mechanics of the human foot to compensate for weight issues in high heels… I took up podiatry as a hobby for a while, but the end result should be more than satisfactory.  Prepare yourself, this may hurt a little.”


Once again she girded herself for the next phase of her transformation as he pressed another switch.


She stared at her feet as the liquid substance that was once the strange suit she was now enveloped in began to harden at the very tops of her feet… the feeling was as though some sort of plastic board was forming over the top of her feet.


The board began to thicken and as it happened, it began to press on the tops of her feet while pulling her ankles upwards, forcing her to point her toes.  The sensation felt painful at first as it was literally forcing her feet to touch the floor via her toes.  Then a sudden additional pain hit her ankles.




The feeling was as though the very joint in her foot was being unhinged!  Like her foot was being broken off… the pain made her wince for a moment, but almost like a miracle, it subsided.


“I’m reforming the skeletal structure of your feet, dear Alicia, the suit is designed to interface with your nervous system and prevent as much pain as possible from occurring, but it only seems to react to pain the instant it occurs, so it only prevents subsequent pain.  Since you’re the prototype, this was to be expected, but I’ll be calibrating another suit so that doesn’t happen for ‘later clients’.”


Once the process was complete he pressed a button that appeared to display an X-Ray image of her feet where they were.  The base of the foot now appeared to be directly in line with the very end of the bone, and her toes were now pointed downward and perpendicular to the ground, meaning she would never be flatfooted ever again.


She wanted to sob, but the other sensations she was getting from her other body parts prevented her.


“Don’t be sad, Alicia…” Roger smiled, “This is merely an improvement, I’ve studied the skeletal structure of the finest ballerinas and how their toes look.  This will optimize what I have in store for you.”


Pressing yet another switch, he injected a pair of tubes into the backsides of her legs… they appeared to be injecting a strange stringy sensation over the surface of her leg muscles.  The feeling was warm, but at the same time felt incredibly strange… like she was being sewn together by a sewing machine.


“I’m reinforcing your leg muscles to compensate for the weight shift… you’ll see in a minute.”


After a minute or so the tubs left the backs of her legs and she felt slightly stretched out in her legs now… somewhat as though she were a gazelle or some fast-running animal.


A wet swish sound at her feet and the rubber encasing them began to change shape.  The black substance liquefied and turn into a pair of super-pointed 10 inch ballet point heels!  The liquid around her feet soon hardened and she was lowered slightly to stand on the newly formed tips of her toes.


She wobbled at first due to the strange sensation of her newly formed feet… but soon she was able to put her full weight on the en point toes of hers and the strange muscles in the back of her legs kept her perfectly balanced.  She still couldn’t move… but she could now stand on the tips of her toes without feeling any sort of pain.  The heels clacked generously on the cold metal floor, and for some reason she felt like she could run a marathon in them!


Roger lithely walked up to her, genuinely proud of his handiwork.  “Now that the hard part is over, I can take my time with the easier phases of your transformation, Alicia.” He pressed a nearby panel and a mirror appeared in front of her.


From the tips of her toes all the way up to the jaw line of her neck she was now encased in thick shiny skin-like rubber.  Her hands were suspended of course, but her legs were now standing en point on a pair of high ballet toed heels.  Her hips were nearly twice the size of what she’d felt, and to compliment them a pair of breasts to round out her tight hourglass figure.  She stared down in astonishment at the perfectly molded open rubber vagina that gaped at her (which she also noted meant that the rubber suit on her body from the neck down was her new ‘skin’).  It was wide enough to fit two hands through!  In fact to test this, Roger gently placed both his hands (which were rather large considering) deep inside of her.


Even her insides were made of rubber!  The molding had fulfilled its purpose nicely and as he had said earlier, she was turning into his Rubber Slut… whether she wanted to or not.  But to be honest… she was starting to warm up to the idea.


“Now I think its time for the finishing touches to my Rubber Slut.” He grinned.


Walking somewhere behind her, beyond her vision, he grabbed a strange object and brought it in front of her.


“For this next modification, I recommend you close your eyes… actually it doesn’t matter if you close your eyes or not, it just might sting them a little if you don’t.  I told you before… I fully intend on keeping those beautiful green eyes of yours… your red hair too, while I’m at it.  I’ve always wanted a red-haired black Rubber Slut to play with.”


Roger produced a strange rubber hood with strange connecting diodes on it around the neck.  The hood apparently had no eyeholes or mouth of any sort… just a solid rubber piece.


He then proceeded to gently gather up Alicia’s red hair and tie it in a tight bun at the top of her head.


“I normally prefer my sluts with their hair down, but for this we’ll need your hair to not interfere with the fusion process.”


Her heart began racing… what did he mean by fusion process… as if that wasn’t enough what was going to happen to her body?  Part of her was too excited to care, while the other was scared beyond belief.


He repeated that she should close her eyes as he placed the hood over her face.


She felt some strange fasteners attach themselves around the base of her neck as the hood actually prevented her from breathing somewhat.  Out of fear she kept her eyes closed as the process began.


To her surprise the hood became like a warm liquid… washing over her face and eyes (that she kept closed), and even coated a layer of the liquid rubber that was gagging her mouth.  Her hair seemed to naturally seep through the fluid as well.


“I do believe you can open your eyes now.” He crooned.


She did, and to her big surprise the liquid rubber apparently had fused with her face!  No trace of her old skin could be seen.  Her lips were black rubber and her cheeks had a deep shine to them.  All save for her red hair and green eyes were left.  The stalks of her red hair seemed to stick up out of the rubber as though coming up from her own skin.  The diodes on the mask of course had disappeared, nothing remained of her old skin, even her eyelids were a shiny black rubber.


“Oh I’m not finished yet… understand this process, although a lot gentler than what you experienced before, will make you never look the same again!” At this he began to laugh… as though the joke were on him.  He ended his laugh abruptly while undoing her hair so that it fell in red lengths along her back and pressed another button.


A strange warm liquid sensation began to massage the top of her head.  She wasn’t sure what to make of it, but among the other things that had apparently happened to her today, this was one of the more pleasant ones.


Then it dawned on her as her green eyes looked in the mirror before her… her hair was growing!  Not just growing, but at a fast rate!  She watched in amazement as her red locks grew to amazing length down the length of her back.  Her red hair shone like a deep red fire and eventually came to a stop just above the tops of her heels.


“I’ve set it up so that your hair’s growth is stunted and won’t ever grow naturally again… but also, it’s designed so that if you ever try to cut it, it will always grow back to this length virtually overnight.  I’ve also genetically treated your hair so that it maintains that beautiful red shine no matter how old you get.  I love my sluts with long hair, you know.”


“Mrrph…mphhhh…” she protested silently…but she began to lose hope.


“Ah yes… lest we forget.  The pièce de résistance.”


He pressed a final switch, and a warm sensation formed around the base of her neck.


“I so love the sound of your voice… it would be such a shame to lose it, dearest Alicia.”


The heat on her neck began to rise, and after a while, her voice seemed to disappear completely.


“I have been studying the nature of vocal chords for nearly the entire time I’ve been away from you, my sweet.  I love how they can be enhanced, pulled, stretched, manipulated.


He took what appeared to be a pair of large tongs out of a nearby panel drawer and brought them to her neck.


Taking the tongs he plunged deep inside the liquid that had formed itself around her neck, and with a slight tug, pulled out a strange black rubber cube from within.


“What is this you ask?” he glanced curiously at her, “Why, Alicia, this is your voice box!  It’s what makes you say those awful things about me behind my back.  All your main vocal chords are housed in this little thing.”


Her eyes widened in horror that he was able to rip them out without her feeling so much as a wince of pain.  She was no longer capable of speech, no moaning, or anything.


“Now… for my proudest achievement… vocal manipulation.” He produced what appeared to be a strange metal disc with prongs on it and proceeded to attach it to the black rubber cube that contained her vocal chords.


After the attachment, he reinserted the chords back into her throat and sealed it, much like the expert surgeon he was turning out to be.


“So… what do you think of my skills…” he then pressed the base of her upper lip and the strange rubber ball that originally had gagged her mouth exited and released her… although now a layer of latex covered every inch of her mouth and lips from the mask.


“I think… you…. it… turns me on!!” she said after a brief struggle.


“You see, that disc serves as a special vocal and nervous system stimulator that manipulates brain waves in the brain… specifically towards speech, motor, and sensation control.  Every time you want to say something, either about the weather, or perhaps hatred towards me for doing this to you… the disc interrupts it and causes you to talk about nothing but sex!”


“D-Damn…. you… I want you inside me!” she struggled again.


“You’ll get used to talking dirty to me soon enough.”  He grinned.  “Also, I’ve installed a special motor control chip in that disc so that just in case you have blood on your mind and want to strangle the life out of me… the disc activates the rubber skin now fused with your body and forces you to not only have an orgasm, but also paralyses you for a brief moment so that you can’t even so much as lay a finger on me unless I say so!”


“You…… y-you… sex you…” she tried in small gasps.


“Oh… and last but not least… I have the option of controlling your libido at any time I see fit, not to mention I can manually control your body with the suit.  You’re my Rubber Slut now, Alicia, now and forever!”


He pressed a switch on the panel to release her.  She felt her arms and legs were now free to stand.  She wanted to strangle him… she wanted to take a knife and kill him right there… but instead her body was no longer hers to control… she merely sauntered up to him, wide hips and large breasts swaying, long red hair swishing like a vast tail, and wrapped her arms around him to caress him, pressing her open sex up against his waist.


“If it weren’t for your selfishness in trying to make a career for yourself, I wouldn’t have invented this suit.  It’s specialized for all sorts of surgical and body modifications… I’ve already made multiple versions of it, and now that I know that it works… I’ll sell billions!  Of course, your suit is special… its permanently fused with your body now… just so that I have my Rubber Slut all to myself.”


“I…” she tried to form the words ‘I hate you’, but instead it came out in the sexiest deep voice she could’ve ever imagined possible.


“I love you, Roger…” she blinked.  Did she really say that?


She tried more phrases ‘I’m going to kill you.’ ‘I’ll make your life a living hell.’


I’m going to make hot love to you.”


“I’ll make your life heaven on earth!”


She felt her voice vibrate deep within her, as though she were poised to have sex with him there and then!  As if to complicate the problem, her body was complying with every word that came out of her mouth.  She felt hot, stimulated, sexy, and overall… attracted to the very man who did this to her!


It was obvious that Roger knew what she was trying to say… but with a wry smile he chose to accept what she said as how she really felt.


“Because you’re my Rubber Slut… I think I want you to call me Master from now on… instead of Roger, okay?” he grinned.


“Y-yes…Master…” she wanted to rip the disc out of her throat and stomp it on the ground for saying that… but instead she found her hands were idly caressing the now swollen mass in his pants.


“Well… I suppose if you insist.” He said with a smile.


He walked with her by the hand to a nearby lab table and had her lie down on the table with her feet pointing away from him.


“I think this will be a good test on the suit’s ability to take and receive stress.”


With this, he commanded her to arch her back so that her hands and the tips of her ballet heels were the only things touching the table, she arched her head to face him, her long red hair dangling on the floor in front at the edge of the table, and her large breasts jutting upwards.


He pressed a lever on the table so that it lowered itself so that her face was aimed directly at his crotch upside-down.  He casually unzipped his pants to reveal his throbbing member.


“Now… I believe you know what to do.”


Alicia’s mind was racing for a way out of this… not only was she bent over backwards while arching her back on a table, but now he wanted her to suck his cock?  She clamped her rubber lips shut at the thought… but as she did so a strange sensation overtook her.


Her body felt like it was warming up.  And like a Christmas Tree lighting up… all her pleasure centers turned on all at once.  She felt like she was going to pass out… but the suit wouldn’t let her so much as curl up into a ball of sexual orgasmic bliss…


It was either suck his cock or be stuck in an upside-down orgasm with no relief in sight.


“Like I said before, Alicia, I made special modifications to the suit… you can’t move unless you move the way I specify, and you have no control over your libido anymore.  I control your mood swings, your sexual sensations, and what you define as pleasure I can change and alter at a whim, I could make it so that pain was pleasure to you.  If I so desired I could make it so that your only sense of relief from constant orgasms is by sucking my cock.  Do you want that?”


She shook her head no… but her lips said ‘yes’.


“I see your mind and body are conflicted, yes?” he smiled.  “That will change, soon enough, now, if you please…”


Her body shuddered under the intense pressure building and boiling within her vulva… it felt like a machine was already pumping her for all she was worth.  Before she knew what she wanted, her mouth opened automatically, and her newly created rubber tongue snaked out to greet its new Master.


Against her own will, she began to suck on him.  At first it felt surreal, like her body was beyond her control anymore, that it betrayed her… she wanted to cry, but instead her lips clamped even tighter around his sex.  Her tongue tasted like rubber, even her nose smelled nothing but rubber, even the sensation of touching his penis with her tongue felt like rubber… rubber was now her world.  She felt herself begin to drift as the rhythmic motion of sucking on him drove her insane with lust.


She must have drifted off to sleep, because the next day she found herself lying in a bed she was unfamiliar with.  She was still bound head to foot in the rubber suit, her en point heels felt perfectly natural to stand in.  They were her feet now, and part of her life.  She found a nearby mirror and found herself unable to resist caressing her rubber breasts while swaying with her black hips back and forth in the mirror.  She swished her long red hair that contrasted with the shiny black skin on her body as it felt so lively and long.


She then felt the uncontrollable urge to touch her clitoris, not just touch it though… to massage it, to lick it… to feel the rubber sensation all on her body.  For some reason she was able to bend her waist in such a way as to lick her own vulva.  And it was hard to resist sucking on the rounded ends of her heels as well.


She was falling in love with her new self, and it felt like a dream.  Nothing but solid shiny black with green eyes and the longest red hair… she was perfect.  She was absolutely the most gorgeous, sexiest thing she’d ever seen in her entire life… she was a sexy slut goddess.


And she had Roger… no… Master to thank for it.  The more she said ‘Master’ the more she liked to use the term.  It made her think of shoving her hands up her rubber pussy every time she said it, which of course she did.  She came and came, till she felt on the verge of collapse, then she came some more.


She began to giggle… uncontrollably… like a sexy schoolgirl.


“I’m Master’s Rubber Slut!” she smiled broadly.


She noted a nearby latex housemaid outfit lying on the bed and without thinking about it, she put it on.  A nearby note listed in the Master’s sexy handwriting a series of chores (some of which were quite erotic) to do around the house.  Just thinking of doing anything the Master told her turned her on… and anything the Master did was sexy to her.


With a smile she went to work.  She had a lot of work ahead of her in this new career change of hers, and her Master was waiting.


He was a busy Plastic Surgeon, after all.



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