Playing with Dolly

by Adam N Eaves

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© Copyright 2011 - Adam N Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; doll; lingerie; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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Ian realised that he had been neglecting his dolly Diane for a while and that evening when he came home from work he made a special effort to make her feel special again. There she was propped up against the bed where he had left her that morning. He picked her up flung his arms around her and gave her the bestest biggest huggle she had ever had. He carefully placed her on the edge of the bed and then went to the drawer to get her some nice things to wear.

'I know!' thought Ian, 'just the thing', he pulled out the silky white underwear set he had bought her last week. Carefully he put them on dolly, slowly sliding the soft fresh smelling panties over her legs and pulled them up giving a little jerk as they reached the top so the crotch dug into dolly's pussy a little and made her shudder. Then he fastened the bra around her lovely breasts and sat her against the headboard to survey her.

"My my you do look very sexy in your new things", he told her and winked at her.

Then he began kissing her ever so delicately on her waiting mouth; his tongue exploring her mouth, gently caressing her body as he did. Dolly quivered with delight as Ian began nibbling her earlobes and kissing all down her neck; already she could feel the beginnings of her dewy puss drops forming below. Ian laid dolly down flat and then proceeded to kiss her arms and sides. Soft butterfly kisses all down one side along the other and then along her tummy. He licked her belly button for good measure and saw dolly move slightly.

She murmured quietly under her breath as Ian's tongue went lower and lower; then between her legs kissing either side of her thighs. He planted his mouth firmly on her panties and the mound of her pubes. She could feel his hot breath there through the silky material and it made her want to squeal with joy.

Ian's tongue ran along the thin material, all down the edge of the waistband and then tracing the outline of her pussy lips which were clearly visible now through the ever wettening material. The silkiness of the panties and the hot moistness of Ian's lips combined to give dolly the most wonderful sensation rippling through her lips. His nose nuzzled her clitty hood several times and that was it she could no longer stand it. She let out such a shriek and purred loudly as he continued to kiss and run his finger down the sides of the panties brushing her moist lips.

Before long he was pushing them aside, his hot tongue delving into dolly's love hole, while his hands began playing up top with her nipples which were rock hard and showing through the material of her bra. He tweaked each nipple in turn while he skilfully slurped away inside her puss, occasionally licking her clitty button into submission.

Her master was such a tease but she could see by the bulge in his trousers he was enjoying it too; oh how she wished he would take her now roughly over the edge of the bed. Almost panting for his huge cock to fill her tight little pussy and make her scream. By this time her pussy was sopping wet and her nipples so hard they hurt to be released from their shackles.

Breathless, dolly wriggled and squirmed about on the bed legs trying to move together against Ian's head; her arms placed lifeless by her sides, aching to touch herself on the breast like she did when Ian wasn't around. She didn't have to wait much longer though, because Ian was relieving himself of his clothing and he positioned her on all fours, bra and panties discarded on the bedside floor.

Dolly knew what was coming next, her eyes flashed with utter delight as he slid his member deep inside her waiting pussy and thrashed it to death good style. Rocking her back n forth, the bed creaking, her nipples being pressed into the mattress. Oh how she loved to be fucked by her master.

Ian slid his long hard cock into dolly's tight pussy right up to the hilt. His balls slapping against her firm buttocks as he held onto them for extra leverage, pumping deep into her almost pushing her over on the bed. Dolly's face was pressed into the pillow turned sideways and she could just about make out in the mirror, the image of her master banging away at her ickle pussy. She watched and panted as he thrust his length into her again and again almost lifting her off the bed, the headboard was banging loudly against the wall and the springs in the mattress creaked in synchronisation to Ian's upward strokes.

Ian pulled dolly's legs back slightly and wider apart, grabbing hold of both ankles and bending her calves back towards her bum, as he continued to pound into her. Her murmurs were almost muffled by the pillow and her pussy was leaking like fuck by now. The juices running all down Ian's shaft, scooped out by his huge purple headed friend. Back n forth he rocked, pressing his whole weight into her, his nails digging into her soft latex flesh.

Dolly could begin to feel her pussy tighten and knew it wouldn't be long before she came. The first of many orgasms, as her master was determined to keep going. Sweat pouring from his body as he occasionally slowed to a stop to gain his breath and prevent himself cumming. He slapped dolly's cheeks too from time to time to heighten the sensations. Faster and faster he pummelled into her yielding pussy, feeling it envelope his cock, squeezing it to death. That was when he felt dolly's first earth shattering orgasm, ripples all along his cock, juices spurting out from the sides as she moaned loudly and her legs almost buckled with the force.

Ian turned dolly around on her back watching that wry smile on her face, almost cursing him for not cumming with her, but he had other ideas. He lifted dolly's legs high over his shoulders and repositioned his throbbing cock at the entrance of her blood engorged lips once more. In and out he slid, her pussy even tighter than before, pushing her nearer to the edge of the bed with every forceful thrust. He bent over her and kissed her rock hard nipples as he slowed to a gentle rhythm.

'Oh my god!' thought dolly, 'i'm going to cum again soon'.

No sooner had the thought entered her head than she felt her whole lower body shake and twitch from a second more powerful orgasmic spasm. Ian felt it too and almost lost it, his arms tired from being propped up on the bed, his legs like jelly. He saw the beaming smile on dolly's face again and her eyes light up with the total joy of his lovemaking. Still he carried on, determined to make it last.

Now he manoeuvred dolly onto her side and slid his soaked body next to hers. Taking her from behind, bending her knees up almost to her chest as he fucked her hard. Dolly almost screamed aloud with the next two orgasms, one following the other in quick succession. Her poor pussy worn out and a little sore. Ian could stand it no longer he let out one almighty grunt and let fly his hot jism deep inside dolly. She felt it shoot deep inside her causing yet another orgasm. Exhausted they both slumped on the bed, spent and tired.

Ian kissed dolly's neck and lips softly as he cuddled her. She just lay there still wallowing in the delight of their lovemaking. Her eyes shut tightly, thinking what a wonderful master she had, and how she loved to be fucked good and long by him. Ian drifted off into a deep restful sleep, he dreamt that dolly came alive and gave him a good blow job as he slept. Was it a dream or was it real, who cared, he drifted off with it, the feeling of dolly's hot wet mouth around his cock base. He sighed under his breath, what a beautiful sexy dolly I have. Maybe next time I should take her to the bathroom and shower her he thought.

[the end]



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