Preppie Dolls 2: Snugbunny

by Izhane Twilight

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© Copyright 2014 - Izhane Twilight - Used by permission

Storycodes: F?/f; cd; tg; shemale; majick; transformation; latex; rubberization; objectified; rubberdoll; bunnygirl; cheerleader; enslave; cond; tease; oral; anal; climax; denial; cons/nc; X

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CONTENTS WARNING NC Rubberization/Encasement (forced permanent rubber coating, including eyes and throat.); Adolescent on adolescent intercourse; Shemale on female intercourse; Body Control; NC intercourse; Humiliation; Breast enlargement & mild body alteration; Rubber doll transformation; Mind suppression; Mind manipulation; Mental reconditioning; Orgasm Denial; Enslavement. Forced Feminization (girlification of tom-boy). Foot Fetish.

Part 2: Snugbunny

Phoebe rolled about in bed with a soft giggle and a gentle moan as she stirred into a long stretch, before kicking the sheets off her bed. She raised her feet, clad in black ballerina slippers into the air, and wiggled her toes within the confines of their pink tights to wake them up so she would be able rest her feet on the ground. As she continued to stretch, she looked down, smiling and blushing at her erection showing clearly under her black, soft, cotton ‘Goodbye Kitty’ Nightshirt. She rolled over as her leg draped something warm and rubbery and giggled with a squeak as she cuddled her former maid, and looked to Lizzie posed near the wall. It was no wonder she had wood, after spending the weekend getting intimately acquainted with her new dolly.

Indeed, she had mercilessly tormented Lizzie, while Phoebe herself enjoyed the toy’s desperation in every way she could think to, even going so far as to tease and deny herself. When Lizzie became too horny to handle from time to time, Melissa kept Phoebe going while she let the cheer doll stew. After two days of forcing her dolly to give her the most erotic torment of her life, supplemented by her rubber sextoy, Phoebe was horny as hell. Granted, poor Lizzie was enthralled in far more torturous pleasure, but it wasn’t as if she really understood that anymore, besides it made her all the more desperate to receive and return Mistress’s touch. Lizzie’s fate was as sealed as Lizzie was, anyway. There was nothing that could change that, now, and Phoebe was perfectly ok with that.

Phoebe rubbed her bulge warmly against Melissa and kissed her ear. Melissa was nice and warm, but without direct stimulation, she was also nice and frozen. It was a lovely tease as Phoebe woke up, cuddling the sex doll and admiring the toy cheerleader. She kissed Melissa’s cheek and whispered into her ear. “My sexy, sexy rubber dolly,” She began to whisper into that cute little ear as she rubbed a rubber breast. “You did really good helping me snare a Lizzie, and you’re such a wonderful toy to play with. I’m sorry I had to leave you in that cold, icky closet, but now you get to stay in bed with mistress. I’m happy you’re mine, Melissa-doll.” She sweetly kissed the toy on the lips as she sat up and stretched, leaving the doll on the bed for the moment, still dressed in a very provocative negligee she had found in her dresser and nylon thigh highs. She finally pulled herself from her bed and her dress-up doll to go get ready.

The cutesy goth girl stood on her tip toes as she brushed her teeth quite happily. No indication of lunacy, or maliciousness showed… only pride, childlike playfulness, and excitement. She was excited because it was a new week, a new day, and quite possibly a new dolly. She still felt something wasn’t right in her relationship with Lizzie. Aside from all that, she was just getting the hang of the process.

She had posed Lizzie in such a way to “watch” Phoebe’s bed all night. Even if the doll couldn’t see, it somehow exited Phoebe to have Lizzie there when she changed, and it somehow stirred just a little extra torment in Lizzie. Phoebe was in a very cute and kinky mood as she began to choose her clothes. She began with a pair of Japanese loose socks, around which she would build her outfit. Once she had picked out her outfit, she began to strip naked in a very showy way in front of Lizzie, sitting on the bed and pushing off the slippers with her toes as she stretched her torso to pull the soft shirt slowly over her head and reveal her beasts in a rather pronounced fashion for her blind plaything, erection well defined under her tights, which she then proceeded to peel off with a slow lifting of each leg.

Phoebe knew all too well Lizzie could not see her, but this was for Phoebe too, as she stripped within plain sight of a mirror. Phoebe may have been more than a bit off, but she had endured much to enjoy her body this way. As for Lizzie, who could definitely sense mistress’s arousal, she would simply have to bear the burden of Phoebe’s free expression of her sexuality. Melissa, on the other hand could see quite well. Too bad for her the new rubber body only responded to physical stimulation. In any case, Phoebe was cool with it. Melissa got to enjoy trying on plenty new clothes herself, anyway.

As Phoebe began to dress she showed no more restraint or modesty. She grinned as she shimmied into her cotton panties, then took her sweet time wiggling her toes into the baggy-leg socks, both thoroughly enjoying their quality and comfort, while giving her toys quite a show. She was no humbler stepping into her black miniskirt, or buttoning herself into a white blouse that was slightly too short to tuck into anything. She added a black tie, black, high heeled mary-janes, and a light pink headband. When she finished dressing, she posed for her dolly, then for her mirror, taking a moment to appreciate herself, and enjoy the cute outfit she was all too happy to flaunt, before gathering her things, teasingly posing her Melissa sitting up on the bed, and preparing to hurry off to school, and her next project.

As she was about to leave, she found her eyes facing in Lizzie’s direction, and walked over to her toy with a tiny smirk. She viewed her work once more before slipping a hand up the cheerleader top, and caressing Lizzie’s breast… giving her a little present to linger for the rest of the day. Indeed, though she remained frozen for mistress, the mentally bound toy wanted to squeak and whimper as the sensation would last well beyond the touch, and keep her good and horny until mistress was ready for her. Phoebe then threw back her foot and blushed innocently. “You were amazing this weekend Lizzie. I’m so happy I finally got you to express your girly side.” She then leaned in and whispered into Lizzie’s sealed ear, her caress turning into a grope. “You made me so incredibly horny, little Lizzie, and just think how that will benefit your new friend.” Phoebe had effectively repaid the favor and Lizzie was fully charged again, forced to stand there drinking in the praise and tormenting tease as her owner kissed her cheek before leaving the room with a bouncy sway of her little backside, and making her way off to school.

That morning, between periods, Nyx kept getting the fleeting feeling of someone watching her, but being suspicious of everyone, she didn’t pay much attention to it. Nyx was a much truer goth than Phoebe, but that wasn’t saying much. Nyx was a tad paranoid, and something of a loner. The other Goths accepted her, but didn’t always relate. As such, she often hung around Liz, Candace, and Patricia: a group of rather mindful, independent girls. They were sort of a modern beatnik crowd.

Nyx even dressed like a beatnik, but with a heavy goth influence. Her boots were always round toed chunky heels or platforms. But her skirts were long and her shirts not all that tight. Admittedly, she favored men’s t-shirts, but still with very gothic flare and never loose enough to hide her assets. She managed to pull it off with light, leather jackets, or a leather trenchcoat in the cold season. Her long, straight, black hair didn’t hurt either, and she wore it well with makeup that gave her an ever so slightly bewitching look. She had learned to be modest, and sexy, feminine and strong, all at the same time, and how to do it well.

When the lunch period came about, that same feeling started to make her tingle. She bought her food, and made her way to her usual table, rubbing the back of her neck as she sat beside Patricia. Before they could converse, Phoebe had appeared across the table.

“Hey guys, wutup?”

“My tension, I feel…” As she started to speak, Nyx got a weird vibe form Phoebe, the same vibe she’d been getting all day, but stronger.

“Feel what Nikki?” Phoebe excitedly insisted.

“Never mind, just a little headache I guess, and I swear, if I have to tell you not to call me that one more time!”

Patricia interrupted. “You guys know where Liz is, today?”

“You mean baggy-pants tom-boy Liz?” inquired Phoebe with a sarcastic tone, covering up her playful deception.

Nyx blinked and rubbed her neck again. Patricia just rolled her eyes and with a little huff, and responded… “Yes… Phoebes, that one.” Patricia knew Phoebe didn’t like that name, but Phoebe was never too good about not calling her Tricia or Trix, anyway. It had become a running rivalry between the girls.

Phoebe ignored the jab, and just responded with the cryptic tone that helped the girls tolerate her. “No, I haven’t seen ‘that’ Liz all weekend.”

The other girls just looked at each other in some confusion, Nyx still trying to relax her neck. Patricia didn’t keep her mouth shut for long. “And what’s with this obsession about our femininity? I mean you act like we’re doing something wrong, just because we don’t act like you. How fair is it, that we accepted you for you, when everyone else just found you annoying, and yet you constantly harass us for not fitting your mold. I mean, fuck, you didn’t used to be nearly this freakishly girly, anyway. You had it better than most of us. What happened anyway?”

Phoebe didn’t respond immediately. She was too busy trying to repress the old feelings. After a moment of being effectively glared at, she smiled and answered in a squeaky voice. “I found myself. I got better!” She knew that was a line, so she stuck her tongue out playfully. “I decided I was a girl, and wanted to feel feminine.”

Patricia was a bit put off. She blinked a couple times and went back to eating as she retorted. “Feminine can be strong you know, Nyx and I are perfect examples.”

Patricia was indeed a strong feminist type, but wore it well. She usually wore just jeans and nice tops, nothing too revealing, nothing to concealing, at least of her skin. She came off a bit… aggressive, though, and bit deceptive. It always seemed like under her mature personality and modest dress, she was hiding something. Nyx on the other hand, wore her strength on one sleeve, and femininity on the other.

As Phoebe looked up towards Patricia she flashed a corner eye at Nyx. “Perhaps so, but you don’t need to be so rigid, or so uptight. Besides, we all have room for improvement.” As she said that her eyes casually floated to Nyx, then back to her plate. Her eyes were casual, but her look seemed devious. Nyx felt the stiffness in her neck become much worse. She stood up slowly with her still full tray. “I just remembered; I need to talk to Angela.” She looked curiously and uncomfortably at Phoebe. “I’ll see you guys later.”

Nyx made her way to so-called goth table, and relaxed with her usual semi-depressed, but highly aware look and posture. She seemed to be more comfortable avoiding Phoebe for now. Lunch went on without much incident for the girls. Patricia kept yammering about personal style, and freedom of expression. Phoebe just ate her food, and looked over some notes, and Nyx brooded with her goth friends. It wasn’t until after school, Phoebe caught up with her again. Nyx still felt odd around her, and was getting irritated.

“What do you want, Phoebe; why are you being all weird and sneaky?” Her tone was very steady and soft, but not all that patient.

“Sneaky? You’re the one who’s been running all around trying to hide in the shadows. Jeez, I just wanted to give you some old clothes of mine.”

Nyx sighed with some frustration. “You and me have very different ideas of goth. It’s not just a look; it’s how you present yourself. You don’t just…”

“Chill out Nik, they’re just some old leather stuff I never wear… because they’re not my style. They’re yours.”

Nyx sighed. “No lace?”

“No lace.”

“And nothing fuzzy?” Nyx’s tone was sobering, but slightly commanding, now.

“I promise; no fuzz.” Phoebe smiled cutely.

“Yeah, whatever.” She started rubbing her neck again. “Let’s just get this over with.” Nyx was probably right not to trust Phoebe. If she’d known how right, she probably wouldn’t have followed her home.

It was a bit cool and quite gloomy that afternoon. It took them a little while longer to get to Phoebe’s house with the fog. When they arrived, Phoebe trotted in with her usual bounce. Nyx followed behind with a sigh, as they went into the living room. While Phoebe went up to her room to get the garments, her guest sat impatiently on the sofa, arms crossed over her chest.

Phoebe returned shortly with several black leather garments. As she placed them on the table and sorted them, Nyx looked them over approvingly, but was not about show gratitude to the strange girl. She was content to simply take the clothes and get out. They included two pairs of boots, one heeled, the other platform, both knee high, a black corset with red satin laces, a couple pairs of studded gloves, one fingerless and elbow length, made of stretch vinyl, and the other wrist length and baring chains. She also had two studded collars, a vinyl jacket, and a bag.

“Great, they look fine… I suppose can take them off your hands.” She began to stand up. “I’d like to go now, if you don’t mind, and enjoy the weather while we have it.”

Phoebe stood up in front of Nyx, blocking her from the clothes. “You have to try them on first, silly; no sense taking them if they don’t fit…”

“I really don’t…”

“C’mon if you’re just gunna have to throw them out I’d rather give them to someone else.”

Nyx sighed and grumbled “Fine! …where can I try them on?”

“What’s wrong with here? They’re just accessories, except for the corset. I mean if you wanna leave that fast…”

Nyx interrupted Phoebe’s thought as she reached behind her and grabbed the platform boots. She sat down, rested them beside her, and removed her own boots. She would quickly start to slip into the platforms before she began to lace them. She was far too occupied with getting all this over with and changing her boots quickly to notice Phoebe lick her lips at the slight of the slender and pale toes. It quickly reaffirmed Phoebe’s purpose as she squeaked, “I need to go get one more thing.” She bounced on her feet and proceeded to nearly skip back upstairs. Nyx sighed again, but then refocused her attention. She wiggled her toes, finding the boots quite comfortable, and well fitting. A smile snuck onto her lips as she laced the boot up and it hugged her leg. It felt rather nice, and she quickly began to lace up the other. She was quite surprised, but figured their use must have been what made them so “easy” to wear. She stood up and took a few steps around the couch. The boots were quite comfortable, except for having shaped to Phoebe’s feet, but that would correct itself soon enough.

Impressed with the boots, Nyx wasted little time in trying on more of the clothes. The fingerless gloves were both warm and very flexible, and the collar was neither too wide nor too narrow. The goth girl was uncharacteristically delighted at her friend’s used things. When Phoebe took her time coming down, Nyx’s eyes couldn’t help but gravitate to the corset.

After pondering for a moment, Nyx took the corset and made her way to the same washroom where her predecessor had fallen into her own trap. Nyx removed her coat and her shirt, placing the garment under her chest and pushing them upward as she carefully laced herself in with a tiny pinch. The corset was smooth inside, almost silky, and seemed to take to her body. All the things were quite comfortable, but soon she noticed something …odd. The clothes were too comfortable, especially on her feet, to which the boots seemed to be rapidly adapting. Normal boots take weeks to break in, and these felt almost completely molded to her feet.

She pondered this for a moment until she heard Phoebe’s shoes clopping the stairs. She tossed her shirt on and left the bathroom as Phoebe reached the bottom, and with her eyes on her shoes and corset, moved to meet Phoebe halfway. “These are quality clothes, Phoebe. How do they adapt so well and so quickly to a person’s shape?” As she stopped and looked up at Phoebe, her hostess ignored the question, as she had other things on her mind. “I think you should try this too; I know I’ll like you in it.” Nyx’s eyes gave Phoebe an odd look, meeting the other girl’s gaze just in time to be sprayed in the face with a horrifically candy like perfume.

Nyx’s first reaction was to gag and cough. “What the hell, psycho? That shit smells like bubblegum. Dammit, I should have kno… ow…ooh.” Nyx reacted with a gentle twitch to a pinch and tickle in her boots as the leather felt even snugger against her legs and feet. She caught herself giggling like a little girl at the sensation, distracting her from noticing just how nice it really was. “What the. What’s wiii…” She was again cut off, as the corset seemed to flatten against her almost like a second skin. Before she could react again, the gloves and collar followed suit, molding to her skin both pleasantly and uncomfortably.

As the clothes began to seemingly meld to her skin, she became a bit dizzy from the fumes of the perfume, dropping to her knees with a bit of added distraction from the pleasurable feeling of the clothes gradually molding to her form, except the corset which was tightening slightly to thin her waist a bit more. Despite her alarm, she still couldn’t help but smile and blush a bit. “Phoebe… what the… what the hell is that stuff, it’s like all…” Nyx had to stifle another small giggle as she began to realize she was feeling disturbingly giddy. She didn’t notice that the black leather was taking on a slightly shinier quality as it was beginning to fade in color to a dark purple. Very gradually, she was becoming dizzier and more disconcerted. Holding her head but still blushing and smiling softly, she demanded, “Phoebe, what is all this?”

Phoebe chose not to answer, as she simply looked down at her guest with a smile on one side of her lips and a look of careful thought on the other. As she casually raised her foot behind her and reached back to remove her shoe, she became concerned that if the process were too slow, it would be easier to discover and try to reverse. She just as casually removed her other shoe, while she tried to decide if the resistance would be worth enjoying, but decided she had plenty time with this endeavor. Besides, after thinking about tonight all day, and teasing herself with Lizzie all weekend, Phoebe was quite ready to play. She helped Nyx to stand up and walk to the couch. Nyx giggled as Phoebe’s touch seemed to tickle her, which only distressed her further as she tried to fight away and make her own way. “Maybe you’re allergic, I just wanted to see if you thought it was good for me, but come over here and relax.”

Nyx was becoming quite dizzy, and was in agreement with sitting up on the sofa, but as she pulled free form Phoebe’s grasp and her weight fell back on her own feet, she almost fell again after a very strange sensation. Her feet seemed to sink a bit into the insoles of the boots, which had taken on a very gel-like quality. She was too busy trying to stand up to decide whether it felt weird or pleasant. She didn’t catch the soft squeak she made, or the deep blush as the sensation quietly began to arouse the otherwise alarmed girl. It didn’t get any easier as they felt slippery to walk in. She was relieved to sit down on the couch, and didn’t notice Phoebe’s skirt fall to her ankles as she asked for a glass of water. Phoebe didn’t pay any attention as she stepped out of the skirt and sat beside her girl friend. It was then Nyx caught a glance at her boots, now a fair bit glossier and lighter purple. She shook of the dizziness enough to check her corset and gloves, which had imitated the same pattern.

Her first reaction was to reach back to unfasten the collar, but she only succeeded in pulling the zipper element from the skin-hugging gel. Her panic caused her to lose focus and become dizzy as she looked at Phoebe, angry, a little giddy, and very, very nervous. “Phoebe, what the hell is….is… going on with this… why am I so…”As she lost her grip again, she began to notice the skin hugging clothes were becoming warm and pleasant, causing a slight stirring in her pleasure center. She dizzily looked at the zipper in her hand, and noticed the gloves, beginning to fade to medium to light reddish purple, looked to be spreading over her fingers. She threw her glance to the boots, which seemed to be rising up her knees, as the gel they were becoming was pushing out the metal and the laces.

She looked to Phoebe in a nervous daze of mild arousal, helpless bashfulness, and fear. She noticed she was in her panties, and thought she saw what looked like an erection underneath. Her eyes grew wide, revealing a hidden innocence, and her voice rose in pitch and softened in tone as she simply inquired, “Phoebe?”

Phoebe smiled softly as she loosened the tie and unbuttoned her shirt to reveal the bra she had decided not to wear. “Just relax, and try to calm down, Nikki. Everything’s gunna be ok, you just need to let the process take its course. I am right here to make sure everything goes as it should. The best you can do is surrender to yourself, and let me take care of everything else.” As Phoebe played on her sense of almost childish vulnerability, and threatened to seize some kind of control, Nyx freaked out and tried to back away from Phoebe as she frantically tried to tug off the gloves enveloping her hand in a now light, purplish red latex, and spreading over her elbow and up her arm. Still quite dizzy from the perfume, she fell off the couch in her panic with a cute whimper, her butt hitting the floor, and her hands dropping behind her to keep her head from joining it. It all sent rather nice sensations through her body, beginning to confuse fear and arousal. She sat there in a rather vulnerable position as Phoebe stood over her. At this point Nyx was sure she saw an erection, and a very intense one at that.

Phoebe knelt between Nyx’s legs with a casual smile, and Nyx began to immediately shuffle backwards, pressing her feet into the now obvious rubber which shot far more pleasure than it should through her and quickly reminded her of the sweet smell of bubble gum making her somewhat high and rather giddy. Her distraction was well maintained by the rubber wrapping around her knees and approaching her shoulders. Phoebe took advantage, tearing away the silly dark and depressing shirt, and running her thumbs under Nyx’s breasts in a full-on grope before the subject could react. The rubber had begun to spread over her breasts, and the touch sent a surge of pleasure through the girl’s body, as well as encouraging a giddy and adorable squeak from the disoriented femme. Nyx heard herself though, and tried to shake it off, but as she moved to push Phoebe away her toes wiggled in the rubber coating, and forced a tiny giggle out of her. It tickled in a really nice way. Phoebe’s thumbs simply continued to follow the spreading rubber up her breasts.

At this point Nyx was becoming truly afraid. Not only was she getting high and giggly, but also very reactive to pleasure. Worse, the rubber was closing in, beginning to cover her shoulders and thighs, and quickly moving towards her vagina. She whined and kicked, watching the platform of her “boot” fly off as the laces and studs fell away completely from the now very light red rubber legging. In desperation, she tried to knee Phoebe in the head, knocking off the other platform as she knocked Phoebe over and clumsily rolled onto her belly. Phoebe wasted no time in positioning herself between Nyx’s legs, and groping her half rubber clad butt. Nyx was unfortunate enough, herself, to have rolled onto her nipples as the rubber slipped over them.

It felt really good, and the candy smell and fumes didn’t help as she couldn’t hold her cute and pleasured giggle. She lifted her feet to bump Phoebe’s back and curled her toes against the shemale’s skin as the rubber slipped between her big and second toe to warmly, pleasantly, and completely wrapped around her feet. Her reaction only thrilled and excited Phoebe while the increasingly enjoyable sensation only made her giggle and whine more. It was beginning to go to her head, making her feel bubbly. “Phoebe, please make this stop,” She begged, even as she wiggled cutely and hornily in front of her captor. Phoebe only wiggled out of her panties, and enjoyed the anxious squirming. She then pulled Nyx up against her so that her nigh painful erection pressed between Nyx’s buttocks just as they fell victim to the rubber. Phoebe’s arms wrapped around her new victim, her hands crossing to grope Nyx’s breasts as they too were enveloped.

“But you don’t really want me to stop, do you Nicole? We both know you are rather enjoying this, and it will only get better. Just give in, bunny, Phoebe’s got you.” As Phoebe whispered seductively into Nyx’s ear, Nyx knew quite well she did want it to stop. She was not remotely accustomed to losing control and now she was getting all bubbly and girly; she was at the mercy of another, and she was terrified. The rubber had enveloped her shoulders and covered her legs, and was now painfully close to her vagina, and still crawling up over her head. She wanted to get away. She didn’t want to want what could well be coming, even as horny as she was getting. “No, you just need a little more encouragement is all… Lizzie, cutie… time to come play.”

Phoebe kept fondling the weakened Nicole. Nyx took a moment through the distractions to process what Phoebe had called out. “Lizz..lizzie.. LIZ!?” Lizzie scampered downstairs with an excitable bounce in her step, elated to be summoned to please, even as that cute little bounce teased the hell of her. She was directed to attend to her friend, and all too happily kneeled before Nicole. Nicole squeaked and fought not to giggle as she watched, and almost enjoyed watching, the lavender squirrel cheer doll bounce about and kneel in front of her. She quickly became far more worried, as she realized this would likely be a permanent arrangement. “What did youdoubb…” was Nicole’s final utterance, weakly squeaked form her lips, as the rubber, now baby pink, poured into and coated her throat.

A tear came to the frightened and vulnerable girl’s eye as her friend, cute in playful in her rubber squirrel skin, and driven by intense sexual desire, anxiously grabbed her breasts and forced a kiss, her toes cutely curling and inflated tail begin to twitch rapidly simply from the physical contact. At the same time, Phoebe’s arms locked around Nicole’s reduced waist as her longing length pressed slowly into the rubber coated rear orifice. Nicole would whimper silently and tear up, as her distracted body was left to the molestation. Phoebe’s throbbing member pressed inward in unison with the rubber climbing Nicole’s face, pushing away her tears, and enveloping her eyes… her tomboy friend only making it all the worse as she cutely played with Nicole’s breasts and helplessly pressed her lips into a deep and erotic kiss with the pink rubber goth, all the while raging inside herself with denial.

Phoebe’s jaw had dropped and voiceless moans of intense pleasure were being forced from her throat. Between the sweet warmth of Nikki’s new rubber coated pucker, the pretty toes of the pink dolly curling helplessly against her bare balls, the plight of her helpless, and very responsive captive, and Lizzie’s seemingly mindless servitude, it was all the collector could do to control herself on top of her own self-afflicted denial. She trembled with the sheer intensity of her pleasure, already pre-ing into her new conquest, nuzzling her victim’s neck as the rubber entirely enveloped her head, covering over her ears and working around her hair. “Dow..own now li…lizzie’” managed Phoebe. Lizzie immediately dropped down and pressed her nose eagerly into a passionate nuzzle of Nicole’s sex lips just as the rubber took them as well. In her own desperation, Lizzie wrapped her arms tightly around Nicole’s waist to press in even deeper, as the frightened goth was entirely sealed in bubblegum pink rubber.

Nicole could feel her body beginning to be reshaped, pressed by her rubber cocoon into a more ideal feminine form. She also felt the odd sensation of the rubber gathering on either side of the top of her head, while her already c-cups were being pushed up and separated into perky globes. The feelings were confusing and intense, and the smell of bubblegum was overwhelming her. She was able to only to feel giddy, giggly, and weak as Phoebe began to gently stroke her perky rubber coated nipples and continued to slowly, deeply, and anxiously press her sex into the girl’s ass. By now, Lizzie was happily and hornily licking away at Nicole’s coated vagina, expertly pressing her rubber layered tongue against Nicole’s encased labia, and cluelessly waving her feet about in the air behind her, toes clenched in passion caused by unconscious if severe denial, and erogenous feet teased by the rubbing of her own tail. Her erotically driven embrace steadily pulled her face closer and closer against Nicole’s unwilling but welcoming sex.

Nicole was very much a victim to the pleasure, able to do nothing but curl her oddly erogenous toes in response, press into Lizzie’s wonderful and loving muzzle, and warmly accept Phoebe’s attention with a gentle, pulsing, squeeze, as her virgin orifices were taken, claimed, and conquered. Inside she was raging with confusion and fear. As the pleasure overtook her, her new bubbly, giggly tendencies were now becoming sweet and affectionate. To a girl who had never known or desired a hug, these desires only added to her fear of having no control.

Always thinking, Nicole couldn’t help but worry that Liz was carelessly and affectionately caressing Nicole’s clit with her nose as her tongue dove deeper into her sex with a passion that drove Nicole in a sexual haze even as it quietly tormented the cute cheerleader squirrel sex doll into a mindlessly willing obedience, and intense desire to bring pleasure to her sister. What truly concerned Nicole, however, was the warm, thick, pulsating member stroking mercilessly in and out of her anal walls … Slowly… in... slowly out, pressing hard and deep. As Phoebe fucked her toy with intensity and passion, Nicole was embracing the warmth inside of her, accepting it, loving it back. Would she so easily give herself to her violatrix?

Nicole’s body began to tense, as an orgasm was surely not far away. She grew more and more wanting of Phoebe’s touch, her closeness… giddiness was turning into intense affection. Her body shivered with fear and anticipation of the release to come as she began to try not to try to nuzzle Phoebe. She no longer even noticed the odd feeling on her head as pink rubber bunny ears took shape, or the strands of rubber protruded from beside her nose, and faded to black so as to add whiskers for extra effect, or even that her head seemed lighter as her hair was becoming softer and bouncier, fading from jet black to brown, and getting lighter.

Phoebe was also shivering. After several days of denying herself, this was beyond amazing. She pressed herself to her new dolly, pushing in as deep as she possibly could, shivering and whimpering, herself, with the unimaginable pleasure. All the while Lizzie cutely and happily nuzzled and licked away at her charge without a thought of anything but pleasing her owner able to escape her tormented subconscious. Nicole felt as if she could explode free of her rubber prison any moment. She would not be so lucky.

When Phoebe’s orgasm finally came, it was as if Nicole’s body was being liberated from a cold emptiness, as Phoebe’s seed flowed out unimaginably slowly. Nicole wanted desperately for Phoebe to firmly grab and squeeze her perky tits, but Phoebe was pacing herself, trying to relax her body enough to let the pleasure flow out of her for as long as possible. Nicole knew she was going to cum, but as the warmth permeated her encased body, there was no release. She was sure when Lizzie’s tongue flicked sharply across her delicate virgin clit she would explode, but the pleasure only built. She HAD to cum when Phoebe finally began to slowly embrace her breasts. Alas, nothing.

Nicole shrieked within her mind loud enough to hurt her head, but the pleasure just kept building from the irresistible sensations all over her body. She began to squirm and wriggle in tormented bliss as Phoebe’s orgasm warmed her insides for what must have felt like minutes, no thanks to her affectionate returns, or her toes willingly encouraging Phoebe’s pleasure. All the while her desires to snuggle and be snuggled were continuing to intensify uncontrollably. When Phoebe finally stopped and wrapped her arms around her prize, nuzzling her neck, breathing slowly and heavily against her, Nicole pressed back intently but softly in a desperate need to be held as close as possible. The only explosion she felt was the anticlimactic inflation and pop that left behind a round little bunny tail at her tailbone. Her torment was yet prolonged by Lizzie’s incessant and powerfully horny licking, causing her to snuggle more and more against her new mistress.

When Phoebe finally recovered after several minutes, Nicole had been reduced to an insatiable cuddleslut: body soft and malleable in Phoebe’s arms, squirming delicately in the pleasure torture, cotton tail wiggling cutely against Phoebe’s belly button, and helpless to resist the joy of being held. Even her new bunny ears had fallen flat against her head… at least until Phoebe finally called off her attack squirrel. “Lizzieliz…. Time to hug your new sister and welcome her to the squad.” Lizzie wasted no time in slipping up over the rubbery bunny body up and pressing deeply into a mindless, if loving snuggle with Nicole, her head pressing against her chest as if they were a pair of rubber pillows as her warm rubber squirrel tail wrapped around the bunny doll’s waist. Some of the uncontrollable desperation was finally alleviated in Nicole, and she was able to focus again on the weakening fumes, and unwelcome desires to be cute, and to cuddle and snuggle.

“Go on to your spot, now Lizzie. Your sister will be there to join you later this evening.” Lizzie happily obeyed, nuzzling her sister sweetly, before scampering over to her spot and taking her pose. Phoebe backed off from Nicole, who without thought tried to immediately snuggle against her again. “No-no, Nikki, sit up on the sofa now, then we can snuggle all night if you want.” Upon hearing this, Nicole got a grip of her situation and as hard as it was, refused to cooperate. Unknowingly to her, her ears popped straight up, telling mistress she was still not quite comfortable. Phoebe smiled softly as she sat up on the couch just behind her finished toy: a sexy, pink, blond-haired, snugglebunny cheerleader. She pressed her legs, still wrapped in the soft fluff of the baggy slouch socks, against Nicole’s chest and back, and coaxed Nicole’s willing body forward, lifting her up onto the couch.

Nicole’s body wanted to leap into a cuddle, but her mind continued to resist. “Now, before you can be my official cuddle-slut, Nikki, there’s a couple more things I want you to try on.” Phoebe went to grab the large platforms from Nicole’s boots, as the rubberbun shivered with denied affection on the couch. Phoebe rolled the rubber about in her hands, until she was able to whip it out into a Preppie Doll’s cheerleader top to match Lizzie’s. From the other platform, she produced a bottom.

She went back and sat closely beside Nicole who could barely contain her affectionate urges. Phoebe tried to begin with the top, but Nicole would not lift her arms. Phoebe lifted the bunny doll’s arms for her, and moved close, all but forcing Nicole to try to dive into a hug. Phoebe backed away quickly and held out the garment forcing her to dive into that instead. Once the top was warmly hugging Nicole’s breasts, she was less resistant to the bottom half. She shut her legs tight from the intensity of her urges, allowing Phoebe to slip the skirt right on. Out of a special hole just under the waistband, the cute bunny tail popped out and casually continued to wiggle.

With her Nikki all adorable in her Preppie Doll’s uniform, Phoebe put her panties back on, and sat right up against the doll. Nikki tried to back away, but hit the arm of the couch. She tried to close her body, but the pressing of limb to chest only made her even more wanting of another’s affection. “Awww, Is my snugglebun still adjusting?’ Phoebe wrapped her arms around Nicole, and nuzzled her. It took everything Nicole had not to give in, even as her ear barely began to drop again. “That’s ok, sweetie, independent gothic virgin, to cuddly rubber bunny sex toy is a big change.” As she casually slipped her hands under Nicole’s arms to hug her close, Nicole was no longer able to ignore her body. She was horny as hell as her only option was to press herself firmly against any warm body she could find.

Nicole, nervously but wantingly, embraced and snuggled up against her new mistress. Her head was still filled with confusion, resentment, fear, and resistance. On one hand, Nyx was screaming to get out of this tormented pleasure prison and free herself of Phoebe’s unwelcome embrace and control, yet on the other hand sweet smells, warm rubber, and unmeasured, unsatisfied pleasure wracking the recent virgin, was driving her to embrace her mistress, love her, and hopefully even receive her intimacy again.

Nicole was trapped between Nyx and snugglebunny Nikki, and there seemed to be no choice but to cuddle Phoebe and hope she would escape somehow soon, as her ears started to drop back again, but not even halfway. “So don’t you worry, Nikki, sweets. Lizzie was controlled physically, so she was fast, but you… you I shall conquer mentally. We will have to give it time is all, my cute trophy.” She kissed Nikki on the cheek. “We’ll just have to give it time.”

Happily, proudly, and with immense satisfaction, Phoebe snuggled into the dolly’s hot body, closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep; leaving her new toy trapped within her confused thoughts and tormented body.


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