The Problem with Unexpected Guests

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2006 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; lab; bio-engineering; chip; implant; mindcontrol; program; machine/f; controlled; doll; gift; discovery; F/f; kidnap; captive; slave; cons/nc; X

Dearest Love,

Hey honey, I bet you’ve been wondering where I have been. I love you so much and I miss you so, but I don’t have any choice in the matter at the moment, I can’t come home. My new master has finally allowed me, after weeks of begging to write to you so at least you’ll know I’m ok. It’s hard for me to explain to you what has happened to me, so I’ll just tell the story from the beginning. Master also tells me to add that Master does not want you to come looking for me before Master is ready to release me. Master is still very upset at you. Master also tells me to note to you that coming after me will result in you going to jail. If you come after me Master will force me to tell the cops that you raped me so PLEASE don’t come after me! Master says I can go home soon if you and I both behave!

Well here is how the story goes, you know back when we met a few months ago, I was working A LOT of overtime, and you where trying to settle who owned what stuff between you and your ex-girlfriend? Well I didn’t tell you the whole truth about my work, you’ve seen my regular paychecks, but you have not seen my “other” paychecks. As you know I’m a bio-engineer at B I Chip Tech Industries, but what you don’t know is what line of work I really do. I told you that I was working on a chip to help dog owners, but that’s not the whole truth. The chip we work with is not a tracking chip like I told you; it’s a neuro stimulator of sorts.

The project started out as a way to control the temperament of a dog instantaneously. With a click of a switch you would be able to make your dog a vicious yet protective guardian, or a excitedly happy dog, no matter what the dogs previous personality. We use electrical charges to stimulate chemical and emotional changes in the dog. Well once we had this figured out we started to realize that with the right program, you could permanently brainwash the dogs to do whatever you wanted by standard psychological stimuli and the chip control. Soon we had mutts doing tricks that only a professionally trained dog could normally do, and in a matter of days instead of years! The possibilities where ENDLESS!

Well as our work progressed, we realized that we could learn more and develop the chip faster if we could do more advanced tests. That’s when I volunteered to be implanted. My coworkers where hesitant and not many of my colleagues thought it was a good idea. But I had a plan. I went in and took a look at the programming in the chip, and we added about 100 fail safes to the chip so that no one could control the chip without my consent. We also added the ability to fry the chip so that it would stop working (to prevent the need for a second cranial surgery). We also had placed some programming in the chip so that I could make certain emotions locked out from control unless I unlocked them with a code.

Our research started out simple enough. We started out just learning what the chip was really doing to the brain, we worked on learning how to effect just about every emotion a human can feel. We could almost instantly change my emotions with the touch of a button.

No one knew but when I was at home I experimented with the emotions that they would not try at work (or at least no one had brought up). I figured out how to make myself so horny that I would screw anything in the room to get off. For my own safety I rigged most of my house so that the computer could control just about everything. I had security shutters installed on my bedroom windows and the bedroom door reinforced. Both the door and windows also had a heavy magnetic locking system so that there was no way I could open them when the computer had them locked.

In my computer room, with the computer controlling my chip, I would experiment with my emotions until I found the one that I was looking for, but I always had the settings on the lowest I could for safety and sanity. Sometimes it was so faint that it was hard to tell if it was just me or really the chip. Once I thought I had a feeling down, I would go about my housework, and have the computer turn on that emotion at a random time to test each emotion.

One day I got the hankering to play around with my emotions at medium to full capacity. Once I got the nerve up, I removed all of my personal sex toys from the room, then went to the computer and set up a program that would set me to medium horny in 15 minutes. I also had a small remote I carried with me. I had never tested the effects of horny beyond just the lowest settings for fear of loss of control. Once I got into the room and closed the door the computer locked the room. Then there was no way out until the end of the program one hour from setting my computer. I knew that I was already horny without the help of the chip so I figured I would relieve myself. I spent about 10 minutes masturbating with my fingers, thinking of what would happen when the computer switched the chip on. After I had gotten off, I spent the next 5 minutes just cleaning up some, kind of bored, I was half through hanging up a shirt when I dropped to my knees, with my left hand squeezing my right nipple, and my right hand down my pants. Before I had even realized what I was doing, I stood back up and stripped down.

I stopped myself from doing whatever my body was going to do next, and took a moment to take back control of myself. Wow, once the chip turned on, it was almost instantaneous. I was feeling so good that even when I stopped everything and just sat still I felt like I was half way to an orgasm. Once I composed myself I stoked my neck with my finger lightly, the feeling was intense to say the least. But that little stroke of my finger along my neck was all I needed to loose control of myself again. Without really thinking I got up and bound over to my drawer to get a sex toy. All I found where some condoms since I had cleared out all my toys before locking the door.

I probably should have been feeling stupid that I took away all my toys, but instead my mind sprung into action on it’s own. I grabbed a condom, opened it up bounced over to the bed and landed face first with my legs hanging over the edge. I grabbed the remote to my computer and started to wrap the condom around it. Without a thought to it, I pressed and held the volume up button. This was the only button on the remote that I had currently functional. My computer registered the command and ramped up my hornyness to max.

GOD, what had I done I thought as I screamed out loud in an orgasm that racked my body. The remote didn’t have a chance; 2 seconds later it was in me, still bent over the edge of the bed with my ass sticking up in the air!

Well let’s just say that less than an hour later I found myself laying face down on the floor legs spread out, with a full feeling in my pussy, and a VERY full feeling in my ass. I reached back with my hand and pulled the remote gingerly from my very soar ass. I flipped over and started pulling something cloth out of my pussy. Ten pairs of underwear in total came out, along with 4 pairs of stockings, and a silk handkerchief.

I got in the shower and gingerly cleaned myself off, swearing to never tell anyone at work about this. Later I went to my computer and set horny as a locked out emotion, just incase someone at work got adventurous.

Well anyways honey, you can see just how powerful the chip is, but that was just the BEGINNING of what our experiments where going to do to me. After experimenting with all the emotions they felt they needed to try, we decided to go to phase two and try to see how the psychological conditioning worked. At work we experimented with making me addicted to chocolate, and then breaking my addiction. Once we learned how to condition the mind best, we could make me addicted to just about anything within hours and break the addiction within days. We also had me barking like a dog every time the phone rang. I learned that with A LOT of self control I could stop myself from barking, but only if the chip was not controlling my emotions at the time.

That’s where phase three came in. Well phase three for me at least. The team was done with my testing and was now implanting a chip in a different coworker to try out what they had learned on a fresh subject. I continued working on the project, and I told all of them that the chip had been permanently disabled, just so they would not get any interesting ideas at the Christmas party and such, I had done enough barking for a year.

Phase three was going to be fun, but it was not going to be easy to test. I had to write some more special programs on my computer to aid me. I wanted to learn how to make someone loose self control, or possibly even become absolutely submissive. The idea thrilled me. I set my computer up so that it would randomly choose from a list of things one task for me to do. ALL of these tasks where something that I would not do. (example The first task I programmed was to go and lick the top edge of the toilet bowl, something I would NEVER do.) For my testing I had placed about 200 such commands in the computer, each of them rated 1-10. (the toilet bowl one was rated a 6) When I was experimenting with my emotions, trying to find the combination to my mind, I would have the computer start me out with a command level 1, and I would try to resist doing the task. If I completed the task, then the computer would give me the next highest task and decrement the old task’s rating by 1. (decrementing is because once you do something once it’s easier to do the next time.) My goal was to find out what settings would be needed in my chip so that I would do every task from level 1 all the way up too level 10. (I’m not even gonna tell you how nasty, humiliating, and morally questionable the one level 10 task I thought of was!)

Four months of experimenting, I finally got myself to the point that I would do all the tasks from 1-10 with absolutely no hesitation. And I must say, the time that I finally did the level 10 task, I scrubbed myself down in the shower with a bristle pad for an hour.

Through my meddling with loss of control I learned how to make my body go completely limp by accident, even to the point that my heart and breathing slow dangerously. The only problem was that the feeling was more like a loss of will to live, than a loss of conscious motion. I tinkered around with this setting more, and eventually got it so that once the computer turned my chip to that “combination”, I would loose all will to do anything, but I would be in a state of mindless bliss. I would be fully conscious but fully unable to move, if I even wanted too. It was a wonderful feeling to just lay there, temporarily mindless, wherever my body fell when the chip turned on, talk about rested!

Anyways this brings me to how I got where I am now. As you probably realized, I disappeared on your birthday. I had a BIG surprise planned for you. Remember how I had asked you a couple times if you would find it kinky to fuck me if I could not wake up? I asked if you would enjoy having me as a mindless fuck slave for a day or if you would get a kick out of me acting rolls for you, I could be your little French maid or your Swedish blond?

Well I got everything prepared while you were gone to work. I cleaned the house top to bottom, closed and locked all the doors and windows, showered myself, and went and loaded some programs on your computer. Taking a special remote I had purchased just for this, I reprogrammed the remote with the computer. The remote’s special feature was that it used the same radio waves as the chip worked on, and the remote could be programmed with complex codes and then password locked to prevent unauthorized use.

I loaded some programs on your computer for your use too. I had a user friendly program designed for you that would allow you to control my chip in more advanced ways than the remote, so that you could make me do anything you wanted, not just what I preprogrammed in the remote. Not knowing your password to windows, I had my program parse the numbers out of your window’s password (the program verified that there where at 5 numbers in the password). Then I used that password to lock all of the programs and the remote so that no one but you could use them, not even me.

Finally I sat down at the computer, and set a silent program into motion, one that I could not stop. First thing, the program set windows to the login screen so I could not change my mind by any other way than to unplug the computer. Then, the program was set to allow me 15 minutes to prepare myself for you. The knowledge of what was about to happen to me thrilled me beyond belief. I knew that the chip was having an effect on me, I knew that for the next 15 minutes I would slowly get hornier, while at the same time, I would slowly loose my desire to move. I could feel both of these effects right away, I looked at the clock and noted that you would be home in about 45 minutes. Within the first minute of the program starting, the printer turned on, warmed up, and printed out a test page, I had to make sure that the printer would work. I grabbed up the test page and left the room, closing the door behind me knowing that the program would halt and return me to normal if the either the security or fire alarm where to go off.

I took some time getting myself dressed up, I had put on a light pink baby doll style nightie, matching light pink stockings, matching hair ties with my hair tied in two ponytails, and a light pink choker with white lace. My panties would have been light pink if I had been wearing any. Sitting down on your bed, my excitement was rising, but I took a moment to read the test page before setting it down on the bed beside me.

          Here is a present for you, do not panic, do not worry, I am completely ok. My Pulse may be week, and my breathing shallow, but it is all part of the plan. Let me explain. At my work we have designed a very special chip, it can control emotion. There is one inside of my head controlling me now. I lay here, yours, for whatever you want to do to me, for as long as you like. I trust you to take good care of me.

          Please note that there is a full “user manual” printed in your computer room with instructions on how to play with me, your living doll. Also note that the remote laying next to me will be your primary control for me. To use the remote you must first type in the numbers from your windows password (numbers only, skip any other symbols), and then you can control me. I warn you not to play with the remote until you read the user manual.

          If all else fails, and you are totally creeped out by this, or you want me to return to normal, type your password on the remote then press the mute button on the remote. This will work at any time during this “game”, and will completely turn off the control of the chip returning me to normal. Also note that your password, then the “power” button will place me back in the state I am in currently.

          To explain my current state, the chip is controlling my desire to move or think, I am in a complete state of relaxation. I will not be able to move on my own accord. The chip is also controlling my level of sexual excitement; I am in a state of total readiness for you (I’m probably wet as hell).

          Also note that if, for some reason you do not type your password into the remote and press the play button before 11pm tonight, the program in the chip will end and I will return to normal. (Just incase you can’t work a remote. *wink*)


As I read the letter, I got more and more excited, wondering what you would think, wondering what you would do with me, and wondering if you would be upset or excited! Feeling my energy draining from my muscles, and realizing my mind was starting to go more and more empty, I propped up some pillows with all my remaining strength, and sat leaning up against the headboard, legs and arms spread out trying to look as much like a doll as I could. I placed the letter between my legs and reveled in the washes of sexual energy fighting with the waves of relaxation. Within moments I could not move, nor did I want to. It was a lot like dreaming, the buildup of sexual energy had my mind thinking of lustful adventures, but with my weakened volition I could not control the dreams. Even though my eyes where staring ahead dreamily, the dreams overlaid my vision as if my eyes where shut. Every now and then my body would involuntarily blink.

My first dream was of you coming home, reading the note, pulling my legs down the bed so I was laying flat, then fucking me silly, only to roll off me and leave me there wet and messy to go read my “user manual”. This dream was soon replaced by me at a party, in a summer dress, leaning up on the bar with my ass sticking out behind me. It was a private party, and all of the people where dressed casually. The lighting was dark, with lots of pastel florescent lights, and the place was crowded. I could feel people brushing up against my ass cheeks as they walked by, ignoring me. Enjoying the anonymous touch or anonymous strangers, I moved my hips back hanging my ass over the edge of the stool leaving my lips and pucker exposed to the air. Then I felt someone press their hips against my cheeks, and lean toward the bar above me and ask for a Coke. The unknown man had a deep voice, and a huge… asset… pressing against me.

The bartender handed him one of those old style coke bottles that is kind of hourglass shaped. I was thinking about how sexy the shape of those bottles are, taking a drink of my margarita when I felt the stranger lift my dress up and started fondling my lips. Not wanting to be rude, or bring attention to this, I just stared ahead pretending to watch the game on the TV. With his body behind me, no one could see what he was doing anyways, and if felt good.

COLD! It only took me a moment to realize that the smooth cold feeling on my clit was the top of his Coke bottle. After a few moments of my squirming against the bottle, he took my hip gyrations as permission and he pushed the Coke bottle into me. I pressed down against the bottle, testing my flexibility, I relaxed my muscles. I tried to take as much of it as I could. As the largest part of the bottle slipped into me I could feel it going deep into my body, cold and smooth the whole way. With my pussy feeling full, I reached back casually with one hand and stroked his balls, and got a feel of his huge member through his pants. As I played around he let go of the bottle and left it hanging there in me, held in by its shape. He pushed my hands away and I heard a zipper sound, and felt something new and cold at the top of my ass crack, something very, very slowly dribbling down my crack. Without a warning the slow dribbling was replaced with the warmth of this cock, rubbing up and down my ass crack, smearing the liquid all over me. Then he did it, I was so lost in ecstasy I had not even though that far ahead. He pressed his head against my pucker, leaned forward, and in a deep voice said “Your...

Just then my dream state was interrupted. Back in reality in your room, I lay there, not knowing what to think, not caring to think, and deciding not to think about even thinking. I watched someone walk into the room; stop half way to the bed, gasping in shock. “God, I’m so sorry, I should have knocked, I didn’t know anyone was home.” Then the stranger waited for my response. “Hello! Hello!” she said louder. “Are you even real? Did he go out and get a fuck doll?” Seemingly appeased with this idea she walked up to the bed, and poked me in the right boob. “Oh, my god! Your real! Are you ok, are you alive?” Seeing the note between my legs, and picking it up, before reading it she added “Oh my God, you poor thing”. As she read through the letter, her expression went from sadness to curiosity, to rage, then back to something more normal.

“Well isn’t this amusing, he’s already replaced me.” She said coyly. “Well, finder keepers, at least for a little while”.

She picked up the remote, and fuddled around with it for a while. “Well I hope that worked, I know all of his passwords of course. Hi, my name is Samantha by the way; I’m your boyfriends Ex-girlfriend of 5 years. Now you don’t go anywhere, ya hear…” she said as she left the room.

About 5 minutes latter, she came back into the room and interrupted yet another really good dream at another really inopportune time. “Well you really are special aren’t you? You really worked yourself up. Well I’m gonna have some fun with you, he owes me a lot for what I had to put up with in my relationship, and for how he dumped me, calling me a controlling bitch. Well fucker now who’s in control?”

I heard a noise downstairs, the sound of a door being closed. Samantha jumped, and looked panicked, but she reacted with lightning speed. She grabbed my left arm and left leg and pulled me off the bed with a huge thump. Then she ran to the other side of the bed. I could hear her rustling from under the bed, then my right arm and right leg being pulled on. She was under the bed, pulling me under the bed too.

“Now, you be quiet, he he.” Samantha said sarcastically “I’ve got all your printouts and the remote, I even grabbed your cell phone off the bedside table, so there is no trace of you in the house.”

The bedroom door opened, “Honey, Honey?” my boyfriend said. “Damn I though I had heard something.” Just the sound of his voice sent chills down my spine, man did I want his bone in me! As he walked out of the room, and went back down stairs, I heard Samantha dialing something on my cell phone, then the house phone ringing. Every time he would pick up a phone, she would make some sort of rustling sound into the phone, breath hard, then hang up. Just the feeling of her ever so soft skin rubbing on mine made me desire her touch. Six calls later, I heard my boyfriend leave the house and peel out of the driveway. Samantha extracted herself from under the bed, and I could hear her rustling through paper above me.

“Interesting” she said, then a minute later “Well that won't do it, but that’s cool”. “Ahh here it is, something I can use”. She sat up from the bed, then I felt my mind coming back, my desire getting stronger, and I could move. I quickly realized what was going on around me, I pulled myself from under the bed, sprang to my feet, and was about to yell profanities at her, when she simply said “SIT down, SHUT up, and DON’T move”.

As I sat down, involuntarily, I watched her expression. She looked amazed. “Wow you really are totally controllable”.

“Now I might not have much time before he comes back, so grab a pair of his jeans and put them on, then return to your seat.”

“I came here to gather some of my things that your boyfriend won’t give back to me. He says they are his. Well since he won’t share, I won’t be sharing any time soon either.” I watched her, I was fuming mad! I can’t believe I’m just sitting here, and not beating the shit out of her. She moved around the room in a hurry, gathering up things from the bottom of the closet that I had never seen. Some boxes, some paperwork, and something that looked like a bag of ropes.

“Here are your commands, until I get this figured out, you are not to do anything to hurt me, you are not to say anything unless spoken too, you are not to do anything to hinder me, and I want you to relax and do what I say and nothing more”. Instantly after her saying this, my demeanor changed and I relaxed some. “Carry these to my car trunk, it’s the red Saturn parked in front of your neighbor’s house, then get into the passenger seat then don’t move, the car is unlocked”.

I got up, grabbed all of the boxes, paperwork and the bag, and took them out to the car, and sat down, still upset at myself and Samantha, but somewhat more relaxed than I would have liked to have been. Samantha appeared moments later and came out of the house with a good handful of stuff.

The drive was quiet, except when she told me that I would call her Mistress whenever we where not in public, or unless otherwise instructed. Once we got to her house, she had me clean her kitchen while she sat down with her reading glasses and a glass of wine to read my “owners manual” as she so fondly called it.

To my readers, there will not be a sequel, sorry.


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