by Gromet

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Storycodes: F/f; latex; immerse; transform; bodymod; doll; uniform; packaged; boxed; nc; X


It is the year 2025 and I have been working for the Takanashi Corporation now for three months; I joined the company after completing my master’s degree in Bio-Engineering at University. The Takanashi Corporation is one of the largest conglomerates that emerged after the financial collapses of the early part of this century, it’s a global empire based in Asia with branches in most countries.

Because the company is continually growing they have a great demand for graduates, and people are often promoted and moved to other locations. It’s a daily occurrence that someone says farewell because they’ve been promoted. People that are promoted have to move to the executive levels beyond the 50th floor and are moved to other location around the globe, you usually don’t seem to hear from them again.

I received my call from one of the Director’s secretaries informing me to report to the 50th level as I was to be promoted. I was really pleased and quickly packed up what little stuff I had and said my farewells to my work colleges and headed for the lifts. I pressed the up button on the control panel and waited for the lift to arrive to take me to my new future.

I entered the lift as the doors opened and closed behind me, I wondered what I was going to be doing now that I was being promoted. As the lift began to rise a strange hissing noise seemed to surround me on all sides, a clear gas had been released into the confines of the lift and shortly I was blacked out on the floor of the lift.

When the lift reached the 50th floor a man wearing overalls and a gas mask stepped into the lift and entered a special code on the keypad, the lift then descended down into the sub-basement of the building, a level that was off-limits to all staff except authorised personnel. When the lift doors opened I was picked up and carried over to a metal gurney, my limp, unconscious body was placed on the cold metal surface and my property was thrown into a dumpster.

I was then wheeled into a reception area and handed over to a woman dressed in a white latex catsuit; I was semi-unconscious by now but still unable to move, the effects of the gas starting to wear off. The nurse then drew a syringe full of orange liquid and inserted the needle into my arm, from here on I was out. She began by cutting off all of my clothing and disposing of it in a bin. All jewellery was also removed and joined my clothing, leaving me naked and exposed on the metal gurney.

She then wheeled me into an overhead shower area, several nozzles were overhead and to the sides, she positioned the gurney in the middle and moved back and started the spray. The water was delivered at high pressure, hitting my flesh and removing any loose skin. The water also contained a hair remover and soon I was bald from the top of my head to my toes, every last piece of hair was gone. She turned off the spray and turned me over on the gurney and repeated the washing procedure with me face down.

Metal cuffs were then placed around my wrists and cables were attached to the cuffs, these lead to a hoist overhead and a bar that separated my arms and held them shoulder width apart, and soon I was suspended by my wrists hanging from the hoist on the ceiling. I was then given a final spray in the washing booth with a strong solution, my skin was red like a sunburn from the chemical wash and luckily I was unconscious so didn’t feel the pain. Large blowers dried my skin as I dangled there from the ceiling.

Satisfied that she had thoroughly cleaned me outside the latex clad nurse then began to clean me on the inside. Placed back on the gurney tubes were inserted into my mouth and down my throat, another tube was inserted into my anus and further tubes were attached to these to connect to bags containing fluid. The enema in my rear was quick to work and soon I was only passing clear fluid, the nurse then attached a hose to the one in my mouth and soapy water solution started to flow down the tube. This entered my stomach, flowed through my intestines and finally out through my bowels and out through the tubing down there. I was left in this process for thirty minutes and it only stopped when the nurse was satisfied that only clear fluid was now flowing through me.

Again I was pulled up by the wrists and held aloft by the hoist, allowing any remaining fluid to drain from me. The nurse returned a while later and lowered me on to another metal gurney, I was the wheeled into an examination room, there she rolled me so I lay face down on the gurney. Placing rubber gloves on her hands she then started to make a couple of incisions in the back of my neck. She fed small wires into the cuts and fused them to the spinal cords she’d exposed. Then another cut was made and a small black control box was placed under my skin with the wiring attached, I would find out later that this box would stop me from moving any part of my body, the wiring connecting to my nerves stopping any signals my body would send to move my body being blocked by this device.

She tested the box by pointing a remote control at the device and pressing on a button, this sent an electrical signal from the control box and made my arm move. Doing several more tests until she was satisfied that the system worked and was in place, she then glued the incisions she’d made shut, the box was now sealed under my skin. Then she rolled me over on to my back and started work on my facial area. Plugs were pushed up into my nose, blocking them and making me breathe through my mouth. A gag was pushed into my mouth with a tube through the centre to allow me to breath, she began inflating it to hold it in place inside my mouth.

The nurse then placed her finger and thumb on my left eye, she held my eyelids open and placed a plastic cover over my eyeball, she then did the same to my right eye. Plugs were then inserted into my ears, sealing them from the outside world. My legs were then placed into examination stirrups leaving my sex exposed for all the world to see. A catheter was inserted into my urethra and then she injected some sterile water into it to inflate the bulb to hold it in place, she then used a small bowl to collect what urine flowed from me.

Next she picked up a rubber dildo from the trolley and using some lubrication she inserted it into my vagina, plugging up this hole in the process. Then finally she used a butt plug on my rear to seal that too. I was now sealed. She then moved the gurney down a small corridor into another room, this was where she reattached the metal cuffs to my wrists and then used another hoist to pull me up off the gurney and suspend me in mid-air. She then attached a longer tube connected to a breathing machine to give me air. She also attached a wire to each metal cuff and then made the hoist lift me higher off the ground. Nurse then pushed a button and the hoist moved me along until I was suspended over a large vat in the center of the room.

The vat below me contained a latex-polymer solution that was kept liquid by heating it to a set temperature, not enough to burn my skin but hot enough to be very uncomfortable. It was also electrically charged, a low voltage negative charge was applied to the latex, whilst another low voltage positive charge was being fed through the metal cuff that suspended me from the hoist. The idea being that when the two came together it gave a more even and thorough coating, as used by companies to spray cars and other items for years.

The nurse then pushed the button and the hoist lowered me into the vat of liquid latex polymer, my feet touching first quickly followed by my legs and the rest of my body. I was being fed air through the tubing as my entire body was now under the liquid. The small electrical charge making the latex adhere to my flesh, but this liquid also had special properties one that caused the latex polymer to merge with my skin fusing itself and converting my flesh into a rubber-hybrid skin. The nurse left me soaking in the latex for several hours as my skin was transformed into rubber flesh.

I was pulled up out of the latex ooze by the hoist, the nurse now satisfied that the liquid had done it’s work. My body was left dangling over the vat as the excess fluid drained back into the vat, she then moved me over to a corner of the room where several heat lamps where placed and lowered me down amongst them, the heat from them drying the latex-polymer and forming my new skin.

Moving on from the drying process I was moved back on to the metal gurney, where nurse then removed the metal cuffs from my wrists and began doing the fine detail work of checking that my body had been covered from head to toe in the latex compound. Any areas that she found were quickly spray coated by her with a small spray gun. She then began to remove the plugs from my openings, starting with the anal plug, each time she removed a plug she retouched the area with more latex.

The drug that nurse had given me had started to wear off by this stage and I began coming around, the nurse noticed my movement and retrieved the remote control device, clicking on one of the buttons robbed me of any movement, I could not move my arms or legs, indeed any part of my body below my neck due to the implanted control box. I still could not see as she had not removed the coverings over my eyes yet.

Nurse continued to remove the plugs from my body, catheter tubes were removed, the dildo inside me slid down as she pulled it from within me. Then she started removing the eye covering, nose and ear plugs. Now my vision started to restore to normal, I could see her and what was behind her but could not move my head, only my eyes from side to side.

“Welcome back dear,” the nurse said.  “We’re nearly done.”

She then brought over another small trolley to the side near my head, then she started to colour my lips with a small air-brush spray gun. “This will give your lips some permanent colouring, “she said. She worked on them until she was satisfied, then she glued on some eye-brows making sure that they matched in position. She continued working on my face until she said, “All done, you look absolutely beautiful dear.” She held up a mirror for me to see. I was shocked at what I saw I had become some rubber like creature and my head was bald, it looked surreal and doll-like.

The nurse then painted my nipples, then went to work on my labia given them a deeper pink shade than the rest of my body. Next was toe and finger nails, a deep gloss red. Happy with her work the nurse hummed a tune to herself whilst she worked on my prone body, just like I was just another object, something to vent her creative genius on. Again she left me for a short time for the paint to dry, saying “Don’t go away dear, I’ll be back soon.”

She returned later with a clip-board in hand looking at the paperwork attached to it. “Well dear I just have to add a couple of thing to get you ready and then you can be on your way.”

'On my way where?' I thought.

Picking up a blonde hair piece she applied some glue to the top of my bald head and placed the hair holding it firmly in place as the glue quickly dried. Pushing my legs apart she pushed a new butt plug inside my rear, followed shortly thereafter by another dildo into my lovehole.

She then pushed my gurney with me on top out of the room and further down the corridor, when we got to the end the double doors opened and the gurney was pushed inside. All I could see was the ceiling above me but if I strained my eyes sideways I could make out several boxes and crates. Nurse pushed me over to meet with another woman, this one wore more latex, red this time, someone here must have a serious latex fetish I thought.

“This one’s order number is CX-765-09”, said the nurse to the other woman.

She punched her fingers on to the keyboard and brought up the details, “Got her.”

“Says here she’s to be dressed in type 5 clothing, that’s the rubber schoolgirl outfit. I’ll just get the box.” With that she walked off down some shelving.

Returning with the box she opened it and started to remove the items within, I could see gray and white material as she placed it on a workbench. Then both her and the nurse started dressing me in the clothing. A white latex blouse was pulled over my arms and around my upper body, I was held up as they pulled the item over me, laying me back down they buttoned up the blouse and then pulled the next item up my legs, a pair of gray rubber frilly knickers. This was followed by a gray bibbed skirt, the straps going over my shoulders. To finish off white latex stocking were pulled up my legs and small shiny black shoes were fastened on my feet.

My hair was then plated by the nurse and the other woman polished the latex clothing to a high shine. Small white frilly latex gloves finished off my outfit. The red latex clad woman then picked up her notes and went through her checklist. “Blouse… check, skirt… check, stockings… check”

I felt like just another commodity, another item that came through to be prepared and dealt with as I listened to her going through the list. When finally she was done.

“Okay all ready to go”, she said.

I was then wheeled over to a large cardboard box, one of the women grabbed my feet whilst the other held my head and they then lifted me off of the gurney and carried me over and into the box. Just as if I was just another product to be dealt with. Inside the box was polystyrene foam that had been cut out into a body shape and I fitted right into the hole and sunk down secure in the foam. My arms were pushed into the cut-out shape made for them and my legs were slightly separated by more foam. They checked to make sure everything was in place.

Then the red lady disappeared returning shortly with some paperwork which she placed on top of my tummy, “Can’t forget the instruction booklet can we.” She said.

The remote control box was placed in the foam packaging just a few millimetres away from my right hand, so close but yet so far away.

Nurse then said, “Well dear we’re done now and you’re ready to go on your way, hope you enjoy your new owner.”

With that they brought over another piece of polystyrene foam and placed this on top, a hole in place above my face allowing me to breath. I then saw them place the top on the box in place shutting out the light and leaving me secured inside in the darkness. They added a shipping label to the outside and the box was moved over to the loading dock to awaiting my transport to my new world and owner.



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