Read Directions!

by Bound Captain

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Storycodes: Solo-m; latex; toys; mast; stuck; rubberdoll; FM/m; oral; anal; cons/reluct; XX


It is bonus check time at work so I get to buy extra toys this month. It stinks being on a limited budget but with this extra money I'll be able to buy this new slick looking Latex-Rubber hybrid suit that I have been eying. It's a full body suit with an open face. The crotch area is made to look exactly like a female. My dick would have to go into a pouch and condom like tube and my dick would end up pointing up and be flat against my stomach. There is also a tube that acts like an external catheter where if I peed the pee would come out the pussy on the suit. The back part of the suit has a hole and special rubber that goes into the anus allowing for pooping while wearing the suit.

The thought of owning such a suit made me go crazy. The idea that I could put this latex/rubber suit on and externally become a woman was just too exciting. What made it even more incredible is that is was penetrable from the front or back. When penetrated from the front you are supposed to be able to feel it and be able to have an orgasm as well. To see how well this works I had also ordered a nice realistic eight inch dildo so I could self indulge in the practice of masturbating through fucking myself with the suit on.

It was the middle of the week and I get a knock at the door, it's the mailman. I sign for a plain brown box; I hurry inside and rip open the box. Inside is the new suit. There is a big sticker on the bag that says to be sure to read the instructions before use. I laugh at it knowing that it probably says how to clean the suit. As I have latex cuffs and some rubber cuffs I figure I should know how to clean this suit the same way as latex. I do however want to read how to put the pussy on so it looks and operates properly. 

I go into the bathroom to take a shower. I strip myself of all my clothes and hop into the bathtub so I can be all squeaky clean and also so I can shave. I wash my hair and I lather up with shaving cream and I shave what little body hair I have off including my arms and legs. I am now so smooth it is hard to describe how it feels.

I slowly step one foot at a time into the suit slowly pulling it up my legs. I get to the crotch area and meticulously settle my dick into the pouch and the backdoor panel as well and pull the suit up a bit more and now my privates are covered. At a brief glance the front of me actually looks like a Real Rubber Dolls front which instantly made me hard. I fingered the pussy just a little bit and I about flipped out at how awesome that felt. The sensation of the movement on the underside of my dick just felt so awesome it sent shivers down my spine.

I pulled the suit up to my chest of the way on and to my amazement there are actually small breasts on the suit as well which made me look  like I had  B cup size breasts. I slowly put my arms through and pull up the sleeves and then carefully put my hand in the fingers on the attached gloves. I put the open face hood, fixing my hair making sure I do not zip up my dick hair when I zip up the zipper.  I reach behind my back and grab the strap to zip it up the back. There is also a small zipper on the hood itself which is there to conceal the strap for the lower zipper. I zip down the hood zipper as I hide the lower zipper and it ended up fitting like a perfect glove. I smooth out the arms and legs and then I go into the bathroom and I admire my new suit that has made me a rubber latex human doll of sorts.

I rub my hands all over my new vagina and can't get over how exhilarating it feels. It was like the latex rubber was heightening the sensation as I touched myself. My heart started to race like I had been exercising or something, it was beyond exciting. I stop so I can get everything else ready for my rubber doll experience. I grab my ring gag and strap it on and I lock it into place. As I look at myself in the mirror I see a slick  black rubber doll with its mouth open O style. I could barely tell that it was me underneath all that rubber latex skin.

I took my medium vibrating butt plug and worked it into my ass. I turned it on and it felt great and I was getting hard and you couldn't even see me getting hard under the vagina I now had. I went to lie down on my bed and I grabbed my new realistic dildo I had just bought. I started to fuck myself with it and i could already feel some pre-cum drizzle out and I took the dildo out and stuck it into my ring gag and licked it as if I had no choice since my mouth was wide open. This was crazy how I was feeling with this dildo shoved though the ring-gag.

I took the dildo out of my gag and I started to fuck myself with it again. I used it slow and fast continuously and even I sensed I was going to climax and I stopped. I stopped for a couple minutes to catch my breath. After a couple minutes I started to fuck myself very slow and easy. With my mouth just being open there was no real distinction in my sounds it was just moans of excitement.

I continued to fuck myself with the dildo for another five minutes or so and it felt like I was Cumming more than I ever had come before. I stopped fucking myself after I had stopped Cumming, I looked down and I could see my cum leaking out a little bit. I took the dildo that was covered in my own cum and stuck it into my O mouth and forced myself to lick it clean. I just imagined there was someone there ordering me to clean it all off thoroughly. I stuck it back into my new pussy and got it covered a bit again with my own cum and cleaned it off again and then just laid back to relax for a little while.

After I had rested for about 10 minutes or so I got up to take a shower. I left the suit on as I wanted to see what taking a shower in the suit felt like and I always though pictures of women in tight latex looked hot while they were getting all wet. I turned the shower on and got the bathroom all steamy like I normally do for regular showers then I turned the cold water on a little to make a comfortable temperature. I hopped into the shower and washed myself down good and I did what I could to clean out my own cum filled pussy. As I showered, the suit made me feel tingly in places and ways I had never experienced before.  This was really cool, and I imagined that this was how a woman would feel while taking a shower.

After I had gotten out of the shower it seemed a little harder to move, I just assumed it was from the exhaustion from my experience I just had with the suit. I patted dry the suit as much as I could and started to go back to my bedroom. As the minutes went by it got increasingly harder to move and I could feel the suit stiffing up on me. As I sat on my lounge chair in my room I grabbed the owner’s manual to see if this was normal for the suit. I could barely move my legs now and it almost felt like my legs were encased in a hard plastic.

It was all I could do to even grab the owner’s manual to try and read what was going on. I started to read the big WARNING page. I wanted to kick myself in the ass after the first sentence I read "DO NOT GET WET WITH WARM TO HOT WATER - DRY CLEAN ONLY" it went on to say that the latex/rubber would stiffen and harden like plastic if it were to get wet with warm to hot water after 10 minutes. Before I could read on how to undo the hardened suit my fingers suddenly hardened up like plastic as well and they spread enough apart to make me drop the owners manual. I was now sitting there like a plastic lovedoll made from a real person.

I could not believe this had happened. I now wished so hard that I had read the instruction manual before putting this suit on. I could still look around since I didn't cover my eyes and I looked at my body and just wished so badly there was a way I could free myself. After a few minutes drool started to come out of my mouth gag which made my predicament even that much worse. I couldn't even yell for help all I could do is make noises that would just sound like screams and moans.

After I had been sitting there for a little over two hours I heard someone trying to enter my place. The door was locked so I didn't think anything about it until I heard a key enter the lock. The door opened and I heard my girlfriend Jenny shouting out that she was here. She walked in my room and just stood there in an eerie silence staring at me.

I tried my best to ask for help, but all that came out were unintelligible noises. She walked over and said, "Wow a rubber doll for me to fuck and have my new fuck buddy John, maybe his boy friend can fuck as well". My eyes opened wide and I try to ask, "Fuck buddy and his boyfriend?" and all she did was say, "Wow it even makes noises and its mouth is all wet and moist."

She bent down and picked up the owners manual for the doll suit I had on. I just hope she was playing around talking about bringing two guys over to fuck me in my doll state, I didn't mind her fucking me as that was one of the reasons I bought the suit as well. As she stood there making minimal sounds while reading how to operate the suit she read out loud, "in case the suit becomes stiff and the wearer can not move all you have to do is", and then she stopped, humming the rest of the directions.

I expected that she'd let me out of this suit but it appeared that she had other plans. She grabs my arm and takes me over to my bed. She lays me down on the bed and then eyes the dildo I had purchased and the vibrating butt plug. She smells the plug and instantly can tell I had just used it earlier and she also sees the little amount of dried up cum on the dildo I purchased. She inserts the butt plug into my ass and turns it on its pulse setting making me go wild. She laughs at my instant moaning sounds of pleasure.

She takes the dildo and inserts it into my pussy and only pumps it a few times and then takes it out. She put the dildo near my mouth and evilly tells me well you deserve the real thing dolly. She starts walking out of my room and tells me that she and a couple of fuck buddies will be back to use the awesome new doll that has been delivered today. As she leaves the room she shuts off the light and shuts the door behind her making the room near pitch black.

I can hear her leave my place and after that all I could hear is the light rumbling of the vibrator stuck in my asshole. I did this to myself and my mind races to what the possibilities are and what will end up happening when she comes back. It in a way turned me on that I knew I'd be fucked like a real woman but I only thought my girlfriend would do it with a strap on and not a real guy, let alone a couple of guys.

About an hour or so later I hear them arrive back at my place. A group of people come in my room and look at me in amazement. My girlfriend's phone rings and she answers it and I can hear her give directions to my place, I can't believe it she seems like she's going to make a party of this. She walks up to me and tells me that I shouldn't worry and that it's only going to be a small rubber doll party plus one extra walk around slave. My duties will be to be the rubber doll for anyone at the party and I should have a good fill of protein by the end of the night.

I was repositioned in the chair and the slave was ordered to get his ball sack cleaned for the night. He pulled down his pants and was wearing a chastity belt, it looked like a Lori's device but I couldn't tell for sure. He walked over to me and his balls hung right over my mouth and I was instructed to lick them until further notice. Knowing I was in a situation where I couldn't move so I reluctantly started to lick his balls. I licked as best I could and a few moments later he was instructed to stuff his balls into my mouth hole so his entire ball sack was in my mouth. He was then told to give me instructions on how he was taught to suck on balls.

I was stuck there for nearly 20 minutes sucking this slaves nut sack moving my tongue around and back'n'forth cleaning them and using my tongue like I never imagined I ever would have before. I must have been doing something really good because this slave just started to leak cum out of his dick onto my face and it was nearly horrifying to say the least. About a minute or so after he had leaked onto my face he was instructed to remove his balls from my mouth.

His master had seen the leaked cum on my face and was scolded and punished the slave with a shock device then ordered him to clean my face off with his tongue. There was nothing I could do but let this man slave lick my face clean of the cum he just leaked all over it. Soon after he had finished cleaning the mess off of my face the butt plug was ripped from my ass and he was instructed to clean that as well. When they ripped the plug from my ass it hurt a bit and a tear came from my eyes.

More people had arrived at the party and there was already drinking and smoking and other things going on and then the party turned and looked at me. It was time for the men and women of the party to use me like I was just a lifeless rubber doll.

I was picked up and placed on my bed on my back. My ass was right near the edge of the bed and one guy wanted to fuck my ass and he didn't even hesitate to start pumping my asshole. With the butt plug relaxing my asshole into a more open size he took no time in plunging his big dick into me. He fucked me hard and as fast as he could. As he fucked me hard I couldn't help but moan and scream through my open O mouth gag. He didn't too much care for that and asked someone to fill the dolls pretty mouth. Someone that barely looked 18 hurried up and pulled his pants off and hopped up on the bed and started stuffing his dick into my mouth.

As I was being face fucked and ass fucked at the same time it almost became enjoyable in a way. Heck this was sort or what I wanted but not in such a forceful way. The younger fellow that was face fucking me started to cum into my mouth then he shoved his dick all the way in so all the cum would stay in my mouth and nothing would leak out. It was saltier than what mine had tasted like earlier. Not even a moment later the guy that was fucking my asshole started to pulsate and started to cum what seemed like forever into my ass.

The younger guy got off from my face and off my bed and little droplets of cum dripped onto my face. The other guy that was fucking my ass grabbed the buttplug and after he pulled out he shoved it into my ass again and slapped my face saying "We don't want the doll to leak now."

My girlfriend took the hands of who was her secret fuck buddy over to me and had him fuck my pussy while she sat on my bed with her pussy just millimeters away from my tongue. He was fucking me slowly and he was commenting on how he could feel the doll getting excited. He was right I could feel my dick getting rock solid hard. I was breathing excessively heavily and it was also frustrating to see some pussy just inches away from me that I couldn't even lick.

I was fucked for what seemed like an eternity and I started to cum and this made the guy start to cum as well. After he had pulled out a bowl was grabbed and was placed under my pussy to catch all his and my leaking cum from my pussy. The butt plug was also pulled from my ass and the cum that was shot into my asshole just earlier leaked out as well all into the bowl. After all the cum was caught as possible I was sat up and the gag was loosened so I could drink my protein feed.

I was very hesitant on drinking or eating it but thought about the position I am in and what could I really do about it and the answer was just do what is expected of me. After I had finished off what was in the bowl the first guy said he wanted to give me another gift.

The gag was refitted onto my mouth again and he stuffed his dick into my mouth until he got hard. I was then thrown onto my back again and he shoved his dick into my ass again. He didn't start to fuck me he just stood there and I could feel him getting smaller n soft. He then said here it comes dolly, and not a second later I could feel a stream of urine shoot into my ass. This was the ultimate embarrassment for the night for someone to be peeing inside me. After he was finished and before he pulled out he asked if anyone else had to go and the younger fellow that face fucked me said he had to go as well. So he filled my ass up even more with urine. The butt plug was grabbed and shoved up my asshole to prevent the leaking and making a mess.

I was then taken back to my chair from earlier and the butt plugs vibrator was turned on again. The slave from earlier was ordered to sit on the floor right next to me until further notice. We were left alone for about an hour while everyone else partied. The slave every now'n'then during that hour would rub his fingers over my pussy and do his best to get any left over cum so he could lick his fingers clean.

After about an hour I was made to give every guy there one last suck off before they all left. There were a couple guys that were a little uncomfortable forcing me to suck them off so those few had a small circle jerk while aiming their cum into my mouth or right onto my face. After everyone had left my place my girlfriend said that I would be left alone there for the night so I could let their cum in my belly and all over in my mouth and covering my face settle and she'd be back in the morning.

I was left in the dark with cum all over my face and in my mouth not to mention a pee filled ass stuffed with a butt plug and 8 hours or more to wait until morning when my girlfriend should release me. I ponder back at my decision on buying this dammed rubber doll outfit and ring gag. Was it worth it? I did enjoy myself somewhat even though it was all forced upon me. I didn't really want men to fuck me but it happened. I enjoyed it enough to where if I am more willing next time I might fully enjoy it. Will my girlfriend make this a usual occasion? Only time will tell, and the one thing that I keep on saying to myself "Next time, Read the Directions!"


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