A Real Life Rubberdoll

by Lckdnrbbr

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To put the gag in, or not to put the gag in...

That was what she was pondering as she stood there - a petite 20 something, covered in meticulously polished and well lubed black rubber. She regarded herself in the mirror, and like so many women, expected to see her insecurities staring back at her, but instead only found that incredible shine and curve of the rubber staring back at her.

The sight of herself, almost totally covered in rubber, sealed in from her neck to her toes, was nearly enough to fog her judgment enough to get her to pop the gag in.

She came pretty damn close, but forced herself to place it on the shelf by the mirror. Another time. Tonight would be the start of a long, long game, and she didn't want her fun ruined by an aching jaw a few hours in.

She picked up a large floppy piece of rubber and held it in front of her. It was shined and lubed well like the rest of what she wore, and made that familiar musical rustling sound as she pulled it's edges apart and flapped in infront of herself to get some air in.

Putting one arm into the top, she pulled it down over her head, and began her descent into a rubber encased dream.

Like nearly all of her other rubber toys, this top had come from TwistMyRubberArm, and was one of her favorite pieces. It covered her torso, but also had an attached hood with only a breathing tube and mitts where the hands should be. As her head plopped into place inside the hood, she pushed her hands down into the mitts and fumbled around to get the breathing tube arranged by her mouth.

She pulled down the top the rest of the way, and fought the urge to play with herself then. Only a few more steps, and she'd be done - she didn't know if she'd go through with it if she got herself off.

Feeling her way back to the bedroom, she found the collar and lock she'd left lying on the pillow. She fastened the collar with some difficulty through the mitts, but got it tight enough that she was sure she couldn't slip her head through it. Locking the collar meant that the top was effectively locked on as well. She picked up the tiny lock on the pillow and attempted to fit it through the eye of the latch on her collar. After more than a few frustrating attempts, the open hasp of the lock finally found purchase and slipped through the hole.

Closing the lock now made this quite final. She didn't have this key.

She took a deep breath, and even with the breathing tube close to her mouth, the cool rubber of the hood pressed itself to her face.

The feeling sent her further into her subspace fantasy, and before she could stop herself, she clicked the lock shut with a satisfying snick.

She moaned.

This was it. She was locked in. No turning back now - at least not without scissors. What a shame it would be to ruin all this latex anyway. She had to do something about her hands to make sure she couldn't get into any trouble.

She'd laid out her heavy mitts earlier, and filled them with tissues, to pad the space between her tightly mittened hands and the heavy outer rubber of the ball mitts. She didn't want to be any chance that she could feel the key or scissors through these things.

Blindly and with hands that were only semi useful, she managed to push her hands down into the ball mitts. There was no way she could buckle them shut now, but it doesn't take that much to get a pair of handcuffs to swing shut.

Her hands were now completely useless, but even with just the balls and her arms mobile, she was able to get one of the cuffs halfway around her wrist. Some struggling and clever use of the tube protruding from her hood finally got the other half to swing in place.

She waited a moment before closing it tight. Had she already crossed the no-return point? was this it? Once she did this, would she be trapped, completely covered in rubber until she was set free?

The question was enough to get her to push down with her one free hand and close the cuff tightly. There was no wriggling out of that mitt now. One hand was now completely useless.

With the cuff now dangling predictably from that arm, her other arm quickly found it's place in the other cuff, and she pushed it against the bed to swing it shut.

Once again, she hesitated. Should she really do this? Did she have a choice now?


Well shit. She hadn't quite meant to do that yet, but she must've leaned in too hard on the cuff, and it had clicked shut. Oh well. In for a penny, in for a pound... She pushed her wrist firmly against the bed, and heard the cuff click the rest of the way shut.

That did it. She was totally and completely trapped in rubber. She laid back on the bed, relishing the feeling and thinking about everything she was wearing. A full catsuit from Purple passion... Socks, gloves, and this amazing top from TwistMyRubberArm, the collar... did she even remember where it came from anymore? She'd locked it around her neck so many times...

With everything combined, no inch of her skin was exposed to the outside air. She was safely coccooned in the rubber's embrace. Her only link to the outside world was the tube in her mouth, and it was easily closed off by a playmate, leaving her under their complete control.

Unfortunately, her playmate was still quite a few hours from returning. She'd taken a day off to make herself a special surprise for when he got home.  A locked in rubberdoll who was at her owner's disposal.

Taped to the door was a note, which read "There's a toy waiting for you inside. Use it however you like, but remember, good boys clean up once they're done playing. Be sure not to leave your toy laying around."

She lay there daydreaming of what he might do when he came home. She tried not to have any desires - rubberdolls didn't want anything but what their owners wanted. Still though - she hoped he wanted to spank his new toy and watch it squirm, and naturally, he should control when she breathed (and didn't) since she was just a thing he owned now..

What she hoped most, though, was that after playing with her for a while, he would tire of her, and notice the 5 large, extra thick plastic bags she'd prepared, one inside the other, near the bed. Disposable toys were meant to be thrown out when you were done with them, and she was a cheap rubber toy. She dreamed of him bagging her up, still encased in the rubber, and tossing her out into the bin in the garage, waiting to be wheeled to the curb.

Her rubber prison got hot and sweaty, and her daydreams began to wane. She played with herself idly but couldn't do much through the padded double mitts and rubber suit, and could only keep herself vaguely aroused.

She must have drifted in and out of sleep, because she awoke with a start to the sound of the door closing.

Oh god - who was it? Was it time for him to be home yet? She pulled at her hood, in a futile attempt to get free. It wouldn't budge, and her mitts were too well attached - there was no chance of escape. Whoever was here was going to see her like this.

"Well." He said "Rubberdolls don't usually try to escape, but I have to admit, I like knowing you can't get out"

She relaxed, and a huge wave of submission mixed with ecstasy hit her. It was him. She was completely trapped, but she was safe. She suddenly felt the silky pressure of the suit pressing against her every cell. Her hands felt as if they always should have been the useless balls they now were. All she wanted to do was be owned, to serve, and eventually to become the ultimate object - tossed aside as trash.

He was only too happy to oblige.


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Top with hood + gloves

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