Replacing the Rubber Dolly

by Gromet

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Storycodes: Solo-F; fpov; doll; F2doll; latex; catsuit; straps; chair; corset; mittens; hood; gag; cons; reluct; X

(Inspired by the works of Allatex)

It was a typical Friday in the office, and I have been working for Dr Stones for nearly a year now as his receptionist, doing the filing, typing letters and invoices and general office stuff, while also arranging his list of clients. His office is generally busy at the beginning of the week but tails off at the end, and usually, by Friday most of the work is done before lunchtime, so the afternoon is generally quiet.

Today Dr Stones left early to attend a medical conference and said as he left that he would be back late this afternoon and leaving me alone in the office. Dr Stones had two consulting rooms, with a small interconnecting service room between the two. I thought that it seemed strange that there was some sort of empty space between the two rooms, as the service room was only about half the size of the two main offices. But thought no more of it.

The other consulting room used to be utilized by his now ex-wife Rachel, she was also a medical practitioner; I always recall her wearing rubber aprons when she was treating her clients, so I got used to the smell of the stuff, and also the feel after having to help clean up afterwards. She had recently moved back to her native Germany to be closer to her family, or so she had said, leaving most of her equipment behind after her sudden move. Other than that, I didn’t know the real reason for her going.

What had reminded me of her today, was the email that she had sent me this morning requesting my help in getting her medical paperwork and certificates packed up and sent to her new address, which I was happy to do. I had liked her as an employer; she was warm and welcoming, and always said hello, or good morning in her German accent; it sounded nice the way she phrased it. She always seemed to have some time in her day to make things more pleasant around the office, not that her husband was an ogre or such; he was just more professional, and appeared more strict, more doctor-like.

The documents I needed were located in her old office. Currently, the outer corridor that the clients used to gain access to the consulting rooms was closed off for storage of some new equipment that Dr Stones had bought to expand his practice, he had said when the stuff arrived. So that meant going through his office, then into the interconnecting service room and then to her old office. I hadn’t been into her office for a couple of weeks now, but I was not expecting to find anything different from when she had left.

Normally I wouldn’t use the service room unless I was helping either of the two doctors, and I generally stayed out of Dr Stones' office unless required to enter; it was just one of those places that I didn’t feel comfortable entering, sort of like I shouldn’t be in there and I was entering a forbidden zone, not that it really was like that, it just felt that way to me. Anyway, with Dr Stones away for the day, I knew that I could just sneak in and grab what I needed.

I guiltily stepped into his office and headed over to the door to the service room; with the lights out, his office was dim but not as dark as the interconnecting room which had no windows, so I went from the low light into the inky blackness of the other room. For some reason, I didn’t switch on the light, again, I think it was that feeling inside of me that I didn’t belong in here, a trespasser without invitation, but I carried on feeling my way through.

Upon entering Rachel Stones’ office, I reached out to turn on the light, feeling more comfortable in her office, and when I flicked the switch, the room went from darkness to brilliant light in a flash, my eyes adjusting to the change in lighting. As I turned, I was suddenly confronted by someone standing there. In shock at seeing someone there, I immediately reacted and pushed the person away from me, causing me to fall backwards. My hands reached out behind me to steady myself but unsuccessfully prevented me from falling. As I did, I knocked over several items from a trolley in the room, including several glass bottles which broke upon impact with the floor.

Recovering from my initial shock at seeing someone in Rachel’s office, I regained my footing and looked at the person now laying there on the floor. They didn’t seem to be moving, and I wondered if I had hurt them. I could now see that the female figure was just laying there, I wondered who she was and why she was in here. As I got closer, I noticed that the female was dressed in some sort of all-over bodysuit made of some shiny black material, immediately I thought that she was a burglar, but to my horror, I also then noticed that one of her hands was broken off and laying on the floor next to her, but there was no blood.

Feeling this was very strange, I moved in for a closer look, sensing it safe at the moment as she didn’t seem to be any threat to me. I was more concerned with the fact that one of her hands had come off, why was there no blood gushing from the wound, I was thinking, and not the fact that just how the hell did her hand just fall off. Well, I quickly found out the reason why: she wasn’t real, she was made from some sort of soft rubbery material; the word silicone came to mind when looking at her skin. 

Now recovered from my initial shock, and discovering the rubber looking doll in Rachel’s office, I saw that the figure had been held up by a metal stand, the pole would have been holding it in place, standing there until I knocked into her and sent her tumbling. But what intrigued me more was the outfit that she was wearing, it looked very sexy on her body, tight clothing always excited me, and away from the office, I would dress myself in extra tight leggings and other clothing. I just loved the way that it felt on me.

But this suit was made to be fitted to her body, and you could see the way that it fitted and contorted to her figure that the suit was tight. I doubted that there would be very little space between her body and the suit. I reached out to see what the suit felt like, and as I got closer to the doll, I could smell something familiar, at first I thought that it was because I was in Rachel’s office and she wore rubber, but when I examined the suit, I found that it too was made from rubber as well. The scent of latex drifted into my senses, not unpleasant by any means, and I took in several deep breaths to enjoy the smell.

I don’t know what came over me, but at that moment, I knew that I would have to try on the suit, just to see how it felt against my own body. I knew that with Dr Stones away from the office that I would have time to take the suit from the doll, try it on and then replace it back where I found it, without anyone finding out. But I would need to make sure that I wouldn’t be discovered, not that I expected anyone to arrive at the office, but I thought it best to go back and lock the office entry doors.

Once that was done, and a quick pitstop to relieve my bladder, I was now ready to go back and see what the suit felt like. Coming back into Rachel’s office, the doll remained where I had knocked it over, I then also noticed the trolley that I had fallen on to, and the broken glass bottles on the floor; their contents had spilled out and made a small puddle on the floor. But I wanted to try the suit on and thought that I would leave the cleaning up until afterwards.

The zipper to the suit that the doll wore was in the rear; rolling the doll over felt like me moving my murder victim’s body, but needs must, and I continued to remove the suit from the doll. Finally, I had managed to undress the doll, which was anatomically correct, I found out after getting a closer look at its naked body as I removed the suit. It didn’t occur to me at the time why that was necessary, my only thoughts were on the suit.

Quickly stripping off my own clothing, I laid it down on one of the chairs. Now there were two naked females in the room, and we looked very similar to each other, which should have told me something more about the doll, but I wasn’t thinking straight, and focused more on the suit. The suit was tight when I tried to fit my foot inside of it, and I thought that there must be some way of making it easier to put the suit on with. Then I remembered the bottles that I had knocked over contained lubricant, used by Rachel on her patients during some examinations that she performed on them.

Luckily, I hadn’t broken them all, there was one left and I grabbed it and returned to the suit, I thought that by adding the lubricant to my skin I would slide into the suit easier, not having worn rubber like this before, but knowing from putting on rubber gloves that they were easier to pull on when they had some powder or lube in them. 

Happy now that I could ease myself into the suit, I continued with my task. Indeed, the lubricant worked a treat and soon I had my legs encased within the suit; it felt nice and tight against them. And it got even better when I pulled the suit against my crotch, sending wonderful feelings throughout my body, and I just had to stop for a moment to recover. 

Once back down to earth, I started to place my arms into the sleeves of the suit and pull the rest of the suit up and over my body. My hands popped out of the ends of the arms of the suit, their nakedness in contrast to the inky blackness that covered other parts of my body. Now adjusting the suit to fit perfectly against my body, I reached behind and started to pull the rear zipper closed, the suit tightening even more when I managed to finally close it.

Now covered from the neck down, with only my head and hands free from the confines of the latex suit, I felt like the suit gave me an all-over body hug. I had adjusted what little movement that I had inside of the suit so that it fitted like a dream to my body. The wonderful tight feeling that the suit provided me again gave my body some delightful waves of pleasure, and as I ran my hands over the outside of the suit, I knew that I would very soon have an orgasm if I didn’t stop myself, and I didn’t want to stain or ruin the suit.

I decided to walk around to get more of a feel for the suit, and to distract myself from my own arousal. I was enjoying wearing the suit too much to give myself over to my more base desires and then regretting climaxing too soon. Walking around the office felt really good, the suit seemed to warm up with my own body heat, and if I wasn't mistaken, seemed to feel tighter against my body. But to me, tighter was good, and I began to venture out of Rachel’s room and walk around the rest of the office.

My thoughts and enjoyment of the suit and the way it felt on me were interrupted by the phone ringing. It was Dr Stones letting me know that he would be delayed and that I should lock up the office when I left this afternoon. He said that he didn’t expect to be back today. Great I thought, more time for me to wear the suit, which I did. Sitting in my chair, I got on with some of the things that I needed to do. It felt natural to be sitting here dressed like this, and in my own thoughts, I wondered where I could get a suit just like this.

After answering the phone a couple of times and typing the remaining paperwork that I had on today, I suddenly recalled why I had gone into Rachel’s office in the first place, to recover her certificates and forward them on to her. Leaving my desk, I headed back towards her office, entering through the service room again, but what happened next I don’t recall. In my rush, I had forgotten about the fluid on the floor, and the next thing I knew was the vision of Dr Stones’ face looking down at me.

Forgetting what I was currently wearing, I wondered why he had a strange look on his face, and for some reason, I couldn’t seem to move at that moment. I felt that I was lying on one of the examination tables that each office had, and looking over his shoulder, I could see that I was still in Rachel’s office, but his look of concern for my welfare seemed to change when he noticed that I was coming round and returning to consciousness, to one of confusion and sadness.

“Welcome back Susan, it seems that you had a nasty fall,” Dr Stones said to me, “don’t move while I check you out.”

I lay there as I felt his hands running over several parts of my body, checking, I guess for any damage that may have happened when I fell. But as he did so, I then recalled that I was wearing the rubber suit that I had found on the doll, and then I began wondering who the doll had belonged to, and why was the doll wearing the suit. Then it dawned on me, and judging by the way Dr Stones was currently checking me out, that he knew the answers to all of my questions. His hands seem to linger on certain parts of my body longer than would be required for any examination, I thought.

Thanking that I may have indeed injured myself, and wondering why I couldn’t move, maybe I had done some serious damage. It was only when he adjusted the bench that I was laying on so that I was now sitting up more and able to see my body that I noticed the straps holding me to the bench. I was tied down and that’s why I couldn’t move. I wondered why I was currently bound like this, but feeling guilty at being found wearing the suit I didn’t speak up, but looked at Dr Stones, confused.

“Sorry my dear, I had to strap you down. You were unconscious for a while there, it seemed, I found you laying on the floor and picked you up and put you on the bench. The straps were just to make sure that you didn’t roll and fall off causing further injury.” He told me.

Satisfied with his explanation, I lay there as he continued to check out my rubber-suited body. I was in no position to question him; I was discovered wearing the suit, the suit that I had removed from the doll, his doll I guessed, and now I was dressed like she was. Though it did feel nice with his hands exploring me, I wondered if he was crossing several professional boundaries with the way he was examining me. 

“Sorry Dr Stones,” I said meekly. 

“Sorry, what for my dear girl?” he asked.

“Well, for wearing the suit that I found on your doll,” I replied. “And for breaking your doll, I will replace it if you wish, my apologies for being so clumsy.” 

“Well, that’s nice of you to offer my dear.” Dr Stones said, “And you do look wonderful in her suit too.” 

Not catching on his meaning, I said, “Yes, it feels wonderful wearing it too.”

“There’s more to the outfit, should you wish to try, after all you’d want to get the whole experience of the latex suit,” Dr Stones stated.

Thinking about wearing more of the suit, and recalling how disappointed I was when I found my hands uncovered, I smiled back and said that it would be nice to see more. He grinned and seemed much happier now. I had thought that maybe he would have been angry at finding me wearing the suit, and that maybe I would be unemployed, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

He left me strapped to the bench and headed into the service room, I wondered where he was going, and then thought why he had left me bound. But there was no point raising that with him, I was just pleased that he wasn’t cross or angry with me, both for finding his doll, being caught wearing her suit and for breaking the doll. I thought that it would be best to remain quiet and let him do what he wanted with me for now, and I might just enjoy it.

“Okay dolly,” he said when he returned, his hands holding several items for me to try on. “Let’s get you properly dressed.”

“Yes please,” thinking that I would play along with him, I continued, “Please sir, your dolly needs to be completed.”

He smiled, and seemed very happy that I was willing to play along with his game, not knowing what he was currently planning to dress me in, but if it was tight, I was more than happy to please him.

“Okay dolly, let’s get you off of the bench, I can’t have you laying there all day.” He said as he unfastened the straps holding me down.

Now free of the bench, he helped me stand up. At first, I was a bit wobbly, but steady hands held me until I could regain some balance. Grabbing the first thing that he wanted me to wear, he started placing it around my waist, letting me know that it was a corset, and telling me that it would be tight on me, which was music to my ears.

“Dolly likes tight, sir.” I said to him, acting along with the game we were playing.

“That’s good dolly, and I’ll make sure that I get it as tight as possible then.” He replied. 

He began to fasten the corset behind me, and then pull on the cord to tighten the garment around my waist. It covered my body from just below my breasts, which felt several touches from his hands when he adjusted the fitting of the corset, and down over to cover the tops of my hips, my waist was totally enclosed within its constricting grasp. The feel as he pulled on the cords, the ever-tightening feeling as it closed in on me, felt wonderful. This was just right in my mind. I felt it getting harder to breathe the more that he tightened the corset, and it got to a point that I had to let him know that.

“Okay dolly, we’ll leave that for now, just while you get used to it.” He said, slightly disappointed that he hadn’t managed to close the corset all of the way.

My breathing eased slightly when he had me stand up against the bench I had just been laying on, he then brought over some incredible looking boots; they had a very high heel but what was more amazing was the length of them. As he fitted each one to me, I found that they covered my entire legs, and it took him some time to adjust and pull on the laces to close them around my limbs, encasing them in their grasp. Once satisfied with the result, he held my hands and bade me walk around and get a feel of the boots.

They felt very tight on my legs, and I at first stumbled with the height of the heels, something that I was not used to wearing. But what felt even stranger about them was that I could not bend my knees as much as I normally would when walking. They felt like two solid columns holding up my body. It took a while to adjust, but with his help, I was able to move around the office, and it was only when we passed by the full-length mirror did I get a glimpse of how I looked wearing them.

The boots, along with the corset, seemed like they belonged with the suit, and the suit looked like it belonged on me at this moment. I had gone from a plain, sensibly dressed receptionist to a vision of pure rubber delight, the inky blackness of the suit covering my body, the tight corset pulling my waist in beyond what I would ever have imagined possible, and the boots setting off the whole ensemble. I was no longer my former plain self, I was a goddess dressed to be worshiped. It made me feel very special at this instant.

“How does it feel, my dear dolly?” he asked me.

“It’s so tight, but wonderfully so, I love being restricted like this, thank you, sir,” I replied.

“If dolly likes restricted, then so it shall be. Let me get you ready.”

Ready for what I should have thought, but I was too engrossed in the feelings that the outfit I was now wearing gave me to even notice. He then placed some rubber mittens on my hands, they looked like gloves except that all of the fingers were welded into one part, they looked a bit like flippers on my hands, and with them now on, he tightened the straps to hold them in place around my wrists.

Dr Stones then started to move me backwards, he had moved something while I was lost in my own world, but soon I felt the pole of the stand that the other doll had been standing on. As my back touched it, I suddenly realized what he was doing to me, but again I wanted to please him, so I let him start to fasten the straps attached to the pole, securing me in place. It felt nice to be played with by him, his hands when they touched my rubber-clad figure sending delightful tingles throughout my body.

He continued to work binding me to the pole, happy that he had a rubber doll willing to play with him, it seemed. The straps took away any possible freedom that I may have had at that moment, not that I minded being bound. In fact, the extra tightness that the straps added made me feel even better inside. He moved the stand that I was now strapped to over to the mirror again, so that I could see just how magnificent I looked.

As I stood gazing in my reflection, I saw Dr Stones return with more rubber in his hands, and then my vision was temporarily cut off as he worked a hood over my head, adjusting it to fit perfectly and then tucking the neck part firmly into the collar of the catsuit that I was wearing. Bound as I was, I could only let him continue to dress me as his rubber doll. 

Looking again at the vision in the mirror, I could see that I was now totally covered in rubber from my head down to my feet; the only parts of me still visible were my eyes and lips; everything else was now encased within a female column of rubber.

“There my dolly, feeling better now?” Dr Stones asked me.

“Yes, sir, I feel just like a real dolly now.” Replying while still playing my dolly character.

“Yes, just as you should be.” He said. “But one more thing to make your outfit perfect.”

He picked something up, but I couldn’t see what it was, until he stood behind me again and I saw in my reflection the rubber gag he had in his hands. I wasn’t sure that I wanted this, and tried to let him know that maybe we could leave this bit out.

“Nonsense dolly,” he said as he placed the gag in my mouth, and then fastened the straps holding the gag tight. “You did say that you would replace my doll, and you have my dear; I accept your wonderful offer, and I must say, you look much better in that outfit than my previous dolly.”

I tried to speak, but the gag wouldn’t allow much other than a few grunts and whimpers. I wanted to tell him that I meant to buy him a new doll, not become one myself. I had let myself get carried away in enjoying the tightness of my outfit, and now it seemed that I was stuck, trapped by my own desires. I was now securely bound to the pole with several straps, covered from head to toe in shiny black rubber, gagged and unable to break free. From what I could see in the mirror, all I could see was the rubber doll that I had now replaced. I had become another rubber dolly for my owner to use and play with.


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