Rubber Goddess

by Android504

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Storycodes: FF; rubberdoll; doll; transform; medical; corset; balletboots; gag; permanent; cons; XX

Katherine, or as her clients called her, Mistress Rubber was one of the most well-known dominatrices in the country. She was young; at only 27 years of age, she had managed to transform her love for rubber and BDSM into a flourishing business that reached the whole country. Her clients included some of the most influential people from all walks of life. What made her services so special was her ecstatic nature and her extreme BDSM scenes. She was sadomasochistic in nature and hence she understood what it was to be a submissive and she could tell exactly what the client wanted.

Katherine's love for rubber extended to her personal life as well. Her whole wardrobe was almost exclusively rubber and latex. But with all the good that was happening in her life, one of her wishes still remained incomplete- to be permanently sealed in rubber and become the ultimate dominatrix.

"That's probably never going to happen," she sighed. 

Little did she know that was about to change...very soon.

Katherine was preparing for one of her sessions with a client. The client had specially requested rubber and extreme bondage gear, and Katherine was excited for this one. Just as she was done preparing the bondage gear, a sweet, professional looking girl walked in. She was wearing a skirt and a tightly buttoned shirt with long thigh high boots. Katherine couldn't help but notice how her glasses and short bob-cut hair accentuated her curvy and sexy physique.

"Hi, are you Mistress Rubber?" said the girl in her sweet, silvery voice.

"Yes; and you are?"

"I'm Ava ma'am. We had a session."

"Of course, come this way; we're going to have so much fun," said Katherine, feeling excited.

That was the day when she met her now-girlfriend Ava. She was a material scientist that loved rubber and BDSM just like Katherine.

They'd been seeing each other for four months now. They knew they were special from the moment that they met. They still continued their BDSM sessions, but in a different way. When they were in bed at night, Ava was more the ‘dom’ than Katherine. Since Katherine loved being both dominant and submissive, and she had never really found someone who would be willing to dominate a dominatrix, she was delighted when they decided on this arrangement. Usually, Katherine wore a full body rubber catsuit, corset and ballet boots with an inflatable gag and head harness during their ‘special’ sessions. She'd be tied to the bed and they'd have fun all night.

It was a Friday evening. Ava had just returned from work. She appeared very excited.

"You're certainly in a good mood today. Did something happen at work?" said Katherine.

"The board approved the new material I am developing!"

"That's great. What kind of material are you developing?"

"Well, it’s sort of like a prosthetic. It is like human skin. It fuses to your body and you don't have to take it off. It'd be useful for people who had their skin burned or disfigured in accidents."

Hmm… that could work for a lot of stuff, thought Katherine.

"Hey Ava, I've got something that I want to tell you. I want a permanent rubber suit."

Ava looked at her. "Okay, I'm gonna need more context than that."

"Um... It's always kind of been an ultimate fantasy for me. I want my skin to be made of rubber, like a doll. In other words, I want to have a rubber suit that I never have to take off."

"My material wasn't intended for that purpose, and it is still in its preliminary stages, but with a bit of tweaking, it could work."

"REALLY?" said Katherine, unable to hold in her excitement.

"Yeah. I'll talk to the guys at the lab and see what I can come up with. It should take a few months at most."

"So long?"

"You've waited your whole life for this, why not wait a few more months?"

"I guess you're right," said Katherine, "you're the best!"

That was 2 months ago. Fast forward to the present...

Katherine was busy with her work, when she received a phone call from Ava.

"Hey Kat, guess what? It's ready. Come down to my lab and we can begin the process."

"Really? I'll be there as soon as I can," yelled Katherine in excitement. Her pussy was already getting wet as she thought about what was about to happen. She grabbed her keys and rushed to the car. It was one of the longest car rides she had to endure.

When she arrived at the lab, she was greeted by a very eager receptionist, "Welcome to Orion Material Sciences. How can I help you?"

"Um, hi, I'm Katherine, I'm looking for Ava?"

"Sure ma'am. Right this way." The receptionist pointed Katherine towards a room marked X-32.

As Katherine entered the room, she saw Ava in her glasses and lab coat. She looked even sexier as a nerd.There were two guys in the back of the room, working with what seemed to be a giant glass tank filled with some kind of translucent gel.

"Hey! Are you ready?" Ava said.

"Oh I’m ready all right!"

"Let me explain what's going to happen to you, and then we can begin the process. This container is filled with a special fluid polymer infused with oxygen so you will be able to breath while you're inside it. The process we're going to use is sort of like electroplating. We'll attach a special machine to your body which will enable it to fuse with the liquid rubber in that container over your head. The rubber will fuse itself to your body as soon as it comes in contact with the polymer and solidify in a few hours.

"Then, we'll put on some additional gear, like a corset, ballet boots, and a collar made from the same material. They'll fuse to the liquid rubber coating on your body. And I have a special surprise for you."

"Awesome! I can't believe this is finally happening," said Katherine

"But first, I need to ask you something Kat. Once the rubber and the gear solidify, the process will be irreversible. You will be sealed in rubber permanently, with no way to get you out. Are you 100% sure you want to do this?" Ava’s tone was serious.

"Ava, I have never been so sure of anything in my life."

"Kat, really, think this through. It will be permanent."

"I've made up my mind. I want to do this."

"Okay, let's begin the process. Take off all your clothing. But first, you need to sign a document stating that it is your wish, and you take full responsibility for any repercussions that may come as a result of this."

"That's kind of serious!"

"Yes, it is serious. You're doing something very drastic to your body that will change your life forever, and I'm sorry, it's company policy. Don't worry though. Everything will go according to plan. And Kat, we'll be using a mild sedative to make the process less… painful. You'll still be lucid enough to hear and feel some of it."

"Oh, okay."

"Great; let's begin."

The guys helped her get stripped and administered the sedative. A robot arm popped out of the tank, grabbed her at the waist and lowered her into the tank. It was cold and viscous inside, and surprisingly, she could breath in it, just as Ava had said. The arm retracted and the tank was sealed. A machine then pulled itself out from the base of the tank and grabbed her wrists and ankles. It had a very tight grip.

The sedative had started to take effect and Katherine was barely awake. The container overhead filled with the special rubber material attached itself to the tank and opened with a loud hiss. As soon as this happened, the black liquid poured into the tank. It sat on the top for a while and then started pulling itself towards Katherine's body. Soon, all of her body was covered with the black liquid.

Katherine could barely feel it burning her skin. It was uncomfortable, but she knew the reward was worth all the pain the the world. She could barely make out what was happening, but she felt tubes going inside her throat and her vagina. She was a fan of gags, but this was extreme. If she hadn't been sedated, she would have been choking. The tubes slid so deep into her pussy that she felt it would tear through her. She couldn't feel a lot of it, but she could tell the liquid rubber was going inside her body now. That scared her, but the sedative kept her in check. As she was getting lost in her thoughts, she barely made out a voice.

"Kat, can you hear me?" The voice was Ava’s. "The first part of the process is done. We will now be attaching the bondage gear to your rubberized body."

Katherine couldn't speak but she heard Ava and thought great. It's getting kind of claustrophobic, but let's get this done quickly.

The machine that had grabbed her arms and ankles came back and it started attaching something to Katherine's waist. She could tell it was a corset. 

Mmm... sexy.

The machine pulled the corset so hard, that Katherine had difficulty breathing. Her breaths became very shallow, but she felt her pussy getting wetter by the minute. The machine then attached something over her eyes and neck. Two arms grabbed her feet and pushed them into what Katherine could make out to be some very sexy ballet boots.

Okay, my feet are going to be sealed in these forever now. Time to learn how to walk in ballet boots!

Finally, she felt something going inside her mouth. She couldn't tell what it was, but she was optimistic. Once all the pieces were attached, the machine retracted into the base of the tank and Katherine was left floating there with her own thoughts. She was just beginning to fathom the gravity of her decision. She felt herself blacking out, but not before she experienced the best orgasm of her life, thinking about her permanent bondage.


When she woke up, she found herself lying on some kind of table. with a blinding bright light over head.

"Kat, can you hear me?" She heard Ava's voice.

She shifted her eyes and saw Ava standing over her. She tried to speak, but found she couldn't make any sound. She started to panic.

"It's okay, I know you can't speak. How do you like my surprise? It's a permanent rubber gag."

Katherine's eyes widened and she started getting anxious.

"Relax, it can be controlled with a remote." said Ava, while pressing a button on her phone.

"Oh my god! What happened? Did I black out? Did the process fail?" said Katherine, sounding confused.

"Oh god, not so many questions at once. I'll explain everything. First tell me, how are you feeling?"

"Confused, and surprisingly… horny. And my body is hurting like it was hit by a truck. Did the procedure fail?"

"No, it was a bigger success than I imagined. Your body reacted with the material very well. If you can walk, there's a mirror over there."

Katherine tried to take a step and she immediately stumbled.

"Here let me help you," said Ava.

When Katherine looked at herself in the mirror, she didn't recognize the figure looking back at her. It didn't appear human at all. She was freakishly tall with a beautiful, curvy figure and firm breasts. Her face looked like some sort of alien from a sci-fi movie. There were dark lenses in place of her eyes, her mouth was fitted with some kind of gag that appeared to be sealed inside the rubber, and her feet were locked in sexy but painful ballet boots.

"Okay, let me explain what was done," said Ava. "Your whole skin is made of rubber now, without any seams. You cannot remove it. You're wearing an 18-inch corset and a posture collar. There are tinted lenses attached over your eyes, and your feet are encased in 9-inch high ballet boots. There's also a special plug inside your vagina that can stimulate your pussy with electrical currents, or give you shocks if you behave badly. And of course, my special gag that can be controlled with my phone only."

"I love it, but why?" said Katherine.

"A good rubber doll doesn't speak unless it's asked, does it? Trust me Kat, you look like a rubber goddess."


"Yes, If I could, I'd have sex with you right now. You're making me horny!"

Katherine hugged her and said, "I love you Ava, thank you for this."

"I love you too, Kat."

It would take a lot of time to get used to living sealed in rubber forever, but it was everything she had wished for. She was now a living Rubber Sex Goddess.

Katherine would be the best dominatrix… in the world.


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