Jessica's Decision and a New Job

by Rubber Doll Jessica

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© Copyright 2006 - Rubber Doll Jessica - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; doll; transform; FM/m; mannequin; cons; X

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Jessica's Decision and a New Job - Part 2 of Rubber Doll Jessica

 Jessica shook uncontrollably as her orgasm seemed to last forever. She wished it could of, but finally it did end. The rubbery Jessica released Peter's cock from her mouth and slumped down. Spent from the greatest climax she could imagine. Veronica just guided her to the floor, laying her on her front, with her head to one side. Together Peter and Veronica removed Jessica’s leg shackles. The spent dolly just curled onto her side, soaking in the pleasure. Veronica kissed Jessica passionately. "I'm glad you enjoyed it. Jessica", she told her. Veronica and Peter left Jessica to gather herself, and talked. Jessica was oblivious to anything said.

Later that night.....

 Veronica took Jessica back to her house. After leading her back upstairs she removed Jessica's bonds, and let her sleep the remainder of the night. In the morning she woke Veronica over her. "Morning my doll." she said and touched her face slightly. "It's time to come out I guess.". Jessica was a little disappointed but got up anyway. Veronica picked at the zip seal. After a bit of work she got an edge out and pulled the seal open exposing the zipper. She pulled the zipper down to reveal the sweaty flesh inside. It wasn't long till the suit was off, and Jessica was gone. Veronica took Jack to the shower and left him to wash up while she tended to cleaning the suit and hanging it up. Back in the shower Jack cleaned up. Looking over his skin, it almost didn't seem right. It felt almost like he wasn't himself anymore.

 After the shower jack found his clothes on the bed, got dressed, and went down stairs. Veronica was making breakfast, wearing a long rubber house dress. She loved rubber so much. Jack was starting to think this woman didn't own a single piece of normal clothes. They sat down and started to eat. 

"So now I suppose you need to make a decision." She said to him. Jack looked up kind of puzzled. 

"Well it seems you enjoyed yourself last night as Jessica." she said. "Now that the fantasy has been fulfilled, you have to make a decision.". 

Jack began to understand what she was saying. 

"Do you want to be Jessica again?" she continued. "I could tell how you felt last night. You were in heaven. You could have been that way forever if we let you. So here is the proposition. Me and Peter are business partners, and have all a lot of money as you can tell. You could live here with me and be Jessica as much as you want, and as long as you want at a time.".  

Jack turned white for a minute, almost in disbelief. 

Veronica finished "I know that’s a big decision for you to make that’s why I'll give you some time. You have my number. Take as long as you want but call me either way."

 Breakfast from that point was rather silent. After the meal was done Veronica put the dishes in the sink and drove Jack home. He went about the rest of his weekend thinking of the offer. All the memories of Saturday still dancing around in his head. He had a lot of mixed feelings about what Jessica did with Peter. But ultimately inside Jack yearned to be Jessica again and would even let her do what she did, just to be a rubber doll again. 

The thoughts and the decision haunted Jack all day and for the rest of the week. It was even hurting his work performance. He was talked to twice that he seemed distracted. Jack finally made a decision. He would take the next two weeks off for some vacation time he had saved up. And be Jessica as much as humanly possible. After all Veronica did say he could be Jessica as often as he wanted and as long as he wanted. So if he wanted he could live the double life. Jack by day. Jessica by night and on weekends. On Friday Jack called. "Hello?" she said. "Um, Veronica. I took some time off from work... Can we try this for 2 weeks to start?". 

There was a silence for a second. "Why of course, I can understand it would be a lot to up and move in all at once on a night and a half.", she replied. "When do you want to come by?". 

"As soon as possible" he said. 

"I'll be waiting for you." she ended.

 Jack drove over to Veronica's house. He brought only the clothes on his back, figuring he probably wouldn’t need much of his own wardrobe. When Veronica opened the door she saw it on his eyes. "Let's get you back into yourself shall we?". Jack only nodded and came in. It wasn't long before the suit was back up and on. Sealed shut again. Within a minute of looking herself over again Jessica was on the bed with Veronica. 

"Would you like me in my suit Jessica?" she said softly. Jessica nodded. 

Veronica got up and left the room for a few minutes. Jessica lay on the bed. Without really realizing it she started pushing fingers deep into her rubber pussy. She was spread legged with her ballet boots on, and pinching and feeling one of her breasts. Veronica came back in. In her transparent suit with a black and red corset and black knee high heeled boots on. "Starting without me are you?" she said smartly. Veronica walked over to the bed and sat next to her doll. Jessica had stopped fingering herself. "No. Don’t stop. It was kind of nice watching you pleasure yourself.". 

Jessica ran her hand back to her slit and entered herself again. It was just enough inside to feel. Veronica ran her hand over Jessica's body slowly. Watching her masturbate with loving eyes. Jessica just lay there, starting to twist and pant a bit while her fingers dive deep. Veronica moves up onto the bed and up towards Jessica's head. "Don't stop." she tells her, and begins to straddle over Jessica's head. Jessica can only lay there. Continuing to masturbate she thrusts her rubber tongue into Veronica's perfectly coated pussy. It wasn't long before Veronica was cumming, but she kept on riding Jessica's mouth. Jessica felt herself finally edging too. She licked faster and more intensively. A second or two later she began to writhe, and moan into Veronica.

 Veronica pulled off and lay down next to Jessica. "Missed me, didn't you?" she asked her with a smile. Jessica nodded slowly. Seeing as speaking was still not likely with a rubber mouth. "Let’s get you cleaned up." Veronica said as she left the room. 

Jessica wasn't sure what to think of what she meant. Veronica returned with some kind of device with a tube on it. Veronica got back on the bed with Jessica. "We designed this just for this suit. Watch so you can learn how to do it yourself, and don't worry it won’t hurt a bit". She said and took the end of the tube, which appeared to have some kind of nub curved in the middle on it, and put it into a hole between Jessica's legs that simulates her urethra. She pressed a button on the machine and it sprang to life. The nub inflated a little, to make a seal with the tube, and then began injecting fluid into the hole. 

Veronica showed her the machine as it worked. "There are two chambers in the machine. One is filled with water. The other with a soap that won’t hurt the rubber." she said. Jessica suddenly felt something going on in the sheath inside. "It cleans out your plumbing so you won’t get clogged up as it were" Veronica told her. The feel of the liquid and the vibration of the pump actually felt kind of nice. Not intrusive at all. The machine started pumping a little of the fluid in and out quickly to stir everything up. Then sucked it all out and flushed with clean water. After it was done removing the clean water the nub deflated and Veronica removed it. "Then you just empty out the chambers, wash it out and put new soap and water into it.". Jessica was amazed at the level of preparation and thinking ahead that went into her rubber skin. "Well we wouldn't want you to get clogged on extended periods, now would we?"  Veronica giggled.

 The day went on, and Veronica played dress up with her dolly. Having her try on different outfits and things. Jessica loved it, modeling the outfits and looking at how she looked in the mirror. Much like last Saturday she didn't care what she was before. Only that this doll exists now. Later they had lunch. Jessica started learning how to drink without leaking from the lip. She also learned how to eat soup, but still had to take some vitamins and such to supplement what she couldn’t eat. Veronica told Jessica "The rubber in your mouth has been reinforced so you can’t really damage it but you still need to learn to chew softer to eat some solid foods. But anything requiring hard chewing just can't be done. But I guess some sacrifices have to be made to be a perfect doll". Jessica nodded. 

The day went on and they watched some latex fetish movies, and got horny again. Wasn't long till Jessica was in bondage and they were both writhing in pleasure. Jessica used the cleaning machine on her self and got ready for bed. Veronica came in and asked "Did you enjoy your day?" Jessica nodded and got into bed. "I'm glad. I have to go spend some time at our fetish shop tomorrow, would you like to come? Peter will be there and he's been wanting to see you again. I think you might be good for business anyway." she smiled and giggled a bit. Jessica thought for a minute and nodded. "Why not?" she thought to herself. "Good. But we got to get up early. Before the shop opens for setup.". Veronica said as she started to leave. "Good night Jessica. Pleasant dreams my doll". Jessica dozed off to rubber dreams.

The next morning.....

 Jessica woke up and went through the rubber wardrobe. Finding a nice short skirted halter dress. She was getting good in her boots as well. "Well you look outstanding in that dress." Veronica said coming in. They had some breakfast and went off to the store. "Pleasure of Life" it was called. Veronica opened the door with her key and they went in and locked it back up. Peter was already there. "The shop won’t open for a few more hours." Veronica told Jessica. 

"Jessica you wonderful doll!" Peter said coming into the front. "Good to see you again. Heard you enjoyed last weekend. I'm glad." he finished. Jessica looked around and saw latex and rubber fetish stuff of all types. Clothing, to toys, to bondage. It was a latex wonderland. "How would you like to work in the shop for a day or two Jess?" Peter asked. Jessica didn't need a second word on it. This place was great. She nodded excitedly. Great then lets get you ready. "Ready?" she thought to herself. "What's this ready stuff?".

 "Take off your dress." Peter said to her. She complied, figuring it was just an outfit change. Veronica walked over to Jessica with some latex straps. She looked at it oddly but trusted Veronica. The straps had some cuffs on them and Veronica wrapped them around Jessica's wrists. Then around the opposite sides of her body, so the one on her left arm went around her right side and opposite for her right arm. Then she wrapped the straps around Jessica's elbows to the same arms and pulled tight so her arms were wrapped tightly to her sides and around her waist. Veronica then pushed a plug with a tube and a pump into Jessica's ass, and a tube kind of like the cleaning machine into her urethra hole, and pumped them both till they wouldn't come out. "What are they doing to me?" she thought to herself, but it still felt good and reminded her of last week. So she went with it. Peter came over with a weird looking piece of clothing. It could only be explained as a body corset. It went from below the waist to over the shoulders and had no arm holes. Seemingly appropriate since her arms were pinned to her sides. Peter fitted it over Jessica and the two of them began lacing her up till she couldn’t move her torso at all.

 Jessica saw herself in a nearby mirror. Looking at her reflection the body corset was smooth over her body and almost seemed like it was part of her. She looked as if she didn’t have arms. It was a bit uncomfortable but tolerable. "Let me help you lay down Jessica" Peter told her and eased her to the floor. "What's next?" she thought. Veronica removed Jessica's ballet boots while Peter came over with a set of leg shaped framework. The moment Jessica saw the framework she thought to herself "My god they're immobilizing me. They wouldn't.. They can't.. Can they.....?" her thoughts trailed off as they tightened the frame over her legs and she soon wasn’t able to move her legs. She was now unable to move at all except her feet and head. Veronica quickly fixed that with a neck corset however. As soon as it was laced on and tight Jessica was now unable to move her head at all. Only stare straight on. Then Peter brought over what confirmed her fears. It was a flesh tone latex body suit. But as it unfolded she could see the outside was made up to look like dull plastic. It was a mannequin suit. 

"They're making me a mannequin!" she shrieked in her head.. She began trying to make noise. Veronica smiled "I think she knows what were doing love.". "It's ok, she will love it in the end". Peter said as he pushed a gag into Jessica's mouth that also had a tube and pump on it. He pumped it up while Veronica gathered all the tubes together and taped them together between Jessica's legs. Peter removed all the pumps so the only things protruding were the tubes.

 Finally came the suit. Peter on one leg and Veronica on the other started to pull it up Jessica's still body. Once past the feet they stopped to put some white latex stockings and her ballet boots back on leaving the stockings down until they worked up the rest of the leg with the suit. "There those will keep your feet still as well dolly." Veronica said. They continued to pull the suit up. Pushing the harness of tubes through a hole at the very bottom of the suits crotch. Making sure the vagina hole was lined up they pulled the suit to her waist. Then pulling the stockings up as well. "Can't forget these" Peter says as he gives Veronica a mannequin arm and holds one himself. They attach the arms to her torso with some latches on the body corset. Then pull the suit the rest of the way to her neck. Putting the arms through holes in the suit. "You were right. The seam between the suit and the arm does give the appearance of a mannequin’s removable limb". They picked Jessica up and carried her over to the window where a mannequin rod was waiting. They seated Jessica on top, pushing a rod into her pussy and into holder that held her up round her pelvis. "Good thing for that at least. Or that rod would stick me like a spit.". 

 "You ready Jessica?" Peter said as he took the head of the suit in his hands. He pulled it up over her head and rested it. Adjusted the face and looked to make sure it all matched up. Veronica zipped the back. "Guess what else Jessica? This skin has the same kind of flap as your skin underneath. So no one will be able to tell. With that Veronica began pushing it shut. They brought over some mirrors to show Jessica their handiwork. She looked on in horror and lust at the same time. She looked like a mannequin. With the way the suit was made up it looked just like a mannequin’s skin. "Ok now to dress you" Veronica said. 

 They took her off the pole again and worked a black latex mini skirt up onto her. They hiked it back up and put her back on the pole. "Mmmpph.." was all she could barely manage to say as she felt that metal dong go back into her. Then they pulled a low cut white and black latex corset halter around her and laced it from the rear. "Only loosely this time. We don't want to break her in half" Peter told Veronica as she was trying to tighten it in. "Oh yeah.. I get carried away sometimes. Forgot.." She said smiling. Peter only smiled himself. Finally they rolled some black latex opera gloves over her new arms. And put a long black wig on her head, parted in the middle. "There. All dressed. Now for one last detail" Peter said as he took the fitting ends from the tubes coming from Jessica and attached them to a set of tubes coming from the pole. The Fitted ends all different shapes preventing hooking up the tubes wrong. Then pulled her skirt back down hiding the plumbing from view.

 With the connections in place, Veronica flipped a switch on the wall and suddenly the invaders in Jessica's pussy and ass came to life. Vibrating and pushing them selves around slightly. Peter and Veronica held up the mirrors again. "What do you think Jessica? Like your employee uniform?". Peter asked.

 Jessica looked again, not that she had a choice. She saw the mannequin standing there looking back at her. She had to admit she looked sexy. "And with the plugs buzzing and twisting away I got something to occupy Me." she thought. 

 The two of them began to setup the rest of the display, both of them caught themselves looking back at Jessica from time to time. Just knowing she was in there was enough until finally they couldn’t take it anymore and started up right there. They explored each other until Peter was on top of Veronica's rubber body with her legs in the air. They pushed into each other wildly like two rubber animals until finally exploding into a mutual orgasm. This sight was not unnoticed by Jessica who was trying to move any way she could on top of the monsters inside her. But just as she felt she was getting close they suddenly stopped. 

 "MMPH!" she shrieked into her gag. Peter took notice. "Oh yeah we forgot to mention the stand has a tension sensor on it. Kind of like a lie detector, except it senses the tension you have down there. When it decides you're a bit too close, it stops everything for a while. Don't worry it'll start back up soon. Keeping you close". 

"You monstrous Bastard!" Jessica thought to herself. "How could they keep me here like this and not let me at least have pleasure too!". 

 The store opened, and so did the  window curtains. The techno music playing in the store drowned any little noise Jessica could make in her prison. Hours went by and all Jessica could do is watch customers go by. Looking in at her. Some of them looked like they we're really turned on by her. Especially the younger ones. It was amusing but couldn’t keep her mind off being on the edge the whole time and not being able to release. The tubes insured Jessica got water, and pumped away any waste she had. After a while Jessica started to lose track of time and even reality. All she started to know was immobility. And the inability to release. She felt separated from the world. The shop closed and the lights went out and it was dark outside. Jessica had no idea how much time had passed until someone came from behind her. The window curtains closed and the lights turned on. It was Peter. Jessica woke out of a daze and realized she might have actually stopped even thinking for a moment, or an hour. She had no idea how much time had gone by.

 Peter looked at Jessica longingly. He reached under her skirt and disconnected the tubes. He pulled Jessica off the pole and laid her on the window stage. He pushed something on her hip and her legs spread. "There is a spring load in there my dear. So you can be entered." He explained. He then opened his rubber jeans and pulled himself out. Putting a little lube on Jessica's rubber pussy he pushed into her. And began to make love to the mannequin. It felt like heaven to Jessica who had been left without final pleasure all night. But then He stopped. "WHYYYY?!?!"" she screamed in her head.. "Jessica, I will remove your gag and fuck your mouth now. I know it’s been hard for you and you might be upset but don’t scream, and I will make you cum. Otherwise I'll put you back on the rod.". 

 Jessica was so tense she would do anything. Peter pushed past the fleshy rubber lips and attached the pump for her gag and deflated it. Pulling it from her mouth. Then straddled her and entered her mouth. Thrusting back and fourth. Peter couldn’t hold long and exploded into Jessica's mouth. She swallowed every drop eagerly. Any attention from the outside world got her closer now. After Peter rested a minute he touched her. Feeling her solid body and admired her. "Rubber and latex is my first love Jessica. But Mannequins is another." he told her as he looked her over. Then he moved between her legs and pushed back into her pussy. Thrusting deeper and deeper. Jessica was losing her mind "Please god! Don’t stop! Let me cum!". She pleaded in her mind. She couldn't take it anymore.. The endless tease all day, the taste in her mouth, the invader in her ass and Peter fucking her.. She began to climax finally.. Cumming harder and harder, Peter could even feel it. "Yes Jessica! Come for me! Cum! I...I.....!", Peter came again right after Jessica.

 He climbed off and sat for a minute. Gathering himself. Jessica also was lost in the orgasm. It was like the release of a floodgate. After regaining his strength, Peter put the gag back into Jessica's mouth and pumped it back up, and removed the pump. Then he pushed the lips of the suit back closed and pushed her legs straight again, locking them back into place. 

"Ohhh nooo.. He's going to put me back up!" She said to herself. Peter cleaned her out and put her back on the pole. Then hooked her back up, and lowered her skirt. Before leaving he said one last thing "The display ends the morning after tomorrow Jessica. But don't worry, tomorrow night will be even better my mannequin doll.". 

Now she realized she was a doll for both of them. Not that she minded though. She was a rubber doll. Or is it mannequin doll now. Who knows. The lights went out and her mind slowly disappeared into the darkness again, to be awakened again tomorrow night. Then finally released the next morning. She had what she felt was her last thought for this night, before going numb again was, "If tomorrow night was to be even better. I can survive till they release me. If they release me. I can't wait...." and her mind trailed off.....


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