The New Rubberdoll

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M+/f; bond; latex; F2doll; straps; objectify; gag; blindfold; sleepsack; chairtie; costume; maid; cd; catsuit; hood; reluct; XX

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Continues from

Part Two – The New Rubberslave (The New Assistant)

After I had accidentally walked in on my boss Mr. Soames playing with his rubber-clad doll, I had tried to not only keep my job but also to please him had tried on the same outfit that the doll was wearing, plus I must admit that I was wondering to myself as I looked at the doll bound there, just what it would have been like to be dressed like her. Agreeing to try on the latex catsuit, which I found that I enjoyed wearing, this, in turn, led to me wearing the boots, corset, and the hood that the doll was wearing. Now that I was dressed the same, I found myself highly aroused and asked him to bind me in the same way that the doll had been; I loved every minute of it. But that's when things started to change…

Bound to the pole in his office, I was dressed the same as the doll had been, and when I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I looked just like the doll that I had replaced. He had removed the blindfold after I had passed out from the intense climax I had experienced when he had been tormenting me with the vibrator that he had strapped between my thighs, it was pressed directly on my sweet spot, and he had driven me wild, playing with the remote control, going slow to tease me and then faster, but then winding back to leave me wanting more. I think that even he was surprised when I eventually orgasmed as I did when he was on the telephone to someone, and spoke of both of them using me as their rubber plaything.

Now I was left, still bound, gagged, and dressed as a rubber doll, on the display stand in his office, and just like the previous doll, I too had now become just a plaything for him, something to use and then discard. I could see myself in the mirror; if it wasn't for the fact that I could still move slightly, a little wiggle, I looked no different to the doll that I had replaced. And now it seemed that I was just another rubber-clad doll waiting to be used and played with. As I looked at myself in the mirror and began to reflect on what had happened that brought me to this point.

I strangely found that I wasn't in any way uncomfortable, the suit still felt nice on my body, and the corset gave my waist a wonderful hug; the bondage straps holding me tightly to the pole did feel good, I do love to be bound after all I admitted to myself, and I had asked for this, I had wanted to see what it felt like to be the same bound goddess vision I had witnessed when I interrupted Mr. Soames beforehand. Now I had gotten my wish, maybe I should have been a bit more careful with what I had wanted, and I wouldn't be in this situation I was now finding myself in. But there was nothing I could do at the moment, so either begin to enjoy what was happening to me or resist, and it seemed pointless at that moment to try.

My thoughts were interrupted when I caught sight of another person enter the office, this must have been the person on the telephone earlier, the one that Mr. Soames had invited to come over and play with his new doll, and then it struck me that I was the new doll, and I would soon find out what plans they had for me. Greeting each other, they soon turned their attention to the bound rubber doll in the room, and I felt two pairs of hands running over my latex covered body, the straps holding me tight prevented any chance of me stopping them and still wearing the gag I could not express any concern that I may have had with being used this way.

"Susan here kindly volunteered herself to be my new Rubberdoll, after finding me with my old one," Mr. Soames told the new man.

"Really, that's very good of you Susan," said the other. "And I must say that you make a truly wonderful looking rubber doll replacement."

I looked from one to the other as they spoke of me as just their plaything, not some woman bound and gagged, but something for them to both get enjoyment out of. I felt like I was an object to them; in their eyes, I was now just another dolly for them to use. Trying to speak through my gag, I was shocked when I felt a slap on my rear and was told by them that dollies don't speak.

"Well, Mr. Johnson, what do you think of my new Rubberdoll?" Mr. Soames asked.

"It looks excellent. I love the way the latex catsuit displays the doll's body, accenting its curvaceous body, and the corset tops off the whole look," the other man, who I now knew as Mr. Johnson replied.

They both continued to examine every inch of my bound body; all the while, during the conversation, they only referred to me as a doll; I was no longer a living, breathing female with wants and needs, just some object for them to marvel at and play with. My own desires seemed to have been forgotten now, but as they continued to talk about me this way, I found that I was getting turned on by the way that they were treating me. What was wrong with me? I shouldn't feel this way, being kept captive, gagged, and bound for their amusement, but something inside of me was beginning to enjoy the feeling that I was getting from this thing that was happening to me.

But I knew that I shouldn't accept whatever plans they had for me, I had no idea what they would eventually do with me, and I didn't want to be kept as someone's sextoy, or did I? No, as much as I was enjoying some of what had happened to me, I had a life to lead outside, I had many things that I wanted to do, and I knew that I should try to get myself out of this situation, but I would have to wait for the right moment to either stop them or escape; otherwise, I would remain as their new toy.

Both men then started to unfasten the straps that held my latex-clad body to the pole on the display stand, and I thought that maybe they had changed their minds and that I was going to be freed, that it was all just a joke on Mr. Soames’ part. But no, once the straps had been removed from the pole, they had been quickly replaced to rebind my limbs, my legs were now tied together, so it seemed that I wasn't getting free anytime soon.

The straps that held my arms to my sides were removed one by one, but then my wrists were drawn behind my back, some straps were then fastened around my wrists, I was again helpless. But to add to my bondage, they then added straps around my elbows, forcing my arms backward and tightening the strap so that my elbows met behind my back. I found this to be painful at first; luckily I'm reasonably flexible; otherwise I could have been in much more pain. Another strap went around the top of my arms and around my shoulders, and they adjusted the straps to make sure that I was now tightly bound.

I was now free from the pole, but still bound at the hands of my capturers; I felt like the damsel in distress from all of those movies that I loved to watch and get myself off on, being kept bound and gagged in the hands of my kidnappers. That was one of my favorite fantasies, but now it seemed that I would get to experience it in real life. I looked from one man to the other, my eyes pleading for them to release me, but to no avail, I was their new plaything, a Rubberdoll for them to use, and they would make sure that I remained that way.

Mr. Soames kept hold of me while Mr. Johnson walked over to retrieve something that he had brought with him. Walking back towards me, he began to unfurl that thing that he had in his hands, and I could see that something large and made of what appeared to be cloth, which turned out to be a canvas bag. They intended to put me inside, and I started to struggle and plead again with Mr. Soames, but instead of releasing me, he replaced the blindfold back over my eyes, maybe my looking at him pulled at some inner part that may have been sympathetic to my plight, but I would never find out.

Then two pairs of hands lifted my bound body in the air, and I was carried towards where Mr. Johnson had laid out the bag in preparation for the new Rubberdoll to be placed in. I tried to resist as much as I could but bound the way I was, and I knew that there was no hope of me getting free, and then I decided to accept what was happening and bide my time. Both men witnessed the change come over me, my body now no longer resisting them; they continued to carry me and then placed me down on the floor on top of the bag.

Pulling the sides up, they soon had their new plaything enclosed inside the canvas bag. I fitted inside the bag quite comfortably, and I wondered where they had got a bag this size, big enough to fit their dolls in. The thought obviously didn't occur to me that they must have other dolls that they carry from one place to the next, and it would be hard to explain the presence of a rubber-clad doll to others. Also, it didn't occur to me that I was now just another doll and would be treated the same, that was until they closed the bag up, sealing me inside. 

I found the bag to be stuffy inside, but I could still breathe; I lay there in my bound state, wondering what they were going to do to me next and where they were going to take me to. From the outside, the large canvas bag looked like any other; you wouldn't be able to tell that there was a tightly bound woman being kept captive inside. So, there would be no chance of any escape now on my part, and no way for others to help me unless they looked inside the bag, and even then, they would only see a Rubberdoll, dressed from top to toe in latex and waiting as a bound toy to be played with.

The thought of being a bound toy for two men did hit some internal buttons with me. Why was that so? Did I really want to be taken and used by the two guys? What had changed in me that made me feel this way, or had I always had some form of submissive streak inside of me waiting to come out. I did love it that my former partner had tied me up and used me, but that was in the comfort of the bedroom, and maybe the kitchen, hallway, bathroom… Alright, yes, I enjoyed bondage; but this was taking it to a whole new level.

Laying there waiting for whatever fate they had in store for me, I wondered if I would have given myself to the two guys if they had asked? My thoughts were interrupted when I felt the bag being picked up; one of the men had grabbed the handles and was now carrying me out from the safe confines of the office I had worked on to destinations unknown. Would Mr. Soames be there when I reached it? He seemed to be my only link back to the only world I knew. The two men spoke as I was carried, oblivious to the bound female they now carried in the bag, their conversation on other things.

Ignored for now as they carried my bound and bagged body out of the building and over to a car in the parking lot, I thought that I heard the sounds of a car door opening and then felt my bag being lifted and then placed down; it was only when I heard the sound of the car's trunk being closed did I realize where they had placed me. I felt more like their plaything than ever before now; I wasn't even considered human enough to be placed inside the car with them, I was just an object in the rear of the vehicle.

The car eventually stopped, and I heard footsteps, the sound of the car trunk opening letting me know that we had reached wherever it was they were taking me. My bag was carried inside, the sounds of the street deadening as we entered, and the bag was placed down on the ground once inside, I was now in some unknown place, at the hands of whoever, to be kept bound, gagged and their new toy.

A short while later, I had been left where they dropped the bag down on the floor as they went off somewhere inside the building. The sound of the bag being opened alerted me to the fact that they had returned, and soon I would be free from the bag and into the hands of my new captives. My bound body was lifted from the confines of the bag; I could only grunt through my gag to let them know that I didn't want them to keep me this way, but they ignored my cries, and I felt myself being carried over the shoulder of one of the men.

We seemed to be heading down some stairs, judging by the feel of things as I felt the bumps as I was carried on his shoulder. I was stood on my own two feet once we had reached the base of the stairs; the blindfold was removed. Obviously, they wanted me to see where I was and what they were going to do to me.

"Welcome to your new home, Dolly," said Mr. Johnson, who seemed to be taking charge of me.

I grunted my displeasure through the gag and looked around; I seemed to be in the basement of the house. I'm guessing that it was a house they had taken me to; I doubt they would have had this space in some apartment. Looking around to see if Mr. Soames, my boss, was still with me, and I, in some small way, was pleased to see that he was there; it made me feel safe knowing that he was there.

Looking around the area, all I could see were a few storage boxes and the heating for the home; otherwise, it was just like a typical basement that you would find in any house. What I didn't see was the hidden door that was disguised as a cupboard that they carried me through. Inside was totally different from the bare basement I had just witnessed. This room had a smell all of its own, and I realized that it was similar to the catsuit I was wearing. Looking around, there were pieces of furniture, some chairs, and a sofa; over to one side was a large round bed, and some cupboards were along the walls.

Nothing outstanding, and not some deep, dank dungeon that I had expected; the only difference to this furnishing was that they were covered in latex. That and the clothing that I spotted inside one of the cupboards explained to me why the place smelt so heavily of rubber. They moved me over to one of the high back chairs and made me sit down, the straps that were binding me getting even tighter as I sat. Mr. Johnson then grabbed some straps from one of the cupboards, wrapped them around me, and secured me to the chair.

Now that I was stuck, there was no way for me to get myself free; the two men left me where I was bound. The blindfold was left off, but the gag remained, and I was again reminded that dollies don't speak and that I should remain quiet. The two men walked behind me and out of my view, and I could hear them talking while getting something from the cupboards. I began to take another look around, to see where I was, mainly to maybe find a way out if I could, and then I remembered that this room was well hidden in the basement and that even if someone came looking for me, they wouldn't see where I was being kept. I would be trapped down here for as long as they wanted me to be.

The two men eventually came back into my view; they were now both dressed in latex, one wearing a black catsuit that covered their body, the other was dressed as a maid, the costume that he wore was again made from what looked like rubber, it had the same sheen to it and smell. Both men wore hoods over their heads, and I couldn't tell who was who, not that it mattered to me, but it did seem strange that one would dress as a female maid while the other, who seemed to be in charge, looked like the male or dominant partner in the relationship.

They both started to release the straps that bound me to the chair, and then they carried me over to another room just off the main one. I wondered how many were down here, not that it mattered to me, and I'm sure that I would find out soon enough. Inside the room were a couple of bench-like things, and I was brought over to one of them. Pushing me into position, I soon realized that they were meaning to tie me down to the bench, so we were finally getting to make use of the bound dolly, I thought.

Once I was placed face down, several straps were then fastened to hold me in place, and only once my upper body had been secured did they start to release the straps holding my legs together. I tried to move my legs and maybe even thought that I could stop them from doing whatever they were doing to me, but my plans were soon dealt with, and I found both of my limbs bound to the legs of the bench that they had bound me to. With me lying face down like this, I realized that they now had access to my private parts, and soon I would finally be used like the good dolly I was.

"What?" I thought to myself, where did that come from? Was I really their dolly to play with? Did I want this to happen to me? No, but there were some lingering thoughts in my head about the way I was currently bound and available; in normal circumstances, I would be fine with being bound, used, and I would probably enjoy it, but this, could I really?

I know that you all want to hear the juicy details of what went on next, but that would be violating the rules here, just let me say that shortly afterward that both men used me in every way that they could, they even removed the gag I was wearing and replaced it with a ring-gag type one, and of course, they used me there too. I did manage to enjoy them using my body; they did allow me to finally climax, well, several times, but who's counting? Let's just say all would have had a good time if they had not been keeping me as their new sextoy.

After they had recovered, they returned; I had been alone in the room, still bound to the bench as they had left me, again they were still dressed as they originally were, one a maid and the other in the catsuit, and they started to unfasten the straps that kept me tied to the bench. Once I was free, I was stood up; my arms were still tied behind my back from when they had placed me inside the bag that brought me here. Only my legs were free at the moment, but that was only so that they could walk me out of this room and into another. 

This new room seemed to be where they stored their dolls, and there were several around the room on display stands; some were dressed in latex, some just in lingerie, and a couple were naked. But each had their own little storage alcove where they were kept. I was moved over to the rear of the room, there were several doors and as they opened one, I could see that there was a figure inside, the light showing the sheen of the latex suit that it was wearing. 

Lifting out the doll that was inside, they then had me lay down on the floor, again my legs were tied with straps; there seemed to be just as many as when I was bound to the post back in Mr. Soames' office, and I recall telling him back then that 'Dolly likes straps,' well they were certainly making sure of that. The man in the catsuit then brought out a large bag-like thing, it too looked like it may be latex; this had many shiny buckles and a large zip, and I was placed down into the new bag.

Adjusting my body inside, they made sure that I fitted, then, pulling on the zipper, they started to close the bag, sealing me inside. The zipper finally closed on the collar part around my neck; I was stuck inside the bag now, still bound with the other straps and gagged, and then they started to tighten the straps around the outside, those shiny buckles I had seen were part of the bondage straps that were attached to the bag.

Satisfied with the final tightness of the straps, the two stepped back to admire their new dolly in her bondage bag; the maid then started to polish the outside, making it shine, while the other went out to retrieve something. It was only when he returned did I find that he had brought a hood to place on me, but first, he wanted to show me where they were putting me for the night. It seemed that they were finished playing with their new toy and like all good boys, were cleaning away what they had used.

"Here's your new home dolly; it was fun playing with you tonight, and maybe soon we will get to play with you again soon; in the meantime, this is where you will be staying," the man in the catsuit, who I guessed was Mr. Johnson, the maid being Mr. Soames. 

I 'muumphed' into the gag trying to get them to release me; I certainly didn't want to be put away like this. But my pleas were ignored, and I was lifted up from the floor, my body now contained inside the bag, making me easier to move around. They lifted me up, and chains that hung down were attached to the top of the bag that contained my body. I was suspended off the ground, the bag holding my weight, and as they let go, the bag adjusted and tightened even more as my bound body sank slightly inside the bag. 

"See dolly, we used as many straps as we could, as you said earlier, dolly likes straps," the sound of Mr. Soames voice echoing through me, "did you expect that after seeing you dressed like my doll that I wouldn't want to keep you as my own?"

I tried to call out, but my voice felt weak. I knew that I had wanted to see what being his doll was really like, and now I had found out.

"It is obvious to me that you wanted to be treated like the doll that you discovered when you walked into my office tonight, from the look on your face, which wasn't one of disgust but fascination, and the fact that you willing dressed as the doll told me that you secretly wanted to be like her." Mr. Soames continued, "So I have granted you your wish; you are now going to be our rubber doll, to be played with and displayed. I hope that you enjoy being used as our doll as much as we will using and playing with you."

"Before I go, I wanted to thank you for serving as my personal secretary. It'll be sad that I have to find a replacement now, but at least you'll be serving me in other ways now. Both Mr. Johnson, whose home you're currently in, and myself look forward to playing with you and other dolls and letting some of our other friends play with you too." He continued.

"Now dolly, time to rest," Mr. Johnson said to me.

Now reaching up, Mr. Johnson began to pull the hood over my head, the gag still in place, once he had totally covered my face, adjusting the breathing holes, all sight was taken from me, this hood had a built-in blindfold I could no longer see, and my hearing seemed to be less now as the voices of the two men talking nearby was muffled by the hood. Satisfied that the doll was now secured and ready, they closed the door and sealed me inside.

I could not move; I could not see, and I could no longer hear any sounds other than my own heartbeat and my breathing. I was stuck inside this cupboard, placed inside a bondage bag, still bound by the straps that held my latex-covered body; I was truly trapped. I was alone now, the two men had left the room and turned off the lights, not that I could see, but I was now nothing more than a Rubberdoll stored away waiting for her owners to return and play with me.

The only sound to be heard from outside the cupboard was the slight mewing from the dolly bound and bagged inside; I tried to escape as best I could until I wore myself out, the bag being suspended swinging slightly with each movement of my body. Satisfied with their new discovery, Mr. Soames left Mr. Johnson's home with a broad smile; he looked forward to returning to playing some more with his new doll, but in the meantime, he had a new secretary to find and to find a new tenant for the apartment his previous one had rented, not knowing that he owned the building she resided in. The stuff that she had inside the apartment would soon find its way to the local landfill, those things no longer needed by the dolly that now resided in the basement.


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