The Prank

by Gromet

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Storycodes: F/f; scifi; accident; F2sexdoll; bond; straps; public; machine; latex; catsuit; collar; sold; transform; bodymod; nc; XX

It was late in the 21st century, and robots had become commonplace, either in the home or on the street; people took them for granted now. Over time they had also been upgraded and now closely resembled their human counterparts, so close that it was sometimes difficult to tell them apart. The only difference now was the barcoding on the rear of the robot's neck and the control chip giving a signal that could be picked up with a hand heal scanning device, which was used mainly by the Cyber patrol division of the Police department that dealt with any matter relating to robots.

Gail and her two friends had been out celebrating, she had just been promoted at work, and she and her two girlfriends had decided to have some fun out on the town and let their hair down. After a few drinks, they had moved from one bar to the next until all three girls had over indulged in alcoholic drinks, though not drunk, just in high spirits. The three girls had known each other for some time now and had engaged in many practical jokes, which they loved doing to others and each other.

In the entertainment district where they currently were, it was legal to hire pleasurebots from the display cabinets that faced out onto the streets, amongst all of the bars and clubs in the area. The cabinets were activated either by a person walking up and using their credit app, and they could hire the pleasurebot for however long they wished for, and there were plenty of overnight hotels located in the area for clients to make use of them should they so wish.

Pleasurebots could also be hired online; the person hiring them would do so from the comfort of their own home or hotel room; the pleasurebot, once selected, would then be released from their display cabinet or pods, and they would then walk to the location of their next client. It was pretty common in the entertainment area to see the bots leaving their pods, dressed in the same nightclub wear that most girls wore on a night out.

The pod door would automatically open upon the pleasurebot being hired; the straps holding the robot inside would then release, allowing the bot to head off to their assignation. The thing was the door would only remain open for a short time, and then close until the pleasurebot returned or another one took its place, once that it had been processed and cleaned back at the pleasurebot facility.

The three girls were having a wonderful time, giggling amongst themselves, enjoying the attention of the males around them but deciding to leave them and move on to the next club, after having a few drinks paid for by the guys wanting to chat to them. Leaving the guys frustrated and the girls laughing even more as they headed off to a new location.

At around 2am the girls had been thoroughly enjoying their evening, they had plenty of drinks, all paid for by the men wanting to date them, all their advances were refused, but the drinks went down nicely, the girls were in high spirits and had managed to pull a few pranks here and there. Walking out of the last club, they passed the display pods of the pleasurebots; having a look at the robots standing there, the girls wondered what the people who hired them wanted them for, weren't they just a cheap replacement for a real woman one of them remarked.

They stood there comparing the pleasurebots to themselves, they started to laugh at the bots and the men that used them, it was then that one of the girls had an idea to play a prank on Gail; it was, after all, supposed to be her night, and she had been mean to a guy that she had wanted to know a bit better, but had been pulled away by Gail before she could get his phone number. So she decided that she would have a little fun at Gail's expense.

As they stood there, one of the pods opened and out walked one of the pleasurebots, presumably off to their latest client; it was at this moment that her friend pushed Gail backward towards the open door of the pod, as Gail fell, she ended up inside the now vacant pod, she was at first surprised and then started to laugh.

As she stood there, she said to her friends, "So, do you think I make a great looking hookerbot?"

Both girls chimed in at the same time, "Yup, no different to the slut that just left."

All three girls started to laugh, the two girls standing in looking at Gail, pointing to her, trying to attract other people's attention to their friend. All the while, Gail posed herself inside the vacated pod just the same as the other pleasurebots, a slight smile formed on her face; she tried to match the blank expression that she had seen on the other displayed pleasurebots and stood there, her arms down at the side standing at attention.

But her face quickly changed when the straps that held the pleasurebots inside their pods wrapped themselves around her, trapping her just as the door to the display cabinet started to close. She tried to get herself out but found that the straps held her tightly. She was stuck as she watched the door close in on her. Her two friends were of no help to her, and they thought it hilarious that that cabinet had closed on her; they giggled as they watched Gail try to get herself free.

Stuck inside the cabinet, Gail pleaded with her two friends to help her out, but all they did was take pictures of her while she was trapped inside the pod. She watched as one of her friends began to whisper in the other's ear, then they both started laughing again, and with a wave of their hands, they started to walk off, leaving Gail stuck inside the pleasurebots display pod.

Crossing the street, the two girls watched as other people walked by the display pod containing their friend, taking more pictures as some guys even stopped and took a closer look at what they thought was a pleasurebot inside the display. Gail watched as her friends walked off, leaving her; she was now on her own stuck inside this display cabinet for however long, her friends had seemingly abandoned her, but more to her horror was that now her friends had gone, other people were walking by the cabinet and looking at the pleasurebots that were displayed in them.

Gail nearly died of embarrassment the first time a guy stopped to look at her; bound by the straps inside the cabinet, she couldn't move. But then she thought to herself that she didn't want the guy knowing that she was real; that was just too much for her even to contemplate. So she decided to remain as still as she could so as not to attract attention; she made herself look straight ahead and made the same blank expression that she had done before.

It seemed to her to be working; after the initial guy had moved on, there were several others, even one that she wouldn't have minded being rented to, she had thought. 'Wait, I'm not here to be rented out; surely they would realize that I was a real woman, not some robotic bimbo.' She thought to herself. Though she did start to wonder what it would be like to be hired, and began to think about what they would do with her.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the return of her friends, they had grown bored of waiting for their friend to be released, and they were getting tired and cold. The outfits that they were wearing, while okay inside the warmth of the clubs, were not suitable to stand around outside in. So they had walked back over to see if they could get Gail out. Both girls seemed to think it hilarious that Gail was still stuck and that no one had rented her.

"Hey slut, it seems that the guys don't want to rent you!" one of them laughed.

"Yeah, they don't like their bitches to be skanks!" the other one chimed in.

"Well, we can't hang around all night," said the first one. "How do we get her out?"

"I don't know," said the other, "but I know that I'm not wasting any credits on getting the slut out."

Gail looked from one to the other; both girls were laughing at her predicament; they both seemed to be mean to her, calling her sorts of nasty names, this had gone from a harmless prank to something else, and she didn't like it. Why were they like this to her? She would have helped them if the roles were reversed. Or would she, she thought, maybe I would just be like these two after all.

The girls told her that they were tired and cold, and that they were going home now; there wasn't anything that they could do, or seemed to have wanted to do to get her out. Gail watched as her two friends walked off, leaving her stuck here. She had to resume her position like the other pleasurebots; as more people streamed past her display pod, she wondered if she would ever get out.

Later as the streets began to clear, the last few stragglers headed home from the clubs and bars, and it seemed that she would be stuck here for the night, not knowing when she would now be released. It didn't matter at that point as the glass front of Gail's display fogged over, the glass was now white, and she could no longer see outside to the street. She didn't know that there was a limit on the pleasurebots display times, the law was that all displays were to be closed by 3am, and that no further hires were possible.

What happened next surprised Gail, the booth that she was in revolved around so that she was now no longer facing the street, but the building behind her, still strapped as she was beforehand and still firmly stuck. The entire backboard that she was bound to was then lifted from the cabinet, and she was carried further inside the building. It was very dark inside; she was scared, and she wondered what was happening.

However, the journey was short as soon she felt the outside air as she approached an open door at the rear of the building, here she was carried out and into the back of a waiting vehicle. There seemed to be other pleasurebots still attached to their boards as well, all powered down for the night to save their energy, not that she was aware of the reason, all she now knew was that she was jammed in tight with other pleasurebots, with boards now stacked behind her as well.

Then she felt movement; she was being taken to another location along with all of the pleasurebots, she wondered when and if she would be discovered. She would be happy to be free, but she also felt mortified that someone would see her like this. By now though, the effects of the alcohol and being kept bound for so long, plus the warmth of the vehicles inside, she felt really tired now, and she found herself drifting off to sleep.

Gail was woken when her board was picked up, and she started to move again; wherever they were taking her, it seemed that she had arrived. Hopefully, she would soon be free, she thought. Out of the vehicle, her board was carried aloft and into another dark building; she hated the dark; ever since she was a little girl, it always spooked her, so she closed her eyes, hoping that everything would soon be over.

What she didn't see was the line that carried the pleasurebots into the processing facility was fully automated, each robot was carried in, and then the straps unfastened as they hit a spot on the line, underneath was a chute that delivered the bot onto the production line, where they would all be processed ready for the next day.

As Gail's board reached the spot, the straps holding her released, and she felt herself falling, the shock of it made her open her eyes, and she cried out, but there was no one in the facility to hear her. She landed on her back with a smack on the conveyor belt, hitting her head, and she felt dazed and confused. She didn't know where she was and laid there in the dark, still stunned, not moving; the only light was from a control panel to one side.

Then she felt her wrists being grabbed by something cold; she was then picked up and hung in the air by her wrists, more things grabbed her ankles, and her legs were spread apart, wider than she ever thought possible. Then she felt the first sprays of some cold liquid. She hoped that it was just water, but she could smell something else that may have been added, something strong and like disinfectant. She felt the liquid hitting every part of her body, even the parts that were covered by her clothing, or where her clothing should have been, it was now gone, and she hung there naked as the day she was born.

The liquid stopped briefly, only to be replaced by another, even more pungent, the chemical smell so strong that she passed out from the fumes. What she didn't know was that this was removing her hair from all over her body; she would come around later to feel a cool breeze on top of her head and see that her beautiful hair was now gone. In the meantime, the machine carried on preparing the next pleasurebot in the line, not knowing or caring that this was a real female, not some facsimile of one used by others for their pleasure.

Gail woke up when she felt a pain on the rear of her neck; the machine had detected that her barcode was missing, some of the rentals had come back in the past when their clients had tried to keep the pleasurebot for their own, scrubbing out the barcode to hide that fact that they were the property of the company that owned them. The machine applied the same barcode mark on the rear of her neck and also her rear left rump, burning the markings into her skin with indelible ink; there would be no way to remove them once applied.

She also felt sore between her legs; the cleaning process had been invasive of her lower regions, the disinfection down there to thoroughly clean the robots inside and out had burned the delicate insides of her flower, and her rear felt like something significant had been pushed up inside her, something that she certainly wasn't used to, lucky for her she had again passed out when that happened to her.

The processing facility carried her now bald, naked, cleaned, and barcoded body further down the line; she wondered what further indignities she would suffer before finding someone to release her from this torment. Now that the barcode had been applied, the machine had detected that this pleasurebot was not registered into the system, so while she was being carried along without her consent, she had been registered as property of Dreamland Pleasurebots, Inc, her barcode now applied, she was now just another pleasurebot to be processed.

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Ending #1

The next machine that she was carried into seemed to be the final stage, well from her vantage point, and she hoped that there would be someone who would be able to help her. Again, not realizing that the whole building was automated, she found that this machine dressed the robots in their clothing, ready for their next hire. She too was dressed by the machine, but unlike the robot before her, who she had witnessed being dressed in streetwear, her clothing seemed to be different.

The machine's arms brought up a black one-piece suit, the arms of the machine holding the suit open at the neck. Her legs were fitted into the opening and worked deep down inside, and she felt the tight suit being pulled up over them. Trying to look down, she could see that the suit covered her feet as well as her legs. It seemed to stretch over her and enclose her limbs inside. The machine then brought the suit up over her body; her arms were then moved inside two inner sleeves, they seemed to be attached to the inside of the suit, and she found her arms trapped against her body.

The suit was then brought up, and the machine's arms released the suit, which with a loud pop, sealed itself around her neck. But if she thought that this was bad, what happened next was far worse; well for Gail, it was. The arms came back down, this time bringing something down over her head, everything went dark as the material covered her head, she started to have some trouble breathing and started to struggle the best that she could, but any resistance on her part was pointless as the machine held her firmly, as it continued to dress the pleasurebot in the required clothing.

The special order had come in while Gail was coming down the line, and the system that controlled the pleasurebots had decided that the next robot in line was the one for this order. It didn't know that she wasn't a real robot; it only knew that this pleasurebot had the required barcode and therefore was available for rental. It had to be prepared for the customers' requirements, and it didn't judge whatever they were; it just fulfilled the orders as they came in.

Gail gave up her struggles as the machine enclosed her head inside the hood; she hung there limply as she was processed just like the other pleasurebots, though she found that she was able to breathe through her nose, her mouth was sealed in whatever the machine had dressed her in. If she could have seen herself, she would have seen she had been dressed in a latex catsuit, with a hood over her head, her arms held inside stuck to her sides. The hood only had holes under her nose and two tiny pinpricks that she could see some light out of.

On top of that was a bondage harness with many straps placed around her body, through her crotch on either side of her delicate flower, with thigh length boots encasing her legs, she wouldn't be able to move in them; they held her legs in two solid columns with her toes pointing to the ground and very high heels, that she would find impossible to walk in. Her head was held rigid by the posture collar that was fixed around her neck, and she would be unable to move in the slightest now that she was finally finished.

The machine satisfied that it had carried out the customers' requirements moved the pleasurebot down the line; here was the final inspection and processing stage, and finally, there was a human presence waiting to check over the robots before they were shipped out.

But dressed as tightly as she was and bound with the harness, with the rigid boots and collar preventing her from any movement, she quickly passed over to the packaging department.

Gail found herself being placed inside a large box; the interior had a foam cutout where the pleasurebot would fit and be kept safe from damage during transit. Her bound body was placed inside, and another piece of foam was placed over the top of her blocking her final view of the factory. The machine then quickly closed the box and added the delivery label. The pleasurebot inside was off to their next client.

It was all too much for Gail; with the lack of air and the tight bondage she found herself in, she again blacked out; the darkness inside the box didn't help either, her fears again overcoming her. She didn't feel her box being moved to the vehicle waiting outside, again another automated process; she would be dropped off at the delivery address by two robots.

She woke up when she felt herself being moved; she thought that this was all some sort of bad dream that she was having and that soon she would wake up and everything would be fine. Unknown to her, she had been delivered to her employer, her boss, the one that always seemed to watch her as she moved around the office; she would have reported him but was afraid to lose her job, so she managed to use her feminine charms to get him to promote her instead, now it seemed that she was destined for some other line of work.

She hoped that he would release her when he found out, but unfortunately for her, he had other plans for his latest purchase. Yes, he had bought the pleasurebot intending to add to his collection of rubber dolls that he kept in his home. And he was very pleased when he found out that his latest rubber doll was indeed not a robot, but a real female. And even better when he eventually found out that this was the little prick teaser in his office that had virtually blackmailed him into promoting her. Gail would be spending the rest of her days, promoted to her new position of his favorite rubber doll; she would get to experience everything that this man had wanted to do to her and more.

When Gail failed to show up at work, her two friends had felt guilty that they had left her inside of the display pod, leaving her to whatever fate had befallen her. They had decided to keep quiet about their part in the whole thing, and they lied when interviewed by the police looking into Gail's disappearance, and no trace of Gail could be found, she became a missing person listed by the authorities, just another young girl that had moved on or lost, not that anyone seemed to care any longer.

Gail remained locked away deep in the basement of her new home; she was now just another rubber object for her former employer to use and play with. He would dress her in a variety of outfits and use her body for his own pleasure. She was, after all, now just another pleasurebot; he had the paperwork to prove it, he owned her, and she was kept bound and locked away when not being used.

Ending #2

The next machine seemed to coat her body in some other form of chemical; again this had a weird smell to it that she seemed to recall, but couldn't quite place at this moment. Her thoughts more on what the machine was currently doing to her body to realize that an adhesive had been sprayed on her, ready for the clothing that she was about to wear, the customer had ordered a pleasurebot to their specific specifications, and she was being made to fulfill that order.

The arms of the machine brought out the clothing that she was destined to wear, her legs were placed in what seemed to be an all-over bodysuit, this was clear, and she could still see the color of her skin through the material, though it now had the same shine as the suit. More or the adhesive was sprayed on parts of her body, mainly her limbs and torso.

The following items after that were what seemed to her to be black stockings; they fitted her legs tightly, holding them firmly in their grasp. Her legs were then placed inside a one-piece suit, what she would have described as a swimsuit, except that this was made from the same black shiny material as the stockings and had a rubbery odor to them; she then realized that both were made from latex. The suit squeezed her body tightly, and the machine closed the rear of the suit, encasing her inside, making it harder to breathe.

Her hands were fed into long rubber tubes, her hands went right down inside, and the tube was then pulled up to the top of her arm. Her hands were inside a mitten-type glove, and there were no separate fingers like she would have seen on a pair of gloves. All of the applied clothing seemed to be extra tight; it fitted her body without any gaps, not realizing that the outfit was actually glued onto her body.

Gail's nightmare was set to continue when the machine brought a hood down over her face, cutting off not only her oxygen but her sight. The machine continued to pull the very tight hood down over her head until it finally popped into place. Her ability to breathe was limited to the two holes under her nose; it restricted her breathing and made her very light-headed, that and the fumes from the drying glue, causing her to blackout again.

When she came to, she found that she was again bound to what she now thought of as a transport board; these were used to move the pleasurebots from one place to the next and save their energy for when the customer hired them. Dressed as she was, she was loaded into a delivery vehicle; again this was an automated process; the transfer robots would take her to the client and safely deliver her to whatever awaited her.

But it wasn’t only the straps that bound her to the delivery board; she had several more around her body binding her limbs together, her legs were strapped together in many places, and her arms were held against her sides, so even when she was freed by the transit robots, she was still tightly bound, and dressed in some latex fetishes dream. She was carried over by the transit robots and placed on a platform. There was a pole that stood upright from the platform with several straps attached to it.

She soon found herself tightly bound to the pole with the straps by the robots, who then left her to await the client that had ordered the pleasurebot. She didn't have to wait long; the robots had just left after getting her ready, when in walked this vision in black. As her eyes adjusted to the light in the room, Gail could determine that this figure that stood before her was a woman.

Though her body was covered from head to toe in what looked like the same black material that she herself had been made to wear, the room even seemed to be decorated with the same stuff, and she would come to know it as latex.

Now that she could get a closer look at the woman, she realized that she had seen her before somewhere; she could not remember where at the moment as she couldn't see her face behind the latex hood that the woman also wore. But looking at her, she seemed a fearsome sight; she wore the latex like battle armor, and on her waist seemed to be the weapons of choice, with what looked like a whip and some other rod-like thing with a handle one end and several straps the other.

She would soon get to find out what these items were and what they were used for, a very painful lesson for Gail to learn. It was only when she had been re-tied, for what seemed the 5th time, each one different, and each position allowed the woman access to the various parts of her body, most of which was now currently very sore. The woman had ordered the pleasurebot to experience the pain from her beatings, and she had expected the robot to cry out when the crop or paddle had hit its body. What was unexpected was that the robot would faint when the whip was used on her, the cries now guttural as her victim slumped down in its bondage.

She stopped briefly to check on the robot; she thought that maybe she had broken the damn thing, as she had in the past with her overzealous application of punishment. Not at first realizing that this wasn't a robot after all, she left the thing hanging there while she retrieved a drink. Then when she walked back in and found the robot still slumped there, did she bother to properly inspect the toy she had rented.

It was then that she found that this thing wasn't a thing after all, but that it really was a human female, and she wondered to herself just how she ended up with such great luck to get a proper victim for her to torment and abuse. She knew that the mistake wasn't hers; she had ordered a pleasurebot just the same as before. If they had mistaken the order and sent her a proper female, then it wasn't her fault, she thought to herself, justifying her actions beforehand.

Now that she knew that the female figure bound before her was indeed not a robot, she would have to tread carefully. She didn't want to lose her position as head of the department in the local college, she had worked many years getting herself to the top spot, and she didn't want some mix-up to blow it all away. She decided that she would need to speak with the bound woman to see why she was here; was this a trap laid out for her to fall into.

Speaking for the first time, she asked her victim who she was? It was then that Gail finally realized who this woman was, she had been her head tutor in college, and Gail had tried to report her for inappropriate conduct when she tried to seduce her in her private office back in college. She tried to mumble something, but the gag panel of her hood stopped her from talking. Quickly removing the panel, the woman asked again who she was?

"Miss Smith, is that you?" Gail asked, her voice wavering from the previous punishment.

"Gail?" Miss Smith replied, "you're that brat who tried to have me fired from my position!"

"I'm sorry, that was all a mistake," said Gail timidly, hoping to be finally released now that she had been found out.

"Mistake!" Miss Smith spat out, "the only mistake was you trying to cross my path, and now look at you."

"Sorry, please could you release me, this is all a prank with the girls that went horribly wrong," Gail pleaded., "I’m not supposed to be here.”

“And yet here you are,” Miss Smith stated, “I told you that your girlish pranks would get you in a lot of trouble.”

“Please…” she pleaded, “I’m not a pleasurebot; let me go.”

“As far as I can see, you were delivered by the company that I placed my order with, dressed as I specified in the latex clothing, that by the way is glued to your wonderful body,” Miss Smith gloated, “and you were paid for by me as my pleasurebot slave for the summer break.”

“What no, summer that’s…” Gail suddenly realized.

“Yes, that’s right, slave, you’re here for the next eight weeks, and I look forward to making sure that you were worth every credit it took to hire you, my little pleasurebot.” Miss Smith said, reaching up to replace the gag panel, sealing off any objection that may have come from her bound captive.

Knowing that the little slut who had rejected her advances when she was in college was the same person who was now her bound slave, made it all the more sweet. She knew that she would be enjoying this summer break more than any other. Though it did not bode so well for her bound slave, she looked forward to teaching this little bitch a few lessons, this time ones that may be a bit more painful than she would have experienced in her previous studies.

Ending #3

Gail came around after passing out for what seemed to her to be the fourth time, though she couldn’t be too sure as her mind was still fuzzy from the chemicals that have been used on her body in the cleaning process. All she knew that she was completely bald; there was not a hair left on her body, even the tiny landing strip just above her sex was now gone.

She watched as the pleasurebot before her headed into the next part of the machine, here she watched as it was dressed in some form of black one-piece suit; it seemed to cover the entire body of the robot, from head to toe, it was just a shiny thing hanging there. Gail hoped that she wouldn’t be dressed in the same thing, which after all the things that had happened to her, this turned out to be her lucky day in that respect, for she had missed that customers order by the slightest margin, the robot before here had been next in line when the order came in.

For Gail, the clothing was similar to what she would wear when going out clubbing with the girls, she thought back and remembered that they had left her trapped inside the display cabinet, and she wondered why she hadn’t been rescued; surely they would have told someone by now of the mistake that had brought her here. Unfortunately for Gail, the girls had ended up in hospital when the vehicle they were in collided with one of the pleasurebot’s delivery trucks; they had been on their way to the processing facility after feeling guilty about leaving their friend behind. Though they were okay, the memories of the previous night were a bit fuzzy in their minds, and they didn’t recall what had happened to their friend until days later.

Meanwhile, Gail had now been cleaned, processed, and dressed, ready to be put back out on display in one of the street booths, just like the other pleasurebots. The barcode had been applied after the machine had discovered that it had been tampered with; it was missing after all, not that Gail had ever had one in the first place. Now though the machine started to update the software on this model, and finding that there was no control port to connect to, the machine decided that this robot was currently defective and moved it over to another line.

She found herself being lifted off of the line and placed inside a cubicle; here many wires seemed to be hanging out. The arms of the processing line machine strapped the defective pleasurebot inside the cabinet, and then sensing that something had been placed inside the latest machine went to work. Several arms ran straps around the robot that had been placed inside it; the wires seemed to be moving on their own as Gail watched the machine start to work on her.

She then felt several electrical shocks as the machine tried to make a connection to the defective robot; not finding the required outlets, it decided that this model was new and needed to be adapted to fit in with the standard pleasurebot models. Gail immediately felt the most intense pain of her life and again blacked out, which was fortunate for her in a sense.

Her body was adapted to the machine’s requirements; several parts of her body were replaced by cybernetic replacements. The company had developed these cybernetic parts for limb replacement in humans, where in the past, humans who had lost a limb learned to live with it or were given an artificial replacement, one that looked similar but didn’t function. Now with the cybernetic replacements, they could not only move easier, but the limbs didn’t look too dissimilar to their normal limbs.

When Gail awoke, she found a strange voice inside her mind; this was the control system that ran the pleasurebots when active. Her mind had been filled with all kinds of information that she would need to fulfill her function as a pleasurebot. She would hardly have known less than a third of the information on sexual positions, fetishes, and other things that she at first wondered why she would need to know that.

Her arms and legs felt strange to her; she didn’t at first realize that they had been deemed inferior and had been replaced by the machine, some other parts of her had also been replaced, so she no longer had to be concerned with contraception, as she would never be able to have a child now. Her mind had been implanted with several control devices; the machine had considered replacing her brain entirely with a cyber implant, but the cost overrode the value to the company, so it wasn’t considered necessary.

Now that she was part machine and part human, she was ready to be returned to the processing facility to be turned out like the other pleasurebots to be rented out to clients. She had been listed now as company property, and if any of the Cyber Crime Division scanned her, they would find out that she would pass as a pleasurebot now and not the human female that Gail once was. Being taken back to the production line, Gail soon found herself dressed in the same type of clubwear that she was previously dressed in, next her hair was attached, the wig placed on her head attaching to the magnets placed there holding it in place, just like the other bots.

Falling into a semi-slumber, Gail only woke when she found herself back inside one of the display cabinets that held the pleasurebots waiting for their next client. She wondered who that would be, and she would soon find out, for not too long after the booth front screen cleared to show off the bots inside, was her first customer. Making his payment with his credit swipe, the door to her display booth opened, and she stepped out and greeted him.

He was a middle-aged man, slightly balding with a roundish belly that men of that age seemed to get, and he certainly wouldn’t have been her type if she had met him in one of the clubs she used to frequent. But she had been hired by him, and she walked arm-in-arm, her attention only on him, the same as the way other pleasurebots behaved with their clients, as they headed off to one of the night motels set up for clients to use their pleasurebots in.

A few days later, she was on the way to the hotel with her latest client; he had rented her for the entire evening; she thought that she’d recognized the two girls that walked past them on the sidewalk. They both stared as she accompanied her new client back to their hotel room, those two girls being the same two friends who had left her, they turned to look at the pleasurebot with disgust, they still wondered what men saw in these objects, and thought of them as dirty perverts, not realizing that the same object that had walked passed them was once their friend, now forever a pleasurebot.


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