Seduction... Gone Wrong

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; potion; transform; lovedoll; reluct; X


Anne looked around the living room and figured it was going to take her a couple of hours before everything was ready for her evening with Bill. She smiled to herself as she remembered how she had told him she was going out of town for a few days only to sneak back later to the home they shared.

She busily cleaned the floor and dining table before heading into the bathroom for a quick shower. Emerging a short time later, she wandered around the living room area for a few minutes toweling herself off wondering to herself how she could really liven up the coming evening. She casually glanced through some fashion magazines looking for help in what she should wear that evening when she noticed a pile of her old college textbooks in a nearby corner.

A broad smile crossed Anne's face as she jumped up and dashed off to the bedroom. "Bill always loves it when we do a little role playing. I know just the look that will get him in the mood tonight!" she said softly as she started to open her bureau's drawers.

A few minutes later, she emerged from the bedroom with a big grin on her face. She was dressed in a white shirt and checkered skirt that stopped just past her knees with knee high white socks and matching shoes. It was the school girl look that she was looking for and would definitely arouse Bill's passion.

She went over to their home computer and after a few minutes on it printed off a note for Bill to see when he gets home.

This girl was very bad during class today and needs some after hours discipline.
Do you feel like giving this girl her deserved punishment, lover ?

With a broad grin, Anne gently placed the note on the kitchen table and turned to the fridge looking for an appropriate wine to go with her planned seduction. She rummaged around for several minutes looking for just the right bottle but there didn't seem to be anything that interested there. She was about to close the door when she spotted a small bottle tucked just inside the door. She pulled it and looked over the bottle which had a dark brown liquid inside it and the letters OIOmarked on it. When she pulled open the stopper, she sniffed the contents and detected an odor that reminded her of the Jamaican rum that she and Bill tried every now and then.

Giggling out loud, she poured herself a small glass before putting the bottle back in the fridge. Sipping on the glass, she wandered back into the living room trying to decide where and how to greet Bill. Feeling a little light headed, she sat on the back of the couch where she decided that, due to it's proximity to the living room, it would be perfect for her.

After drinking down the rest of her glass, she decided to increase the erotic level of her seduction. She took off her white shirt and bra and draped them over a nearby chair. She then took off her tiny panties and checkered skirt and tossed the panties where her shirt was. Draping the skirt over the back of the couch, she slowly pulled herself up onto the back feeling very sluggish. "Whoah..that must have been some strong booze... I better rest here for a bit...." she muttered out loud as she rested on the couch back.

As the minutes passed, she felt a warmth spreading throughout her body and it sent waves of pleasure throughout her body. She absently dropped her left hand over her pussy and slowly caressed herself though there was something odd about the way she felt.. something she couldn't place.

Just then, the phone rang and after several rings the answering message picked up the call. After several seconds, the loud beep clicked on and the caller began to speak.

"Bill, this is yourself reminding you to return the bottle with research liquid to laboratory tomorrow. The tests on its' ability to change organic material into inorganic have been very successful so far. Once the OIO bottle gets dropped off, ask to see if we can get a raise for our new place. Bye!" Bill's voice droned before there was click indicating he had hung up.

"Whaattt??..." stammered Anne as she slowly turned her head towards the phone. When she saw her reflection in a mirror just above the phone, she let out a soft gasp. Her skin had changed from flesh and blood to smooth and shiny latex with seams visibly running up and down her arms and legs. Her breasts seemed to be made of plastic with large pink aereoles around the erect nipples which stood out quite prominently. Her mouth, which she no longer could utter a sound from, was now shaped in a semi ovular shape and seemed to be void of teeth now with only a soft vinyl interior now present.

The inflatable love doll that until a few minutes ago was the woman Anne laid silently on the couch back waiting for the return of Bill. Anne's frustration at her transformation was being complicated by the thought that she was starting to like her new form.

Several hours later....

The door clicked open and Bill strode in flinging his briefcase in the corner. As he strolled into the kitchen loosening the tie around his neck, he saw the note left on the kitchen table and read through it quickly. After a few seconds, he walked into the living room and discovered the doll Anne lying on the couch.

"Oh, those boys from the lab! They must have got a key to the apartment from Anne and put this blowup doll in here. When I tell Anne about it, she'll die laughing over this! I'll have to call around and find out who it is .." Bill chuckled as he sat down on the couch and starting calling on his cell phone. He was oblivious to the fact that his weight had caused the doll to topple off the couch and landed on the floor lying on its' face.

Lying on the floor, two schools of thought were going through the air filled doll's mind. One was hoping that Bill would discover the bottle was missing some of its formula and notice how the doll resembled Anne a bit too closely. The other was wondering if it was going to be picked up and put away like a good dolly.

And the second thought was becoming more dominant by the hour....



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