Silent Partner

by Andy.Latex

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© Copyright 2010 - Andy.Latex - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; latex; bond; mannequin; vinyl; encase; display; nc; X

(Dedicated to Carol. The perfect older woman).

To anyone passing the shop the scene would not have seemed too unusual, two Mannequins motionless and silent, being prepared by a young shop assistant.

The girl was young and very beautiful, dressed in skintight red latex pants, a matching black and red trimmed T shirt and cute high heeled sandals. Again that was not too odd, after all it was a fetish shop, not that old one up by the station, but the new one, in the centre of town, you know it, the one that used to be the boutique.

The first Mannequin was dressed in what could only be described as a riding outfit. Red latex jacket covered a tight white blouse, Whilst smooth leggings, led down to polished high heeled boots. In her motionless hand she held a crop.

The other mannequin was naked and it was she whom the pretty the shop girl was attending. She was smoothing a paste across its smooth glossy body, a creamy pink paste. Not that strange I know, after all she was only cleaning it.

No, what might have seemed unusual though was the surprising, all most loving, care she took in buffing the cream off. Her touch seemed light, sensual, unnecessarily lingering, as if it were a caress.

Still perhaps she just loved her job.


Her outfit was simple and business like. A white blouse over a tight black pencil skirt and stockings. This was teamed with a wide black belt, which emphasised her slim waist. In fact Davina Laws outfit could have been called conservative if it were not for her polished rapier like black stilettos. Well, that and the tiny fact that her entire outfit was fashioned from ultra glossy latex rubber.

“She is pretty”, she said.

The older woman jumped at the unexpected voice and turned from the office window, the deep blush on her cheeks betraying her feelings.

“She had better not bend too far in that skirt though”.

“How did you get in here?”

The latex clad woman smiled with freshly glossed red lips and sat behind the desk, her latex skirt squeaking across the leather of the seat. “You are looking good Alison, the leather pants suit you. Are you wearing them for her?”.

Alison Vorderman, Slim, beautiful and elegant, thoughtlessly smoothed her hands down over her shiny leather clad hips, “What do you want Davina?”

“To get you into rubber, you know that”

“I’m sorry Davina, but we are not all freaks like you”

“Said the 47 year old in the skin-tight patent leather pants”

Alison bit her tongue; she did not want to get into a fight with the cool and calm visitor. “Davina. Why are you here?”

“Business, business…”, The smiling brunette said in a relaxed tone, “…always business, with you Alison. Well lets see, Firstly I am your silent partner in this boutique and secondly, it’s been 6 months and I have a few ideas for the place and they don’t involve dreaming of having my 18 year old assistant kissing my leather clad arse”

“Charming as ever, Davina”, Alison moved across the room and sat in the chair opposite her business partner. “Don’t take your time”.

As ever between the pair, the conversation was clipped and sharp. Davina went through the various financial plans she had laid out and Alison pointed out why each would not work for such a small fashion boutique.

“I do not understand your resistance to my ideas” Davina said, sitting back, “They are all perfectly viable”

Alison sighed, “Only in a business environment such as yours, the clientele which use your shop are very specific and loyal. Latex fashions is a very narrow market, I must compete with a greater competition”.

“A point well made. Then if not my financial ideas, then you must see the benefits of this”, she reached into a case and slid a selection of photos over he desk. “The very latest in, in store display”.

“Mannequins? I have mannequins”.

“Not like these, these are a real draw, I have 1 in my window and the amount of extra attention it gets is amazing”.

Alison looked at the photos and slid them back, “Polished black plastic mannequins are nothing new”.

Her partner smiled, “I promise you these are. But as usual you are being difficult. Come to my shop tonight after you close, the moment you see it you will understand”.

“You will try anything to get me to your place”, Alison replied shaking her head, “no Davina no”.

Davina Laws rose to her feet. Then smoothing her clinging black latex skirt over her hips and thighs approached her partner. “If only you were as accepting as certain other people”.

The older woman turned and looked into Davinas cool blue eyes. Alison trembled visibly as her partner smiled in triumph.

“You think I don’t know. Davina”

There was a long pause as both women stared each other down, eventually it was the older woman who looked away, Davina laughed.

“Ha Ha, Oh don’t worry Alison, I will behave”.She turned away and took up her case, before turning back. “You know Dear, your bum really does look good in leather. I’m sure if you wiggle it at your little friend she will come running”.


Alison Vorderman stood in silence for a few minutes as the last of Davinas perfume drifted away behind her. It took a while for her heart to calm and for the colour in her cheeks to die before she dared to call her young assistant in.

“Fearne dear. Could you come here please”.

As she waited for the teenage beauty she turned back to the photos and with an almost absent mindedness looked down at them, the mannequin was perfect in every detail. For some reason it made her shiver.

Tall and slim waisted, long legged and elegant, blessed with full and upturned breast, Fearne Williams was beautiful. With a stunning face, full lips, blue eyes and all framed by tumbling blonde hair, No other words were needed to describe her, she was just beautiful.

She could have had anyone she desired. Any boy would have fallen for her in an instant. However as she stood in the door way, the knock she was about to deliver to the door frame paused in mid air, she would forgo them all for one thing, the chance to press her face between the twin globes of her employers beautiful leather clad buttocks.

She had felt strong attraction to Alison Vorderman ever since she had shaken her hand at that first interview. The brunette was beautiful sexy, intelligent and kind, with a body well below her years and the dark eyed, high cheekboned face of a classic mature beauty. And now as she lent over her desk, with her polished leather bum presented to her in all its glory, the teenager imaged each perfect globe adorned with her own wet lip print.

“Fea….”, Alison stopped in mid call as she turned to find her assistant standing in the doorway.

Snapping her eyes from their resting place the young woman stood straight. “You…you called Ms Vorderman”.

Alison smiled, lost for a moment in her own secret delight, “Fearne, how many times, its Alison”.

“Sorry Alison. You called”.

“Yes dear, I’ll need you to open up tomorrow I have a meeting”.

The young woman smiled, “sure no problem”. There was a pause, “May I ask…”

“That was my partner…”, She noticed the stunned look in the girls eyes and stopped “…no not like that. Davina is my business partner”.

“Was…was she wearing?”.

“Latex. Yes, she owns a shop up by the station. That fetish shop?”

“Oh yes I’ve seen it”.

“You can’t really miss it dear. Anyway she seems to think we could learn a lot from her new set up”.

“From a shop like that?” Fearnes tone was light and inquisitive “like what?”

“Oh she’s got some new kind of mannequin, she reckons its boosted her trade and wanted me to go see it”.

“Can I come?” The young woman’s voice was now full of excitement,

Alison laughed, “Oh no I’m not going up there, she is talking nonsense”.

“But we could go together”, Fearne said,

Alison paused she gazed for a moment at the beautiful young woman. “It’s after work; don’t you have anywhere better to be?”

“Can’t think of anywhere better than being with you”, Alison caught the sparkle of fun in her young assistants eyes and the embarrassed glow in her cheeks. “Wh..what I meant was I love this business. It would be good to learn more”.

Alison Vorderman smiled, and nodded “Very well and afterwards I’ll treat my eager assistant to a meal”

“Thanks Ms Vor…Alison”.

“Right. I have an arrangement to deal with first, so if it’s OK with you I’ll meet you there at 6”.


“Hello Fearne, it’s Ms Vorderman, yes Ms Vorderman. Where are you? It’s 6.15. I can’t wait any longer. If you get this and do get here, you will have to press the buzzer to get in”.

Alison snapped her phone shut, in annoyance and disappointment. She was annoyed she had allowed herself to be talked into coming to the shop, especially as now it seemed she would be on her own and disappointed that she would not get to spend an evening with her delightful assistant.

On the drive up there she had imagined them completing their visit swiftly, before going for a meal. She had imagined had them talking all evening, then perhaps she would have ‘accidentally’ touched Fearnes hand, the young beauty smiling at her but not pulling away. She had dreamt of entwining her fingers in hers and of ……

“God, woman!, You’re old enough to be her mother”,She thought snapping out of it. “She is probably outwith her handsome boyfriend and who can blame her”

Alison Vorderman sighed and looked round once more at Davinas shop It had a clean and clinical front painted in white and gold. Its name ALL THAT SHINES. Adorned the window and it was into this she gazed.

The mannequin was clearly the one Davina had been so proud of and as she looked closer, ignoring the tiny ‘school mistress’ outfit which it displayed she had to admit it was impressive.

It was the amazing level of detail the mannequin possessed that caught her eye. Nothing was left out, from the smooth curves of her figure down to the ultra fine details of each finger and toe nail, from the sensual valley between its buttocks, visible through the lacing at the rear of the skirt, reflected in the backing mirror. To the intricacies of its face. Every detail was moulded to stunning perfection.However it was the face calm and beautiful which drew her closer to the glass. It was beautifully perfect, in every way. Eyes, lips, nose even the fine details of the ears and eyebrows had all been captured in gleaming polished black Vinyl.

Alison stepped back and had to admit to herself, it was very eye catching, yet some how?…..she shook her head. No it was just the light.


“Welcome to my world”. The voice greeted her as she entered the well-heated shop.

“Let’s make this quick Davina”, Alison said coolly as her partner approached.

With her long red hair tied into a high ponytail and her beautiful face freshly made up Davina Laws was as ever sheathed in shimmering latex, but gone now was the pretence of the business suit. Now she wore a skintight pale bronze catsuit, which moulded to every curve and angle of her stunning body as if it was coated in dark honey and flowed down to a pair of matching stiletto boots.

“That’s a very daring skirt Alison, I hope you weren’t wearing it for anyone special”

“I don’t have time for you”. Alison replied looking round. “Show me what you want, then I can go”.

The latex clad woman placed her hands firmly on her hips and smiled.

“God Alison, why won’t you let me put you into latex?. You’ve got a great body. For an older woman”.

For a long moment she just looked her partner up and down then with a smile and dramatic turn beckoned Alison though into the shop.

The air was warm and rich with the aroma of latex. Models displayed an array of styles Alison could never have imagined, some wildly outlandish and some shockingly familiar. A full pony suit, complete with head, in deep black, stood silently beside a perversion of a nuns habit. Alison shook her head. The shop was just as weird she had imagined.

“Now that would suit you”, Davina said pointing to a silent dummy sheathed in an ankle length, halter neck gown of vermillion latex, the ultra smooth material glistening wetly beneath the angled spot lights.

“It’s the sort of style perfect for the more mature woman”.

For a moment Alison nearly rose to Davinas bait, but she took a breath and sighed. “I don’t need the commentary Davina, just show me”.

“Or maybe a pair of those Latex pants. After all it’s only a short trip from leather to latex. Imagine wiggling your shiny bum at your cute friend in those”.

“Davina!, enough”.

Davina Laws turned and smiled, “You are quite right. I am sorry Alison. Besides personally I want to see you in that”.

Alison followed her eyes and gasped. “Good god”. The outfit was that of a Maid, it was Brilliant pink, impossibly short and trimmed with white and black lace at hem and neckline, and boasted a wide skirt that floated on a sea of shimmering petticoats. It was an outfit to be displayed in.

Alison looked away, she caught Davinas delighted smile and pushed passed her into the adjoining room.

The whole area was lit with a bright pure white light which sparkled of every surface, including the long red latex sheet, which covered the top half of a mannequin standing in the room centre.

“Perhaps you should take it for your friend. Don’t you think she would look cute in a latex maids dress”.

“Is this it?. Alison said fighting to ignore Davinas baiting.

The latex clad woman stopped in the door, her eyes momentarily drifted up her partners’ long legs and focused on her bum, moulded in the tiny grey skirt, which barely reached below the curve of her buttocks, she smiled and silently admitted her admiration.

“That’s it”. Her partner said with a sly smile, “Have a look, I think you will like it”.

Not wanting to waste any more time Alison stepped forward. The visible bottom half of the mannequin was very much like the one in the window, but somehow in this light it surface seamed smoother and shinier.

“I must admit Davina, yes it is a stunning Doll”, Alison said, drawing away the slippery red sheet to reveal its face,“The one in the window really dos catch the eye. It’s got a …Oh my god”,

It was as if a hammer had struck her in the stomach making her stagger backwards, but this was no hammer blow, this was an event far more shocking. For gazing down at her, soft, sweet and beautiful was the face of her beloved assistant, cast now in smooth polished vinyl.

Davina cool and calm stepped forward and steadied her partner. “I knew you would like her”.

Alison drew breath, “But.. but how?”.

Davina let her lips curl into a triumphant smile, she gazed into Alison’s eyes as if implanting her own thoughts, “Cool mix, liquid vinyl”

“Oh my god”, Alison gasp. Stepping forward and tentatively running her hands down the polished beauties arms. The vinyl was slick and flawless and to Alison’s deeper horror, warm.

“What have you done to her?”,

“Done to her?” Davina said in mock surprise. “What ever do you mean”.

Alison shook her head, she was in utter shock, her finger running helplessly over the gleaming body in search of some seam or opening, through which to strip the coating away.

“You have wanted to do that for a while haven’t you Alison, touch her like that”.

“What have you done to her, you bitch!”, Alison snapped turning back to her

Davina smiled calmly, and stroked a finger down her partners trembling arm, “What do you think I have done to her”. She purred

The older woman remained rooted to the spot, her head span, nothing was clear now. “You…you’ve, really?”, she mumbled

“Coated me in vinyl”.

Alison jumped at the familiar new voice, she shrugged of Davinas hands and turned to see Fearne silhouetted in the door way. But Alison’s confused delight was short lived, because as the figure moved toward them it was clear this was not the same sweet beautiful Fearne she knew, this Fearne was sophisticated, cool, and sensual and clad entirely in glossy latex.

A tight T-style blouse in brilliant red, which moulded about her full young breasts and emphasised the erect nipples beneath, vanished into a wide buckled, waist shaping, corset of deep liquid black. This in turn was teamed with a skintight pencil skirt of matching black latex, which clung about her hips and thigh, and rippled with a liquid like sensuality with each elegant step. Beneath this her legs were sheathed in brilliant red stockings and her feet shaped into elegant shoes with boasted the highest slimmest heels Alison had ever seen. The outfit was finished with polished black gloves.

Fearne moved passed her dumb struck employer and into the out stretch arms of the smiling Davina, who greeted her with a soft but lingering kiss on her red glossed lips and a sensual caress of her bum.

“You look wonderful Fearne”, Davina said proudly

The young girl smiled with real delight, “Thank you Auntie”.

Alison was in shock, the girl with the tumbling blonde hair before her was clearly the beauty she knew, but now she was reborn and even the stylish glasses which had always framed her stunning eyes, now had an air of commanding sensuality about them.

The pair looked at Alison and smiled.

“I’m sorry Alison”, said Davina, “it was my idea, to get you here, you had never accepted an invitation before”,

Alison stepped back, her head slowly clearing, “You mean this was all to get me to your shop”.

“I thought if, well, you might be persuaded by someone special”.

“I’m sorry Ms Vorderman, I did not mean to upset you”, Fearne smiled,

“And you are Davinas niece”.

The girl blushed seaming to remember the lingering kiss she had just shared. “Um..yes”.

Alison shook her head. “You are something Davina”.

The girl stepped forward, the ultra tight skirt glistening in the light. “It may not make things better”, she said, “but I was waiting for ages for you to try it on with me”

“Sorry?”, Alison, said taken aback

“You looked so sexy in those leather pants. I wanted so much to touch you”,

Alison’s head span, she did not know which way to turn she knew the way to the moral high ground, but as the stunning Fearne stepped closer she did not step back. The girl reached out and an electric shock tingled up her arm as she touched her hand.

For a moment there was still, then slowly Fearne stepped in close and with soft warm lips kissed her. Alison felt her body melt, it was the most sensual tender kiss she had ever experienced. And she could feel her self beginning to glow.

“Thank you for caring about me”, Fearne breathed as their lips parted, “It was very kind of you. But did you really think Auntie Davina had turned me into a mannequin doll?”.

“I did not, know, I’ve always found this ‘Fetishy’ thing a bit odd.”

“What did you think she had done to me” Fearnes voice dripped into Alison’s ear like warm honey. “Covered me…… in plastic? sealed me in vinyl?”

“, I thought, no I….” The older woman trembled and suddenly realised she had her hand resting softly on the girls’ latex clad buttocks. She also realised Fearne was slowly unbuckling the belt, which encircled her waist. “I’m not sure”.

“Did you think…..”,

The belt slipped from Alison’s waist and in an instant the girls fingers were nimbly at work on the buttons of her shiny satin blouse,

“……she had stripped me naked? prepared my body? and oiled my skin?….”,

The older woman was now lost in a sea of sensuality, fuelled by the younger girls touch. Her blouse was open and she felt a slick latex glove slip round her waist.

“Did you think she had bound me? positioned me? and sprayed me?, sprayed me slowly and smoothly, taken her time, starting at my feet and working upwards until my entire body was sealed within a new smooth skin of polished vinyl? Perhaps I had moaned and begged for her to stop, but she would not, she would not until i fell silent within the vinyl’s cool embrace and until a perfect mannequin was born”.

Stunned, Alison nodded, she could not find words, for as she turned her face to Fearnes she felt the zipper of her skirt descend and the tiny wisp of material fall to the floor..

“And did it turn you on”.

Again a silent nod.

“I am so glad….”, Softly Fearnes lips touched Alison’s, “…Because that is what we are going to do to you”.

The words took a few brief moments to push through the sensual haze, but when they did Alison snapped her head away.


It was all she could get out and before she could react she felt a slick smooth film of latex stretch and slither down over her head. Fingers fumbled and smoothed the hood down and despite her sharp movements she could not prevent the neck from enclosing her throat.

Alison Vorderman, staggered backwards her hands desperately clawing at the hood which now enclosed her head in a hot moist shroud.

“What the hell, get this off me”, she mumbled and gasped, ”Davina you bitch, get it… god I’m… suffocating”, she stumbled and found herself holding onto the mould of Fearne mannequin.

“Relax, Alison”, Davina said calmly, “If you calm down you can breathe. You have a breath training hood on. If you stop fighting and concentrate on breathing you will be fine. But if you struggle against us you will……. well please don’t. I promise you will come to no harm”.

Alison’s head began to spin, she slumped to the foot of the mannequin.Her fingers now helplessly fumbled at the smothering hood, pulling and stretching, but it was hopeless and as her body weakened and her movements slowed she looked up through the milky haze of the translucent latex at the silent polished beauty above her and imagined the impossible fate witch was to befall her.

“Can we go and play, for a while?”, Fearne breathed as her lips slipped from her aunts, “This has made me so horny”.

Davina slipped her hands round to cut the girls latex buttocks, “Later Fearne dear, later, we must focus on our new arrival”.

“Oh please, Aunty”, Fearne slipped away from Davinas arms and pouted like a child.

Davina smiled, she knew that look. “Now don’t be naughty Fearne”, she stepped closer and kissed her naughty niece on her pout, “besides I have a surprise for you later for being such a good girl”.

The girl’s eyes widened in delight. “What is it, what is it?”

“You will see, all I will say is, large jar of honey…and a vac bed…..built for two”.

As Fearnes eyes sparkled, Alison’s spun. The older woman shook her head and slumped forward.

Davina smiled. “I think we can begin”.

Alison was still awake, but as her head became misted by the lack of air, she was little more than a spectator to her captors plans. She struggled weakly, her arms tired and limp, she pushed against Davina as she eased away her silk panties and tried to kick as Fearne did the same for her shoes, but she had the strength of a baby and in moments she was naked and exposed. Very exposed.

“My you are a secret one”, Davina said as she allowed her fingers to drift over Alison’s smooth hairless pussy. “Who were you keeping this for?”

“Please no”, Alison moaned, as her hands limply tried brushing Davina’s away.

“Lets just see how far you went”, The smiling woman gently slid her fingers between her helpless partner thighs and eased them round until they found her most private opening. She was totally smooth. Davina smiled and pressed.

Alison drew a breath so deep and sharp the latex hood collapsed in a perfect suffocating skin across her face. Davina held her for a moment, felt her tremble, then released and as she did, the older woman drifted into unconsciousness.


Alison awoke with a jolt. It was not a painful jolt but a shocking one, she shook her head clear and breathed fresh air. The hood was gone. It took a moment to focus her eyes and when they did she found herself, still in the brightly lit room, the Fearne mannequin standing silently to her right and the door in front of her. Also in front of her was a chrome and glass machine, with two wide domes on top, one filled with a clear honey coloured fluid, the other white. From the sides of the machine snaked a series of tubes and pipes and across its front ran a line of lights and dials.

But what was most unnerving was the fact that she was bound star fashion, by fingertip and toe, between an upright frame of polished black steel and wearing what looked like, a slightly to big, catsuit of transparent vinyl.

“Davina”, she called, “Dav…..”, As she struggled, a sensation passed up though her body making her words catch in her throat. Startled she looked down to see a fine tube snaking from her smooth pussy,

“It’s a catheter”, Davinas voice came from behind.

“What the hell, are you doing, Let me go, get that thing out of me”.

“Don’t be silly Alison”, Davina appeared beside the bound woman, a smile on her face. “How else are you going to be able to pee”.

“Your‘re crazy, you are not being serious”.

“Very Alison, very serious, indeed. By the morning you, my beautiful partner, with be in my window, my silent partner”.

As Davina moved to take up one of the tubes from the chrome machine, Alison pulled on the frame but she could no free herself, “What is that?”, she asked.

Davina looked down at the tube, “This one is a highly enriched nutrient for your skin, After all you are going to be totally encased for quite a few months and this”, she took up a second tube “Is a bonder to cement the vinyl onto your body”.

Davina spoke with such chillingly calm matter of factness that Alison was struck dumb. She shook her head and laughed.

“Stop this now Davina, you have had your pervy fun, lets all laugh at boring Alison, I know. But enough is enough. Now LET ME OUT!”.

Davina shook her head. And with a cool “No” knelt before her.

Alison watched in growing dread as, quickly, Davina connected the tubes to small inlets at each ankle of the limp catsuit.

“Davina!, Davina stop this now. This is insane, you can not turn people into mannequins”.

“Auntie said you would recognise her”. From the over side Fearne stepped into view, her tight latex outfit glistening wetly in the bright light. “I knew you wouldn’t”.

“Who, I don’t understand, recognise wh…..”, Alison’s voice suddenly froze, her eyes widened in realisation. The image of the mannequin in the window filled her head, “Kelly!”, she gasped. “Oh my God no, Kelly”.

“We had to drug her, so she was asleep when we sealed her. But you need not worry, she is wide awake now, Though I don’t know if she understands what has happened to her”.

“YOU BITCH!”, Alison cried, “YOU BI……NO!”, Her outburst was cut short by Fearne suddenly stretching the catsuits hood, which until then had laid limply on Alison chest, up and over her head. Taking care to ensure the short breathing tubes were slipped into each nostril, she continued stretching it down until it met the high collar at the back of her neck. Alison shook and struggled but with ease Fearne applied a film of adhesive to the neckline and in moments Alison was glued inside.

“Please Davina no, please”, Alison cried, her words making the hood flutter and balloon, “Take me if you must, but not Kelly Please not my daughter”.

“No Alison, no, this way saves all the investigations that would ensue. Mother and daughter vanish, distraught business partner, vows to continue on in her name. Simple”.

“You mean this was all over my shop!”

“Our shop Alison, our shop, the shop you chose. The location I wanted. Yes Alison it is as simple as that”.

“Please no, Davina Please”.

Alison begged, but without further words Davina stepped back to the machine and with a couple of flicked switches brought the chrome and glass device to life.

Alison’s heart raced in terror, as with a smooth movement, the fluid contained in the glass bowls began to flow through the tubes and into the catsuit.

Desperate now Alison struggled in her bonds, “Davina, please oh god please, I beg you don’t. You, you can have the shop”. Each movement took more breath and brought a richer heat to her enclosure, but there was nothing she could do to prevent the fluids slow advance. “Davina!”

And slow it was, painfully, tauntingly slow, it would take 5 minutes for the fluid to cover up to her ankles and another 3 hours, 3 long, terrified, mercy begging hours before it made its final slow, unstoppable creep up the smooth line of her neck and began to smother her beautiful terror filled face.

As the fluid reached her lips she closed them in defiance, then tilting her head back as far as she could, she prevented the fluid from reaching her nostrils until it was already covering the majority of her head. It tickled her eyes, she blinked as it overran them forcing them shut and in that blindness she surrendered, her head tipped forward and the last of the precious space within the vinyl skin was filled with fluid.

Alison struggled as best she could, but she was weak and breathless. She hung for what felt like a life time, her mind full of terror not just for herself but for her beloved Daughter and the realisation that she too had suffered such a fate. She hung for a lifetime.

Then softly she felt something enter the tubing at her nostrils. Despite the fluid covering them Alison’s eyes widened in shock as a momentary pain shot though her head. Something was squeezed up her nostrils and flowed down her throat. Through the filmy haze surrounding her she could she Davina smiling, she could see her lips moving but no sound reached her ears.

“The anaesthetic should make feeding her easier”, Fearne said taking the little syringe from her aunt.

“Well we don’t want to make life difficult for her do we dear”. Davina laughed. “Bring over the rig please”.

The young girl stepped back and wheeled over a pair of semi-circular chrome walls imbedded in which were rows of small bulbs. She placed one wall behind the barely moving vinyl prisoner and the other before her, pushing them close.

Within the hazy vinyl world all the activity was a blur to Alison, but what followed was not.

The light took her by surprise, It’s intensity forcing her to close her eyes as instantly she was bathed her in an deep sun like heat.

Alison felt the vinyl skin come to life before her captors could see it. It rippled and trembled, across her breasts, it whispered and sighed in her ears and slowly, ever so slowly, it began to shrink.

Davina smiled at the startled moans which passed Alison’s open nostrils. She looked at the clock, then at the machine and then at Fearne.

“Not long now”.

But for the slight, stretching squeak of Vinyl, to Fearne and her smiling Aunt the swift steady shrinking of the vinyl suit was done in almost silence. However for poor Alison Vorderman, the sound of the tightening vinyl was a terrifying sound track of panted breath, startled moans and of a constant, slow, stretching, like fingers on a taut balloon.But it did not just tighten, it consumed her, consumed her totally. It imprisoned her every crease and curve, every dimple and detail moulding them anew in a flawless film of perfectly smooth vinyl.

Oh god!”, she screamed inside, “Oh God please let me out”,

Her mind raced with images of her poor Daughter, of the perfect reproduction of her body and struggled to fight the image of her self moulded, silent and still,

“No no you can’t, oh please, please”, but no matter how her mind cried out, she knew release would not come.

She felt the vinyl move across her face, in a strangely sensual caress, but this was not the breath of a lover, this caress, became tighter, and more instant with each moment. She felt the vinyl, stretching smoothly over her lips and nose, flowing like liquid into her ears and eyes, tighter tighter, turning her face into a smooth mask of beauty.

Suddenly the light died and Alison sensed movement beyond her world, She felt a finger on her shoulder and distant muffled words. It was a soft finger running down her arm to draw a line of fire about her nipples.

Silently she begged for mercy.

“Not bad” She heard Davina say, “Couple more minutes with the hand helds on the finer details”.

“Can I do her…..”.

Davina smiled, “Go on then but make sure it is tight and open, we don’t want her too uncomfortable”.

Alison tensed as she felt a soft hand on her buttocks, a gentle hand but firm. It eased her buttocks apart, stretching the vinyl even further and as the young woman drew a finger along the valley between Alison’s humiliation was complete.

A heat began to fall on her parted buttocks and to her horror she felt the vinyl flutter and tense across her offered anus, before in a smooth movement melt up into the dark tunnel.

Alison let out a startled moan which made Davina smile, she turned off the hand held heater which she had been playing across the woman’s left nipple and moved close to her ear.

“Is that nice?” she said softly caressing the now very tight bud,

If there had been any room for tears beneath her new skin, Alison Vorderman would have shed them.

The pair continued playing the heaters over her body for a few more minutes, allowing the vinyl to settle into its final position. But finally they stepped back to admire the stunning effect.

“Perfect”, Fearne said proudly

“Nearly”, Davina added. She stepped to Alison’s silent form and with a deft touch of a blade, that did not disturb the skin beneath, cut away the enclosing vinyl about Alison’s eyes.

Alison blinked in the light and for a moment of utter blinding delight she thought she was to be set free, but no. As she watched, muted within her new skin, Davina took up a thin black tinted lens. Swiftly she coated its edges with vinyl bonder and offered it to her exposed right eye.

“Now we don’t want you feeling too cut of, do we dear”.

Gently she pressed it home and instantly the world took on a dark tint. As Davina repeated the task with the other eye, pushing the lens home it felt to the helpless silent Alison that she had been sealed away again.

“Don’t worry no one will be able to see in, you will be quite alone”.

With her heart pounding so fast she thought it must burst, Alison could see through her new dark tinted eyes, Davina return to the chrome and glass machine and with Fearne’s help change one glass domes for one filled with jet black fluid. They then took up the abandoned pipes and fitted them with what appeared to be chrome guns, with narrow flat nozzles.

For a few minutes they toyed with the controls on the front panel. The machine hummed into life.


“Looks it Auntie. Try it on the panel”.

Alisons heart stopped as a fine mist of gloss black burst from the thin nozzle of the gun to coat the bare panel in a perfect deep glass black enamel.

Until that moment it had not dawned on her that she was a clear honey colour and the other mannequins were a deep liquid black. However as Davina and Fearne turned to her, the chrome guns with trailing tubes in their hands Alison understood.

She cried out in silent protest as the first burst of black enamel touched her skin even through the vinyl skin it was cold.

With long elegant strokes Davina drew the gun back and forth each pass, laying a perfect film of black across Alison’s smooth skin, coating her, covering her, sealing her into her final perfect polished perfection. An action which to poor wide eyes Alison was all too clear.

She felt the enamel drift up her legs to her thighs, then about her crotch and bum. She felt Fearne take care to ensure the valley between her smooth buttocks was fully coated, before continuing up her spine. Meanwhile her sensual Aunt seemed to be taking her time on coating her breasts, directing the nozzles onto the perfect curves from every angle. She smiled. She knew she was driving Alison crazy.

The artists slowly moved their guns up the extended arms, covering every millimetre of vinyl in black, liquid enamel, before returning down to her throat. Davina stood before her captive partner, smiling, she knew Alison could see her and with a slow tantalising movement she drew close and placed her lips to hers in a silent kiss of betrayal.

The first mist of enamel fell onto Alison’s chin in a smooth line, Then with cool control Davina drew the gun across her face, working upwards, lips, nose, cheeks, but avoiding her eyes. She moved to the back sealing her entire head in gloss black, before once more coming before her. She paused

“Don’t you look hot”, she smiled, “But don’t blink, I want you to see this”,

It was a final cruel humiliating taunt, before, with that same smooth movement, she misted the enamel across her eyes and Alison Vorderman was gone.

She did not know how long she remained tied to the frame, minutes, hours, it all seemed the same, it did not really matter now. Actually it took 2 more hours for the enamel coating to dry but once it had she heard the pair return.

Alison felt her self untied, yet for a moment she remained a ridged star. It was not until she felt the familiar intense warmth of the heaters on her joints that, with a little pressure, she was eased into the more familiar pose of a silent shop mannequin.

Suddenly the dimly tinted light returned through her lenses as Fearne cleaned them of enamel. However Alison would have wished to remain blind, for before her reflected in the cruelly placed mirror was a stunning deeply glossed Mannequin, a life size, life like doll, perfect in every detail, silent, still and beautiful.

For a moment Davina stared into the face of her now ex-partner, but then turned to her nieces voice,


She was looking down at a spreading pool of golden fluid that was streaming from the tube which snaked from the mannequin’s pussy. Davina smiled. “Oh dear it seems Alison is a little unsettled”.


To anyone passing the shop the scene would not have seemed to unusual, two Mannequins motionless and silent, being prepared by a young shop assistant.

The girl was young and very beautiful, dressed in skin-tight red latex pants and a matching black and red trimmed T-shirt. Again that was not too odd, after all it was a fetish shop, not that old one up by the station, but the new one, in the centre of town, you know it, the one that used to be the boutique.

The first Mannequin was dressed in what could only be described as a riding outfit. Red latex jacket covered a tight white blouse, whilst smooth leggings, led down to polished high heeled boots. In her motionless hand she held a crop.

The other mannequin was naked and it was she whom the pretty the shop girl was attending. She was smoothing a paste across its smooth glossy body, a creamy pink paste. Not that strange I know; after all she was only cleaning it.

No, what might have seemed unusual though was the surprising, all most loving care with which she took in buffing the cream off. Her touch seemed light, sensual, unnecessarily lingering, as if it were a caress.

Still, perhaps she just loved her job.

As the young girl knelt back to admire her work, a second older woman entered. Again she too wore tight latex, a simple skirt and blouse. In her hands she carried a brilliant pink latex dress, a maids dress, trimmed with white and black lace. It was the sort of outfit that would both display itself and the wearer to perfection.

She held the dress up before the naked mannequin and smiled.

“Look what I have for you today”. She purred.

Now that was odd.

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