Slave Bot

by Robotdoll

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Woman to Robot TF

Sihaya awoke with the dawn and rose from her simple futon. She opened the window of her simple room and let the morning sun shine through the bars. She inhaled deeply, as if she were filling her lungs with the sunlight as well as the fresh air. She let the bright day wash over her naked breasts and warm her. A few more deep breaths, and she turned away to face the room. She quickly folded up her simple futon and rolled it into the corner. Clearing the floor, she began her morning excercises. Bend and stretch, "reach for the stars..." she sang to herself, still remembering the song from her childhood. She worked herself into a happy sweat, warming up her lean muscles and invigorating her soul. She patted herself off with a nearby towel and turned towards the door. She opened the small viewport and looked into the hall. Two faces looked back at her. She smiled.

"Good morning, Master. Good morning, Mistress. May I be released?"

The faces nodded, the viewport closed, and there was a metallic rasping and clanking from the other side. A voice. "Clean yourself, dress and meet us in the living room."

Sihaya shivered with anticipation. Every day was a surprise for her, but today was special. Or at least she hoped it would be. "I've been very good," she thought to herself as she walked down the hall to the bathroom. "Will they remember? What will happen today?" She drove those thoughts from her mind as she entered the shower. Ice cold water rained down upon her, and she let out a sharp yelp. Her expression grew dark, and she inwardly cursed herself for that slip. It's losses of control that kept her from truly pleasing her owners, she told herself. She washed herself quickly, using lots of soap and shampoo. A brief rinse, and she exited the shower, reaching for a towel. She patted herself over, rubbing her long blonde hair between the terrycloth folds.

Stray wisps of wet hair stuck to her full breasts as she walked to the changing room. Her clothes for the day were laid out on the counter. It was a new outfit, and the realization thrilled Sihaya. "They remembered!" she thought. It was a full-length body suit, made out of sheer nylon, almost invisible. Sewn along the fabric was a pattern of black leather strips, down the sides and across at the joints. A firm plastic covered where her breasts and crothc would be. She slipped it on greedily. She looked in the mirror. The bodysuit had disappeared against her skin, and only the leather trimming was visible, covering her breasts and running down her arms and legs. It resembled a leather exoskeleton, wrapping her safely inside. Her face grew wistful for a moment, and she made a sort of mannequin-like pose. "I look almost like a..." but she quickly forced the thought from her mind. Master and Mistress would never approve of her fantasies.

She adjusted the outfit and walked to the living room. Her owners, Master Levi and Mistress QueenVamp sat in their chairs, talking to a third person. When Sihaya entered, the conversation stopped and the two turned towards the door, In sync, they each extended their right foot. Sihaya dropped to her knees, then to all fours, and crawled along the floor. She kissed the feet respectfully, then sat back on her heels, awaiting her orders.

"Recite." said the man.

She began on cue. "Good morning, my master and mistress. I thank you for another day in your servitude. My love and devotion to you grows with every command you give, and my desire to serve increases with every command I obey."

They nodded in approval. QueenVamp spoke. "It is a special day, slave. Tell us what today is, won't you?"

Sihaya blushed slightly. "It is my birthday, worshipful mistress."

Master responded. "Do you have a wish for your birthday, slave?"

Sihaya replied instantly. "I ask only to continue to be your slave, my worshipful master and mistress. Your dominance over me is the greatest gift a person could receive."

Mistress nodded prodly. Exactly what she expected to hear. "But we know you have a secret fantasy. We have seen you at play in your room. What is it?"

Sihaya hesitated. Was this some sort of test of devotion?

Master coaxed her. "You may speak freely."

Sihaya stumbled over her words. "I..I sometimes dream of being...a   r..robot."

Silence. Then, "Continue."

The words came in a torrent. "A robot can serve you perfectly. No hesitation, no failure in her love for you, my master and mistress. I want to be an android love slave, programmed only to..." the last few trickles stopped, and she bowed her haed in embarassment and shame.

Mistress reached for her chin and lifted her head. "Don't be silly, dear little one. It's you we chose, not a robot."

Master continued, "But we know the power of a fantasy."

Sihaya wiped a tear from her cheek. Mistress indicated the third person, a middle aged gentleman in a rumpled tweed suit. "This is our friend, Dr. Rossum. You may speak to him."

Sihaya turned to the man. "Good morning, honored sir. May I serve you in some fashion?"

Dr. Rossum shook his head. "No, child, I am here to help you. I can give you your fantasy if you wish it."

Sihaya saw her master and mistress were smiling. "YES!" she screamed. The reply staggered the doctor, and her owners laughed in surprise. Sihaya blushed, quickly regaining her composure. The doctor turned to the two proud owners and nodded his head.

Dr. Rossum produced a tall glass of a clear liquid. "I'd like you to drink this." Sihaya did not move. "It's all right dear, it's just something to help you clear your thoughts so you can concentrate." She looked to her mistress, who understood. "Drink it." she said, and Sihaya happily took the glass. The drink was thick and sweet, like clear maple syrup. As she drank it, the doctor began to speak to her master and mistress. By the time she neared the bottom of the glass, she noticed she couldn't quite hear what they were saying. She finished the drink, and she felt a hand take the glass from her. She sat silently, awaiting her next command. The three continued to speak, and Sihaya thought it strange that their voices were getting more...muffled, distant. It seemed as if she sat inside a snow globe, time passing outside at a strange new speed.

***CLAP!*** A loud report right near her ear. She turned her head slowly, as if she was only mildly interested in the source. It was the doctor. The mystery solved, she lolled her head back to the front.

"Can you hear me?" the doctor spoke into Sihaya's ear.

"Yes." mumbled Sihaya.

"Good. I am going to show you some pictures and some sounds. You will watch them very carefully. Do you understand?"


"Very good." The doctor walked behind his chair, and pulled out a large helmet-like construction. Sihaya could not imagine what it could be, but as soon as it passed from her field of vision, it was as if she had never seen it. She had no idea what was being strapped on her head. Plugs went into her ears, and her head filled with a low hum. A small screen inside the helmet flared to life, displaying a bright colored pattern, swirling around like a rainbow. Sihaya was transfixed by the display. She watched it very carefully as she was told. Under the hum, Sihaya thought she heard whispering, a voice speaking right into her mind. It felt rather soothing.

The pattern grew larger, turning into a picture of a young girl. She looked familiar, Sihaya thought. The girl was moving strangely. She had a blank look to her face, and her arms moved in a jerky, stiff fashion, like a... like a robot. As Sihaya realized this, the hum and the whispers grew louder. She barely noticed the pricking sensation on the back of her neck. A small rod extended from the back of the helmet, poking something at (and into) the base of Sihaya's skull. She did not notice, she did not care. The images before her eyes flashed faster and faster, but Sihaya took it all in, the stream of information passing right past her conscious mind and into a part of her with a far greater foothold.

Sihaya's lips began to move, slowly at first, then faster, as if she was replying to an unseen voice, repeating instructions. Barely audible. 
Over and over, a looping stream of consciousness pouring from entranced lips.

Hours later the helmet was removed. Sihaya's eyes were wide open, her lips a bloodless slit. Her pupils shrank to pinheads from the sudden change in light, but she did not blink or flinch. Her hair had matted flat under the weight of the helmet. Her mistress supported her chin with one hand and fluffed up her hair with a brush in the other. After a minute or two of primping, mistress sat back in her chair. The doctor pressed a finger to the back of Sihaya's neck and returned to his seat. Sihaya began to awaken from her rictus, her eyes relaxing, blinking slowly, a hand rising to her forehead.

"Um...I'm sorry, what were we doing?"

Mistress giggled at a joke Sihaya didn't get. She held up what looked like a complicated TV remote. "Do you know what this is?"

"No, mistress."

"Stand up." Sihaya responded obediently. "Turn to the mirror." She spun on her heels to the full-length mirror in the room. "What do you see?" mistress asked.

Sihaya passed an exploring hand over her breasts. "I see myself, worshipful mistress." In the mirror, she saw Mistress lift the device and point it at her. She continued. "I see your slave, ready to accept your co..." Mistress pressed a button, and an amazing series of sensations passed through Sihaya. An electric thrill passed through her limbs, like she'd sat on an ice cube. A bright light filled her vision, nearly blinding her. And in her mind, it was if a series of relays closed, redesigning the way she thought and acted.

The glare faded. Her mistress spoke. "Look again."

Sihaya saw herself in the mirror. In a way. Her skin was no longer tanned-it was...silver. She saw a reflection of a reflection of herself in the flat chrome of her tummy. Her face, her breasts, her hands, her feet, her...pussy was still soft warm flesh, but the rest of her was firm, shiny metal. But oddly, she felt no excitement. She could not. She looked at herself dispassionately, as if she was looking at a drawing of a tree. She had not moved. She could move no more than she could feel the excitement one would think she would.

Mistress was impressed. "Amazing! And how does the skin change like that?"

The Doctor explained, "The outfit she was wearing. It works something like a liquid crystal display. Normally, it's transparent, but pass a current through it and...well, you can see. And the parts covering her breasts and vagina turn transparent and immaterial under the same charge.

"Very impressive." master said. "Shall we start her up?"

Mistress handed him the control. He pressed a button, and Sihaya jerked to life. Her hands twitched, then her arms. Her motion was stiff and hesitant, a sort of slide and then stop, change direction and stop. Sihaya could almost hear herself..., She spun around mechanically to face her master and mistress. Her face was an impassionate mask, her eyes unblinking. She bent slightly at the waist, her arms slightly akimbo, like a mannequin. She stared at her owners in a blank, slightly unfocused way, awaiting commands.

The mysterious man put his hat and coat on and began to collect his devices. Levi and QueenVamp shook his hand and kissed his in gratitude, and the customary farewells and "we'll call you's" were exchanged. Their guest safely on his way, the happy couple's attention turned back to their transformed servant. Like a child on Christmas morning, they barely know what to do first. There's always a bit of excitement and mystery breaking in a new slave, but this was quite unlike anything anyone had ever done before.

Well, best to start simple "Recite." said Master Levi.

Robo-Sihaya's head racheted back and forth like a lever in a jukebox searching for the proper disc to play. As if it was found, she stopped, and began to speak automatically, like a tape had been placed in her head and the PLAY button was pressed.

" I.must.serve."

Her voice was flat and emotionless, like it really came out of a computer. Her body remained frozen, only her lips moved, and even they were a treatise on minimal motion. Her recitation finished, she returned to silence, her head tilted slightly down so she now stared at the floor.

Levi was amazed, so amazed he nearly dropped the remote. QueenVamp took it from his slightly shaking fingers and examined it. It had more controls than any piece of electronics she'd ever seen--a riot of buttons, labels and lights, a few slide switches, a t-shaped button like on a video game controller, and what looked like a small microphone grille. A small switch next to the grille had two settings, "transmit" and "program." She flipped the switch to "transmit" and held the device to her red lips. She whispered softly into the grille.

"Ma.ry.had.a.lit.le.lamb..." Her words were repeated by Sihaya from across the room in the same mechanical drone she used before. QueenVamp was thrilled! She tried it again.

"'" Sihaya was just repeating words like a parrot, but Vamp found it tremendously arousing. The sensation of having someone this completely under her control was almost intoxicating.

She examined the buttons. One was marked KISS. She pressed it. Sihaya's head tilted slightly to one side, and her mouth tightened into a kewpie-doll pucker. Another one was marked HUG. As her mistress pressed it, Sihaya straightened up slightly, her arms rising to a position straight out in front of her ready to wrap themseleves around a phantom companion.

Levi was drawn to her like a moth to a flame, but QueenVamp stopped him. "Why make the mountain come to Mohammed?" she laughed. Her thumb found the t-shaped button, and she rocked it back and forth. Sihaya rotated at the hips, her upper torso pointing back and forth in sync with the control. QueenVamp aimed her carefully towards Levi and pressed the control forward. Sihaya legs pumped into life, walking stiffly in the direction her arms now pointed. Levi held his arms out proudly while QueenVamp piloted her pleasure puppet in like an expert. Levi provided a few directions, laughing all the while. "Left a right ...bring her in!"

Sihaya teetered towards her target, finally walking right into Levi's waiting arms. As her naked breasts touched his leather-studded chest, her arms closed smoothly over his shoulders into a tight carress, her lips thudding into his face. Levi grabbed her in response and kissed her passionately. QueenVamp pressed the KISS button again and again, and watched Sihaya's jaw move up and down in a series of deep french kisses. She twiddled the t-button, and Sihaya detached from her master, sliding smoothly backwards out of his grasp.

QueenVamp handed the control to her partner with a "your turn" sort of look. QueenVamp settled into a deep chair, spreading her legs over the chair's soft padded arms. Levi nearly read her thoughts, and scanned the control. Success--a button marked LICK. He pressed it, and Sihaya's saliva-coated pucker loosened. Her mouth opened slightly, and a wet red tongue snaked out, the tip teasing at the air with a twitching motion. He flipped the microphone switch to "Program" and spoke into the grille. "Your mistress needs her pussy licked."

A light came to Sihaya's eyes. She rotated towards her mistress and began to walk, her knees never bending. As she reached the seated QueenVamp, she bent deeply at the hips, burying her face in her mistress's waiting labia. QueenVamp saw no reason to maintain her composure, and proceeded to writhe under her robot slave's sexual obedience, moaning louder and louder with each twitch of her robotic tongue.

Aftter a few minutes, QueenVamp managed to rasp out a panting "Thank you, Sihaya... please stop..." Sihaya pulled away immediately and returned to a standing position. Composing herself, QueenVamp stood up on shaky legs and walked to a place next to master Levi. They kissed each other deeply and looked back to their silver-plated slave, now with her back to them. Her silver back reflected them in a fun-house sort of way, all the way down to her pink flesh bottom. A press of a button, and she stiffly turned to face them. Her mouth and chin were shiny with saliva and vaginal juices, dripping off her chin and onto her ample breasts. Her face was again a blank, her body prepared for any command.

Master Levi pointed the control at her and pressed a button. Her skin shimmered for a brief moment, as if she were wearing a rainbow. The effect faded and Sihaya was returned to her normal form, tanned skin covered daintily by black plastic over the breasts and crotch. Realization and sentience returned to Sihaya's eyes, and she collapsed to the floor in a heap, like a marionette with cut strings. Levi and QueenVamp started toward her in fear, but in an instant it was obvious she needed no help. Like a starving man forced to watch a sumptuous banquet being prepared and eaten, Sihaya had been aware of her every action and sensation in her transformed state, but was unable to react. Now the dam had burst, and she lay on the floor in a wild series of wrenching orgasms.


Gasping for air, Sihaya finally relaxed, laying limp on the floor. She could barely breathe, but she kept repeating over and over, like a broken record, "Thank you, thank you my master, thank you my mistress...."

Levi and Vamp knelt on either side of their exhausted servant. Levi cradled her head in his lap. "Happy Birthday, Slave." purred QueenVamp.

Sihaya's head rocked back and forth, sweat and saliva smearing all it came in contract with.

"Wh...wh...when's Christmas?"

The neighbors complained the next day about the laughter.


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