Taking Her on a Date

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2007 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; Solo-M; relationship; discovery; video; tease; F/f; prepare; corset; liquidlatex; coated; latexdoll; bond; cuffs; toys; objectify; artshow; transport; oral; climax; cons; X


Well to tell you this short story I need to back up a little bit and tell you about how we met. Janice and I met in a very simple way, she just liked my tie, or so she says. Well we where in an elevator actually, and she just looked over at me and said, “Hey, I like your tie” and it was all over from there. My first impression of her was that she was probably the sexiest woman I had ever met in person, but soon enough I found her deeper and more interesting than most people with her looks could possibly be. We had a couple dates and everything was as good as it could be, love at first sight with a healthy scoop of puppy love.

When she asked me to take her to an art show we where still in the discovery stage of our relationship. That’s the part where you still don’t invite each other over to stay the night, but well… there are long afternoons spent… learning each other. All of this is why anyone, especially me, would not have expected what I found when I came over to pick her up.
When I got to her place I found a note on the front door.
“Hey babe, to the right of the door there is a lock box with my extra key attached to the wall, the code is your birthday. If the door is locked when you get here, I’m probably just… occupied.”
As I finished reading the note, I smirked at her little misuse of words, should have been pre-occupied, or so I thought.
I came into her place and yelled out to let her know I was there. I was still impressed with this place; she said that the place was thanks to a little inheritance invested well as a kid. The front entrance was huge and airy yet pleasant and warm. Marble and what looked like hand crafted wood.
Still unsure of myself in her place, I decided to go watch TV while I waited for her to be ready.
When I turned on the TV, I was a little surprised that I could not change the channel and all there was on the TV was “please wait loading” on a blue screen. ‘Cable must be loading up’ I thought.
As I set down the remote, the screen went black for a second then I saw Janice on the TV. The Janice on the TV addressed me and began talking. How cute she recorded me something.
“...I need you to listen carefully to this message all the way through. I feel that we need to move onto the next level of our relationship, and you seem to me to feel the same way. We have talked about fetishes and we have talked about what turns us on, so I decided to finally test you and see if you are someone that can handle a woman like me. We have had some really fantastic times and I trust you, so I am giving myself over to you completely. The art show we are going to is a special one, invitation only. Every guest must bring a piece of art with them to be enjoyed by everyone, in a tasteful manner. Watch this video and you will see soon enough what I mean. Further instructions are at the end of this video. Oh and by the way, this next part is especially just for you.”
As she finished speaking she reached behind the video camera and pushed something. Soon enough a sexy club beat was coming from the speakers of the high end audio equipment attached to the TV I was watching. She stepped back from the camera seductively and pouted a sexy ‘I’m lonely, come here and touch me’ look. She started dancing to the music and now I recognized that what she was wearing, although it covered her well, was sexy in its own right. As she danced, she started seductively taking off her top, then her bra, then everything else followed piece by slow seductive piece. I was shocked to see that she had her nipples pierced and she now had a shiny silver pair of rings in them, well I was more surprised that I had never noticed the piercing holes before. I was also shocked at how well she danced. I started to wonder if maybe she had not made all her money in investments, but thought better of it right away. So far as I knew she had never lied to me before.
As she finished up taking off all of her clothes she laid down on the bed with her sex facing the camera. She fingered herself for a short time, looking into the camera with an unforgettable look that could only have meant ‘you are turning me on beyond my ability to stop myself’. The look on her face was that of pure greedy sexual need. Every bone in my body wanted to jump up off the couch and go help her with her need, but the logic side of my mind stopped me. I could tell from the light coming in the window that she had recorded this video a while ago and maybe I should watch the entire video like she said. I also noticed that something glimmered between her legs as she played with herself, and I wondered if she had her clit or hood pierced.
The video continued with her walking back up to the camera, bending down at the waist at a 90 degree angle and blowing a terribly sexy kiss at the camera while pinching one of her nipples and continuing to play with her sex from underneath with the other hand.
My body was responding to all of these sights and sounds in a way I had never felt before. Never in my life had I wanted someone as badly as I wanted her right now. Never in my life had my heart pounded like a drum in my chest. My body felt so hot I didn’t think I could stand wearing clothing for much longer.
Janice stepped away from the camera and walked almost off screen to a bag on the floor. She pulled out some stuff that looked like a bundle of clothing and then moved around the room collecting the clothing she had just stripped off and placing them in the bag.
“Be right back, handsome” Janice said as she walked up and pressed pause or stop on the camera, 1/10 of a second later she was on screen in a slightly different position pressing record again with her hair up in a very tight bun. “Ok, now that I’m all freshened up and relieved, I can begin the real festivities. Enjoy the show, and be sure to follow ALL of the instructions at the end of the video, I’m trusting you.”
Janice walked over to the pile of clothing she had placed on the floor from the bag and sat on the edge of the bed. She threw one leg up on the bed in a very sex seductive fashion and began pulling on a pair of white thigh-high stockings. All of her body movements stayed seductive as she put on another stocking, garter belt, a pair of white strappy high heeled shoes, and a white hard boned corset. If you didn’t know better you would have thought she was a Victoria secret model! Janice walked up to the camera and sported her sexy clothes for me to see, she spun around then turned sideways and bent down at the waist rubbing her hands up and down her slightly extended leg.
“Now I need a little help with the next part so I invited my friend who prefers to remain anonymous to give me a hand, and maybe if I’m lucky, a finger or two. I even asked her to wear something extra sexy just for your enjoyment, and so she won’t clash with my nakedness. I’d like to introduce you to, well we’ll call her Tammy.”
Janice stepped off screen and led ‘Tammy’ into view by her hand. ‘Tammy’ had on a sexy white teddy with built in garter belt, white thigh-highs, and high-heel strappy shoes that perfectly matched Janice’s. Other than ‘Tammy’ wearing a teddy and Janice wearing a corset, they looked almost identical. Also, ‘Tammy’s’ clothing covered her body enough that I could not see any of her personal parts, where as with Janice I could see her perfectly shaved sex and her erect pierced nipples. There was one last difference, ‘Tammy’ had on a tight black leather hood that completely covered her head and hair. Anonymous indeed. The two model quality women stood side by side, presenting their bodies to the camera, legs slightly spread, arms at their sides. Other than the black hood, they almost looked like twins.
First thing they did was to tighten Janice’s corset. This was a sexy process in its own, watching these two beauties pull and tug against each other. Next Janice walked off screen again leaving ‘Tammy’ still standing at attention for my viewing pleasure. Distracted I had not noticed Janice pull a clear tarp into the room. “Well it’s tine for my pre-coat.”
Janice sat on the bed, legs spread wide. First ‘Tammy’ used some kind of blow pen to spray something pink like cool-aide on Janice’s sex. The she repeated the process on Janice’s nipples. Then ‘Tammy’ applied an oval piece of masking tape over Janice’s sex, and matching circles of tape over Janice’s nipples. When this was done Janice stood up in the middle of the tarp at attention, except this time she held her hands out to the sides some. ‘Tammy’ went off screen and grabbed a 1 gallon paint bucket. I could read from the label that it was liquid latex.
Soon enough ‘Tammy’ had all of Janice’s skin from the “V” line of her neck down covered in latex. As Janice stood there drying I could see that ‘Tammy’ had been careless and gotten latex all over the edges of the corset, and the edges of the stockings and shoes.
With the new happenings on the screen I had almost forgotten about my aching hard on. But watching the ‘Tammy’ put on two more coats was getting a little boring though so I rubbed myself lightly through my pants.
While the 3rd coat was drying ‘Tammy’ walked off camera again and brought back something palmed in her hand. Janice opened her mouth unprompted and allowed ‘Tammy’ to affix something to her face. As ‘Tammy’ stepped out of the way I could now see my sexy girlfriend, mouth held open, ring gagged. It was kind of a sexy sight, Janice now white from top to bottom, the outlines of her clothing still evident and a white ring gag in her mouth.
The next item ‘Tammy’ got off screen was something that looked like some kind of tube; I could not tell what it was at all until it went onto Janice’s neck. It was a white boned posture collar that forced Janice to look up with her head tilted all the way back. ‘Tammy’ attached a rope that I had not noticed before, hanging from above, to a ring in her posture collar. Janice was now securely fastened in a standing position, which is probably good because the next piece of gear going on my girlfriend was a skin colored latex blindfold. It was padded on the inside slightly, but on the outside it was such soft latex that it formed to her face and made her look like it was a second skin. If it where not for the posture collar tied to the ceiling pulling her up Janice might have fallen over from disorientation. Next came 4 ear plugs, went into Janice’s ears and two went in flush in her nostrils.
‘Tammy’ went to work painting Janice again, this time she painted every inch of Janice from top to bottom, even over the shoes, stockings, garter, corset, posture collar and blindfold. The only thing left unpainted was Janice’s hair and a one inch strip of skin around it.
Two more coats of this and it seemed that the next phase was coming up. The video was paused for an unknown time, the pause only lasted a 10th of a second for me, but looking at the light coming through the windows, it must have been about half an hour for them. After pressing record again ‘Tammy’ playfully stuck a finger in Janice’s mouth and Janice hungrily wrapped her tongue around the invading finger. ‘Tammy’ walked off camera, this time leaving for about a minute. It was very sexual the way Janice stood there, looking straight up but unable to see, covered from head to toe in sexy clothing and bondage gear, and then painted with many coats of latex.
‘Tammy’ returned to the room soon enough, pushing a cart along with her. This was a stainless steel cart you’d expect to see in a cafeteria, not in a bedroom. She wheeled the cart up against the bed and set the locks on all of the carts wheels. Next she unhooked Janice and led her carefully to the edge of the bed. Janice stepped up onto the bed, then she was led to the cart. Janice knelt down slightly and put one knee on the cart, then the other, moving very carefully she got her legs fully on and sat down on her ankles.  It was a good thing the top of the cart was set to the height of the bed.
‘Tammy’ helped Janice bend over slowly, checking that the latex was not stretching too badly on her butt and back. Soon Janice was sitting as squashed as possible considering her posture collar. She was sitting on her ankles, with her knees at the front of the cart and her high heels almost hanging off the back of the cart. She had spread her legs out significantly, probably as far as they could go in this situation, leaving her shins parallel to each other. She had bent over and now her breasts where hanging between her knees, now out of my sight. Due to her posture collar she was not able to press her chest fully into her thighs, but she was pretty far down. The posture collar held her head so that she was looking straight out, mouth still open and inviting.
‘Tammy’ got a piece of white rope and tied Janice’s collar to the back of her corset. As she tied the knot onto the corset, she added a pair of handcuffs, securely attached at the center of her lower back. The rope managed to bring Janice’s head up a little higher so now she was looking perfectly straight ahead, and it seemed to make it more comfortable with less strain on her neck and back. Then ‘Tammy’ helped Janice bring her arms up and lock them into the handcuffs, this looked uncomfortable since the handcuffs where attached so high towards her shoulders.
Next came more latex paint, this time ‘Tammy’ was filling the cracks, she added latex in every crease and crack she could find. She filled in some latex in the crack between Janice’s thighs and chest, thighs and calves, arms and chest, arms and back.
‘Tammy’ went off screen again and got a bottle of spray foam moose and a towel. The towel was draped over Janice’s back as ‘Tammy’ began massaging and fluffing the moose into her hair, using a huge amount. As the moose started to harden ‘Tammy’ began molding Janice’s hair into somewhat of a sweeping shape that went back along but above Janice’s back then curling up into a spiral above her upper back. After the moose had fully dried (which took another camera pause), ‘Tammy’ reapplied moose to coat the art work coming off Janice’s head and let that dry.
Now came more coats of paint, this time covering the hair art and now her entire face. ‘Tammy’ went about finishing touches, adding a little bit of latex here and there and touching up around the mouth, making the ring gag seamless with the rest of her.
While this new latex dried ‘Tammy’ grabbed a pair of bandage scissors from the bedside table and reached between Janice’s legs from the front. Then she went to the back of Janice and snipped and cut some more in the back. I watched as she threw away some small pieces of white latex in the trash. ‘Tammy’ then very carefully touched up the areas she had just cut with some fresh latex and closed the latex paint can for the first time.
‘Tammy’ came over to press pause again, letting Janice dry. After pressing record ‘Tammy’ got out some kind of polishing rag and some latex polish and began rubbing Janice all over except her head. This made her shiny and brought out the subtle shapes of the latex. You could very clearly see the boning on the corset and collar through the latex, yet you could also see every sexy curve and muscle tone. The sight was fantastic. Even more fantastic though was when ‘Tammy walked behind Janice and stuck three fingers into her and pulled them out. You could see, even from this distance that her fingers where absolutely dripping. ‘Tammy’ walked around the front and shoved her fingers, one at a time into Janice’s mouth to be cleaned. This was more than I could handle, I thought I was going to pass out right here on the couch.
‘Tammy’ walked over to the camera and pushed a couple buttons, then the TV went black for a second. Words appeared on the TV; instructions. The TV simply said, “Go find the note for you in my office drawer below my keytboard.
The Note read:
Ok, like I said the art show is invitation only and every invitee must bring their own piece of art, and I neglected to mention earlier that it has to be a piece of living art. I was not invited to the art show, because I am already a member, you on the other hand have an official invitation extended to you by me. And now you have a piece of art to take with you. I’ve given myself to you fully, so I belong to you as you belong to me. Don’t worry about anything, even though I’m exposed and vulnerable, there is no touching at this show, so I am still all yours when it’s over with. If for some reason this is too much for you, ignore the following instructions and dial 1 on speed dial on any phone in the house and tell ‘Tammy’ that you are leaving. She will know what to do.
I‘ve been moved from the bedroom to the garage, and I’m on a piece of metal on top of the cart. Come find me, there are still a few more surprises for you. If you are taking me to the show, just push the metal sheet with me on it into the SUV already set up for you, once inside the SUV, cover me up with the canvas tarp on the bottom of the cart.

P.S. If you are not taking me to the show, you are not the man for me and you no longer own me and can no longer have me, but if you are talking me to the show, feel free to play around with me a little, so long as you don’t change anything.

The GPS in the SUV is already set up with diving directions to the show, when you get to the address indicated, there will be a bouncer at a utility garage in the building, you will have to exchange the keys to the SUV and therefore me for your invitation with your name on it, and you’ll go into the show in the front. No one at the shows knows whose art is whose so those that prefer anonymity have an easier time. Once the show is over, you will return to the garage and trade your invitation for the SUV.

Once you get me home, put me back on the cart and wheel me into the spare bedroom downstairs. There will be instructions there on how to unwrap me, or you can just call ‘Tammy’. At this point, you can do anything to me that you want, in or out of my art bondage. In the back of the SUV is my clothing bag, if anything goes wrong, you’ll need that. Call Tammy if you need anything, there is a cell phone in the clothing bag.
I practically jumped out of my clothes when I bounced up from the couch to go find my piece of art. When I found her there were definitely a couple of surprises left for me to discover on my own. When I came into the garage I found her facing me, mouth open, expressionless though the latex. Her face was totally unintelligible the latex blindfold, layers of latex, and stretched out gagged mouth had seen to that. I could see her tongue moving slightly and I noticed now that she also had a tongue piercing. I could also see two glints of light coming from her nipple piercings and I saw that her nipples were hard in the coolness of the garage.

I walked up to her quietly, hoping that she did not know I was there. I know that she could not hear or smell me but I didn’t know how much else she could feel. I peeked under her chest and saw that her nipples had been spared from the latex paint by the masking tape. Her nipples where bright pink, not painted but stained pink. I saw below her breasts a small chain lying in a pile on the metal with a small tag on it. A sticky note was sitting next to the chain that said, “A present from *Tammy* add this if you like”.
Leaving the chain alone for now I walked around her looking at the amazing detail of surface of the latex that showed the shapes of the clothing beneath. You could obviously tell that she was wearing sexy clothes and bondage gear under the latex and you could see every tiny fold and bump in these items.
As I came around the back I found three more surprises, ‘Tammy’ had poked a small hole in the latex at Janice’s anus, and pushed in a tiny metal anal plug that had a beautiful pink gem on the end of it. Below this ‘Tammy’ had cut out a nice oval shaped area that allowed you to see perfectly Janice’s pussy lips, clit and some skin around those areas. This entire area of exposed skin was stained as bright pink as her nipples, dyed by some kind of bright ink which was an amazing contrast to the rest of her body being white. Pressed into her sex there was some kind of vibrator or toy covered in soft bright shiny pink latex. It seemed to be larger inside than outside, which held it in tightly. The toy had an protrusion coming out of it that rested on her clit, seemingly spring loaded, putting some pressure on her sensitive bud. She was so obviously horny; she had her own juices flowing down her clit, dripping to the metal below. Her labia were also spread out, not just by the position she was in, not just because of the toy in her sex, but mostly because of her extreme state of arousal.
Below these toys was the piercing I had suspected was there earlier, it was a horizontal loop going through the top her clit hood. It didn’t seem to have a ball to it, and it looked permanent. Both the nipple piercings and the hood piercing looked like they had been healed for a long time but these three pieces of jewelry where new. Newly, permanently, attached. Hanging from her clit piercing was a tiny lock that said simply “Owned”. The key was lying below this lock attached to a man’s necklace.
My heart pounded, I didn’t even know what to do. I just stood there in shock of the view in front of me. The gem, the vibrator, the lock, and the key waiting for me to pick it up and put it on. Very quietly I picked up the chain with my key on it, put it on and tucked it down inside my shirt. I didn’t know what to do first, what should I do to her to let her know I’m here. How would she know it was me?
A memory of her voice came throbbing back into my head. She had surprised me with a blowjob in the car a week earlier. “I love the taste of your cum, it’s the best, I love to feel you cumming deep in my throat, I like to swallow it all up.”
I went back to her front and attached the chain laying on the metal to her nipple piercings which I verified where permanent like her clit piercing. The tag on the chain said “slave”. Amazingly enough she did not stir or make any noises. How could she have not noticed that? ‘Maybe she was asleep or day dreaming.’ I thought. Well I knew just how to wake her up.
I unzipped my pants and pulled out my member, still hard, still aching, and tipped with precum. Taking myself in my hand I brought the tip to her lips and rubbed around the inside of the ring gag getting a feel for it. It was odd sticking myself into a hole that looked nothing like what it was. On the inside you could see her tongue and teeth but from the outside her lips where non-descript.
Pressing a finger at the base of my penis I pulled forward forcing out a small amount of precum that landed on the tip of her tongue. She still did not move so I pressed myself deeper. Once my penis was resting on her tongue she suddenly animated. It did seem that she had been daydreaming deeply. I gave her a moment to get reacquainted with her surroundings and as her breathing slowed she began flicking her tongue hungrily around my cock. She pressed me into the roof of her mouth and licked the bottom of my shaft as best she could. I could tell that she wanted more, and I just hoped that she could tell it was me from the taste. Using her tongue she urged me forward until I was buried fully in her throat. I held myself in the warmth and the soft comfort, soon though she was pressing me out of her mouth, indicating to me that she needed to breath. After a few test strokes, I started fully enjoying her, and she would let me know with her tongue when she needed a breath. Soon enough I was cumming deep in her throat and held myself in her, satisfied, until she forced me out again.
I wanted to pet her, to thank her, but I did not want to ruin the perfect polish on her latex prison. Instead I just stuck my finger in her mouth and helped her push down the last bits of cum that where hanging around in her mouth. Pleased with myself, and with the constantly intriguing surprises of the day I went behind her and played with her clit a little bit before I pushed her into the SUV and covered her up with the cloth tarp.
My final surprise left for me be my wonderful girlfriend and her accomplice was a small wrapped box sitting on the SUV’s driver’s seat. I pulled the pink bow off (which amazingly matched her stained skin), unwrapped the box and found inside a jewelry style felt box. Inside of this was a small keychain that looked like garage door opener. Pointing it at the garage door I pressed the button, but nothing happened. That’s when I heard it, the vibrating sound coming from behind me, under the cloth sheet, and some soft moaning. It was the remote to her!
Finding the REAL garage door opener I left the house, smiling at the prospect of turning her on, literally, while everyone inspected her art. As I drove down the road I wondered what the art show would be like. I wondered what I would do to her when I got her home. Mostly though I wondered what it would feel like to be bound by paint, trapped, filled, vulnerable, and vibrated in front of who knows how many people and strangers. I rubbed my fingers together, pinching the key to my woman’s lock through my shirt, knowing I was the man for her, and knowing she was mine.



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