Tales from the Dolly Shoppe: The Perfect Gift

by URN My Power

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© Copyright 2010 - URN My Power - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; transform; machine; bodymod; doll; boxed; sex; oral; anal; cons; X


Sylvia walked out of the toy store with a frustrated frown. Her friend, Clay, already had all the female action figures she'd been able to find, and this was the fifth mall she'd tried. Marvel, DC, anime, video games, obscure TV show tie-ins; if it existed and had action figures to go with it, chances were he had it. He even had a small display of gifts others had given him which he used to illustrate the difference between dolls and action figures.

"Excuse me, is something the matter?" asked a voice. Sylvia turned to the left and found a man who looked like an old screenshot of Pat Sajak from an early episode of Wheel of Fortune, standing in the entrance of a store whose plastic banner proclaimed it "The Dolly Shoppe."

"I don't suppose you carry female action figures, do you?" she asked, approaching the man, but stopping just outside of what she guessed was arm's reach. From this range, she could see the name tag with his picture on it and the words "Bob: Manager."

"Actually, we specialize in full-custom gifts." Bob said with a smile. "Would you like to be an action figure?"

"How much?" Sylvia asked.

"As much as you're willing to pay." Bob said. "We have very flexible options--and all our toys are fully-articulated. Our most advanced models are technically robots--fully interactive with well-programmed AI--but even our basic models are head-and-shoulders above what you can get at, say, KayBee."

"What comes with the basic model?" Sylvia asked. Bob gestured for her to follow him, and he showed her into the store. Several life-sized displays stood smiling in various places around the showroom, but the other room was devoted to computer equipment. On the other side of a partition were ten metal cyllinders and a changing curtain.

"For the 'basic model,' we run you through the SCAN chamber and make a doll--or action figure--of you with one outfit and one accessory." Bob said. "We don't add a personality or anything with a basic package, but even with just an outfit and an accessory, there's plenty to choose from, and all our products are guaranteed never to wear out."

"How much?" Sylvia asked. Bob rattled off a three-figure number that dropped her jaw. "How can you do it?" she asked.

"Our raw materials are surprisingly inexpensive." Bob responded. "Would you like to see some of the choices? If you do it today, we can deliver by Christmas."

"Sure." Sylvia said, glad she wouldn't have to break the bank for this. In fact, she'd still be able to make her car payment if she didn't splurge on everyone else's presents. The selection of outfits was impressive, of course. She ended up choosing a black bustier with blue trim, black pants, a blue belt and blue boots. For her accessory, she decided a simple bullwhip would suffice. After that was a form asking for basic information on the recipient and her payment information.

"Okay, just take your clothes off behind the screen and wrap yourself in the provided towel." Bob said once that was done. Sylvia checked for cameras before she did as she was told. The room was rather cold--probably to keep the computer from overheating, she guessed. Her nipples stood proudly out from her breasts as she slid out of her clothes and left them folded on the bench.

"Okay, now what?" Sylvia asked, peering out from behind the screen as she held the towel close against her body. Bob tapped a few keys on the keyboard, and Chamber 1 opened with a soft, mechanical hum. Sylvia admitted to herself she'd been expecting a hiss, like a freeze chamber from the movies.

"Just leave the towel on the floor next to the chamber." Bob said. "We can't have it getting in the way of the SCAN process."

"Uh, right." Sylvia responded, stepping in and dropping the towel to the floor. Luckily, the door hid her body from view. As it closed, a wild notion occurred to her--what if he loaded the scan of her body into some program like Poser and made computer porn with it? She closed her eyes and tried to calm down.

Outside, Bob--or so he liked people to think he was called--loaded the chambers' operating program. The words "SYNAPTIC COMPUTERIZATION AND NULLIFICATION" appeared on the screen while everything loaded. He checked Chamber 1 on the list and the "Basic Package" button.

Inside the chamber, a light appeared. Sylvia looked up at it. Beams fired into her eyes. She was briefly able to be alarmed before the beams began to take effect. Her alarm faded away like an uninteresting dream.

What...what is...going...on? she wondered, as her thoughts slowed and finally stopped.

The next to go were her memories, tumbling away like leaves from the bed of a pickup on the highway. Her mouth hung open as she continued to stare helplessly into the beams. Her will was overwritten with obedience, the place where her memories and personality had been replaced with sexual programming. She was a toy. Her purpose was to be played with by her owner. Any game her owner wanted her to play, she must be prepared to play. As the beams burned this and other things into what had been her mind, needles began injecting tiny robots called nanites into her veins. All hair follicles below her neck died and fell out while her flesh was reconfigured, every imperfection smoothing itself out, her frail, human form being converted into techno-organic perfection. Her breasts rose as subdermal support structures eliminated all sag. Her lips reconfigured for optimum performance of oral sex. Her now-hairless vagina moistened as her new mind was completed. The chamber opened.

"Come out." Bob commanded.

The toy obeyed. Bob came around the chamber door with her new outfit in hand. He fastened it on himself, issuing commands where necessary. When the whip was affixed to her belt, he led her to another room, where a plastic-over-wood frame was waiting. A computer-generated image of her in an aggressive pose, whip in hand, was printed on a shell of cardboard with a clear plastic front panel while Bob fastened her arms and legs in place with metal-over-plastic twist-ties. The shell was folded and glued and laid on the floor behind the frame, which Bob gently tilted backward on a special armature until he could slide it into the package. He patted the package once it was closed and taped.

"Clay is a very lucky boy. You're going to make the perfect gift."

The giant action-figure package was lifted by machine onto a large sheet of Christmas wrapping paper and wrapped with mechanical precision, with a beautifully-calligraphed nametag near the top. This was placed in a shipping crate with Clay's name and address on it. Nodding with satisfaction, Bob returned to the dressing room and rifled through Sylvia's purse until he found her checkbook and credit cards.

* * *

Clay had to admit, Sylvia had really added a gem to his collection. He'd thought at first it was her in a box, but nobody could stand still that long without moving; and besides, she didn't like him that way as far as he knew. Then again, he had discovered (behind closed doors) that the action figure was almost anatomically correct--her lips were a little fuller, her breasts way perkier, her body free of hair except for her mane and eyebrows. Whatever programming the figure had must have been very good indeed--it seemed to be able to obey almost any command he could think of. It wasn't a talking toy, however, and idioms and figures of speech were beyond its programming, but who was he to complain?

Temptation could only be resisted so long. It was barely dark by the time Clay had the figure nude in his room and was feeling it up. It was warm to the touch, and softer than an action figure had any right to be. Again, the phrase "almost like the real thing" entered his mind. He told the figure to get on its hands and knees as he locked the door. He dropped his pants and stepped out of them, followed by his boxers. Nervously, he brought his hard, throbbing pecker to the glistening opening of the figure's vagina.

"Oh, yeah." he moaned as his penis slid home.

Soon he was humping furiously into the hole beneath him, trying his best to be quiet despite the awesome feelings he was experiencing. He knew he was going to cum if he didn't stop, and he didn't care. He stuffed one corner of his blanket into his mouth to stifle the cries of pleasure, and fireworks went off in his head as his penis erupted into his marvelous, lifelike toy. He fell over backwards, a final spray of jizz arcing over the toy's ass and landing on its back.

"Holy crap!" he whispered, gasping for breath in a less-than-dignified sprawl. He grabbed a Kleenex and wiped off the toy's pussy before it could dribble on the carpet, then wiped the jizz from its back.

"Sit up." he commanded, just loud enough for it to pick up the words. Obediently, the toy moved to a sitting position. He crawled around in front of it and turned to face it. He felt weird about it, but he leaned forward and kissed the toy on the lips, but received no response.

"Kiss me." he told it. Suddenly, it began to give him a hot, passionate kiss with tongue, even going so far as to close its doll-eyes. It was over before he knew it, but he was hard again. He stood up and sat down on the bed, opening his legs.

"Come over here and give me a blowjob." Well, the toy understood that phrase, anyway. Taking his stiff, purple cock between those well-made lips, the toy began to suck with what seemed very much like wild abandon. He covered his face with the pillow to avoid alerting anyone else to what was going on. His legs wrapped around the action-figure's head as another load of cum forced itself from his balls, up the shaft and into the waiting mouth of the toy--which swallowed, giving Clay a shiver of delight. His dick came out of the toy's mouth with a pop, and it knelt there, awaiting further instructions.

"Clay, dinner's ready!" his mother called.

"Coming!" Clay responded, dressing himself and the toy quickly and standing it in the corner with its whip at the ready. He sprayed a little Febreeze around the room before going down to dinner.

He returned feeling refreshed. He undressed the Sylvia-toy and had it follow him into his bathroom. The packaging said the toy was safe for aquatic play--waterproof up to fifteen feet--and fully washable in the shower, bath or with a water hose. He started the shower and soaped up his new favorite toy. When he got to its peachy derrierre, a wild idea came to him. He soaped up his dick and had the toy lean against the front wall. He slowly worked his dick into the third and final hole, almost popping off right there as he stood with his dick fully sheathed in the ass of a toy which took the phrase "action figure" to whole new levels. He thrust his hips with the same abandon as the toy had shown when giving him a blowjob earlier. He came hard, and his legs gave out beneath him so he had to grab the shower curtain rod to stop himself from falling. He eased himself out of the tight hole he'd just enjoyed and down to the floor by means of the handrail.

"Oh, man, you are beyond awesome." he said to the toy, patting its butt.

It gave no sign of having heard--possibly because the sentence wasn't a command. He finished cleaning himself and cleaned the toy as well before turning off the shower. He dried the figure off with exquisite care before re-dressing it and returning it to its place.

"I really have to thank Sylvia for the present next time I see her." he muttered, slipping on some boxers and sliding into bed with a huge smile on his face.

Sylvia-toy's eyes moved, looking at Owner and registering His smile. She had played well. Owner was happy. Her lips curved up in a satisfied smile of her own.



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