The Salesman 2 -

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; transform; magic; latex; objectification; nc; X

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Part 2 - The Salesman Calls Again

Mary Beth fidgeted nervously in her chair. Since she had been fired from her dancing job, her funds had dipped to a very low level. She needed this job to keep the lifestyle which she was accustomed to, particularly her liaisons with the many men and women she dallied with. One in particular, Jennifer, she really enjoyed getting wild and crazy with on a weekly basis although her close friend and lover strangely wasn't answering the phone the last few days. Oh well, she thought, maybe I'll go see her after this interview.

She was in a reception area at a somewhat small but exquisitely decorated office.The ad she had responded to was seeking various personal in client relation areas. She figured with her outgoing personality this job would be a cinch to get. She scanned down the form which had various questions for her to fill out. They were pretty standard inquiries about her name, age, weight, measurements and previous employment history. However, the next page of questions was much more personal; inquiring about her sexual preferences and such. When she asked the secretary about the questions, she was told that some of the firm's clients inquired about this when they contacted the agency. Mary Beth thought this was most unusual but filled out the questions as honestly as she was comfortable with.

Once she was done filling out the form, she handedit to the secretary who immediately took it into an office at the end of the hall. After 5 or so minutes, the secretary came back out and told Mary Beth to go down to the office she had just been in to meet Mr. Smith, head of personnel.

Mary Beth entered the office and sat down opposite the man. He looked up from reading over her application "Ah.. Miss Mary Beth.. glad to meet you.. how are you?" he said.

"Great," she replied in as cheery a voice as she could muster.

"Good, good; I was just looking over your employment application and you seem to be just what we're looking for." Mr. Smith said.

"Great!", Mary Beth exclaimed. "when do I start ?"

Mr. Smith put the form down. "Well, first we need publicity photos for our agency to use when recommending people to our clients. Now for those we need you to wear this.." he said, pulling out a large silver box and handing it to her. Mary Beth opened it and found inside a shiny black latex catsuit that looked very sleek. She glanced up at Mr. Smith with a puzzled look on her face.

"This outfit, I think, is appropriate given your background and the work we think you'll be busy with. Of course,if you're not happy with it, we can find another person for this position" Smith said with a tone of firm certainity in his voice.

"No, I'll wear it. It's just a little - - unusual," Mary Beth said hurriedly.

Mr.Smith showed her to a changeroom where she quickly stripped and put the body hugging catsuit on, tugging it up over her trim figure. When she zipped it up, she noticed how seemless it was around her wrists and ankles. It pressed against her breasts and sex so snugly she thought she might orgasm right there but she managed to control herself.

She walked slowly out into the studio area where Mr. Smith waited, camera in hand. She felt a little warmer than before but dismissed that as nothing more than relief over geting the job. He took pictures of several poses with her standing, bent over seductively, then sitting on her calves. Throughout the shoot she was getting warmer and a little stiff as well. She noticed that Mr.Smith had a silver snake-headed cane out, the carved head of which was glowing somewhat. He helped her grab her ankles with her stiffening hands. She tried to ask him what was going on but no words came out of her mouth. In fact, her mouth seemed to be pulling itself into an O-shape. That was the only body part that she still seemed to have any control over, but now waves of thoughts of using it to clean and suck seemed to overwhelm her. Her vision grew cloudy as a darkness enveloped her.

When consciousness returned, she realized she was no longer in the office. A quick look with her frozen eyes revealed a bedroom which looked eerily familiar. There was a figure resting on the bed that looked much like her friend Jennifer but yet was now something different. Suddenly, Mr. Smith walked into her fixed line of sight. "Now then, Mary Beth, I should tell you the truth." he said. "This job offer was an elborate ruse, set up by our agency on behalf of our client David. You see, he learned of Jennifer's infidelity some time ago and contacted us for a different type of revenge."

Mr. Smith then went over to the bed and lifted the figure of her lover, standing it up on pointed rubbery feet. Mary Beth would have gasped if she had been able to. It was clear that Jennifer was now nothing more than an inflated love doll with exaggerated breasts, open mouth, and wide open pussy. "Jennifer has already been dealt with, and now we deal with you." Mr. Smith, said mysteriously, putting the doll Jennifer back on the bed, face down.

He went over and placed a full length mirror in front of Mary Beth. She could see now she was frozen kneeling on her calves, hands still rigidly grasping her ankles behind her back and mouth frozen in an ovular shape. She also noticed that words were stencilled above her breasts on the suit, and took a few seconds to reverse the letters: 'COCK CLEANER - copyright 2001' she read, to her horror. Mr. Smith nodded as if he was reading her mind. "That's right, my dear. You will spend the next six months as David's cock cleaning machine. All your bodily functions have been suspended and we will check every so often to make sure there are no unncessary... leaks." he continued, almost like he was describing a product line and not what shortly ago was a living woman.

"After six months, you'll be released from this... work. By that time, you may be more careful in your choice of sexual partners. However, as per the contract we signed with David, if you tell anyone of your experience or continue to commit adultry with Jennifer, you will returned to this state instantly - and PERMANENTLY -" he said with an unforgiving tone of warning in his voice.

Inside her latex prison, Mary Beth cringed at the thought of passing six months of doing nothing but giving David blow jobs. She thought she might go crazy, especially if he had some of his friends over to try out his 'new product' as he would call it. Her.

Mr. Smith walked in front of her carrying a latex hood. There were no openings in it save for a circular hole for her mouth. Above that, the words "INSERT HERE" were stenciled. He pulled the hood over her head and fittedit tight to the neck of her suit, where the seam blended into the rest of the latex. If one looked at her now, they would think that this was a carven statue or life-like machine and not a human being.

Mary Beth heard Mr. Smith gathering up his things. "Busy, busy, busy," he muttered. "This client is keeping the office very busy." She heard his footsteps trailing off and a door closing softly, followed by silence. Nothing moved in the house as Mary Beth and Jennifer mentally prepared themselves for David coming home and she wondering silently who the salesman's next sale would be to.


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