The Voice

by Doll_Fetish

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© Copyright 2014 - Doll_Fetish - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; tape; headphone; mc; cond; catsuit; latex; boots; hood; collar; transform; doll; case; straps; packaged; owned; cons; X


It had taken months of work, of false starts, of hiccups, of careful patient modification, but now she thought she was ready to try it. The weekend was cleared, there would be no distractions, the props were all in place. 

She stripped, and showered, dried herself then sat in the chair. It was just an ordinary chair, made special in that she only used it when practicing the process, by now, just sitting in it helped her relax, and helped her into the right state of mind. She closed her eyes and started the relaxing exercises. Her breath became deep and regular, her body more and more relaxed. 

Without opening her eyes, she reached out and found the headphones and the player. It was all second nature now. The headphones went over her ears, she switched the player on. Soft music flowed into her ears, reinforcing the feeling of relaxation. And then the voice started to speak, it was a soft quiet voice, digitally altered to sound robotic, or at least what she imagined a robotic voice to sound like. They'd tried an ordinary voice, but this was more effective, made the illusion more real.

The voice told her to listen, to absorb. It told her that she was to be re-programmed, re-purposed, and if she wasn't ready for the process to start, to turn off the player. She did nothing. 

The voice carried on, it told her that her new purpose was to become a doll, that the voice was there to help her achieve that. Again it told her that if she wasn't ready, she was to turn off the player. Again she did nothing. 

The voice told her to drift into a relaxed compliant state, to become more and more receptive, it told her that her mind was changing, that she was losing her will, her ability to think, that the most important thing to do was listen to the voice, to obey what it told her. It cycled around and around reinforcing that she was to listen, that her will was draining out of her, that she was becoming a doll. She lost all track of time. 

The voice told her to open her eyes, she blinked, the room was unfocused, it told her to look over at the table, to focus on what was there. She could see the rubber garments laid out, but she couldn't think about them, the voice hadn't told her to think, just to look. It told her that as she was a doll in her mind, she now needed to be transformed into a doll outwardly as well.

It told her to turn off the player, go over to the table, pickup the rubber catsuit, return to the chair and turn the player back on. She did all this in a dreamy state, she felt fuzzy and relaxed, it felt good to obey, to follow the instructions, she glowed inside with pleasure when turning the player back on, the voice praised her. 

The voice told her that she was a doll, and that the doll should put on the catsuit, it told the doll to talc her legs, to put her feet into the legs one at a time, to pull the rubber up the doll's legs, to work the doll into the catsuit. She obeyed, feeling the rubber encase her body. 

It told the doll to polish the rubber, to enjoy the sensation of the hands rubbing over the doll's new skin. The voice instructed the doll to fetch the high heeled rubber boots and to put them on. It told the doll to lace them up. 

It told the doll to stand and walk over to the full length mirror. To look at the doll, to see the doll covered in rubber from neck to foot. 

It told the doll that it was still incomplete, that the process wasn't finished yet.

The voice told the doll that it needed to take the headphones off, and to plug the player into the speakers on the table.

The doll obeyed, whatever the voice said, the doll did. 

Now the doll was guided over to the table again, to get the rubber hood. It was told exactly how to put it on, again it was told to look at itself, the voice gave approval that the doll was now covered in completely in rubber. That it now looked like the doll that it was. 

The doll returned to the table and picked up the rubber collar, guided by the voice it placed it around its neck and locked it closed. The voice approved.

The voice told the doll that it needed to be owned, that all dolls had an owner. That the transformation process was almost complete, that the doll would soon be owned. It told the doll to feel emptiness that it wasn't owned, it told the doll to feel incomplete that it wasn't owned, and the doll obeyed. 

It guided the doll across the room to the large open case, and told it to back into it, it told it to secure the straps across itself, at the ankles, calves, thighs, hips, above and below the dolls breasts, it told it to secure the blindfold across its eyes. And to place its arms into the restraints.

The doll did as instructed, feeling a sense of rightness and of anticipation, the voice assured the doll that by doing this, it would soon become owned that the process was nearly complete. 

The voice paused, while the doll waited in its case.

When it spoke again, it told the doll that its owner would come to claim it, and that the doll would obey its owner. It told the doll that it was now completed transformed, that it was a doll and nothing else. It told the doll to wait. 

The voice stopped. The doll waited. 

A door opened. Footsteps came across the room, something was clipped to the doll's collar.

A human voice spoke, and the doll was owned.

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