Tina's Adventures as a Doll

by Johnsan

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© Copyright 2015 - Johnsan - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; transform; majick; trophy; statue; mannequin; display; rubber; lovedoll; inflatable; sexdoll; boxed; stored; tease; sex; climax; cons; X


Tina was listening to her friend nodding her head now and then seemingly bored with the conversation. It was the way she was feeling these days just finding everything to be so tedious and uninteresting anymore. Then her friend who while she had a noticeable Italian accent spoke English quite well said a most remarkable thing. “He told me he’d do it this weekend! Isn’t that great Tina!” Lisa said with an excited grin.

Tina looked up into Lisa’s eyes “What?” she asked finally mildly interested.

“My owner he said he was going to change me this weekend! Haven’t you been listening?” Lisa asked animatedly.

“Oh sorry I’ve just been a bit listless I guess everything is just the same nothing new under the sun, you know?” Tina offered as an explanation “But what were you saying about your owner?” She grinned at Lisa “Now who would that be? Sounds kind of kinky!” she smiled lasciviously.

“Oh you really haven’t been listening have you?” Lisa grinned. “Well you remember how my friend has been my owner since I was hypnotized into a doll. Now he’s been able to really change me into a love doll!! The last time was so wonderful, he even deflated me and put me away in my own box just like any other doll!!” Lisa squirmed in joy at the memory of it.

Tina remembered Lisa saying she’d been hypnotized awhile ago. At the time she found it faintly amusing it even seemed somewhat interesting. Tina even toyed with the idea of being hypnotized herself but found it lacking after thinking about it for a bit. “I just want something a little more out of the ordinary.” she told herself. She did remember how Lisa was being changed into a doll by her friend using the hypnotic trigger. Lisa was always regaling her with the tales of her doll adventures. Again she found it erotic and of some interest but Tina thought it would be even better if you could actually be the doll and not just think of yourself as one because of a hypnotic suggestion. Still she enjoyed the idea of losing control and being an object for someone. But with this latest announcement by Lisa it was beginning to seem to Tina that perhaps her hypnotic fantasies might be getting the best of her.

“Don’t you mean you thought you’d been deflated and put away?” Tina asked with a smile.

“No, he really changed me and used me then put me away! He even took pictures of me as a doll!” Lisa insisted with a determined look on her face. Her voice began to take on a hurt quality at Tina’s disbelief of her experiences.

“Alright, you’ve really been changed. I believe you I really do. It’s just really fantastic, you have to admit that!” Tina admitted sensing that Lisa seriously believed it all to be true even if it never really happened. Besides she didn’t really want to hurt her feelings with Lisa she could at least be open with her little kinks as well.

“Well I don’t think you really do believe me. Do you still have my key?” Lisa asked intently. Tina nodded in answer. “Well I want you to come by on Friday say around 8:00pm and I’ll prove everything I’m saying!” Lisa asserted insistently. She then looked at her watch and announced she had to go saying goodbye and again asking Tina to stop by for the proof of her claims.

‘Well she was rather more demonstrative than normal. Maybe I will drop by just to humor her maybe it’ll be a kick.’ Tina thought to herself as she watched Lisa walk away.

Friday came and Tina after another hard day at work pulled into a parking spot in front of Lisa’s house. She almost blew her off but decided to just stop by for a few moments before heading home to get some rest.

Tina knocked on Lisa’s door repeatedly and when she didn’t get an answer she retrieved her key and opened up Lisa’s door. “I wonder where she is?” she thought to herself as she entered Lisa’s apartment.

“Hey Lisa where are you girl?” Tina called out hoping to hear a response. In return all she received was dead silence. Tina walked around noticing nothing out of place or unusual. She walked into the kitchen and found it in pristine condition in fact the whole house looked as if no one had been living there for a few days. Now this tidbit of information did give Tina a feeling of uneasiness. Lisa didn’t mention anything about leaving town.

Tina walked on and into the bedroom. It was there she found something unusual. A doll, in fact a love doll like you’d find in an adult sex shop. It was latex and inflatable but there was something very different about it. It bore an almost complete resemblance to Tina. It was an amazingly realistic doll unlike most of the ones she’d seen before. It almost looked like it might get up and start moving. Tina moved closer and looked at the doll’s latex mouth twisted into a circular shape to accommodate the insertion of something long and hard. It was just a soft latex pouch with a pinkish color. Tina couldn’t help but smile at this simulacrum of her friend. “I didn’t know you were such a slut!” she whispered into the love dolls latex ears with a giggle.

Tina then noticed how smooth the dolls latex felt. She had to admit how good the sex toy’s skin felt having worn latex herself she knew how seductive it felt when she wore it. A stray thought entered her mind wondering if the doll was alive if she enjoyed how her body was now. Tina shook the thought out of her head “It’s not alive, it’s not really Lisa!” she told herself. Still the fingers and toes were reproduced in detail unlike a normal sex toy where such things were not as faithful to the original as this doll was. She looked on the doll’s breasts her hands cupping them and idly fingering her the toy’s large nipples. With a sigh Tina looked enviously at the large round breasts. “Wish mine were like yours sweetie!” she softly remarked to the doll.

Tina then grinned when she noticed the love doll’s vagina. It was in most ways the same as the dolls mouth. It was just a soft latex sack for someone to make love to. It was pink as well she noticed as Tina’s fingers explored the replica of her friend. “I bet this would make you cum if you were really alive!” she told the doll with a grin. Her eyes were then drawn to the inflation plug on the back of the doll’s body. Smiling she ran her fingers over it. “I bet if you were real you’d love it if I deflated you! Wouldn’t you?” With a flick of her fingers she did open the doll’s plug and watched as the inflated sex toy deflated. “Well this has been fun and all but I’m a little annoyed that Lisa got me here and just left you to entertain me. Oh well you will tell her I was here.“ Tina said with a laugh leaving the deflated Lisa doll to rest in a pile of latex on Lisa’s bed.

Tina left her friends house irritated that she’d been stood up and looking forward to a nice meal and some relaxation. It was just after her bath when the phone rang. She went to answer and was rewarded with the voice of her friend Lisa.

“Hi Tina! It’s me Lisa. That was so naughty of you and yes I did enjoy it when you deflated me!!” Lisa uttered with a giggle.

“Oh hello Lisa.” Tina replied in an tone of some annoyance. “What are you talking about? I didn’t even see you tonight.” she told her friend thinking she must really be stoned.

“Oh I was there! You saw me and touched me very nicely! Don’t you remember I told you I’d have my owner change me so you could see how I look when I’m his doll. “ Lisa reminded her.

By now Tina was sure Lisa had been watching her in Lisa’s apartment. Lisa had probably had a camera on when Tina had been playing with the sex doll. “Now be serious Lisa that was just a fuck doll and nothing else! I’m sure you and your owner/ boyfriend had a good laugh with me but right now I’m not in the mood for your silliness!” Tina brusquely announced to Lisa.

“I didn’t do it to embarrass you Tina. I wanted you to see it’s all possible and all true! I thought you above everyone else could appreciate it. But if I’ve hurt you I’m sorry besides I did want to say goodbye. I’m going to be gone for awhile. You see I’ve decided to let my owner have me full time. I’m going to be his doll from now on and the Lisa you knew will be gone I think.” Lisa admitted with some hurt in her voice.

“Wait, Lisa are you saying you’re moving in with your boyfriend?” a confused Tina asked.

“No, well in a way but he’s my owner not my boyfriend. Anyway I’m giving up my apartment and selling my car. I’ve already left my job and getting rid of my things. By tomorrow I’ll be in my own box he’s gotten for me and I’ll be truly happy. So I’ll say goodbye Tina but my owner says he’s going to send you something special in your email so have a good life Tina I know I will, goodbye!!” With that the phone went dead leaving an amazed Tina at a loss for what to think or say.

It was later as she was reading in her bed that Tina’s thoughts returned to her conversation with Lisa. “She was bullshitting me that’s it! No it was the hypnosis! She probably believed everything she said. Her boyfriend is probably going to be keeping her hypnotized all the time as his little sex slave. That has to be it!” Tina told herself.

As the night went on Tina realized she’d forgotten to check her email. Walking over to her laptop she logged on and began going through her mail. Surprisingly she found an email from her friend Lisa. Tina was about to delete when she saw that it had an attachment. Curious she opened the message but instead of it being from Lisa it was her boyfriend who had sent it using Lisa’s account. At least she thought it was Lisa’s boyfriend since Lisa kept calling him her owner.

The message was definitely not written by Lisa as she began to notice from her perusal of the e-mail. It began with an explanation that it was not written by Lisa.

Hi Tina,

This is Lisa’s owner. I’d tell you my name but at this point it’s not really important.

I’m sending this on behalf of Lisa. Before I changed her she told me you didn’t

believe anything she told you. She was quite upset by this so I promised I’d

personally show you just how true her statements were. Lisa also knows that

you fantasized about this just like her so maybe after the initial shock you too will

find yourself enjoying it as much as she did. Now to begin the only thing you have

to do is trust me. You’ll be alright in fact even safer than if you went driving in

your car. Just open the attachment and enjoy the ride!

Yours, Lisa’s owner.

Tina grinned and began to giggle. “Oh Lisa you’re really trying to get me involved in your little fantasy huh?!” she thought to herself. “You even got your boyfriend into this !”

Tina was about to delete the whole thing and leave it at that when she remembered the attachment. “I wonder what that thing is about?” she wondered as she looked on. Tina knew what opening an attachment from someone she really didn’t know could entail. “My anti-virus is up to date and I think I can handle anything else that might be involved if it’s not on the up and up. Oh what the hell I’ll open it!” she resolved with some finality.

Tina’s finger double clicked on the attachment and she looked on intently watching for something to happen. When nothing did Tina was almost disappointed. “Well that’s an anti-climatic moment!” she told herself shaking her head.

Tina was just about to get up when everything went dark. “What the hell?! There’s no storm or anything. I wonder why the lights went out.” she wondered as she began to think about getting up and finding her flashlight.

As soon as the thought went through her mind a brilliant light came on temporarily blinding her. “What the hell is that?” Tina exclaimed in surprise. As the spots began to disappear from her eyes and the dim outlines began to come into focus she realized one thing immediately. “Where’s my laptop?! What, the lights go out for a second and someone steals my laptop damn it!!” Tina furiously concluded. She then saw how not only her laptop was gone but so was the desk it was sitting on. In fact her whole room had disappeared. “What the hell is going on? Where am I?” as she saw she wasn’t in her room she was in somewhere else she didn’t recognize.

It looked like a living room definitely not hers though! Tina didn’t recognize a thing she could see. She decided to look around but when she tried to turn her head she couldn’t. Now what had been confusing and strange began to translate into alarming. “Why can’t I move my head?” Tina wondered and then tried to move her body. “Oh no I can’t move anything! What the fuck is happening!!?” even this caused her more consternation as she had wanted to shout that aloud but instead she’d been struck dumb as well.

As Tina stood in frozen consternation someone walked into the room. Tina watched as they moved around apparently dusting the furniture. As they approached something finally hit her like a slap in the face. They were gigantic in fact the whole room was made on titanic proportions. In comparison Tina was small about ten inches tall if everything was normal scale. “How can this be? Is this a dream or some strange alternate dimension?” she thought in surprise and fear. “I can’t really be that small can I? Tina asked herself.

As if to answer her question giant fingers reached out to grab her. It all seemed so unreal “I must be asleep that’s it! I’m dreaming, this isn’t real!! Tina reassured herself as the giant hand grabbed her.


In the instant the hand touched her a jolt shot through her frozen form. Not a jolt of pain on the contrary it was one of ecstasy that filled her diminutive form. Tina began to orgasm over and over. It felt like her vagina was on fire as her whole body was touched. In that moment she knew she was no longer flesh and blood. As the fingers touched her she could tell she was smooth and hard now. Her soft and warm flesh was gone replaced by cool metal.

The giant hand brought a cloth to her and her sexual feelings to a new crescendo of pleasure that for a moment made the whole world dim. As they finished polishing her cool hard surface they brought her up to admire her and when they did Tina was able to see herself in the mirror behind her. Again the realization hit her as she saw what she truly was. A small figurine, a statuette even was what she was now. No not that she was a trophy that what she was.

It all came back to her now. Tina remembered her first conscious thoughts as she was freed from her mold. The memories of her cooling and being polished began to fill her mind. Along with them came the feelings of pleasure from that polishing. Tina recalled how she was mounted on a wooden base and packaged. She was then left to languish in a warehouse for a time until they pulled her and she was polished again. This time she was etched on her base with an inscription followed by another packaging. Finally at a formal dinner she was awarded to her owner.

Tina remembered how everyone desired her how they all wanted to hold her and touch her. She was wanted as she’d never been wanted before! Every touch was ecstasy to her and she craved the attention so! She saw how she looked all gold with arms and wings outstretched. Yes, wings she loved having wings it made her feel so precious like she was gift from heaven to this person. She was a gift to show how her new owner had succeeded where others had failed. Tina was an avatar for a companies appreciation to their best salesman so it was only fitting that the best should receive her she thought. “After all I’m worth so much only someone who’s the best should have me!” is all the golden trophy could think as she was placed back on the shelf where she was kept.

Tina happily settled back to where she was kept on display forgetting her fear and apprehension. The memories of Tina the girl were slipping away leaving only the memories of Tina the trophy. As her memories went so did time itself at first days then weeks. Finally years had passed and her life as trophy became all Tina knew in fact she wouldn’t have even remembered her name.

She remained on her shelf proudly displayed but as the years went by she was slowly forgotten as the man who she was awarded to grew old. Tina began to tarnish as this happened which with the neglect did sadden her. Finally she was taken down by someone she recognized as one of his grown children and to her despair was packed away into a box.

In the darkness she was reminded of her time in the warehouse after she had been made. In the cloying darkness time had no meaning so eventually her mind quieted and Tina slumbered.

It was with a burst of blinding light she awoke to find someone holding her and polishing her up. Again she was put on a shelf this time in a second hand store “At least this is better than being put away and forgotten.” Tina consoled herself as she waited to be purchased. She had enjoyed the attention she received but she craved the feeling she had when she was first awarded. It was her purpose in life her only fulfillment and she’d missed it all this time.

Still it was nice to be on display on a shelf for all to see. Tina could still see the admiring looks from those who browsed in the store. She enjoyed that as well as she always had. Finally one day someone came in and to her surprise purchased her. They even wanted her to be engraved for a new owner.

The engraving tickled but it felt good not so much for it’s tactile pleasure as the thought she was going to wanted and loved again. Her excitement grew as the time grew nearer. With each person’s touch her orgasms seemed to heighten. When the time came and she was handed to her new owner the applause of the audience were drowned out by her own mental cries of pleasure. As the fingers wrapped around her and held her tight she blacked out with a final mental convulsion of ecstasy.

Tina woke up. In front of her was her laptop the screen saver doing its job. She looked at the clock and gasped. Only a few hours had gone by but to her it had seemed like years and years. Again she reacted with surprise as she realized she was breathing. Tina looked around her room bewildered as she realized she was not a trophy but a living woman as she had been. “What the hell just happened?” asking herself not really expecting anyone to tell her.

Tina looked at herself in her mirror and saw the same blonde haired five foot four inch woman as before. Still the memories of an existence that couldn’t have been remained.

She shook her head to clear her mind but the thoughts she’d had as a metallic trophy came to haunt her.

Tina got up and stared at her laptop almost as if she was afraid to touch it. In fact she was apprehensive about touching it. “Now what will happen? Shit I don’t know but I’ve got to try.” Tina told herself as she reached out to touch the mouse pad.

As she did the answer to her questions appeared on the screen as the screen saver disappeared. It said Magic in bold letters and underneath that said It’s just the start! Moments later it disappeared leaving her desktop as it was. Tina checked her mail and found the message gone. There wasn’t even any record of it at all. It was as if it had never been.

Tina shut down her laptop and went to bed. “I need to get some rest. That’s it I was way too tired and I’ve just been having a dream! Yeah that’s it!” she said to herself as she fell asleep.

The next day she went to work and did her best to forget the evening before. The feeling of apprehension never quite went away as she sat at her computer. Tina kept wondering if some e-mail would pop up and what happened last night would happen again. Finally the day passed as uneventfully as normal.

The day after and the day after that was the same. The whole week passed without incident till the weekend arrived. It was late Saturday and Tina was surfing looking at some favorite sites. It was with an unexpected alert that she saw she’d received an email from Lisa again.

Instead of opening it she deleted it without looking.

Hours later she was using her computer again and again she received an alert about receiving an e-mail. Again it was from Lisa and Tina deleted it again. This time it reappeared within an hour. Again she deleted it. It showed back up after another half hour had elapsed. Again she deleted it. A worried somewhat frightened Tina shut down her laptop and didn’t use it the rest of that weekend. “It’s like I’m being stalked! I’ll just change my email that should end this!” Tina told herself as she was starting her day on the following Monday.

Monday afternoon came and an email alert came which surprised Tina. She hadn’t told anyone about her new address. When she saw who sent it a ripple of fear went through her. “How?! How in the hell did she or he if it’s her boyfriend get my new address?!!” a worried Tina asked herself. She decided to ignore it till she got home that night.

Unfortunately it wouldn’t be ignored as her email kept coming up. Tina would exit out of it but inevitably it would appear again insistently. This began to frustrate her to no end as for the rest of day she was pestered by this.

It was with some relief when she made it through her day and left for home. When Tina got home it was with more frustration at the harassment then apprehension when she decided to confront the message that was plaguing her. “I’m going to end this thing! I’ve had it!” she told herself angrily.

Tina turned on her laptop and went to check her mail and like she thought the e-mail from Lisa was there mocking her. With a snort of disgust she opened it fully intending to send a scathing response to whoever was harassing her. When she opened the message she received another surprise. It read.

Hello Tina,

As I told you this is magic so that’s why changing your address and deleting it has no effect. Now this is for your benefit you must know. It’s not meant to harm or hurt you but to broaden your experience and show you things Lisa and I thought you needed to know. In fact we think it might change you! So enjoy the ride Tina!

Lisa’s owner.

There at the end of the message was the attachment again. “Broaden my experience? Is that what all this harassment is about?! I can’t see how this is to benefit me either! She thought disdainfully. Then the memory of the other experience began to fill her thoughts. Tina began to feel the orgasms again like she did before. “Well maybe it will benefit me!” Tina reconsidered as the feelings subsided. Before she could change her mind her fingers clicked on the mouse and again everything faded to black.

When consciousness returned she was presented with a new view. Tina found herself looking down seeing a black marble slab she seemed to be standing on. Out of the corner of her eye she could see she was outdoors. In fact she seemed to be able to see a lot considering she was facing downward unable to move. Tina could make out other statues mostly all bronze and female. They were all very erotic as well nude or semi-nude women. It began to dawn on her that she might be looking similar to them.

In fact she was feeling very sexy and as she could see over her right shoulder she was holding a sheet over herself. Her left breast was exposed as was that side of her now bronze metallic body. In fact her entire body was nude and exposed just the front portions of her anatomy were strategically covered.

Even with her facing downwards she had a remarkable field of view. Tina could see around herself quite nicely. In fact her tactile senses were so enhanced she could feel the slightest of breezes on her now metallic body. With every stimulation of her enhanced sense of touch a wave of sensual even orgasmic pleasure would wash over her mind.

2As she stood there unmoving and a voyeur to all around her images and memories began to fill her mind. Tina began to recall her first conscious thoughts when the metal that was the basis of her body was cooling after being removed from the form. She recalled the feeling of the heat on her bronze form. The languorous pleasure it evoked in her made her smile even if her face remained a metallic mask. Further strong memories came as she remembered the grinding on her body as the rough surfaces were removed. Instead of painful the grinding was one tidal wave of erotic pleasure after another that swept throughout her total form.

Her memories moved on to the various chemical treatments that were applied to give her the appropriate patina. For her new form it was as if she was given the pleasure women usually have when taking a bubble bath. It was so relaxing she really didn’t want it to end.

But it did and then began the polishing of her smooth hard cool body. Again she was swept with the erotic pleasure of someone stimulating her loins. It puzzled her though why she knew that since she’d never had anything like that as a bronze statue. The memories of Tina the living woman were again submerged by the mind and memory of Tina the bronze statue.

Tina the bronze statue was enjoying all the attention she got as they finished the final touches on her beautiful sexy body. One of those who was working on her seemed to really take a liking to her. His fingers seemed to linger over her body stroking her nipple, touching her sculptured ass. He smiled at her and whispered how he wished she was a living statue he could have for himself.

Tina didn’t know why but she loved the attention. She even wished she could have been what he wanted. Instead after they finished her she was moved to a warehouse where she was catalogued and stored.

There she remained next to other statues and figures waiting to be purchased. For Tina this was somewhat dull compared to her earlier adventures. She even picked up a coating of dust waiting for her turn to be purchased and shipped off. It was with a bit of jealousy on her part when she would see one of the other figures shipped off leaving her still standing there.

It went on like this for what seemed like months when to Tina’s delight she was taken and carefully packed away. In no time at all she found herself in her present circumstances on display and for sale

“This is so much better than that dusty old warehouse!” she told herself “I especially love it when they hold me in their hands when they decide whether to buy me or not! Tina sighed to herself.

All these things she recalled about her life as a statue. As she stood there content in what she was and looking forward to the prospect of being purchased and put on display in someone’s home, it happened. Tina was taken and again packed away for delivery.

Tina was in her box when the blinding light from outside roused her from her contented meditation. Large hands picked her up and removed her from the packing in the box she was delivered in. Her sensitive bronze body responded to the touch by having Tina’s mind bathed in erotic passion just like all those times before when she was touched. It was heightened by the polishing she then received before she was carried off and placed on a shelf in what looked like a library. “I seem to go so well with the dark wood panels here!” Tina mused as she took in her surroundings.

Her new owner would often stop to admire and touch her as she stood posed on the shelf in his library. Tina the statue was even well illuminated to show her off to any visitor who was welcomed in. It didn’t matter really what others thought about his new erotic statue for him she was his favorite. He even gave her a name calling her Sarah. Tina couldn’t be sure but she felt that she might have reminded her owner of someone he knew. Tina didn’t mind she was adored and well displayed which for her was enough.

The time seemed to slip by effortlessly. Her life was one of being dusted and polished occasionally. She would be admired now and again but mostly standing very still in the well appointed library with her thoughts. Tina would look forward to those moments when someone would fondle her or polish her. Being there to overhear conversations and watch the little dramas that would play out in front of her would also be something entertaining for her.

There were the times her owner would show off her erotic form to lovely young ladies then would compare them to her. This was all in an attempt to seduce them which would take place right in front of her. In some way she too would feel the erotic touch of her owner as he made love to these women.

The months grew into years and her inanimate life went on. As her owner grew older though his fascination for her only seemed to grow. As the years robbed him of any hope of seducing a woman again the only joy he seemed to receive was when he adored his little statue. Tina would again and again hear him wish she could come to life in his arms. Then he would sadly sigh and head to his room to sleep.

While she loved the way her owner adored her and wanted her. It saddened her that she couldn’t give him what he wanted.

One day her owner came to her. It had been months since he had seen her. When she saw her owner he was smiling but not like he had been. It looked as if every move he made was a Herculean effort on his part. His smile was sad as he took her in his shaking hands. Again he stroked her bronze body this time with shaking fingers that struggled to move. He leaned close to her with his labored breathing and spoke again. For the last time he wished she could be his for his last night on earth.

He settled onto the nearby couch and dropped her hard metallic body next to his. Again she wished she could give him his wish. It was no sooner than she had that thought then she began to glow.

Tina began to grow becoming larger before her owner. Even in his weakened condition he could cry out in surprise as he saw what was unbelievable. The erotic statue that stood only two feet tall was now growing and even more surprising she was moving.

Tina was as shocked and surprised herself as she began to grow. Then to her astonishment she found herself able to move as well. She stood there now as tall as any normal woman clutching the red sheet in front of her and now gazing at her owner. Tina smiled and slowly lowered her only means of modesty to the amazed and smiling old man who had bought her those many years ago. He gazed longingly into her eyes and reached out to touch her bronze colored skin.

Tina was in awe herself as her skin and body were no longer the same bronze they’d been her whole life. It seemed soft and warm not the hard yet cold surface she’d always had. It wasn’t exactly skin as everyone had but something akin to it yet still having features of her metal structure.

Her owner didn’t care as he caressed her with a loving grin. With what strength he had left he pulled her closer. For Tina his touch was unlike any she’d felt before. All she could do was allow him to pull her closer as the feelings coursed through her body. Those erotic sensations were magnified when his fingers touched her.

He held her tight and her whole body convulsed as she orgasmed repeatedly. His lips finally touched hers as he held her and kissed her deeply. For the first time she’d felt someone’s lips on hers and for her this was a revelation. The lights literally exploded in her mind as she came and came again.

His hold on her loosened as his eyes closed for the last time. A smile remained on his face as he lay there peacefully. As she looked on him she noticed the tear that trickled down his cheek. Tina the living statue didn’t quite know why but a similar one fell down her cheek as well. Then her whole world went black again.

She woke up with her screen saver flashing at her but she had no memory of where she was or how she got there. The last thing she remembered was that she was a statue made of bronze. In fact that was all she remembered ever being so waking up in front of this computer and with her not bronze but flesh left her confused and afraid.

It was moments later when her confusion and panic began to dissipate as Tina began to remember who and what she was. Tina then looked at the email message she’d received. It was gone and in it’s place was a simple sentence that said ‘hope you had fun!’ and just like that it disappeared like before. Tina as before looked to see where the mystery email went but as before there was no sign of it at all.

Tina went over to the mirror and looked at herself. As she did the memories of being that erotic bronze statue came to haunt her. Then the memory of being a trophy came to her and those feelings of being fondled when she was metal and frozen left her unconsciously touching her self. A soft moan escaped her lips as she looked seeing herself hard, gold, and erotic. “Oh, oh….so hard, so sexy, yes…yes that’s me. Oh touch me, hold me!!” Tina told herself as she relived her erotic memories that still made her cum.

When Tina had finished she lay in bed wondering just what was being done to her and to what end it was all leading.

The next day she called in sick. She wasn’t sure but she really didn’t think she’d be very productive since she was still having flashbacks to her inanimate life. What’s worse she felt something pulling on her making her or a part of her want to return to that form.

With a few days off and a life of normalcy she was sure she’d forget all about it. Trouble was when she woke up after a rather vivid dream she caught a glimpse of herself and she’d have sworn to heaven her skin had a metallic sheen to it. It had disappeared almost immediately …if it had been there at all.

Soon the dreams and thoughts evaporated leaving her as close to normal as she’d been these past few months. Tina found work to be a therapeutic diversion from all that had occurred and threw herself into it. Months went by before she had some slight memory of those hallucinations as Tina had convinced herself they were.

Still on one weekend when Tina had wandered over to a local art museum she found herself drawn to some particular exhibits. The statues seemed to pull her in captivating her as she gazed at them, particularly the female statues. Tina for a moment began to think how lovely they seemed and happy. The thought struck her on how if she stood on a plinth maybe she could feel that way too. It also occurred to her how much lovelier she’d be on display like that. “I’d be so wonderfully sexy if I just stood motionless and let myself stiffen to a petrified utopia where all my dreams come true!” Tina told herself as her eyes seemed to glaze over.

It was a long fifteen or twenty minutes before Tina’s rational mind re-asserted itself. She snapped back to reality shaking her head and headed right out the door. “It was a friggen dream damn it! It wasn’t real!!” she muttered to herself.

Tina continued down the streets window shopping to keep her mind off anything approaching those thoughts that seemed to again haunt her. Window by window she lost track of time and her disquieting thoughts. Soon Tina found herself in front of one with the mannequins displayed in the window in an appealing manner.

Tina again found herself studying the frozen figures. Her eyes went from their perfect legs to their tiny waists and their exquisitely fine features. Again Tina caught herself and shook those unwanted feelings from her consciousness. “What is it with me today! I don’t want to be a statue or mannequin!” Tina insisted “Still…” she paused “If I was one…no….no I don’t want to be a mannequin!” her rational self shouted in her mind evaporating those random nascent fantasies.

Tina hurried home finding solace in her accustomed surroundings. She then went to her computer and as her habits dictated began reading her e-mail. To her surprise Tina found an e-mail from Lisa or was it her owner/boyfriend? She couldn’t say but after all these months she thought she’d never hear from anyone of them again.

Tina then remembered both those other hallucinations she underwent or where they some sort of hypnotic garbage? She didn’t know but she wondered if she could take the risk to read this one. “I know if I delete this it’ll probably show up tomorrow or the day after that over and over till I read the damn thing! What the hell it can’t hurt me besides those were just dreams they weren’t real!!” Tina reflected as she stared at the screen.

Her fingers then opened the message and read.

Dear Tina:

Hello again this is Lisa’s owner. Lisa asked me to say hello to you as well. She’s really loving her new life she says. We both hoped you enjoyed our previous excursions and wanted to offer you a new one. Remember this is magic not a dream or hypnosis. As always you won’t be harmed and will be returned to your life as you have always been. We both hope though you will have your horizons broadened!

Lisa’s Owner.

“Broadened?!! Is that what this shit is about!? Please don’t do me no favors!!” was all she could sarcastically think to herself as she shook her head in amazement. “I don’t need this!” she thought disgustedly. So it might have ended that way except one of those stray memories came back to her. It was so vivid she didn’t even notice when she opened the attachment. The memory faded to be replaced by darkness.

The light from the morning sun seemed to dazzle her as Tina stood there. The morning light reflected from the glass panes of the nearby buildings as it seemed to do downtown. Tina recognized the location, it was where her favorite department store was located. From her perspective she seemed to be standing in one of the windows that graced the stores façade.

3Her vision seemed to blur for a moment as something swept over her consciousness like a tidal wave over a distant shore blotting out anything that was there previously. “Favorite store?! Why would I have a favorite store?! A mannequin doesn’t have a favorite store. “ Tina the mannequin giggled to herself at the sheer silliness of the thought.

Tina could see the reflection of her now plastic segmented body in the window. Her long brown reddish curly hair cascaded over her chocolate shoulders and down her back. Tina’s brown glass eyes and full lips complemented her high cheekbones on her beautiful African face.

If someone had asked her about her past Tina would have remembered all about how she was made in the factory. Her first memories were after they had taken her parts from the molds and how they began painting her, giving her an identity which she had never had before. Tina then would have recalled how she was boxed up after they finished making her presentable. She would have found the long period being stored away somewhat dull but then again time might not have been so heavy on her as on a living woman.

Then when her box was picked up and shipped off to her new owner Tina would have found that a novel experience. When she was unpacked and assembled she might have remarked on how everyone who touched her seemed to drive her mannequin mind wild as if her inanimate senses were so damn sensitive that any caress was heavenly.

“I love how they treat me when they dress me! I so enjoy being pampered like this!” Tina thought as she was made ready for her first time on display.

As she stood there in the window she took in all the people and surroundings marveling at all it. When they stopped to admire her or even stare at her it made her feel so good inside. “I love being here on display and heavens the looks they give me are so wonderful!” Tina the mannequin observed and then giggled “I think some of them wish I was like they are!” which seemed so amusing since she really wouldn’t have wanted to be anything or anyone else.

The store had her in one window or another most of the time. There was also times when Tina was put on display inside the store. Wherever she was Tina began to get to know the persons who dressed her and handled her. There always seemed to be one person who was there to take care of her and make her feel so good when she was being dressed for display.

He seemed to dote on her she noticed and when he was alone with her and the other mannequins he’d talk to her. “I think he likes me more than any of the other girls.” Tina told herself “I wonder why? I mean I’m not like those other girls who walk by. I’m beautifully plastic and stiff ! Does he wish me to be like those soft fleshy girls?!” the confused mannequin wondered with disdain. “I hope not! I’d never want to be like them!” Tina told herself as she stared out of the display she happily occupied.

The moments of her inanimate life continued in an unending stream. For Tina the flow of time was far different for her than for a living girl. In a way time itself had no meaning for the beautiful mannequin, it just was. Even so she could revel in those moments when she was appreciated and admired. Tina might have even said loved if she could understand that but for her mannequin mind it might have been a strange concept. Still the attention she received from her personal dresser as she began to regard him was very flattering to her. Tina didn’t quite understand why he’d caress her and touch her in that way but it felt even more wonderful than the normal way they usually handled her. “Oh mmm, yes that’s so nice!!” the pretty mannequin moaned to herself as her dresser rubbed her hard plastic nipples. He’d then tell her how lovely she was and how he wanted her.

“I wonder what he wants me for? Does he have a store? Will he buy me?” Tina would often wonder after those intimate moments had passed. “I can see why he might need me. After all I’m sure I’d be the loveliest display form in his store. “ the dark skinned plastic girl would assure itself.

One day though the ebony living mannequin found herself being broken down. She thought it was only temporary till she was moved to another display but this time she was put into the storage room, her pieces placed into bins or shelves with other mannequins. It was a bit depressing just being on a shelf in pieces after being so much in the spotlight all over the store. “Then again there’s just something liberating about being just parts that can be brought together to form another lovely form for someone’s artistic talent to use as a palette for their art!” Tina observed “It also gives me a chance to think and if nothing else just relax!” the naked African mannequin thought to herself in the dark room where she was stored away.

Tina thought she’d never see her dresser again till she was needed for another display. Again she was right he’d only come by to gather parts for other mannequins but to her surprise he’d glance over at her on the shelf she occupied and grin at her. It was later one night when he did walk in and put his arm around her and tell her how much he needed her. He then did something quite unexpected to the disassembled mannequin when he pressed his lips against her full pink plastic lips and in the barely lit room whispered he loved her.

“He loves me?!” the mannequin thought amazed “I don’t think that’s happened to me before, strange! Maybe he loves how I look and show off the clothing I wear. I know those human girls are loved by men like him. I know I love being a mannequin. Would that be the same?” the hollow facsimile of a woman wondered.

This man who would often touch her kept up his intimate exploration of her torso as he spoke to her. “You know Tina I thought you were nuts when you asked for this. I mean what women asks to be turned into a mannequin!” he smiled as he caressed her armless and legless plastic torso. “Still I went ahead and did it for you.” he shook his head “Damn you came out so beautiful too! I think we might just keep you looking like this when you’re eventually restored. Then again I bet you probably don’t want to be restored!” he grinned.

“It’s been six months since you were flesh and blood but I’m sure you don’t remember that anymore!” he chuckled as he began to gather up Tina’s pieces. “I’m beginning to wonder if it would be such a bad thing if I left you this way for a few more years. I could always change the way you look and rent you out as well. Of course since I work here I can always sneak you back into this store.” he began to take her modular plastic form and pack her into a soft sided duffel bag. He looked down into the bag “Don’t worry we’ll get you back in a window but I just need a little time with my mannequin!” he grinned as he zipped the bag shut.

Tina was in shock “What was all that about?!! I’m a mannequin I’ve always been a mannequin. He thinks I was a human women!! He has to be crazy!” she told herself inside the darkness she found herself in. She also realized to her alarm “He’s stealing me too!! No they can’t let him do this! I belong here!! I’m store property not his personal possession!!” Tina was experiencing something she’d never felt before. Tina couldn’t even find the word to describe it. For everyone else it was known as fear. “What is he going to do with me?!” Tina asked herself in despair as she was carried away.

Soon they arrived and Tina felt herself being set down in the bag he’d placed her. He then began taking out her pieces and reassembling her face up on his bed. “What is this place? Why am I lying down? I can’t display anything like this! I was made to stand upright!!” the plastic African facsimile of a woman thought to herself.

Tina could only wonder in all her plastic confusion over what was going on. He leaned over her and kissed her on her lips “You’re so beautiful honey! I know you wanted more time as the lovely mannequin you are but damn I can’t stand not having you anymore!” he gushed as he began kissing and licking her naked plastic body.

“Oh yes, yes, yesssss! Don’t stop!!” was all the living mannequin could think as the constant erotic pleasure began to rise to an overwhelming tide that submerged her consciousness to everything around her. Her mysterious lover and kidnapper then rose and while standing at the foot of the bed she laid on pointed a ring on his finger at her and began mumbling something that Tina didn’t understand but seemed familiar somehow.

4He grinned as something happened which even Tina still addled by her feelings of lust could feel as it coursed through her still form. It began as a tingle and what seemed strange to the mannequin, a feeling of softness, as she lay there looking up at the ceiling. He watched as she began to shift from hard stiff fiberglass reinforced plastic to soft flesh like silicone rubber and latex. The feeling of being a hollow segmented plastic object began to evaporate as she became a girl shaped mass of silicone rubber with an aluminum internal skeleton.

“What am I?!” the confused sex doll asked herself as she stared at the bedroom ceiling. “I am… a… manne… doll… mannequin…. doll no! Mannequin! I’m a display fixture!… Doll! I… I’m made for pleasure! No! I’m made for display!… Ohhhh!!”

Tina’s bewildered mind struggled to comprehend what had happened to herself as the first orgasm struck her. Even through this fog of confusion Tina could tell already that the pleasurable feelings she felt as a mannequin were different from those of her current form. “I feel so… so… horny! I want … no I need to be… be used, yes that’s it! I need to have my… holes… yes my pussy my ass and my mouth need to be used as well!” Tina the love doll thought to itself. A part of Tina’s mind wondered how she even knew these things. After all a mannequin hasn’t any of the orifices a doll like her had not to mention any idea about sex or even feeling horny. Still it all seemed so familiar to her for some reason.

Then her mystery man touched her and all thoughts were gone as the feelings of pleasure went through the doll’s mind.

He began touching his new real doll on her breasts and rubber vagina. Tina was becoming lost in her new form and role as he began making love to her. “Oh this is so nice! I’ve been wanting to fuck you right there in the window honey!” he told her as his lips and tongue began exploring her chocolate rubber body. Even as it seemed so strange to Tina it seemed so familiar as well. It was if she’d been here before and felt his lips on her body but the memory seemed so hazy she couldn’t recall it clearly. Somehow he seemed even more familiar than ever. It was as if she’d known him before she was ever standing in a window.

Those thoughts seemed to subside as he continued to make love to her. He began to lube up her vagina and other orifices. Tina the doll continued to think only the thoughts of a doll used for sexual pleasure. Still deep inside her mind the feeling of déjà vu continued to pervade her. Glimpses of this mans face seemed to swim to her consciousness. Still her thoughts were only those of desire and lust as he kissed her and began to slide deep into her dolly slick dolly hole.

Orgasm after orgasm racked her mind as she lay there being the perfect doll. Finally her owner shuddered as he came inside Tina’s rubber pussy and slipped out of her. It was quite awhile later when the first coherent thoughts came to the newly made sex doll. “Oh that was so good! I love when my owner uses me! I love the feel of him inside me so!!” the silicone doll thought to herself as she lay on the bed. Still deep inside these overpowering thoughts Tina continued to feel how strange it was she was calling him her owner when not too long ago she was calling him her personal visual merchandiser.

Then it seemed that she knew him from before long before she was in a window. For the first time it hit her “I know him! He’s owned me before! He was the man who had me when I was a trophy! Shit he’s the man who owned me when I was a statue!! Now he’s here when I’m a statue and doll!! How can this be? How can I be all those things and how can he have been there?! What the hell is going on what am I?!!” the confused doll asked herself as her doll thoughts dissipated.

Tina lay there in a mix of confusion and fear when he walked in and smiled. He caressed her soft rubber cheek “You’ve figured it out haven’t you? I knew eventually you would Tina!” he smiled at her again, “I’ve enjoyed you so much Tina honey!” he sighed as he rubbed her breast.

Tina was enjoying his fondling but was still able to listen to his words. “I’m Lisa’s owner and as per her request I’ve been the one changing you and giving you a glimpse of a whole new world. I know some of this might have seemed strange maybe even alarming but I know you’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Now you probably think all this was done without your permission but I’ll let you in on a secret. Yes I can change you or any young lady I want to but I can’t keep them if they don’t want me to. So you see at any time you could have changed back to yourself in fact Lisa could do that as well but she hasn’t. You and her are free to go if you want. Or stay and remain as what I make you so the choice as always is up to you!” he smiled and kissed Tina on her full lips.

The apprehension seemed to drain away as a curtain lifted on her mind. He sat next to her holding her hand as a warm feeling of peace seemed to suffuse throughout her body. “This is my decision, my life and I can live it as I want! What I want is…” and darkness enveloped her for the final time.

His name was James and he was smiling as he walked into his house. “Lisa will love this. I know she gets kind of lonely on her shelf all day when I’m not home.“ he grinned thinking of the transformed girl stored on a shelf in his bedroom. He walked in and smiled at the deflated love doll in her box “Surprise Lisa, it’s a friend for you and me!” he reached in and pulled out another inflated latex doll box. It like the Lisa doll box had the new doll’s face visible in a window with her name written right above it. It said to the joy of Lisa the love doll, ‘Tina Doll with three holes for your pleasure she’s your dream’.

James put Tina next to Lisa so they could face each other, “I’ll leave you two to get reacquainted before I take you both out and have my way with you!!” he smiled as he left them alone on the shelf. He swore he could almost hear Lisa say I told you so and hear Tina giggle.

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