To Make a Doll

by DollMaster

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© Copyright 2009 - DollMaster - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; lycra; bodysuit; liquidlatex; encase; body-mold; mc; doll; cons; X


I laid out all the supplies on my bed. There was a gallon of flesh-colored thick liquid latex, a sprayer, and a stocking thin nude lycra catsuit. I spread a plastic sheet on the floor and waited. My partners in my little fantasy, Kelli and April, returned from their little outing laden with bags from Victoria's Secret.

"Matt, you have no idea how much fun we are going to have!", Kelli exclaimed. I did indeed know how much fun I was going to have. It was my fantasy...... to become a living doll for my two best friends. But not just any doll...... I was to be perfected..... I wanted to be a beautiful female doll.

Kelli and April led me into the bathroom and removed my clothes. I told them for my fantasy to be completed, I would have to be transformed by someone else, and they gladly accepted the task. I stepped into the tub, and they proceeded to shave my entire body, starting with a razor and shaving cream, and ending with a depilatory lotion. When they were done, I was totally hairless from the top of my head to my feet. They toweled my body dry and I stepped out of the tub. April went and got the catsuit while Kelli spread satiny moisturizer all over my body.

"Every pretty doll has soft skin. You want to be a pretty doll, don't you?"

"Yes, ma'am," I said in a girlish voice, starting to put myself into the doll persona. The previous night I had slept listening to a hypnotic tape created to aid me in the total transformation. Keywords and descriptions were imbedded in my mind and would become active at various steps of the process.

April returned with the catsuit. I had made several modifications to the suit in the past couple weeks. Instead of a swipe of fabric across my toes, each toe was independent. I had cut a small hole where my manhood would go through when I put on the suit. I opened a small hole just over my anus, to allow for both waste removal and fun-n-games. Finally I had removed the zipper. Kelli was good with a needle, and would sew me into the suit. Once I became the doll, it wasn't planned for me becoming a man again, at least not for a long time. I had designed a special butt plug attached to a machine which would automatically give me an enema and remove any solid waste, and April and Kelli had agreed to take care of me.

I sat down, and April started to work the catsuit over my feet and legs. She made sure each toe was in it proper place. I wiggled them, and they looked like real doll toes. I giggled. I was so excited. She glided the catsuit over my smooth, silky legs. I loved the way the thin lycra slid past my skin. April told me to stand, and I got up like a good dolly should. She pulled the catsuit over my hips and butt, and pulled my cock through the hole. The tight lycra held my gonads against my body, creating a smooth expanse of lycra. She pulled it up and slid my arms into my new skin, making sure the gloves were tight against my hands. She pulled the suit up over my shoulders and Kelli went to work.

"Stand still, my pretty doll. I don't want to hurt you."

I stiffened up, as a good doll does when she isn't being played with, and let Kelli do her work. I went over names in my head, though I was sure April and Kelli would give me a name. I hope they name me Melissa. I like Melissa. Slowly, the suit was getting tighter and tighter as Kelli sewed the back shut.

"All done!"

I felt my back with my hand. I was impressed. I could barely feel the seam. I touched my new skin and I could feel was lycra.

"Thank you, ma'am.", I said, the girlish voice emerging easier. I could barely remember what my own voice sounded like, and my mind slowly drifted towards the new role of a doll.

"You're welcome, dolly. Now, let's finish your skin."

I was led back into the bedroom and placed in the middle of the plastic sheet. April brought two arm rests and I put my arms straight out at my sides. She adjusted the rests and I let my arms relax. Kelli filled the sprayer with the thick liquid latex and started to spray me, starting with my chest and arms, then moving down. The lycra absorbed the rubber, coating it a thick and glossy finish, it becoming more and more my new skin. She quickly covered my body from my ankles to my wrists in a thick coating of latex. They got several blow dryers and turned them on me to help the latex dry faster.

Soon, my body was dry and even tighter than before. The feeling was wonderful. They powdered my body, then each woman took a hand and painted the latex into my fabric skin. They wanted their doll to be perfect, and spraying the latex on my hands would have left a mess. They blow dried my hands and repeated with my feet, so that each toe would be independent and perfect. April dried my feet while Kelli got out some acrylic nails that were a brilliant red.

"A good dolly has pretty nails. These will never break, and the cement is indestructible."

She put a large dab a glue were each nail would go. She pressed the nail hard into the glue and left it to dry. Soon, I had two hands full of beautiful, sculpted nails. April followed suit with my toenails, and I was becoming less and less a man and more like a pretty doll, my body now being totally latex.... artificial.

April smiled. "Now the fun part."

She brought out a box and pulled out several rubber items. I knew what each of them was. I had designed them. One was a set of pert breasts made of latex that I had molded from Kelli's. It was like a very small t-shirt of latex with the two perfect breasts attached. The shirt part only came down about an inch past the bottom of the breasts. I raised my arms and April pulled the shirt over my head. She spent a few seconds arranging my weighted breasts, and then pulled out a small tube of sealant.

"Now, Dolly, this won't just glue your breasts to your skin. It is a chemical which will make the two pieces of latex one."

I nodded and, with both of them working together, April squeezed the sealant under the t-shirt and around the edges where the shirt met my body. I could feel it warm slightly as the chemical rearranged the latex molecules and fused my breasts to my skin.

April was satisfied and smiled as she pulled out the next latex item. It was something I was particularly proud of. It was a perfect replica of a vagina, designed to fit over my genitals. Inside was a sleeve which would position the most sensitive part of my penis right where the g-spot on a woman is. It would be possible for me to have sex with a man, but I would belong only to Kelli and April. They promised me I would stay a lesbian doll. It also built up my hips, giving me the perfect hourglass figure.

"You know, Kelli," April said, smiling. "It's going to be hard for me to put on our dolly's pussy with Matt's cock throbbing like that."

"Maybe I can do something about that."

She knelt down and kissed the tip of my cock, then slipped her velvety lips over the top and down my shaft. He silky tongue wrapped around me and sucked hard. I fought as long as I could, but eventually I buckled to the pleasure and came in Kelli's mouth. She swallowed every last drop.

"Thank you, Kelli. Let's get to work."

The vagina was like a pair of shorts that came down to mid-thigh. I intentionally had made it very tight to make sure my penis was hidden. April pulled it up, and slipped my limp cock into the sleeve. It was lubricated inside the sleeve, and before long, I had a raging hard-on again, but, just as I had desgined it, it didn't show. April and Kelli made sure everything was just right before they squeezed some of the bonding chemical in between my latex skin and my new sex. In a matter of minutes, I had the body of an 18-year old, and 34B-24-36 measurements to boot. But the best part was still to come. April held up my greatest creation. It was a latex mask, which I had made from a mold of April's head. It had no zippers, and had to be forcefully pulled over my head. She held it up and I stared at my new face.

"OK, Matt..... this is the last stage to your transformation. After we put this mask on you, the person known as Matt dies...... forever. You will be a doll for the rest of your life. You know Kelli and I love you very much, and would never harm you in any way, but if you feel apprehensive in any way, speak now."

I looked her straight in the eye. Reciting the words like a mantra I said "My only wish is to become a doll for yours and Kelli's enjoyment. Nothing else matters to me. Please, April, transform me...... put on the mask."

"Of course. Any last requests?"

"Yes... please call me Melissa."

She nodded. "You are now Melissa." She rested the mask on my head and she and Kelli grabbed a side. Pulling down, the rubber neck expanded, then snapped into place as the mask settled into my face. I arranged the short breathing tubes in my nose and moved my mouth around, settling the rubber lips around my own. April lifted up the short flaps that covered my shoulders and applied the chemical. It was finished. I was now my dream..... a beautiful female doll.

April and Kelli stood back, amazed at there own handiwork. They chorused the final hypnotic que 'You are now a Doll". My mind changed and memories of my former self slipped away like parting clouds.

"My, she's quite beautiful, isn't she, April?"

April only nodded. "She needs some hair."

Kelli nodded and brought out a selection of wigs. They settled on a chocolate brown wig with soft, feminine curls.

"We'll have to get her colored contacts so we can coordinate wigs."

Kelli nodded in agreement.

"Ok, Melissa, sit down. We need to set some rules. You are now our doll, and we need to make sure you stay safe. You will never leave the house without either of us with you. Don't ever answer the door unless it is one of us or one of our friends to whom you have been introduced. Now, even though you are completely a doll, we realize you were once Matt, who was very sweet and intelligent and all those things most guys aren't. Neither of us wants to lose that. We want you to think and feel the way Matt did. Do you understand?"

I nodded my head, vague memories of my past barely perceivable. I was happy that Matt had made such an impression on them, and knew in some small way he would continue to live.

"Now, Melissa, let's find something for you to wear. Something in latex....."

* * * *

It's been three years since I became a Doll, and I have never regretted it. April and Kelli care for me a great deal, and have never let me be harmed.

I love being a doll...


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