Trading Spaces

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2006 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; Sbf; toys; rubberdoll; cons; X

Trading Spaces Part I – The Uses of STB (Somidoben Trisopherous Benoline)

As if you where tuning a dial on a television, we are going to tune this story’s narration into the mind of a certain Michael Senatin residing in Intercourse, Pennsylvania as he reads the ingredients and instructions on a new bottle of special something he recently bought to spice up his life….

INGREDIENTS: water, sorbitol, PVP, propylene glycol, carbomer, keratin amino acids, aloe extract, tea tree extract, thriethanolamine, isosteareth-20, terasodium EDTA, fragrance, blue1, yellow 5.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 1% Somidoben Trisopherous Benoline

DIRECTIONS: This product is for use on sexual areas of the body only, including and limited too: Inner Vagina, Outer Vagina, Vulva, Facial Lips, Nipples, Anus, Penis, and Scrotum. This product will sensitize all areas of the body that it is applied, but will also prevent the pre-ejaculation of the male partner by stopping synaptic muscle response in the prostate and other male genitalia allowing for longer more enjoyable sex for both partners.

WARNINGS: READ THOROUGHLY!! Do not apply this product to any other body parts than listed in the directions, use only as directed. Do not use this product more than one time per day. Use of this product on any body part will slightly impair the use of the muscles close to the affected area but the effect is minimal. Test on a sample area of the body before using this product, results and sensitivity to product may very. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience any strong, undesired side effects.

Trading Spaces Part II – Jamie’s Birthday Botch-up

I sat up in bed, not able to sleep, as I contemplated what to get for my boyfriend’s birthday. We had been together for 2 years and had just moved in together fairly recently. My boyfriend Mark worked late into the afternoons on Fridays, and his work would not let him off early even for his birthday. I wanted to make this birthday present strongly sexual. I had thought of convincing one of my girlfriends to join us in bed, but I could not get up the nerve to ask any of the ones I was attracted too. I had thought of taking him to a strip joint, but that just seemed bland. I wanted to make next Friday the most exciting night of his life.

Coming up with no ideas I decided I’d start searching through his stuff, maybe I would get an idea. I knew he would not mind me looking, so I just went to town looking in every nook and cranny, searching for some clue. Fifty minutes later I had come up with exactly nothing. I was at square one.

“I know what I need” I thought to myself, “something to get me really worked up.” I went into my drawer and grabbed a remote controlled vibrating egg from the nightstand.  I inserted it and went over to our pet hamsters’ cages. My birthday had been a couple weeks ago and my boyfriend had devised the most devious thing for me. He had taken an opto-sensor and set it looking through the tunnel that passes from their sleeping cage into the exercise and eating cage. The opto sensor was plugged into a reed relay that would turn on and off the vibrating egg within me. Whenever a hamster passed through the tunnel the vibrator would toggle on or off. I turned on the sensor/remote setup and walked back to my dresser.

I pulled out a couple pieces of clothes from my drawers and set to work stripping naked and applying the naughty bits of cloth to my body. In moments I was standing in front of my full length mirror, looking at a HOT, sexy mama! There I was looking back at me… 5’2” slender, 23 years old, shaved everywhere, even the peach fuzz that coats “normal skin”. I was wearing 6” black strappy stiletto heels, the kind of shoe that is so small underfoot that all you really see is the straps around the toes and ankle,  and the stiletto heel, as if the heel had been screwed right into my body. Looking up higher I admired the almost-not-there thong that was just enough cloth to accentuate the curves of my hips but not hide anything interesting. A nice little feature of this pair was that right around the clit they had cut out the string and placed instead 2 strings of black beads. These beads would sit aside my clit and with every little move of my body they would massage the sides of my clit, keeping me wet and ready.

Looking up higher I had taken the liberty to add a waist chain, this chain being just thick enough to not break under huge force, but the chain still dainty enough to make it look like jewellery. This chain had a tiny silver plated lock attached in the front of it that prevented the removal until my boyfriend came home to open the safe in the closet that held my key captive. This cold piece of jewellery was more a reminder of my love of bondage, tickling my tummy so lightly.

Above that was my bra, an undercup with an underwire that jutted my nice firm young tits up but didn’t cover my nipples which I was now rubbing. And last, above the bra was a dog collar around my neck, I love the click sound the collar makes when it’s clasp snaps shut, just tight enough around my neck that I never forget it’s on.

Standing in front of the mirror still I reached over to the bed stand and grabbed two chains, linked in the middle. I attached each end of one chain to my O Ring nipple piercings then attached the other chains ends to my dog collar and my belly chain. I tested out my costume. I did a little sexy dance like a stripper in front of the mirror to witness the effect. My clit was being massaged and my nipples where being tugged at just slight enough that I could never get off, but strong enough to keep me wet all night.

I spent the next 15 minutes or so pacing around the apartment, thinking of gift ideas and coming up with a lot of ideas that just would not cut it.

I decided that it was finally time to just search on the net, which felt a bit like I was cheating cause I wanted to come up with something sinfully original. First things first, I looked in his bookmarks. I clicked on the first link that looked like a lead, a boring looking link simply called “PD - Lisa”. I found the browser whisked away to a webpage that immediately got my attention. Pleasure Dolls was the title of the page, and I didn’t fully understand the site until I read better. The girls in all of the pictures on this site where supposedly sex dolls. “That can’t be true, they must just be pretending.” I thought.

I took a better look at the site and found out that they where indeed dolls, life size sex toys, available in New York at a high price. “Lisa, huh? What does she look like?” I thought as I looked over the page for a link that said Lisa. What I found there was a specific doll model named Lisa. The model they where showing on the page looked a lot like me, same build. She even had a lot of facial features that slightly resembled me. She could be ordered in a variety of colors, styles, races, etc, but what was specific about her from the other dolls the page explained was that this doll was higher quality and had an internal skeleton designed to allow pose ability in “normal human positions”. 

“I know what I’ll do, I’ll drive to New York, buy this doll, bring her home and we’ll both have sex with her since I can’t get up the nerve to ask my friends.” I called the 24 hour sales line in New York, bought the only doll they had left of her model that was “normal” (i.e. not alien skin colored, not overly HUGE breasts, no holes for fucking in weird places like the nipples and hands.) I wanted a doll that was as close to my “twin” as possible. The man faxed me her details and a photo of her sitting cross legged on a couch holding a wine glass in a very natural position.


Pleasure Dolls Invoice #5434-56782-5-1285

Paid in full. Card#   XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-4269

Doll model: LISA

Doll height. 5’6”

Doll hair: Brown

Doll hair (other): Shaved

Doll skin: natural Caucasian

Doll weight: 100lb


This doll is new and in excellent condition, client plans to pick up during the week at store. Remove doll from store display, and prepare doll for pickup.

Just as the fax had completed and I grabbed onto the paper to read it, the vibrator in my pussy jumped to life startling the paper right out of my hand. I had totally forgotten about my hamster surprise. Next thing I was on the floor, bent over under the computer table, ass stuck up in the air in a VERY provocative manner trying to reach the fax paper I had dropped, as the vibrator buzzed happily away in me.

Trading Spaces Part III – New Toy

I woke up in the next morning on Saturday. My boyfriend had already left to go help his brother move furniture. My boyfriend left a note on the counter saying that he would be gone most of the day. I appended my own message for him on the bottom of the note.

“hey, I’m going into the city to visit a friend, don’t expect me home early, X0X0”

I didn’t waist any time, I got in my car and drove the LONG 3 hour drive to New York. LONG because I had hidden away a little secret. I had placed a pair of balls in my pussy that rattle and vibrate at the slightest movement, I wanted to keep the mood that I had gone to sleep with last night, and that I had woken up with this morning.

Picking up the doll was no big deal; the store front was very “anonymous looking” and the store had a devious way to get the dolls out to my car. They simply had packed the doll in a large duffle bag and had a huge (hot) guy bring the doll out to my car. I drove back home immediately, hoping to beat my boyfriend home so I could figure out where to hide her.

The drive was very difficult, with the slight stimulation in my sex from the balls the entire drive, my overly soaked panties, the smell of my sex, and the smell of her latex wafting up into the drivers area. It also didn’t help that I kept daydreaming about what it would have been like to get to the store and find out that *I* was going to be the new sex doll. I daydreamed that the large (hot) guy had grabbed me and chloroformed me. I dreamed that I woke up in that duffle bag in my trunk and that some stranger that bought me was taking me home that this very moment as I lay paralyzed by some drug in the back of my very own car.

Turns out I beat my boyfriend home; I ran to the trunk, grabbed the duffle bag and forged up the strength to carry her to the elevator and up to our apartment. I dragged her to our room, dug all the crap out of the bottom of my closet, and stuck her all the way back in the corner with all my crap back on top of her.

Monday came around and my husband left for work as a fained sleep. As soon as he was gone I was in my closet digging her out. I placed her bag on the bed and stopped… starring at the package. My heart raced as I stood there, not sure if I was ready to meet my new latex “twin sister”, but also dying inside to rip open the package!

Moments went by and I finally, slowly started unzipping the bag. First thing I saw was her hand. So soft, so perfect, so smooth. I grabbed it, and recoiled for a moment, almost expecting the skin to be warm. The skin was not cold to the touch, not like metal, but I guess I expected it to be warmer from how real it looked.

I finished opening the package and pulled the opening of the bag down over her revealing a fully naked girl on my bed in the foetal position. I took her hand again, this time moving her joints, moving her into a more comfortable looking position, sitting on the bed.

I leaned forward and smelled her, she smelled of ponderously soft luxurious latex. I leaned in a little further and kissed her on the forehead. I touched her everywhere, noticing how all of her body was so soft and so perfect yet firm in the right places, just like a real human would be. It was not hard to imagine her being a real woman sitting in front of me with her eyes closed, waiting for my next move.

I kissed her on the lips, it was odd, but not unpleasant, almost like kissing a sleeping person. Then I kissed lower on her, and lower still until I was absentmindedly sucking on her nipples. I had never been with a real woman before but this unmoving woman was my toy to play with until I had to give her to my boyfriend.

I explored her body for the next 3 hours. Posing her, tasting her, fingering her, and rubbing my sex on her. I put her back into sitting position and humped my sex against her thighs enjoying the tugging of her dry latex on my lips. As I was humping into her trying as hard as I could to get off, I opened her eyes. Glassy eyes, staring straight through me, seemingly through my being. I stared back at her examining her lifeless eyes and even as I crested my orgasm I stayed locked with her eyes.

I had hid her back in the bag, back in the closet before my boyfriend was expected home from work. When he got home I was wearing almost the same clothes as the other day, tiny clit massaging panties, push up bra exposing my nipples, and my belly chain. When I looked out of my apartment window I saw him, and he was with a friend, I frantically got on some more clothes. When my boyfriend and his friend got home I was sitting “calmly” on the couch “watching” TV. Secretly I was dying to get fucked, the day had been so exciting, and now my panties where teasing my clit while my loose sweater was rubbing on my nipples keeping them hard. The sweater was loose cut, but also loose weave so I could feel the cold air that entered through the door with my boyfriend passing freely onto my chest, hardening my nipples more. I swear I felt like my nipples where poking right out through holes in the sweater.

We had dinner. They had brought over Thai food that I ate greedily. As soon as his friend left, I jumped my boyfriend stripped him naked, and threw him on the couch. I gave him the best strip show I’ve ever done right there, and then jumped on his lap. Grabbing his cock and pressing it into my soaking greedy slit. As I was sliding home on the first stroke he said “Been playing with your latex again? I can smell it on you.” At those words I sank down on him fully with all my weight and came in an earth shattering orgasm, remembering the fun I had had today. Remembering those glassy eyes.

Before we went to bed my boyfriend made sure to note as he unlocked my belly chain that I had been using it a lot more this last week than normal. He grinned at me as he handed me my chain and open lock.

I woke up in the middle of the night in a sweat. I tried to remember my dream but not much came to me. Pleased at least that I could remember it was a sex dream, I went back to sleep.

In the morning I woke to find my boyfriend on top of me entering my sex.

“Good morning” I croaked.

“You were fingering yourself in your sleep so I figured you needed more even after last night.”  He said as he thrust home on one smooth stroke. I noticed how wet I was and it even surprised me.

Not long later I was home alone, lying in bed, cum dripping out of me, existed. Soaking in the afterglow.

Laying there I started to probe my memory for what I had been dreaming about that would have sparked me to finger myself in my sleep. Slowly but surely visions started poring into my dizzy head.

There I was walking into the sex doll store again, being chloroformed by that huge (hot) hunk again. This time though when I woke I was laying tied to a metal table spread eagle. I could see that I had IV needles poking out of my arms, and I could feel something cold and hard in my cunt and ass. Whatever was in me was not moving either. They seemed to be attached steadfast to the table. My wrists and ankles where being stretched out, held down by C shaped metal binders also attached to the table.

“My dear, what a hot one you are.” A strange man said as he walked out of the shadows. “I see you’ve woken, that’s good.” He walked closer to me and grabbed my right nipple so hard I screamed out in pain. He used this opportunity to shove a penis gag in my mouth and he attached it behind my head before I could protest. “Now my dear why are you fighting? You ordered a love doll with exactly your figure didn’t you? You ordered the Lisa package didn’t you?” He looked at me and back at his clipboard a few times. “I see, You must be into bondage, so you are struggling to make the transition more fun. OK, I wont stop you.”

“Good thing you chose all of the specifications for the doll to be just like you or we the order would have taken longer to ship. Once we rubberize you it takes hours, sometimes days, to remold a doll when the person wants drastic changes. And it seems you want this delivered to your house by next week.” This guy dressed like a doctor, calmly grabbed a needle off of the little table next to mine and stuck it in each breast injecting something.

“This process wont take long, I have A LOT of practice performing the Lisa procedure, but normally it’s not someone that volunteers to be processed unless there family is in need of money badly. Seems you chose this on yourself, you must REALLY be a bondage fan to want to be turned into a rubber sex toy.” He stuck me with the same needle in about 20 places injecting small amounts here and there as he went. He turned around to the small table and I could not see what he was doing anymore.

Laying there on the table I should have been petrified, screaming into my gag, but something in me loved the bondage, the helplessness at the hand of a stranger and the thought of being used as a fuck toy. I wanted to be fucked right now. I started pumping my hips into the cold metal intruders in my cunt and ass. Savoring the feel. I was getting really close to orgasm when my body seemed to slowly stop responding, my muscles stopped working, like I was really drunk. I tried with all my will to push the intruders deeper, to get closer, to catch this elusive orgasm.

“Ahh I see the serums are working on you, I hope you realize what you are doing, you are going to be stuck in this horny mindset if you don’t relax when the drugs finally set in. The devices in your pussy, and ass and the penis gag are there to ensure that your orifices form into well shaped latex fucking holes, they are not there for your enjoyment right now.” The doctor smirked down at me.

I awoke (in my dream) and I was no longer on the table, I was in a box with a circular hole cut in the front of it showing off my body to anyone that would look in. The smell of latex was so pungent now that I thought I would pass out. But I was not breathing, how could I smell.

The doctor walked up to the box and pulled open the lid. “Ahh Lisa4269, you formed well, you’re body has been replaced by latex and you are not exactly what you ordered, exactly what you wanted. A living latex fuckdoll. Your skeleton has been reengineered to bend normally but hold whatever position they are put in. And I noticed how horny you where when you where converted. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately for you, you will be horny like that, desiring cock for the rest of your…. ahem…. life.” I am curious though, we called your home to arrange delivery and the man at the house said that he was not expecting delivery and to cancel the order. You’ll be placed into stock until this is resolved or until someone purchases you.

In my dream days went by boxed up in that crate unblinking glassy eyed, no hunger, no fear, no boredom, no nothing, the doctor had been totally truthful, every moment was blissful, my mind soaring on horny  thoughts of cock. I watched people go by my box, looking in at me once and a while, I had a few perspective buyers but no takers. One of the night crew would even come in and play with my breasts and pussy now and then but never anything else, and never enough to get off. Every man that went by, I wanted his cock, starving for cock, I even started starving toward the women that went by. Dreaming of one day being owned, being fucked as a toy, a mere fuck toy, a fucking doll.

I had pieced back together my dream from the fragments of my sleeping memory from last night. I was still laying on the bed after that amazing morning fucking. What to do with the rest of my day?

Trading Spaces Part IV – Experiment

I got up from bed, dug my doll out of the closet and laid her out on the bed spread eagle. I reconsidered and closed her legs and arms so she was lying stiff as a board. I opened her eyes and took a deep look at her. Remembering my dream last night, I laid down on the bed next to her putting myself in the same position as her. I imagined myself being toyed with by a total stranger. I imagined a man coming into the room and just using me as he pleased. I wanted to close my eyes to imagine it better, but I wanted to pretend to be a love doll so I sat with my eyes open till I could no longer stand it. I relished in the dream of being toyed with but this position did not lend itself to intercourse so I took my doll and repositioned her into the doggy position. I put her legs far apart, her ass pointing in the air, her shoulders skimming the bead and her head tilted to the left with her eyes closed.

I copied my dolls position ass in the air, shoulders down, but instead I kept my eyes open, examining her from my parallel position, imagining myself as her, being fucked. I stared at her so intently, trying to imagine. In my minds image the room folded in between us until we where touching hip to hip, then the room kept folding until I passed into her, becoming her.

This was amazing. I’m surprised I didn’t have a heart attack my heart was pounding so hard for so long. I could not believe how turned on I was getting just by posing completely still next to my sex toy; I was not even touching myself!

I laid her down on her side still in the doggy position, and then I straightened her legs. I slid her legs off the bed and put her standing, ass still in the air, shoulders still on the bed, just standing this time. I stepped back and admired how perfectly round her ass was how inviting that must look to any straight male. How I would fuck her right here and now if I was a man! And how I wanted to be her, used, fucked, a toy, with no regrets, no problems, just a blissful life of being fucked.

I left her there, ass up, just asking for a fucking, and went to have lunch. I was ½ way through my sandwich when the idea struck me like lightning. I would become her! I ran to my room dropping my sandwich on the floor right where I had been standing in the kitchen. I grabbed hold  of her and practically threw her down on the floor, she was no longer going to be my “twin sister” she was now my rival. My boyfriend wanted a Lisa sex doll he was going to get one, even if it meant “killing” the doll to do it.

I flipped her on her stomach and felt down her spine, then I flipped her back on her back and felt down her center. I found what I was looking for! A seam!

I ran back to the kitchen and got my favorite peering knife, and walked carefully with it back to the room. I didn’t waste any time, I cut her throat open with a crazed bloodlust (latexlust). I cut across her throat so that the front half of her neck was open but the back was closed. Then I cut down her front from the neck to her belly button. I made two more small cuts from behind her ears to the cuts on her neck, and I started peeling her head skin off her “skull”. I finished this quickly then removed her head at the neck, without her skin those eyes where really creepy.

I reached under the skin at her collarbone and found the arm socket. One at a time I popped her arms out of there sockets and then I did the same with her legs. With a triumphant grunt I pulled her torso out of her skin. Then I took a rest, I knew that removing the legs and arms from her “skin” would be a lot harder and slower.

Two hours later I had a pile of her inner body on the floor in her duffle bag, and I had her skin carefully laid out on the bed as I examined my handiwork. Even deflated like this she was still sexy in a weird kind of way.

I was going to wear this skin like my own, I was going to become Lisa, I would take her place in his fantasies and he would love his birthday present. I took at look inside of her head and realized my first problem. How to breathe? Her nose holes where already there but they needed to be cut open so that I could breath through them. Also I took the fucking tunnel that was her mouth and cut it so that it would fill my mouth as far back as I thought I could stand without gagging on the fuck tunnel. I did the same with the fuck vagina and fuck ass, I cut them so that they would go into me about 4 inches in case I got fingered.

Now was the hard part, I had to get into her. I didn’t know what to do next. Should I talc myself for the big day? Or should I oil up my skin so I could slide in her? I didn’t know. All I knew is that I had to get in her… I just HAD to.

I tried out a leg first; it took me forever to get it on dry. I realized that I would definitely have to have something to assist my wearing her. The doll had been a couple inches taller than me and it looked as though she was going to fit me very well once I got in.

The next days I didn’t touch my new skin, I didn’t want any chance of getting caught early or messing her up with stupidity. But I dreamt and schemed about what I would do Friday. The days passed quickly as my boyfriend came home every day to find me waiting for him wearing my slave belly chain. One night I had even chained myself to the bedpost and tied my hands over my head so that I would be his helpless victim when he came home. We had sex every day until Friday…

Trading Spaces Part V – Finally Here (Finally Her).

Friday was a LONG day, I spent most of my day keeping my mind OFF what I was going to do tonight. Come lunchtime though it was time to start preparing.

I went to the computer and I printed out a makeshift flier. On the flier I made was a picture of the Lisa from the photo the doll store sent to me. I photo shopped the photo and replaced the couch in the photo with our couch.  The flier said “Happy Birthday Baby, here is your new toy.”

I set the flier on the floor at the door so that he would find it when he came home.

Next I went about fixing myself up to be her, I pulled my hair back as tight as I could, then I used hair gel to flatten it down on my head and neck to fit under the skin. I shaved, and I pampered myself, I took a nice long shower and used a pore opening moisturizer once I had dried. The moisturizer soaked into my skin so fast that there was no way I could use it to help me slide into the doll. I started looking around the apartment for something that would stay oily for a while. I didn’t want to use anything with a scent, no cooking oils, and none of my bath oils would work they all smelled too strong.

I rummaged around in my boyfriends drawer figuring he might have some anal ease or something. I found a tub of something in his drawer but it didn’t have a product name, on the front it just said STB (Somidoben Trisopherous Benoline).

I read the instructions really quick:

DIRECTIONS: This product is for use on sexual areas of the body only, including and limited too: Inner Vagina, Outer Vagina, Vulva, Facial Lips, Nipples, Anus, Penis, and Scrotum. This product will sensitize all areas of the body that it is applied, but will also prevent the pre-ejaculation of the male partner by stopping synaptic muscle response in the prostate and other male genitalia allowing for longer more enjoyable sex for both partners.

“What an AMAZING sounding product” I thought to myself, “it’s probably a load of crap.”

I opened the container and smelled it, no smell, I touched it, and it was nice and slick a kind of slimy thick colorless gel. I took a bit out and put some on my tongue, it didn’t taste. I took more out and put it on my lips. I didn’t feel sensitized. Maybe it takes time? My lips slipped together smoothly as I went to the bathroom and did some business in there. Coming back out to my work I had decided that the sensitizing thing really was a load of crap until I touched my finger to my lips. Not only did my lips tingle with pleasure from the touch but my finger had become more sensitive too. I touched my lips again and realized how smooth and sexy they felt.

Well it was decided at that moment that I would use this STB stuff to get myself into the doll. If it made my fingers feel that good I could not wait till I felt it on the rest of my body!

I checked everything in the house to make sure that I was set. I had my tools I needed. I had the skin, I had me, and I had a lube to help me into the skin. On a whim I grabbed my remote control vibrating bullet that just so happened to be remote controlled by my hamsters’ cage, just to make things a little more exciting. I grabbed up all of my stuff and went into the living room. I studied the photo of the Lisa doll and practiced getting into that position over and over until I felt I had it right.

Now was the moment of truth. The moment of true excitement. I was going to become Lisa the fuck doll, a mere toy.

I stood in the middle of the floor and started spreading the STB in huge amounts on my legs. Within a couple of minutes I had already covered my whole body from head to toe in the gel. Already my legs where feeling the effects of the sensitizing.

I grabbed my new skin and started pulling it on. My right foot first, went in to the knee then stopped! I was not about to give up now so I took an extra hard PULL and POP my foot went all the way from the knee into the foot area. Same for the left foot. Now I was wearing her from the mid thighs down. It felt unbelievable, with the sensitizer and the captivity and the excitement I dared not touch my pussy, or I might ruin the whole mood in a matter of seconds.

I took a huge glob of the STB and shoved it in my own cunt and ass, and then I took another glob and pushed it into the skins pussy and ass, for my boyfriend to use later. I grabbed my remote vibrator friend and inserted it as deep in my pussy as I could. Next I took the fuck tunnels and pushed them home into my body, completing my transformation to my pubic mount.

I pulled her hips over mine, and my hips popped into the skin without a problem. I reached back and put my right arm in the skin, pulling the skin up onto my arm and putting her on like a coat. The other arm went in with just about as little effort. Now for the two challenges.

The head was very hard to get on, and it took more than 10 minutes just to get the head on but finally the mouth fuck tunnel snapped into place and the head skin was on. I took a small amount of the STB and put it on my tongue swishing it around my mouth before spitting it out. I hoped it would work on my tongue too. Maybe make oral fucking more fun.

The last challenge was to glue the skin up on me by sealing the cuts I had made in the skin. I had some clear goop style glue that would work wonders since it was the same consistency as this “skin latex” when dried. I had a hand mirror and this process took another 10 minutes to complete sealing myself in the skin.

I had become her, it felt so great, me, a mere fuck toy. To be used at my boyfriends whim tonight. I would play dead as long as I could, not moving, not giving away my secret.

I grabbed all of my tools and such and shoved them behind the couch. I placed the tub of STB on the TV table next to the couch, and sat down to assume my position.

There I was, naked in my new skin, legs crossed like the picture sitting on the edge of the couch with my arm up on the back of the couch with a look on my face that just said “come over and sit with me so we can fuck”. I practiced being as still as I could.

Trading Spaces Part VI – SURPRISE!

I still had not moved at all since I had sat down, and my boyfriend was a little late.

I could just imagine what I looked like, to someone coming in the house I would have looked like a naked girl sitting on the couch, until you got close enough to realize that this unmoving woman was actually a sex toy, a life sized latex fuck doll. They would not have realized upon simple inspection that this life sized latex fuck doll happened to have a real living breathing woman inside!

I imagined what was really going on. My body ached for sex. Here I was sitting on the couch with 3 “flesh” fucking holes in each of my real holes. I had a bullet vibrator that kept buzzing on and off more and more frequently as the hamsters woke from their long daytime naps. Every time one would walk passed the sensor in their cage the vibrator would relentlessly toggle on or off.

My heart pounded one huge thump as I heard someone messing with keys in the hall. Maybe it was my boyfriend. Sure enough the keys entered our lock and the door handle turned. Then my stomach went into my heart when I heard “Hey what is this?” come from the voice of my boyfriends best friend, Eric! He must have found the flier before my boyfriend.

I tried to jump up to run away before they saw me, but I could not move! I CAN’T MOVE! WHAT THE FUCK! I tried with all my might to move but every single muscle in my body was tight! I could not even move an inch!

To my horror the two of them came in the room and saw me. My boyfriend came forward hesitantly but his friend darted forward for a closer look! I decided that it would be easiest to keep my eyes shut. I tried to move my eyes and they would not even move. I was completely paralyzed!

I could smell his breath until my boyfriend came up and pushed him out of the way to get a better look.

“Lisa” he said.

“Who’s Lisa?” Eric replied.

“This is Lisa, she’s a sex doll that I thought about buying back before I was dating again.” He said, pointing at me. “She must have looked in my computer and found it. What does she expect me to do with it now? She’s given me so much sex this week I can barely even lift it to pee.”

“Aw man too bad for you.” Eric said excitedly. “Can I have her then?”

My heart sank. What had I done? Why couldn’t I move!

Eric sat down next to me and put his hand on my leg as I watched helplessly as my boyfriend left for the kitchen.

Eric started moving his hands all up and down my body, and my senses where responding to his touch all on their own! Damb STB! He pinched my nipples, but thank god the doll skin was protecting me from this. Then he kneeled down in front of me and grabbed both of my tits with his hands and kneaded them around, obviously surprised at how real they felt.

“Don’t touch her Eric.” My boyfriend yelled in.

“I’m not!” Eric cried back as one of his hands roamed down my stomach around the outside of my thigh and under my ass. He stuck his hand between me and the couch and found what he was looking for. He stuck one finger into my fuck hole and pulled his hand out fast. “What the Fuck! She’s wet!” he exclaimed.

“I thought I told you not to touch her, if my girlfriend comes home and finds you touching that doll she might just beat your ass.”

Eric pulled his finger to his nose and smelled it. “Hmm... no smell.” He muttered.

When my boyfriend came back in the room I watched him take a seat across the room facing us. Eric now back in his position with his hand on my leg.

“Why is her cunt wet?” Eric asked.

“Seems my girlfriend was kind enough to search through my stuff and find my birthday present from me to me. Looks like the added some to the dolls holes so she would be ready for me when I got home. You see that tub of gel over there? It’s a special aphrodisiac that makes all your sex parts more sensitive and makes the guy not come as fast.”

“So wouldn’t be a shame to just waste it?! Let me use her, I’ll never tell!” Eric, seeing some hesitance in my boyfriends face stood up and grabbed my waist and started to haul me up to carry me. I wanted to scream! Why couldn’t I move.

Interrupting Eric before he could pick me up my boyfriend came over and grabbed the tub of STB. “To be fair, even if I EVER let you use that toy, it would only be after I’ve used it first.” Then turning his attention to the STB he continued” This stuff can be great when used right, but if you put too much on or put it in the wrong places it can cause loss of motor skills for hours. I knew a guy pulled over by the cops, they put him in jail cause they thought he was drunk, but he had actually just eaten out his girlfriend with this stuff and could not talk straight.”

I almost missed all of what was said, Eric kept rubbing his hands all over my body, by now he had spread my legs a bit and was playing with my clit.

“Eric quit screwing around and stop touching her. Let’s go back out and go to the clubs. Maybe we can find you a real woman.”

As they left, I watched Eric grab my keys off the counter and slip them into his pocket silently as they left the house. I had a feeling that I was in for a long night.





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