Vegas Dolls

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2007 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

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Cassie hurried off the stage after the last bars of music faded away to change into her costume for the last part of the night's show. The fact that it was the final night for the revue saddened her deeply as she had made many friends over the eighteen month run including most of her fellow performers. With the show's pending closure, they would all go their separate ways and probably never see each other again.

" Well, Jackie, have you lined up anything work wise after tonight ? I've heard they're doing auditions for a new show over at the Sphinx hotel starting Monday," the brunette said to her blonde friend as they stood before their respective make-up mirrors while quickly stripping off their costumes in preparation for the final number.

Jackie spritzed a little hair spray on her blonde locks as she put on the silver and gold chained bikini that just barely covered her assets. " No, I don't think so. I'm going to look up an old flame of mine who I haven't seen in some time and see if he needs a hand spending all his money," she said with a broad grin.

" Hey, you two, did you hear the rumor that they're holding a big party tomorrow for all of us at a secret location. Ooooh... sounds mysterious... I just hope there's lots of guys there with big wallets and even bigger... well..." Diana called out as she combed out her blonde hair. She was often referred to privately as a 'man chaser' by the other dancers due to her propensity for starting new relationships with men on almost a weekly basis.

" Calm down, Diana. I'm sure there'll be enough men there to keep you happy for a few hours," Holly said jokingly which elicited Diana's response of her sticking out her tongue. " Myself, I hope there's a few guys there who might be willing to keep us all together for a new revue."

Cassie nodded in agreement as she adjusted her headpiece and made sure the feathers on her cloak weren't crumpled or in danger of falling out. " Well, if the party talk turns out to be true, there's a pretty good chance that some of the gentlemen, who'll be there, are in our audience tonight. Let's go and show them just what a great set of entertainers we are ! " she said enthusiastically to her fellow dancers. Her friends whooped and hollered and agreement as they dashed out on their high heels towards the stage where the music was already starting for the final number.

The following evening....

The lights flickered brightly on the dance floor accompanied by music blaring from speakers built into the room's walls. Several women were busy dancing with well dressed men while other women were at the nearby bar chatting with themselves or flirting with the bartender.

It was in this environment that the six women from the dance revue walked in dressed in their sexiest and most provocative outfits. Each had been contacted at home early in the day with instructions on when to be ready for pick up to go to what was described as ' a party that would be unlike anything they had attended in the past or would in the future '. They had been picked up individually at their homes by stretch limousines and driven to a mysterious destination that was not disclosed to any of them. After driving seemingly in every direction, the limos stopped in front of a mansion that none of the women had ever seen before. The immense building, a three story structure with a large stone fountain in front with swimming pool and tennis courts visible out back, looked more like a fancy hotel than a private home.

" Geez, Jackie, do you think all these guys here work for the owner of this place ? " Holly said softly while looking over the well dressed men walking about with most seemingly unattached. She ran her tongue across her lips as one brown haired man saw her from across the room and nodded towards her in appreciation. Tossing her red hair with her right hand lightly, she thought to herself that if she couldn't get some action, it wouldn't be through a lack of trying.

" Not all of them, Jackie, and a few look like they've had too much to drink. Despite that, I think it's going be a great party and if we can meet a few connections with a few fellows who have got pull in this area, it'll be even better." Jackie replied as she sized up the lively area around her and her friends. The women were about to go their separate ways when a dark haired man in his mid 30's walked up to them with a warm smile on his face.

" You ladies must be the dancers that my boss, Mr. Crandall, invited to the party tonight. If you'll come with me, he's set aside a private room for you six to meet him and some of his more influential friends and business associates. If you'll follow me, I'll show you the way to the room where you can meet them all. " the man said gesturing to the opening on the far left.

" Well, shall we follow him, ladies ? " Cassie said to her friends even as Diana had already hurried off towards the aide calling out questions about the mysterious benefactor. The remaining dancers looked at each other after seeing Diana's exuberance and laughed before following the man off to the mysterious ' private room ' that awaited.

The group headed down several hallways before arriving at a sparsely decorated room with what appeared to Holly and the others to be an elevator door at the far end. Their suspicions were confirmed when Crandall's aide took out a plastic ID card and inserted it into a slot next to the metal door. A few seconds later, the door slid open and the aide ushered the women inside the elevator. Once everyone was inside, the man pushed the button marked B2 and the doors slid smoothly shut.

As the elevator smoothly descended, Holly looked around a bit nervously " This private room... is it some sort of bunker that Mr. Crandall had built, Mr..? " she asked while flicking her brown hair locks out of her face.

" Myers, ma'am, Mr. Myers. My employer bought this home from a recluse about 10 years ago and discovered that the previous owner had a bunker built below the mansion in the early 60's when the scare of a nuclear war was in everybody's mind. Mr. Crandall had workmen do extensive work modernizing and expanding the bunker into a private area for him to entertain important clients and conduct business meetings without any chance of electronic eavesdropping. He is keenly aware that his many business rivals would go to great pains to find out his future plans and guards his privacy with great zeal. " the aide replied at great length.

" Sounds like a bit of a reclusive nutcase if you ask me... still a man with wealth is a good man to get to know no matter what.... " Betty thought to herself as she waited in silence with the others until the car ground to a halt and the doors slid open.

To the young ladies surprise, the sight that greeted them was not drag grey walls and concrete floors as expected. The picture that greeted them was of multi colored walls with rare artwork pieces hanging on them and floors composed of expensive marble .tile work Several doors with ornate golden doorknobs lined both sides of the corridor facing the group and Cassie could hear the sounds of a party much like above emanating at the far end.

" Ladies, you may head into the main area where several of Mr. Crandall's business associates await your arrival. My employer will arrive shortly and go over a business opportunity he wishes to propose to you ladies. In the mean time, feel free to wander around and avail yourself to the facilities. " Mr. Myers said warmly before slightly bowing and heading off down another corridor nearby.

The women walked in a spacious room that resembled the one above only far more intimate with only themselves and the four men in the room. Jackie walked over to the bar and ordered her usual rum and coke from the bartender with her body slightly swaying in time to the pulsating dance music that filled the room. As she received her drink, one of the men, a man in his early 40's with a large cowboy hat on, walked over and sidled up next to the attractive blonde.

" Howdy, purdy lady. My name is Randy McNight, the owner of the largest nightclub chain in all of Texas. Why don't you sashay your cute little buns over to where my table is and we can talk over your dancing future. " he said with the deep Southern twang Texans were famous for.

" Why, sure thing, Randy, lead the way ! " Jackie said while wrapping her arm around the shorter man's waist while allowing him to rest his right hand on top of her silk covered ass. She stopped momentarily to wink at her friends before heading off with the Texan to a nearby table.

The other ladies quickly dispersed throughout the room either heading to the bar for a drink, mingling with the other men in the room or looking over the various art pieces that lined the walls while waiting to be approached by a man. However, Holly was not one of them as she leaned up against a wall in obvious discomfort holding her left hand against her stomach.

" Holly, honey, are you all right ? " Cassie asked walking over to her friend, whose face had turned a little pale as she she stood there.

" I...I think it's a little food poisoning. It might have been that chicken salad sandwich that I had earlier today. I'm going to get that Myers guy and have him call me a taxi to go home. " Holly muttered before turning to leave the room. Several of her fellow dancers, seeing her distress, offered to go with her but she told them to stay and have fun.

A few minutes after Holly left the room, the chatter and dancing returned to normal. Diana, clad in her silver mini dress, was sitting at a table off to the left talking with a thin brown haired man in his mid 30's who talked with a thick British accent. Cassie, wearing a silver and black dress with a neckline that was so low that it barely covered her ample bust line, was busy chatting with another gentleman that looked to be originally from the Northeast or even Canada judging by his attire. Betty was sipping on her vodka and orange juice while laughing with a heavyset man whose " Ya ! That iz good ! " put him as originally from Germany with a fondness for checking out women judging by his roving eyes.

Candi, who had been very quiet up to this point, walked over to a man sitting at a table by himself sipping on a gin and tonic looking a little remote and far more somber than everyone else in the room. " Penny for your thoughts, big fella ? " she said flashing a warm smile.

The dapper dressed man looked up at the blonde beauty standing before him and motioned her to a seat next to him. " Hi ! Sorry if I look a little down but I just got back from doing some mountaineering in northern Tibet and my energy level isn't what is should be for a big party like this. By the way, I'm Anthony... Anthony Carlson. You are..? " he said extending his right hand somewhat awkwardly.

" I'm Candi. Good to meet you. So tell me, Anthony, what were you doing in a place like Tibet anyway ? Did someone hire you to bring back snow so their kids could make a snowman ? " Candi said with a laugh.

" Ha ! Ha! No, not quite. I happen to be an archeologist who looks for rare antiquities though I'm nothing like the figures you've seen in movies or TV shows. I was exploring the ruins of an ancient monastery that was mostly destroyed during WW II and the locals spoke of rumors that the monks hid most of their valuables in secret compartments below the structure. It took me two months and many false leads that led to numerous dead ends before I came across what I was looking for. " Anthony said quietly.

Candi thought about asking what exactly it was that Anthony had found at his excavation but figured that he would tell her later when they had a few more drinks and got to know each other a little better. She looked around and saw her other friends were having a great time laughing and dancing with whoever they had hooked up with.

An hour or so later....

The party was in full swing and some of the participants were clearly enjoying themselves more than others. Jackie was clearly showing the signs of having one too many drinks as she was swaying precariously on the dance floor held up by Randy, who kept trying to get Jackie to sit down. Diana and the British guy were looking into each other eyes in a very romantic way and had barely touched their drinks. Betty was trying to dissuade the German fellow from the notion that she should star in a movie he was trying to produce that was a musical/porn combination. Cassie was being told by the Canadian gentleman that spreading maple syrup on one's body while lying on genuine beaver pelts is the best way to have great sex.

Candi was thoroughly enjoying her chat with Anthony and she found the two were really hitting it off despite their widely different lifestyles. They could have gone on chatting all night but their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the party's host, Mr. Crandall, and his aide Mr. Myers. The two walked to the front of the room where Bob indicated to his aide to turn up the lights and turn down the music volume. Once that was done, the brown haired man with slight grey hair visible at the temples coughed loudly to get everyone's attention.

" I want to thank everyone for coming tonight to this party and to hear the idea I've formulated recently. Gentlemen, you've read the proposal I've sent to each of you tailor made to your interests/specialization. Ladies, if you'll give me a few minutes, I'll let you know the exact nature of my proposal and what exactly is your involvement." Bob said crisply before motioning to his aide for a chilled bottle of water and towel.

After taking a deep drink of water and wiping his face off with the towel provided him, Bob looked out at the gathered people once again. " Ladies, I'm proposing to take the glitz and glamor of Vegas shows and make them with a more intimate audience in mind. My plan is to build a series of clubs in North America and Europe for a select group of individuals whose main feature will be elaborate entertainment spectacles that will be overseen by each of you ladies. My prospective partners, who will each oversee a region in this plan, will be discussing these plans with you later on this evening on a one to one basis. Let me assure you all that this will lead to success beyond your wildest dreams in this bold and exciting venture. " he said with a serene tone to his guests.

" To answer the first question that comes to the ladies' minds, I require no financial investment from them whatsoever. This venture will be funded mostly by myself and on a smaller bases by the gentlemen next to you. All other questions will be answered later either by me or by the gentlemen here during some private talks later on. With that, I say good night and will remind everyone to page me or my assistant Mr. Myers if you have any questions." the eccentric financier said with a flourish before leaving the dais. He took a fresh towel from his aide and vigorously wiped down his face and hands as he left the room.


"....fancy room or what, huh ? I can't believe that Mr. Crandall had all this opulence built in such a secretive way for view by a select few. " Jackie gushed as she looked around with a sluggish gaze. Obviously more than a little drunk, the only thing that kept her from passing out was the fact that her mind was still absorbing the sights all around her. She laid back in the large chair that had several throw pillows on it and looked on as Randy continued to engage her with tales of his experiences in Texas.

".....then this two drunken yahoos decided that they should go up and sing with the woman I had hired to perform. Before my employees could stop them, they were bawling out the song ' There's a tear in my beer cause I'm crying for you, dear... you were on my lonely mind ' and getting wild cheers from the people there. Of course, the two idiots start fighting over the mike a few seconds later and before my night manager could get them off the stage, they got the whole crowd mixed up in a knuckle duster that wrecked half my bar. Lucky for them, the daddy of one the drunks was a wealthy oil man from San Antonio who paid for all the damages plus a little more if I agreed to not to press charges against them. It's hard to own the best line of bars in Texas when every second customer thinks he's the toughest cowboy or oil rig worker and wants to prove it." Randy muttered as he waved his glass of beer around in disgust while telling his story.

Jackie nodded as she looked around. " I bet you have your choice of lovely ladies that work for you to get involved with... or just take home for a good fuck..." she muttered before giggling over the last part of what she said.

" Shoot, little lady, I outgrew that stage of my life ten years ago. Nowadays, I try and look for new investment opportunities whenever they pop up though I do have a preference for ones that are a bit off the normal. That's why I'm here with all these other fellas tonight to hear the next stage in what this Mr. Crandall has in mind." the brown haired Texan said as he pushed back his cowboy hat and looked at Jackie, who was trying to pull herself to her feet.

" Okey-dokey, partner... hrrhh.... so why are me and fellow dancers so important to this whole set up anyhow ? Do you guys need someone to teach you how to dance with pasties and big feathers ? " Jackie said trying to pull herself to her feet.

" Well, not quite, missy. Ya see, this big plan does revolve around you pretty young things being the ' spokeswomen' to.. ummpphh.... " Randy started to say before finding himself holding Jackie much like he did when they were dancing. However, it was Jackie who was pressing the intimacy this time as she rubbed her body against Randy's while covering his mouth with her own.

Before they got too passionate, the Texan disentangled himself from the semi- drunk Jackie and walked to the back of the spacious room where he went through a bright red canvas bag sitting on top of a table. Turning around, Randy saw to his surprise that Jackie had stepped out of her outfit completely wearing only her high heel shoes and a smile and nothing else.

" Why don't you get out of that ugly old suit so we can see if you Texan boys really do live you up to your rep as ' hard workers and even harder players' ? " Jackie said as she staggered towards Randy rubbing her hands over herself at the same time.

" Well, darling, before we get that started, I'd like you to try something on. I think you'll grow to like it quite a bit over time. " Randy said as he pulled out a large gold necklace and draped it around Jackie's neck.

" Ooooh... it's real pretty, Randy..... I like the shine to it.... " Jackie murmured as she draped her fingers around it lightly. " Is there a reason you're giving me this now ? "

" Well, there's a little story to that, my dear... you see..." Randy said as he inhaled deeply to tell his tale....

Elsewhere at that moment.....

" .....then the winger swooped in over the red line, passed it to the center who wound up, shot, WE SCORED ! Canada won yet another world championship in hockey....seventh one in a row.... it was a great moment in our country's history, eh...." the Canadian exclaimed as he gestured wildly in telling his story.

However, for Cassie, the tale was slightly less than stimulating. " Ummm, that's great, Wayne. You mentioned before that you were involved in the adult entertainment industry in your native country. What part of the industry do you oversee... or are you an active participant ? " she purred with a slow wink.

Wayne chuckled as he walked over to the bar in the room and poured himself a tall glass of a Canadian beer ( Lafatt Beaver Alpine Lite) before turning his attention to Cassie once again. " Well, not an active participant by any stretch of the imagination. I did get my BPP ( Bachelor of Pornography Production) at my local college, where I graduated 7th out of a class of 300 BPPers. For a time, I worked in the US at a XXX company based in the midwest but I found that Americans, at that time, weren't ready for the sophisticated X-rated movies that me and my fellow Canadians were used to making."

" I returned to Canada where I built up the biggest adult film company in the eastern part of the country. In fact, I was in the middle of converting 10,000+ titles from VHS to DVD ( completed with deleted scenes, director commentary and out takes) when I got a call from Mr. Crandall here to come down and hear him on his proposal to make himself and his partners very rich men. " Wayne said while taking a long drink of beer and looking with unabashed admiration at his sexy looking companion.

" Blah..blah..blah... if there's anything more boring than a typical Canadian going on about his two great passions, hockey and porn, I'd like to know what it is.... " Cassie thought to herself while flashing a bright smile that belayed her thinking. She watched as her companion poured her a scotch and soda at the room's bar before walking over and handing it to her.

" Enough about me though. Tell me a little about yourself, Cassie. I've been told you have been a dancer out here for roughly five years now. Was it something you always wanted to do or did you start doing it purely by accident ? " Wayne said as he sat down next to the lovely woman sitting on the black leather couch.

" Now he wants my life story... sheesh..... " Cassie thought to herself as she she ran her left hand through her blonde locks of hair. " Well, I grew up on a small farm in rural Montana where the biggest entertainment in the area was attending the weekly cattle auctions in nearby Butte and talking about how nasty the storms were over the last ten years. Once I graduated from the local two room schoolhouse and the wounds I received from wolves nipping at my heels while walking twenty miles in waist deep snow every winter healed, I set off to seek my fame and fortune in the bright lights of Vegas."

" Once I got here, I found myself hanging out with all the wrong types who were more interested in getting me into bed than helping getting my dancing career. As a result, I wound up working some of the sleazier clubs off strip until one of the backers for Glitter, Glamour and Gals, the revue I was just in, saw me late one night and offered me a job in it. I guess that's just about everything up to today. " Cassie said with appropriate expressions as she told her tale. Of course, the real story was that she was born and raised in Las Vegas and had slept with every executive in the revue to get the job but the story she told sounded much more impressive especially when talking to dumb Canadians.

Wayne nodded with his face showing an obvious look of sympathy and understanding. " It sounds like you've gone through quite the trials and tribulations to get to where you are today. If what Mr. Crandall said in the email to me is true, I think you'll never have to worry about being in an unpleasant situation for the rest of your life." the Canadian said as he politely kissed Cassie on the cheek.

" What exactly does Mr. Crandall have in mind and my friends anyway ? " Cassie said softly as she put her right hand on Wayne's shoulder in a passionate manner.

In response, Wayne dug into his jacket pocket and withdrew a black choker with a golden heart charm in the center. He quickly put it around Cassie's neck and let her admire it while he stood up and walked over to the bar to pour himself another glass of Canadian beer.

" Well, dear Cassie, the story for this all is pretty similar to what Crandall has already talked about...." Wayne said while glancing at his wrist watch.

Another room.....

" My word, Diana, you have the most amazing eyes. Have you ever visited Great Britain during your work as a dancer ? " Giles said as he brushed aside a lock of her hair with admiration in his eyes.

Diana laughed as she rested her right hand on the back of the couch the two were sitting on. " The closest I've ever gotten to England was when I visited my grandmother last year and she served me Earl Gray tea. From what I've heard from tourists that come to Vegas from your country, England seems like a wonderful country." she said as she adjusted the hem on her dress that had ridden up slightly exposing her slender thighs.

" Well, we do have a rich history with darts, horseback riding and the Beatles not to mention an empire that once stretched most of the known world way back when. I must confess to having trouble understanding some things here like your version of football and the overwhelming desire of your police officers to be armed at all times." Giles said before sitting up and looking around the room with a critical eye.

" I gather your expertise in architecture was the reason why Mr. Crandall has brought you in on this little plan, yes ? " Diana asked as she sipped her drink.

" Well, my firm was involved originally in the building of this underground part of the property when the original owner lived here. Mr. Crandall contacted me and asked if he could use my expertise in the building of these private clubs he's setting up in North America. Once I arrived here last week, he went over a few more details in his rather inspired plan." Giles said while standing up and wandering around for a closer look at the wood paneling that adorned the sides of the room.

" Did he tell you what exactly me and my friends' role in all this is ? He kind of glossed over the roles that we're being hired to do. " Diana said leaning forward as she talked.

" Your roles, according to Mr. Crandall, are to be an integral part of the entertainment part of the clubs. He envisions a series of private member men's clubs to be located in mid sized American cities that are tolerant of business catering to adult entertainment. Once the initial clubs are built, each of you beautiful women will assist one of Crandall's partners in the entertainment area of each establishment. In mine, for example, there will be at least one big scale TV that will be tuned to English First Division soccer matches on a constant basis and the best English lager will be available on tap for the customers. I've tasted what the Americans call ' beer' and can see why our citizens compare it to making love in a canoe. " Giles said with a disdainful sniff.

" Well, I'm not really a Budbusch person myself so I'll take your word on it. From what you just told me, I gather that I'm to coordinate the hiring of entertainment which must be some sort of dance revue. Is that right ? " Diana said trying to get her British companion back on track.

However, her effort failed as Giles spent the next ten to fifteen minutes rambled between England's contributions to world culture over the past two hundred years to how his firm had managed to obtain wood for these underground rooms that would be resistant to mold and fungus. He only stopped when he noticed that Diana's eyes had glazed over in boredom and she was busy fidgeting on the couch.

" Sorry about that, my dear. I do tend to ramble at times especially when I'm talking about things that I'm passionate about. Speaking of things that I like, here's a little something that I was told to give you by Mr. Crandall before things got too carried away with this evening." Giles said apologetically before retrieving a long leather box from a nearby table. He walked over to where Diana was sitting and handed it to her with a formal sweep of his right forearm.

Intrigued, Diana opened the box and found, to her surprise, what looked like a pink necklace extremely cheap in appearance and one she wouldn't go near in a heartbeat. Trying to look upbeat and happy, she gazed at the piece of jewelry for several long seconds before closing the box once again.

" Don't be fooled by the appearance, luv. Let me help you put it on and I'll tell you its' importance to wearing it as well as to your future job." Giles said with a warm smile.

Puzzled and intrigued, Diana nodded in agreement while silently hoping that this wasn't a story tying into the British Royal family or the Hundred Years War....

Last room on the left.....

", I don't want to shave my head bald, bark like a dog and sniff your ass for fifteen minutes ! Sheesh....! " Betty said in a clearly exasperated tone while trying to not to look at the variety of German sex magazines scattered on the coffee table.

" I mean no disrespect, Fraulein Betty. I was under the impression that for women who lived Las Vegas, there was nothing that was unacceptable. If I have offended you, please forgive me. " Hans said looking a little crestfallen while standing near a red oak table in the center of the room.

" Well, that musical idea you mentioned before called ' Cum to the Cabaret' does have more of a mainstream focus and could easily be done in an off the strip club here in Vegas. Of course, this little project that we're all taking part in may interfere with those plans for now. What do you think, Hans ? " Betty said as she stood up and walked around the sparsely decorated room.

" I can certainly look at preparing the musical at the same time I'm setting up the clubs in my area. Of course, I'll have to talk to my partners as well as Crandall..we shall see... " the German said as he opened a large black bag and pulled out an ornate cuckoo clock followed by what looked like some sort of remote control.

" Cuckoo clock ? Does Bob want you to put those in the clubs as some sort of quaint eye catcher for the customers ? " Betty said as she watched Hans zip up the bag and set the clock on a nail in the wall.

" it's just that I don't like wearing wristwatches when I go abroad for business ventures. I find something soothing when the little bird comes out to indicate the start of another hour. Of course, when I'm being passionate with a beautiful woman such as you, I've noticed that the bird sounds quite a bit before the lady and myself are done with sexually satisfying each other." Hans said nodding towards his blonde companion.

Betty blushed slightly at the compliment though it wasn't the first time that she had heard a man brag about his sexual prowess. She fingered the long gold chain that Hans had given her just after the two had entered the room and wondered to herself just how much money he was worth and if he was married.

" Tell me, Hans, about this whole enterprise that Mr. Crandall and you fellows have put together. Maybe once everything gets going, you and I can take a week or so and visit your native Germany." Betty said trying to elicit several pieces of information at the same time.

Hans shook his head slowly. " I don't think that will happen, fraulein. After these clubs are going, everyone will have little time for sightseeing and such. In fact, I can guarantee that you and your friends will have no time whatsoever beyond the routine Mr. Crandall has determined." he said while eyeing the cuckoo clock somewhat nervously.

Betty noticed the German businessman eyeing the clock. " Hans, is there something supposed to happen shortly that you're not telling me about ? You seem a little distracted for some reason." she said intrigued by Hans' nervousness.

Hans looked at the blonde woman on the couch for several seconds of silence before nodding in agreement. " Yes, in fact, everything will start to be revealed in exactly twenty minutes. At that time, things will unfold in a very efficient manner...." he said as his voice trailed off with a strange expression on his face.

Betty shuddered inwardly as she wondered to herself if she might want to reconsider this whole enterprise.....

Back in the meeting area.......

Candi and Anthony had briefly adjourned to a private room like the others where they chatted for several minutes. However, by mutual consent, the two returned to the now deserted conference area where they poured themselves a drink before sitting down at a nearby table to talk once again.

" Once you've skied down the tallest mountains, bunged off the largest bridges and tallest buildings and done just about everything you can think of, there has to be something else to pursue. For me, it was doing archeological work in the remote corners of the world. It was in that particular line of work that led me to my recent adventures in Tibet under.... well.... less then ideal circumstances." Anthony said as he swirled around the drink in his right hand.

Candi nodded as she sipped on her drink of Absolut vodka and orange juice. " I had considered getting into that line of study at college before I dropped out to get into dancing here. You mentioned this Tibet excavation that you were one before... I gather the Chinese government gave you trouble getting the appropriate permits.... " she said looking thoughtfully at Anthony's relaxed face.

" Actually, the permits were the least of the problems that I encountered. It seems the locals regarded the monastery as something of a ghost area and were very reluctant to give us even the most rudimentary aid. As a result, we had to hire workers from a village about sixty miles away to aid us in the excavation. The ruins consisted of the ground floor plus whatever was still intact under the splintered beams and rock slabs."

" After about a week of intense digging with little results, I was sitting in my tent one night pouring over some shards of pottery and other items we had recovered when an unexpected visitor arrived in the camp. The wife of the mayor of the neighboring village had come to see me to fill me in on the history of the monastery and the monk order who lived there."

" It seemed that the monks had been part of the monastery for several centuries though the religion that they preached was unclear to the simple villagers. The monks rarely ventured to town except on periodic sojourns to talk to the villagers about the virtues of abstaining from sex and living a sin free life. The villagers thought little of what the monks preached especially since they had a fairly large brothel in the village that brought many visitors ( and their money) on a regular basis."

" Things went serenely at both the monastery and the village for some time with the only thing out of the ordinary was a man claiming to be a high ranking leader of the monk's order visited both areas over the course of two weeks. After his departure, the monks visited the village more often to talk with the brothel women in a less confrontational way or sell crafts they had made at the monastery.... in particular , very realistic dolls that looked amazingly lifelike. At the same time, the brothel's owners noted that several women who worked there disappeared without a trace. The thing that mystified the villagers even more was the fact that the disappearances seemed to have happened at roughly the same time every month where the sky was clear and there was a new or full moon." Anthony intoned as Candi looked on with fascination.

" Full moon, eh ? Gee, there's one out tonight. I wonder if that means me or one of the girls is gonna go poof ! Ha ! " Candi said with a wry grin on her face.

Anthony returned her wry remark with a smile of his own though his seemed a trifle forced. " Well, the villagers were never able to make sense of what happened to the women and the disappearances stopped when the brothel burned to the ground one night as a result of an overturned oil lantern. At the same time, the monks stopped visiting the village altogether and were rarely seen again by the villagers until the destruction of the monastery in World War II. The remoteness of the ruins and lack of proper equipment meant that most of it remained untouched by anybody until me and my group had a chance to carefully clear the debris that laid beneath. " Anthony said with his face turning more serious by the minute.

" Just a second.... I forgot to give you something... " Anthony said as he abruptly stood up and walked to the other end of the room where he retrieved what looked two boxes, one large and wooden and the other small and slender. Setting the large box on an adjacent table, he walked over next to Candi and, opening the smaller box, placed it in front of her.

" Oooooohh....!" Candi said as she gasped in admiration at what she saw in the box. It was a gold and black necklace that looked to be very expensive. She demurely asked Anthony to put it on for her which he adroitly did before walking back over to where the wooden box was.

" After about three months of digging, I was about ready to pack up and head home and I headed onto the excavation site for one last look around late at night. Whether through my own carelessness or fate, I stepped on an area that I thought was just ordinary ground but was in fact part of the monastery floor that had been severely weakened by the bombing. Before I knew what was going on, I found myself falling through into what looked at first like the wine cellar. Luckily, I had escaped any serious injury and I stood up looking around the basement with my flashlight for anything of interest. I noticed there was a door hidden behind several barrels of wine and water that looked somewhat out of place. With a little effort on my part, I managed to pry the door open where I found a simple wooden table with four chairs around it. On top of the table, there was several scrolls of paper and this box." Anthony said motioning towards the box.

" That's a pretty interesting story. This box.... did the monks use it to make predictions based on the alignment of the stars or was it a place for them to store their holy wine ? " Candi asked straining to take a look at the engraved box.

" Nope. You see, the monk's leader had heard of the high number of prostitutes that did business in the village and gave this box to the monks with the idea of using it to make the problem literally disappear." Anthony said as he opened the box to reveal a very strange interior.

In the center was a large green gem surrounded by four smaller red gems in a square pattern. Carved into the wood around the gems were images of the moon in various phases with the one depicting a full moon circled in gold. On the right hand side, there were five slots with what looked liked room for names to be put down. Standing up, Candi noticed there was a wooden counter in each slot along with a tiny piece of what looked like metal.

" You see, the monks would find out the names of randomly chosen women from the brothel and write down their names on slots in the box. Next to each name, they placed a piece of metal from necklaces they handcrafted and rubbed over the green gem. When a certain phase of the moon came into alignment, they would uncover the gem which would activate the necklaces." Anthony said as he reached into his pocket and pulled open a black box with a large red button. Before a stunned Candi, he depressed the button and, seconds later, the wall behind the area where Mr. Crandall had stood before slid away revealing a metal staircase leading upwards. The stairs themselves were brightly illuminated by light that was apparently coming from the night sky judging by the fresh air coming inside. As if on cue, the green gem inside Anthony's box seemed to glow with an energy that was almost unearthly in nature.

Candi looked at the man she had spent the last few minutes taking with a new sense of revulsion and anger. " You... you're mad.. .what's going on ? " she screamed as Anthony looked on before he replied.....

Wayne and Cassie's room......

" What was that ? What's going on ? " Cassie shouted as she heard noises and what sounded like a scream from outside the room.

" Well, darling, it seems that things are unfolding as Bob said they would. If you look down, you'll see that your necklace is starting to glow as I was told it would which means that you'll follow my commands from this point on completely and without hesitation. " Wayne said as he smiled and dug a black controller out of his blazer pocket. He quickly depressed the red button which resulted in a loud clicking sound.

" You're fucking crazy ! " Cassie screamed as she drunkenly pulled herself to her feet and clawed at the glowing necklace around her neck.

" STOP THAT ! BE QUIET AND REMAIN STILL ! " Wayne shouted in a commanding voice. To his satisfaction, Cassie stopped clawing at the necklace and let her hands drop to her sides. She turned to face him with doe eyed passivity in her eyes.

" Strip off your clothes and then walk to the room where we first met. " Wayne ordered the transfixed Cassie. The Canadian grinned unabashedly as he saw the woman obediently take off her dress followed by what little lingerie she was wearing. Jackie then turned and walked towards the door in a stride that resembled the zombies from 60's horror movies. Randy unlocked the door with his controller and a second or so later, Cassie opened it and walked out into the corridor. A few seconds later, the sounds of other doors opening echoed through the hallway with Betty, Diana and Cassie, all just as nude as Jackie, walking down the hallway to where Anthony and Candi were.

" STRIP ! " Anthony barked at a mesmerized Candi. and was rewarded as she methodically pulled off her sexy dress to reveal the voluptuous figure that laid beneath. Chuckling softly, Anthony turned back to the box as Candi finished stripping to make sure all the preparations were in order.

" Now then, Candi, I want you to...OOOOFFF !!!!! " Anthony started to say before being knocked to the floor by a punch courtesy of a very naked Candi. He glared up to see that her clothes were lying on the floor along with the necklace she was supposed to be wearing.

" I guess you didn't count on the necklace coming loose while I was stripping for your perverted desires. I'm getting out of here and calling the cops ! " Candi called out as he raced down the hallway towards the waiting elevator.

Anthony stood up and adjusted his tie as the mesmerized women filed into the room silently and stood before the metal staircase that had been hidden until a few minutes ago waiting patiently for their next order.

" Well, before Candi interrupted me, I was going to tell her that the monks made the prostitutes disappear by transforming them into what looked like hand made dolls via the power of the green gem. By concentrating, the mental picture of what they wanted the subjects to be changed into came true right before their eyes. They then sold the dolls in the village as some sort of poetic irony I guess or maybe they wanted to make a few yen. Anyway, that leads us to our present situation, ladies, and your part of this whole business." he said to the silent women standing before him.

" You see, these clubs that we'll be building will have a nightly dance revue where the women will be specially attired for the act. Your roles will not be as dancers but as part of displays, designed to enhance the patron's desire to buy products related to the revue. After your permanent transformation, the necklaces will no longer have any control on you but then you won't be able to do anything about it." Anthony said as his brow started to furrow and a look of concentration came across his face.

As the other men entered the room, they saw a faint glow starting to surround the four rigid dancers followed quickly by the start of the promised transformation. As the change started, the subjects felt their independent thinking starting to return though they were still unable to move.

" What...what's going on ?.... why do I feel so strange ?..... " Jackie thought as she felt her skin starting to change in feel while a general feeling of lightness swept through her body. She could see her reflection, as well as her fellow dancers who were pressed tightly against each other, and saw that her skin seemed to be taking on a glossy look to it.

" I can't move... ooooh... feel pretty good though.... " Betty thought to herself as she saw what appeared to be seams starting on the sides of her arms and legs. It felt like her mind was swimming in a sea of sexual euphoria even though she could also see her body was rapidly changing into some sort of inanimate object.

" Why are they doing this...?.... what's happening to my breasts ?... to my pussy ...?.. to ME ??? " Diana puzzled to herself as she saw by her reflection that her breathing had ceased with her tits becoming mounds of rubber and latex capped by rubber nipples with bright pink areolas forming around them. Her pussy clenched shut momentarily on its' own causing Diana to experience what felt like the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. Through this and the other changes that were happening to her body, Diana started to realize what was happening to her.....

" I'm changing... becoming something that's not human..... " Cassie thought as she saw her body become like the others. She saw as well as felt her mouth contort into an ovular shape much like her pussy was with her teeth and tongue melting away as the interior formed a soft sac of rubber and latex. Her eyes turned into painted features devoid of any humanity while her cheeks became bright red in color. As the change neared its' insidious conclusion and Cassie felt her body's interior become nothing more than what felt like air or gas, she realized with a start what she was changing into.....

" I'm a blow-up doll..... something to be inflated or deflated at will....! " Betty shouted to herself as she realized what she had become and her latex body wobbled slightly in the breeze.

" A sex toy.... to be put in storage in a !!! " Diana screamed mentally over and over as she saw the inanimate doll body that she now was. She thought of what her existence would be from that point on and would have shuddered in revulsion if she was still able to.

" A love doll... an inanimate object.... a play thing....! " Jackie shouted to herself as she saw the blonde haired inflated doll she now was in the mirrors that lined the room. She could see Anthony's reflection in the same mirrors and judging by the look of arrogance and lust in his face, this was just what he wanted to happen.

" I've become a sex doll !.... DAMN YOU, ANTHONY !.... DAMN YOU TO HELL !!!!..... " Cassie screamed angrily to herself though outwardly her latex and rubber body remained silent with only the occasional wobble noticeable as the four love dolls rubbed against each other.

When Anthony was satisfied the transformation was completed, he closed up the wooden box and removed the necklaces from the living love dolls just as Randy and the other men entered the room. Looking around for a minute, Wayne walked over next to Anthony with a puzzled look on his face.

" Where did your date go, Anthony ? Bob said we need a minimum of five dolls for the project to be effective and if we have to obtain another for the initial product run, it'll set back the start up date." Wayne said in a business like voice.

" Relax, Wayne. Bob said he's going to handle anything that arises personally... " Anthony said with an evil grin. The other partners nodded as they dug out boxes for their now inflated companions.

Two minutes earlier.........

" Puff.....if I have to climb one more stupid rung on this stupid ladder... puff.... puff... " Candi gasped as she climbed the ladder that was built onto the side of the elevator shaft. She had tried to escape the madness of below by the elevator itself but it wouldn't move no matter what. Figuring Anthony or someone else would be upon her at any moment, she clambered up through the elevator car's roof and was moving up the shaft towards freedom.

When she reached the doors for the main floor, she found them wide open which puzzled her as usually they were closed to prevent someone from falling in. Figuring this was an opportunity too good to pass up, Candi pulled her nude body through the opening and onto the carpeted floor. She looked around for Mr. Crandall or any of his staff but to her relief there was no sign of any of them in the dimly lit area.

Candi crept silently down the hallway in the direction of the mansion's front door tensing for anything that might happen out of the ordinary. She walked towards the door slowly almost stumbling several times over end tables and chairs she didn't see. The dance area was deserted and impeccably clean indicating the staff had already cleaned up after the party.

However, Candi's relief at not being caught quickly turned to dismay when she found a wall of steel shutters blocked the front doorway completely. The brunette cried out loud in anguish and banged her fist against the metal barrier in dismay over the unforeseen setback. Before she could go looking for a window to climd out of, the lights suddenly snapped on all around her temporarily blinding her.

Just as Candi turned around to see if there was anyone there, she felt a sharp stabbing sensation in her arm and her ability to move ceased altogether. Her arms were spread out to the side and her face was frozen in a look of shock and horror with her legs slightly spread to the side.

" An extra strength shot of curare... nice shooting, Myers. " Bob said to his servant, who was holding a gun in his right hand.

" No problem at all, Mr. Crandall. Shall I take her to the basement to join the others ? " the aide said as he walked over to the immobilized Candi.

" Right away if you would. I want the factory to start rolling in the morning so we have stock for the clubs." Mr. Crandall said with a satisfied look on his face.

" NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " Candi screamed to herself as she found herself being carried off to her fate.......

Epilogue 1 :

The club was buzzing with the sound of vibrant music and happy customers as they watched the performance going on at the stage up front. " Dancing Love Dolls " was a revue definitely geared to a male audience as the performers wore next to nothing during most of the performance while tossing around what looked like inflation pumps and colorful boxes against the backdrop of a sex store staging.

After the performance, two of the patrons wandered into the gift shop part of the club looking over the various items for sale in the glass cabinets. The men stopped when they got to the rotating cylindrical showcase and marveled at what they saw on display.

Inside the glass case was an amazingly realistic love doll with a feather boa stretched across her outstretched arms. The doll's breasts looked perfect and practically begged to be caressed. Perched on high heels, the doll's long legs looked like they could wrap around the torso of a lover with ease. With long luxurious black hair and a face that was detailed right down to the eyelash, both men found it hard to believe that it was just an inflated sex doll on display and not a living woman. If they knew the truth.....

" I'M ALIVE... A LOVE DOLL !!!.... ON DISPLAY TO BE LEERED AT FOR GOD KNOWS HOW LONG!!!........ " Candi mentally wailed as she rotated inside the case that seemed like a prison to her.

" Geez, Billy, they've got copies of her on sale for a pretty high price. She must be a special edition just to be sold in the club." the dark haired man muttered as he looked at boxes bearing Candi's likeness in the showcase.

" Yep, Larry, you got that right. In fact, I was talking to my brother in law back East the other day who told me that they have five different dolls available in the clubs altogether. Trouble is, you can only buy one type of doll at any one club so you'd have to do some traveling to get a complete set." Billy said with a grin that showed he was missing a few teeth.

" Well, I got some vacation time coming up. What do you say we go on a road trip and try to do just that ? " Larry said which produced long bursts of laughter from both as they made their purchases and left the shop leaving the living love doll that was Candi to spin around in her glass prison...and spin..and spin...

Epilogue 2 :

"..and when I called up this Crandall fellow, he said the women were all in Europe on a promotional tour and he didn't have a way to get hold of them." Holly said as she applied her lipstick before running onto the stage as part of a dance revue she managed to get work in a week after the party at Mr. Crandall's.

" Geez, that sucks...." the redhaired woman next to Holly said as she put on her mesh bra and panty set.

" Yeah but there's a bonus. Crandall told me they still would be interested in hiring me in a future business opportunity and for me to keep in touch." Holly said as she straightened up and adjusted her costume one final time.

" I always thought Vegas was place where your wildest dreams could come true..." Holly murmured to herself as she ran for the stage.

If Holly knew the fate of her former dancer friends, she would realize that dreams for some are nightmares for others......



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