Violet Lovedoll

by Snowdropviolet

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Storycodes: M/f; lovedoll; gag; toys; tease; bond; chastity; cuffs; collar; corset; rope; predicament; susp; pain; nc; reluct; XXX

Foreword: this is the story of a young girl who had been kidnapped and modified into a plaything for the wealthy elite, then bought by someone who is interested in her as more than just property. It is the beginning of a series, to consolidate my erotic-fiction writing under a single tale. It is also a story of pure fantasy; I love details and I love psychological elements, but it's not meant to be 'realistic BSDM'. If you take issues with that, I'd consider leaving.

The premise is inspired by the tale 'The Ultimate Lovedoll' by Vendatrix. Not being a technophile, I skimmed out much of how the machine-driven brainwashing works, as well as cut it down based on what I know to be psychologically realistic. If you wish to read more about that, check out the original story.

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Chapter 10 - For Master's Sake


I cried into my deep-throating gag as a light shock in my pussy jolted me awake. The intruders in my crotch were beginning to move one at a time. The anal beads vibrated, the catheter plug buzzed, and the long but narrow dildo that kept me fully penetrated both trembled and occassionally fucked me. My hips squirmed under the onslaught of sensations, which only made that damnable clitoral hood piercing that rubbed against my ring-squeezed clitoris joined in on teasing me.

My breaths hastened into shallow gasps as I struggled to pull in enough air. Master always tightened my underbust corset to an asphyxiating 18-inches at night so his hands could enjoy my tiny waist. It hadn't been easy to grow accustomed to sleeping in, but I’d learned to calm my breathing before I slept. However 'calm' was the last thing I could manage with those toys rumbling inside my tummy while my corset squeezed from outside.

I jerked my hands, but they were bound behind me as usual. My wrist cuff chains were locked to the ring behind my collar, with my arms crossed and palms facing backwards so I couldn't tamper with the padlock. I had to rub my eyes against the fluffy pillows and blink several times to clear them. The sun's rays were peeking out around the blackout curtains, though the clock displayed that it was merely 7am.

Master insisted on rising early even on weekends. But rather than setting an alarm clock, he set my timer instead.

Another shock came from my pussy to encourage me to get going. It was stronger than the last and would continue to grow until I did what was expected of me. I reached my neck towards the bedside table until I slotted a small, steel protrusion into the center hole in my ball gag. A 'click' told me that its hooks snapped into the rubber ball, and as I pulled my head back it pulled out the obscenely long gag.

As I coughed a few times my dildo shocked me again. I groaned in protest but my mind knew that it was useless. Machines and programs simply didn't have pity.

I squirmed back under the warm bedcovers and found my way to between Master's legs. His manhood was flaccid this morning -- no wood today -- and I had to reach out with my tongue and lick his cock several times before it woke up. I slipped my ring-gag over his hardening penis next. My head descended until I felt his balls against my chin and his pubic hair tickling my nose.

It wasn't easy doing all of this with my hands cuffed behind my back. But as with many other tasks in my life as a slave, I've had plenty of practice. This act was a morning ritual for me, though on weekdays it began as early as 5am. Master clearly believed that with a trained Lovedoll like me, there was no reason why he couldn't begin each day with a blowjob as his alarm music.

As my tongue swirled around his penis head, my crotch intruders began to intensify their tease. My anal beads were soon trembling three at a time while my dildo steadily fucked me. I knew I was being pushed towards the edge of ecstasy again. If I could see my remote on the bedside table I knew its screen would display "Custom Mode ON: Broil."

A tear slipped from my eyes as my corset-crushed lungs couldn't get enough air while sucking his manhood at the same time. I wished that Master's didn't make it so hard for me but I knew I didn't have a choice. If I pulled off, my dildo would immediately begin shocking me again.

I felt Master stir beneath me as I pumped and licked and sucked on his cock. He was a heavy sleeper so it sometimes took a while to manage. His member was soon hard enough to press against the back of my throat. I felt his precum ooze out as I focused my efforts on giving him pleasure.

Then, without warning, Master flipped open the comforter and exposed me to the cool, bedroom air. His hands grasped the sides of my head before pulling me off his crotch.

"Morning Violet," he smiled.

"Maaghhh!" My gag-scrambled greeting transformed into a scream as the phallus penetrating my pussy sent out a painful shock.

"Oops," Master noted as he rushed to find the remote before turning off my punishment. He then added as he saw the fear in my wet eyes: "don't worry, you were doing great. I simply have other plans today."

I groaned through my ring-gag in protest, my tongue tasting the precum already inside my mouth. Without his manhood my attention returned to the intruders filling my crotch. I was already close enough that I needed to cum, though I knew my orgasm may as well be on the moon insofar as my reach was concerned.

I was crying with frustration even as Master kissed my open lips. He had no problem pushing his tongue inside and tasted my saliva mixed with his own precum. He then pulled back and gazed upon me as the pride and joy of his life. His smile warped into a sadistic grin as he reinserted my deep-throating phallus until its ball gag clicked into place.

"Yes, my sweet Violet. I'll be torturing you today," his eyes savored the dread in my gaze as he made the announcement.

Master wrapped a padded rubber blindfold around my eyes. I then heard a clink as his other hand reached to the headboard, where he left my leash clipped to last night. I yelped into my gag as I felt a jerk against my pierced and squeezed nipples. My legs rushed to get off the bed as soon as they could, but it was difficult to do blind and I soon felt the leash pulling against my clitoris.

This isn't fair, I cried in my thoughts as I struggled to balance on my stiletto heels. I couldn't even protest with the gag filling my throat. All I could do was to focus on balance and breathing while following the tug of the leash on my nipples. Its other end held securely in Master's hands as he led me to his office on the mansion's third floor.

...At least I didn't have to go down the staircase.

I heard a familiar machine-like hum as Master stopped pulling my leash. I stood there squirming as my vaginal, anal, and urethra intruders continued to fuck and torment me. My swollen clitoris was unbearably itchy as the barbell hood piercing rubbed endlessly against it. As the noise faded Master jerked on my nipples again. He led me into the middle of the room until I felt a rubber-spiked, silicone dildo press against my smooth pelvis.

My head shook as I whimpered and cried. I'm sure Master understood my fear but he did not relent. Instead I felt a web of silken rope being tied around me. It wrapped around my body and kept a tight grip on my corset as the ropes formed a Shibari rope harness. He also added a set of gemstone pendants to my nipples' piercing-clips, and gave them a swing so I could feel their shifting weight tease me.

I felt a tingle of electricity around my crotch as Master unlocked my chastity shield's seal. My lust juices streamed down both thighs as he pulled the 7-plus-inch phallus from between my legs. With the cover removed, my catheter also stopped vibrating as the buzzing prick that pressed into it was taken away. Only my anal beads continued their torment while my front entrance was given a reprieve for the moment.

The break proved far too short as Master kissed me on the forehead before his hands wrapped around my corseted waist. My precarious stilettos left the ground as he picked me up and lifted me over the readied rubber phallus. My small pussy lips soon felt the prodding of a silicone bullet-head. Master shifted my position until the object stopped teasing my labia and poked into my slit.

I sucked in a breath as my body began descending onto this upright phallus. A small stream of drool escaped my gagged, whimpering lips and slid down towards my breasts. My labial lips were pulled apart as the silicone head filled my pussy opening. My vaginal entrance then began to stretch as gravity forced my crotch to impale itself. This dildo was much fatter than my normal companion and it stretched my love tunnel past my comfort's limits.

Then, as the smooth head of the invader pushed deep into my pussy, I felt its rim slip past my entrance and my lower lips wrap around its aggravating shaft. The sides of this huge dildo was lined with countless tiny rubber spikes buried between spiraling ridges. My tears were flowing non-stop as I felt every ridge, every spike scrape against the folds of my love tunnel as the huge dildo slowly sank into me.

After what felt like an eternity, my toes finally touched the floor. At the same time I felt the dildo's head press uncomfortably against my cervix as it utterly filled me. My stiletto heels were still in the air as I stood in a ballerina's tiptoe. My body felt like it was being ripped open as I stood fully impaled with my weight pressed upon the thick shaft inside me.

For a moment I teetered on my toes as Master tied several ropes from my Shibari harness to attachment points hanging above me. My legs quivered as they strained to keep the rod between my legs from penetrating any deeper into me. But Master wasn't done yet as I felt his hand on my inner thigh. He forced my right leg to lift into the air, and I screamed into my gag as my left foot's stiletto heel touched the floor, with my body's weight now pressing my cervix against the impaler deep inside me!

To be penetrated too far was definitely not a pain any girl wanted to experience! My bruised cervix sent agonizing cramps throughout my abdomen worse than any during my teenage periods!

Master then wrapped some excess rope around my thighs and secured my right leg. It forced me to keep my legs at a ninety-degree angle with my right thigh leveled horizontal. He then pulled up my right foot until he locked the ring behind the ankle-strap to the ring behind my right thigh cuff. I was now stuck in a classic ballerina pose with one leg straight and the other bent sharply inwards, except without my arms for balance while my love canal was unbearably-stretched by a huge rod that impaled too deep inside me!

As though this wasn't enough, the rod then began to rotate slowly while the huge dildo joined my anal beads in vibrating inside me. Its spiraling ridges gave me the disturbing sensation of being screwed into without end. Meanwhile its innumerable soft rubber spikes scratched and scraped against my sensitive folds inside.

"Violet, I have a lot of company work left to finish this week, and I want you to stand here like this, suffering beautifully for my enjoyment until I finish. I know it's going to be very hard and torturous on you, but I promise you a reward tonight after I finish."

Tonight? Tonight!? It was still 7:30am at most. Was he going to keep me like this until the sun sets? I whimpered and cried harder into my gag, but Master ignored me as he stuffed a pair of plugs into my ears. It isolated me from the room's sounds while playing only a recording of the waterfall outside.

Blind and deaf from my surroundings, I felt as though I'd been imprisoned inside a pitch black cavern behind the waterfall cliff. Impaled by a cruel, rotating dildo while I was forced to stay in a ballerina's pose, I strained my left foot onto its tiptoes again to lessen the pain deep inside.

I could feel the steady trail of juices running down my left thigh. My calves were trembling as I struggled to stay on my toes. But my leg's strength simply couldn't endure. I had to land on my stiletto heel to rest even though it made the shaft impale me again. I could only bear the aching pain deep inside my femininity until I had the strength to lift my heels again.

There was no way for me to measure time's passage. My body was caught in a constant re-balancing act between landing my heel on the ground (and impaling my womb against the dildo) versus lifting my heels off the ground (and straining my muscles to alleviate the agony deep inside). I could withstand neither the strain nor the pain for more than a few seconds at a time, and soon I was effectively fucking myself against the porcupine dildo as I constantly shifted between these two options. All the while the phallus vibrated and rotated inside me, aggravating my insides with hundreds of tiny rubbery spikes.

It was by far the most horrible torment I've experienced.... How could Master be so cruel to me?

What felt like hours passed before I sensed something change. My rope harness pulled me upwards until my heels left the floor and my crotch lifted off the impaling phallus. My body then tilted forward as the ropes leveraged my center of mass. I was soon flat on my stomach as my entire weight was left suspended by the ropes.

I felt Master's touch as his fingers grasped my left ankle and forced my free leg to bend. Its ankle-strap-ring was soon locked to the ring behind my left thigh band, resulting in both of my legs being trapped in a loose 'frog-tie'. Master's palms then wrapped around my corset-crushed waist to hold me in place. Anticipation dripped from between my legs as I soon felt his warm prod press against my love tunnel opening.

Master's manhood was rock-hard and throbbing as he plunged straight into my depth without any warning.

My pussy already felt raw from the impaler dildo's forest of spikes, but Master hardly cared as he fucked me without mercy. Pleasure mixed with pain inside me as his tempo accelerated. His thighs slapped noisily against my bottom as his manhood began pumping my love tunnel with jackhammering intensity.

I cried into my gag nonstop as my consciousness grew faint under my corset's crushing constriction. My lungs were gasping for air as his cock spasmed inside me. The weighted pendants that swung from my pierced nipples added to my sensations as they pulled harder with every thrust. A gush of hot semen then flooded my innards as his sexual tension released into me.

His final thrust grinded just enough against my g-spot -- the vaginal walls behind my clitoral nerve -- that I orgasmed alongside him.

Three months. My first orgasm in three months! My whole body shook and rocked against my suspension harness as his palms held me tight against his spurting manhood. My mind was blown away as waves of raw ecstasy washed over me. I saw only stars exploding as my back buckled while lightning coursed through me. My entire being floated between the edge of consciousness and the realm of surreal dreams.

It was definitely one of the strongest orgasms I've ever received, and I was sure I passed out for at least a few seconds.

Yet, as my consciousness slowly returned, I couldn't but help feel that something was missing.

My entire body was tingling as I slumped breathlessly in my midair bondage. My consciousness was still in a haze as Master finished his brief rest and pulled his limping manhood out from me. He removed the lock linking my right thigh band ring to the ankle-strap ring, which allowed my right leg to stretch straight. My hopes for release rose as the rope harness tilted my body back down... only to turn to ash as I felt my labial lips make contact with the silicone phallus once again.

'No, please!' I cried into my gag but Master could not hear me. My crotch was soon impaled on that phallic porcupine again as my other leg -- the right leg this time -- landed its toes upon the floor. My inner thighs itched as a mixture of cum and semen oozed out of my love tunnel and dribbled down the side. I knew that as the trails dried on my sensitive skin they would add to my torment, but unable to even shake my legs I could do nothing about it.

I felt Master's fingers let go and I was alone in my isolation and torment again. My right leg should have been rested, but after that last orgasm it stood wobbling at best. I soon returned to my balancing act and thus fucked myself against the impaling dildo. Except my pussy was still hypersensitive after my recent climax, and it keenly felt every rubber spike from the whole forest that scraped against my insides!

'Please! Stop! I can't take it anymore!'

I could only scream in muffled moans as the uncaring dildo rod continued to vibrate and rotate and torture me.

It sank into me that this was the difference between me -- a real sex slave -- and those who merely played the role in BDSM relationships. I have no safe word, no get out signal. There was no recourse for me except to wallow in my misery and endure my Master's torment.

By the second time Master returned to fuck me, any normal girl would probably have ran out of tears. My orgasm came unwelcomed this time as I knew Master would just return me to the pole again. By the third time I was willing to do anything, agree to anything -- even sealing my pussy away forever -- if he would just let me off the impaling torturer. By the fourth time I could only sob incoherently as Master pumped me full again.

Five times. Master came inside me (and forced me to orgasm) five times. It felt like I was about to enter a catatonic trance when Master pulled out after his fifth orgasm and began to untie me. As he released me from the rope harness I collapsed into his arms and wailed unending into my gag. My entire body was sore and aching, with none more so than my painfully throbbing pussy and womb.

I don't remember much of what happened next, except that I spent the next hour or two crying into Master's chest. He kept me in his protective embrace and would soothingly stroke my hair to calm me. By the time my senses returned I noticed that he had already removed my gag and its harness. My chastity shield was also back on, though it felt weird that none of the intruders were teasing me.

"H-how long...?" I barely managed in a whisper from my lips.

"Seven hours. It was 2:40pm when I released you," Master spoke proudly before giving me a kiss on the forehead. "You endured well, Violet. And you endured more beautifully than I could have ever imagined."

I looked up at Master's smiling gaze, my eyes curious as they voiced my silent wonder.

"Five times," Master responded. "I've never come that many times in less than a single day. I never even thought that it'd be possible for me given my... needs."

He then pressed his cheeks against mine with glowing praise.

"You deserve a medal."

A faint laugh emerged from my lips even as tears still brimmed in the corner of my eyes. My stomach was still cramping and my insides were still hurting, but I can't deny that Master's unbridled joy had a contagious effect on me.

"I'm glad..." I spoke in my wispy voice, "that Master enjoyed my suffering. It makes what I had to endure... at least a little worth it."

"It really was terrible for you, wasn't it?"

I felt a tear slide down my cheeks as I closed my eyes and nodded.

"Please Master, please don't make that a regular torment." My sobs returned as I thought of the still-lingering pain deep in my crotch. "I can't bear it!"

Master nodded as he pulled me tight into his embrace.

"I promise. You'll only receive that when I really need to de-stress... or as a punishment if you truly fucked up."

Just as I never tried to ask him to avoid this terrible torture entirely, he never offered it either. Both of us already understood -- it was my role to suffer for his needs.

"Did your orgasms at least feel good?"

My thoughts returned to my raw pussy. The last few orgasms were downright painful. But the first one? The first one was sore yet still a blissful relief.

"...At first." I nodded faintly. Though even as I did this, a word of doubt crept into my gaze.

“But...” I was still trying to gather my thoughts when he replied for me:

"But you felt that something was missing?"

My body trembled as I knew the answer. I parted my lips but could not bring myself to say it out loud.

Then, as my eyes met Master's smiling gaze, I realized... he already knew.

"You missed that feeling of being held against the edge, didn't you?"

Fresh tears slipped from my eyes as I reluctantly nodded. My training and enslavement had molded my submissive nature until it now infused every corner of my body. To think that I'd actually crave for him to tease me without release... to feel the constant warm glow of arousal, the heightened sensitivity of my body as I desperately needed to feel him inside me...

I shuddered as I realized that my body really did miss that feeling.

"There's no need to feel bad," Master adoringly rubbed my head. "You're a good girl... and an excellent slave girl."

He then leaned in to nibble my ears before adding in a husky voice:

"And remember: good girls don't cum."

A soft whimper left me as I felt those words engrave themselves into my mind. I knew that I wanted to be a good girl for him, to be praised by him and to believe it without any doubt. However did that also mean I have to sacrifice my future orgasms?

"But it's so hard..." I sobbed at the thought of not being able to cum for who knows how long.

"Don't worry, you won't have to do it alone." Master smiled as he continued to comfort me. "After all, your body belongs to me. And I'm the one who controls your orgasms."

He then kissed me again, on the lips this time as his tongue pushed inside to savor my taste.

I gasped suddenly as the intruders in my sore crotch started up. But as Master broke the kiss he quickly reached for the remote and stopped them again.

"You deserve a reward for the rest of this weekend." He said before putting aside the remote. "Let's have a soak to relax first. After that we'll replace your chastity shield and its plugs with the new one. It really is annoying to have to keep pushing that."

There was no way to turn off my 'Default Mode'. All Master could do was to temporarily 'snooze' it for 10 minutes at a time.

"But... I thought Master was going to reward me?" I asked, my eyes already fearful of what was to come.

"Oh the new shield isn't a punishment. It's simply more... fitting, to both my tastes and the next step of your training as a slave." Master grinned. "As for your reward, I'll pamper you properly tonight. Plus, how about a trip out tomorrow? I'll show you around my community."

My eyes lit up. I'd been stuck in Master's mansion ever since my arrival. I didn't think that would ever change.

"You're not afraid that I'll try to run away?" I teased.

"Mmmh," he pretended to think. "You know what -- I'll let you have a head start tomorrow morning. Just to see how far you'd actually manage."

I shivered as a chill went down my spine. I really was Master's property and slave.


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