Virtual Doll

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2022 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Lexi had been a rising star in school, everything seemed easy to her making her exceed all expectations. During college she had taken a computer programming course immediately finding it fit her talents perfectly.

After only one semester Lexi had started writing a program for video games, learning they were becoming big business. She felt the whole writing process for gaming, and in general, was tedious.

Her first idea was to write a program that would allow the user to write a story and the program would write all the code to make it a video game. It had taken her months to get the base program built and when she showed it to her professor, he cautioned her on telling anyone else until she had a patent.

Lexi improved the base program as she waited for her patent, sending her idea and sample to multiple video game companies. Immediately she was inundated with offers and questions with several companies flying her to their offices.

Lexi didn’t understand why they were so insistent on secrecy or so willing to pay her millions to get the rights to the program. Her professor had to explain that they knew if the program came out anyone could write their own game, probably putting them out of business.

Lexi made a deal with all the companies not wanting to give any advantage to others becoming a billionaire instantly. In her contract she could still develop technologies for games even using her program but could not release it to anyone.

Lexi had the money and time to explore all her fantasies, opening her own research technology business. Most of Lexi’s time was spent on developing a simulation suit, the suit would give the wearer all the sensations of being in the game.

Lexi secretly wanted to use the suit for her own passions, bondage and submission. Lexi spent all her alone time in her prototype suits that had been made from thick rubber material. Her first suits had been basic latex catsuits.

The latex was far too easily damaged and took many layers to hold the stimulators and small motors needed to make it work. When she started using thicker rubber it made it not only easier to house equipment, but she really loved how tightly it held her inside it.

While the lab worked on making the suit better at giving stimulation and sensations, she worked on making the suit able to control muscle movements and do more than just give the feeling of hitting a baseball.

The lab had achieved being able to make the wearer feel like they were in the game, shooting a gun or even being hit by a bullet, safely. She wanted more from the suit, she wanted to be controlled by the game.

Lexi had started an online sex game of bondage and submission; the character could be dressed in thousands of choices. They could be bound in any position the gamers wanted for as long as they wanted and paid for.

The game was one of the most popular online games in the world with hundreds of thousands of players and she wanted to be a part of it. Lexi had already used the suit to feel the kiss of the whips and the pain of being dragged around bound and gagged by her nipples.

Now she wanted to be the girl in the game, Lexi’s desires had driven her to reproduce the three dungeons in the game. Each of the dungeons in the game were designed from the ones she already had built at her home.

The problem had been that the game dungeons were much larger and over the years had become much better equipped. Lexi had an entire building erected just to house the dungeons and their equipment so when she was ready, they would be as well.

The building had tracks in the ceiling and along the floors to allow not only the robots to move but Lexi also if she was suspended or restrained in some way that needed it. She also, with a little help, had a machine built that not only could help her into but lace up a corset.

The machine was wonderful, and she used it every day adjusting the tensions so the program would know its and her limits. Her friend that had developed the corset machine was working on one for the suit as well because Lexi knew she couldn’t market the suit without an easy way to get it and out of it.

The next problem was how to have the character restrained and duplicate that in the real world. Lexi had taken multiple robots used in older factories that had been retired, reprogramming and modifying them to obey the commands from the game.

The robots, mostly just large arms with different attachments, could duplicate any movements necessary and could be set with limits to keep her from being crushed or suffocated. The programs had taken a long time to perfect but with some added sensors she had it perfect.

The new rubber suits made her look like the sex doll in the game, they were two layers of four-millimeter-thick rubber with a center section sandwiched between them. She had all the stimulators and sensors with other equipment built into the suit.

Her biggest problem turned into having the cameras track and follow the character and the real rubber sex doll. When the tech became available to do exactly what she needed she was getting excited thinking her dreams might be coming true.

Lexi had already been testing the programs and the robots for months. Turning herself into the living sex doll with large probes in every hole that could do anything the game could do. One of the early problems had been the bulkiness of the suit.

The earlier suits doubled her weight and made her look like a rubber dumpling more than a sexy doll. She had found some new companies that made her needed components one tenth the size giving her suit a much-needed diet.

The next problem was her breathing. The hood of the suit was featureless covering her head entirely with a multi-faceted gag built in. The gag could duplicate any of the props in the game, spreading her mouth, sealing it or both.

With the talented gag came the problem of making sure she could always breathe, even if it was restricted, she would always have just enough air. In a diving system she found her answers converting them to her needs and was ready to immerse herself in the game.

Lexi began spending hours in the game, the on-screen version was still the digital doll but everything that happened to it happened to Lexi. The new suit was working, only limiting her on a few items. The more time she spent in the game the more she wanted it to be perfect, deleting the digital character all together replacing it with her, a living clone of the computerized sex doll.

Lexi had figured out how to make her face look like whatever the gamer wanted, including giving her whatever figure and hair and with the new cameras it seemed to work in testing. What she needed now was the perfect suit.

Lexi began wearing the suit twenty-four seven, leaving the hood off except for when she was alone. Wearing the suit all the time motivated her to keep working on the problems while the large phalluses inside her kept her mind dirty.

During her working she discovered being encased in rubber constantly had its own issues but with only a few phone calls and a large check she soon had those sorted out. Within a month of starting her treatments she felt she could stay in the rubber for years if she wanted.

Her lab made a system-wide breakthrough with their biometric sensors and what they called the intensity pads. Not only did they work a hundred times better, they were paper-thin and extremely flexible.

Lexi wasted no time converting the designs to use in her suit improving her size, flexibility and making her look like a sexy rubber doll, it was perfect. In her excitement Lexi fought the tight rubber getting herself in the suit and quickly plugging herself into the game without resetting everything to take into account the much more effective stimulation pads and sensors.

The game that was running was one of the most difficult and used only by the most sadistic gamers. Immediately she realized her mistake as she and the sex doll were stretched out against a standing cross and whipped mercilessly.

Lexi screamed until she was ruthlessly gagged by having a long inflatable cock gag shoved and strapped to her head. Then the whipping continued for hours. Lexi thought she would die, only taking a few minutes to get lost in the game thinking she was the one really getting whipped.

Now it got more interesting to the gamers because the doll moved and reacted much more realistic, responding more organically than before. This encouraged them to do even more to the doll in the game.

After being released Lexi had watched the gamers’ reaction to her movements, even with the digital doll still in place and only following her movements they were more excited leaving great comments about the new doll in the game.

Lexi sat in her office remembering how real the whipping had felt, so real she almost ripped her suit taking it off to check for welts or see if her skin had been ripped open. Afterwards she could only smile thinking about how perfect it had been, helpless but harmless.

It only took Lexi another month before she felt she was ready to be the virtual rubber doll for an undetermined amount of time. She had programmed the game to use her for one full session, the sessions ranged from thirty minutes to twenty-four hours.

Lexi knew most sessions lasted only a few hours so she was confident it would be over relatively quickly. Lexi had finished her final design of her hood adding small screens inside so she could see what was happening in the game’s dungeon only.

Lexi had added small speakers so she could also hear what the doll was being ordered to do with the final addition being a microphone so the gamers could hear her screams and whines. With the additions the hood was much heavier and firmer making it much more intimidating than before.

Lexi had installed the corset machine along with another machine that could put any shoes from the game on her feet. The machine didn’t lace the shoes but fed them out like a vending machine where it would force her feet into each.

The robot arms could easily lace the shoes and boots gliding on the tracks in the floor to restrain and hold her if needed. Now that everything was ready Lexi squeezed herself into the three layers of rubber, the tight rubber enclosed her entire body leaving only her head exposed.

When she had the gloves settled into place Lexi took a deep breath before fighting the thick rubber over her head. Lexi had already cut her hair pixie style to make sure the hood fit perfectly. Lexi had to hold her breath until the hood was fully seated and the large mouthpiece was inserted.

Lexi had only worn the hood once before enjoying the claustrophobic feeling it gave her. She tucked the long collar of the hood under the collar of the suit, taking some of the temporary glue and rubbing it on each. 

Lexi smoothed the rubber knowing that in a minute or so she would be sealed in the thick rubber for a minimum of twenty-four hours unless she cut it open. As soon as she was sealed Lexi stretched and twisted to get everything fully settled before blindly easing to the control panel and pushing the large button to enter the game.

Lexi had put out a notice of some changes in the game a week before she would be the game. The notice informed all participants in tonight’s gamers would be required to fill out a survey before they would be allowed to enter another game.

Within seconds of pressing the button Lexi’s screens lit up showing her the online dungeon exactly like it was on screen. She padded to where a mirror was and stood looking at the figure now represented in the game.

Only she knew the figure shown on the screens of any of the players was really her dressed in her rubber doll suit. As she watched a face started forming over her featureless mask, the face had full lips coated in dark red with almond shaped eyes that were a bright green.

Lexi was lost in the details one of the users were adding, making her hair dark red and the cutest turned up nose she had ever seen. Before she could take in the changes to the rest of her body, she was forced by the stimulators in the suit to go to the corset machine.

Lexi smiled as her body moved without her doing much, the muscle stimulators were working perfectly. She resisted some feeling if she really tried, she could fight her way through being forced to move. But Lexi Doll also knew the stimulators could quickly convince her otherwise by increasing the stimulations to painful levels.

Lexi Doll backed into the corset machine curious which would be picked from the two dozen the machine controlled. The view on her screens changed making her slightly dizzy and now she was watching the rubber doll from across the room.

The view change was interesting for her. She hadn’t had a user change the angle of view before and found it very disturbing. Lexi was getting used to the weird sensation of watching the figure in the game but feeling what she was watching as the corset was wrapped around her torso and quickly laced to the first setting.

Lexi Doll was thankful she had added a two-step tightening sequence to keep it from being too much too fast. She could see the corset was a black vinyl corset made to force her butt out while crushing her waist dramatically.

The view changed again and now she was watching from what appeared to be a high corner of the dungeon. Disorienting her again just as the corset was drawn down a second time crushing her waist considerably this time.

Lexi was panting for air as she watched her tits swelling under the corset increasing the pressure on her chest while making her boobs look huge. She was chuckling to herself as she heard the doll being ordered to go to the shoe machine.

The shoe machine was new in the game, normally the shoes just appeared on the dolls feet now the gamers got to watch her feet being forced into them. Lexi Doll’s wrists were grabbed by two robot arms and held above her head. Lexi moaned as her feet were forced into thigh high ballet boots.

The unseen robot arms pulled the laces incredibly tight making Lexi moan and make a mental note to adjust the robot’s tensioning sensor. With her boot’s laced Lexi was lowered to her toes and her wrists released leaving her to stumble for a moment in the tight corset and boots.

Lexi Doll was just starting to regain her balance from the awkward direction she was watching herself from when the next command came. The reverse prayer arm binder was chosen, the arm binder was a brain child of Lexi’s that had never been used because she hadn’t had someone to lace her into it.

The binder had a heavy and rigid collar with a thick leather bib running down her back. On the bib was what looked like a standard armsleeve only shorter for just the forearms and hands. The robot arm made quick work of stuffing her hands into the top of the binder and buckling it tightly.

Lexi Doll was already whining from her arms being pulled so far up behind her when the lower part of the bib was folded upwards, and the sides zipped closed. As soon as the sides were closed the robot fed the straps through the buckles crossing the bib.

Lexi Doll whined louder as the straps were pulled tight pushing her arms up higher while crushing her forearms together. As this was happening in the back another arm was adjusting the collar making it tighter, stretching her arms up even more.

The front of the binder had three buckles that could be attached to the corset on either side and in the middle. With the binder buckled Lexi could already feel her shoulders complaining and her balled up fists at the base of her neck.

For the first time Lexi felt how helpless she really was in the game, knowing there was no way to stop it or any way for her to know how long she would be kept bound like this. It only depended on how much money the gamer had and if the next purchaser wanted to continue along the same lines of punishment.

Lexi was still thinking about her situation when the user chose an inflatable gag harness and immediately it was retrieved by a robot arm. In the game the user could choose the size and length of the phallus that was to be inserted. In real life it was just the harness, the size and shape of the gag would be duplicated by the mouthpiece.

Lexi Doll’s point of view changed and now she was looking at exactly what the gamers were seeing, she noticed not only was she watching herself, but she could now see how many were in the queue watching and waiting their turn.

Lexi was shocked at how many had already paid for their time with the rubber doll and how many were watching and encouraging her current master or mistress. As soon as the harness was tightened Lexi felt the gag growing in her mouth seeing the user had chosen the largest expansion available.

The gag inflated, spreading her mouth even further actually straining the leather harness around her head. As her mouth filled the rubber continued to inflate pushing towards her throat until it was starting to ease down it.

Lexi watched the screens fascinated as the Lexi Doll figure with its arms bound high up its back made retching motions just as she was. Each time her body tried to expel the growing gag from her throat the rubber doll in the game made the same movements amusing the choking Lexi.

On the fourth attempt Lexi had gained control of her gag reflex and the rubber phallus eased deeper into her throat. Lexi Doll had no sooner adapted to the gag when her leather covered legs were quickly wrapped tightly together with black bondage tape.

Lexi felt the wrap around her toes watching the screens as the tape magically wrapped layer after layer from her pointed toes to the bottom of her rubber covered ass. Lexi Doll was ordered to go to the T-post with the user using the heavy leather paddle as motivation.

Lexi Doll tried to move, finding she was wrapped too tightly to move her toes more than a fraction of an inch. Lexi Doll was paddled mercilessly for several minutes before she watched the rubber doll on the screen start hopping towards the T-post.

In the real-world Lexi Doll was being assisted by the robot arms to the T-post where as soon as she was standing at it, she was forced to bend over the top. In the game Lexi Doll’s large tits were worked roughly from under the corset’s cups and left dangling on either side of the single bar running across.

The T-post was essentially a large T shaped post with a single bar running across to the T-post on the other side. It was perfect for securing a slave to for whipping. Her legs were quickly secured with more tape to the post and then her torso was wrapped to the bar holding her in the bent over position. 

Lexi watched the figure in the games exposed ass bulging from being bent forward and wrapped tightly to the pole with the tape. Lexi Doll could feel the suit stimulating her ass making it feel like it was swelling in the tight suit.

Lexi was gasping for air feeling the air being increased by the mask but just enough to keep her oxygen levels at their minimum, keeping her breathless. Lexi Doll lay panting for air as the user chose his weapons of punishment.

First Lexi doll’s nipples were clamped brutally tight with weighted clamps, in real life the suit used electricity to simulate Lexi’s nipples, simulating being clamped. Lexi had been impressed how well the system had worked in this particular area but now was starting to wish it hadn’t been so effective.

Lexi felt like her nipples were being pinched and pulled off her chest, having to remind herself more often now that this wasn’t really happening. Each time she reminded herself that it wasn’t real she would start saying, “Well, some of it is.” Finding it more difficult to decide what parts were real and which ones weren’t.

Lexi’s programing had her airflow at the lowest it could possibly be, keeping her gasping with a constant feeling of suffocating. This also made her slightly confused making it easier for her mind to accept she was really Lexi Doll.

Lexi Doll was struggling in her bonds as the view changed again showing her bent over as a hand holding the firm leather paddle hovered over her bulging ass. Lexi held her breath in anticipation watching it swing back out of view.

Lexi stiffened unsure of how it was going to feel when the suit simulated the impact hearing a swish and a loud thwack as the paddle struck her. Lexi Doll’s body spasmed and shook as she screamed into her gag from the painful strike.

Lexi Doll was thrashing wildly on screen as it received another strike making Lexi Doll howl with pain slumping on the cross bar. Lexi Doll was whipped eight more times, each time she screamed in pain before laying gasping for air. 

Lexi had been straining against her bonds and screaming so much she was exhausted already feeling her sweat streaming under her rubber skin. Lexi’s mind was spinning, she was confused by the force she was feeling trying to figure out why it was so much more painful in the game then it was during testing.

As Lexi struggled to think she watched the screen change again showing the user picking another punishment. Lexi Doll was shaking her head as she watched the cursor move from item to item, praying something like a vibrator was chosen.

The player responded to several guest suggestions giving Lexi a chance to catch her breath and struggle furiously. All the people watching the game loved watching the Lexi Doll struggling so realistically commenting how realistic it was.

Lexi Doll’s struggles were getting more enthusiastic as her mind raced on how to get free of her predicament. Then Lexi Doll’s struggles were diminishing causing the guests to encourage the player to use a more stringent whip.

Lexi watched his cursor move to the long bull whip and screamed and thrashed until she couldn’t breathe. The player switched views letting everyone watch the character practice swinging the whip.

Lexi Doll was really scared, panting hard as she struggled and flailed, trapped in the compromising position. The sounds of the whip snapping around her got louder until finally, she felt it land on her ass and Lexi was shocked at the sharp pain, screaming and flailing as she felt and heard the second one hit her.

Lexi realized it was a different pain but actually hurt less than the leather paddle, screaming again as she was struck. She only had to survive five strikes so after the last one she was left gasping and weeping.

Lexi lay on the cross pole squeezing her eyes closed when she felt the pressure being quickly released and her body being lifted off the T-post. Opening her eyes, she could see Lexi Doll on the screen being repositioned in the center of the room.

Lexi noticed the players had changed and the new player was resetting the scene making her hope the painful armbinder would be removed. Lexi Doll was ordered to the corset machine again, walking slowly in the toe boots and backed into the machine.

Lexi was watching the options screen when the view changed again showing her from across the room standing with her narrow waist on her toes. The sight of her virtual self instantly aroused Lexi again just as the corset was quickly removed.

The next corset was a full-length corset spanking dress, it would hold her rigidly from her knees to her armpits. It also had the connections for the arm sleeve and Lexi watched the corset magically tighten itself as the robots tightened and buckled it at the same time.

Lexi Doll was gasping again as her waist was even smaller than before and the strap running between her butt cheeks pressed on the phallus inside her. Again, the suit made her feel like her butt was swelling as it pushed out the opening as the robots continued to adjust the corset. 

Lexi was gasping realizing that this corset was made for spanking the wearer and hoped the new player was in a tamer mood than the last. The robots clamped steel shackles around Lexi Doll’s ankles, the shackles were connected by a single link of chain limiting her ability to step even more.

Lexi watched as a leash was connected to Lexi Doll’s collar and the virtual hand pulled on it leading her away from the corset machine. Lexi knew the chain was now attached to the trolley pulling her where the gamer wanted her to go. Lexi Doll struggled to keep up with the player’s tugs and yanks, fighting the shackles and the tight corset pulling her thighs together.

Lexi was watching her virtual self being led around the large dungeon and seeing the ominous hand coming from behind as the leash was tied off leaving her bound in place and shifting her weight to keep balance. 

Suddenly Lexi realized she had never programmed what should happen if she was hung in the game and began focusing on staying on her toes. The list of things to check was growing while her mind continued to slip into the virtual world. 

Lexi caught herself thinking she was Lexi Doll more and more, having more trouble keeping the two worlds separate. Lexi stood, just getting her breathing under control when the computer picked that up and reduced her air more.

Lexi was really panting hard just to get enough air to keep her head clear when she heard the whoosh and a split second later, she felt the sting of another whipping. Lexi Doll squealed and jumped at the sting she had felt, spinning on her toes just as the next lash hit her bulging ass.

Lexi Doll continued her dance pulling and yanking on the leash almost stumbling several times as she felt herself slowly suffocating from the exertions. Lexi couldn’t get enough air again and was getting anxious about passing out and hanging herself which only increased her need for more air.

The other gamers were really enjoying the dancing doll and encouraged the gamer to whip her more as Lexi tried to catch her breath, giving the player an easy target. Lexi Doll was now standing still panting as the whip slashed her in the game and the computer translated it to the suit.

Just as Lexi Doll was about to lose control and start her dance again the gamer stopped with the whip. The computer had increased her air, a little too slowly for real world Lexi, but at least she was getting more air.

The gamer forced Lexi Doll to walk around the dungeon ten times pulling on the leash harder and forcing Lexi Doll to shuffle and hop faster to keep from getting pulled down. Lexi was concentrating on walking, trying not to watch the screens that seemed to be confusing her more and more.

When Lexi Doll was allowed to stop it was standing in front of a tall platform, Lexi Doll was forced to turn and back up to it. As soon as Lexi Doll touched the table she was laid upon it and her legs were strapped to it as well as her torso and neck.

Lexi hadn’t noticed what she had backed up to until she felt her toes leave the floor and knew Lexi Doll had been strapped down to the examination table. The table was just a hydraulically controlled table that could be used for whatever the gamer wanted. 

Lexi was relieved to be off her pointed toes and given a minute to catch her breath and relax. Lexi's view spun and expanded, almost making her sick as she was now looking down and across at Lexi Doll’s bound form on the table.

Lexi lay on her crushed together arms for several minutes testing her bonds and wiggling her feet, watching in amazement at how accurate the computer was following her movement. Lexi felt the strap across her neck tighten then the straps across her chest and stomach followed it.

Lexi was struggling to breathe. The straps were squeezing her mercilessly when suddenly the vibrator inside her came to life. As Lexi Doll’s whines of pain turned to moans of pleasure she could only move her head slightly and wiggle her pointed feet.

The vibrations in her pussy were joined by the plug activating and growing substantially inside her compressed body. Lexi Doll couldn’t move her body from her armpits to her knees at all with even her heavy gasping being covered by the tight thick leather.

Inside the dress Lexi Doll, “NO” Lexi, was loving being vibrated. The time being whipped and trained had been exhausting and arousing for her. When Lexi Doll was getting near an orgasm suddenly everything stopped and Lexi Doll could see the menacing hand return with a violet wand buzzing loudly.

Lexi Doll’s body was subjected to an hour’s torment with electrical shocks, the gamer touched it’s body everywhere, getting the most reaction when it crossed her breasts and stopped when it was on her nipples.

Lexi’s mind was on the verge of breaking completely, the torture compression and restraints were becoming too much and she was now only thinking of herself as Lexi Doll. The electrical torture continued for another hour before the player turned on the vibrators ordering Lexi Doll to suck his dick.

While Lexi Doll became aroused again from the vibrations the gag started pulsating simulating her mouth being fucked. Lexi was so confused from her treatment and watching herself being abused she didn’t know what was real anymore.

For the next twelve hours Lexi Doll was whipped and forced to cum and one user was training her as his pony. During the last player's session, Lexi Doll was stripped and a new rubber catsuit was placed on its lifeless body.

Lexi Doll no longer thought of anything, it was just there to do as it was told so when the pair of ballet trainers were strapped and locked onto its lower legs and feet it didn’t care. A small waspie corset was laced excruciatingly tight forcing the computer to add air at once and Lexi Doll only moaned.

During the whole ordeal the uncomfortable arm binder had been laced and locked on Lexi Doll and now it was removed, and a single arm sleeve was laced over the Doll’s arms. The pain real-world Lexi felt was incredible but there was nothing she could do to stop any of it believing she was the doll.

Lexi Doll was fitted with a steel chastity belt and bra with tight nipple clamps on under the steel cups. When its ankles were shackled together Lexi Doll was made completely helpless again. Lexi Doll’s legs were attached to the wide collar locked around its throat and winched towards its neck.

Lexi Doll was being choked and struggled instinctively as the arch of its body increased. Lexi Doll was about to black out when its armsleeve was pulled towards its knees easing the pressure on its throat but increasing the pain in its body.

The tight corset made breathing difficult, making Lexi Doll pant against the clamps trapped in her breasts under the bra. When everything stopped moving Lexi was watching the Lexi Doll from across the room admiring the extreme hogtie it had been placed in, no longer realizing it was really her.

Suddenly everything shut down, Lexi Doll was left alone in the dark panting for air having no idea what was happening. The rubber doll struggled for hours before hanging limply in its bonds wishing someone would come play with it.

Eight hours later Lexi’s limp and lifeless body was carefully released by the robot arms leaving her free of any added restraints and only in her simulation suit. When Lexi struggled long enough, she stopped trying to remove the rubber and blindly groped her way around the dungeon.

Lexi had no idea what was going on, all she knew wasthat she was a rubber doll that had no one to play with her. Remembering that there was a door she stumbled into the hallway groping blindly until she fell to the floor.

When Lexi woke up the next day, she immediately pulled at the hood feeling it separate from the suit and fought to get it and the mouthpiece off. When she finally had the hood off, she lay panting in the tight rubber and smiling as she recalled her adventure, already missing feeling like she was a real rubber doll.

It took Lexi a few days to fully recover, watching both the recordings and the replay of the game itself. Lexi was surprised she had been able to maintain as well as she had, bound and tormented for almost twenty-four hours.

Lexi found the reason her timer hadn’t brought her out of the game was because it stopped running when the game was being played. So instead of eight hours in the game she was trapped and tortured for twenty-four in the game with the clock running for the remaining eight after all the players had logged out. 

Lexi was sore for two weeks after that first nightbut she spent it fixing glitches and settings, even remembering the hanging concern. During the time she was recuperating Lexi found herself referring to herself as Lexi Doll and fighting the desire to return to the game and setting it to no time limits.

The idea intrigued her, and she started making notes on what a person would need to live in the video game. The more she thought about it the more ideas came to her and she began to think it might be possible.

Lexi began spending more time as the Lexi Doll, even introducing the improved game as the Lexi Doll Experience. She had her lab working on ways to feed and control bodily functions, testing each idea and staying longer and longer in the game. After the last innovation had been developed, the second prototype was taken from the lab and when Lexi was contacted all her people got was a recording. 

“I have joined a group that appreciates me and my needs. I will no longer be involved in any business. Thank you all for assisting me fulfill my dreams.” Her current company continued developing things for years afterwards, but no one ever heard from Lexi again, all though many of them had enjoyed the new virtual dungeon game they had been playing on-line.


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