Weekend Maid

by Gromet

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This is an alternate version from the part 6 ending and continues Jessie's story as a maidbot

Part 6a: Sexual Awakening.

Sophia awoke the next morning, her dreams last night of her encased inside one of the maid-bot latex catsuits, whilst Jessie-bot attended to her sexual needs, her body writhing on the bed under the tender touches of the maid-bot seductress. She found her hand deep between her legs, her arousal was climbing as she played with herself, her fingers exploring the soft folds of her sex, finding her little pearl and bringing delightful sensations throughout her body. Her other hand began caressing her breasts, massaging the firm flesh and teasing her erect nipple.

After her early morning orgasm Sophia felt wonderful inside, she now ready to face the day more relaxed and at ease within herself. As she lay there in the afterglow of her orgasm she began to picture the maid-bot Jessie in her mind again, she wondered why she had started to feel sexually aroused at the sight of her in the latex suit, she hadn’t felt that way about the other maid-bots, they were dressed to same as Jessie, so why did she have this effect on her and others.

Bruce meanwhile had risen early to catch the attractive maid-bot working again in the kitchen, his dreams too of the maid-bot but with the maid and his wife playing with each other, writhing on the bed as he watched them, both teasing him with their latex clad bodies, enticing him to join them on the bed. In his dreams he didn’t join them but continued to watch from the confines of the chair, unable to realise why he couldn’t join them.

Jessie was busy as usual in the kitchen, it seems that she was the maid-bot for all of the family’s food needs, not that she minded, she was running under the systems command and it took over to make the food required, Jessie just supplying the body needed to collect pots, prepare the food and cook, all under the watchful eye of the system. Jessie in her real life wasn’t one to cook, that was not something she excelled at, but under the system she was like a master chef, ‘a wiz in the kitchen’, she thought.

She heard Bruce as he walked into the kitchen, ‘He’s up early, I wonder what he wants!’ she giggled to herself, finding herself bending finding some pans in one of the lower cupboards, ‘My tushie seems to be pointing in his direction, I wonder what he’ll do?’ And continued to bend over, the system controlling her body, it finding that the owner Bruce liked the maid-bot bent over like this, according to his raised biorhythms and raised heart rate.

Bruce walked over to the maid-bot, her rear presented to him like a gift he thought, his hand making contact with the soft latex, the feelings he got from touching the suit made him aroused, his penis becoming more erect. He’d found that he was hard when he woke up this morning from his dreams, now with the physical presence of the maid-bot, he felt even more turned on. His penis tenting the front of his pyjamas, and soon poking out through the hole in the front.

Now revealed in all its glory Bruce began masturbating with one hand whilst the other continued to play with the latex maid-bot, she seemed to be not moving which in Bruce’s aroused mind he took to mean that she was enjoying this; she’d object otherwise he rationalised in his male brain. Not realising that the system had taken control of Jessie and that she could not move from the position until released to continue her functions, not that she seem to mind as Jessie was loving the fact that Bruce was turned on by her dressed like this, and was using her for his pleasure, she’d hope that she would climax too but if she didn’t she didn’t mind, she was serving her master and felt pleased within herself.

Bruce soon came, his seed spurting over the maid-bots backside, the whiteness of it standing out against the black glossy suit as it started to dribble down between her cheeks. Coming out of his sexual haze Bruce realised what he’d done, he didn’t know what had overcome him to do this to the maid-bot, he felt guilty at what he’d done but also pleased that he'd managed to bring himself to climax, satified he looked around the room to see if he’d been caught out in the depraved act, relived that Sophia wasn’t standing there to condemn him.

“Maid-bot return to your cleaning station.” He commanded. “Your suit is dirty.”

“Yes Master.” Jessie-bot responded, ‘your wish is my command’ she thought and smiled inside knowing how she’d teased him to cum on her rear, happy with herself as she carried out his command.

Jessie immediately stood up, her arousal not sated by Bruce but pleased that she’d satisfied her owner and began walking out of the kitchen towards the maids’ room, once there she stepped into the cleaning cabinet where the machine automatically began cleaning her and the suit, washing away the evidence of Bruce’s misbegotten deed. Bruce watched as the maid-bot entered the machine, happy that his spending was being washed away headed back upstairs to clean himself up.

Jessie stood there in the machine as it did its job of cleaning her and the suit, she felt satisfaction within herself at the way the family were responding to her sexually, making her their plaything, she was loving the feelings she had inside her, her own sexuality coming alive with each encounter, she was loving the experience. This was she began to realise what she wanted, desired and craved for, to be a sextoy, a plaything, to be used and discarded afterwards. And being just another maidbot in the house, anonymous to those who didn't know made her feel even better in her mind.


Sophia entered the kitchen and found no maid-bot preparing breakfast, she’d risen from the comfort of her wonderful dreams after Bruce entered to use the ensuite bathroom, disrupting her fantasies of her time with the maid-bot. ‘Where’s Jessie?” she thought. She walked from the kitchen to the maids’ room to see if she was there, just as she entered she spotted Jessie stepping out of the cleaning machine, her suit now all shiny and clean again.

“Morning Jessie.” Sophia said.

“Good morning Mistress.” Jessie-bot replied.

“Sleep in did we?” she asked.

“No Mistress, I just had to re-clean myself as Master found a dirty spot on my suit.” Jessie-bot replied.

“Did he, and where was this dirty spot?” Sophia quizzed.

“On my rear Mistress.” Jessie-bot replied, whilst turning and pointing at the spot.

“I see.” Sophia said, ‘I wonder what Bruce did to make that spot dirty?’ she thought, ‘that’s why he’s upstairs in the bathroom, the dirty…’

“I’ll make breakfast now.” Jessie-bot said.

“Yes Jessie, please continue.” Sophia replied and allowed the maid-bot to pass her in the corridor. She watched as the maid-bot walked away from her, Sophia’s eyes taking in the rear of the maid-bot as it walked. Her thoughts again began to wonder why this maid-bot had that effect on her, none of the other maid-bots excited her like this, why did Jessie? “Maybe it’s because Jessie is inside the maid-bot?’ she thought, ‘but I’ve never felt this way about her before or other women for that matter, well not since my college days.’ Sophia was confused, her mind trying to fathom why she was like this.

After breakfast the family went about their own things, Valerie ordered the maid-bot to her room, it was time to feed her friend Jessie and maybe explore some more of those feeling she was experiencing with her friend. She bade Jessie-bot sit beside her on the bed and deactivated her control, once the system had disconnected she looked Jessie in the eyes, she watched as she came out of the systems control and returned to herself.

Jessie looked up and returned the gaze into Valerie’s eyes, there was a time when those eyes were just those of her friend, now they were of her lover, they both stared intently into each other’s eyes, the spell between them holding them in place, their hands holding each other’s, the soft skin of Valerie’s against the latex clad ones of Jessie’s, still inside the suit. Valerie was the first to break the spell and moved her face closer to Jessie, their lips connecting with electrifying results, their bodies responding to the touch.

Soon Valerie was pressing down on Jessie, her back against the soft mattress with the soft, warm flesh of Valerie holding her down but not against her will, Jessie was loving this as much as Valerie was. Their embrace continued with lips mashed against each other, exploring each other’s mouths, their tongues intertwining, their breathing heightened and their heart rate getting higher. Valerie positioned her leg between Jessie’s and rubbed her thigh against the hard mound she found there, pressing against Jessie’s sex with abandon, Jessie lifting her own thigh to rest against Valerie’s sex they both continued writhing on the bed.

Once their lovemaking had consumed them both, their climaxes overwhelming their bodies and minds, their mutual enjoyment of each other now sated their lust for each other, they laid there as each caressed the other tenderly, interrupting every so often with small, playful kisses. Happy for the time being, Valerie wondered why she hadn’t felt this way before about Jessie, they’d been friends forever it seemed to her, but now they seem to be more than friends, ‘why was this?’ She thought.

Jessie meanwhile was on cloud nine, she was floating off in her own ‘sub space’, she had loved her day so far, with both Bruce and now Valerie using her, she felt an inner warmth inside her from the feelings of being used sexually by them, she lost in her own thoughts, ‘I must be bi-sexual, but I do love women more, the soft skin and the tender caresses, so wonderful.’ Jessie thought, ‘I wonder what else I can get up to today?’ she felt mischievous at her own wicked thoughts. 

After Jessie had eaten her fill, of both Valerie and the food, she felt wonderful inside as her friend pressed the button to turn her back into a maid-bot. Jessie felt her own bodily control fade away, she loved the feeling it gave her, the loss of power, the control being taken from her, the system commanding her every move leaving her to enjoy the ride inside her own body, she had always loved this, she craved this and always seemed to want more. Jessie went about her duties now remembering past events and felt her arousal climbing, but could do nothing to satisfy that feeling.


The family continued on as they always seemed to, nothing untoward in their minds other than each of them wondering to themselves why they felt this way about the maid-bot Jessie. They each came to the conclusion that none of the other maid-bots made them feel this way, only this one maid-bot it seems. Bruce still oblivious to the fact that Jessie was the maid-bot inside the suit, only Sophia and Valerie were aware.

Jessie received orders to return to the maids’ room, the family had only just taken lunch so she wondered why she was being recalled so early. Jessie walked in and found Sophia standing there, she looking at Jessie as she walked in the room, her eyes devouring Jessie and the suit. Sophia pointed the remote at Jessie and pressed the button to deactivate Jessie-bot. Jessie again feeling her body returned to her stood there looking at Sophia and wondering what was up.

“I’ve recalled you for some lunch.” Sophia said, “and something else…”

“Thank you Mistress, Sophia.” Jessie replied, “What do you require of me?”

“Please eat and I’ll explain.” She said, “I want to understand my feelings for you, I don’t know where they come from, is it you or is it the suit? I don’t know…”

“Well the suits do feel wonderful, especially from the inside.” Jessie said as she ate the sandwich offered her. “Maybe you should try it.”

“Maybe I should… No I don’t know… I’m confused...” Sophia replied, “Why do I feel this way? I shouldn’t but yet I do, it seems to overwhelm me.”

“Maybe you’ll understand better like this.” Jessie said pointing to her suit, grabbing Sophia’s hand and placing on her latex suit on her soft breast, her nipple immediately becoming erect at the touch. She knew that she was being wicked, tormenting Sophia like this with her body but she loved the way she felt inside whilst doing it.

Sophia gasped, “I… I… “ she found herself unable to form words, her mind freezing up at the touch of her hand on Jessie s breast. Her hands began to caress the soft pliable flesh of Jessie's breasts, her own sexual responses began to happen in her own body and she realised that she was getting turned on by the feelings she was experiencing from touching Jessie, her other hand joining in on touching Jessie's breasts.

“Feels good doesn't it?” Jessie asked.

“Yes.” was all Sophia could say, her hands still on Jessie's breasts, the smooth latex covering the warm, soft flesh underneath, she felt her own nipples reacting to the stimuli and the heat build-up between her own legs, just as it was with Jessie inside the suit.

"It feels wonderful from the inside too, I love the touch of your hands on my body, my whole body is reacting to your touch." Jessie said, revelling in the feelings she was experiencing, moving herself closer to Sophia, their bodies now mere inches from each other.

Sophia broke herself away from the spell between them, she thought that she'd heard Bruce come out from his study, she didn't know what to do, she knew that she wanted to stay and play with this little maidbot some more, but also knew deep down that it was wrong for her to take advantage of Jessie. She took a step backwards but didn't see or realise something was behind her and began to fall, her hands reached out to Jessie to stop herself from falling and Jessie also reached out to Sophia, seeing her fall. But in grabbing Jessie she managed to bring them both down onto the floor, Jessie falling on top of Sophia, their faces brought even closer than before, each could feel the others breath on their faces.

It was Jessie who made the first move, seeing that she'd fallen on top of Sophia and that their faces, their lips were so close she leaned in and kissed Sophia on the lips, it seemed a natural thing to do and Sophia responded to her kiss by pushing her own lips tightly against Jessie's. Sophia was so turned on by being this close to Jessie that she no longer cared who discovered them and placed her arms around Jessie's neck to pull her even closer, their mouths parting allowing their tongues to explore each other’s mouths. Jessie having already experienced the sapphic delights of Valerie soon took advantage and moved her body into a position where they could both rub their sex's against each other.

They writhed around on the floor, their mouths engaged with each other, their tongues wrestling inside the warm enclosure of each other’s mouths, their bodies pressed tightly against each other, their thighs between each other’s legs sending delightful feelings around their bodies and into their sexually charged minds. The feel of the latex clad maid as her hands ran over the smooth covering turning Sophia on even more, it was mutual for Jessie too, everywhere that Sophia touched her latex clad body was intensified by the suit. All too soon they both orgasmed, their bodies tensing as the ripples from their climax spread throughout their bodies, the intensity of their own bodies reaction to the sexual stimuli making it all the more enjoyable for both of them.

Jessie lay there on top of Sophia, her own climax one of the most satisfying she had ever experienced in her life so far, she could only hope to repeat this one day and soon. Sophia was exhausted from her own experience, her own body was still having aftershocks, her orgasm had been one of the best she had experienced, she wondered why she had never felt this way before. She looked up at Jessie, the smile on her face said it all to Sophia, she didn't need to feel the guilt that she was having at using Jessie like this, even though she felt it was wrong, she knew deep down that they had both enjoyed the feelings between them, Sophia running her hands over the latex covering of Jessie's head, she pulled her in for one more kiss, their soft, moist lips now delicately touching, more of a lovers kiss than the deep passion they had both been through before.

"That was wonderful." whispered Sophia to Jessie, "I don't know what..."

"What came over you!" Jessie laughed, "that would have been me!" And began moving her thigh against Sophia's crotch, teasing her some more.

"You're a naughty maid, you know that don't you?" Sophia said, "Taking advantage of me like that..." Smiling at Jessie whilst pretending to be innocent.

"My apologies Mistress, maybe this maid needs to be punished!" Jessie giggled, feeling very wicked inside at that point.

"Maybe I should," Sophia said pondering, "Maybe I should make you stay a maidbot for another week as punishment."

"Or a month." Jessie smiled, "but only if I can serve you Mistress." She inflected on the last part of her sentence.

"My, you are a very naughty maid." Sophia teased. "Maybe I should keep you here to punish you some more."

"I'm here to serve." Jessie responded with a satisfied smile.

"That was intense!" Sophia said, "I hope that it was for you?"

"Oh yes Mistress, this maid-bot enjoyed herself very much, the latex suit seems to increase the feelings I get from being touched." She said as she moved her upper body upwards slightly, "See my nipples are back to standing out just from being against your body." Jessie teased looking down at her breasts.

"Is it the latex or me?" Sophia asked.

"Oh definitely you, but the latex suit increase the feelings of you against me." Jessie said, "Maybe you should try it?"

"Mmm, maybe but not right now, I don't want to let Bruce see me like that, I'd be that way forever if he had his way!" Sophia laughed.

"Two sexy maid-bots together, I could live with that." Jessie smiled.

The thought ran through Sophia's mind, she could see her and Jessie dressed in the latex suits just like in her own fantasies, her own arousal starting to well up in her body, her own nipples coming out to greet Jessie's. She suppressed the wicked thoughts she was having of her and Jessie. "Not now, maybe another time." she said.

Their thoughts again interrupted by sounds outside the room, someone was moving around the sound of a door opening brought both of them out of their own sexual thoughts for each other.

"Sounds like Bruce has finished on the computer." Sophia said, "time to return to the real world."

"Thank you Mistress." said Jessie planting one last kiss on Sophia's lips. Getting herself up off of the floor and assisting Sophia to stand.

"No thank you Jessie, you bring out hidden desires within me, something I never thought I'd experience again." Sophia stated, "but time for you to get back to work, no slacking for the maid-bots around here."

“Yes Mistress” Jessie said as she watched Sophia pick up the remote and press the button that returned her to being their maid-bot.

"Thank you maid, now please return to your normal duties." Sophia said, a smile forming on her face as she watched the change in Jessie back into a maid-bot, she watched again as Jessie walked out of the room, her suit glistening in the light enticing Sophia to watch, unable to move her eyes from the latex clad form.


Jessie continued on with her day as usual, cleaning, washing and preparing things in the kitchen. The family continued their day as well, Bruce in his study working or watching porn, Sophia when not watching the maid-bot work reading her erotic books, or watched television. Valerie was meanwhile upstairs in her bedroom, thinking about her friend Jessie and what they now mean to each other, unaware of the events that had taken place downstairs.

But every time each one of them walked into a room with Jessie working or she walked past them they looked up and stopped whatever they were doing to admire her latex covered body, the curves shown up by the gloss of the suit enticing them with her body, she knew that they were watching and loved every moment of it, their eyes devouring her, she unable to control what they did to her.

Jessie loved the routine, the loss of control that freed her from the mundane life that she had lived up until now, her mind was her own to experience her own growing sexuality, her body was under the control of the system and the family that continued to command and use her, either as a maid or as their own personal plaything. She had realised now that this was what had been missing from her life, to be able to serve and satisfy others seemed to be something she craved, she took great delight in carrying out their orders and those of the system that commanded her.

Jessie prepared the evening meal for the family as usual, the family coming and going through the kitchen to collect things that Jessie prepared from them or just to catch another glimpse of the latex clad maid, their own thoughts and fantasies running through their own minds. Each seeing Jessie as their own plaything, she was now more than a maid-bot to them, each having experiences with the maid-bot in their own way, they looked on her more as a sexual object, something that they could use to their own delight. Something that Jessie herself had always wanted, she loved the way they used her, she had found her own place in the world and was loving every minute of it.


Once dinner had been served and eaten by the family, they all went their own way again, each had been looking at the maid-bot in a different light given their own sexual feelings for the maid, the mood in the room was sexually charged as the maid-bot moved to serve them their food and take away any finished plates. Each member lost in their own thoughts, the conversation was very light and each was distracted when Jessie entered the room with the next dish.

After dinner and cleaning up Jessie received a command to serve Valerie in her bedroom, she knew that this was feeding time for her and carried the tray of food left over for her upstairs to Valerie's room. After knocking and then entering she was greeted by Valerie standing their naked, "Please close and lock the door maid." she said to Jessie, not bothered that she was now standing in front of her friend naked as the day she was born, she had plans and needed to work off her pent-up desires that Jessie had brought out of her.

Jessie turned and locked the door with one hand whilst holding on to the tray with the other, her balance perfect and not a dish or drop of fluid escaping their containers and onto the tray, the system controlling her movements. She was at first shocked, then pleased to find Valerie naked as she walked into the room, her eyes drinking in the loveliness of Valerie's body, her soft round curves all peachy and freshly bathed.

"Come here maid." Valerie commanded. "Put the tray down."

Jessie was wondering when she would switch her off from the maid-bot control system. 'This is different', Jessie thought, 'I wonder where this will go?' She continued as commanded by Valerie and walked over to stand in front of her naked friend and now owner.

Valerie couldn't take her eyes off of the maid, she knew that Jessie was inside the maid-bot but her desires had overwhelmed her rational thought, she was so turned on at this point she thought that if she didn't get some relief she would burst. She watched as the maidbot bent over and placed the tray down, her soft, round globes of her rear reflecting in the light, the suit glistening with each delicate movement of the maidbot, she had been having wicked thought all through dinner and now she wanted to act upon them. Her own passion building within her even more at being this close to the maid.

"Now stand still." Valerie commanded, as she reached out and began running her own hands down the maidbot standing motionless in front of her. The naked flesh of her hands in stark contrast to the black latex suit that covered the maidbot, her hands ran over the smooth covering. This was sending delightful feelings all though Jessie's body, she couldn't move, she had been commanded to remain still, even though she wanted to reach out and touch her friend, she was unable to.

Valerie moved her own body closer, the two bodies now touching, Valerie's breasts rubbing against the maidbots own, the warm flesh giving them both wonderful sensations, their nipples standing out as if fencing with each other as Valerie moved her upper body against the maidbots. Jessie whilst she was loving this she felt frustrated that she couldn't reciprocate the touching or caresses that Valerie was doing to her body, but also she began to feel like a sexual object, something that someone could use for their pleasure and not be concerned with what the other wanted, this running through her mind brought out the inner Jessie she so longed to be.

Soon they moved over the bed and Valerie commanded the maidbot to lay down, which it did, Valerie then laid down on top of the maidbot and after splitting their thighs began to hump her crotch against the maidbots thigh, whilst also moving her own against Jessie's own sex, though not for the pleasure of the maidbot just as a consequence of their bodies being positioned so close during Valerie's sexual explorations. Valerie was so turned on at this point she no longer saw Jessie as the maidbot, this was just something that she could use to bring herself pleasure, a wonderful climax or two, so lost in her own world she didn't realise that Jessie was experiencing the same feelings as her.

It didn't seem to take long once they had laid down that they were both experiencing their own delightful orgasms, each lost to the wonderful sensations they were having, their climaxes differed from each other, whilst Valerie's was intense, her body stiffening as her orgasm ran through her young body, Jessie was still in maidbot mode and therefore showed no external signs that she had indeed climaxed just as much as Valerie, only on the inside did Jessie show any signs and that of her eyes rolling back in her head, though missed by Valerie as she was too engrossed in her own desire.

Valerie continued to hump herself against the maidbots thigh as she let the climax wash over her, indeed she managed to bring out a second much smaller orgasm. She laid there on top of the maidbot, her breathing fast and her body still in the afterglow of her climaxes. She rested her head on the maidbots shoulder and let her body recover from the intensity of her now satisfied lust for the maidbot and her latex suit, Valerie began to move herself off of the maidbot beneath her, laying to one side she cuddled the maidbot as she would any other lover after sex.

"Sorry Jess, I don't know what came over me!' Valerie whispered to the maidbot, "You just bring out so many sexual feelings in me, something I have never experienced before."

The maidbot laid there as commanded, Jessie thought inside her own mind, 'Well that was good for me too.'

"Sorry I forgot that you're still under the system, where did I put the remote?" Valerie said, reaching out to the bedside table to recover the remote. "There, now you're Jess again."

Jessie lay there as her own functions returned, "Thank you Mistress." she said, knowing that she was teasing her friend.

"Damn did I press the right button?" Valerie said and was just about to press again when Jessie's hand reached up and stopped her.

"I'm here," Jessie said, "just not on this planet at the moment."

"Mmm, I feel the same." Valerie said, her hand resting on Jessie's breast. "You bring out the wild beast in me."

"I'm pleased that I do, you can devour me anytime Mistress." Jessie teased.

Later after eating her food Jessie retired at the end of the day to her recharging pod, she’d eaten her food and played with Valerie some more to their mutual satisfaction and then left to return to the pod, whilst Valerie slept off her recent pleasurable experiences. She placed herself inside the pod and put herself into ‘shutdown’ mode, beginning to sleep soundly whilst ‘recharging’. 

Sophia crept down and watched Jessie inside the pod, seemingly switched off and asleep but knowing that Jessie was indeed aware of her touches and presence, her hand caressing the latex suited body again, the touch irresistible to her, her other hand began to play with herself, the feelings delightful in her mind. But this time it was Valerie who was standing there watching her mother, she was intitally shocked at finding her this way, she'd come down to check on Jessie and maybe fool around some more, but then seeing Jessie responding to the touches of her mother, though remaining standing inside the pod, she could hear the moans of delight coming from both of them. She continued to watch but inside she felt a change come over her towards Jessie and her mother, an inner rage and jealousy that would build up over the next few days, she felt betrayed and hurt.

story continues in part 7: Serving her Mistress

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