Weekend Maid

by Gromet

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Part 8: Service Guy

The evening came and the family gathered for their evening meal, this was again prepared and served by Jessie, she seemed to be the favoured Maid-bot when it came to cooking, the other maid-bots prepared food tasted bland when compared to Jessie’s. Maybe it was because of her desire to please the family, or that she had some control over what she was cooking and preparing, either way the system had picked up on the family’s contentment at the food the maid-bot prepared, or maybe it was because each desired Jessie/maid-bot in their own way.

Bruce couldn’t get over the vision of his wife Sophia and the maid-bot in the bedroom, he couldn’t understand how his wife had managed to re-program the maid-bot that way, something that he’d been looking for since his desire for the maid-bot took all his waking thoughts and then even in his dreams, often waking up with his erect member in his hand with fantasies of the latex clad maid-bot serving him running through his mind.

The maid-bot/Jessie served the family their food and then cleared away the dishes with the help of another maid-bot, with both working it took little time to clean things away. Jessie being directed by the system seemed to speed up her efforts when it came to housework, back at home she was not too keen to clean up the house, but because her Mother & Sister worked long hours at the diner to make ends meet, she felt obliged to clean and cook for them. Following the systems commands also gave Jessie great pleasure inside, a soft, warm fuzzy feeling that she’d grown to love and desire.

Valerie was still angry at Jessie, one for seeing her betrayal of their supposed love, and for not wanting to come to the mall so she could show her up in front of all her friends, especially for not going to college, and also now continuing to be the family’s maid-bot, the prank now backfiring on her as Jessie and the other members of the family seemed to have come to accept her role as just another maid-bot. She didn’t want to speak with Jessie and told her Mother when asked to feed Jessie, that she didn’t want to and stormed off to her bedroom. Leaving a stunned Sophia standing there wondering what was going on.

Sophia therefore took upon the role of Jessie’s keeper, something she didn’t mind now as she had the special bond with the maid-bot, her own desires for the maid-bot/Jessie creating wonderful images of the two of them in bed together, writhing and lost in their passion. Breaking herself of those lustful thoughts she then directed the maid-bot to return to the maid’s room. Once there she switched the control off so Jessie could eat and relax, and they could talk some more.

“Thank you Mistress.” Jessie said as she came around from under the systems control.

“That’s okay Jessie, I hope that you’ve enjoyed your day.” She said with a smile remembering events in the bedroom earlier.

“Yes Mistress, I did enjoy serving you today.” Jessie teased.

“Mmm, it was very nice…” replied Sophia, lost in her thoughts. “Here, I’ve brought you some food to eat, got to keep your energy up.”

“Thank you Mistress, I think that I’ll be needing it.” She winked at Sophia.

Sophia watched the maid-bot eat, she couldn’t take her eyes of the shiny latex suit that clad the body of the maid, she had been having thoughts of what she’d look like inside one herself and some of her dreams of her so dressed had led to some wonderful self-brought out orgasms, her fingers working overtime as she was lost in her fantasies. ‘What was it about the suit?” she thought, ‘Is it the shine, the latex or the all-over covering and encasement of the body inside that seems to turn me on?’

Jessie watched as Sophia seemed to be off in her own world, her gaze fixed on Jessie’s body inside the suit, she had a devious thought and began to move about more sensually, each body movement being closely watched by her Owner, she knew that she shouldn't tease Sophia this way, but couldn’t resist the temptation to pleasure her Mistress this way, and the thoughts of them in bed together ran through Jessie’s mind too. Both women were getting hot under the collar so to speak, their arousal and desire for each other was getting more and more intense.

Jessie heard footsteps outside the room and froze, her food now consumed but she had continued to tease Sophia with her body, soon those footsteps entered the maid’s room. Bruce had come to see what was going on in the room, hoping to catch his wife and the maid-bot together again, but was disappointed when he found them both standing apart. Sophia then realised that he was standing there and looking at the two of them, she suspected that he knew about their afternoon together by the smirk on his face, but she ignored that, she could read him like a book.

“What are you doing?” Bruce asked.

“Nothing, just checking the maid-bot.” Sophia replied, her face blushing at the thought of checking Jessie out.

“Why what’s wrong with it?” he asked, still with the vision of his wife and the maid-bot running through his mind, wishing that he’d video’d it to watch later, which gave him an idea.

“There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong, just wanted to check though.” She said, “Okay maid return to your pod.”

Jessie who was still not under the systems command obeyed the instruction from her Mistress, thinking that she’d better hide the fact that she is human from Bruce, no knowing what he’d do if he found out, maybe she would no longer be able to continue as the maid-bot, something that she was dreading, and then being cast out into the world. She walked like she normally would under the system and placed herself in the charging pod, just like any other maid-bot would do.

“Good I’d hate to lose that maid-bot.” Bruce said, “She seems to be the best cook around her.” Adding the last part to deflect his real reason to keep the maid-bot here, and turned and walked out of the room.

Sophia held the remote in her hands and smiled at Jessie, now standing still in her pod so as not to give herself away. “Thank you Maid.” She winked at Jessie and pressed the remote button to return Jessie back to being under the systems command. Walking out of the room but giving a backward glance to the sexy maid-bot now seemingly sleeping peacefully in her pod.

Jessie slept the whole night, even when Bruce sneaked down to watch the sleeping maid-bot standing in her pod, his eyes devouring the latex suited maid in his own sexual desires, his hand rubbing furiously around his hard penis, exposed to the maid-bot should she be awake, stepping ever closer to her sensuous body, the curves enticing him with their shiny surface. Thoughts of his wife and the maid-bot running through in his mind as he neared his climax. Over excited and lost in his own world, he didn’t see Sophia watching him, she’d been in before to ‘check-up’ as she called it on the maid-bot, now she was stuck hiding behind another charging pod as she watched her husband wank himself off on the maid-bot, her maid-bot.

She was angry with him but didn’t want to reveal herself, as she too had been doing exactly what her husband was now doing in front of the maid-bot. Knowing that he didn’t last too long, she had years of experience with this, he seemed to be a one-hit wonder when in the bedroom, once he came he usually fell asleep leaving her to finish herself off. She knew that he would soon cum and then head off to clean up, then she would be alone with her maid-bot, he’d be too sleepy to bother them again tonight.

Once Bruce had finished and left the room she came out from behind the charging pod, ‘Typical male.’ She thought, ‘leave a mess for the women to clean up!’ as she inspected the white gooey substance that adorned the maid-bots thigh. Grabbing a cloth she gently wiped the cum off of the latex suit, a slight murmur came for Jessie, she appeared to be dreaming so Sophia didn’t want to disturb her any longer, her desires had now waned after watching her husband abuse the maid-bot, so laying a soft kiss on Jessie’s lips she headed back up to her bedroom.

The next day the family continued their routine, each member of the family coming down for their breakfast and then heading off to work. Once Bruce had gone Sophia pulled the remote from her pocket and switched the maid-bot off from the system. Jessie gradually came out of the haze of the control and the commands she’d been receiving this morning. Pleased to see the smiling face of Sophia, her owner and Mistress looking at her, with a look of desire it seemed.

“Hello Mistress.” Jessie said cheerily, happy to be in Sophia’s presence.

“Hello Jessie, sorry but I don’t have much time this morning, please eat your breakfast before I have to head off to the office.” Sophia said, still a bit displeased that Valerie refused to attend to Jessie.

“That’s okay Mistress, any time I have with you is wonderful.” Smiled Jessie and began eating.

“Are you sure that you want to continue being my maid-bot Jessie?” Sophia asked, “I have to ask to make sure in my mind that this is what you want.”

“Yes Mistress, I want to continue to serve you, I love serving you.” She placed the emphasis on the ‘serving’ part. “I’d like nothing better.”

“Well if you’re sure, I’m still not too happy about leaving you like this.” She said, “Valerie is pissed off at you for continuing being a maid-bot, she refuses to have anything to do with you.”

“Oh,” Jessie’s face dropped, “I’m sorry about that Mistress, but I’ll be okay under the systems command, they have protocols for emergencies so you needn’t worry about me, I’m perfectly safe.”

‘Unless your husband is around’ she thought, visions of Bruce using her for his pleasure.

Seeming to pick up on her thoughts she said, “Well Bruce is off overseas in a few days, and Valerie has decided to leave earlier for college, so it’ll be just you and me rattling around this big old house.”

“Oh, that will be nice Mistress, I can be your own personal maid-bot to serve you and take care of your needs.” She winked and gave a mischievous smile.

“Yes, well…” Sophia was distracted by her own wicked thought of her and the maid-bot. “I have to leave for work so I’m afraid it’s back to being the maid-bot for you.”

“Thank you Mistress.” Jessie said as she felt the system overtake her mind again, she was now in her preferred place, owned and controlled, being commanded to perform tasks and housework.

Valerie stayed away from Jessie, she still refused to talk or even tend to her old friend, and she was no longer fun or even a friend in her eyes and decided to spend her time with others who were more like her. She even brought several of them back to the house getting the maid-bots to serve them drinks and snacks whilst they chatted or watched movies. No one suspecting that Jessie was now a maid-bot serving them their food, she was just another fetishist dream mechanoid servant as far as they were concerned, no longer surprised by the maids clothing. And for Jessie she was pleased that they thought of her that way, she was having the time of her life serving them, it was what she desired most, other than serving her Mistress of course.


The next few days were much the same for Jessie, though Valerie spent more time out of the house getting ready to leave for college, Sophia and Bruce continued heading out to work each day leaving Jessie alone with her three maid-bot companions. At night she would be visited by one of the two adults, each using her latex clad body for their sexual fantasies. Each one climaxing and then leaving the maid-bot alone in her pod unfulfilled sexually but satisfied inside that she’d been able to please her owners.

Jessie’s mind was changing, the longer she stayed as a maid-bot the more she thought of herself as nothing else, she was made to serve the family and the house-system, to follow her commands faithfully and she did this effortlessly, she was becoming more like the other maid-bots, after all being alone with them for company all day whilst the family was at work or out visiting friends, she came to see herself more and more just like the other maid-bots, they were her sisters in one way though they never communicated with each other they shared a common bond and program.

Jessie was interrupted from her chores by a command from the system to report to the maid’s room, ‘Strange’ she thought, ‘I don’t require charging at the moment, I wonder what it could be?’

The family were all out at the moment, so she knew it couldn’t be them. She walked from the rear of the house and was the last maid-bot to enter the maid’s room. There she found a man who she didn’t know who was examining one of the other maid-bots. The system picked up on her confusion and informed her that the man was from the maintenance company that services the maid-bots, and that this was a regular check-up.

Upon entering the service tech switched off each maid-bot and plugged in a cord to their service ports and began downloading routine files and error logs from the three maid-bots. Jessie entered not knowing why she’d been called back early, she’d been the furthest away from the maids room so arrived last.

The service guy looked up as she entered and was surprised to see a fourth maid-bot, this wasn’t on his service records, and he was unaware of the latest addition to the maid-bot family.

“Come here maid and let me check out you out.” He said signalling for Jessie to approach him.

Jessie walked over to the man and stood passively in front of him as commanded, she was thinking to herself ‘I wonder what he’ll make of me?’ with a slight nervous giggle.

The service guy grabbed hold of another cable to connect the new maid-bot to his computer and felt for the connection port that each of the other maid-bots possessed, but was surprised when he couldn’t find it in the usual spot behind the left ear. Then he spotted the control collar.

“Ah ha, got you!” he said, and then reached into his bag of tools and brought out a remote, he pressed the button and immediately Jessie felt her body & mind return to being under her control, she was again switched off from the system. She stood still whilst she recovered her senses, it was somewhat disappointing to Jessie each time she was disconnected from the system these days as she’d grown to love being controlled.

“Well little maid-bot, you’re new” he said to Jessie, “How long have you been a maid-bot here?”

“Mmm.. I’m not sure, Sir.” Replied Jessie, who didn’t seem to realise what day it was. “I started out last week, I was going to spend the weekend as the maid-bot but things sort of went from there.”

“Well that’s nearly a week ago, have you enjoyed it?” he asked.

“Yes Sir, I love being a maid-bot under the control of the system; it frees me from the cares and worries of life on the outside. And I love serving the family.” She smiled as she thought of the other advantages she’d experienced at the hands of the various family members.

“Really, you know that being a maid-bot isn’t supposed to be a full time event, the system was originally designed for a couple of hour’s playtime, something that people could experience, but it spread out from there.” He said shaking his head, still never understanding the attraction of being under the control of a system designed to enable maid-bots to function.

“Oh, I didn’t know, it just started out as a prank, and then bloomed from there.” Jessie said. “But I’ve loved every second of it, Sir.” Smiling at the guy.

“Yes, well I’m here to service the maid-bots in the house, so I suppose that should include you.”

‘Service!’ Jessie thought, ‘What type of service does he want from me?’ Thinking about how Bruce used her for his own pleasure. “I’m not sure…” she said.

“Though I really should just see to these three and leave you unconnected, I’m not really here to see to people who play at being maid-bots.” He said, looking at the maid-bot standing there in her skin tight catsuit. The service guy was in two minds to help Jessie or not.

“Please Sir, I am just another maid-bot in the house, I love being commanded to clean and cook, wash and do other things.” Jessie pleaded, “Please don’t turn me off, I want to stay as a maid-bot for a while longer. I have nothing else going on in my life, other than working at one of the local diners, being groped and abused by old men who should know better.”

“I don’t…” he started to say.

“Please Sir, I’ll do anything you want me to”. She said, hoping to convince the guy to keep her as a maid-bot.

“No girl, I don’t want that!” he said, “I see enough sexbots during my day to put me off of that for life.”

“Sorry Sir.” Jessie started to cry, “I don’t know why I said that..”

Seeing her tears shook him, he’d never seen someone so intent on staying a maid-bot, he’d come across a few of the women playing at being maid-bots, but never had he seen someone pleading and offering themselves to stay that way, after all if he just left her switched off, her ‘owners’ could switch her back on later.

“Look it’s not for me to judge others what they want to do..” he said, “So if you want to remain a maid-bot who am I to stop you.”

“Oh, thank you Sir,” Jessie said as she jumped forward to hug the man, rubbing her body against him.

‘My, those latex suit feel good!’ he thought, ‘Only place that seems to have their maids dress this way, they must be some very kinky people who live here.’

“Now, now girl settle down, you’ll have me all worked up with you in that’s suit.” He said.

“Sorry sir, I was just excited.” Jessie blushed.

“Right then, dry your tears and let’s look you over.” He said with a glint in his eye, “I mean let’s check you out… Oh, you know what I mean.”

They both laughed at the statement and innuendo, the air now broken between them and the tension lifted from the room.

“Let me see that collar.” He asked.

Jessie leaned in for him to inspect it, she hadn’t taken it off the whole time she’d been here and the same went for the suit.

“That’s an older model collar, been replaced years ago.” He said after looking at the collar, “maybe I should replace it, say it’s broken or something.”

“Would you, I’m sure my Owners wouldn’t mind.” She said.

He was taken aback when she called them owners, she must be more into this than I thought, he was curious but he knew that he was on a tight schedule, so didn’t have time to pry or find out any more.

“Okay, I’ll just get one from the van and some other things and we’ll set you up.” He said. “Just gotta check the other maids are doing okay first.”

He then continued to service the other maid-bots, checking their download logs and looking for anything that needed fixing. Once satisfied with the maid-bots he ran an upgrade through their system and went outside to bring the new collar for Jessie.

“Okay, I’m back.” He said seeing Jessie waiting there patiently, for all intents and purposes she looked just like the other maid-bots, if he didn’t know that she was inside the suit he would have thought that there was no difference between them, it was only when she smiled at seeing him did the illusion break. “Now, here’s the new collar.”

“Thank you sir, you’re very kind.” Jessie said, feeling very submissive at the moment.

“Okay let’s take off the old one and…” he said whilst unfastening the collar, “and there’s the old one off.”

Jessie felt naked without it, she felt fear and panic rise up inside her that the collar was gone and her link to the system was no longer. She needed have feared because as soon as the old one was taken off, then he placed the new one around her neck.

“Now how does that feel?” he asked.

“Wonderful sir, thank you.” Jessie said.

“You know you don’t have to call me sir every time you know.” He laughed.

“I’m happy to do so, Sir.” She said, a big smile across her face lighting up the room.

“Well okay, if it makes you happy.” He said. “Now then because it’s a new collar I need to upgrade the software to go with it, so I’m going to have to plug you into my computer to do the reprogramming.”

“That’s okay Sir, this maid-bot is ready to be reprogrammed.” Jessie smiled at the thought of being reprogrammed, just another maid-bot, not concerned at what may possibly change her or her mind.

“Okay, maybe you’d better sit down for this.” He said as he plugged the cable into the new collar. “Now all I have to do is run the program.” Saying this he pressed the enter button on his keyboard and Jessie was flooded with new information, programs and functions.

He left her there as the reprogramming downloaded into her mind, taking over functions and storing her memories on a back-up file inside his computer. If anything went wrong he wanted a back-up of her to re-insert into her. As she was now running the download he got on with other tasks, checking the other maid-bots where now done and functioning as specified. Once each was completed he sent them back out to continue their tasks.

He turned his attention to the recharging pods, the battery levels in each maid-bot were fine but with each service he was also responsible for checking the pods and refreshing them with supplies. When he began topping up the cleaning fluids he noticed that the liquid used was different from other users, this one he remembered that in the worksheet given to him, was for cleaning the original person who played at being a maid-bot. Her Mistress has ordered the special fluid to clean her along with the other maid-bots, again he had some in his van which he left to bring in.

Meanwhile Jessie was being reprogrammed by the computer, all new information was overriding her old programs, including some of her earlier memories, if he’d been there to supervise the computer he would have seen and prevented the changes coming over Jessie. She was now more like the rest of the maid-bots and shared the same programming that they did, she felt happy inside herself with her new found memories and thoughts, she loved being a maid-bot and serving her owners.

“Right I’m back.” He said with a container in his hand, he topped up the cleaning solution and finished with the pods. “Now young lady let’s see how you’re progressing.”

Jessie smiled inside; she was having delightful thoughts of serving her owners, making them meals and tending to their needs, serving them in any way she could to make them happy. She didn’t care for her old memories anyway, those were the bad years that she was trying to escape from and was happy that they’d been filed away, locked and stored deep in her memory.

“Wow!” he said when he looked at the screen, “We’re nearly done, seems like you ate the whole thing in record time, maybe you do want to remain a maid-bot after all.”

“Thank you Sir.” Was also she could respond with.

“Well, now that you’ve been upgraded maybe I should register you so you can be included with each service, just in case I can’t be here next time.” He said.

Small tingles of joy went through Jessie’s body when she heard him say next time & service, she was just another maid-bot now like all the rest.

“Okay then let me enter your details…” he said looking at the screen. “Jessie-bot, maid-bot to the family at…” as he continued to type in the details. “There all done, you’re now officially a maid-bot.”

“Thank you Sir, that’s wonderful news.” Jessie beamed, happy inside that she had her greatest desire fulfilled.

“And your new number is MD-9000-7612-49A, you’re now officially the property of the corporation, as they own the maids in the house.” He said proudly. “Okay I have my barcode generator here, so let’s make it even more official.”

He reached into his bag and brought out a gun-like device, turning it on and programming the number in, he walked up behind Jessie who was still sitting there. “Now you may feel a tingle as the gun applies your barcode, it’ll be on the suit outside but also printed into your skin underneath. Don’t want to wreck those lovely suits now do we.”

Jessie felt the gun being placed on the rear of her neck and then a tingling, burning sensation as he pressed the trigger to put the barcode on her. Pressing the trigger again she felt something enter her skin behind her neck. “Ohh!” she said, “what was that?”

“That my maid-bot is a microchip, it gives off your identity, showing your current owners and your registration number, you’re now officially MD-9000-7612-49A.” he said.

Jessie was very pleased when he told her that she was now officially a maid-bot, her whole body felt alive and a surge of electricity ran throughout her body. On the outside it looked like a shiver to the service guy.

“Are you okay maid-bot?” concerned at what he’d seen.

“Yes sir, I’m fine, it was just those delightful words you used, that I’m officially a maid-bot now. Thank you, thank you Sir.” Jessie was squealing on the inside like a teenage girl with her first crush.

“That’s okay, all part of the service.” He said, putting the device back in his bag. “Now then let’s get you back up and running.”

He pulled the cable from the collar, no longer needed now she was reprogrammed; closing the port cover her checked that everything was okay.

“I’ll need to speak with your owners for your long term care, how do they feed you?” he asked.

“I’m switched off from the system by my Mistress Sophia, who then checks on me and then feeds me.” She replied.

“No one else then?” he enquired.

“No, Valerie is away at college now and Master Bruce doesn’t know I’m not a real maid-bot.” she said, “So please don’t reveal what I am to him, please only speak to my owner Sophia.”

“Sure, only Sophia.” Surprised that the man of the house didn’t realise the maid was human. Then again in this job nothing surprised him anymore, even these suits that the maids wore.

“Thank you sir, I’m pleased with what has happened to me today, thank you again, Sir.” She said.

“Do you use the cleaning system? Or get out of those suits?” he asked.

“No sir, I’m happy inside the suit and the cleaning station takes care of everything.” Jessie said.

“Okay, but prolonged use of the liquid inside the cleaner is going to make you hairless, every hair in your body with cease to grow. Have you noticed your fingernails haven’t grown?” he asked.

“I haven’t noticed Sir, but if I lose all my hair I won’t mind, it’s a small price to pay to serve my Mistress.” She said matter-of-factly, it really didn’t bother her.

“Well okay as long as you’re aware of it, please inform your Mistress about it.” He said.

“I will Sir.” She said, but knowing deep down that Sophia would stop her being a maid-bot if she knew the truth. Jessie already knew about the hair-loss as she’d seen her hair wash down the drain in the cleaning system and it also felt different on her scalp, the slight burning sensation that removed her hair whilst she stood there being cleaned.

“I’ve also ordered a new charging pod for you, one built for people like you who want to be maid-bots longer term, it includes a feeding system, so when you recharge overnight the pod will replenish you too. That way in case your owners go away or not return you will be able to be sustained and function without their support.” He said.

“Oh, thank you Sir, that sounds wonderful.”  Jessie beamed inside; she was becoming more a maid-bot with everything he told her, ‘Cool, I can function all day now with no breaks. Once less chance for Master Bruce to catch me.’

“Okay that’s everything now, the new pod will be here later today and the technicians will set it up, your new programming will guide you on what to do, so just follow instructions and all will be well.” Pleased that he’d helped her out after all, and seeing her so happy too made his day.

“Thank you again Sir, I’m a very happy Maid-bot.” Jessie smiled and hugged him.

“Okay, now let’s switch you back on and I’ll leave you to the command system maid-bot.” he said and pressed the remote to turn Jessie back onto the system.

“Here at Global MetaRobotics, Inc we like to go that extra mile and personalise each Maid-bot to their owner's specific needs.” he said.

Jessie felt the system take charge of her thoughts and her body, seeing several commands streaming into her reprogrammed brain; she followed the service guy out to the front door and curtseyed, “Thank you, Sir.” She said in a monotone voice, her maid-bot program now fully functioning.

He walked off to his van leaving a contented maid-bot/Jessie who upon closing the door went about her assigned tasks with a renewed vigour, and a smile across her face.

Story continues in Part 9: The New Collar


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