Wendy Becomes a Rubberdoll

by Allatex and Gromet

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© Copyright 2022 - Allatex and Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; MF/f; latex; doll; mannequin; stockings; catsuit; gloves; hood; drug; bond; straps; F2doll; kidnap; sold; cons; nc; XX

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Wendy was out shopping in an older part of town; the area was mainly made up of small shops with some unique things and other knick-knacks that you don't usually find in the larger stores. She was enjoying browsing in the various shops, when unfortunately it started to rain, not just a brief shower but quite heavily, and not being equipped for the sudden downpour; she decided to finish shopping and head home, her day now ruined.

She took what she knew was a shortcut back to the train station to start her journey home, weaving her way through a few small twisting back alleys. But the rain became heavier, turning into a thunderstorm. Wendy didn't bring a coat with her as it was quite fine when she began her trip earlier today, so using what she had to hand, she put her handbag over her head to try to afford herself some protection from the rain.

But the rain got heavier, and she was starting to get very wet; having no choice but to stop and wait out the storm, she sheltered in a small old-fashioned shop entrance to get away from the rain. Standing there, she could see nothing in the windows of the store as they were far too dirty to see through. It looked to her that they hadn't been cleaned in some time, the store looks to have been deserted a while ago.

Looking at the door, the sign there said ‘closed’, and with the rain now coming into the small area of the doorway that she was standing in, Wendy tried to move as far back as she could in the entrance. When she leant on the door to get further away from the rain, it swung open, and she fell into the shop, flat onto the floor, her clothing now not only wet but dirty as well.

Getting up, she looked around the inside of the store; the lights were not on, and it was only the lightning outside that illuminated the interior so she could hardly see anything. She could make out a figure in the gloom near a counter, so feeling slightly embarrassed Wendy walked over towards it to apologize for barging in like she did.

When she got nearer, she found that the figure was not another person, but looked to be some sort of doll standing there. Maybe a mannequin, she thought to herself. Upon closer inspection, she saw that the figure is wearing a long black coat, boots, and gloves, with what looked like a skin diver’s helmet covering its head, which shows only the doll's face. That'll be handy to keep the rain off, she laughed at the thought.

Wendy looked behind the figure and realized that it was only standing because it had been strapped to a pole, which itself was on a small wheeled stand. Must be some old-fashioned way of displaying their store mannequins, she thought. Wendy had seen store mannequins in the bigger department stores, and their stands looked nothing like this antique-looking thing.

She was intrigued by the clothing that the mannequin doll was dressed in; it looked very different from what she was used to wearing; there was something about it that made her want to touch and feel it. Examining the figure, Wendy realized that all the clothing is made from black, shiny rubber. Slightly shocked by the discovery, she wondered why the doll would be dressed this way, but in the end, her curiosity made her want to find out more.

Looking around the shop, Wendy spotted some paperwork and order forms lying on the counter; picking them up, she saw the logo and that they mentioned, The Something Special Boutique. This must be the name of the store, she thought. I wonder what the 'Something Special' was that they sold?

Putting the paperwork back where she found it, she again looked at the doll, and wondered about the coat that it was wearing and the still heavy rain outside. The coat would come in handy to keep the rain off. Thinking that she would leave a cheque behind for the value of the coat, with her mind wondering how much a coat like this would cost, Wendy decided to remove the coat from the doll. Just to try it on, she said to herself.

Once she unstrapped the doll and opened the coat, she found that it was also dressed in a knee-length rubber dress underneath, with long sleeves and long gloves that blended into each other and covered the doll's skin. Wendy then found that the doll was also wearing rubber stockings under the tight knee-high rubber boots. All of the clothing was made from the same shiny, black latex as the coat and seemed to her to make up a complete outfit.

Trying on the coat first, she found it to be a perfect fit on her body, and she loved the way it felt against her bare skin; there was just something about it that she found enjoyable when she was wearing it. And then, looking at herself in the mirror, she marveled at how sexy it made her look; the coat’s waist seemed to pull in her own, giving her a fabulous hourglass figure.

Looking back at the figure she had taken the coat from, she wondered what the dress would look like if she wore it too. So removing it from the doll-like figure, she held it in her hands; the feel of the material and the scent of the latex was very sensual; she knew that she just had to try it on. Wendy started to remove her own wet clothing, only now realizing that her own clothes had been soaked when the storm had caught her out, her mind preoccupied with what she had discovered.

She was now thinking that it would be better to wear the rest of what the figurine was wearing instead of her own wet clothes; after all, the doll wouldn't mind, and she thought that she would leave enough to cover the cost of the entire outfit behind. So now that Wendy had justified in her own mind that it was okay for her to wear this outfit, she was buying it to get herself home as her other clothing was too wet to wear. She started to remove the rest of the dolls' clothing.

The mannequin, now naked, stripped of all that it wore, was placed by Wendy against the back wall; the pile of latex clothing seemed to be calling out for her to wear it. She felt excited at the thought of wearing it, something that she hadn’t felt inside for a long time. Wendy thought that it would be better to start with her legs and then work up her body with the clothing. And she also loved the feel of stockings when she placed them over her legs, encasing her limbs in their luxurious grasp.

Getting the rubber stockings over her damp legs proved to be a struggle, that was until she found a can of talcum powder on one of the shelves. Applying it to her skin not only dried it but also enabled Wendy to put the clothing on much easier. Soon she had both stockings on her legs, and they tightly followed every contour of her shapely legs. Wendy followed this with the boots, she had always loved wearing boots, and these felt really great.

Picking up the dress, she started to pull it up her body, as there was no zipper to open or close, she just had to work the dress up, and over her body, and with a few wiggles of her hips, she managed to pull the tight material up and over her pert bottom. The dress was tapered in at the waist, and soon the smooth, cool touch of the latex was encompassing her own waist, slightly squeezing it in and enhancing her figure. Pulling the latex dress up and then placing her arms down the long sleeves, her hands eventually popping out of the ends, the latex conforming back into their shape to tightly encompass her limbs and her body.

Next to try on were the long gloves; these would run up past her elbows; they reminded her of those sexy women that you saw on television commercials, where they were off to some glamourous party in their evening gowns, whisked away by the dashing, handsome man, the long gloves accentuating their arms, and in her eyes making them look very sophisticated, but also hot and sexy.

Happy with the outfit that she was now wearing, and after a few twists and turns to check out how she looked, Wendy looked at the time. She thought that she had better put the coat on and head home. She felt her own arousal starting to rise and wanted to get back home to explore wearing this clothing in the privacy of her own bedroom. Looking back at the doll, she remembered her original thought about the hood that the doll was wearing; the rain was still coming down, and wearing it would keep her hair dry.

Working the hood over her own short hair was easy, maybe too easy, and Wendy seemed to like wearing the hood for some strange reason that she couldn't quite figure out. Fastening the coat around herself, Wendy again admired herself in the mirror, she looked very sexy indeed she thought, the coat and the boots made her look what she termed 'Smoking hot' and knew that she felt the same way from wearing it.

While Wendy was distracted, admiring her own reflection in the mirror, she suddenly heard someone talking, and the sound of an upstairs door opening. A light was switched on from somewhere, illuminating the back stairs of the store. Wendy heard footsteps on the stairs; someone was coming down to the store.

She started to panic, unsure who this was and also what to do, so she froze and quickly stood back against the pole, hoping whoever it was would not notice her. Wendy looked out the corner of her eyes as she watched the figures come down the stairs.

A couple in their late 50s or 60s - the owners of the shop, Henry and Martha Leaderman - came down the stairs and walked into the shop. They noticed that the front door was slightly ajar; looking around the store to see if anything was missing, they could only see the display doll on the stand. The doll that had been there was slumped over in the corner where Wendy had left it, after stripping its clothing off.

Martha mentioned to Henry that the doll was no longer strapped to the pole, and she started to walk over to refasten the doll to the stand. She was startled when the figure shifted and stepped back. Wendy, who had now summoned up the courage to move, stepped down from the pole and stood there, looking from one person to the other. She started to make her apologies to the couple about wearing the outfit and frightening them both.

Wendy then began to tell them her story about sheltering from the heavy rain, falling into the shop, and then finding the doll wearing the outfit that she was currently wearing. She told them she was more than willing to pay whatever it would cost to keep the clothes, her own clothes were too wet and dirty to wear home. For some unknown reason, Wendy had found that she liked wearing the rubber clothing, not that she mentioned this part to the elderly couple, who seemed to be very sweet and understanding.

Now that the initial shock was over, the couple introduced themselves to Wendy, and they told her that this was their former business before the recession drove them to other means of making ends meet. What the doll was wearing was old stock that hadn't sold, and Wendy could keep the clothing at no cost, Martha told her, waving her hand when Wendy offered to pay for it again.

"But you must be cold from being out in the rain?" Martha asked, "please come inside, and I'll make us some tea."

"That would be nice," Wendy replied, not wishing to be rude now that she had been given the clothing for free.

"And after that, my husband will drive you home," Martha said and headed into the back of the store.

Leaving Henry to lock the front door and clear up, Wendy followed behind Martha to the cozy little room that seemed to double as a kitchen for the store. Sitting down at the offered chair, Wendy tried to sit, the latex clothing letting her know that it was going to be challenging to sit in for too long, the tightness and restriction of her body getting even more constricted.

Martha gets everyone some tea, they both sit there chatting, the tea warming Wendy up on the inside, while the latex clothing was warming her up in another part of her body. She really must get home soon, she thought to herself; her toys would undoubtedly be getting a workout tonight.

Soon Wendy starts to feel sleepy, she's not sure if it's the tightness of the clothing or the warmth of the room, but soon she blacks out, slumped in the chair, the cup falling from her hands and breaking on the floor.

"Shame that was a nice cup," said Martha, looking at the woman she had just drugged, flopped down in the chair.

Wendy woke up in a different room, finding herself tightly strapped to a pole and stand; she looked around the room and saw more dolls dressed like her being slid into boxes with "Realistic Rubber Doll" printed on them. Each one seems to be a woman like her, not some figurine, their muffled cries as they are sealed away in the boxes, silenced once encased inside the containers, let her know that they were unwilling victims of whoever had dressed and bound them this way.

Just then, she sees the couple; Martha is attaching delivery labels to already packaged boxes, while Henry is moving the already bound doll from their stands and into the waiting open boxes. Wendy tried to call out, and she attracted the attention of Martha, who walked over to where Wendy was tightly bound.

"Ah, my dear, you're finally awake," she smiled as she spoke, "Welcome to our new little business."

Wendy tried to speak but found that she had been gagged while she was out cold, and could only "mmpph," through her gag.

"Don’t try to speak, dear, dolls don’t speak,” Martha said as she touched Wendy’s cheek, “after all, you’re now just a rubber doll like the rest of them. I knew once I saw you that you would make a wonderful addition to someone’s collection.”

“Nnnrrrgh!” Wendy tried to protest that she wasn’t a doll.

“It doesn’t matter anyway, dearie, you have been sold online to an overseas collector, and you went for a pretty high price too. The buyer is looking forward to getting his new rubber doll and will be sending his private jet to pick you up.” Martha told her.

“Arr nogh a dulll,” Wendy said through her gag.

“But you are my dear, and a wonderful looking one at that,” Martha said, “Isn’t that right, Henry?’

“Yes, my love, she is a lovely rubber doll, one of our best,” Henry replied as he walked over to where Wendy was bound to the pole.

Reaching behind, Henry released the straps holding the new Wendy rubberdoll to the display pole. Wendy thought that this was her moment to try to get free, but found that many more straps still bound her entire body, and she fell forwards and into the arms of a waiting Henry.

Picking her up, he carried the bound rubberdoll over to her delivery box, placing the doll gently inside; he then added a couple more straps to hold the doll in place during transit; they didn’t want to have the goods damaged for the duration of the delivery, it would ruin their business reputation. Adding more packing material to the inside of the box, he began to close the top down, sealing the newly minted doll inside.

Wendy could only watch as she fell, only to be caught and carried over to a box; she felt herself being placed down inside. She tried to struggle, but the combination of the straps binding her and the constrictive tight latex clothing could only manage to move less than an inch or so. Now inside the box, she watched as more packing was placed inside, some more straps held her securely, and the top was closed down, leaving her stuck inside the darkened box.

She felt the box being moved, and then she must have blacked out again and didn’t wake the entire journey to her new home in the far east. There she woke to find herself put on display, much to the enjoyment of her new owner, and she found that she was indeed just part of a collection of rubber dolls that he owned. This would be her new life now, and she wondered if she would ever see her home again.


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