What Happens in Vegas

by Julie Johnson

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© Copyright 2011 - Julie Johnson - Used by permission

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I was so proud of Mike. He had gotten his commercial airline license just a few days earlier and today was his first commercial flight as a co-pilot. This had been his lifelong dream and it was finally going to happen. His first flight was going to take him from his home base in Boston to Las Vegas.

It’s a tradition in the airline industry that the completion of a new pilot’s first successful flight calls for a celebration. And Las Vegas was just the place to do it. Unfortunately, I was supposed to stay behind in Boston and miss out on the party! That didn’t seem fair, but I had a plan to change that.

Before I found out that the celebration was to be in Las Vegas, I had prepared for our very own celebration. Mike was no different from most men. A pair of high heels on a cute little blond and he had nothing but sex on his mind. To make sure that he didn’t walk off with one of the flight attendants when he got lonely during an overnight stay, I had gotten him a blow-up sex doll. It wasn’t very romantic, but it was only meant to be practical.

I had not expected that Mike had never had sex with a doll. It seems anyone who went to college would have at least tried to see what it was like. Mike apparently had not. He seemed less than enthusiastic about the idea of leaving me behind and making do with a love doll. But that was only half the plan.

The other half, which he did not know about, was that I had ordered a rubber doll suit for myself. It’s quite an amazing achievement of modern science. Basically, it’s a full enclosure latex suit with built-in feet, hands, and hood. The hood had a typical ‘surprise’ look with a condom built right into the round oral opening. To make it an all around accessible doll, there were also built-in condoms for the anal and vaginal entries. All of it was in baby pink.

At first I had thought I’d surprise him after his first successful flight to find me inside the dollsuit at home on our bed. But when it became clear that he would celebrate his first flight in Las Vegas I quickly booked a flight earlier that day to arrive at his hotel before he would get there. That should give me enough time to switch into the dollsuit, leave him a ‘don’t get lonely’ note, and wait for him.

Everything worked perfectly. After Mike left early in the morning to get ready for his first flight, I quickly rushed to the airport. Since I had no intention of spending much time in my clothes, I did not pack anything other than a toothbrush and the dollsuit. Given that this was Las Vegas, I did not hesitate to put on a skirt that was probably a bit shorter than I would normally wear in Boston, and a pair of heels that I had never worn outside the bedroom before. I made it just in time to my flight and without any real incidents got safely to Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, the hotel where Mike was to stay was not particularly interesting. But I had not really come for the shows and the gambling. It wasn’t long before I had checked in and made myself at home in his room. The clerk at check-in was really nice and gave me the key to Mike’s room. I’m sure he didn’t think for a second that I was Mike’s wife who wanted to surprise him, but as long as I got the key and he agreed not to tell Mike anything when he arrived, I did not care.

It didn’t take long before I had changed from my day clothes to becoming a perfect rubber love doll! Getting into the suit was not easy. The latex was much thicker than I had been used to, and with the hands ending in fingerless mittens, getting the zipper to pull up in back was not easy at all. But, after some struggling, I finally made it. Before pulling the hood over my head, I put some plugs into my ears just to increase the sense of being a lifeless doll. Once the suit was on, I was largely cut off from the rest of the world. The only opening for the suit were two small holes for my nostrils. I could not see anything, and my hearing was impaired as well. My mouth was held wide open with a long latex condom extending deep into my mouth. I was sure it was long enough for some deep throat action.

Now I just had to do one more thing. I had written a little post-it note at home that should serve as a little instruction, in case any was needed. The note simply read: “Congratulations! You deserve a better love doll. Have fun with her. Live out your wildest fantasies. When done, just leave her on the bed. Love, Kate.” I stuck it on my chest, and went to take a little nap on the bed. All I had to do now was to wait.

Back in Boston, things didn’t go as planned for Mike. Another co-pilot got sick and needed to be replaced for a long distance flight to Asia. Mike, not wanting to disappoint his new employer, volunteered. Before getting on the plane, he called home to Kate to leave a brief message on her answering machine.

“Honey, there’s been a slight change in plans. I’m going to do my first flight to Hong Kong! Unfortunately, that means I won’t be back for 3 days. I’m really sorry about that, but it’s a great opportunity for me. I can’t wait to get back to you! Think of something fun for us to do as a little celebration! Oh, Steve, you know, the guy who went to flight school with me, took my place on the flight to Vegas. He was so happy to get that route. Apparently there is some sex expo going on and he really wanted to check it out. So he owes me one. Maybe he’ll bring us back some toys….See you Thursday!”

I had just dosed off a bit when I heard a click at the door. In an instant, I got incredibly turned on and could not wait for Mike to take full advantage of my position. All I wanted was to be his sex doll for the rest of the night. I really hoped that he would just use me like an object. No great conversation, no ‘cuddling’, just plain and unashamed sexual lust.

To my delight, I did not have to wait long. Without saying a word, Mike ran his fingers over my body, turned me over and took me doggy-style with no regard for my comfort whatsoever. I was a little surprised as Mike had not really expressed any interest in anal sex before, but that’s part of what I wanted to know. If Mike could have sex just the way he wanted to, what would he do? I had always suspected that he was a lot kinkier than he seemed. This was my opportunity to find out.

During the course of the next hour or so, Mike must have taken me through every position imaginable. It was absolutely the best sex I ever had. There was no talking during the entire time, and every part of my body was sore. It must have been pretty amazing for Mike as well. I could have sworn that his penis was A LOT bigger than it had ever been before. I am normally pretty good at oral sex, but when Mike rammed his dick down my throat I thought it was going to burst my throat!

After he was done with me, he left me just like I had asked him to. Then he took a shower and seemed to be getting ready to go out.

At a stop-over in San Francisco, Mike tried again to reach Kate at home, but no luck. He left another message on the answering machine, but was getting a bit worried. Back at the East Coast, it was rapidly approaching mid-night and it was very unusual for Kate to be out that late. He checked the answering machine to see if there was a message from her. When either of them could not reach the other one, their back-up plan was always to leave a message on their own answering machine where the other one could call in and check it.

He listened to his own message from earlier. But the second message was from Steve. It was an odd message: “Hi Mike, this is Steve. Not sure you’re going to get this message since you’re on your way to Asia, but when you do, give me a call on my mobile. I have something that I believe belongs to you. Hope you won’t mind if I use it for a bit. Promise that I won’t break anything. Call me.”

Since there was still a bit of time before Mike had to go back to the plane, he called Steve.

The phone rang, probably one of Mike’s pilot friends. I could only hear parts of the end of the conversation when Mike came back into the bedroom. What I heard made me a bit nervous. With the earplugs in, I had a really hard time hearing anything so I wasn’t sure that what I picked up is really what Mike said. “….not disappoint her…totally hot….really?......if that’s what you want…..she won’t know a thing….you’re a great friend…I won’t disappoint you.”

It wasn’t long before I figured out what was going on. Mike was going to take me outside! This was sooo embarrassing. I can’t believe that Mike was going to show me off the way I was to his friends. Now I really had a choice to make. Was I going to give up my pretension to be a rubber doll and protest this treatment, or was I going to go with the flow? I did not have much time to think about it. Mike had already put my heels back on my feet. What did I have to lose? I didn’t know anybody, and if Mike had any decency, he would keep me covered under my protective latex layer. In that case, I wouldn’t see anyone, and nobody would see me – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Still without saying a word, Mike took me by the arm and we went outside. Oh how I wished at this point that I could have been a bystander seeing how this handsome young man was walking through the hotel lobby with a living pink rubber doll by his side! I could hardly believe that this was all real. Without being able to see anything, and not hearing much, I could still tell that we were going outside, but everything seemed so surreal. Once we were outside, we stopped and after a short while, Mike helped me get into a taxi. I picked up a few words again, but nothing really clear “ ….in the trunk….not real…” Was he going to put me in the trunk? Did the taxi driver really think I was just an object? That couldn’t be. Even an idiot would see that I was still a real person under that doll suit.

To my relief, Mike helped me into the backseat of the taxi. I guess he was just kidding. But still, where was he going to take me, and what were his friends going to do?

This year’s adult entertainment expo was huge as always. Every imaginable adult entertainer was there. And every possible sex toy was on display, from the latest high tech gizmos to traditional favorites and adult video producers. I remembered seeing ads for it on the way from the Airport to the Hotel. My sneaking suspicion was that Mike was going to take me there.

Although I couldn’t be sure, I was pretty certain that Mike did indeed take me to the Expo. From the noise around us, the bits of conversations that I could pick up, and the way people seemed to come up to me and touch me, Mike obviously enjoyed showing me off in a place where living rubber dolls were a positive attraction.

“Welcome to Real Real Doll”…Finally, I could hear someone speak clearly to me. It was a soft female voice. “Come with me. Before getting started, we need you to sign a few papers.” This was really getting bizarre! What was happening?

To my great surprise, the women who had guided me began to unzip the dollsuit. At first I protested, but she had a very calm and comforting way of handling the situation. She explained to me that Mike had paid for me to get transformed into a ‘Real Real Doll’. But I needed to sign a few papers before they could do the transformation and they could not legally take his word for it.

We were in a small dark booth with just a few dim lights. Stacy, that’s what her name tag said, must have been no more than 20 years. She looked every bit like a porn star, but really sweet and nice. She pointed out some of the clauses in the paper that I needed to be aware of.

I don’t think I really got much of what I was signing, but I did have to confirm that I had no known allergies to silicone or to rubber. I also agreed to any necessary supplemental treatments. I had to confirm that I would not hold the company liable for any unforeseen side-effects as this treatment was still experimental and not yet approved by the any government agency. I agreed to everything and signed the papers. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had full trust in Mike. He had already shown me so many new sides that I did not want to disappoint him now.

“So then let’s get started.” Stacy helped me out of my doll suit and began to explain all the steps to me. Basically, the company was a spin-off from another company that was called ‘Real Doll’. They made life-like silicone sex dolls that cost thousands of dollars, but are as real any anything on the market. The spin-off specialized in transforming real people into sex dolls using a very similar technology.

The process was surprisingly simple. Stacy asked me to stand on a small podium in the middle of the room. She then began to use a spray-gun to cover my entire body with a thin layer of silicone. Before spraying my head, she put me in a tight transparent latex hood. Like my doll suit, it only had openings for my nostrils.

It did not take long before the first layer of Silicone began to dry. I could tell how the drying process made the silicone slightly stiff. Not so much that I could no longer move, but noticeable nevertheless. The entire process took the better part of an hour. Time and again, she went with the spray-gun over my entire body putting layer after layer of silicone on me.

When she was nearly done, she asked me if I wanted to have any particular features. I could just answer with a slight nodding of my head. Did I want to have simulated piercings? Did I want integrate shoes under the silicone? Did I want to include anal, vaginal, and oral openings? I nodded positively to every question she asked.

When she was done, my entire body was sealed under probably a quarter of an inch of silicone. My breasts had nipple rings on their tips, but only going through the silicone. And my feet were sealed inside a pair of ballet boots! I had never walked in ballet boots before, although I had seen them in our local store. It was not as difficult as I had thought, but I wasn’t sure how long I could walk in them. I hope Mike did not plan on my walking home like this…

The strangest sensation was that I felt like a real doll! I was again pretty much cut off from the outside world. I could not see anything, hearing was even harder than before because the Silicone spray must have gone straight into my ear, and any movement was limited and quite strenuous because of the stiffness of the silicone. But at the same time it was the most exhilarating experience ever. I loved Mike for doing everything he had done today.

Mike led me around the Expo for quite a while. My feet were beginning to really hurt and I just about had enough. Unfortunately, even if I had wanted to break my silence, I found that I could hardly talk. The silicone sealed my mouth and lips tight and there was no way I could get out more than some grunting. So I played along for a bit longer.

I was greatly relieved when Mike finally made me sit down. I wasn’t sure I could stand in the ballet heels any longer and all the walking against the tight silicone made me really hot – in many ways. Of course I knew that there was a strict law again any sexual acts at these Expos, but if there was one thing I wanted desperately it was to be taking by Mike right here, right now!

I was beginning to slip into dream land when Stacy’s nice voice brought me back to reality. ‘So, are you ready for the supplemental? You’re very brave. We don’t have many customers who want the whole treatment. I hope you can take a few days off so that you can enjoy it for a bit longer! It would be a shame to go through all that trouble if you had to be back at work tomorrow.”

Now I was getting a bit more worried again. What could Mike possible have had in mind? We both had to be back on an airplane tomorrow!

“The process this time is a bit more complicated. One of the great features of the silicone skin that you already have is its heat resistance. This allows us to add another layer of liquid rubber over it. But unlike the sort of liquid latex that you can get in stores, you will be covered in the same rubber that is used by Goodyear to make tires. It’s very strong and lasts, well, nearly forever. What I’m going to do next is ‘dip’ your entire body into a large pool with hot liquid rubber. With the silicone acting as an insulator, you won’t feel more than a slight temperature change. It’s just like those kitchen gloves that you can use to take pasta out of boiling water. Trust me”

What choice did I have? It wasn’t long before I was picked up under my arms and slowly lowered into a pool of hot liquid rubber. Stacy was right. I could clearly feel the liquid around me, but beyond pleasant warmth there was no sign that I was now standing in 240 degree hot liquid rubber!

Stacy again repeated the process several times until there was a thick layer of rubber all around me. Fortunately, before dipping me for the first time, Stacy had inserted tubes into my nostrils for easy breathing. At the end, she cut off the tubes and everything was back to normal. She also cut open my anal, vaginal, and oral openings. While she did all this, I could tell how the rubber was beginning to cool down and dry. Again, with now probably a good half an inch of silicone and rubber all around me, any movement was difficult to say the least. I wasn’t sure how long I was going to be able to stay inside my little cocoon.

“And now comes the final part of the process.” What, we still weren’t done? What else could she possibly do to make me even more of a living rubber doll!

“The next step will both shape your body and vulcanize the rubber. Once that is done, your rubber skin is nearly indestructible. I will now place you into our body molding machine. The first step in the process is to heat up the rubber around your body to make it easier to mold. The machine then adjusts its shape to mold your body according to customer specifications. This won’t change your body dramatically since your bone structure is what it is, but it is a bit like tightening a corset”.

“Your sponsor has chosen very attractive features. The machine will squeeze your waist to give you a perfect 18-inch hourglass figure, and at the same time shape the rubber to give you 34HH breasts. Your feet will be molded in a perfect en pointe position. Otherwise, it will shape the rubber to be perfectly smooth”.

“The final step is the vulcanization process. If you know something about tires, you may be familiar with it. Again, the rubber is brought to a high enough temperature and then we add some sulfur. As a result of the chemical reaction, the rubber becomes much harder and much more durable. What I like best about the process is that it makes the surface much smother than regular rubber or latex. It’s so slick and shiny that nothing will stick to it. Once you give it a good shine, not even dust will stick the way it often does with regular latex and the shine can stay fresh for weeks!”

I was in shock! Or was I living out my, and apparently Mike’s, secret fantasy? Whichever it was, I was so aroused by the prospect that Stacy could have done anything to me and I would have said yes (if I could have said anything).

The process lasted no more than 5 minutes and was not entirely unpleasant. Stacy placed me on my back into the machine and after just a few seconds I could feel how my second skin was beginning to warm again. Then the machine began to shape me. First I could feel how my feet were slowly bent to be in a perfectly straight line. Any ballet dancer would have been proud. Then my waist began to feel the pressure. It was indeed just like being laced into a corset. But this machine was a lot stronger and ‘laced’ me a lot tighter than any corset ever had before. Just as I thought that I could not tolerate any further reduction in my waist did the machine stop. Unlike most corsets, however, the waist reduction was entirely comfortable after just a few minutes. The pressure on my body was perfectly distributed and I was really beginning to enjoy my new body and skin.

The last step, the vulcanization, was nearly unnoticeable. Again, just a bit of heat and that was about it. But when Stacy opened the machine and suggested that I try and get out by myself, it quickly sank in how helpless I had become. Apart from my arms, I was completely unable to move any part of my body.

Mike returned from his long first flight to Asia as scheduled on Thursday evening. When he arrived, he found a large crate in front of his house – delivered by UPS ground. Mike knew exactly what he had to do. He brought the crate inside the house and placed it in the center of the living room. On the side of the crate was a small envelop. He opened it:

“Congratulations on being the proud owner of a Real Real Doll. Your doll is well supplied with nutrients and liquids that should last for at least seven days. During this time your doll will require no maintenance. She is ready for your enjoyment. Please consult the enclosed user manual if you chose to retain your Real Real Doll for longer periods. We do not recommend that anyone be kept enclosed in a Real Real Doll for longer than 4 weeks. Tests have shown increasing mental degradation as well as potential long-term skin problems. Once you decide to remove the Real Real Doll’s skin, please use the enclosed cutting instruments to remove all layers safely.”

What I heard next came as a real shock!

“Hi Steve, it’s Mike…. yes, she arrived safely… she’s amazing, better than anything I could have imagined… I really owe you one…. I’ll probably keep her for the next couple of days as a rubber doll…. that would be great, and since you already put her through the paces once, maybe you want to do her again and see which doll you like better!"


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