What Little Dolls Are Made Of

by Johnsan

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© Copyright 2010 - Johnsan - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; transform; doll; mannequin; lovedoll; catsuit; latex; cons; X


She sat relaxing in the overstuffed cloth chair, having already slipped off her shoes. While wriggling her toes with her eyes closed she began to feel relaxed, so relaxed in fact she let go.

As she did she felt the changes sweep over her as her skin began to change, not from any particular location, but all over at once. It began to change from her normal olive tones to a grayish tan color with a sheen like plastic.

She knew it was changing, as it had changed all those times before from skin to plastic. Now she felt it take over her nether most loins as well as it closed over her vagina leaving only a smooth expanse in its place. The pleasure she received from these changes was amplified by what had happened to the place that defined her so much. Now to add to this she felt and knew that seams were appearing around her ankles, wrists, thighs, waist, shoulders, and neck. Lacy knew this would now enable anyone to dismantle her now very hollow body. While unusual for a mannequin to have this many seams these, days she enjoyed it.

Lacy, with her eyes closed in lust and pleasure as the erotic feeling coursed through her, felt the changes happen to her face and head as her face became plastic with colored glass for eyes. Without an act of volition on her part her eyelids fluttered open as her face adopted a pose and smile with her glass eyes staring off into her apartment.

She remained there for hours as she had done before ever since she was a little girl. Back then though she had changed herself into copies of her dolls. The first time it had happened she had been looking at her dolls, fairly envious of their existence and beauty, when she had wished she was just like them. What followed was both a pleasant and fearful surprise as she began to change. She found herself frozen, unable to move or cry out. Since her gaze was fixed on her dolls she could only see herself out of the corners of her eye.

What she saw would have made her gasp had she still been able. Lacy’s skin color was changing to a light tan color -- the almost flesh color of a doll. It even had the sheen of plastic as it reflected off the light from her lamp. Lacy was apprehensive but still fascinated by what was happening to her. She felt rather than saw her body began moving and rippling as it became less like hers and more like the idealized image of an adult women. The idea that she was finally growing up, albeit in plastic form, filled Lacy with a warm glow. Now she could wear all the wonderful looking clothes she liked and not be told it wasn’t appropriate for her. Lacy remained there, feeling the seams forming as well on her now plastic body. Before she knew it she was a Barbie doll.

Lacy looked at her dolls standing there, now knowing she was just like them, she wished she was with them, standing alongside her new sisters as well. With a moments disorientation Lacy found herself with a new perspective, looking out into her room from the shelf where she kept her dolls. “I moved myself?!” she wondered to herself even more perplexed by what was happening to her. As she stood there, though, she relaxed, feeling more at home like she belonged there. She stayed there for the rest of the day undisturbed except when her mom came by and dusted all her dolls. Just being seen as one of the other dolls seemed to bring joy to Lucy as well and the feeling of the duster on her sensitive plastic skin was wonderful as well in a way she was just starting to recognize as sexual. Soon though, she wondered how to bring herself back, first out of the display case she was in and then full restoration to a living teenaged girl. The panic and fear began to rise, but just as she wanted it so she found herself back on her bed in human form. Lacy giggled as she sat there on her bed, back to normal as before. “I wonder if I can do that again?” she asked herself.

“This time maybe a little different,” she concentrated in her mind on a picture of what she wanted to be and as she did so she relaxed her body into her new form it just seemed natural to her now. As she did she went from a pretty teenaged girl to a Just-my-size Barbie. Lacy lay back on the bed, unable to move but knowing from the way she now felt she was indeed plastic and a doll again. “It worked !! I can’t believe it worked. I can do this anytime, I bet,” she excitedly told herself.  It was true.

The weeks went by and as they did Lacy became more and more practiced with her new found abilities. She found she could mimic any doll she knew or could imagine. In addition, she found her ability to teleport herself was only in doll form and only for a distance of 10 feet, more or less. She could teleport clothing onto her doll form as well, as long as she knew where it was, so even when frozen in plastic she could change her look. As she was sitting alone, looking at a store catalog and seeing the dresses there, she began to think of mannequins and how in a way they were nothing more than oversized dolls themselves.

With this realization, she began to remember the mannequins she’d seen at the department store. Lacy began to imagine herself as one, focusing on it, concentrating and as she did she felt the familiar feelings of her transformation encompass her again. This time though she didn’t get smaller in fact she seem to grow somewhat taller, becoming longer limbed as she became more statuesque like the attractive mannequins she’d seen before. Again she froze and became plastic then came to rest on her bed staring up at the ceiling as her hair which had become a wig had shifted and slid around her now bald pate.

Lacy noted she was even posed like a mannequin but still in her ill fitting clothes on a now very adult body. “I’m a mannequin now! Just wish I could see myself!” she admitted to herself. “Hmm I could just teleport myself maybe?” with that she again focused her thoughts and in a moment found herself leaning against the wall but in view of the mirror.

To her surprise, she saw a blonde mannequin that looked nothing like her. Lacy could see the seams around her wrists and shoulders just like she had seen on other mannequins. Even if she couldn’t see it, she knew her groin was now smoothed over plastic like on any other mannequin. Lacy could feel how hollow she was as well and how she now had a metal socket in her butt for a support rod. She never felt so at home in her body as she did now, it was like when she was a doll only more so. Lacy just wished she had better clothing to wear on her new form and maybe somewhere to be displayed.

Lacy spent the rest of the night in her new plastic body, admiring herself in the mirror and dreaming of being put on display until she finally drifted off to sleep. As she was undisturbed that evening, no one knew of what she had done. In fact no one at all knew of her recent abilities. With her parents and siblings absent that from her home she was sure no one would find out; that night at least.

So it was that Lacy continued to transform into dolls and mannequins when the opportunity presented itself. When she was at home alone, she became a mannequin as a matter of course. Lacy would change herself into many different mannequins; in fact she’d find them online and mimic them perfectly.

When her family was around she would instead set her sights lower and become a doll. Of course, no one noticed an extra doll in her collection so she would often remain there looking out into her own room. In fact she was transforming herself so much that it seemed to be her natural state and remaining human seemed to require some effort. At times all she had to do was relax and she would become plastic and doll like.

The pleasant feelings she received in her transformed state were like a drug and sometimes she just had to become inanimate, even in places where she really didn’t have the privacy. Sometimes Lacy would head off to the rest room, lock the door, then change herself. She would remain there for up to fifteen minutes before she felt compelled to restore herself then leave. Lacy would often look for opportunities to change herself as time went by like the time she was in a department store changing room and she took the opportunity literally. She just remained there until she was found by a sales girl who carried her frozen plastic body into the back with the other mannequins. There she remained, thinking “I could just stay here for good. It would be so easy!! Oh, and it felt so good when that salesgirl picked me up! I never realized how sensitive my whole body has become in this form!” she determined.

Then after she had been there all day, enjoying herself and her surroundings, Lacy decided she really had to return home. She promised herself that someday she’d extend her stay for much longer. In no time at all Lacy was able to make her way out without being discovered.

Through school and college she continued to practice changing her form, almost as if it was something she needed like the air she breathed. While having a few close calls, she was never caught changing. The closest she ever came to being discovered was in college. Being on her own and away from others for the most part, she indulged herself more often and for longer periods. It was during one of these extended periods that her roommate discovered her.

Lacy had decided to rest and as she did she just let the change happen, believing her roommate Kim would not return until the next day. As she lay there drifting off to sleep, the door opened. To her great surprise and shock, in stumbled Kim, tipsy from a night of partying. The roommate called out in a slurred voice, “Hey Lacy, how are you?” Then she stumbled over and touched her now plastic friend. She recoiled when she felt the stiffened form. “What the hell? It’s a mannequin that looks just like her!” she said in surprise, then she broke out in a grin. “Oh someone is trying to prank me, huh? Well I got something for them!” she grinned nastily.

She grabbed Lacy, which again made her cum inside her plastic body, and for the first time ever began disassembling Lacy. The orgasm which washed over her plastic body was so massive and delightful she couldn’t even encompass it in her mind. “OHHHHH AAAHHHHH Please more don’t stop!” was all Lacy could think as her roommate was removing her pieces until she was a torso with her arms and legs splayed around her on the bed.

Lacy’s roommate then took the sluttiest clothes she could find and dressed Lacy’s display form body. Kim then took Lacy’s mannequin form and placed it in the hallway with a note saying ‘Hi, I’m Lacy, please lick my pussy!’ Her roommate then said, “That ought to fix her wagon,” she said with a grin. Kim then drunkenly tottered off and went to bed, leaving Lacy there.

Lacy was surprised at Kim’s actions; she’d never seen her roommate that out of it. “She must be having a bad night. I need to get out of here though!” she thought to herself. Although part of her did want someone to give her a lick or two before she left. So it was that one of the nearby doors opened and someone came out. Jill, with long black hair, tall, and very pretty at least Lacy thought so.

She came over to the mannequin with a look of curiosity on her face. When she saw Lacy she smiled appreciatively and then read the note. This elicited a smirk from her and a bigger grin. “Well, Lacy, I think I can accommodate you.” she then lifted the mini-skirt on the mannequin and lowered the leather panties. Jill then licked the vacant plastic spot with a giggle and rubbed her hand on the mannequin's body. She then shook her head, “I’m just too damn kinky!” she told herself, “Or too damn drunk!” she laughed, then continued on, leaving Lacy alone in the hallway.

“Oh shit; I can’t believe it’s Jill who finds me like this. Damn I’m so embarrassed!” she told herself. When Jill spoke, Lacy knew if her eyes weren’t glass they would have been round as saucers when Jill said she’d accommodate Lacy, then licked her.

“Jill, I didn’t know you thought about me like that?” she moaned mentally “Mmmm, I think she really does like me, or maybe she likes mannequins. Either way, she’s making me happy!” Lacy squealed in pleasure in her thoughts. As Jill commented on her libido and tipsy state, Lacy thought “Oh no, baby, you’re not too kinky or drunk -- just keep up what you’re doing,” she said in the warmth of the erotic pleasure she felt. Much to Lacy’s regret though, Jill left instead. “Damn she’s gone. Well I have to get out of here. I’ll try my closet; maybe Kim’s asleep by now,” she thought to herself as she concentrated and then disappeared from the hallway.

In an instant she was in her tiny closet and listening to the heavy snores of Kim. Lacy changed herself back to human and stepped out of the closet. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. “This might be a good look for me.” Lacy giggled. Lacy then took off the clothes and note and went to bed.

In the morning Kim barely remembered anything about it and when Lacy met Jill she never mentioned it at all. For Lacy she actually enjoyed that night but since she really didn’t know how to tell either one of them it was really her, she didn’t say a thing. The rest of her time there she made sure if she did change no one would see her and she was very circumspect about it as well. There was one time though, during a spring break right before her last year, when she threw caution to the wind.

When school had let out, she concocted a story about going on a trip for those months during spring break. Lacy told her family and friends about this bogus trip to allay everyone’s curiosity. She then drove her car to a long term parking lot near the airport and then caught a cab. The cab took her to a nearby store where she had nothing except for an empty box which normally held a doll. Lacy walked into the store when it was relatively empty. She walked to the doll section and placed the box on the shelf next to the dolls. Making sure she was unobserved Lacy just let the transformation happen. Now it took place rather quickly and as soon as it had she moved herself. In an instant she was looking out from the box. She had made sure to wear clothing that was appropriate for the doll she had become so no one suspected as she stood rigidly posed there with the other dolls. “This is perfect -- the next few months as a lovely doll! I’ll be some little girls plaything! I can’t wait!!” she enthused.

Just as quickly as she wished Lacy, was purchased and taken away by a small girl. Laura loved Lacy, calling her Daisy and playing with her almost every day. She was treated quite well by Laura only twice did things get out of hand. Once she was lost in an airport and another the family dog had tried to bury her. The next months were the best time Lacy had ever had. They would play dress up together and have teas. Laura would have Lacy in a wedding dress and marrying one of her Ken dolls. Then she would play fashion model with Lacy, which was Lacy’s favorite of course. She would have Lacy model clothing all day. For Lacy it was so much fun she never wanted it to end. “I almost think I should just stay this way until she outgrows me and then hopefully I’d end up with another little girl!” she mentally sighed. Lacy knew, though, that she had to leave as her spring break ended. So with a heavy heart Lacy waited for the day when she was dressed in some clothes she could make her way home in. With more effort than normal she teleported herself outside the house and back into human form. Lacy then made her way back to the airport using the money and key she had secreted on her body. She drove home, tired and in some ways heart broken. When she had been home for awhile she bought and sent a replacement doll to Laura anonymously.

Lacy finished her schooling then began her adult life with a career and place of her own. “Finally I can change when I want and for as long as I want.!!” she thought giddily. But of course, this was hyperbole. When she was at work she couldn’t transform and when she went out in public she had to keep her desires in check.

On the other hand, Lacy was now free to indulge herself in the privacy of her apartment so she underwent the transformation often, spending entire weekends in one doll or mannequin form or another. She even obtained a stand to use so when she was a mannequin she would be held upright. Similarly, when Lacy was a doll she had a doll stand or box to be in. Of course, she also had her doll collection to be a part of when she was in that diminutive plastic form.

Lacy went out on an accessory buying spree when she had the money. She purchased new doll clothes and miscellaneous items to be the perfect doll. Lacy would spend time in her new pink plastic sports car or her plastic Malibu beach house. Every time she was beside herself with delight. Indeed, that fixed smile on her plastic face was anything but fake. It only served to make her even more adorable, if that was possible.

In the same vein, she increased the extent of her full size wardrobe so as a mannequin she was dressed to be sexy and alluring. Lacy loved to see herself in the mirror; the only way that would have been better was to have been in a window.

If she wanted to change her clothes, all she had to do was use her ability to teleport clothing onto or off her stiff hollow body. Changing her pose she found was something that was rather intuitive. Lacy found all she had to do was imagine her new pose and her plastic form would undergo a quick change, less involved and faster than the one that originally made her a display form. Even that much longer and involved transformation seemed to take much less time these days. It was practically instantaneous for her now, which was fine with Lacy. “I know that’ll come in handy when I decide to start my modeling career in that department store!” she thought to herself with a mental smile as she stood posed and dressed in her bedroom.

With all this, she didn’t ignore her social life. It, too, flourished as she was a beautiful, intelligent woman with a personality that many found charming and irresistible. Her paramours, whether man or woman, would go out of their way to secure her affections but none of them found out her little secret. Oh, they would spend the evening together, but Lacy made sure she always slept alone for fear of anyone waking up to find a doll or mannequin in bed with them. Although the thought of that happening did make her giggle a little. The only thing she did have to look out for was alcohol, because if she got tipsy she would lose her self control and she felt no one was prepared for the results of that.

The way she learned to exercise caution with spirits was when she was still in school. Lacy had been invited to a party at one of her friends and, of course, drinks were readily available. So when she was offered one she went ahead and accepted something called a Long Island Iced Tea.

It was the first time she had really had a chance to drink anything alcoholic, so Lacy had no idea about its effects on her. As she was drinking and feeling more relaxed she began talking to one guy whom she did like. So began the banter that always takes place in such social settings.

Soon Lacy and her new friend were joking and laughing with each other. Being a normal guy and Lacy being a particularly attractive girl he began complementing her. “You know, Lacy, you’re just the cutest girl I’ve ever seen -- you’re just such a doll!” he said with a big smile.

Lacy blushed and laughed, “You are so right you know!” With that she changed herself into a doll. Now there were no cries of alarm or surprise because at the moment she changed he had been nudged by someone and then turned his head in response. In fact everyone had been so involved or distracted no one noticed a five foot tall raven haired Asian beauty changing into a one foot tall Barbie doll. When Lacy’s new friend looked over, he looked for her and found she had disappeared but instead found a small doll. “What the hell? Damn she’s gone! I really liked her too!” he said as he put the doll on a nearby shelf.

What he didn’t hear was a really buzzed Lacy in doll form say “Oh I like you too! I’m here in your hands. Come on just play with me! Oh, here I am, no don’t put me on the shelf. Damn he can’t hear me!” she said to herself as he walked away. As she stood there on the shelf she looked out over the party “Oh the hell with it. I might as well just stay this way.!” and she just sort of fell half asleep.

As Lacy was dozing her roommate came up and found her. “Oh, hey, whose doll is this?” she loudly announced. When no one spoke up she put Lacy into her purse then asked, “Hey have you guys seen my roommate?” wondering out loud where Lacy had gotten to. Figuring she had found a ride back to their dorm room, she walked out with the doll in her purse.

When Kim picked up Lacy and asked that question all Lacy could do was respond “I guess I’m yours now, Kim,” and she giggled in her plastic head. “Oh I think Kim needs to clear out her purse.” Lacy observed as she rode inside. “I hope Kim plays with me, it’s so disappointing when they don’t!” Lacy thought with a mental frown. When Kim had asked where Lacy was, she couldn’t help but call out the answer, which luckily for Lacy no one heard from her fixed plastic lips. “I’m in your purse, Kim. Now home Geeves!” she mentally giggled.

Kim indeed did leave the party and arrived at their shared domicile. There she took out the Lacy doll she had in her purse and put her on Lacy’s bed. When Kim then went to bed, Lacy protested “Ah damn it Kim. Why don’t you play with me! I wish someone would!” but her train of thought was interrupted by a mental yawn and the extreme sleepiness she began to feel, so in moments Lacy slept in her plastic form dreaming of being a doll forever.

In the morning Lacy was awoken by Kim’s morning activities. A bleary eyed Lacy looked out wondering why everything looked so big. Her slowly focusing eyes began to see and when she tried to move them or her head she began to panic until she remembered what happened last night. “Oh shit, I got drunk and changed! I hope no one saw. Damn it! I can’t believe my head hurts like this, even as a plastic doll!” Lacy thought wryly.

As she lay there Kim looked over and worried about where Lacy was. “She’s never been gone like this without some word.” Kim thought to herself with a furrowed brow. “I’ll wait a few more hours and if I don’t hear from her I’ll call someone.” she resolved in her mind. Kim then left, leaving the inanimate Lacy alone in the room.

As soon as she was gone, Lacy restored herself. “That’s over, now all I have to do is explain to Kim what happened to the new doll,” she told herself as she began cleaning herself. “I guess no public drinking for me or I’ll end up in someone’s collection. Not that I wouldn’t mind for the right person,” she laughed at that thought.

As the day went on she found Kim and explained her absence, which seemed to allay her in some way. Lacy also went shopping and found a doll to take her place on the shelf so Kim wouldn’t suspect anything. She also thanked Kim for the new doll, telling her it was something special indeed.

So it was Lacy found herself on her own and indulged herself at home at every opportunity. She had a bed but as time went by she began to spend less and less time sleeping in it. Lacy preferred to spend the night slumbering as a doll or motionless mannequin, only using the bed when she had guests.

Then at work, she found when it was a particularly boring or difficult day she could duck into the restroom and close the door to the stall she was in and change into a mannequin without anyone becoming the wiser. Lacy found she could do it for at least fifteen maybe twenty minutes before she had to restore herself, then return to her desk with a big smile.

One day, when things were particularly slow she began to think “You know I could just change here in my cubicle for a few minutes and who would know? I mean today no one would come bothering me.” So resolved, she began to change, feeling those same pleasant erotic feelings she always enjoyed when she did.

Lacy remained at her desk, frozen in plastic with her back turned towards her the entrance of her cubicle. Looking at the screen, facing down with her hair framed around her stiff features it was difficult to see the change into mannequin form. No one would have suspected, unless they touched her or looked directly into her face. “I should have done this long ago!” she thought pleasantly in her display form.

As she sat there, one of her office mates walked by, looking at her seemingly intent form working away on her computer. He stepped into her cubicle and walked over to her, reaching over to tap her on the shoulder. “Lacy, do you have that file we discussed earlier? I could really use it now,” he asked, puzzled at how concentrated she seemed, seemingly oblivious to his arrival.

“Oh now this is the way to spend time at work! Just sitting around, looking perfect and felling great!! Mmmm now if I could just get a job…Oh shit!” as she felt someone close enough to touch her and in fact he was about to as she restored herself to human form. Lacy looked up at his smiling face and smiled as well. “Hello, yes I have it here I’ll send it right over to you,” she said while inside chastising herself for almost getting caught.

Instead of leaving right away, like she was hoping, he instead said “So what was that you were concentrating so hard on?. You didn’t move a muscle or even seem to breathe. It was like you were a statue!” he laughed

“Oh, just something I wanted to do right the first time is all!” she said smiling. “We statues do work hard you know.” Lacy giggled and so did he.

“Well I got to get back; thanks Lacy!” he said as he waved goodbye.

“Bye!” was all she said as she just slumped at her desk “Phew, that was close. I don’t know what I’d have done if he had found out. But maybe he might have liked it. Hmmm, I wonder.” Lacy contemplated. It did have a certain appeal, finding someone who could and would appreciate what she was able to do. She did find him attractive so that would have been a bonus as well. “In fact, I do like him, he’s a nice guy and he does have a nice body as well,” she mentally grinned “ I wonder if he likes me as well?” Lacy thought as she sat working at her desk.

It wasn’t for a few more weeks that she had the courage to try that again. This time, she looked around and making sure she was unobserved she let the changes flow through her body quietly enjoying it. This time there was a difference; instead of a sitting mannequin she became a blonde haired Barbie wearing a black and white satin gown with a wrap around her plastic arms. Lacy immediately moved herself from her chair to the desk facing out. She stood there, smiling, looking beautiful and enjoying what was for her a coffee break. This time when they came into her cubicle they didn’t notice her especially. Although one or two did look at the beautiful Barbie and smiled, knowing that Lacy was a doll collector.

After about twenty or thirty minutes making sure no one was around she moved her plastic body back to her chair and changed herself back into her human form. She just sighed and got back to work, relishing her moments as a doll.

Lacy continued working and changing herself, given the opportunity. Still none of her friends found out, even Kim and Jill. Although she wondered how they’d react if she told them. Especially Jill; the thought of her playing with Lacy’s plastic body still made Lacy so aroused. Of her current friends she wondered about Jim, he was the one who had almost found her as a mannequin. She and Jim had gotten together numerous times and she had thoroughly enjoyed herself. “I wonder just how he’d respond to my particular talents. We have been getting along so well and I do like him a lot. I wonder how to broach this to him?” Lacy considered as she sat at her desk. “I think I will tell him tonight. I hope he can deal with it, otherwise there’s no point in seeing each other any more,” she admitted to herself as she got up to leave for the day.

Lacy laughed at one of his corny jokes as they walked into her apartment that evening. “Now that is bad,” she said, smiling.

“Yeah I know but I’ve already used all my best lines on you. If we see any more of each other I’m going to have to hire a better writer for my material,” he grinned.

“Or work harder on your own!” she smiled. They both sat down on her couch Jim grabbed her hand and began gazing into her eyes. “We seem to be getting more and more serious aren’t we?” Lacy smiled.

“Only because you’re a beautiful, exciting, woman whom I can’t get off my mind,” he began, caressing her arm.

“So, you’d like to take our relationship further along?” Lacy asked him with a serious expression, almost hopeful, even.

Jim grinned broadly. “ Oh yes I do want that and I’m hoping you do too,” he continued, fondling her.

“So do I, but if so I think we need to have a serious discussion first. You see, there’s something you should know about me.” Lacy looked at him smiling in her lips only.

Jim pulled back as he noticed how the conversation was entering a more serious vein. “Oh; I know, you haven’t always been a girl right? You used to be a guy, no a rutabaga; maybe a ham sandwich.?” He noticed her darkening expression “All right, I’ll serious up. Tell me what it is that makes you so different. Although I can’t see anything that would change my mind about how I feel about you,” he studied her intently.

Lacy looked at him and continued. “Well, you’ve noticed my doll collection. I’ve had them since I was a little girl,” she smiled weakly.

Jim nodded. “Yes, they’re quite nice,” he smiled in return.

“Well, when I was a little girl, I used to imagine that I was with my dolls. They were all so beautiful, so I wished I could be just like them,” Lacy related.

“Oh, I’m sure every little girl does that,” Jim grinned and held her hand. Lacy smiled when he did.

“Yes, but how many find themselves becoming twelve inches tall and plastic, standing alongside them?!” she grinned.

“Awww, now who needs to serious up? You’re pulling my leg,” he said, smiling.

Lacy shook her head, “Nope. I’m completely serious James, and fully prepared to demonstrate the veracity of my statement,” Lacy smiled.

“How?” an interested James looked on.

“Like this,” Lacy said; before his eyes, sitting there, she began changing into a doll. Jim looked on in shock and surprise as the five foot tall gorgeous Asian girl he was so taken with shrank and morphed into a twelve inch Barbie doll.

Jim just remained there, staring at the doll that stood in place of his girlfriend. He grinned and began looking around. “Okay, ha ha, good one Lacy, you got me. I almost believed you’d changed yourself into a doll. You can come out now and tell me how you did this trick,” he announced to the whole living room, only glancing at the doll now and then somewhat nervously. Jim then began looking all over her apartment for Lacy, knowing she must be hiding somewhere. After about twenty minutes he gave up confused and worried and he sat back on the couch next to the doll.

Lacy was grinning to herself, even though her now plastic face couldn’t register that to the outside world. “I’m here Jim, right here, silly. I’m now Lacy Doll, an Asian Barbie!” Lacy giggled. As Lacy stood there, watching Jim search, she began to wonder if maybe he wasn’t quite ready for this. When he sat down next to her after his frustrated search, she mentally giggled, knowing maybe now he’d be ready to face the truth.

Jim sat and gazed down at the Barbie doll with Asian features, shaking his head. He picked it up and looked closely. Unbelievably it was Lacy, at least it looked exactly like her. “This has to be impossible. I don’t know why but I think I kind of like her like this,” he grinned as he thought this to himself. Jim began to rub his fingers over her smooth plastic legs then smiled and said, “ I guess I’d be doing this to you if you were here, Lacy.” as his fingers were slowly reaching up under her doll dress.

As she was standing there, thinking she’d failed, she saw Jim return and sit. To her surprise he picked her up as she felt his hands on her very sensitive plastic skin she couldn’t help but moan. “Mmmmm, I love it when they touch my little polymer form!!” she said as the pleasurable feeling came over and over. When Jim began caressing her with his forefinger the feelings increased even more. “Oh my goodness, Ohhhh -- I can’t believe it ! It’s so good!” Lacy panted in her mind. “Don’t stop! I think Jim is enjoying this,” she mentally grinned as another orgasm exploded in her plastic head.

Jim was enjoying it, even if he didn’t really understand why or how. The idea that his beautiful girlfriend was now a diminutive synthetic facsimile of a woman was incredibly erotic for him. Her almond shaped eyes seemed to look right at him as he brought his lips down and kissed her whole tiny face.

Lacy seemed to pass out from the erotic climaxes that she was completely enveloped in. “Oh gggg… I can’t believe this feels so good! Damn, his lips are so big …hope the rest of him is as well!” she told herself as she moaned and giggled at the same time.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this!” Jim told himself as he lifted the doll’s dress and began licking her vagina. He then had his teeth scrape against her plastic body and then lifted the dress off. Jim smiled when he then began licking her from the top of her head to her little fused toes. After a few moments with a wide grin and feeling not a little silly he put the doll of his girlfriend down next to him. “Well I hope you liked that, honey,” he said, smiling to the now naked doll.

“AAAHHHHHH!!!” was all Lacy could think as Jim began licking her. When his teeth scraped over her it was with a moment of terror and pure erotic bliss. “Shit, is he going to eat me? Even though, I think I’d taste good.” she told herself and moaned as the feelings of pleasure rippled over her tiny hard body. When Jim began licking her whole body, the sexual pleasure came pounding on her mind, numbing her to her surroundings “AAAAAHHHHH!!!” Lacy shouted in her thoughts as she felt like her whole body was living bliss. She decided then to thank Jim personally so she began to change back.

As Jim stared at the little doll, he watched in jaw dropping amazement as it began to grow and shimmer, its plastic skin changing from the normal doll-like shiny appearance to the more subdued tones of her normal flesh. In moments she had become a full grown woman again and began to move in a very purposeful way. In fact, she threw her naked body over his and smothered him in kisses.

“I guess you did like it!” he said between wet hot kisses with a grin.

Lacy was in a frenzy, rubbing her body against his, pulling his clothes off. In moments they were in the throes of passion when without thinking she changed again. This time becoming mannequin-like as seams began to form and her skin became hard with her body becoming hollow. Unlike a mannequin though, her crotch didn’t smooth over but became a plastic/latex version of her normal vagina as Jim continued making love to her.

Jim continued to pump in and out of her as Lacy remained frozen in plastic with a look of eternal pleasure locked on her hardened face. He looked down and to his surprise found she’d changed again, but instead of giving him pause, he continued even harder and faster.

Jim began moaning while Lacy remained silent plastic, just a sex toy for his pleasure. He continued for at least fifteen minutes before he shuddered and bucked, coming into her latex vagina. He lay on her for ten minutes more before moving away and looking at Lacy.

“OHHHHH Yes, Yes !!” was all Lacy could think after she had changed. She didn’t quite know why she had, but it may have been a stray thought she had about being his love toy; she wasn’t sure. “I really don’t care how it happened, now that I am he can use me as long as he wants!” she thought in the afterglow of lovemaking. “This is the most intense its ever been for me. I just love it!!” she said with a mental smile.

Jim remained staring at her for the next twenty minutes, rubbing a plastic breast, gazing at the mannequin Lacy in wonder. Idly running a fingernail down her seams and wondering if she was going to remain a doll for the whole night, which made him grin.

After the twenty minutes had elapsed, Lacy restored herself to flesh and motion. She got up, kissing and hugging Jim. “That was the most wonderful thing I’ve done!” she grinned.

“It was the most surreal and fantastic for me too!” Jim smiled. “So, how many know of your little secret?” he asked with a sly grin.

“Actually, you’re the only one I’ve ever come out and told.” Lacy smiled and rubbed his chest.

“Really, I don’t know what to say.” his thoughts were in turmoil in his mind.

“I only told you because I felt I could trust you and because …I love you! I hoped you loved me too, so I wanted to be completely honest with you,” she looked at him and smiled with hope in her eyes.

Jim stared at her for a few moments, his mind swirling with the implications, along with a bit of confusion. “I don’t know now. I mean, before this I would have said 'yes', but now I’m not sure. It’s a little confusing. What am I falling in love with. . . a doll or a mannequin or a woman?” Jim said with a bewildered look on his face.

Lacy’s face fell as she heard that. “I’m still the same Lacy, honey! I just have some unique talents.” She tried a half hearted smile as inside she felt close to tears.

“That maybe is so, Lacy, but I think I need some time to think. I’ll see you later.” He grabbed his things and left abruptly.

Lacy began weeping after the door had closed. “I thought he was the one! I thought maybe he’d be able to understand me but I guess I was wrong! Damn it all anyway!!” She thought to herself beginning to feel the self recriminations. “I guess it was me, my fault, for thinking someone could really love the whole me. Maybe I’d be better living out the rest of my existence as a mannequin or doll!” Lacy told herself; her self control seeming to slip away as she now felt compelled to stand and pose. In moments she was a mannequin but this time a mannequin that didn’t even look anything like herself. She felt herself slip away into plastic anonymity.

It was three days later when Lacy’s landlady came knocking. “Lacy you here? Are you all right? We haven’t seen you around for the past few days and we’re worried.” she announced as she went looking around the apartment for her. As she did she spotted the mannequin and smiled “Well I see she’s collecting big dolls now.” she giggled.

As the landlady continued looking around, another person walked in. “I see she’s still collecting dolls,” she commented when she saw the mannequin and smiled. This stranger looked to the landlady. “Would it be okay if I wait for a few moments?” she asked with a smile “At least long enough to leave her a note, please,” she grinned again.

Lacy watched the door open from inside her immobile form. For the past three days she had literally retreated into a plastic shell. Distraught over Jim’s reaction to her admission of her feelings for him, she had decided that being herself was not what she wanted to be anymore. “I can’t believe how he seemed to react favorably to seeing me change but when I say something as simple as 'I love you' he freaks out! At least this way I don’t have to put up with anyone’s schizoid crap!! All I have to do is stay plastic and pretty and no one will care,” she said with a mental sigh.

“Well, well someone came at last to see me?” Lacy asked rhetorically with more than a little vitriol in her thoughts. “Oh it’s the landlady. I bet she’s after the rent or something. Well too bad for her, mannequins don’t pay rent.” she laughed sarcastically.

Then as if to answer the landlady's question Lacy responded, at least to herself, “No I’m not in. Really you’re worried about me now who would worry about me! Shit!!” she responded mentally with her pain knowing she wasn’t angry at her. The landlady was just caught in the fall out of her own anger and self loathing at the moment. “Please just leave, go away or take me and put me away. Yes just take me apart and store me away for a hundred years or so maybe by then I’ll feel better.” Lacy mentally sighed. When she heard her comment on Lacy collecting big dolls all she could muster in the way of a mental retort was “Yes you’re right.” she mentally giggled in a sad way “In fact I’ve collected myself.” Lacy then tried to drift off again ignoring the landlady and her melancholy thoughts.

“Oh, hell, I don’t believe it!?” was all Lacy could think to say to herself when the other woman walked in behind the landlady “It’s Jill!! I can’t believe it’s her, after all these years!” the sight and memory of Jill seemed to bring Lacy out of her deep funk. When Jill commented on her collecting dolls all Lacy could do was giggle to herself and think “Of course but now they’re life size. Oh I wish Mrs. Bekinns would leave so we could start our reunion!” she thought with some enthusiasm, having already decided to give Jill a surprise of her life.

Mrs. Bekinns looked at Jill as she formulated an answer to her question. She nodded

“Alright; I’ll leave you here for 15 minutes to write that note. I’ll leave you the keys and I’ll be downstairs so you can leave them with me when you’re through,” she smiled and left, closing the door. Jill looked around and again looked at the voluptuous mannequin that stood in the corner. She walked up to it smiling. “Hello honey, aren’t we a lovely big doll.” she cooed as she began adjusting the clothing on it, putting her hands on the mannequin's breasts, slowly rubbing.

Lacy moaned as Jill did this. “Ohhhhh, Yes we are. Keep rubbing, Jill, that feels soooo good!!” as she felt the ecstasy only her plastic form could bring her. “I should tell her just how much I love this!” she imagines and with that thought she transformed back to her normal form. Jill, in wide eyed surprise, was now rubbing the soft warm breasts of Lacy instead.

Jill jumped back in surprise when this happened -- she stared at Lacy. mouth open. “LACY!!?…Is that you!?…how…why?” she stammered.

Lacy just grinned a silly grin but then worried she might have to catch Jill if she swooned.

Luckily, all Jill did was shake her head and rub her eyes, then cautiously approach Lacy with a mix of curiosity and apprehension. Lacy nodded her head. “Yes, it’s me, Jill and I did so love how you rubbed my breasts!” she told Jill with a grin.

“But Lacy, how did you manage to make yourself look and feel so much like a mannequin,” Jill persisted, a little in shock.

Lacy shook her head. “No I didn’t just look and feel like one; I was a mannequin Jill. Just like that time in college, when you found me in the hallway,” she grinned at Jill, who stood there looking incredulous.

“That was you! I am so embarrassed!! Okay, fess up girl! How can you do this and for how long have you been doing this, Lacy?!” Jill demanded with an air of insistent authority.

“Well, for quite some time, ever since I was a little girl in fact. I’ve been doing it for years and I’ve even been someone’s doll for a few months!” she grins puckishly at her old friend.

Jill just stared at her, dumbfounded, unsure of what to say but then a big grin appeared on her face. She began to laugh “Oh geez, that was you back then and I was making love to you and didn't know. I love it! Oh, Lacy you should have told me then, because I have a secret myself to tell you,” she said, then paused for dramatic effect

“I didn’t just fondle that mannequin because it looked like you.” she winked, “ Although that would have been incentive enough, but I -- for some crazy reason -- really love mannequins! I think they’re so beautiful and, yes, sometimes I have wished I could be one as well!” Jill blushed as she finished her catharsis.

It was time for Lacy to be a little surprised at Jill’s admission. “I can really understand that. There have been times when I felt like I should just find somewhere and become a mannequin, never again changing back. Sometimes it’s just easier being one, my whole body just seems to crave it.” Lacy smiled while patting Jill’s hand.

Jill smiled back and placed her hand on Lacy’s “So is that why I found you like that and your land lady was worried after not seeing you for three days?”

Lacy’s expression changed, darkening. “No that was another reason,” she sighed. “That had more to do with someone I was seeing but, yes, I did feel like I should just give in to my desires,” Lacy smiled. “But now that you’re here, I’m feeling much better!” Lacy was grinning as she told her.

“Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to bring up something painful but if you’d feel better I can lend an ear,” Jill smiled warmly, squeezing Lacy’s hand.

Lacy grinned and gave Jill a hug “Oh that’s so nice of you, but I can’t impose..”

“Come on; that’s what friends are for honey! Spill!” Jill interrupted with a grin.

Lacy smiled and began to tell her how she and Jim had met. How they seemed to be getting along so well and even how he seemed to accept her unusual abilities. But when she professed her affections for him, how he had abruptly left. Jill consoled Lacy while she went on with her tale. Jill hugged her and agreed he had behaved badly.

“I understand completely; I’ve had lovers of both genders and I’ve had similar things happen as well. But don’t worry honey, there’s someone who’d love and accept you for all that you are out there!” she winked. “In fact, she might be closer than you think,” Jill grinned.

Lacy blushed. “You like me that much, Jill? she asked Jill in a low voice while rubbing Jill’s shoulder.

“Yes, ever since we met in school. I couldn’t say then, but I’m saying it now! I do love you!” Jill replied in a voice caught up with emotion. “I came here to not just meet an old friend but to tell you that and see if you could love me too. If so, I wanted you with me. I have this big house and I’d love for you to share it with me,” she caressed Lacy’s cheek.

Jill seemed to catch a tear in her eye. “Anyway. I’ll leave you to think about it. Here’s my number, I’d love to hear from you either way, Lacy. I really have to go now.” She stood up and began walking out the apartment. Jill paused at the door “Think about it, please!” and then she walked out, leaving Lacy dumbfounded.

Lacy stood there in a haze of thoughts about Jill, her life, and future when she realized she had to talk to her land lady or she’d be trying to explain to the police. Lacy quickly ran downstairs and explained to the concerned woman that she had needed some time away. Mrs. Bekinns accepted that but did chastise her about not letting her know because she worried, which made Lacy grin and apologize then thank her.

After returning to her apartment and cleaning up herself and her place, she sat down to think about her situation. “Should I embark on another romantic entanglement? I really like Jill, but it’s been so long and I think I’m still getting over Jim. I need to give myself some time to think about this,” Lacy determined.

With that decision made, she placed a call to her place of employment and made an excuse for her absence and not calling in. Luckily she was a valued employee, so she got off with a warning but retained her job. That night she just felt like being herself as she went to bed and feel asleep.

The next few weeks Lacy tried to get back into that same comfortable rut she had been in before. She went to work and came home as she did before, meeting friends and co-workers along the way. She even saw Jim at work but it was always a strained exchange between them as they carried on company business, Jim unable to look her in the eye.

For Lacy, these meetings were painful but she learned to get by. The worst was when Jim lingered and seemed to be reaching for something like an explanation or apology, which in her frustration and pain she waved away. He never tried again.

Finally, one day Lacy called Jill. “Hello Jill it’s me Lacy!” she announced into her cell.

“Lacy! It’s so great to hear from you!” replied a pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic Jill.

“How have you been? Did you give my idea any thought?” she inquired excitedly.

“Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I have. I was wondering if you’d mind if we took it slow for a bit.? I’d just like to drop by, see your place, and we can catch up, alright?” Lacy asked Jill.

“Sure, I’d love to see you. Come by anytime after 5. I’ll be waiting for you!” Jill replied with undisguised affection.

“I can’t wait. I’ll be there tonight! I have to go now, but I’ll be there and why don’t you wear something sexy!” Lacy giggled.

“Oh, you can bet on that. You better do the same!” Jill laughed in answer to her request.

“I will! Don’t worry! I’ll see you later today then, bye!!” Lacy said with a grin on her face.

Later that evening found Lacy walking up to a very nice looking two story brick home seemingly built many years ago, maybe the 20 or 30’s she estimated. Lacy was wearing a wet look dress in black with two deep plunges in front and back with lacing on both plunges. It was very daring, wheich explained why she had herself wrapped up in a full-length cloak when she appeared on Jill’s doorstep. Lacy was also happy with her ankle boots in black that added another 6 inches to her slight frame.

When Lacy knocked she expected to see Jill dressed nicely, but when the door opened the sight that greeted her made her jaw drop. Jill was dressed neck to toe in latex. She stood there in a pair of platform sandals with 7-inch heels, dwarfing Lacy, wearing a black latex cat suit which seemed to cover her hands and feet. Jill smiled with red lips and batted her long black lashes, her face framed by her jet black hair which reached down to her shoulder blades. “Come in, please!” she said in a sexy deep voice.

“My, don’t you look wonderful, Lacy!” Jill said while rubbing Lacy’s shoulder. Lacy grinned and slipped off her wrap. Jill gasped. “Oh my … that is damn sexy!” she complimented her while rubbing her hand on Lacy’s hip.

Lacy smiled and gave Jill a once over. “Hmm, look at you, all covered in rubber!” she grinned while rubbing her thigh. “ I love how it holds you so tight!” Lacy hugged Jill, rubbing her chest against her latex cat suit. “Just like me! Mmm, it feels so good to hug you too!” Lacy grinned.

“Oh, you can do that as much as you like!” Jill urged with a grin. Jill then bent down and kissed Lacy on the lips with as much passion as she could muster. Lacy returned the kiss in kind. Jill then led her to the couch in the living room.

Lacy sat down next to Jill and looked around. “This is very nice Jill, the décor and this old house. You must be very successful,” she observed with a smile.

“Oh, well thank you. I guess you could say I’m successful, but I also inherited a little something from one of my aunts,” she grinned. “But yes, I think I’m very successful in my career!” Jill continued, grinning, holding one of Lacy’s hands.

“What career is that, if I may ask?” inquired Lacy, squeezing Jill’s hand.

“Well you know of my little quirk, so it seemed natural for me to go into fashion merchandising. I’m the chief executive in charge of visual marketing down at the Emporium Caswell chain of stores,” she announced proudly.

“You are? I’ve shopped there! I love that place and their gorgeous displays. Of course the prices are sometimes out of my league, but I love just being there! Lacy gushed. “Hey, you can put me in one of your windows!” she giggled and stood, posing.

Jill smiled. “I will Lacy, it would bring me nothing but pleasure to see you there -- but first, let's catch up and let me show you around,” she told Lacy.

“Yes, you’re right. There’s time for that later.” Lacy said as she sat back down “So, tell me what have you been up to?” she asked Jill.

So Jill began to tell Lacy all about her life up to this point. Some of her first jobs right out of school, working as a visual merchandiser, waiting for the right position to open up for her. Her brief stint as a model and living mannequin. Her trips overseas on company business and her own vacations. Some of her memorable lovers and some that she preferred to forget. The death of her aunt and the unexpected windfall and her current dream job.

When she had finished, Lacy had given Jill the rundown on her life as well, telling her of her adventures when she had used her abilities in school and afterwards. Telling her of her paramours and the sometimes heartbreak. Lacy’s travels as well here and there. Afterwards, they both sat on the couch looking at each other and smiling when Lacy broke the moment of silence.

“Model, huh?” she grinned “Living Mannequin, too,” she giggled. “I bet you loved it!” Lacy said with a huge smile.

Jill sighed. “Yes, I sort of wish I could have made a career of it but I thought this would be a better line of work for me and still keep near the things I liked,” she smiled. “I have kept it up with some like-minded friends though,” she grinned.

“Oh, and how do you do that? What like minded friends?” Lacy asked, puzzled.

“Well, I thought I was just strange, with my predilection towards mannequins and to a lesser extent dolls, sex dolls, robots, and statues. But as I went on I found other women and men who also had this small affliction. With some of the other women I found similar desires in bondage and mummification along with latex,” she ran a hand down her rubber clad body and smiled. “To make a long story short, let me show you.”

Jill grabbed Lacy’s hand and led her upstairs to a door which when she opened Lacy just had to gasp in surprise. The room was filled with mannequins. Lacy looked at Jill, who smiled and spoke. “Yes they’re mine! My collection of dolls, so to speak,” Jill giggled.

Lacy began examining Jill’s collection, marveling at it. “Oh, I think I’ve been this one and this one too,” she grinned at Jill. As she looked over she found one that didn’t quite look like the others. It seemed to have an extra something she couldn’t explain. “Jill what about these? I’ve never seen anything like these before,” she asked as she looked at Jill.

Jill grinned and giggled. “Those, my dear little doll, are not like your normal mannequins because there’s a person inside. Lacy, meet Stephanie. She’s one of those friends of mine!” Jill patted the mannequin.

“You mean you and your friends can change yourselves into mannequins?!” Lacy asked bewildered and amazed.

“Well not to the degree you can, but yes!” Jill admitted. She went to a nearby mannequin and seemed to use her fingernails to locate some latches which she then opened, exposing the interior of the display form. “See, the girl steps inside and then we close it up and, voila, she’s a mannequin…sort of,” she grinned.

Lacy looked inside, seeing the small holes where the woman could breathe and the small pieces of colored plastic where the eyes where allowing her to look out. “What about food, water, and having to use the bathroom?” she asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Well, usually it’s for shorter durations than that but if necessary we feed a tube to carry water and a liquid nutrient along with a catheter to get rid of wastes. We’ve even tried some drugs derived from curare and hypnosis to extend our time as mannequins,” Jill grinned. “I’ve been inside myself for a week once. I loved it, but boy was I sore after. We’ve had some success with having the girls wear specialized lycra suits with built in bladders that massage the muscles also making sure we have as tight a fit as possible to support the girl inside. Stephanie here has been my mannequin for about a day and she has another one to go, don’t you honey.” Jill she kissed the mannequin's plastic cheek and smoothed out her hair.

“So how many do you have here, right now?” Lacy asked with a smile.

“Only Stephanie right now, but I’ve had as many as six girls here and two in the sex toy room plus another two in the doll box then three more in the statue part of the house,” Jill recounted with a grin.

“Sex toys? Doll box? Statues?” Lacy looked quizzically at Jill.

Jill giggled throatily. “Let me show you,” she said as she strolled over to a clothes rack in the corner. Instead of holding dresses it seemed to have a number of latex cat suits but in a tan color. In addition they had hoods which, as Lacy got closer, turned out to be faces like on a love doll.

“So does this work like on the mannequins? You just step into the suit?” Lacy asked with a grin.

“Essentially, but some girls prefer to have a little hypnotic or chemical assistance to help keep them in a doll like state. You’re right though, you just step into it and it closes up and actually hugs your body, conforming to you,” Jill answered smiling “Want to try it on?”

“Me? Well… why not.” Lacy smiled. “I mean I’ve been every other kind of doll,” she laughed. Lacy grabbed one of the suits. “So how about this one?” grinning as she asked Jill.

“Let’s see…ah yes that will do nicely!” Jill responded.

In moments Lacy had stripped off her dress and boots 'till she was standing nude before Jill, who looked on appreciatively. Lacy grinned and winked at Jill while she began slipping the latex suit on her very attractive body. As it slid on her, it hugged her in ways Jill could only wish she did. In moments she was fully clothed in the suit, modeling it for Jill.

“Hmmm, you’re looking really sexy in that, Lacy!” Jill complimented as she walked up to Lacy and grabbed her waist.

For Lacy the feel of the latex was as nice or better than some of the latex clothing she wore at home. She loved the way it held her and how it made her feel so sexy. As she looked at herself the suit seemed to hug her even closer becoming skin tight as if it was her skin. She began to see how wearing this they’d feel like love dolls. It was making her feel like one as she saw her face with the rounded lips ready to accept something long and hard into the soft latex her doll mouth was lined with. “Now, I wonder if I should have been trying this one as well when I was all those dolls before,” she remarked with a giggle to Jill who could only grin and nod in reply. Jill was too turned on at the moment to speak intelligibly anyway.

Lacy just looked at herself in the nearby mirror finding she was really getting into this. She stared at her sex doll image as the suit also seemed to grow taut on her as it conformed to her, making her feel more doll like. A small moan escaped her latex lips and then she giggled. Lacy then began to feel a familiar feeling as she began to imagine herself as a real inflatable love doll. Lacy just seemed to relax as she’d done before. Lacy was changing, but this time instead of a small fashion doll or mannequin she did indeed become a love doll. “I want to be loved and give love. I want to give pleasure forever. That’s all I want!” was all Lacy could think of as she changed feeling it throughout her soul reveling in the transformation and her new form.

Jill watched as Lacy modeled in front of the mirror smiling as she seemed to become accustomed to the suit and looking like a sex toy. Then as Lacy froze and became immobile Jill grinned. “She’s really getting into this! I guess it comes naturally for her.” she thought, giggling. As Lacy remained frozen and then began to fall backwards Jill began to worry “Perhaps she’s taking it too far!” as she stepped forward to catch her friend.

“Oh shit!” was all Jill could say as she caught Lacy's body for now she was as light as a real love doll.

Jill quickly undid the latex suit and as she pulled it down she found Lacy’s normally lovely brunette hair was now strands of brown colored nylon like a wig you’d find on one of the inflatable dolls. As she then exposed the rest of her naked body she found Lacy indeed was just a hollow inflated latex skin and not the same girl who had put the suit on.

Jill laughed as she found this. “Lacy really got into this! Wow!!” she thought and began feeling up the new doll.

Lacy felt like she was on a cloud, just floating, every inch of her body now as sensitive as when she was a little doll or mannequin if not more so. Being a sex toy was similar to the forms she’d been before but more than that it seemed to be erotic in a way that didn’t compare to the other two. As Jill undressed her and examined her Lacy felt herself orgasm over and over. Her new form craved it and she did too all the way to her deepest being. “Oh touch me, love me Jill please!” was all Lacy could think.

As Lacy lay there and Jill looked her over, Jill began to wonder when she’d change back. After about half an hour she began to speak to the doll. “Lacy, honey, when are you going to change back?” she smiled.

“Change back? Why should I …oh damn! I can’t believe how addictive this is. I think it might just be too much for me!” Lacy thought as she lay in Jill’s arms. “But I should see the rest of the house before I give myself over to this.” she mentally sighed as she changed back to flesh and blood before Jill’s eyes.

Lacy smiled at Jill and stirred. “I’m back, Jill. Sorry, but it was kind of intoxicating, I’m afraid,” she grinned at Jill.

“I guess so!” Jill grinned. “I never imagined it would have that effect on you!” she added with the same wide grin on her face.

“I never imagined that either. I’ve never been able to do that but as I wore the suit the more I began to feel and see myself as a love doll until I just sort of relaxed and let myself go -- then in an instant I was that doll!” She shook her head “It comes as quite a shock to me. But also…it was so very seductive! I had thought there was nothing as good as being a mannequin or doll but I’m beginning to think the sex toy form might be even stronger in that respect.” Lacy grinned as she explained.

“I wonder if having you try on one of the statue costumes would do the same?” she giggled as she speculated. “I know just where I’d keep you if it did!” she teased.

Lacy grinned “ I was going to ask you about that. I was betting if I moved in I’d be spending all my time in here as your mannequin, wouldn’t I?” she smiled seductively as she asked Jill.

Jill just smiled and stood up, bringing Lacy up as well, then grabbing her around her waist. Jill then wrapped her arms around her naked flesh. “Yes or on my nightstand by my bed. I’d want you to be my doll, Lacy. My precious special doll that I love!” Jill then kissed her deeply, squeezing her ass as she did.

Lacy responded to Jill, kissing her back with all the passion she could muster. She felt moist and hot in her nether regions. Jill began fingering Lacy as they remained in their lovers tryst.

Lacy moaned as Jill played with her. Jill then fell to her knees and began licking Lacy’s crotch. As she did Lacy’s moans became longer and more emphatic. Soon Lacy was rubbing her nipples and pressing Jill’s head to her pussy writhing in pleasure. “MMM Yesss!! Ohhhh baby I love that!!” Lacy moaned. It wasn’t long before she came and Jill lapped up her free flowing juices.

Lacy was panting as Jill finished. She grinned as she crouched down and hugged Jill, then gave her a wet passionate kiss. “That was wonderful, Jill! I loved it! I hope that we do that a lot when I become your doll!” she giggled and hugged Jill.

“Oh, I can guarantee it!” Jill beamed as she stood up and pulled Lacy up as well. “Let me show you the rest,” she said with an infectious smile.

Jill led Lacy into a neighboring room, as they walked in she saw a row of what appeared to be life-sized doll boxes against the wall. Lacy smiled at Jill. “Got one with my name one it?” she laughed.

“Hmm, I thought you needed one a little smaller?” she commented rhetorically to Lacy who, by way of an answer, stuck out her tongue.

“So where are the dolls or I guess, the suits?” she asked Jill with a smile.

“Here!” she pointed out a nearby closet.

Lacy looked inside and found rows of what appeared to be suits similar to the mannequin ones she’d seen. Upon closer inspection she began to see the differences between these and the mannequin ones. The seams were placed differently and they were styled to appear as Barbie or Bratz dolls along with a number of other fashion dolls she recognized. In one corner she even ran across plush dolls somewhat like a raggedy Ann doll.

“Life size Barbie’s!” she grinned. “I like it a lot!!” Lacy commented giddily. “You know I wonder if…?” With that she seemed to pose in a manner similar to the other dolls. In moments she was the likeness of one of the Bratz dolls, specifically a Jade doll.

Jill grinned and approached her transformed lover. “I should call you Jade now, shouldn’t I?” she teased Lacy. As she examined Lacy’s artificial form she discovered she was in all ways just like one of the smaller dolls except for one thing. “Wait a minute…hey look at what you did! You’re just not a doll. You’re like one of the suits here!” Jill gazed at her in amazement. Jill then proceeded to unlatch Lacy and just like one of the doll suits she opened up revealing a space just large enough for a slim woman to fit into.

“I can’t believe you were able to do that! I wonder if you can do that with the other suits as well?” Jill smiled thinking of what it might be like to be inside of Lacy, wearing her. It began to excite Jill just thinking of it, making her wet.

Lacy was surprised as well she had been thinking of just becoming a life sized doll but then the she began thinking of how those doll suits were and she thought she wondered what it would be like. “Next thing I know I’ve become one?! I guess there’s still so much about my abilities I just don’t know of!” she thought in surprise. “Ohhhhh!! She’s opening me up. Uhhhh… Ohhhh gee this is sooooo gooood!!!” she thought to herself as Jill examined and opened her up. “Oh how weird is this!” Lacy mentally giggled “I’m wondering how she’d feel if she wore me. Jill wearing me! Damn that’s a sexy idea. I could become like that latex love doll suit and be so tight around her! Mmmm!!” Lacy moaned as she thought.

As if reading her mind. “I could slip into her and just feel what its like!” Jill thought to herself as her hands began exploring Lacy’s interior.

“OHHHHHH…GEEEZZZ…YESSSS!!!!” as Lacy came over and over while Jill’s hands were touching her inside her hollow plastic body. Jill grinned and then slipped off her boots and stepped into Lacy. “OOOOOOOOOHHHHH…UHHH…AAAAHHH!!!! I can’t believe it’s….SSSSSOOOOOO….GOOD!!” Lacy orgasmed over and over. As Jill squirmed into Lacy’s hollow plastic body again Lacy orgasmed constantly. Jill began to move in Lacy’s form sending more sensations of erotic pleasure to overwhelm her lovers mind. Jill was careful though not to close the back as there was no one to let her out if she was totally enclosed as much as she wanted to be.

“Shit I’m so wet!” Jill thought “I’m inside Lacy who’s a hollow doll suit!” Jill softly moaned. “I think I’m going to cum if I keep thinking about this.” she told herself . Jill walked to a nearby mirror and posed. “I look even more like a doll than the ones we have.” she admitted to herself. “I love it,” she said with a grin.

“Oh damn this feels so incredibly good ! Wait …oh yes she’s going to walk in me! She announced with a mix of surprise and glee. “AAAAAHHHHHH… uh… uh …uh ..OHHHHH …YES…YES!!!” Lacy shouted to herself as she orgasmed with every movement and step Jill took . A thought then occurred to her. Something so fantastic she wasn’t sure if it would work but she so wanted to try.

She began to stretch her awareness out into the part of her that was hinged away from the rest of her. To her amazement it worked. “It’s working , I can’t believe it but I seem to be doing it!” she giggled in her now plastic mind. Before Jill even noticed the door closed and latched locking her inside Lacy.

“Oh shit, the damn thing closed locking me inside her! Shit! Shit!” Jill began to try to move her plastic enclosed arms to open the back of the suit open but she just didn’t have the flexibility.

“Jill, it’s me Lacy. Can you hear me?” she asked her concerned friend.

“Yes, Lacy I can. How are you doing this?” she whispered back.

“I really don’t know honey. I just wanted it to happen and it did. Oh don’t worry about the latch, I closed myself up and I think I can open it when I want, okay! I just wanted to try something. Jill, have you ever wanted to see what it’s really like to be a doll?” Lacy asked her enclosed friend with a slight lilt in her voice.

“Well… yes actually, but what does that have to do with…you’re not thinking what I think you are?” Jill asked incredulously.

“Yes I am! I think it’ll work honey. You’ll love this!” with that Lacy relaxed and changed. Lacy began to shrink and as she did Jill began to change as well becoming a part of Lacy.

As Lacy transformed Jill found herself changing merging into Lacy’s plastic body. The seams and hinges disappeared as Lacy became a hollow plastic figure, with Jill being absorbed and turned into a part of her plastic body.

“Ohhhhhhh …I can’t believe this. I’ve become a doll just like Lacy!” Jill thought to herself as she orgamsed and changed. Jill excited and somewhat fearful just tried her best to wrap her mind around her new form and perspective. As she did she heard a familiar voice.

“Actually we’re both dolls now, honey!” Lacy giggled in Jill’s mind.

“Lacy, is that you? You’ve made me a doll too?! I mean I feel like this is now my body. I feel so tiny. This is unbelievable! Yet I can still feel you there in my mind. Ahhhhhh!!!” Jill moaned as she orgasmed again.

“Yes it’s me Jill we’re sharing this form. We’re now both a Jade Bratz doll. If you wanted to we could spend years and years like this. Just enjoying our new body and each other!” Lacy sighed.

“I don’t think I’d mind Lacy. If we did we should make sure we end up on a store shelf.!” Jill laughed as she thought of her and Lacy spending time on a shelf just one doll in a whole store of dolls. Jill could feel Lacy’s contentment and Lacy could feel Jill’s wonder and joy as they shared their existence.

They spent a few more hours wrapped in each others consciousness reveling in their artificial body. Soon though Jill spoke to Lacy “I think we should see if you can reverse this otherwise we may end up virtually joined at the hip forever! Which may not be that bad of an idea!” she giggled as she said that.

“Alright but I think we should try this again. Can you imagine it if I become a love doll suit for you! You’ll actually be one if you wear me!” Lacy giggled “Maybe you could have one of your friends sell us so we could be used by someone.” she told Jill with a mental grin.

“That’s another great idea …you know why don’t you try that now? Change yourself into a love doll,” Jill invited Lacy.


“Are you sure you know it may be a little addictive you know. You might now want to come back!” she thought to Jill, who giggled.

“I guess then we’d have to enjoy the rest of our time getting screwed all the time! Doesn’t sound that bad,” she laughed in her thoughts to her friend.

“Okay you’re the boss Jill.” she giggled and with that thought Lacy began to concentrate. Jill and Lacy began to feel the change happen. Their little Bratz doll body began to change growing larger and changing from plastic to soft latex rubber. They both felt their body inflate and grow. Both of them moaning as they orgasmed feeling each others pleasure as if it was their own. For Jill who had never experienced anything like this before it was a mind boggling experience. For Lacy who had it was like returning to an old comfortable chair. They felt their breasts enlarge to a size larger than either one of them would have sported. The conjoined girls felt their mouth open and change into a soft latex orifice as their vagina reappeared after disappearing when they became a doll. Soon after it showed up it opened up and changed into another latex orifice as did her anus. Jill was already thinking of someone coming at her from behind.

Lacy was again beginning to think of herself as a love doll. “Oh I can’t wait for someone to find us and make love to us!” the thought of someone playing with her inflated tits and filling up her pussy and ass made her cum even more. Jill could feel that as well and found her thoughts were also filled with the thoughts of being a sex toy and giving pleasure as well as receiving it in her now sensitive form. As Lacy began to cum so did Jill the two of them, finding themselves driven to heights of orgasmic pleasure neither had ever felt before.

“I’m a doll now, just an object for someone to fuck! Oh shit I love this!” Jill thought enthusiastically. “Lacy, honey can you hear me?” she called out to her friend in her mind.

“Umm…aahh…Jill? I just feel like we should be touched and loved by someone now. I feel empty without that…Jill is that you?” she answered in a confused swirl of thoughts.

Jill not quite as quickly losing herself in their new form answered. “Yes, Lacy, it’s me honey. This is fantastic! I love what you’ve changed us into! Could we try something I’ve always fantasized about?” she asked Lacy with an air of anticipation in her thoughts.

Lacy becoming a little clearer as Jill talked to her “What do you have in mind?” she asked with a mental grin.

“Can you deflate us then change again this time into a latex cat suit. Try for black if you can. I think we’d look really sexy like that.” she giggled.

Lacy mentally grinned “We make a sexy doll too you know. I bet we’d be sold in no time for as much as any high quality doll besides we have vibrating orifices,” she giggled as she began to make their shared mouth, pussy, and anus vibrate like an expensive sex dolls.

Jill moaned in pleasure at that “Ohhhhh…mmmmmm that feels so good. Just wish we had someone to use us!” she sighed in her mind.

“I couldn’t agree more, honey!” Lacy added “ But until then lets try your idea.” With that both girls began to feel the air leaking out of their opened valve. As it did it stimulated their latex body to no end. Both again became lost in an unending orgasm that left them lost in their own world of pleasure for some moments.

It wasn’t for another fifteen minutes after they had been fully deflated that Lacy felt her mind clear enough to concentrate on the next part of the transformation. She began to concentrate her thoughts on being a black, shiny, slick latex cat suit. Lacy imagined how they’d look on some model as they hugged her body with their rubber body. Again as she’d done so many times before she just let herself flow relaxing into that form.

Jill felt her new doll form begin to change as she seemed to feel it flow like liquid and again this time orgasm as she had before. Soon Jill and Lacy’s shared form changed color and the arms melted into sleeves with the legs becoming legs for someone to slip into as their head disappeared into the collar around the neck of the cat suit they became.

It was minutes later that they both found enough of their wits to comprehend their new form. For Jill it was another mind blowing experience that she found somewhat bewildering to understand. “I’m just a piece of latex clothing now! I should be on some attractive woman’s body or folded up in her drawer,” she began to cum as she told herself this beginning to feel more and more like an item of fetish wear.

Lacy just orgasmed as they changed, enjoying this transformation as much as the others. Now she could become clothing and she was sure this opened the possibility of her becoming just about anything. She too began to feel the seductive appeal of her new form sharing those thoughts with Jill and like her she too began to orgasm as she felt those thoughts. “We’re just something sexy to wear now! I can’t believe it! I love this new form! We should be worn on one of Jill’s friends and if we’re lucky she’ll be screwed by someone who’ll just cum all over our perfect rubber body!!” she giggled to herself.

They both remained a living rubber cat suit for what seemed like hours, reveling in it and the thoughts of being an object. Soon, Jill’s mind stirred “Lacy I think it’s time hun. Change us back,” she asked regretfully.

“Change us back? But why? Isn’t this our natural form? It feels like it is. I feel like I’ve always been a sexy cat suit not anything else. Wait…uh … okay I remember now. Damn! I just wanted to be that way forever,” she gave a mental sigh. “Okay, here we go.” with that they began to go from a flat black rubber object to a slowly inflating pink colored object as she began to reform their shared doll like body.

Moments later a latex love doll that was the image of Lacy lay on the floor but this time it began to stir. “Oh man I can’t believe it! I’m back inside of Lacy and I can move!” Jill flexed her fingers that now looked like a love dolls. Jill stood up and walked over to a mirror and saw how she looked like a Lacy love doll. “You look good enough to fuck honey!” she rubbed the suits rubber tits loving how it felt and knowing it felt really good for Lacy.

“Oh yes we do, Jill!” Lacy said in a whisper to Jill inside the suit. Jill then began to reach around to feel the zipper or clasp in the back and just found smooth Latex instead.

“Lacy, is there anyway for me to take you off? I can’t find a zipper or anything like that,” she informed her inanimate lover.

With a giggle she answered. “ I’m the only one who can release you honey, hold on.” the suit that encompassed Jill split down the back and opened.

Jill then began to stretch and pull the clingy latex suit off her body and its rubber clad exterior. The two making a loud squeaking sound and making Lacy orgasm over and over as she was handled like that.

“OHHHHHHHHH…I’m going to have her do that again…MMMMMM!!!” she thought to herself as she lay limp in Jill’s hands, cumming herself into insensibility. Lacy sighed mentally again and just remained unmoving in Jill’s arms. “I could spend the rest of my life like this,” she admitted to herself feeling so very relaxed.

Jill grinned. “ Come on lazy bones…or should I say boneless!” she gave Lacy a gentle shake. As Jill did Lacy began to inflate her skin changing to her normal olive skin tones as she became flesh and blood from latex and paint. Jill ended up holding her by her shoulders as Lacy moaned in ecstasy from the transformation.

Lacy grinned then kissed Jill passionately. “Hello there! Did you miss the real me?” Lacy laughed. Jill returned her kiss with the same ardor, squeezing Lacy’s thigh as she did.

“Hmmm, I don’t know; I kind of like you as all those things,” she grinned, teasing Lacy.

“Well, lucky for you it’s the weekend isn’t it?” Lacy smirked.

“Yes it is fortunate! As fortunate as my meeting you in the first place.” Jill smiled whilst running her finger around Lacy’s areoles.

Lacy softly moaned her eyes closed as her lips pursed sexily. “Mmmmm!! I hope you’re going to do that all night long!” she said with a beautiful smile.

“I’ll let you know,” Jill said to her while grabbing her hand and pulling her along to a bedroom door. As it closed all you could hear were the giggles and moans as the two of them enjoyed each other's company.




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