Whose Alimony?

by PoseMe

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story continued from part two

Part 3

DING DONG. The sounds seems familiar. DING DONG. Ochsianna wakes up in the bed, half dressed. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she mumbles, “Must have drifted off when I came in last night.” DING DONG. Who could that be? Not fully awake, she stumbles into the hallway to the front door. Without even checking the peephole, she opens it.

Her eyes get big when she sees Roger standing there. He has an equally shocked look on his face. She starts to say something when Roger asks loudly, “Where’s Patton?” It is at this point, her heart falls in her stomach: she didn’t change back… she is still a woman. And to top it off, my best friend (well, Patton’s best friend) is standing in the doorway.

“Uh,” she stutters, “He’s not here… now.” Roger takes that as an invitation and barges right in. He starts looking around the place skeptical. She closes the door as she follows him slowly thinking as quickly as her sleepy-now-awake mind will let her. Roger surveys the small apartment quickly then steps up to Ochsianna. “How much did you get for the whole night, slut?” His voice is just dripping condemnation on her. She tries to straighten her shoulders and rebut him, but no version of the truth makes any sense without telling the whole truth.

Her silence angers him, so he grabs both her arms around the shoulders tightly. “Where is he?! What did you do to him?!”

He never seemed scary to me, she thinks, or that strong either, but I can’t move at all. Wincing in pain, she mumbles, “ow, ow, I said he wasn’t here.”

He shakes her repeating, “How much?! Are you too stupid to answer me? Did you even finish high school?!” He starts shouting and swearing in her face.

She can only flinch in unexpected horror wondering what he will do. Why do I feel so weak?

She manages to get out the story that Patton picks her up from work occasionally and brings her to his house for the night. Her husband spends every other weekend out of town, so he has no idea. Patton is not that serious about her, but then she is not sure of him either. Roger seems to believe it all, releasing her, but then smacking her across the face with his backhand. Ochsianna tumbles into the couch roughly.

“Now, see here, whore,” he spits, “You don’t know what my friend has been through, and he does not need this from you. So I want you to grab your things and get out of here and never come back.” She is frozen on the couch, her cheek stinging, unsure of her next move. She lives here, but she can’t tell him now. If she leaves, where will she go? And what about his lessons today, he probably can’t get ready in time, and…

Her thoughts are broken up by him picking her up again. She tries to struggle, but she can do nothing. He flings her onto the bed and reaches for his phone. He punches in a number and says, “Police? Yes, I have an illegal prostitute in my apartment building.” Ochsianna’s eyes get wide with fear now. An illegal prostitute, if caught and convicted, will spend 6-12 months in the freezer. There will be no job for me when I get out, she says to herself, and I will lose everything I have worked for.

Holding up one hand, while sitting in the middle of the bed, she pleads, “I will do whatever you want, but please don’t call the police. I beg of you, please.” Why is he doing this? She thinks. What is his deal today?

Roger hangs up the phone instantly and looks at her. “Now, that’s better,” he starts. “Tell me your name,” he says with unusual tenderness. Fearing a backlash, she honestly replies, “Ochsianna.” He nods like he believes her. “Do you get standard pay for this night stay?” She replies without hesitation, “Yes, my pimp is one of his clients.” He nods again. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a stack of plastic cards. Finding the right one he says, “I want you to turn some tricks for me. If I like it, I don’t call the Police and I don’t tell Patton.” Ochsianna acts like she might protest, but he adds, “Plastic or freezer?” She can only sit there and gape. How did this happen to me, and how can I get out of it?

He stands there waiting. He finally says, “Well?” holding up his phone.

Looking down on the bed, she rises onto her knees, “What do you want me to do?” Saying those words make his stomach flip, worried over what she might have to do for him.

He smiles, like he knew the answer, and puts his phone away. “I bet you wore something else besides that tank top, right?” Before she can reply, he says, “Put it back on and let me see how you looked for him.” Trying to act like she thought she should, she gets off the bed and walks into the closet, closing the door.

Looking around, she rummages through some clothes she has from the store. Occasionally, they let her bring stuff home when they discontinue something. Or, she remembers smiling, some stores pay a bonus in clothes. Pushing clothes aside, she continues her search. That costume store last year gave me a superhero outfit for posing during Christmas. The box nearly falls off the shelf as she finds what she wants. The blue, high heeled boots, red cape, and white leotard with long sleeves, high cut on the legs and a giant hole cut out on top of the breasts. “Ok,” she whispers, “Let’s hope he likes Power Girl.”

Turning the door knob, she pokes her head out. He is laying on the bed, propped on one arm watching the closet. “Took you long enough,” he complains.

She nods her head but doesn’t move. “Uh, well, I had to find all the parts of it.”

He looks at her quizzically, “Parts?”

Still not moving, she replies, “Yes, I had dressed up special for last night, so it is not my usual outfit.”

He grimaces, “Oh great, wouldn’t you know it? The one time I bust in on a piece of hotness, she wears a turtleneck and pants.”

She shakes her head, “Oh no, it’s not like that.” Ok this is good, she thinks with optimism, he is more calm and relaxed now. He is not violent anymore, so maybe he will just leave me alone.

“Well, come on out, then,” he says waving his hand to her. Pulling herself back in the closet, she takes a deep breath. Closing her eyes, she whispers, “Freezer or plastic” and with that, she steps out. His initial reaction was surprise, as a slender, well-built Power Girl steps in front of him. She stops at the foot of the bed and puts her hands on her hips, trying to look as powerful as possible. She smiles slightly, hoping to soften him more. “Woah, now that is a costume.”

He rises off the bed. He says to her, “Don’t move. Hold that pose.” Hold a pose, she muses, I can do that. For however long, he amuses himself with her costume and figure. He rubs her butt, squeezes her breasts, runs his hand along her boots. Hmm she thinks, he is being more playful now. Even though it makes my skin crawl, this is good, she reasons. Just play then go, please. Don’t get mad again, she begs silently, because I have no idea why you are acting this way.

He comes up behind her. His cologne smells cheap, but then I never noticed before, she thinks. His arms come around her, as she feels him press against her. Before she can say anything, the doorbell rings again. They both jerk their heads towards it, like they got caught doing something wrong. He whispers, ”Patton?” She shakes her head, “He wouldn’t use the doorbell.” They both step out into the hallway, creeping up to the door. She ducks slightly, as the boots make her rather tall now, and looks out the peephole. Outside the door is one of the maintenance staff. She recognizes the dark blue and gray uniform.

Leaning back, she whispers, “It’s Pearl from maintenance. I, uh, Patton called in a running toilet earlier this week.” Roger’s mind starts racing. He is not supposed to be here, and she is not supposed to be here (or so he thinks). They could possibly hide, but it’s a small apartment. The maintenance lady could just let herself in, so they can’t stand here all day. Ochsianna whispers, “Should I…?” Roger yells out, “Who is it?” Ochsianna jumps from the sound. He puts his hand over her mouth just in case. “Pearl” the voice comes back. “Oh right the toilet?” “Yeah, need to see it.” Roger holds up a finger as Ochsianna moves. “Uh, I’m not dressed, can you hang on?” “Hurry up, haven’t got all day.”

Grabbing her by the arm, he leads her back into the bedroom. He starts stripping, grabbing a couple of towels from the bathroom. He orders, “Lay on the bed and pose like you were before with your hands on your hips.” Ochsianna replies, “What?” He shoves her back onto the bed and says louder, “Lay down. Pose. Don’t move no matter what. Freezer or plastic.” Not arguing anymore, she crawls on the bed. Laying herself out, she spreads her legs apart like she was standing, puts her hands on her hips, and smiles slightly.

He has stripped completely and is covered by towels now, with one draped over his head. He takes a quick look at her and says, “Mouth open in an ‘o’ shape and don’t move.” She does as ordered, making an ‘o’ shape with her mouth as she hears the door open. There are mumbled greetings as he leads her through the bedroom into the bathroom. She stops when she enters the room, “Uh oh, you been busy?” Roger pretends to be embarrassed, “haha, well, yeah, uh I guess.”

She stops and looks up at him, “You know there is plenty of women right in the building… right in this room.”

Ochsianna can see from the corner of her vision that she winked at him. “Uh, the toilet?” he mutters uncomfortably.

Nodding her head, she disappears in the bathroom. He stands between the bed and bathroom to block Ochsianna partially from view. Pearl asks, “Could you turn on the sink water in the kitchen?” “Sure,” he replies heading that way. Ochsianna keeps her passive pose, staring at the ceiling. Like being a mannequin, she lets the minutes pass away.

She can hear Pearl coming back in, with Roger meeting her in the bedroom. “Fixed now,” she states, “The new models sometimes think they are clogged when they aren’t.”

“Great,” Roger starts, “Thanks so much” as he heads for the door. He notices Pearl does not follow. “Uh, do you need something?”

“I hear these things are pretty life like.” She stops at the edge of the bed, looking down on Ochsianna. She keeps her gaze fixed on the ceiling. The bed is soft and hides her shallow breathing. He gulps, “More real than you can imagine.”

Pearl puts her hand down on Ochsianna’s breast. “Hmm” she grunts. Putting the other hand on the other one, Pearl feels her up pretty well. She turns halfway to Roger and states, “They are good, but obviously fake.” Roger nods aimlessly, hoping she is done, but Pearl had one more request. “Can she stand on her own?” Roger nods absently. Pearl walks around the bed and grabs Ochsianna’s ankles. With a quick tug, she slides down the bed. “You gonna help me, or just stand there?” Roger, definitely out of his elements, comes over. Ochsianna feels their hands on her back, as they raise her up to stand.

Pearl is relatively short, so she does not look Ochsianna in the face (which is good because I really needed to blink). She walks around her, like Roger just did a few minutes ago. She gives Ochsianna a sharp spank on her butt. The sound echoes in the quiet apartment. “Mhmm, now that sounds right,” Pearl nods approvingly. Satisfied, she walks out of the bedroom towards the door. As she does, Roger’s phone rings. He curses softly when he sees who it is. “Not who you wanted?” Pearl asks, slowing her speed. He nods politely and pushes her towards the door, “Thanks for the help!” “Hello? Yeah I know I’m late.” Roger turns back around and starts putting on his clothes. Pearl lingers in the doorway, catching a quick glance of him under the towel. Both of them can still glimpse Ochsianna, so she stays still as a statue.

Within seconds, Roger is dressed roughly, barking back at whoever was on the other line. Pearl is still in the doorway. From the conversation, Roger missed something and needed to leave immediately. He gets to the door when Pearl asks softly, “What about your toy? You can’t just leave it out, can you?” Roger is lost in three worlds now, trying to answer one question and juggle another problem in front of him and in the bedroom. He shakes his head, answering the phone question, but accidentally answers a different question.

Still in bare feet, Roger moves to the kitchen to put on his shoes, explaining the whole way on the phone conversation. Pearl steps back into the bedroom. “Mr Sunshine there forgot to put you away didn’t he?” She rubs Ochsianna’s arm softly, as she looks around the room. Over in the corner by the transgenderinator, there is a giant duffle bag. As she walks over to it, Ochsianna remembers it. Oh no, Pearl, you can’t put me in that. I use it to transport all the chemicals that the transgenderinator needs. It probably stinks pretty bad, as Ochsianna loses her concentration and wrinkles up her nose.

She obviously doesn’t read thoughts, because she goes over and picks up the empty duffle and brings it back. “Here we go,” smiling proudly, “I got your home for you.” With a push on the breast, Ochsianna loses her balance and begins to fall backwards. Trying to be stiff as possible, she lands in a heap on the bed, now staring at the ceiling. The duffle bag flops next to her.

Holding up one leg, Pearl bends it and puts in it the bag. Sliding the bag over, she inserts the other leg. “Ok, that looks right, now we just fold you up.” Reaching behind Ochsianna, she pulls her up sitting. Her butt slides into the bag now. The fumes from the bag seem impossible to bear. As Pearl gets her face closer now, she sees she has noseplugs, probably for working on the toilet. Pearl gives her a light peck on the cheek, “You sweet thing,” then folds her into the bag. The smells overcome Ochsianna and her body goes completely limp as she passes out. Her now-easily-foldable body flops into the bag. Pearl inserts her arms and zips her up. With a thump on the floor, she drags it over into the other room and leaves. Roger doesn’t even glance back, as Pearl escorts him out the door. The sound from the phone is still not good, so Roger has to just leave his hot toy in a bag and Pearl the maintenance lady on his arm.

Ochsianna eventually awakens, unzips the bag, and slowly unfolds herself. The pain from being folded in half for so long is excruciating. She takes more than enough painkillers to help. Her day catches up to her (along with several angry voicemails from clients and her golf pro boss), and she spends the rest of the afternoon and night crying on the couch. All she can think is: why, why, why. Fatigue eventually consumes her, and she falls asleep on the couch.

Sunday is not much better. It is not worth the pain to change into Patton for a day, so she just remains as she is. She decided to clean the apartment, since it looks like a tornado of garbage hit it. Snapping on a pair of gloves and zipping up a silver jumpsuit from the costume shop around the corner, she cleans every part of the apartment. This will hopefully do me some good, she thinks.

The hours slip away as she cleans, washes, straightens, and organizes everything in sight. The apartment looks very neutral now, with her female clothes and items stored for easy access but out of sight. Her male items are stored as well, leaving the rooms somewhat sterile. But after yesterday, she is taking no chances: no trace of either if I can help it. Lunch was skipped and dinner is cold, but the movie was good, so another weekend ended positively.

* * *

The week that follows goes very normal which is unusual for her line of work. The only snag was Roger (why did he choose now to show up?). He must have texted Patton 5 times a day all week. Ochsianna knew it was time for Patton to come out and have some fun with his best friend. Planning a relaxing evening on Friday, she sends several texts to lay it out for him (and Patton). He agrees and asks when he gets home on Friday. The stores stay open later on Friday, so 7 is the earliest. Another series of texts and they have a meeting place and time.

Despite some uncomfortableness, she is really looking forward to Friday night. The week seems to fly by as she thinks of some fun, relaxing time out. Neal makes a couple of lame moves, but she rebuffs him easily. Please, she pleads to herself, tell me I’m not that lame. Before she knows it, Friday is here. Changing at her locker, saying bye to her coworkers, and avoiding Neal, she is on her scooter headed home.

When she arrives, she opens the door to the smell of food. Hmmm, she thinks, that is strange. I don’t usually smell food when I come in. Closing the door, she hears a sound in the kitchen. Without thinking, she peaks around the corner, holding her purse up like a club. What she sees is so shocking, she stumbles into the light from the kitchen. Roger has an apron on and is stirring something on the stove. There are pots and pans around the counter, like he has been cooking.

He turns to her shocked face and adds one more shock, “Hey, Ochsianna. Or should I say, Patton?”

Blinking noticeably, she drops her purse on the floor. “Uh, how did… you… uh, what is…?” She mutters and stumbles her words like her footsteps in the door.

“I will tell you over dinner,” he replies softly, “Have a seat.”

The kitchen table is set with plates and silverware. She sits down as he brings spaghetti and salad to the table. Her head is spinning as nobody has served her a meal in years (or at least it feels that way). A bottle of wine shows up from his apron pocket. He pours her a glass, throws his apron in the kitchen floor, and sits down across from her.

The look on her face just screams ‘please tell me how and what and why and whatever-you-can-to-help-me-understand.’

He smiles and gestures for her to start eating. “Well, I would like to say I figured this out by my amazing skills of deduction.” Patton might have chuckled at that, but Ochsianna was too unsure after their last meeting. Clearing his throat and taking another sip of wine, he continues, “Well, you know we have not really seen much of each other since the divorce and separation. You had basically disappeared off the planet.” Ochsianna makes a motion to speak, but he stumbles over her with, “but I know it was hard on you in all that with your wife and kids.” Roger sort of smiles at that and adds, “Which seems so weird saying that to another woman.”

“I’m still a man in my head though, Rog.”

“I know it, but looking at you, well, you are definitely not Patton on the outside.” They both laugh uncomfortably at that, which sounded a little forced, but it did break the ice.

Roger outlines how he figured out the connection. Basically, he got Pearl to let him in the apartment during the week. During a text where Ochsianna clearly stated she was at home while Roger was standing in the living room, he knew something was up. He inspected the Transgenderinator briefly and figured that one out quickly (clearly labeled) that it was not an exercise machine. After that, the pieces fell in place easily. “So, I guess the question I have is why, but I think I might know the answer.”

Ochsianna then lays out her “life” story over the past year. She spares no detail, as she has been wanting to open up to someone, but her whole life needed to be a secret if it were to keep working. Like the old days in college, talking to Roger was easy. Yes, he had a temper that was crazy, but he had always been there for me (Patton). She carefully finishes her dinner and her story as the wine runs out. She finishes with an awkward request: “So, now my question is: what do we do now?”

“First,” he says softly, “I need to apologize for last week.” He hangs his head in shame. “I don’t know what I was thinking, and I acted so wrong to my best friend.”

Ochsianna knows there is nothing she can say to make him feel better, but she adds weakly, “It’s okay… you didn’t know.”

He looks at her now, “It is not okay, and I will make it up to you, somehow.”

Ochsianna nods and replies, “We can cross that bridge when we get to it. Okay?” He nods this time, hanging his head slightly.

“Soooo…” she says, letting it hold out there in the silent room.

Roger smiles slightly. “Well,” he begins, “I was thinking that Monday night football looks better on your TV than mine.”

Ochsianna, despite herself, giggles out loud. “That would be great,” clapping her hands together, “I miss watching sports with you.” Of course, she thinks, I wish I could keep the girly mannerisms in check.

Roger pushes a bit more, “And the Thursday night basketball game might…”

Ochsianna nods to that as well. Before he can continue, she says, “And on Saturday night, Patton can make his guest appearance for the hockey night.”

Roger laughs at that and extends his hand across the table. As they shake-on-it, they both say, “Deal!”

story continues in Part Four

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