Wicked Witch Barbie

by Unreal

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© Copyright 2006 - Unreal - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f; lovedoll; transform; magic; nc; X

Sally really didn't like her roommate, and it wasn't jealousy. Sure Penny was a tall and statuesque blonde with big boobs, a heart shaped ass, long shapely legs and a face right out of a glamour magazine; and sure she never got a blemish on her skin or gained an ounce of fat. No, Sally wasn't jealous of her roommate's effortless good looks; it was her approach to life Sally couldn't stand.

Penny always had the latest fashions, the most up-to-date skin-tight navel-showing nipple-poking high-heeled cleavage-revealing import from Europe, or she was into the latest diet or club or whatever. On top of all that she took a condescending attitude when Sally reads "Pride and Prejudice." She was just a vain and shallow little skank as far as Sally was concerned but she needed the help with the rent and they did have a great apartment.

But by far the worst thing about Penny was Dirk.

Dirk! The very name oozed moronic fratboy machismo. And Dirk lived up to the image too with his bleached teeth, nautilus honed body and January fake-bake.

One night Penny was heading out to a night on the town with Dirk when she passed Sally's bedroom and overheard her talking on the phone:

"… alone tonight… yeah Penny and Dirk are out as usual… who knows, probably Club Botox or something… I know he only sees her because she's a bleached nymphomaniac… hahaha yeah she's like a retarded Barbie doll…"

Penny stomped back to her room, the date with Dirk momentarily forgotten, swearing under her breath. As she passed paint peeled from the walls.


Early the next morning Sally slept as Penny came into her room. Penny was naked and sweating and smelled of incense. She flicked a finger and Sally's bedcovers flew off. Sally stirred from sleep as Penny flicked another finger and Sally's oversized t-shirt ripped off her body. She became suddenly awake.

"What the fu…?"

Sally stopped short once she spotted the naked Penny standing at the foot of her bed, glaring at her with pure hatred. She suddenly realized that she too was naked and moved to cover herself.

"Penny what…?"

"SHUT UP!!" Penny yelled, held her hand out and made a fist. Once her fingers closed Sally felt her vocal chords seize. She couldn't make a sound.

"'Retarded Barbie Doll?' 'Bleached nymphomaniac?' Just who the hell do you think you are? I took pity on you, you little shit. I took you in when you were whining about your crappy little apartment and now you betray me. You talk behind my back. You have no idea who you are screwing with."

Penny climbed onto the bed and straddled Sally; their crotches were touching. Penny's whole body was hot, her vagina was a burning coal and the smell of Penny's sweat and bitter incense made Sally's eyes tear. She was so scared she didn't dare move.

"I am a witch," Penny whispered in Sally's ear. "And I am magnificent. I have re-formed my body to perfection. Women want to be me and men want to fuck me. Hell women want to fuck me too, but you laugh. Can you imagine? A little bug like you laughing at me?"

Penny looked Sally right in the eyes.

"I should kill you now, I would be justified. I could just change you into a fly and squash you or empty out your soul and eat it," Penny hissed. "But I won't, I'm going to let you live, in a way, and you're going to regret those words."

At that Penny kissed Sally on the lips. It was the sweetest and most passionate kiss Sally had ever experienced. It was like an electric circuit had been closed and a hot energy arced between Sally's lips and vagina.

Penny got off but Sally barely noticed, her whole body was electrified with arcane energy. Her back arched, raising her hips above the bed and she spread her legs in a wholly indecent manner. She was yearning for something, her cunt was searching for something that wasn't there. Her voice now free, she moaned with deep need, her lips parted as if they were about to taste something very sweet, but nothing was there.

She was changing, she could feel it, could feel her body swell and compress, but more than that she could feel her whole nature, the texture of her being change. Sally was delirious with energy and she wasn't aware of much but she could tell she was not was she was before.

Finally the wave of energy faded and Sally lay flat on the bed, she had a silly grin on her face and she couldn't understand why she should be so happy.

"Well, that was fun," Penny said. "I'm going to get a shower."

She left Sally on the bed. For her part Sally just lay there and not much went through her mind. She couldn't think of a good reason to get up even though Penny, who just announced that she was a witch and cast some kind of spell on her…?

That bitch, Sally thought. Her anger rekindled her intellect and brought her out of the pink stupor she seemed to be in. She sat up and rolled out of bed to the sounds of squeaking. For a moment she thought it was her bed before she saw her arms and legs and breasts. Her skin was like glossy rubber. She ran her right hand down her left arm and got the same squeak. Her skin wasn't like rubber, it was rubber, soft pale flesh tone that was devoid of blemishes.

She rushed over to her full length mirror.

"Oh shit," she breathed.

As bad as she thought Penny was Sally was now a nightmare. Her skin was, from head to toe, rubber. Her whole body glistened, even her hair which was now pale yellow and plastic like a doll's. Her legs were long and shapely, Sally figured she grew a good six inches. Her hips flared out seductively and cut in to a severely narrow waist. Her tummy was flat and overshadowed by her tremendous tits. They were like volleyballs and they squeaked as they rubbed together. Sally ran her hand over them producing more squeaks. She explored her large areolas and her rubber nipples responded.

"Oh…oh!" she moaned and then stopped short. Sally was surprised at just how… how slutty she sounded.

She looked at herself again in the mirror, turning her back to get a look at her ass. It was large and round and she could just see her little pink anus. Her face was what scared her the most, she didn't look like herself at all anymore. Despite her fear she couldn't stop smiling like some bubble-headed moron. Her eyes were large and blue and her eyebrows were thin and arched high giving her a perpetually surprised look. Her nose was shrunk down to a button and her lips were full and would look good wrapped around someone's cock.

Sally didn't know why she just thought that, but she couldn't help herself.

Sally continued to look herself over, her hands moving across her body, searching for something still human but finding nothing except squeaking rubber. Her hands began to produce friction and heat and it began to feel good, sensual. Sally closed her eyes and tilted her head back, she moaned involuntarily.

She hugged herself, rubbing her upper arms and squeezing her breasts together. They were so sensitive, they demanded attention. Her small hands, now with inch long cherry red nails, cupped her massive boobs. Her hands moved to her areolas and they responded, she arched her back, jutting her chest out and she pulled and pinched her nipples. She moaned and yelped in delight.

"Enjoying yourself?"

Sally gave a small scream. Penny was in the doorway, and evil smirk on her face.

"Penny, I…." Sally stammered. "Please Penny… I'm sorry."

"Don't beg," Penny cut her off.

"But Penny, I don't deserve this, I was only joking around."

"Well so am I, don't you think this is funny?"

Sally said nothing. She wanted to cry but no tears came, probably because she was made of rubber.

"Get used to the fact that you're not human anymore," Penny said. "Your not a person, you're just a thing, a fucktoy, the ultimate sex object. Sally is dead and gone. In fact your name isn't Sally any more."

"My name is Sally," Sally said, defiantly.

"Oh no it's not," Penny said playfully. "Lets see you are now… Barbie? No, probably a trademark problem there. Bubbles? No, that's been used. How about Trixie? Yes, Trixie is a good name for you."

"No," Sally said. "My name is not Trixie it's Trixie… no… it's T… its… my name is… Trixie!"

Penny laughed and laughed. It sent fear into Sally. Penny was getting off on her fear and suffering. She was in big trouble.

"Well sweetie," Penny said. "I have to go to work. We'll talk more when I get back. In the meantime try to amuse yourself while I'm gone."

At that she was out the door and "Trixie" was left to her own devices. She didn't know what to do and thinking of something became difficult so she stood there naked and kind of spaced out, her hands idly stroking her skin, making faint squeaking sounds. It wasn't until her hand brushed across one nipple and the surprise sensation snapped her out of her daze.

"Shit," she said.

The first order of business was to get some clothes on, Trixie figured on throwing on some comfy sweats and spend the day watching television. Work was  a lost cause, she couldn't go in and she couldn't call in and say "This is Sally I'm sick today," because she couldn't speak the word "Sally" anymore. She didn’t know what Penny had in mind for her but she hoped that if she didn't give her the satisfaction, if she just stayed in and did nothing Penny would give up or something.

It wasn't the greatest idea but it was the best Trixie could come up with.

The first problem was that her sweats were gone. Her closet and chest of draws were devoid of her clothes and filled with glistening rubber clothes. Before she could stop herself Trixie let out a childish "Ooooo!" in awe of all the wonderful new clothes.

There were rubber t-shirts and rubber pants and rubber skirts and rubber stockings and rubber shorts and everything seemed to be a size too small. Her shoes were gone too, all replaced by platform heels. Eventually and reluctantly she settled on a pair of red shorts that rode up her ass and a white t-shirt that said "Pussycat" across the bust.

Trixie checked herself out in the mirror. The shirt left a lot of her midriff showing and she could see her nipples. The v-neck of the shirt showed ample cleavage, but not enough in her estimation, so she heaved them up and pressed them together, trying to get her tits to ride higher on her chest because that's what all the boys like. Midway through her little maneuver she realized what she was doing.


Watching television was difficult too. She couldn't get interested in anything. Trixie, when she was Sally, liked to watch CNN or documentaries on The History Channel or The Discovery Channel but they were boring and her mind began to wander throughout the day, and when her mind wandered her hands wandered and would rub her pussy through the thin rubber of her shorts or a finger would idly trace squeaky circles around her areolas.

Of course she tried to pay attention, and she could for a while but it took all her concentration and she just couldn't keep it up. In order to keep her mind on the television and her hands out of her twat she had to dumb-down her viewing and settled on cartoons or Fox News.

Trixie was successfully not masturbating when Penny arrived home.

"Hello Trixie, how was your day?"

"Slow," Trixie tried to sound nonchalant but her dippy, little girl voice ruined the effect.

"Really?" Penny said knowingly.

"Look Penny," Trixie said evenly. "I need to get back to work. I'm going to have to do some fast talking as it is for missing today and not calling in so please…"

"Aw, poor thing," Penny cooed. "You just don't get it. Your past life is over, you are not a person anymore, you don't have to worry about work or money. Humans worry about those things, you just have to worry about fucking your owner."

"I do not belong to anyone," Trixie said. "I am a human being."

Penny smiled, it was evil and mischievous. She unzipped her skirt and let it drop around her knees, she wasn't wearing any panties or stockings and her pussy was exposed.

"Eat me out," she said.


"Go ahead."

Trixie was about to protest and refuse but Penny really did have a beautiful pussy. Trixie knelt in front of Penny and slid her tongue into Penny's twat. It was wonderful, her pussy tasted and smelled so good. Trixie's tongue found the clit and she began to work on it. Penny moaned in appreciation and slid to the floor and Trixie, desperate to gratify Penny, moved down with her.

"You love this," Penny stated more than asked.

Trixie hummed in the affirmative and bobbed her head, sending Penny into higher states of ecstasy.

"You'd eat my pussy all day if you could."

Trixie hummed and bobbed, Penny moaned.

"You're a good little fucktoy, aren't you? You love being a fucktoy "

Hum bob.

Trixie continued working on Penny's pussy and was in heaven, the confusions and frustrations of the day were gone and there was only pleasing this beautiful pussy. She loved how Penny's pubic hair tickled her nose and when Penny's juices flowed… what a treat! She lapped it up, it was her reward.

Finally Penny said "stop" and backed away from Trixie's rubber tongue. Penny sat there, enjoying the afterglow, and watched Trixie. She had a dreamy, distant look on her face when  suddenly her eyes widened and she gave a surprised gasp.

"Oh god!"

Penny laughed and laughed wickedly. Trixie's misery was delicious.

Penny left the room and Trixie tried to compose herself, tried to straighten her shirt and her hair and clean the human fluids off her face but only succeeded in stimulating herself further. Her skin squeaked as she cleaned herself and the human fluids made he shine and glisten even more. Trixie thought it would be fun if she could eat out another cunt, she wished she had one right then before she realized what she was thinking. She slammed her fist onto the floor and was desperate to cry.

"Oh god!" she said again.

"He can't help you," Penny said as she came back into the living room dressed in a bathrobe and carrying something behind her back.

"I have a present for you to make your day complete," she said and brought her hands from behind her back. She was holding a large dildo, it was a foot and a half long and made of  pink, slightly translucent rubber. It twitched in her hand, like it was alive.

"I paid a little visit to your friend Janet this afternoon, you know the one you were 'joking around' with yesterday."

She dropped the dildo into Trixie's hands.

"I'm going to take a shower and leave you two to get better acquainted," Penny said and turned and left.

Trixie was still kneeling on the floor, holding the dildo that was Janet. It moved in her hands and she knew Janet was still alive in there.

"Oh Janet, I'm so sorry."

*              *                *

The next day as Penny left for work Trixie was still holed up in her room She had abandoned the dildo on the living room floor. She hated herself for it but she knew if she had Janet with her she would… do things with her. So she left Janet on the floor and locked herself in her bedroom. She didn't sleep, she didn't need to, she was rubber, and she played with herself all night. There was no helping it, she couldn't distract herself with cartoons so she gave in.

Not long after Penny left Trixie emerged into the living room. She was wearing a black miniskirt and a pink tube top that strained around her massive tits. They shifted and heaved as she walked, squeaking and reflecting the light. She was also wearing a pair of the platform heels. They were black with clear acrylic heels and soles. Trixie hadn't intended to put them on, she just did without thinking of it. She still didn't realize she had them on, they were comfortable and natural as can be.

She picked up the dildo that was Janet. She could feel Janet struggling. She was struggling to be free, Trixie thought. The squeaking that was made when the rubber dildo writhed in Trixie's rubber palm made feel strange, like the vibration directly resonated in her cunt.

Then a thought came to her. Maybe Janet wasn’t trying to be free, after all she was a dildo now, and what do dildo's do? They fill horny little cunts, that's what. It wouldn't be right, Trixie thought, to deny Janet what she really wanted…

"NO!" Trixie yelled and hurled the dildo across the room. She sat on the couch and cradled her face in her hands.

Trixie heard a key rattle in the frond door lock. The door swung open and Dirk swaggered in with a cocky grin on his face. Trixie stood up in a flash.

"Jesus Dirk, don’t you knock?"

Dirk didn't answer, just stood there and smiled. Trixie's anger rose, she didn’t know Penny had given Dirk a key. The thought that this idiotic clown could come in any time he wanted made her want to retch. Although, she thought in the back of her mind, he was looking pretty buff today.

"Man, did she ever put the whammy on you," Dirk said.

"You mean… you know that…"

"Penny's a witch? Sure I know," Dirk said as he approached Trixie. "She sent me over here to look at her latest work. She said it could be fun."

Dirk gave one of Trixie's tits a playful squeeze. She yelped and slapped his hand away.

"Aww, don't be a killjoy," Dirk said. He looked around the room and retrieved the dildo that was Janet. "Here, I want to see you deep throat this."

Trixie wanted to slap him, but god was he cute, she just couldn't stand it. He was tan and had great hair and a really great smile and a sexy bod and those buns of his…! Plus he was so kind and generous. He walked all the way across the room to get a dildo for her to deep throat. She smiled happily.

"Sure sweetie" Trixie said.

Just how disgusting what she was doing and saying flashed in her mind, but her body was on automatic. She took the dildo and slowly brought it to her mouth. Her rubber tongue began to work the tip. She kept her eyes on Dirk the whole time. He had sat down on the couch and Trixie instinctively knelt in front of him as she worked the shaft of the dildo into her face.

She continued to watch Dirk. Trixie wanted to seduce him with her eyes and her actions. She moaned like the dildo was made of candy, hoping to arouse him. She liked sucking on the dildo, the feel of it inching its way down her throat was heavenly, but she wished it was a real dick. Dirk's dick. A warm, moist cock was the best thing in the world as far as Trixie was concerned. She hoped that if she did a good job on the dildo Dirk would let her suck his cock and drink his cum.

Dirk just sat on the couch, legs crossed, half a grin on his face.

"You've got a great ass," He said.

Trixie tried to smile around the dildo and mumble a kind of thank you. It was rather pathetic.

"And a cute little pink anus," Dirk continued. "Why don't you try putting the dildo up your ass?"

Trixie's eyes lit up. How wonderful, she thought, what a great idea. Dirk was so clever. She slowly pulled the dildo out and moved it behind herself. Slowly she worked the tip into her anus. It was the first time she had ever has anything up her ass, she gasped and then giggled at the sensation. As she worked it in and out it created high pitched squeaking that made her whole body shudder and come alive. Her nipples stood erect and she licked her lips, her sadly empty lips.

"Ohhhhhh!" she moaned.

"Feels good?" Dirk asked.

"Yes! Yes!" Trixie answered between thrusts of the dildo.

Dirk began to really get hard, so hard he couldn't stand it anymore. He unbuckled his pants and maneuvered them down his legs. His cock flopped out. It was long and thick and had stamina thanks to Penny. He stoked it idly as he watched.

Trixie stopped pumping herself and abandoned the dildo halfway up her ass. It hung out of her anus like some freaky tail as she crawled over to Dirk and took his cock into her mouth. Dirk put his head back and let Trixie go to town on is dick with her magic mouth and tongue. Dirk tried to hold it in as long as he could; he wanted to get as much enjoyment out of this as he could. But Trixie worked his shaft with the single-minded purpose that fucktoys have and he soon let lose his load. Trixie lapped it up, another reward for a job well done.

"Gee thanks Dirk," Trixie giggled. "You were great."

Dirk didn't respond, the blood was just returning to his brain.

"You've got such a big cock, it makes me hot," Trixie began unbuttoning Dirk's shirt, exposing his six-pack abs. "God Dirk, you've got such a great body, you're so sexy."

"Penny helped me with my body, just like she helped you with yours."

"Really!" Trixie exclaimed. She pulled off her tube top to let her tits flop free. She rubbed them playfully; making squeaking sounds the whole time. "Penny is so cool. I love my new body. I can fuck and get fucked and give blowjobs and wear sexy clothes all the time now."

Trixie exposed Dirk's muscular chest and leaned in close, pressing her breast against him. Her hands slide down his body to his crotch and began to stroke his penis.

"Would you like to fuck my pussy?" she asked sweetly. "Please."

Dirk, the generous soul that he was, obliged and for the rest of the day Dirk put Trixie through every humiliating and degrading deed he could think of, and he thought of a lot. He tied Trixie up and screwed every hole she had; he fucked her massive tits and came repeatedly all over her face; he made her follow him around on all fours and beg like a puppy dog for a blowjob and for some reason insisted she call him Captain Stiffy.

Eventually Dirk zipped himself back up and left, leaving Trixie begging for more. When he was halfway down the hall he heard a scream of disgust and despair come from the apartment and he gave a satisfied chuckle.

*              *                *

When Penny came home she had another surprise for Trixie.

"You're going on a trip, doll."


"A friend of mine has a little brother, 14 or 15 I think," Penny said. "He's a disgusting little pervert and I think he might be insane, but I thought you two would be perfect for each other."

"I don't…"

"Shut the fuck up!" Penny said as she placed her hand on top of Trixie's head and bent her over at the waist. She stayed that way, folded over in two, and oddly seemed to take up less space. Defying all spatial physics Penny folded Trixie again and again until she was a small rubber cube, about the size and shape of a shoebox. Trixie, of course, was aware of everything.

Penny wrapped her in brown paper and mailed her to her new owner.

…to be continued??



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